September 26, 2017

Righteous Rant: The Racist Hypocrisy of Gun Ownership

POUer MonieTalks calls out the racist double standards and hypocrisy on the issue of gun ownership….


Morning POU!

2012 has been a revealing year on so many fronts. But I have to say that my biggest problem with the misplaced anger at PBO over this latest tragedy is that so many of these people are clueless

Let’s be honest, in this country, being a person of color with guns and tied to violence is a built in negative. No question. If you fit that description, you’re a nemesis. If a NRA poster was made of all white men and women with a country background raising guns in air, it would be received positively by a large swath of represents tradition, freedom, American ideals. Now place Black and Latino men and women on that photo, with a more urban background and observers would cringe.

Remember how moose shooting, gun toting Sarah Palin was touted as this down to earth, folksy American woman who revived John McCain’s campaign….so many women (read: white Middle America) could relate to her love of God and guns. She was the All American woman sent to save the day. According to the same media, PBO had made a grave mistake by making the “cling to guns and religion” remark….fellow Democratic candidate Hillary was busy pushing that comment hoping it would hurt the President while Chris Matthews was saying comments like that made him so “different” from mainstream America.

As I speak now, Chris Hayes has a segment entitled “Obama and Guns.” Why Obama and guns?…..does PBO own any? How about white people and guns? Nancy Lanza, an affluent woman described as a decent, socially active woman, owned a large amount of guns ranging from glocks to assault rifles. She took her children to gun ranges from an early age. The media reports this without skipping a beat. Yet if Sheniqua from Chicago took her 2 sons to the range early on, she would have been accused of creating future menaces to society. How dare she instill such violence in young Black men….couple that with rap music and the urban lifestyle and we have our newest thug recruits.

You see, Trayvon Martin can be pursued and then murdered by another citizen (who has his legal right to own a gun, they emphasize)….yet if one picture is uncovered with Trayvon pretending to make guns with his fingers…then, well, maybe Trayvon did have some violent tendencies because he once took a picture in which he wore a grimace on his face and you just can’t do that and not be a thug and Black…… and well, maybe Trayvon did pose a perceived threat to George Zimmerman even though he was not armed nor never had a recorded history of gun possession or obsession.

All these usual whiny (white) progressives, who will use any occasion to accuse the President of being a coward (and this one no different) needs to go no further than their own family and extended friends to examine this white obsession with GUNS and power (as evidenced by Krystal Ball’s meltdown on Friday). If anyone is a coward, it is the many who took to twitter to disparage PBO, but will not look at their grandfather of uncle or the white paranoia that they KNOW exist in their own families. Time and time again, we hear that Black/Latino leaders need to rally and clean up and fix the poor, crime stricken communities (as if we are an insular part of America), since apparently it is not the duty of white politicians as they don’t live in the “hood.”

Well today, I demand of the White politicians and citizens, it is time to fix your mass murderer epidemic. If PBO is a coward, then what does that make all of you as White people continuing to breed and create mass murderers in our society. More white people in this past election voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney and politicians who have a love affair with gun behemoths like the NRA. Yep, plenty of people went to the polls hoping to elect someone that would cut social programs that feed the poor and elderly, help the least among us….and were fine with that as long as the sanctity of the Second Amendment was maintained. So instead of mocking the President’s tears, white folks have a real discussion about what is going on in your minds. Talk about the land of the free and brave….and mass shootings. PBO already admitted what you cling to….now admit that you do.


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  • rikyrah

    if you have someone who is mentally unstable in your family..

    why the fuck do you have loaded guns in your house?

    the gun nuts talk abour RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERHSHIP.

    there is nothing responsible about having guns around the mentally unstable.

    I’ll say it again…


    • Rikyrah, that’s my question as well. She knew that kid was mentally unstable, and yet-she had an arsenal of semi automatic guns and she TAUGHT THE KID HOW TO SHOOT. That is NOT responsible gun ownership under any conditions.

    • isonprize

      if you have someone who is mentally unstable in your family..

      why the fuck do you have loaded guns in your house?

      especially since you have taken said mentally unstable person to target practice since he was very young.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Hallelujah!!!! Eddie Murphy pointed this out in The Distinguished Gentlemen too.

  • rikyrah


    you spoke so many truths here. thank you for screaming it.

    this animal shot BABIES MULTIPLE TIMES.


    Have you seen a picture of the killing machine used?

    who needs to have that kind of weapon – unless you are in the employ of the United States Military?

    what kind of civilian needs that kind of weapon. it’s nothing but a KILLING MACHINE.

    • MonieTalks


      It’s been repeated over and over that admiring guns is an American pastime just like football, baseball and apple pie…that is if your name is Sam next door and you are his wife Sarah. Tey are just some good ol American patriots who love the sanctitiy of the Second Amendment and if that liberty is threatened, then we all must be alarmed at the tyranny.

      But if you name is Trayvon or Jordan or Amadou or Sean, the mere suspicion that you might be bearing arms cosst you your life, even when you never had weapon in your midst. Hell, if you’re George Zimmerman you can raise funds off of your constitutional right to gun down a young man, ejaculating your manhood in the form of bullets…Fox News will surely help elevate your “cause” and the media will assist you in questioning whether Trayvon Martin was a danger….you know he did have a grimace on his face in many pictures..stop showing those happy photos of Trayvon.

      Of all the activities to engage a socially awkward child in, shooting at the range is a good choice?

      If an inner city youth had done the same, single motherhood, absent fathers and the so-called propensity of violence for Blacks would have been discussed…hell you got a taste of that during the debates.

      But yet the media wants to skirt around Nancy Lanza’s large collection of weapons( of at least 5). And even with all those weapons, Adam wanted MORE…..he wanted his OWN weapon of carnage. But you see, in American’s idyllic settings, that obsession is not to be questioned….quite simply, the Lanza household just took part in America’s pastime.

  • Kennymack1971

    This is a masterful rant. Once again well done Monie.

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    • dannie22

      hey Zizi!! Could you repeat your permagov comments in the open thread. I read them at TOD and they were so thought provoking and i thought on point. Id copy and paste them but i dont know how. thanks 😉

      • zizi2

        Ok. Will do. Take care.

        • dannie22

          thanks Zizi!!!

  • Thank you, Monie. And you’re right-there is a huge double standard in this country regarding race and guns, and we need to change that. I was just reading about a gun exchange in Baltimore that was held this weekend. You know what? That gun exchange got over 447 guns off the streets, and the majority there were African American and Latino. And they mentioned Sandy Hook Elementary as the reason they turned in the guns. I’d like to see the NRA addicts do THAT.

    • MonieTalks

      It really speaks to who amongst us has a conscience. And I can imagine it was a sight to behold in both places.

      The same group of people that mainstream America likes to paint as having the propensity for violence are indeed the ones saying enough is enough. Life and non-violence holds more sanctity than the 2nd Amendment.

      I have no time for so-called progressives demanding that PBO act a leader when their great-uncle or grandpa is contributing to this insane uptick in gun sales. They need to talk to their own families and have an honest soul-stirring discussion about that obsession and paranoia and the mass murderer epidemic.

    • That’s a good point, Doc. They’re always having these programs in our neighborhoods but never in white neighborhoods where these mass killings take place.

      • MonieTalks

        Exactly. You know what gets me even more. Even after the massive mobilization of citizens following Trayvon Martin’s murder, there was equally a massive amount of disregard and disrespected rubbed in the faces of his parents.

        Recall that in the aftermath, there was a FL distributor who had actually created and was selling Trayvon Martin gun range targets complete with a hoodie, and iced tea can. So I dare anyone to act like they could not imagine the evil could inflict this much pain again, that children could be targets. Trayvon Martin, though not as young as those young angels was still pursued and gunned with legally obtained guns in this country. People better wake up and stop thinking, “it can’t happen here” even though there are guns EVERYWHERE.

      • Yup. And that needs to change. We need to have those gun exchanges in EVERY community, not just the inner city.

  • Article is masterfully written. Thanks for saying it MonieTalks

  • Freder421

    Hey Isonprise, I missed your question in the last thread. Here is your answer.

    Freder, why do you think that Kerry will withdraw his name?

    Like Reply
    3 hours ago in reply to Freder421

    Because PBO is not going to choose him for SOS.
    The President is not going to allow the repugs to pick the next SOS. The senate’s role is to advise and consent, not to choose.

    John Kerry knows that. Time will tell.

  • dannie22

    right on the money monie!

  • Ebogan63

    Thank you, Monie this is an issue that some straight talk is needed.

  • Alma98

    THIS! A thousand times Monie!

  • Worldwatcher7

    This is brilliant.

  • MonieTalks

    if you can even bare to read this article, do so:

    A Methodical Massacre: Horror And Heroics

    You know, a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of murder of Jordan Davis, the media began to dig up the arrest records and history of he and his unarmed friends. Of course we know the purpose of that action is almost always to raise the question on whether a shooting of our young men may have been justified.

    I wonder will the media gloss over this, or dig further as to the why:

    He (Adam Lanza) hasn’t spoken since 2010 to his brother, Ryan, or his father, Peter, who has a home in Stamford and another in New Jersey, the sources said.

    • itgurl_29

      Lanza is a sociopath, the mother was a sicko herself with her gun obsession. The father and brother are estranged for years. Some from the mother’s side of the family are estranged as well. It’s all just too weird. This is far beyond regular old bad blood from a divorce. As I said on twitter today, I think something very foul was going on in that house btwn mother and son. And I’ll just leave it at that.

      • conlakappa

        Especially a divorce from ten years ago and the children were now grown. Her showing off her guns to her landscaper was just stank. Was she trying to impress him? threaten him?

  • a three year old shot in the hand by a stray bullet in dc. another arm baby shot in yhe face and the mother killed. all just minutes from the capitol and whitehouse. no outcry for gun presidential visits. oh they were black.

    • isonprize

      Tell the truth, Troy. TELL IT!!

  • BoomerGal

    On point, Monie! Let the church say, AMEN!!!

  • eclecticbrotha

    Damn, Monie, you on it.

  • AxelFoley

    Just as good on the second reading.

    On point, Monie. On point.

  • Aquagranny911

    This member of the choir says AMEN and again AMEN! Gracias!

  • I wonder what would happen if several bus loads of Black and Brown showed up at one of those gun shows to purchase guns? I bet “they” would change their tune real quick.

    • itgurl_29

      this has always been my belief. Make no mistake, they’d ban guns if too many of us had them.

  • Daltex82

    This rant is right on the Monie!

  • MonieTalks

    People better start making the connections. We get it…do they?

    Vigil remembers Jordan Davis and honors Newtown shooting victims

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Friendship Fountain becomes the center for remembrance while locals take a moment to honor the lives lost in the Connecticut shooting as well as the life of local slain teenager, Jordan Davis.

    “We need to stop letting our kids just die in the streets, they can’t play hopscotch, they can’t ride their bicycles, they can’t swing in the swings in the park because someone may draw down on somebody else and they may be collateral damage,” says Ron Davis, Jordan’s father.

    …”I do not want to take your guns. I understand we are America, Americans love their guns, I do not want to take your guns but we need to understand we need much more control over the guns,” says Davis.

    At Saturday’s vigil at the Downtown Jacksonville Friendship Fountain, the lights from the candles not only kept Jordan’s memory alive, but were also meant for all the victims of the Connecticut shooting.

    “My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers in Newtown, Connecticut. It just breaks my heart, small kids 6, 7, 8 years old haven’t even begun their lives and I just want to send a message out to Connecticut to Sandy Brook Elementary that you have my love and I’ll be praying for you just like you’re praying for m,” says Davis.


  • rikyrah

    why nothing from the right-wing on tv since Sandy Hook?

    A comment from TOD:

    149 Bobfr (@Our4thEstate)
    December 16, 2012 at 10:41 pm
    20 white children, in an affluent community, slaughtered by a body armor-wearing white boy using massive tactical weapon fire power, who came from a privileged family and who first killed his gun loving mother with her 10 mm semi-automatic tactical weapon is a big dose of reality even for those grossly deficient, avaricious, narcissistic nuts

  • Miranda

    This needs to be printed up in every op-ed page across this violent country.

  • Just now, a white guy called Joe Madison’s show saying that people carrying guns are not dangerous. But when Madison asked him, “If you went to Brooklyn and saw that every Black male was strapped, what would you think?”. The caller immediately said, “That would be dangerous!”.

  • JojoRaze

    I’m late, but tell it, Monie, tell it! The Trayvon Martin v. Adam Lanza comparison was on point!

  • Kiamshi

    Right on!

  • Real Brother here. Here here, Racist gun sales increased 700% when Obama was elected and it was because he’s Black. Its WRONG.