October 23, 2017

Saturday Afternoon Thread: Dedicated to the #StrugglePlate (looking at you GOPBlackChick)

Two selections for the cooking afflicted!

I go crazy when you love me,got me acting a mess

Even got the nerve to say you’re better than my momma’s

Collard greens and cornbread, yeah Collard greens and cornbread, yeah

Do you want it on your biscuits, baby?

Do you want it on your rice and gravy?

Do you want it on your black-eyed peas?

Give it to me, give it to me, give it

  • rikyrah

    You all cracked me up with those threads about that wretched woman. who would actually show that ridiculous food and admit that they were that pitiful in the kitchen?

    • Tafr

      LOL she has to nerve to say her name is GOP chick not dumb chick. You know I have to disagree with her. She seems to know her way around the internet. All she has to do is google baked chicken and follow those simple directions. There is no excuse for that chicken she cooked none at all. Actually I do not even think she cooked it at least not all the way. Just pitiful.

    • AxelFoley

      What I miss?

      • isonprize

        Axel, are you Twitter? search “#struggleplate”

  • Alma98

    I love, love,love this post hahahahahahaha!!

  • rikyrah

    The New York Times has profiled the modest lifestyle of Uruguay’s President, Jose Mujica, who “shunned the opulent Suarez y Reyes presidential mansion, with its staff of 42, remaining instead in the home where he and his wife have lived for years, on a plot of land where they grow chrysanthemums for sale in local markets.” The Times paints Mujica’s lifestyle as sort of a humdrum radicalism: “We have done everything possible to make the presidency less venerated,” he said. A former guerrilla who spent over ten years in solitary, Mujica has overseen a government that has legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage, extended reproductive health rights and has encouraged investment in renewable energy

    • Miranda

      Wow! You think stories like that are only fiction!

  • Wanna play a fun game the next time some right winger talks about African American? Ask them to sell you on conservatism without making any pre-conceived notions about you or African Americans in general.

    If that right winger is black (dedicated to GOPBlackChick), ask them why they think their ideology makes them smarter/better than the average negro.

    • Miranda

      They can’t make their argument without being insulting. Its who they are.

      • Rasmussen blasted the assembled Republicans with one crushing statistic after another. The exit poll data, he said, “create a negative brand image of the Republican Party as a party that only cares about white people.”

        The audience murmured unhappily.

        “And that image is hurting among the youth,” he continued. “It is hurting across the culture. It is something that has to be addressed across the party. It has to be addressed. You can’t just wish it away.”…

        Rasmussen offered some friendly advice about approaching minorities. “You show them that you really care, you talk to them as grown-ups on a range of issues, you get them involved,” he suggested, “and you accept the fact that it’s a long-term investment. And you accept that you can learn as much from them as you can teach them.”

        This was harsh medicine to reluctant patients, and afterward some of them made their discomfort known. “That depressed me!” one woman said. To my right, a man snapped, “That’s bullshit!”


        Of course they think it’s bullshit. It would require them seeing us as equals and that just won’t do.

  • Dang it Miranda! LOL

    • isonprize

      Sepia, I was absolutely scared to scroll further.


  • rikyrah

    January 3, 2013

    The G.O.P.’s Sandy Problem

    Posted by Alex Koppelman

    Lower Manhattan, and the hundreds of thousands of people who live in it, didn’t have to go without power for days after the superstorm Sandy hit. Businesses there didn’t have to close; millions of dollars didn’t have to be lost. But all of that did happen, because at some point someone decided that, on a relatively small island packed with people, a key power station should be located a couple hundred feet from a river, and until the folly of that decision was quite literally made brilliantly clear, it seemed foolish—too difficult, too expensive—to move it.


    House Republicans didn’t simply forget about the Sandy-relief legislation in the excitement of the fiscal-cliff deal. The bill stalled and died because many of them—joined by key conservative activists and think tanks—flat out opposed the version the Senate passed. They opposed it because, they said, half—or more—of the sixty billion dollars of funding contained in the bill was what they called “pork.” A more accurate term would be “foresight.” The legislation might not have paid, specifically, for the ConEd station to be moved, or the hospitals’ backup power systems to be consolidated, but it would have paid for other kinds of forward-thinking measures, and that was the funding conservatives had a problem with.


    Even if Congressional Republicans weren’t working to keep progress on Capitol Hill at a continual halt, even if they didn’t make passing something like a budget all but impossible, getting the funding to protect the East Coast from storms like Sandy approved would be a difficult task at best.

    For one thing, they’ve put themselves in a position where they are almost forced to oppose spending on disaster mitigation. Approving funding to prevent hurricane damage means acknowledging that there is a continuing danger from hurricanes and that it is getting worse, and that means acknowledging that the funding is not just part of some liberal global-warming conspiracy. (An example, from Heritage’s Katherine Rosario: “Rather than concretely helping hurricane victims rebuild and get on their feet, which would be a more proper manifestation of the federal government’s role in our lives, they’ve taken it upon themselves to decide to spend our money to change the climate of our planet.”)

    Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2013/01/the-gop-sandy-problem.html#ixzz2H8mfwbLr

  • Miranda

    Ode to O’Bama

    President Obama is getting a special inauguration gift from Ireland: A song from the Corrigan Brothers declaring, “There’s still no one as Irish as Barack Obama.”

    The group’s first version went viral in 2008, earning millions of YouTube hits, an invitation to Obama’s first inauguration and a mention from Obama himself during his trip to Ireland.

    The Corrigans wrote an updated version for 2012, and Ger Corrigan tells POLITICO that Obama’s (very distant) Irish cousin Henry Healy will be attending the inauguration and plans to present a copy of the song to the president. (The president took Healy for pints of Guinness in Washington last St. Patricks Day.)

    more here

    • isonprize

      They call him “Henry the 8th” because he’s PBO’s 8th cousin.

    • nellcote

      Yay! Henry’s coming over for the inaguration. Amazing no lady has snatched him up yet.

  • Can you imagine if PBO has a democratic House and Senate in his last 2 years as president? Oh the beauty of people losing their damn minds.

    • Miranda

      Which is why we can’t stand the fauxgressive emoprogging professional left that helped to make to create the foolishness sworn into the House in 2010.

    • rikyrah

      1. we would have had the Jobs Act -and thus, we would have an unemployment rate at least a point and a half lower.
      2. immigration reform would be in place.

    • rikyrah

      1. we would have had the Jobs Act -and thus, we would have an unemployment rate at least a point and a half lower.
      2. immigration reform would be in place.

  • Miranda


    Top Conservative Cat ‏@TeaPartyCat
    #LowInformationVoterThoughts I heard at Walmart that Obama is really hurting small businesses in this country: pic.twitter.com/V7lvQMyN

    GOP Unplugged ‏@GOPunplugged
    I don’t understand science. Therefore, it’s all a hoax. #GOP #LowInformationVoterThoughts

    John Fugelsang ‏@JohnFugelsang
    God keeps creating gay people, Mexicans & cannabis because He dislikes them so much.

    Rafalca Romney ‏@RafalcaRomney
    #LowInformationVoterThoughts I went to public schools and then built my business without any help from the government.

    TheNewDeal ‏@TheNewDeal
    #LowInformationVoterThoughts Labor Unions are Destroying America, CEO’s Have My Best Interest at Heart.

    TheNewDeal ‏@TheNewDeal
    #LowInformationVoterThoughts I Watch Fox News.

    Obama is the first president to ever go on a vacation. #LowInformationVoterThoughts

    • #LowInformationVoterThoughts is trending #3 on the Twitters. Damnit man! LOL

  • Worldwatcher7

    Hi Everybody:

    Thanks for sharing #thatchicken #struggleplate. GOPBlackchick turned a lot of folks vegetarian last night.

  • isonprize



    ‏@sherifffruitfly — Throw Chicken From The Train

    @adept2u — Crouching Chicken Hidden Poultry

    ‏@goldietaylor — Dchicken Unchained

    ‏@root_e — The Hurt Oven

    @jmadfour — A Fish named WTF

    @jumpthesnark — I Can Cook Bad All by Myself

    ‏@Shoq — Roast Busters

    @goldietaylor — Dead Chicken Walking


    • Miranda


    • Alma98


    • GN

      /I can’t

    • *FTFO*

    • AxelFoley

      What in the world? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • Miranda

        You have to go to the open thread to get the full rundown on GOPBlackChick and her idiocy LOL – Sepia posted the full rundown.

    • GreenLadyHere

      BWAHAH – – – –***Calmly dialin’ 911: – –Uhhh –couldja puh-leeze come annnd get an OBOT who is DOWN from – -HYSTERICAL LAFFTER. LOL***

      Jus’ axin’. . . . – –LOL – – – –

    • JojoRaze

      These titles are so wrong, but so right. I’m not up on what exactly GOPBlackChick did, but I Can Cook Bad All By Myself and The Hurt Oven are ROFL funny.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY JojoRaze – –***BIG – –2013 –HUG*** :>)

        – – -WHAT Sepia posted: –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjy9uWma0E0&feature=player_embedded- — LOL!

        Annnd she DID JUS’ THAT: – – –t I Can Cook Bad All By Myself – – – -**fist bump*** – –on THIS 1. LOL – — –

        Good 2 C u JojoRaze. :>) — –

      • Town

        This is what happened:

        GOPBlackChick tweeted that men who carry diaper bags were emasculated. She then went on to tweet that there weren’t any real men anymore blah blah etc.

        People started questioning her on why she felt men who carry diaper bags, who take care of their kids etc. were weak and emasculated.

        Reign of April asks why too, and then this other tweeter starts jumping down Reign of April’s TL accusing ROA of being racist, hating on GOPBlackChick for her success, being “jellus” etc.

        ROA wanted to know why she would be jealous of GBC, especially when she had a man & GBC did not. That’s when ROA posted GBC’s tweet from a while back of that #struggleplate with the caption How Can I Not Have A Husband With Cooking Like This?

        And then #struggleplate, #strugglechicken, #thatplate & #thatchicken was born. Struggle Plate has a YouTube video, a couple of Tumblrs and a Facebook page. LOL

        • JojoRaze

          Thanks Town! I looked it up after I posted and before reading this and ole girl is the personification of when keeping it real goes wrong.

          She’s expressing an ignorant but deeply held opinion that she’s a real woman and there are no real men and then to prove her point that she’s a “real woman”, she posts a pic of her cooking that shows she can’t even maintain her stereotypical female role as a good cook.

          A wolf raising a human child could give said child a better meal. That’s worse than a dog’s dinner like the Brits say.

    • GreenLadyHere

      LOL – – -isonprize – —@jumpthesnark — I Can Cook Bad All by Myself – –LOL

      – –@sherifffruitfly — Throw Chicken From The Train – – –

  • Kennymack1971

    #Struggleplate Just a crying shame GOP Black Chick thought that hot mess was edible. Then had the nerve to be arrogant about it. She deserves every bit of the clowning she is getting for that ratchetness.

  • rikyrah

    Steve Forbes Possibly Maybe Covered Up a Prep School Sex Scandal

    Jan 5 2013

    in Criminally Stupid, What the Crap!? by Imani Gandy (ABL)

    The Brooks School in Andover, Massachusetts is the latest school to be engulfed by a sex scandal and a cover-up. Allegedly, the former headmaster of the school, Lawrence W. Becker, was involved in an “objectionable, manipulative” and potentially abusive relationship with a student. He also enjoyed the company of male escorts, which he allegedly hired while traveling alone on school business. Allegedly.

    Steve Forbes of the I’m Rich as Hell And You’re Not Forbeses, who is a Brooks alumnus and served as chairman of the board during the time period that these shenanigans were going on, probably covered it all up to protect either his or Becker’s ass. Sure, Forbes claims that he investigated the relationship when he was made aware of it at the time, but he didn’t tell the school, parents, the coimmunity, or even any of the other board members, and that seems like something that any reasonable person would have done. Then again, the super rich and powerful aren’t exactly reasonable people. I know. I watch Revenge.

    The Rich, Powerful, and/or Unreasonable are usually reluctant to cast out abusers, assholes, and creeps, and it’s often children who pay the price. We’ve seen this time and time again. Just this summer, horrifying allegations of sexual abuse at The Horace Mann School, a super-elite private school in New York, surfaced. Over the course of decades, multiple teachers were allowed to prey on young, mostly male, students. Also recently, abuse allegations at the Arthur G Dozier School for Boys in Florida led to discovery of all sorts of horrors, including rape, murder, and nearly 50 graves found on school grounds. Some of these crimes dated back one hundred years. And of course there’s Penn State, The Boy Scouts, ad the granddaddy of them all — The Catholic Church.

    The Forbes Media PR machine is already at work, of course, and released this statement yesterday:


    • AxelFoley

      He also enjoyed the company of male escorts, which he allegedly hired while traveling alone on school business. Allegedly.

      Headmaster indeed.

      • isonprize

        We’re gonna need to renovate the bad lounge.

        I put the “Alex Foley Suite” plaque in brushed gold with black lettering on order…

        • GreenLadyHere

          isonprize – -LOL – – -Sooo — -WELL DESERVED. – -LOL.

          I congratulated him. :>) U done good. :>)

      • Miranda

        ____________________________you don’t have a lick of sense!!!!! ______________________________

      • GreenLadyHere

        CONGRATULATIONS –AxelFoley. LOL – – — ***BIG 2013 –HUG*** – – -:>)


        Good 2 C U. :>) — –

  • Alma98
  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda/POU FAM♥ –***BIG – – -2013 —HUG*** :>)


    Here’s a thought: – – -GoPBlackChick[en] – –wants 2 UPDATE – —

    – – – –this book: – –

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . .DON’t tell her – – — -SHE CAIN’T!! – -BWAHAHA —

    — THIS B some kinda FUN. Wonder ifff she is still IN TOWN?? – — LOL

  • Miranda

    Wasn’t there a time when TLC really WAS The Learning Channel??

    ‘Best Funeral Ever’ reality series will leave you speechless

    Just when the most avid of reality TV viewers thought they had seen all, Best Funeral Ever comes along.

    The reality series on TLC focuses on the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas, where the philosophy is “Whatever the family wants, we’ll do.” That includes a person who loved football, having a football themed homegoing celebration, or barbeque cook having a full-scale barbeque feast during his funeral.

    more here

    • No ma’am! They have gone too far!

    • isonprize

      my people, my people…

  • crazycanuck

    Indian rape victim father speaks, and says the world should know his daughters name.


  • lamh36

    A Boston reporter is reporting that the governor’s office in Mass feels as if all the Frank press by Barney Frank is seen as trying to pressure the Guv to pick him.

    If the governor already had someone in mind before Frank, then all the press about Frank will become fodder against the person he does choose for the temporary position. So now if the Guv does go with his first pick and it’s not Frank or is not someone as “liberal” as Frank or who the “faux-gressives” like as much, then mark my words all we will hear is BS.

    If the governor had a different choice before Frank, then he should def be pissed that all the story will be about why he didn’t pick Frank rather than how his actual pick was a good one or not.

    so I can understand why the governor’s office would be aggrieved

    • Miranda

      I had a feeling that Barney Frank was trying to elbow his way into that interim spot.

      • lamh36

        Don’t get me wrong I like Barney Frank. He’d def be great TV fodder.

        I don’t even think he has some sort of agenda vis a vis the Senate seat long-term.

        I just think that there has never been a camera that Barney Frank hasn’t loved to be in front of. I like him for that, but he is a big of a camera hog…lol.

        Take Al Franken, who I”d bet would be perfect on TV, but he absolutely chooses not to do many if any tv interviews. He is therefore the polar opposite of Barney Frank

        • nellcote

          It would be useful for the next few months, when the msm is going to be financial crisis 24/7 to have someone who gives good teevee, is knowledgeable about financial matters and doesn’t suffer gooper fools silently. He’s no Ed Rendell and he won’t be tied down by re-election issues.

          Does Deval have a bad history with Barney? Or is the media trying to create their own narrative?

          • lamh36

            I understand that. But my original point still stands. Before the Susan Rice speculation it was kinda CW that Kerry was going to state. So Guv Patrick has prob been thinking about who he would choose for awhile now. If Frank was never in the running, & he’s already made his choice, then this would be aggravating to say the least. It would be like Susan Rice all over again without the witch hunt, but of the choice isn’t Frank people are already disappointed because they’ve been hyped up to believe it was gonna happen.

            You can miss what u never had

  • AxelFoley

    Don’t know if anyone’s seen/posted this, but:


    Yeah, he can piss and moan, but won’t put is neck on the line. Typical punk ass emo.

    • isonprize

      Yeah, whatever, Matt, whatever… WATB

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – — -THESE nra people R DISGUSTING!! – —

    Gun Show Held Near Sandy Hook Outrages Residents – – –

    —-Connecticut residents are outraged that a gun show will take place this weekend just 40 miles from Newtown, where 26 people were killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School just weeks ago. The East Coast Firearms Show is being advertised as the “best of the best of vendors, offering 250 tables of antique and historical arms.”

    Local lawmakers say they wish the event had been cancelled, as had been similar shows across the state. “It seems insensitive to have the event continue,” Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia told local reporters.

    Since the shooting, several Connecticut newspapers have also apologized for publishing advertisements for a gun show next to articles about the tragedy.


    • Miranda


    • nellcote

      apologized for publishing advertisements for a gun show next to articles about the tragedy.
      Could it be any clearer that all they think of is money?

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – -DANG!! – – -DAY #2 – – -Annnnd da RE-THUCKERS R – –ACTIN’ – —their USUAL – –NASTY!! – —

    – – –Conservatives Open New Congress With Unconstitutional Bill To End Birthright Citizenship – – –

    – – –The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution expressly provides that nearly anyone born in the United States is a citizen, regardless of the immigration status of their parents. Yet, despite the Constitution’s clear command, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) wants to ignore our founding document and prevent the children of undocumented immigrants from becoming citizens:

    It’s the first week of the 113th Congress, and one House member is already trying to stop children born in the United States to undocumented parents — whom he calls “anchor babies” — from gaining citizenship.

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an outspoken hardliner on immigration, introduced a bill on Thursday that would “clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.” The Supreme Court has consistently held that anyone born in the United States, regardless of their parents’ immigration status, should receive citizenship under the 14th Amendment.

    – – – –C’MON – -KARMAAAAA! – – – –

  • isonprize

    HOLD UP! #struggleplate has KFC as a sponsored tweet!


    Don’t tell me that black folk don’t influence pop culture!!!


    • Miranda


  • isonprize


  • isonprize

    trying to embed a tweet from @ReignofApril. Oh well…

    I can’t even walk I’m laughing so hard at the #StrugglePlate Mentions. But please know the caption was “How do I not have a husband?” !!!!!!

    GOPBlackChick proudly posted that kitchen ratchetness claiming that she couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a husband AFTER saying that men who carried diaper bags were emasculated…

    Whew Lawd. I got my laugh on tonight!!! LOLOLOL

    • vulcan_girl

      I have been laughing at that sad chicken ALL DAY!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – -OK. – —***sittin’ down in a REAL CLASS*** :>) – –

    — –White Board: Here’s What’s in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    – — — –In this new White House White Board, Brian Deese, the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, explains what the new agreement to extend tax cuts for the middle class means for the economy and how it met President Obama’s key economic priorities.


    Annnd THIS SIMPLIFIED VERSION: — –The Seven Things You Need to Know About the Tax Deal – —

    – – –We know that that a lot of people have questions about the deal, so we’ve pulled together some of the most important facts. Here are the seven things you need to know:

    – – –THANK U – – -MR. PRESIDENT/VP Joe! – – –GR8 LEADERS!! —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – -OK. – —***sittin’ down in a REAL CLASS*** :>) – –

    — –White Board: Here’s What’s in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    – — — –In this new White House White Board, Brian Deese, the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, explains what the new agreement to extend tax cuts for the middle class means for the economy and how it met President Obama’s key economic priorities.


    Annnd THIS SIMPLIFIED VERSION: — –The Seven Things You Need to Know About the Tax Deal – —

    – – –We know that that a lot of people have questions about the deal, so we’ve pulled together some of the most important facts. Here are the seven things you need to know:

    – – –THANK U – – -MR. PRESIDENT/VP Joe! – – –GR8 LEADERS!! —

  • AxelFoley

    Yo, GOPblackchick looks familiar. Did she used to post at WEE See You or Jack and Jill? I swear I’ve seen her before.

    Too bad she’s GOP. She’s cute as fuck, even if her chicken looks like stir fried shit.

    ‘Dat ass–er, chicken.

    • Miranda

      I think she might have posted before back on the WSY site.

    • isonprize

      Axel, here’s #strugglefish.
      Methinks y’all would be eating out ALOT!


      • AxelFoley

        Methinks y’all would be eating out ALOT!

        Not gonna say a word. Nope, I’ll let that one go. 😉

        • isonprize

          You should submit your plans for the lounge. My belief is that a man should like where he lives…

    • TyrenM

      That’s a no-cooking… U can have her.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -SAD NEWS – – -“GOIN’ UP YONDER” – — –

    – – – –Mamie Rearden, oldest living US citizen, dies at 114 – —

    — —A 114-year-old South Carolina woman who was the oldest living U.S. citizen has died, two of her daughters said Saturday.

    Mamie Rearden of Edgefield, who held the title as the country’s oldest person for about two weeks, died Wednesday at a hospital in Augusta, Georgia, said Sara Rearden of Burtonsville, Maryland, and Janie Ruth Osborne of Edgefield. They said their mother broke her hip after a fall about three weeks ago.

    The Gerontology Research Group, which verifies age information for Guinness World Records, listed Mamie Rearden as the oldest living American after last month’s passing of 115-year-old Dina Manfredini of Iowa. Rearden’s Sept. 7, 1898, birth was recorded in the 1900 U.S. Census, the group’s Robert Young said.

    Rearden was more than a year younger than the world’s oldest person, 115-year-old Jiroemon Kimura of Japan.

    “My mom was not president of the bank or anything, but she was very instrumental in raising a family and being a community person,” said Sara Rearden, her youngest child. “Everybody can’t go be president of a bank or president of a college, but we feel just as proud of her in her role as housewife and particularly as mother and homemaker.”


    – — -THANK U 4 YOUR LIFE annnd yOUR CONTRIBUTIONS 2 the LIVES of OTHERS! :>) – —


  • rikyrah

    there’s a gang rape case in OHIO.

    here’s the synopsis:

    January 5, 2013 at 9:51 pm
    And speaking of gang rape, we have our own gang rape case here in Steubenville, Ohio. I know it has been noted here, but this is the most unbelievable disgusting thing I have ever read——-this gang rape of this 15 yr. old honor student, knocked out with a date rape drug, carried from party to party and raped multiple times by multiple attackers, many on the beloved h.s. football team—–and the cover up by everyone in authority—-local law enforcement, school and sports officials, now state law enforcement—–all seemingly have ties to these amoral, sociopathic young guys. It is revolting, the whole thing, especially these guys laughing about it on vid afterward etc. etc. Gross beyond belief.

    Here’s the link to a blogger who has laid out all the players in this sick coverup. if you have the stomach, read from top to bottom….it’s a cesspool of corruption:


    • isonprize

      Rikyrah, this case is ugly to the nth degree on more than a few levels!

      These bastards dragged that poor drugged up child from party to party to rape her, take pictures/video and brag about it on FB.

      One of the “Anonymous” cells is going in, getting electronic evidence by any means necessary. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I’m pretty sure without these hackers, this case would have been swept all the way under the rug and out the back door…

      • rikyrah

        I know…we can talk philsophically about ‘Anonymous’, but here’s the thing – without them, this young woman’s plight would have been ignored. reading the blog and seeing the cesspool at every turn…if it takes the internet to blow the lid off this case, then so be it, because nobody was interested in giving this young woman any semblance of justice.

        • morphus

          Agree. Also, everyone should give side eye to claims which attributes nearly every Internet threat to Anonymous. The greater threat is failure to keep focus on elements within the military industrial complex and homeland security using fear of Anonymous boogeyman as justification to ‘protect’ us by standing up cyber forces on Internet. Never forget freedoms lost using fear after 9-11.

      • Alma98

        They need to rot in hell, evil little fuckers. The feds need to be brought in since the whole damn town tried to cover this up.

  • isonprize

    THAT’S IT!!!! DAMN.

    Daily Struggle Plate

    • Alma98

      D.E.A.D. _____________________________________________

    • vulcan_girl

      I need oxygen.

    • GreenLadyHere

      isonprize –LOL – –IMMA say the LONGEST GRACE in da WORLD. LOL

      By the end – –we will NOT wanna eat. LOL – –

      – – – – — -ANYBODY 4 – – -DESSERT!? – – – -LOL – –

    • nellcote

      OMG I kept getting nauseous just trying to identify the food. Are those rats on the third foto down?

    • *dead*

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -OH! –I’m sorry. – – –I THOUGHT that the RE-THUCKERS did NOTHING about GUN LAWS!! – – – – -***DUH!! –slaps forehead*** – –

    – – -Let’s C WHAT THEY DID!!! – – – -/SNARK!! — –

    —-The Republican homage to Sandy Hook – anything goes state gun laws – –

    – – – – –Has the Republican “Guns R Us” crowd been moved to do anything since the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter of 20 enfants innocents? Oh dear me yes. The gun-nut homage to those darling children is to push even harder for a piece of legislation called the Firearms Freedom Act (FFA, with apologies to the wonderful Future Farmers of America organization). The name may have a ring to it. A total of 34 states have either passed the Act, are about to vote on it or are in the process of introducing the legislation. My state of residence, South Carolina belongs to the latter group.

    Lee Bright, a Republican State Senator had introduced the bill in 2011 but it somehow got lost in committee. Bright decided to pre-file the same piece of legislation December 13th, the day before a mentally unstable young man shot to death the aforementioned children, his mother, 6 other adults and himself. Any human being with the tiniest shred of decency would have at least symbolically withdrawn the bill for a period of months. Bright kept it right where it was, rarin’ to be voted into law after the latest multi-death ‘inconvenience’ blew over, and in selfish and indifferent South Carolina, that would be much sooner than later.
    – — -SNIP — –

    — —Bright, who appears to not have had an original thought during his career in the SC General Assembly did what Montana and every other FFA state did. He essentially followed model legislation whose origins are being kept secret as far as I could tell. But model legislation it is. Here are a few examples. The virtually identical verbiage cannot possibly be a coincidence. A single source wrote the legislation, sent it to the state legislatures and told the Republican Representatives and Senators to rubber-stamp it. Here are just a few samples; I could have provided dozens.

    Oklahoma bill: Firearms Freedom Act bill: (2/7/11)
    THERE IS MORE – – –

    — — – “NOT-SO-BRIGHT! — PROMOTES!! —


    • nellcote

      ALEC lives on

  • Town


    A JibJab video of the Struggle Plate doing the Gangnam Style. LOL

    • Alma98

      HAHAHAHAHA! I bet she won’t put another food pic up lol!

    • rikyrah


  • Alma98

    Did you guys watch Golden Sisters on Oprah’s network? They are freaking hilarious, I’ll be watching every week lol. And rikyrah my daughter says GO PACKERS!!!

  • Alma98

    OMG! I just realized what song Fantasia sampled, damn I’m getting old.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -DUH! – – -FINALLY! – — ***tsk** ***eye roll*** – –

    — – –McChrystal takes responsibility for career-ending article

    — – —Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal uses a new memoir to accept responsibility for comments, published in a magazine article, that hammered the Obama administration’s handling of the war in Afghanistan and ultimately ended his career.

    “Regardless of how I judged the story for fairness or accuracy, responsibility was mine,” the Associated Press reported Saturday, citing the memoir, which is set for release Monday.

    McChrystal was the head of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan in the summer of 2010 when Rolling Stone magazine published an article that quoted anonymous members of his staff criticizing Vice President Joe Biden and other White House officials over the war, particular McChrystal’s push to increase the number of troops in the embattled country.

    McChrystal was quick to apologize, but that did little to put out the media wildfire that accompanied the comments. The general stepped down shortly afterwards.

    In his memoir, “My Share of the Task,” McChrystal says the decision to resign was his alone.

    “I called no one for advice,” he writes, according to the AP.

    In accepting McChrystal’s resignation, Obama praised his “extraordinary dedication” to the country, but also emphasized that the Rolling Stone article revealed conduct that “does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general.”

    – – -MR. PRESIDENT has such patience with U RACISTS!! – –BLESS him. —

  • Alma98

    Uh yeah I think she crossed the line. I think she should stick to her Awkward Black Girl thing, I am so not feeling this.


    • isonprize

      Issa is so playing with fire here. I know she wants to be edgy and stay on ‘top’ but I’m thinking this really isn’t the way to do it.

      She hit pretty much every negative stereotype of black women, but that’s not the major crime. The major crime here is that the clip just wasn’t funny.

      Make it or break it? I’m going with ‘break it’ or to quote Awesomely Luvvie. NAWL.

      • Alma98

        I didn’t fid it funny either I found it insulting, the stereo typing is what got me too. It’s just disrespectful and ignorant.

        • isonprize

          She’s trying too hard. If she wrote that herself, she needs to not do that again. If she didn’t, she needs new writers. There was no sublety, no wit, no charmingly funny. Seriously, it was all predictable and I didn’t even crack a smile…

          Plus, the make up and hair was all wrong. She’d do well to watch a few classic SNL episodes. Also, it’s a bad rip-off of Key and Peele and the “Obama Anger Translator” which I think is hilarious.

          Someone in the comments questioned whether this was the deal she needed to make to get $$ for his ‘Awkward’ series. I don’t know, but if it was, she made a very bad pick.

          Again, I say NAWL, HAYLE NAWL…

    • rikyrah

      I am so not feeling this.

      Me either

    • itgurl_29

      Not only is it not funny, it ugly. Basically, what she’s doing is fulfilling every stereotype that the right wing has about FLOTUS. That her true nature is not the elegant and refined woman that you see, but a ghetto, neck rolling, foul mouth, sex addicted, bitter angry hood rat. Not feeling it all and have lost what little respect I had for Issa Ray. And I’ve become less and less impressed with her as the second season of Awkward Black Girls is almost as lame as this Michelle series.

      • Alma98

        I was thinking the same thing. That FLOTUS gets disrespected daily by racists on the right and some on the left too. Why pile on with this ignorant tripe. And you know some folks will use it as a way to further denigrate FLOTUS. They’ll say Issa Ray said it why can’t I? Hell no I am not feeling this nor do I find it funny.

    • Oh, Miss Thang finna learn not to disrespect FLOTUS. She gon’ learn!

  • vulcan_girl

    The Lipstick Alley #struggleplate thread.


    The way I was laughing so hard and silently at work, I know they thought I was having seizures.

    • Lawd! It done made LSA??? LOL!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — FINALLY- – – -“SUNDAY TALK SHOWS – -1-6-13 —-ZZZZZZZZZZ – 4 da RE-THUCKERS!! OMITTED]- — –

    — – – Sunday talk show tip sheet – —

    – —☻“Meet the Press” on NBC
    • Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.)

    ☻“Face the Nation” on CBS
    • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)
    • Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)
    • Rep. Rick Nolan (D-Minn.)

    ☻“This Week” on ABC
    • Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.)
    • Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas)

    ☻“State of the Union” on CNN
    • Sen. Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.)

    THERE IS MORE. —–I OMITTED FAUXnoise annd others.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –LOL – – -FOUND a few more MOVIE TITLES: – —

    —☻roadkillrefugee ‏@rkref
    ETC – The Extra-Terrestrial Chicken #StrugglePlateMovieTitles
    –LOL —

    — -☻Jordan Ashby ‏@JM_Ashby
    The Blue Cheese Brothers #StrugglePlateMovieTitles “two chickens and a coke”
    — LOL

    —- ☻socratic ‏@socratic
    Dead Poulets Society #StrugglePlateMovieTitles
    – – -LOL

    – — -☻rootless ‏@root_e
    The Bourne Indigestion #StrugglePlateMovieTitles
    –Seeee. . .LOL

    — ☻ lovelyladypa ‏@lovelyladypa
    @sherifffruitfly The 40yr Old Virgin Chicken #StrugglePlateMovieTitles

    – -***dialin’ 911 — -NEVAMIND! – – – -2 L8! –IGNORE THIS CALL!!**** –LOL

  • GreenLadyHere