October 21, 2017

Saturday Afternoon Thread: Nupes and Ques United For PBO!

The Ques and Nupes have joined forces to present: A Fundraising Event for President Obama at “Premiere Supper Club” in Hollywood.

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  • Miranda

    The internets are not your friend Williard

    Romney’s Solyndra? Konarka Went Belly-Up, Got $1.5 Million In Mass. Money

    Konarka Technologies, a Massachusetts based solar energy company, has gone bankrupt. When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts he arranged a $1.5 million guarantee for the firm using taxpayer funds.

    Romney’s failed investment coincides with his recent attacks on President Obama for subsidies given to Solyndra, an alternative energy company that went bankrupt. Despite the success of other alternative energy firms, Romney and other Republicans have attempted to make Solyndra a major focus of the 2012 campaign.

    In attacking Obama, Romney described the type of money he approved for Konkara as “crony capitalism.”

    When asked to comment on the issue to the conservative Boston Herald, Romney’s campaign “could not be immediately reached for comment.”

    • isonprize

      Konarka Technologies? Uh, yeah. Uh, let me get back to you on that…

      • conlakappa

        Ha! Did the guy ever call the reporter back about fair pay for women? Or is Luntz still polling on that?

        • Miranda

          uhhhhhhhhhhh….we’ll get back to you on that.

          • conlakappa

            Entitlement = never having to call back or explain

  • Miranda

    Good for her!

    Elizabeth Warren needed an A-game speech — and she gave one

    SPRINGFIELD — Elizabeth Warren is right. Republican Senator Scott Brown would rather talk about her family than his votes.

    She did a great job reminding people what Brown voted for and against during his two years in Washington. But a great speech to the party faithful is no guarantee the questions about her family heritage will finally go up in smoke.

    Warren needed an A-game speech and she delivered one to Democratic convention delegates. She started off with the tiniest quaver in her voice, but quickly got past the jitters and seized command of the stage.

    more here

    • conlakappa

      Up in smoke is a questionable phrase use in this instance but if her campaign could harness the energy of everyone in Mass. whose grandmother told her/him that the family was 1/32 Churr’kee, it would be something. What a non-issue to try to hobble her over. But we know Scotty Naked and his party are not long on talking about what they have done. Has he brought out his truck yet?

      • nellcote

        It been seriously offensive how the media has dragged out all the racist cliches and stereotypes about Native Americans with this story.

      • Scopedog

        That’s it, right there….they–the GOP–have done NOTHING. Nothing except block every attempt to do anything to get things moving. They have nothing to present, so, out comes the fluff stories, the distractions about this and that (all helpfully doled out by a friendly MSM).

        What you won’t see are any of their solutions to the problems facing the country–problems that they caused.

  • Miranda

    Is Mitt Romney’s Mormonism fair game?
    By Jason Horowitz, Published: June 1

    Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has developed a simple method to determine whether coverage of the candidate’s Mormonism has crossed a line.

    “Our test to see if a similar story would be written about others’ religion is to substitute ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish,’ ” Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul wrote in objection to a Washington Post article last fall about the candidate’s role as a church leader in Boston.

    more here

    • MsKitty

      It started being fair game when Mitt’s peeps decided to do their Jeremiah Wright remix.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY MsKitty: – — ***BIG HUG** :>)

        — – -***STR8 fist bump***- – —-:>)

        Annnd – I heard the news reporters —calling him – – -The FIRST MORMON –presidential candidate!! – –

        -Sooo – – -the – – –

        — –RIGHT-LEANING MEDIA– –is callin’ it ” FAIR”.IMHO.

        Good 2 C U. :>)

      • nathkatun7

        Or when Mitt Romney embarked on accusing President Obama of promoting secularism! Until Mitt Romney stops promoting himself as the defender of Christianity, then his mormonism should be open to scrutiny. On the other hand, I think President Obama has so much material to challenge Willard Romney that he really doesn’t have expend time, money and energy on Romney’s religious beliefs.

        What is of course amusing to me are those purity Christians who preach that Mormonism is a cult and not part of Christianity, but who are now enthusiastically backing Romney just because he is white.

    • conlakappa

      Bless her heart, does she see that as some sort of thunderstruck moment of a litmus test? How many Jewish pols were leaders in their houses of worship, I wonder. My limited knowledge of Judaism tells me that there are a limited number of people in the hierarchy in the temple. It is yet another arrow in his quiver that he wants us to look at without examining. Lawsy, Mittens, why don’t you give us a Post-it of what you would consider fair game to either be brought up or responded to, mmmkay?

      Mind you, I could go down a whole list of things to take issue with before I’d even approach the orbit of his religion. He is weird. He is strange. He is awkward when he steps a toe outside of his comfort zone. I worked with a Mormon from Utah and had a perfectly lovely rapport with her. I was even the only one from the office invited to her wedding. Or really “ring-exchanging ceremony,” given that LDS doesn’t let anyone not of the religion into temples other than at Christmastime. Went to her baby shower too. I would bet $10,000 that I comported myself a helluva lot more comfortably than Mittens has when he’s been around non-super-rich people.

      • nellcote

        At one of the debates I’d like to see PBO ask Rmoney to stop baptising his dead mother into the Mormon church against the family’s wishes.

  • Miranda

    Second Romney-Backed Solar Company Files For Bankruptcy

    On Thursday, Mitt Romney campaigned at the headquarters of Solyndra — the first renewable energy company to receive a federal loan under the stimulus — and reiterated his debunked claims that its bankruptcy symbolized the corruption and cronyism of the Obama administration. But just one day later, a solar panel developer “that landed a state loan from Mitt Romney when he was Massachusetts governor” went belly up, the Boston Herald reports, creating an inconvenient storyline for the GOP presidential nominee.

    more here

  • trose1

    In case u missed Chris Hayes show and Jeremy Schahill calling PBO a murderer. The man seems to be upset about something else. The man comes off unhinged.
    Up-rage 2: Electric Boogaloo – Chris Hayes Guest Jeremy Scahill Calls President Obama A Murderer

    “This morning, Up panelist and national security reporter for The Nation Jeremy Scahill waded into controversial semantic waters by repeatedly accusing President Obama of “murder” through the administration’s use of drone strikes, which have killed an indeterminate number of civilians.”


    • Miranda

      This nut should be in a strait jacket.

      • trose1

        LOL he is unhinged and he should not be in the same area of PBO.
        Anyway Firedog lake is upset people would be upset that PBO is called a murderer. Can’t make this stuff up.

        “These liberal or Democratic Party supporters, for some reason, think there has to be a choice made between opposing voter suppression and opposing drones. That doesn’t really seem right. Also, the reaction is pretty authoritarian when one considers that much of the outrage includes a demand or passive threat. They want Hayes to never feature people like Scahill again or cover the issue of drones again. Wide-ranging debate is too much for them. (Keep in mind Jacobs and Trevino were pro-military and given opportunity to share their pro-war views. No liberals called for them to be banned from Hayes’ program.)”


        • Ebogan63

          Oh, fuck those stupid azzholes, they think everytime folks clap back on they bullshit, it’s ‘authoritarian. What the fuck would they say if al-Alwaki’s underwear bomber was successful? Not a got dayum thing

          The responsibility of any president to to protect the United States of America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Unless these clown can come up with an actual workable solution to using drones that does not risk the lives of law enforcement/military personnel, they can have a stadium full of seats.

          • Scopedog

            “Unless these clowns can come up with an actual workable solution to using drones that does not risk the lives of law enforcement/military personnel…”

            You may have to wait for a looonnnggg time.

            One thing I know about puritopians (of either stripe) is that they will always complain about the problem….but never offer any solution that is practical and realistic.

          • nathkatun7

            “One thing I know about puritopians (of either stripe) is that they will always complain about the problem….but never offer any solution that is practical and realistic.”

            Very well said, Scopedog!

        • Scopedog

          “These liberal or Democratic Party supporters, for some reason, think there has to be a choice made between opposing voter suppression and opposing drones.”

          Well, yeah, there is a choice. Voter suppression is happening IN THIS COUNTRY, and it’s affecting everyone. Plus, it’s yet another tool in the box of foul tricks the GOP is using to basically strip away the rights of Americans.

          These FDLer’s are so distracted by drones that they aren’t even noticing–and are probably not even concerned–by the fact that the GOP is the true threat to America.

          What’s Jeremy Scahill’s (and the FDLers’) position on voter suppression? On Wisconsin? On the GOP’s war on women’s reproductive rights? On Scott Walker? On Rick Scott? On the Jobs Bill that was stopped by the GOP in Congress? On Supreme Court nominees?

          I’ll bet if you ask, you’ll hear crickets.

          As the writer of this piece put it: “The eye, for these people, is forever on the drone. They need to put it back on the ball.”


          Whatever concerns I have over drone strikes pale in comparison to my concerns about what the GOP will do to this country if they take control again. What, these FDLers were asleep through the eight years of Bush? Do they even remember that all the crap we’re facing now is the result of those years?

          Or do they even care?

        • GN

          “blah blah blah…we want attention…blah blah…we won’t be ignored…yada yada yada…we’re going to troll any media outlet or program stupid enough to host us.”


        • nathkatun7

          Wow! So Scahill, calling President Obama a murderer qualifies as an example of someone who is engaged in a “Wide-ranging debate” over drones? Is there any doubt now that fire baggers are just as dogmatic as are tea baggers who call the president a socialist, Nazi, communist, dictator, Kenyan? How does any serious person engage in a genuine debate with people like Scahill and Donald Trump?

      • nathkatun7

        Indeed! Actually this Schahill dude is probably trying to make money! I bet you we will soon see an ad about his new book that calls President Obama a murderer! People, like Schahill and Greewald, made lots of money during G.W. Bush’s presidency. So, it’s no wonder that they are pushing the memes that Bush= Obama, or Obama is worse than Bush?

    • Admiral_Komack

      Yeah, yeah, yeah!

      And if there are deaths due to a terrorist attack by AlQueda in this country, President Obama caused them because he failed to do what was neccesary to stop the terrorist threat is what this fool will probably say.

      What a blithering idiot!

    • GN

      Sounds like they all just want attention from sensationalist statements. GG redux.

      • trose1

        I could be wrong but wasn’t Bush and Cheney always referred to as war criminal? Were they ever called out and out murdererers on TV?

    • nathkatun7

      Who the hell is Jeremy Schahill for me to care? Is he selling another book? What would Schahill be calling President Obama if the President looked the other way when Al Qaida militants planned and perfected methods to inflict another 9/11 like massacre of Americans? Does Schahill prefer that President Obama, instead of using drone strikes, invade Yemen and Pakistan to root out those planning to terrorize the United States? Or does Schahill contend that Al Qaida is an innocent organization which has absolutely no intention of harming the United States?

      I admit that the loss of civilians, if true, as a result of drone strikes against Al Qaida, is troubling. But what’s the alternative solution? Is Schahill’s solution to let al Qaida do as they please and then worry about it later after they have killed thousands of innocent people? Would Jeremy Schahill and his enablers, like Chris Hayes and the Nation Magazine, take the same position if they were charged, as President Obama is, to protect the country? When is the last time Jeremy Shahill and Chris Hayes expressed the same outrage against Al Qaida atrocities?

      To be honest with you I am sick of these holier than thou progressives who are now claiming that President Obama, who just completely ended the idiotic war in Iraq, is worse than Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

      Robert Gibbs must be a genius for labeling people like Hayes, Schahill and others, “Professional Liberals.” These people made so much money during George W. Bush’s presidency.They all long to return to those days. That’s why, despite reality, they insist on trashing President Obama and claiming that he is worse than George Bush. I bet you, they wouldn’t miss a bit if Romney was the President. Unlike right wingers who make money bashing Democratic presidents but quickly fall in line by supporting Republican presidents, even at the expense of not making money.

      Sadly, the holier than thou progressives act differently. They seem to hate Democratic presidents because they don’t get to make as much money as they do during the Republican presidency. To try to minimize their loss of revenues, and media appearances, they, instead, start spreading false memes that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. In the case of Schahill,the absurd assertion is that the Democratic president is worse than the Republican president.

      I am sorry, but I have absolutely no use for these money making, self serving, holier than thou, progressives! No use at all!,

  • rikyrah

    ok, this is good news.


    All 67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

    By Judd Legum on Jun 2, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    On Thursday, the Justice Department demanded Florida Governor Rick Scott end his extensive purge of registered voters from the rolls because it was in violation of federal law. Scott still hasn’t formally responded but his county election supervisors have already taken action.

    The Palm Beach Post reports:
    Florida elections supervisors said Friday they will discontinue a state-directed effort to remove names from county voter rolls because they believe the state data is flawed and because the U.S. Department of Justice has said the process violates federal voting laws…

    The Justice Department letter and mistakes that the 67 county elections supervisors have found in the state list make the scrub undoable, said Martin County Elections Supervisor Vicki Davis, president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections…

    Ron Labasky, the association’s general counsel, sent a memo to the 67 supervisors Friday telling them to stop processing the list.

    “I recommend that Supervisors of Elections cease any further action until the issues raised by the Department of Justice are resolved between the parties or by a Court,” Labasky wrote.

    Previously, the State of Florida indicated they intended to accelerate the purge. Florida has until June 6 to respond to the Justice Department.


    • Miranda


    • GreenLadyHere

      rikyrah – – -Gooooooo – — -AG HOLDER!!! – –Woo! Hoo! – – —

      Show your STRENGTH!! – – — –

      – -WHA’!? – – – – -WHA’!? – – -HATAS?? –

      I thought SO!! —HAH!!- — —

      – —-IT’S SOOO – – — ON!!- – -HAH!! :>)- —

      – – – – – -“TELEVISE The REVOLUTION!” – –

  • Miranda

    Support Grows for Marriage Equality Among African Americans
    But Media Coverage Masks Latinos’ Support

    At the same time, however, the recent news coverage and analysis of this issue has focused almost exclusively on comparing the marriage views of African Americans with whites, with an occasional nod to a broader group of “people of color.” This analysis inadvertently masks the views of Latinos, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing minority group. In fact, among the media’s coverage of new polls conducted and released following President Obama’s support of marriage equality, very few (if any) broke out the results based on Latino or Hispanic ethnicity.


  • BoomerGal

    I watched a good portion of the conference today on C-SPAN and was impressed with the effort of the CBC to work in conjunction with the Black churches across the nation to fight the reversal of the voting rights act. So much of what was said was on point. MSNBC political analyst Jeff Johnson was outstanding. The suggestion of Black organizations forming their own Super-pacs was phenominal (not sure it came from Johnson).


  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda- — – -GR8 NEWS!– – –

    – – – –NUPES— $TEP FORWARD– — –

    – – – – ANNND- —

    – —Q-DOGS- – -$TEP FORWARD– —

    – – – – -4 MR. PRESIDENT!! :>) Woo! Hoo!- — -WAY 2 GO!! :>)

    – – – – THANK U. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – — LET’S C WHO’S TALKIN’- — -THIS SUNDAY- —

    – – – –Sunday Talk Shows (6/3/12): Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, GPS and more

    – – – – –Guests on the Sunday political talk shows include Romney campaign senior adviser Ed Gillespie on Fox News Sunday, Governors Deval Patrick and John Kasich on Meet the Press and David Axelrod on ABC’s This Week. ABC’s This Week is a roundtable for the whole hour and Howard Kurtz is off this week.

    Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden is the only think tanker this week.

    Full line-up below. What catches your eye?

    •NBC’s Meet the Press: Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA); Gov. John Kasich (R-OH); former Sen. Bill Bradley; Kevin Madden, Romney senior adviser; Steve Schmidt, political strategist; Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress; Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

    •CBS’ Face the Nation: David Axelrod, Obama chief campaign strategist; Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chairman; Former Governor Ed Rendell; Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX); Michael Gerson, Washington Post; Bob Shrum, The Week

    A few MORE- –D’s. – – -Good. :>)

  • Yeah, whatever Bill…

    Clinton, speaking at a rally to support Rep. Bill Pascrell in New Jersey, explained that he was not endorsing Romney at all, but merely not “attack[ing] him personally and bash[ing] him”:

    “I said, you know, Governor Romney had a good career in business and he was a governor, so he crosses the qualification threshold for him being president,” Clinton said. “But he shouldn’t be elected, because he is wrong on the economy and all these other issues.

    “So today, because I didn’t attack him personally and bash him, I wake up to read all these stories taking it out of context as if I had virtually endorsed him, which means the tea party has already won their first great victory: ‘We are supposed to hate each to disagree.’ That is wrong.”

    MORE: http://www.mediaite.com/online/bill-clinton-walks-back-romney-endorsement-he-is-wrong-on-the-economy/

    • Miranda

      He’s determined to completely alienate himself from any pragmatic Dems huh?

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – – -LOL- — -I’m SORRY. Is THIS a SURPRISE!!????[Apologies ifff a dup]- – –

    – —Romney Won’t Help 11.5 Million Americans With Underwater Mortgages, Top Adviser Says– – —

    – – – –Mitt Romney won’t offer “targeted relief for the 11.5 million American homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth,” Lanhee Chen, his campaign’s policy director, told Bloomberg’s Al Hunt. Chen described such policies as insufficient for stabilizing the housing market:

    HUNT: There are, as you know, 11.5 million Americans with underwater mortgages. Will Governor Romney do anything to help them immediately, or is this something that the market just has to work out? […]

    CHEN: Governor Romney has indicated that there are some steps we ought to take to ensure that we’re growing our economy. But on the housing market specifically, I do think we have to resist the temptation for short-term approaches. And I think the President has fallen into that trap a little bit…. We have to do everything we can to get this economy going because ultimately that’s what’s going to get the housing market going again.

    Watch it (at 6:00):

    -WHA!!!????- – — —But on the housing market specifically, I do think we have to resist the temptation for short-term approaches.



    — – —– PIECE of – – – -ELEPHANT EXCREMENT!!!– – – – –

    – – – – – –C’MON – – – -KARMA – —

  • lamh35

    So who’s watching So You Think You Can Dance auditions? Looks like they’ve cut back on the crazy nutjobs and the sappy backstories and the dancers look wayyyyy talented.

    • MsKitty

      I usually wait until they get to Vegas to watch for precisely that reason. I’m just interested in the dancing, not all that other filler.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – – -LOL – – – -teh TRUMP annnnhis – – -STRUMPET- – —COMEDIC TRUTH – – –

    – – –Trumpney– – —

    – — -I’m believin’ that – — -teh STRUMPET is gon – – –

    – – – – – – – – –GET – – -GOT!!– – – – —

  • lamh35

    Watching EVITA. Been a while since I’ve seen it.

    Sorry Madonna, best EVITA ever…Patti LaPone!


    • rikyrah

      is this her performance at the Grammys that year?

      • lamh35

        yep. georgeous right?

        • rikyrah

          that performance is just soo…


          it’s like….GO PATTI!!

        • rikyrah

          When she dramatically raises her arms at the end…all you could say is ‘ damn’.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- —-TEEEEEEACH- – – – -PRESIDENT — -TEACHA!- – – – – –

    – – –President Obama Schools Republicans For Refusing to Pass Jobs Bill – – – –

    – – — – Obama Schools Republicans: I Sent You a Jobs Bill Last Fall That Would Have Put Americans Back to Work

    While the economy is getting better, it’s not getting better fast enough. President Obama used his weekly address to point out that while there are things we can’t control, some things we can control.

    Like that jobs bill full of bipartisan ideas he sent congress last fall…

    The one they didn’t pass.

    – – – – — -SKIP – —

    Coming in for the partisan kill against blatant Republican obstructionism to murder what’s left of our economy since they were last in power in hopes of regaining power, Obama pointed out, “Since then, Congress has only passed a few parts of that jobs bill, like a tax cut that’s allowing working Americans to keep more of your paycheck every week.” He continued, “And that’s important but Congress hasn’t acted on enough of the ideas in that bill that would make a difference and help create jobs right now.”

    Pursing his lips in disapproval, he condemned the Republicans, “There is no excuse for that. Not when so many people are still looking for work.”

    – — -THESE– — – -RE-THUGS!!- – — – Annnd the WORLD of LOSERS have the NERVE 2 BLAME – – -MR. PRESIDENT 4 the RECENT JOBS REPORT!!- – – – – -DISGUSTING!!!- – —

  • lamh35

    I’m kinda on a Broadway kick today. A friend of mine should have tickets for Momma Mia tomorrow.

    I’ve the traveling show of Cats and Dreamgirls. The Dreamgirls shows was great, but if there was every a musical I wish I had seen the original cast perform, it’s that one.

    I mean I enjoyed the movie version as well, but no one can do “And I Am Telling You…” justice like Jennifer Holliday, the original Effie White, could.


    • rikyrah

      Jennifer Holliday tore it up!!!

  • isonprize


    Maryland’s Gov O’Malley, as the keynote speaker at the Maine 2012 Democratic State Convention (where delegates are confirmed for the DNC national convention)

    ”We have a job creation President and a constipation congress. They wouldn’t pass gas if they thought it would help the President”

    Well, uh, that about sums it up.

    • Miranda

      He broke it down, down broke it!! LOL

    • GreenLadyHere

      BWAHAHA. isonprize.- – –LOL. NO HE DI-ENT!! LOL. – —

      – – – -BEYOND FUNNY!! – – -LOL – – –

    • nathkatun7

      I love Gov. O’Malley! That’s the way supporters of the President should be talking. We must not allow the media to discard into the memory hole the vicious Republican opposition to the President job creation policies.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — – – -YA KNOW – —I have mixed feeling on this. BUT- —THEY betta PLAN 2 SUPPORT MR. PRESIDENT!! – —

    – – – –Black Members of Congress: 5. Challengers: 0

    — – –Black members of Congress are 5 and 0 so far this primary season. Challenges to five senior members who had primary opponents sporting impressive resumes have all been defeated by the senior members. Many lopsided results indicate the difficulty of unseating incumbent members of Congress.

    Of 43 African Americans currently serving in Congress, 11 are over the age of 70 and 22 are 65 or older. Though the turnover of senior members would appear to be around the corner, retirement may end up being the primary reason for that turnover.

    Several longshot challengers attempting to unseat longterm incumbents have failed by large margins.

    – Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), 76, beat local lawyer Taj Clayton, 35, and another challenger by a large margin this week with AP calling the election only 30 minutes after polls closed.

    – – -ESPECIALLY HAPPY 4 —Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), annnd – Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)– – –

    • nathkatun7

      Big Hug GLC! Like you, I have mixed feelings about this. Look all the Senior Black members of Congress are in my age group. In any other line of work they would be looking at retirement, or may be forced into retirement.

      While I truly value the wisdom of members like Rep. John Lewis, I still think that it’s important to groom new young Black leaders. This is what the elder veteran of the Black Freedom struggles, E.D. Nixon, and the people in Montgomery, did when they elevated a 26 year-old preacher, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which launched his leadership of one of the most transformative movements in history.This is also true of the foresight of Ella Baker, one the most forgotten leaders of the Black Freedom struggles, who recognized the importance of young people as leaders when he urged them to form the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). I submit that it was the energy of young people — including Dr. King and Malcolm X– who energized the 1960’s Civil Rights/ Black Freedom struggles.

      As a senior citizen, I sincerely believe that the African American community needs the infusion of young new leaders who will build on the struggles and the accomplishments of the past, but who would also inject new dynamism, in keeping with a changing society. I know for certain that my daughter is more equipped to deal with the 21st century than I am. Obviously she can learn something from my experience but she is more in tune with what’s happening, and especially the technology, than I am. That’s simply the way nature operates.I might also add that this why I deeply appreciate President Obama. He has the ability to combine the past with the changing present. I hope senior Black members of Congress will begin to realize that our community needs new blood to continue growing.

      • GreenLadyHere

        nathkatun7 – — –Ohhhh – –I so agree on – -GROOMING –the younger brothas/sistas!!!- — – – –

        THEY must B about THIS. – – — -After all – – –somebody hadta HELP THEM!!- – — –

        – – -***fist bump**** – –THIS – —>I hope senior Black members of Congress will begin to realize that our community needs new blood to continue growing.– – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —The FEW- – — -The BLUE- — -The DUMB!!- – – –

    — – –GOP group wants Joe Donnelly (D-IN) in Senate– – – — –

    – – – –This is an interesting twist. Joe’s definely a Blue Dog, but he still votes with us enough to make him useful. Wonder what kind of effect this will have in the election.

    INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Democratic Senate candidate Joe Donnellyis touting the support of a handful of Republicans who have broken ranks to campaign for him.

    A half dozen members of “Republicans for Donnelly” said Thursday they were unhappy with Republican Richard Mourdock’s declaration that he would oppose bipartisanship in Washington. The group’s formation comes a few days after ousted Sen. Richard Lugar said in a television interview that he wouldn’t campaign for Mourdock.

    — –***shakin’ my head*** – — -6 RE-THUGS!! – — -HE A STR8 PHOOL!!

    – – – –TELL — HIM —Antoine!! – — – -geesh!!

    • nathkatun7

      I intensely dislike the so called blue dogs. At the same time I would rather have a blue dog Democrat who votes with Republicans some of the time but still supports most of the important issues that Democrats are for. Issues like ACA, Support for investment in education and infrastructure, and protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medcaid.

      But even more important, blue dog democrats, like Donnelly in Indiana, can help Democrats retain the majority in the Senate. President Obama will need a Congress (House and Senate) controlled by Democrats in order to get major policies done.

      So, I can cover my nose and support this guy because I don’t want to see Mitch (my number one goal is to make Obama one term president) McConnell as the Senate majority leader.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY nathkatun7. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        THANK U 4 the additional information. I di-ent know him – -his RECORD of support 4 the programs of MR. PRESIDENT :>)- — –

        Lets’ hope that he REGAINS his senses annnnd RE-THINKS his SUPPORT from his – –MINIONS of – –“6”! LOL.

        Good 2 C U – -nathkatun7. :>)

        • nathkatun7

          Big Hug, GLC! Thanks for all the information you share with us. Believe me I can’t stand this guy very much either. But I also know that Indiana, at this stage, is not likely to elect a U.S. Senator who is a progressive Democrat. Remember their previous Democratic Senator was a blue dog too. Sadly, he was replaced in 2010, by tea bag Republican.

          As a pragmatic person I want that Senate seat to be won by a Democrat because that would be another step in preventing “TRAITOR” Mitch McConnell, the one who pledged to make President Obama a one term president, from being Senate Majority Leader. So you can say that my response to Mitch’s agenda is to make sure that he will not be Senate Majority Leader. If that means that I cover my nose and support a blue dog, I have absolutely no hesitation doing that.

          • GreenLadyHere

            nathkatun7- — -THIS is worth it —>As a pragmatic person I want that Senate seat to be won by a Democrat because that would be another step in preventing “TRAITOR” Mitch McConnell, the one who pledged to make President Obama a one term president, from being Senate Majority Leader.

            – — -***fist bump*** :>)

      • gc

        Hey There – Agree with you about Dems over Reps, period. Also wanted to thank you for all your non-overreactive and steady posts during the emotionally angsty last couple days on TOD. Wonderful to see you here, or as GLH says

        Good 2 C U 🙂

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY gc. Seeeeee- – —THANK U. :>)

          —It is good 2 C U. :>) – –LOL.

        • nathkatun7

          Hey, friend,

          Good to see you here. I actually come here a lot though I usually don’t comment because I agree with most of the people here on the issues. What’s been concerning me, lately, however, is the fact that we let the media’s manufactured controversies to freak us out. In my humble opinion, most of the media do not want to see the President re-elected. So they salivate when Democrats are at each others throats.

          Look at how they amplify statements by Cory Booker, Bill Clinton, Ed Randell and Duval Patrick. Believe me Republicans—including John McCain, John Huntsman, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mayor Rudy 9/11, and others– have said worse things about Mitt Romney. Yet, they never received 24/7 non-stop news coverage over a week. As far as I know all these people who said horrible things about Romney and Bain are all backing him. I know the media and the Republicans love to use the supposed Democratic critics against the President. But What is preventing from using Republican critics against Mitt Romney? I wish the Obama campaign had responded to Romney commercial, using Cory Booker, with a commercial using Rick Perry’s Comment about Romney as “Vulture Capitalist,” or Newt Gingrich calling a liar!

          Believe me I detest some of these undisciplined, so called Democratic leaders, whose statements give ammunition to our enemies. What we need to do is take these family members behind the scene, spank them as hard as we can, and after that try to present a united front to our enemies.

          The other point I wanted to make is about blue dog Democrats. You see, until we are able to organize and convince people in Indiana,Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Florida, Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, or even the red congressional districts in the Blue states like California and New York, to support only liberal/progressive Democrats, we have no other choice but to try to work, as best as we can, with blue dogs. To repeat what I said in my earlier comment, at this juncture, since the people of Indiana are not going to elect a California like, or New York like Democratic Senator, our only choice is to support a blue dog candidate who will help Democrats retain the majority in the Senate. With Democrats in the majority, they at least get to control the Senate agenda.

          • gc

            I feel at home here, and yet ethnically, I’m the minority. I grew up in Hartford, my roots are there, and the family’s in the Bronx. Most of my volunteer work is where the need is, ie, not in gated communities, and the schools on my “preferred list” are hurting for subs because they are considered “tougher”ie, ethnically diverse. They are fun, the lily white and pure schools aren’t. Of course we have incidents, handcuffs on the playground, knife in a locker. But the schools do not have the danger level where we need guards.my schools are just mre urban than suburban, and other subs head for the white bread institutes of education. I also find myself in agreement with most all the sentiments expressed here. Especially that anyone who oes not see race as a factor in times of Obama is lying, or disiilusional like dkos.

            Some of the snarling Dems are not true Dems, IMO. They are reps who know they can get FaceTime if they present themselves as “democrats who criticize the president. In other words, they can go to hell.

            If they are out to demoralize and see certain blogs, they must be thrilled with their accomplishments. Even all the pep talks certain posters put out there are suggestive of our succumbing. If they weren’t getting to us…well, as Shakespeare said, “The lady doth protest too much.” the reps are doing what they feel they need to and having no moral compasses, can quite readily do. The media is beholden to them. But negativity from “our” side makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

            I’m rambling, better o to bed. Good Night Swee…..uh, I mean – Nathan.

          • GreenLadyHere

            gc—U R at HOME!! gc – – –Good Night. Have Blessed SWEET DREAMS!!- – –LOL

          • nathkatun7

            Good Night, gc! I think you are at home on this blog because the people I read here are righteous and no nonsense like you. I also appreciate reading your comments on TPV.

            Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade so long as you don’t lose your focus on what is important. I just detest the media so much that I will never allow them to dictate to me what I should or should not be outraged about. To be honest though, while I still read the papers now and then, I no longer watch t.v. news regularly. My blood pressure just can’t take it.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – — – -Another ENTRY:- –“EARL – — – -IZZAT U?” – – –

    — – –Why Trump and the Birthers Won’t Go Away– —

    – – – – President Obama was indeed prophetic when he said at a press conference a year ago that his release of his long form birth certificate would not convince countless numbers of anti-Obama skeptics that he was a bona fide American. Nearly a year after the president called it right on the bogus issue, the Public Policy Polling survey of GOP voters in Georgia, Tennessee, and more troubling, Ohio, because it’s the key battleground state, found that more than one third of GOP voters still didn’t believe he was born in the U.S. The same high degree of doubt about Obama’s birth likely would be found among GOP voters in other states. Billionaire professional Obama basher Donald Trump almost certainly knew that, and that he spoke for untold millions when he calculatingly lashed out at Obama again with the phony birther charge.

    – – – – –SKIP- –

    But their public rejection of it as Trump has amply shown won’t put the issue to rest simply because birtherism is a serviceable political chip for the GOP. In the months immediately before and after the president released his long form certificate, bills were introduced in fourteen states that required presidential candidates to show iron clad proof of their U.S. birth. None of the bills passed. However, the mere fact of introducing the birth certificate requirement legislation in these states was just enough to continue to fan the flames of anti-Obama sentiment. There’s even more to this apparent crackpot stuff.

    — – – -SHORTER: – – — –RACISTS- HATAS – -GON ATE —4-EVA!!

    – —–STAND STRONG—-MR. PRESIDENT!-— —-:>)

    He’s STILL- -SMARTIN’ FROM that – – VERBAL- – WHOOPIN’ that U PUT ON HIM!!! LOL.

  • Miranda

    Oh Lawd……Doug Wilder is a guest on MHP’s show tomorrow…SMH

    • conlakappa

      Shadiest of shady mohfuhs. I was at UVa with 2 of his 3 children before he ran for gov. Heard stories about him from his son, stories about his son, and some stank stuff about his divorce courtesy of other bourgies of Richmond. And then the rumors about him and the wife of his greatest benefactor. He wouldn’t know moral high ground if it rose up to meet him. He was bested in Historic First by this President. Everything he says should be run through that filter.

  • Miranda

    Romney: I Have One Less Home Than John Kerry


    • nellcote

      So Rmoney’s running for the senate…again? Who gives a fuck how many houses Kerry has.

      Don’t mind me, I’m still pissed that the goopers managed to turn wind surfing of all things into a mortal sin.

      • Miranda

        Don’t forget though…these are the same fools that wanted to change the name of french fries. They stupid like that.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –Annnnd Ms. Reid – – – -GOES IN ON —- -teh donald – — like THIS- — — -SAAAAA-LAP!! :>) – – -Upside his head!!- – – —

    – —Donald Trump on birtherism, employs the ‘black friend’ defense – —

    – – —<i>Faced with questions over whether his obsession with President Barack Obama’s birth certificate might be based on Obama being black, Donald Trump on Saturday employed a novel defense: he can’t be racist, he just picked a black guy as the “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    The black guy in question is Arsenio Hall, the former late night talk show host and comedian who won this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice.“

    From NBC’s First Read on Friday:

    He dismissed that his motives were based in race by citing his recent decision to award African American actor Arsenio Hall the winner of his reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    “Somebody said, ‘Oh, because I brought up the birth certificate, I’m a racist. I said, ‘How can I be a racist, I just picked Arsenio Hall,” said Trump.

    Donald has previously informed us that he has “a great relationship with ‘the blacks.’” But does picking a reality TV show winner really get Donald a free pass on birtherism, which many people connect directly to racism? And what of Donald’s unending skepticism that Obama could have possibly been qualified to get into Harvard Law School, mainly because Trump has friends whose kids couldn’t get in? Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, and edited the school’s prestigious Law Review, while Donald, well… his son-in-law actually did get into Harvard under questionable circumstances. What else, other than the notion that Obama didn’t earn his opportunities — but rather, got them because he is African-American — could The Donald have in mind?
    THERE is MORE.

    – —Can he B THIS STOOPID? – – — YEP!!- — -Annnd- —-ARROGANT!!- —annnd – –IGNANT!!

    THANK U — Ms. Reid. :>)

    • nellcote

      I wonder what Arsenio thinks about being the donald’s “black friend”.

      I hope Rmoney gets to be a contestant on CA after he looses this Nov.

      • GreenLadyHere

        nellcote. Things that make U go – — -Hmmmmmm. . :>)

        LoL. He WOULD LOSE that 2!!! :>) – —

        • nellcote

          But it would be fun to watch him get his ass kicked by c-list celebs.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – GOOD NIGHT POU FAM!- – – -HAVE BLESSED SWEET DREAMS. ♥- –♥ -:>) – —

    – – – – –UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT ♥ :>) – – —