September 26, 2017

POU Weekly Health Thread: 30 Day Cleanse – Week 1

Hmmm, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Okay, obots – I’m on my 30 day Cleanse and thus far…..well… this it?

Besides painfully taking 5 pills in the morning, and 5 at night (all the size of a baseball in my eyes), drinking only 100% fruit juice, water (never less than 50 ounces a day) and no fried foods or anything with sugar added, I can’t say I feel any “cleaner”, in the colon sense.

Howsumeva!! I have lost almost 3 pounds in this week!

Thank You! Thank You!

I’ll let you know next week what happens, and this time I’ll keep up that food diary and post it!

Check out this video of Annette Larkins –  70 is the new 30!


  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda – – — -Sooo PROUD of U. :>)

    — – -I’m SURE that your PLAN will work!! :>)

    Based on THIS — -I went through several articles annnd I C the MAJOR BENEFITS of COLON CLEANSING: – – –Why do a Colon Cleanse? – – –

    Sooo – – -THANK U VERY MUCH. :>) I’ll JOIN U. :>) —


    ETA: – – –I saw that VIDEO of the 70 years of living — SISTA.- —WOW&1/2!! GOOD JOB!! —INSPIRING!! :>)

  • Joy

    Dang…wish I had known you were doing this earlier! I wanted to start a cleanse, but there’s so much info on how tos on the net, I gave up on the idea. I think I may be one who needs moral support, because I would dearly miss my fried okra…LOL.

  • ch555x

    Yeah, I just don’t have the discipline to follow through with something like that, though I do regulate the amount of junk I eat. If I need a “cleanse”, I do the Epsom salt route (w/ a bathroom nearby).

    Reminded me of this comic…

    • vulcan_girl

      I thin about doing the water and celery cleanse that Cliff did on the Cosby Show. It might not end well, though.

  • crazycanuck

    Hey guys. I just noticed a very small mole on my breast, and it just doesn’t look like the other moles I have. Should I go into my Doc next week to chk it out? Or am I being ridiculous?

    • dannie22

      go to the doc asap

      • crazycanuck

        Thanks for responding. I’m kind of panicking. I”ll make an appt 2morrow

        • Miranda

          No need to panic. Just get it checked out quickly.

        • Admiral_Komack

          Don’t panic; just get it checked out.

    • rikyrah

      definitely go to the doctor.

    • Rhoda

      See the doctor; if he or she isn’t sure I’d suggest a referral to a dermatologist at the very least.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Go to the doctor and get it checked out.