October 20, 2017

Saturday Afternoon Thread: Afro-Russians

The First Black Elected Official in Russia

(Photo: Sergey Ponomarev/AP)

(Photo: Sergey Ponomarev/AP)


First Black Elected Official Defies Racism In Russia


Life in Russia, in many ways, is much like life in the United States. A day in Moscow feels very much like a day in any American big city. People rush to and from work in cars, or on the bus or subway. After work, it’s home to the family, or a stop at the gym.

Still, there are differences. Because the police and justice system are riddled with corruption, there’s a feeling that if something happens to you on the street, you have no place to turn.

I was especially worried about two gay friends who came to visit me in Moscow. The city has a history of harassment against openly gay men. And the same goes for blacks.

Even though for decades the Soviet Union recruited African students to come to universities and learn about communism, there are very few black faces in Russia today.

Skinheads are active in the capital and elsewhere, and blacks have been harassed on the street and beaten on trains and the subway.

So, this summer, when I heard that a black man had been elected councilman in Novozavidovo, a small town 60 miles north of Moscow, I knew I had to go meet him.

The Obama Of Russia

Jean Gregoire Sagbo has dark rich eyes, an infectious smile and salt-and-pepper hair, which you’d think would be grayer after all he’s been through. He was born in the West African nation of Benin and came to the Soviet Union in 1982 as a student. Back then, some Russians had a name for Sagbo and other black students: “monkeys.”

Sagbo told me he kept hearing the word “monkey” on the street. So he asked his Russian teacher what it meant. She said: “Where did you hear it? They weren’t saying it about you. Such things don’t happen here.”

But such things did happen. And worse.

Sagbo fell in love with a Russian girl at his institute named Svetlana. When she became pregnant, she was kicked out of the institute for dating a “foreigner,” and her mother beat her. The couple struggled for acceptance, living for a time in Benin, returning to Russia, and finally discovering peace in Novozavidovo. Sagbo got a job and quietly made a name for himself, helping those in need. Residents started calling him Santa Claus — and earlier this year elected him to the town council.

He is the first black elected to public office in Russian history. You can understand why he’s been nicknamed Russia’s Obama, but it’s something he’s not too pleased about.

“The Obama of Russia, just because I’m black?” Sagbo says. “If you say that I’m as serious a person as he is, working for the good of the country I live in, then yes, sure. However I don’t like this cynical boasting of, ‘Look, we’ve got our own Obama too!’ No. That I don’t like.”

Still, Sagbo says, his sense of responsibility extends beyond the town.

“This is the first time anyone from the entire African continent has managed to become elected here,” he told me. “My responsibility is to not fail. If I fail, it would be an embarrassment for my entire race. And I wouldn’t want them to say that I failed because I am black. So I must do well, very well.”

Worries About Physical Attacks

In Novozavidovo, I found that Sagbo is seen as an honest, hard-working man. Near the train station, resident Tatyana Fomkina shrugged when I asked her about the race of her councilman.

“What’s the difference?” she asked. “As long as he is a good leader, and a good person, that’s all that matters.”

But here’s the ugly truth: The ease with which Sagbo walks the streets of Novozavidovo is not something he feels in the rest of the country. He won’t get on the train to Moscow. He drives. Skinheads are active in the capital and elsewhere, and blacks — not to mention other minorities like central Asians — have been beaten on trains and on the Moscow subway.

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, an outreach group, surveyed about 200 Africans in Moscow — and found that more than half had suffered physical attacks.

Sagbo’s wife, Svetlana, says she worries about her husband, and her sons who live in Moscow.

“Racism does exist and it hasn’t gone away,” she says. “Whenever my husband goes on TV, I always tell him to keep his family out of it. Don’t show me; don’t show our sons.”

After I return to Russia, I’ll be checking in with Sagbo and his family to see how he’s doing.


David Greene also interviewed Prof. Jelani Cobb about his experience in Russia. You can listen to the interview below (it starts at the 4:27 mark.), or read the transcript here:

This concludes our series on Afro-Russians. We hoped you enjoyed it!

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    27 hours of deliberation. WTF #enoughisenough

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      I hear you! Maybe I am being too optimistic but I hope this is a good sign that the jurors are taking this all seriously. This, in some ways, is more complex than Zman trial because they are considering not only the murder but also attempted murders of the other 3 young men. The jury has been given a way wider range of charges & I hope they are trying to sort it out for real justice.

      I haven’t really followed this trial because what happened with Trayvon just took the heart right out of me. I did read the judge’s instructions to the jury. I don’t see how they could acquit an all the charges.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥ — –TWEET —TWEET — -From Mr. Keith: —
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    This last question gives credibility to those who think #DunnTrial jurors may acquit on charges 1-4 and convict on charge 5. Not good.

    – -☺@keithboykin
    Judge Healey says “justifiable use of deadly force instruction is one of the most confusing things.” [***side eye 2 the judge***]

    — -☺@keithboykin
    Remember, we have 5 white men on the jury (like Michael Dunn) and no black males (like Jordan Davis) on jury. [TRUTH!!]

    – –☺@keithboykin
    I just realized the FBI investigated Michael Dunn 7 years ago for flying his plane too close to the space shuttle. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/23/science/space/23brfs-shuttle.html?ex=1180497600&en=fc86a4ddf6e2fd8b&ei=5123&partner=BREITBART …– – —-[***rolls eye @breitbart**]

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    Afternoon, Fam!

    I hope all is well. Great series on Afro-Russians. My Dad traveled to Russia several times during his career beginning in the 70s. We even had Russian exchange students visit out home while they were in the city during the height of the Cold War.

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        Good afternoon, GLH **BIG HUG**

        No, unfortunately I didn’t lear to speak any Russian. Dad and I were in the car yesterday talking about the Winter Olympics when he mentioned that he visited Sochi during one of his visits.

        Thanks for your continued prayers… hopefully, I may have some developments to share shortly. Blessings to you!

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      Afternoon sagi! What a great story.

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        Afternoon, Alma! Thanks!

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      Good Afternoon, sag.

      Sending positive thoughts your way.

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        Afternoon, Rikyrah!

    • Aquagranny911

      Hola Sag! Great share. I would like to know more of his experience & yours if you would like to tell us.

      • sagittarius

        Sure, AG!

        My Dad was a labor union executive and educator. He traveled the world for his profession. His trips to Russia involved providing expertise in the developing labor union movement in Russia.

        • Aquagranny911

          WooHoo! UNION! I think I said before that an Aunt & Uncle of mine were union organizers here in the ’30’s mostly with miners & later with farm workers. They were accused of being communists in McCarthy’s witch hunt. They didn’t give a flying roasted fig about that at all after what they faced sometimes on picket lines.

          I bet your Dad has some stories to tell.

          • sagittarius

            Yep… trying to get him to sit down and talk into a recorder for posterity.

          • Aquagranny911

            Do that! Those memories & experiences are so precious. We have been doing that with our Tio & also recording him at Fam parties when he plays his guitar & sings all the old songs.

    • Wow! I bet he has stories to tell! Thanks for sharing, Sagi.

  • crazycanuck

    I have read about Jean Sagbo before. I wonder if he is still Councillor?

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    Published on Friday, February 14, 2014 by Zinn Education Project
    Missing from Presidents’ Day: The People They Enslaved
    by Clarence Lusane


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    – —☺1968 – -On this day Henry Lewis becomes the first African American to lead a symphony
    orchestra in the United States.

    – – -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2jT5Uv8WHM
    – – -The Symphony Sound with Henry Lewis and the Royal Philharmonic♥ – –
    – — –Conductor Henry Lewis introduces the unique characteristics of the symphony orchestra and the music written for orchestral ensembles. Lewis discusses the various instruments and groupings within the orchestra, with special emphasis on the core of the “symphony sound”–the string section. Includes performance of excerpts from “The 1812 Overture,” “Jupiter” Symphony, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Dvorak’s “From the New World,” Verdi’s “Requiem” and other familiar orchestral works.

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    Pushkin’s Farewell to the sea…… K. Aivazovsky with Ilya. E. Repin

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      I love this!

    • Nice!!!

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    Just back from a family lunch at one of her favorite places.

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      Sending comforting thoughts your way, Rikyrah.

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    Hola POU! Excellent series Sepia. I learned so much this week. I really appreciate what you and all our great diarists do for us here. I share a lot of the diaries written here to my Fam & friends, especially to my older Grandsons so they will have a better appreciation of real history. They are teenage boys so I don’t know how much they actually absorb as it floats around with their hormones but I always hope that something sticks, lol.

    I hope everyone is keeping warm & having an excellent weekend.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, AG!

  • aleth

    Seriously could not reach a verdict on count 1 we’ll it should tell other counts are not guilty…

    • Aquagranny911

      QUE!!! Have they reached a final verdict? Count 1 was first Degree Murder. I didn’t think they would go for that anyway but they had other lesser charges they could go for.

      • aleth

        They could not agree on count1 or lesser

        • rikyrah

          Glad that they’re yelling at one another. Glad someone’s standing up for Jordan Dunn in that jury room.

          • aleth

            I’m not convinced anyone is standing up for Dunn, more trying to convince the white guys to get conviction of something. When the judge starts respect verdict nonsense.. My ears go up.

        • Aquagranny911

          Good! That means some are STANDING & are not rolling over like they did in the Z trial. I will keep praying.

        • Admiral_Komack


  • rikyrah

    Media Alert


    Wynton Marsalis has a documentary- THE WHOLE GRITTY CITY- on New Orleans and what high school music marching band programs mean to 3 schools.

    10 pm EST.

    • conlakappa

      It is on at 9 here. It is 2 hours.

      • rikyrah

        you are right. 9pm EST

  • goldenstar

    Not sure of this source that a mistrial may be possible…..

    UPDATE: Jury has verdict for 4 of 5 counts in Dunn trialFirst Coast News, news source5:18 p.m. EST February 15, 2014

    Jurors deliberating in the Michael Dunn trial have verdict in four of the five charges – unable to reach agreement on the fifth.

    ACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATE: The Dunn trial jury has reached verdict on four of the five counts, Judge Healey announced just before 5 p.m.

    At this time, the jury has been unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the first-degree murder charge or lesser charges on first-degree murder.

    Judge Healey issued an Allen charge, telling jury to continue deliberating. An Allen charge is “an instruction given by a court to a deadlocked jury to encourage it to continue deliberating until it reaches a verdict,” according to Cornell University Law School.


  • goldenstar

    OK, this is clearer….Judge may declare mistrial on that one count that jury could not agree….

    Partial Verdict Reached in Florida Killing Over Loud Music


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The jury has reached a partial verdict in the trial of Michael Dunn, the Florida man who shot a teenager to death during a dispute over loud music, the jury notified the judge on Saturday afternoon.

    The judge, Russell Healey, reading from juror’s notes in open court, said that the panel had reached a verdict on four lesser counts involving attempted murder, but could not agree on the first count of murder.

    The judge did not reveal any of the decisions, but he requested that the jurors return to their deliberations on the first count. He said if they remained deadlocked, he would declare a mistrial on that count.

    Mr. Dunn, 47, a software developer, was charged with premeditated murder in the Nov. 23, 2012, death of Jordan Davis, 17, as well as three counts of attempted murder, involving three of Mr. Davis’s friends who were in the car that Mr. Dunn fired upon. Mr. Davis was black, as are the three other teenagers. Mr. Dunn is white.RELATED COVERAGE

    Murder Charges Upgraded in Florida Killing of YouthDEC. 14, 2012

    Another Shooting May Test Florida LawNOV. 28, 2012

    In reaching a verdict, the jury had to decide whether Mr. Dunn acted in self-defense. Under Florida law, which gives people who believe they are in danger wide latitude in responding, Mr. Dunn needed to have had only a reasonable belief that his life was threatened to use force.

    In closing statements on Wednesday, prosecutors hammered away at the self-defense claim, arguing that Mr. Davis had never pointed a weapon at Mr. Dunn. “There was no gun in that Durango,” the prosecutor, Erin Wolfson, said in her closing statement. “It didn’t exist.”

    Mr. Dunn, prosecutors said, fabricated the account about a gun to make his story more believable. He shot Mr. Davis, a high school student, they argued, because he felt insulted and disrespected.

    In their closing arguments, defense lawyers said prosecutors had failed to show that Mr. Dunn did not act in self-defense.

    Mr. Dunn testified that he had shot Mr. Davis only after the teenager aimed a shotgun at him from the car window, threatened to kill him and then began to get out of the parked car. At that point, Mr. Dunn said, he reached into his glove box for his pistol and shot repeatedly at the car. In all, he fired 10 times; three of those bullets hit Mr. Davis.

    “It was life or death,” Mr. Dunn told the jury on Tuesday.


    • aleth

      The judge gave the indication already NG…

      • Miranda

        What did the judge say? I cant believe we are right back here again with this shit….SMH

        • goldenstar

          According to the NYT, the judge will rule a mistrial on the one count of murder 1st degree. The jury has reached a verdict for the other charges.

          • Aquagranny911

            I read on a law blog that if there is a mistrial that Dunn will stay in jail until a new trial. AND…they have to have found him guilty of SOMETHING because one of the charges was firing a gun into a vehicle.

            This is apparently a way bigger deal in Florida than firing a gun into a defenseless kiddo. It’s a felony, who knew!

            I am still keeping hope but then I am the constant optimist & praying helps!

        • aleth

          When judges start the respect jury’s decision etc.. Before they complete their tenure, it’s not a good indication.

  • Miranda
  • Dunn found guilty on counts 2-5; mistrial on count 1


    • Aquagranny911

      …and Jesus wept…

    • Alma98

      We’re sliding backwards to the 19th & 20th century. There is no justice for blacks folks in this country. This is fucking unacceptable!

    • aleth

      Smh…really makes no sense.

      • It doesn’t. So, he’s guilty of attempting to murder people, but nothing for actually murdering Jordan Davis?

    • rikyrah

      Someone stood up for Jordan Dunn in the jury room.

      • Joy

        I’m thinking those two sistas.

        • I HOPE so, but I can’t forget a sista let Trayvon’s killer go free.

          • conlakappa

            I thought her racial self-identity was only black when people came for her.

      • gn


    • Joy

      Lord…*sigh*…I’m heartsick for the parents. So what does this mean? I’m not up on legal stuff. Will he serve a good chunk of time on 2-5?

      • Aquagranny911

        I just read that Dunn could do a life sentence for the attempted murders under Florida’s 10-20-30 law for the attempts on the other 3 boys. We will see but this creepy scum is not leaving jail any time soon.

        It sucks that the Davis family did not get to hear GUILTY for the death of their son but Dunn can still be retried for this murder.

        The pendejo is going to jail! I will be grateful for that!

        • rikyrah

          Put that muthafucka in General Population and let prison justice take care of itself.

        • Admiral_Komack

          If he does less than 10 years and is released from jail I won’t be surprised

          • Aquagranny911

            Maybe, but at least Dunn won’t be whoring himself all over the media like Trayvon’s murderer!

            Admiral, at my age I’ve learned to take what I can get. This is better than just seeing that hijo de la chingada go free. Just saying….

    • Miranda

      SMH, I am disgusted

  • rikyrah

    Goldie questioning Angela Corey’s competency. ..

    about time.

    • Aquagranny911

      Riky, is she elected or appointed? I don’t know how they do it in Florida.

      • rikyrah

        I dont know AG

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny —***BIG HUG*** —
        Iff I may:
        – —Angela B. Corey is an American attorney currently serving as the State Attorney in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, which includes Duval, Nassau and Clay counties. The first woman to hold the
        position, she was elected in 2008.

        • Aquagranny911

          Gracias! When she has to run again she needs to be ‘unelected!’

          • GreenLadyHere

            Aquagranny. — -**BIG BIG – -fist bump!! – – –
            Looking up info now. :>)

  • Miranda
  • rikyrah

    To the Muthafuckas that wanted to let Dunn go..

    may you rot in hell.

    To whomever STOOD THEIR GROUND in that Jury Room and stood up for JORDAN DUNN..

    thank you.

    Put that racist piece of shyt in General Population and let prison justice take its course.

    • nathkatun7

      rikyrah, I truly share your righteous anger.

  • aleth

    So if he had killed them all stating he was in fear of his life, he would walk…

    I’m now advocating for black folk to get their own registered gun. Enough is enough. White male inferiority and penis envy kills.

    • Aquagranny911

      If we made a constant, concerted & well publicized effort for POC to get armed, you would see gun control in this country with a “quickness” that would make your head spin! That ‘s
      NO LIE!!!

      • nathkatun7

        Aquagranny, your point is well taken. We in California know that’s exactly what happened here in response to the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense’s advocacy of Black folks arming themselves to protect their communities. Guess who signed the CA law banning the possession and carrying of guns within the city limits? Well,it was none other than the great GOP right wing hero, St. Ronnie Reagan!

    • Guns3000

      “I’m now advocating for black folk to get their own registered gun. ”

      Exactly, I’ve been saying that years.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -Just got in” – – -OMWORD!!! – – –OMWORD!!

    – – -Soooo: — –
    – – – -☺THIS is STILL LEGAL??? – –http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/Lynching-1889.jpg

    — – –☺angela corey NEEDSTA RIDE INTO the DARK SIDE of the MOON – – – -SPLAT!! –
    — – – – – — http://blocs.xtec.cat/valldecs56/files/2011/06/0080.gif
    — -SHE is a DISGUSTING RACIST!!! – – –

  • Miranda

    So Ashleigh Banfield was on CNN whitesplaining to black folks how this isn’t about race huh?

    • rikyrah

      bitch, please.

      nobody is in the mood for your nonsense.

    • Alma98

      Someone needs to ask her would she say the same thing if the kids were white. Silly bitch!

    • jziglar

      Fuck that bitch ! (Sorry for the language but I can’t stand people like her)

    • Aquagranny911

      Triple co-sign… JZ, Alma & Riky!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – –***tears*** – – –

    -Ohhh –MRS. DAVIS♥. – ***HUGS***–U♥ R sooo GRACIOUS in your time of grief. –
    – – – -☺http://www.psychicinvestigators.net/assets/images/prayers_1_.gif BLESS U♥

    – — MR. DAVIS♥ – – -***HUGS*** – -BLESS U SIR♥ —

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — — -☺http://images.wikia.com/glee/images/2/22/Pika_slap.gif 4 angela corey!!!!!!!

    –She said that MAJOR count WILL B RE-TRIED. –

    WHYCOME – –1st degree???? – – -geesh!!!

  • Lisa M

    My prayers go out to Jordan Davis’ family and friends!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – — –TWEETIN’ – – -TRUTH – –

    – – -☺ ‏@ProfessorCrunk
    This is not just abt jail time. This is about whether white fear legally means more than Black life. #DunnTrial

    – – -☺ ‏@NerdyWonka
    It is painful watching Black parents have to be dignified, composed, and brave while the monsters who murdered their children walk free.
    – – –AMEN♥ – -annnd AMEN♥ – – -BLESS U♥

  • rikyrah

    Where’s Hanky Head Don Lemon..

    he’s awfully quiet.

    • Miranda

      He’s been leading the CNN panel’s since I guess around 6pm – I stopped for a second on the channel before turning…and per twitter he’s still on. He’s found his black side tonight it seems.

      • Don’t worry. Don will turn back into a house negro pumpkin by midnight.

  • Miranda

    Sunny Hostin has had to keep it real on CNN (so I’m reading because I refuse to watch it)https://twitter.com/divinetechygirl/status/434848180258484224

    • I hope Sunny has her resume ready.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -“WANCH –WITCH – -corey” — is a BULLY – -EXCEPT 2 YT CRIMINALS who MURDER – -BLAH YOUTH!!!!

    — –☺http://www.nationalreview.com/article/353633/angela-coreys-checkered-past-ian-tuttle
    – – — Angela Corey’s Checkered Past
    Her peers describe an M.O. of retaliation and overcharging.

    – – – –When Corey came in, she cleaned house. Corey fired half of the office’s investigators, two-fifths of its victim advocates, a quarter of its 35 paralegals, and 48 other support staff — more than one-fifth of the office. Then she sent a letter to Florida’s senators demanding that they oppose Shorstein’s pending nomination as a U.S. attorney. “I told them he should not hold a position of authority in his community again, because of his penchant for using the grand jury for personal vendettas,” she wrote.

    Corey knows about personal vendettas. They seem to be her specialty. When Ron Littlepage, a journalist for the Florida Times-Union, wrote a column criticizing her handling of the Christian Fernandez case— in which Corey chose to prosecute a twelve-year-old boy for first-degree murder, who wound up locked in solitary confinement in an adult jail prior to his court date — she “fired off a two-page, single-spaced letter on official state-attorney letterhead hinting at lawsuits for libel.”

    – — -SHE is an EVIL/VILE – -DANGEROUS – RACIST –WANCH!!! –

    • goldenstar

      Just read this. She is a piece of work. Vindictive, ethically-challenged, and has no business in the public sector. Scott needs to be defeated. She needs to be defeated and this should be a NATIONAL campaign. I will gladly contribute to her opponent’s campaign.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY ☺http://www.dance-n-time.com/gold_star_twinkletrail.gif — -**BIG HUG** :>) —

        – — ***TRIPLE fist bump**** :>)

        THEY R 1 BIG – —RACIST FAMILY!– —

        BUT — – –KARMA – – -will GET the “W”!

        Good 2 C U GOLDenstar. :>)
        – – -B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ — –:>)

  • And now for the “Trying To Say Something Profound and Failing” part of the program:

    Michael Cohen ‏@speechboy71
    Thus begins another round of jurors being called names on twitter because Florida gave armed citizens carte blanche to use deadly force

    • Aquagranny911

      I have no clue who Michael Cohen is but I have a nice large cactus for his ass!

    • Miranda

      Oh STFU…..honestly I haven’t seen any jurors being called anything worse than how Jordan has been described by the defense….so there.

    • conlakappa

      Being called names? How sad for them. They will be yesterday’s news tomorrow unless they decide to reveal themselves. No one is studying them. The problem is so much deeper than they.

    • malletgirl02

      someone got off for killing a child and he is worried about the jury being called names? Seriously?

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -THANK U – -Ms. Nerdy wonka♥- -BLESS U♥

    – – –☺@NerdyWonka
    America: Where African-American children are murdered, so they end up six feet under and not in the White House.
    — – SPEAK TRUTH!! —

  • rikyrah

    Nerdy Wonka



    If you attempt to kill someone, we might convict you.

    If you murder a Black child, we’ll let you walk free.

    Welcome to Florida.

    6:14 PM – 15 Feb 2014

    • Miranda

      Rick Scott and Charlie Crist should have to respond to this in their debates. We already know Rick Scott will support this heinous law and will gladly bend over for the NRA.

    • conlakappa

      It will not see one black dollar from me again. A colleague is headed there Tuesday. I said the same thing to her I told one who went there in the fall: they stop killing black young men, I will reconsider my position.

    • malletgirl02

      Florida’s state motto should be the “lynching black people” state. Yes I said it those two boys were lynched.

      • nathkatun7

        “Yes I said it those two boys were lynched.”

        Malletgirl02, I agree with you 100%!

        And to the right wingers who enacted these laws that sanctioned their lynchings, the lynching of these two black boys was real. This is not the same as the right wing alleged “high tech.lyncing” of Clarence Thomas. If Thomas had been lynched (high-tech or otherwise). his ass would be in some cemetery and not on the highest Court causing pain and suffering to black folks, while living in delusion about the destructive practice of white supremacy (past and present) in this country.

  • rikyrah

    Nerdy Wonka



    Angela Corey: “We’re grateful for the laws in Florida.”

    This is why Angela Corey needs to replaced as State Attorney.


    6:40 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — –From Ms. Nerdy♥ – –

    – – – -☺@NerdyWonka

    Where you can be white.

    Murder unarmed Black children.

    Claim and pretend fear.

    Then walk away free. THANK U.

  • Ironic RoRo is trying to dismiss the power of Twitter considering it got his ass suspended from CNN:

    rolandsmartin @rolandsmartin 14m
    Folks, I am not interested in Twitter outrage. Hashtags mean nothing. This is a time for mass action, demonstration, to change our laws!

    • Miranda

      He is so stupid.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – – -He REMAINS ☺http://chrispasley.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/lemon1.gif

    He QUESTIONED the CROWD’s CALL 4 ac 2 B FIRED!! — –

    – – –☺http://www.lawnjock.com/images/blackjockey1.jpg

  • MonieTalks

    Because Jordan Davis dared to say “Who is this man coming out of nowhere demanding us to do something…. we don’t have to turn down this music?” a mistrial was delivered. I know in my heart that this young man was denied justice because in some jurors’ eyes he did not have a right to say you can’t make me turn my music…but somehow a fuckin redneck drunk has a right to pull up with his weapon and shoot violently into a vehicle 10 times over his racist anger. Had there not been living witnesses, this thug would have walked free as well.

    Make no mistake about it, I have seen many comments on sites where folks have claimed, Jordan Davis should have listened to Dunn….meanwhile these same fuckers are calling for an overthrow of the government when the president is Black.

    I am tired y’all.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – -Annnd another THANG – – – On March 22, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that she would be the newly assigned State Attorney investigating the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, replacing State Attorney Norm Wolfinger.[3]

    YES he hadta make the announcement – –I guess. – –

    – – -BUT —whatchu wanna BET that THEY R – — BFF.??? —

    THEREFORE – – -SHE – -A – –RACIST – -RE-THUG!! — –

    – – –☺Just CONNECTING!! – –http://jmcolberg.com/weblog/extended/archives/Story_TwoDots.jpg –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – –TWEETIN’ TRUTH – – -[H/T 2 ALL♥] –

    – -☺@keithboykin
    Q: Does the partial verdict in the #DunnTrial create a perverse incentive to kill the victim to make it easier to plead self-defense?

    – – -☺@TheReidReport
    So Michael Dunn faces at least 60 years in prison, but ZERO years in prison (now) for killing Jordan Davis. Ah, Florida. #DunnTrial

    – – -☺ ‏@theonlyadult
    Of course Angela Corey can smile. No one will murder her child. #DunnTrial

    – – -☺@keithboykin
    ‏The verdict in #DunnTrial means there is no conviction for killing Jordan Davis, only for shooting at the other people in the car.

    – – – -☺ ‏@TheRawestMike
    Zimmerman followed Trayvon. Dunn approached Jordan. Florida needs a “mind your business” law. #DunnTrial YA KNOW!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – –TWEETIN’ – – -TRUTH – – – -[H/T 2 ALL♥] –

    — -☺ ‏@kayewhitehead
    I will not be able to sleep peacefully tonight or any other night cuz I’m a black woman raising 2 sons in a racist world. #DunnTrial #truth
    — – – -[BLESS U♥]

    – –☺ ‏@cccapple
    The constant injustices that come out of these race-fueled murder cases makes me embarrassed to live in this country. #DunnTrial

    — – – – -@bwradley
    As usual, Bugs Bunny had the right idea about what to do with Florida. “South America, take it away!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhzDPC2DJQA … #DunnTrial
    View media

    – – – -☺@J_Roseborough
    Jose Baez needs to zip it.The last person anyone wants to hear from right now is the lawyer that got Casey Anthony off. #DunnTrial

    – – – -☺
    For our #DunnTrial #NeverLovedUs gallery, visit our Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.500224930086491.1073741832.201504029958584&type=1&l=2d500538c5

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – –☺http://rs930.pbsrc.com/albums/ad148/traceyw_2010/animated%20smilies/sFun_duh2.gif~c200

    — -***slaps forehead**** – –

    — –I GET IT: – –

    – – – – – – ☺-The YT MURDERER dunn GETS – – -at least – -75 YEARS- – –

    – – – – -☺The DEAR BLACK VICTIM will B –17 YEARS OLD –2-MORROW♥

    — –☺FALSE EQUIVALENCIES!! – – –http://www.thewhirlingwind.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/false_equivalence_meme.jpg

    – – –RIHEP♥ –http://hobbytrials.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/rip.gif

    – – -☺POU FAM♥ – -CARES♥ – –http://comments16.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/6.gif

    • Admiral_Komack

      He’ll get out in less than 10 years.
      Count on it.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Admiral. ***BIG HUG*** – —

        RESPECTFULLY– –NOT ifff – -THESE MEN have an OPINION: ☺http://plancksconstant.org/blog1/image/sub6/black-male-prisoners.jpg

        – – – -Good 2 C u Admiral. :>) B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ – – –

  • rikyrah

    Allan Thompson


    All Zimmerman and Dunn had to do was stay in their cars and drive away and 2 TEENAGERS are still alive today. #DunnTrial

    4:40 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – -☺@Dreamdefenders
    #NeverLovedUs #DunnTrial pic.twitter.com/sEOw245ULf

  • lamh36

    I commend all those who are raising young Black boys in today’s climate. I swear if I had a child, I’d be a nervous wreck all the time. I have all my cousins and my nephews and my god children in my prayers every night, but I say even more for the boys. Cause man, lately it feels like there is a war on Black boys…

    • nathkatun7

      Well said, lamh36! For us older black folks we know that there is always been “a war on Black Boys.” In the past they murdered them indiscriminately because they dared to stand up to white folks and assert their freedom and manhood, or because they were falsely accused of coveting and raping white women, or simply because white folks wanted to have fun. Nowadays, they are murdering them because of what they wear, the music they listen too, how they look, and as in the past, for daring to act as free human beings. The police murdering Black boys and black men was not enough. Now many state governments have given private citizens the right and power to murder defenseless Black boys.

      Yes, Black families, and especially those raising Black boys in America, deserve to be commended for staying sane.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – — -C WHAT I MEAN?- –
    – – – –☺ ‏@marclaw69
    @rbonne1 Either way – he’s been & is being held accountable. The jury has spoken & found his actions unjustified. #DunnTrial

    — – -BWAHAHA- – — -“The jury has spoken & found his actions unjustified.” – – –Sooo WE AGREE – – –MURDER – – -is UNJUSTIFIED!!! – – –
    – – -SAAAAAAAAAA-LAP!! — –[I really need my BOLDface. :>)]

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — — POIGNANT♥ – –
    – – -☺@essveecee
    ‏Is it me or does the #DunnTrial verdict make it seem like he was punished for not succeeding

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – –Since I missed a little time – – -Iff U don’t mind —I would like 2 —-STAY with the “DAVIS Family” – — 4 a little longer. AMEN♥ – –
    – – – – –JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED♥ – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – -YES! – -He – –WENT THERE! – – –

    – – -☺@coat_gs
    Man, what does it take to be convicted of murder in Florida? Oh that’s right, the defendant has to be African American. #DunnTrial

    – –THANK U! :>)

    • Admiral_Komack

      Don’t be a person of color.

      • GreenLadyHere

        – – -Admiral – – – -***BIG fist bump*** – –
        — —U! AIN’T!! – – -NEVA! – -LIED! :>) – –

  • Aquagranny911

    I don’t know if this helps but this guy is a criminal lawyer & he says Dunn will do a life sentence. Here is his take…


    I don’t know what to think but we will know at sentencing. The thing that really blows me away is that shooting into a car in Florida is a felony & they found Dunn guilty of that.

    However, apparently shooting into the bodies of black children provides a freebie in Florida. SICK!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – —
    – – —☺@adv_project
    We simply cannot continue giving a legal cover for people who combine racial bias and a ready weapon http://bit.ly/1lUnoJe #DunnTrial
    – – -[As MR. PRESIDENT said – – -“YEAR of ACTION”]

    Through the lens of white racism we all look the same #DunnTrial #MarkDuggan pic.twitter.com/APzz4TzCni

    — – – –SPEAK SUCH – -TRUTH!! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – – –SHE’s -GoT — -TA – – -GO!!!

    – – –☺@metaquest
    Sounds like Corey will retry case much the same. These are the charges she filed 1st time. #DunnTrial #JordanDavis pic.twitter.com/lJWE1tSHtw

    – – -BUT whoeva handles the RE-TRIAL – –BETTA introduce —RACE – – -i.e., – —HIS – -RACISM!!! — -***smh***

    • Aquagranny911

      Absolutely! They have letters he wrote from jail & conversations he had to support that! It was another hate crime, imo!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny – – – – -***BIG fist bump*** – – – :>)
        THAT’S ALL ! —

        –Annnnd that – –SYG law – -has PERPETUATED these – –RACIST – -HATE CRIMES. – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – – —RESPECTFULLY♥ – – –
    – – —Jordan Davis’ Father: My Son Will Never Be Just Another Day At The Office [VIDEO] – –
    – — – –Leaving the courtroom in tears after a jury could not decide whether or not to charge Michael Dunn, 47, with first-degree murder in the shooting death of their 17 year old son Jordan Davis, Lucia McBath and Ron Davis told reporters that they will never stop fighting for justice for their son.

  • lamh36

    I’ve been to Balloon Juice:

    Le sigh.

    I never said anything about jury selections or deliberations, or called the jury idiots or maligned the jury in anyway.

    But excuse me, for have a visceral reaction to the proceedings and the outcome, not based on the semantics of the legal system, but as a person of color and feeling like the life of your young son or lil brother or cousin is automatically allowed to be suspect in the eyes of some racist fuck.

    Excuse me, but you can be satisfied with the conviction that was given, but be damn well pissed about the other thing.

    Forget the jury, let me ask all of you a few questions:

    1) Are you the parent of a teenage boy?

    2) Like most teenage boys now-a-days, does your child listen to hip hop? Or a better question…does your boy like to listen to music “played loudly” when they are with friends?

    3) When they leave their house when they are with friends, do you feel the need to tell them be careful and don’t play your music too loud?

    4)Better yet, are you concerned to even let your teenage son hang out with more than one friend on the fear that the police or some other “Law-abiding” citizen feels threatened by the group of them?

    No…well guess what those last 2 questions are two things that my sister has to grapple with and my young nephew has to be advice of at 14. That the “carefree” life that some kids are afforded at teenage is not the same life he can afford by virtue of being Black and a boy.

    So yeah, I get the legalese that so many are spouting. I get the “hey at least we got something” spill that some are spouting.

    But excuse me if I don’t give a fuck, and instead think about what I’ve got to tell my nephew and how I advice him to live a free life, yet be in fear as well. I don’t know about ya’ll, but that seems like a sad life to impose on a teenager.

    • rikyrah

      Bravo, and I am out of fucks to give for the “logical” ones wanting to minimize my rage at this racist bullshyt.

      • Alma98

        Check this out rikyrah, they just don’t fucking get it.

        raven says:
        February 15, 2014 at 10:09 pm
        Oh good now someone can cut and paste 87 million fucking tweets from other people.

        • rikyrah

          they honestly don’t want no parts of me tonight, because I’m out of fucks to give and will be out to hurt feelings.

        • rikyrah

          told ’em they could kiss my ass, cause I’m not in the mood.

    • nathkatun7

      Thank you, lamh36, for this heartfelt comment. Like you, on this day, I don’t want to listen to any “legalese.” This grown man murdered a defenseless teenage boy in cold blood and the justice system failed to hold him accountable for that crime.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — –Another THOUGHT 4 those touting – – -“At LEAST the JURY GAVE HIM — –75 YEARS” – – —

    The DIFFERENCE: —-HE – –GAVE Dear Jordan – –

    — — —ONLY – – —17 YEARS!! – – – –

    DO! –THE ! MATH – — -Geniuses!!! — geesh!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — -TWEETIN’ – – -TRUTH — [Profound] —

    – – – – -☺@sofiaquintero
    H/T to @redclayscholar #DunnTrial pic.twitter.com/m3fsLqRQ6F

    – – — –☺@ericwolfson
    The #DunnTrial seems to be proving what #Zimmerman proved last year: America is post-racial like Trayvon is pre-dead. pic.twitter.com/qA3Dd9sr83


  • lamh36

    good night guys.

    As we digest this shit in Florida, if you can do yourselves a favor and check out CBS News do #WholeGrittyCity. talking about band culture in New Orleans and the young band members. it’ll hit you in ur hearts!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POu FAM♥ – – — -SAD news – –A PASSING – —
    – —John Henson, son of Muppets creator, dies in NY – –
    – – – — –Puppeteer John Henson, the son of the late Muppets creator Jim Henson, has died in New York. He was 48.

    Cheryl Henson says her brother died of a “massive heart attack” at his home in Saugerties on Friday. She says it happened after he had been building an igloo in the snow with his daughter.

    Henson followed in his famous father’s footsteps as a puppeteer,
    performing as Sweetums the ogre in several films, including “Muppet Treasure Island” and “It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie.”

    Cheryl said her brother also made appearances in the original Coca-Cola Polar Bear suit. She described him as an “artist who also loved working the land.”
    THERE IS MORE – — -RIHEP♥- – With Appreciation.♥

    – – – -CONDOLENCES 2 ALL♥ – -AMEN♥

    – – – -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPFjAKpRuQc

    — -LUVED the MUPPETS. :>) — –

    • Aquagranny911

      DANG! My heart to the Henson familiy. John, may your next journey bring you peace & the joy you and your Dad gave to so many of us over the years.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny – – -AMEN♥ — –Annnnd AMEN♥–

  • rikyrah

    Jesse Berney



    Honestly thought this was open and shut. I needed to be reminded how terrifying it is to be black in America.

    6:51 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Faith Jenkins Esq.



    The problem w black victims in cases like this is that they are no longer around to prove they were worthy of life. #dunntrial

    6:41 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Omar Moore



    FLA: Marissa Alexander gets 20 years for
    shooting a gun INTO THE AIR but Michael Dunn isn’t convicted of
    MURDERING Jordan Davis. #DunnTrial

    7:10 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Joy Reid ✔



    If you shoot someone in FL & they
    live, you’re going down. If they die, hung jury or acquittal. The bitter
    irony of Stand Your Ground.

    6:07 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Elon James White



    And again–WHY is #JordanDavis dead? It’s not because he played loud music. Its because he defied a White man. Thats terrifying in America.

    7:27 PM – 15 Feb 2014

    • malletgirl02

      I thought Jim Crow was dead, but this shows that it is not.

  • rikyrah




    In a parallel universe #Trayvon
    & #Jordan are college freshmen together, not bound in our collective trauma from their deaths @TheReidReport

    6:53 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Teresa Kopec @TeresaKopec

    Most remarkable part of Dunn story is he drove off, ordered a pizza & never called the police after KILLING a boy. THEN claims self defense.
    7:27 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Joy Reid ✔



    So Michael Dunn faces at least 60 years in prison, but ZERO years in prison (now) for killing Jordan Davis. Ah, Florida. #DunnTrial

    6:04 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    Holly Robinson Peete ✔



    Dunn verdict scares me so much as an
    American mom. How many times can we justify killing these boys of color
    b/c they appear “menacing”??

    8:04 PM – 15 Feb 2014

  • rikyrah

    On The Killing Of Jordan Davis By Michael Dunn
    Ta-Nehisi Coates Feb 15 2014, 10:07 PM ET

    I wish I had something more to say about the fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted for killing a black boy. Except I said it after George Zimmerman was not convicted of killing a black boy. Except the parents of black boys already know this. Except the parents of black boys have long said this, and they have been answered with mockery.

    Jordan Davis had a mother and a father. It did not save him. Trayvon Martin had a mother and a father. They could not save him. My son has a father and mother. We cannot protect him from our country, which is our aegis and our assailant. We cannot protect our children because racism in America is not merely a belief system but a heritage, and the inability of black parents to protect their children is an ancient tradition.


    • aleth

      Fuck this dude. No different from don lemon. Fucking gave cover during trayvon case. I can’t stand this wish wash dude. I guess tonite is entertain some black readers before return to dudebros

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – — -Uhhhh – -MAYBE they’re WAITIN’ for 2-morrow – –4 the BIG HEADLINES – –???
    – —-☺http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/fla-man-guilty-of-lesser-counts-in-music-shooting/2014/02/15/6433adea-969f-11e3-ae45-458927ccedb6_story.html
    — — –Fla. man guilty of lesser counts in music shooting

    – —Michael Dunn convicted on 4 of 5 charges in loud-music murder case

    — – -☺http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/15/us-usa-florida-shooting-dunn-idUSBREA1E0MR20140215
    – — –Jury in Florida loud music murder trial stuck on murder charge


    – -Just another – – -UNARMED BLACK YOUTH — -KILLED by a WHITE MAN – –annnnd NOT CONVICTED!! – – –geesh!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – – — PERFECT SONG – -AMEN♥ – – – –
    — – -☺
    Mother mother there’s too many of you crying. Brother brother brother there’s far too many of you dying. #dunntrial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDQ_EA5DJqI
    View media

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -SHE went THERE – -2: – –
    – —☺ ‏@SuzyVMc
    Justice in FL: Prosecutors bring charges they know won’t stick; deny race is an issue = No Justice #DunnTrial

    – – -***TRIPLE fist bump*** :>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – -☺ ‏@da_illest143
    I refuse to give anymore attention to the assailant it’s not him it’s about the victim. RIP Jordan Davis pic.twitter.com/RgkTuNNVah #DunnTrial
    – – –AMEN♥ annnnd AMEN♥- – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – — – – -TWETIN’ — – -TRUTH – —
    – – — ☺@MisterJabber
    Hey prosecutor Angela Corey… there are other professions, you know? #DunnTrial

    – – — ☺@OldeHippi
    I don’t get it – 3 “attempted murders” and the one he murdered isn’t murder.

    —–[Uhhhh – –LEMME help: — The VICTIM was an UNARMED BLACK YOUTH. The MURDERER was YT. – – –That’s the – -PROCESS in Florida. –]

  • GreenLadyHere

    – — ☺@eclatantly
    Jordan Davis would have turned 19 today. A hate crime has prevented that from happening. #DunnTrial We need #equality NOW not later!


  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – — -My FIRST post -began similar 2 this: —
    – –☺ ‏@iRepDrakes
    Mistrial on the murder of Jordan Davis. More strange fruit. It’s still happening people. #DunnTrial
    View media [Sensitive]- — – –BUT TRUTH. —

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – -☺ ‏@NewsBreaker
    The medal count in Sochi as of the end of today http://4.nbcny.com/0vl2Fy3 pic.twitter.com/kC6fqYv4io

    – – – –WELL DONE. :>) – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥—-Luvin’ THIS –:>) – – -Perfect!!!

    – – –☺@OldeHippi
    Dear Jurors: So what was it that happened to Jordan? #DunnTrial

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – -WHEW LAWD! — – ****☺http://www.deadpixelpublications.com/uploads/1/2/7/5/12750134/1653823_orig.gif ****

    Here WE go AGAIN. – -Truly! – – –Truly! – –Truly! – –

    —-☺ ‏@trulylovely1
    #DunnTrial Ppl who think Dunn “got off” don’t understand — the CONVICTIONS today =75 yrs = die in prison
    Retrial for murder is coming.

    – -I’ll take THIS — -SLOWLY:- — -The YT MURDERER of the BLAH UNARMED YOUTH – —will have UP to 75 YEAR 2 — LIVE!!

    — R U READY???– – — -The then — –17 YEAR OLD – – -is dead! – –

    DO! – – -THE – – — -LOGIC!!!

    NOW —Ifff U were a parent – – –WHICH would U RATHER have????

    – – – -Annnd how ’bout a WORD of CONDOLENCE 4 the PARENTS/Family/Friends?? – – – -HUH??? – – –geesh!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –Dear POU FAM♥ – -WISHING U a GOOD NIGHT♥ :>) –MAY U HAVE BLESSED SWEET DREAMS.♥ -♥ :>) – – –

    – – – –♥UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT♥ :>) – – –

    – – -http://images.ubercomments.com/1/6219052936b83d3e21.gif
    — – -PRAYING 4 ALL♥ — -AMEN♥ — – –

    • GreenLadyHere

      P.S – – – –mcancient will B on 2-morrow. He’s baaaaaack. LOL