October 23, 2017

POU Weekly Health Thread: The 30 Day Cleanse

2 years ago, I invited you all to journey with me through a 30 day bootcamp. I figured the only way I would actually go to the bootcamp as I should, would be to dedicate myself to blogging about it and having everyone expect a report. If you remember those blogs, you know that there is no way I could have ever dreamed up the torturous, sick and twisted ways of exercising in a park at the crack of dawn – thus, I really did that crazy thing.

So now I’m going to go on a 30 day Cleanse and report back each Wednesday with what is happening – I promise not to be graphic (eww) – but will tell you what I ate and what completely nasty liquid I had to drink or big horse-size pills I had to take – and if I’m feeling…..”cleaner”. Each Wednesday I’ll give a daily report of the previous week.

I purchased a plan from GNC for 7 days – per the suggestion of some “expert” in the store that particular day – and then after a week, I graduate to the 21-day plan. I will finish off my plan with a colon hydrotheraphy session ( a colonic). Suffice to say – this will be interesting.

So who’s with me?? Anyone? You? Over there…yeah…you? no?