October 21, 2017

POU Weekly Health Thread: Soul Food Junkies

Hi, my name is Miranda…..and I’m a soul food junkie.

Yeah, I admit it. I love mac n cheese, greens (all of them, don’t cur), cornbread, sweet potatoes, rice with heavy gravy, diabetic tea…yeah, gimme all that. So thank you Bryon for at least waiting until after the New Year to chastise those like me and premiering your new documentary!

Documentary tackles Soul Food and Health

Consider it good timing that Byron Hurt’s documentary “Soul Food Junkies” airs in Atlanta after the holidays, when many people pledge to get healthier in the new year.

In his new project, Hurt hurls stones at a few of the sacred cows of soul food — fried chicken, rich macaroni and cheese, and collard greens with a dollop of grease or a slice (or two) of fatback for seasoning.

While tasty, they’re not exactly at the top of the list of heart-healthy foods. At least, not the way they’ve traditionally been prepared in many African-American kitchens.

“I’m not throwing soul food under the bus,” Hurt said. “That’s not what this film is about. I love my culture and I understand that culturally our history is rich. This film talks about the unhealthier aspects of soul food.”

He wanted to start a discussion about health and diet with the film, which will be shown later this month on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

more here.

Jenga and Her Grandmother, Aline (“Soul Food Junkies” Outtake)

Read more about Byron’s journey to save us from ourselves here!

  • MsKitty

    You’re so mean putting up that picture.

    I tried this recipe last month and it turned out very well. Perfect for cold weather meals.

    Pinto Bean & Andouille Sausage Stew (Eating Well magazine)

    As I do with most recipes I did a bit of tweaking which included:

    *Substituted 4 cups of the water with low-sodium chicken stock
    *Added 4 cups of chopped kale (I used Tuscan/Dinosaur Kale, which is my fave, but any kind would be okay)
    *Added 30 minutes to the total cooking time to ensure the beans were tender

    Happy cooking!

    • Miranda

      This sounds yummy!

  • rikyrah

    man that picture is edible

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Oh God. That macaroni & cheese on that plate looks SO good.

  • Alma98

    Soul isn’t necessarily unhealthy, for me growing up soul food was beans, beans and more beans. We also ate a lot of greens, rice, squash and other vegetables. We got special treats such as soda or a hamburger on Fridays (aka) paydays lol. We also ate a lot of fruit & nuts we didn’t have one fast food place in our neighborhood. They were all mom & pop restaurants and we knew the people who owned them personally.

    • sagittarius

      I agree, Alma. I cook and eat greens, cabbage and beans all day long and flavor them with smoked turkey. I have developed a particular fondness for smoked turkey tails as they deliver a lot of flavor.

      On my weight loss journey, I have broken up with fried chicken. It hurt me terribly, but we had grown apart as my needs are now different. I will see fried chicken every once in a while… but there will be no more (fat on my) booty calls.

      • Alma98

        I make fried chicken chicken in the oven with a cornflake crust. Juicy and delicious.

  • Admiral_Komack

    I don’t think it’s necessarily unhealthy either; it’s how you cook it, IMO.
    I’m sure the recipes can be adapted for a person’s dietary situation.