September 23, 2017

Saturday Afternoon Thread: The President’s Weekly Address – Keep Our Teachers On The Job!

In this week’s address, President Obama urges Congress to take action now to put our teachers back to work in classrooms, because the best predictor of individual and American success in this economy is a good education.

Romney Economics: Fewer Teachers, Fewer Firefighters, Fewer Police Officers

  • Miranda

    Republicans Block Online Disclosure Of Campaign Television Ad Spending

    The Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision has created a flood of television ad spending — hundreds of millions of dollars — from outside groups, corporations, and individuals. The Justices who voted for the decision and its supporters argue that disclosure is all voters need to make informed decisions. But yesterday, a panel of House Republicans moved to keep much of this spending in the dark.

    A new FCC guideline that would have forced the nation’s top television stations to list the funders behind political advertisements online.

    But the House Appropriations financial services subcommittee voted along party lines to prohibit the FCC from implementing their proposal to add another layer of transparency to the political ad process. Committee Chair Hal Rogers (R-KY) argued that fiscal matters are private and should remain that way, according to the LA Times:

    more here

    • This should be all over the news! They are obviously trying to hide something.

      • Camille

        But of course!

  • Ice-T wants ya’ll ungrateful negroes to leave Missy Ann Paltrow alone!

    Veteran rapper Ice T, who has freely used the N-word in his lyrics since the 1980s, believes the slams on Paltrow are unwarranted. “The Internet has allowed a bunch of dumb people to say dumb things. Gwyneth Paltrow typed the name of the f—king record,” the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actor told Yahoo! Music’s The Aftermath in an exclusive interview. “Leave Gwyneth Paltrow alone. We got wars going on. We got real issues. People have nothing else to say. People want to talk sh-t about Gynweth Paltrow. Is she a racist? If she was really racist, she wouldn’t be listening to rap music to begin with. So shut the f—k up and leave Gwyneth Paltrow alone.”


    • Miranda

      But none of these kneegrows got shit to say over how FLOTUS is continuously maligned.

      And is it me or is the media working overtime to get a quote from every rapper since 1993?

      • But once upon a time, Ice-T was persona non grata for “Cop Killer”.

        I swear, if Chuck D. comes out and defends this chick, I don’t know what I’ll do.

        • Miranda

          I sent a tweet and asked why these rappers dont defend FLOTUS from racial epithets the way they defending Gwenyth’s right to use one.

          no response thus far.

          • crazycanuck

            and you’ll probably never get one,

    • itgurl_29

      The Dream even went so far as to lie and say he tweeted it so he could protect Gwyneth. I can’t think of a time that black men have ever come to the defense of a black woman in the industry like this? Yeah, Mary J was wrong for that chicken commercial, but where were all these negros when people were all over twitter calling her out of her name? Where? Because I don’t remember seeing them run to her defense.

      • Jermaine Dupree came to Janet Jackson’s defense during “Nipplegate”.

        • conlakappa

          He is/was her man. Different deal.

    • sagittarius

      Afternoon, POU Fam!

      Hmmph. Ice-T holds no water with me. He can be Watered-Down T for the two craps I care about what he has to say. All these ‘Mistress, iz we sick’ folk, from The Dream (who da f&^$ is he anyway?), to Nas (think this stupidity will help you become relevant again?) to Gayle King, can go have a stadium full of seats. We have the same eagle eye and disgust with your foolishness as we do the PL. And you, like them, will be in for a damned rude awakening very shortly.

      • rikyrah

        tell it, sag

      • THIS.

    • Town

      As I’ve said before, I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow is racist and I don’t think she meant any harm with the N-s in Paris thing b/c the name of the song is N-s in Paris and she’s friends with the N-s in Paris makers.


      It is interesting to see all the black folks running and jumping to Gwyneth Paltrow’s defense but they KEEP QUIET when it comes to Michelle Obama’s defense.

      Just sayin’.

      • conlakappa

        Allegedly, she was not kind to the nonwhite folks at whatever lah-dee-dah school she attended in Manhattan. And a teacher. Maybe her protectors should work on scrubbing that info.

      • AxelFoley


  • dannie22
    • itgurl_29

      I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but he sure sounds good, with his smart self! LOL

    • Miranda

      All those folks hollering to see his college transcripts real quiet right now.

  • gc

    Gone to the well once too often. Our media is despicable but somehow, in Another Open Letter to the Administration, BWD has dumped the responsibility and blame on the Obama WH? I noticed quite awhile back, before I started posting here, how prescient you all were, always ahead of the curve. You, now, we, I should say, are batting 1000. Scanned about 40 TOD responses to the open letter. It was NOT supported.

    • caribbeanobserver

      Hey gc…Here we go again! Just as I was feeling the vibe of positivity coming back to TOD, here comes the downer. What a shame!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY gc. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – – -SOOOOO- – – -THA-ROUGH!! – —

      WHAT’S da BET? – – – -She gon B GONE AGAIN – – -IN –5. . .4. . . .3. . . 2. . .1 — – —

      THIS TIME – – – -PICS or NOT – – – –THIS!! – – —

      Good 2 C U – -gc. :>)

      • Alexander2

        What did GN say last time?

        Send paramedics over there ASAP.

        I also suggest sending a psych team to help deal with those recurring panic-anxiety attacks.

        Good to see you GLH!

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY ALEXANDER2 – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

          – – – THIS- – –recurring panic-anxiety attacks. – –

          – – – -I KNOW -HUH!? – — -LOL.

          It’s the – -ROLLER COASTER RIDE — that keeps U NAUSEATED!! – – -geesh!!

          – – –THANK U. :>)- – CHEERS. :>)

    • crazycanuck

      colour me surprised, NOT.

      • gc

        This is a silly lady, I think. And quite the ego, if she thinks he needs her advice. And just what is Obama supposed to do – go to his local TV station with a “gub” “Report the following and do not change a word!” And next alter his entire attitude toward his fellow humans “Hey, Dems, you are nothing but my servants. Remember that!”

        They woul;d never want me back. I was sarcastic toward BWD last time this happened. But truth is, I do not feel simpatico with people who are umbillically tied to their computers in order to log on and post “first” as though they won a Triathalon, and receive the cheers from a bunch of people who had apparently been tied to THEIR computers as well. I try to be empathic. I, fortuneatly, do not need that level and manner of “community”, but there is an “ick” factor for ME.

        And Lady Dog, as GLH and I were talking last night: Are your letters “part of the problem…or part of the solution?”

        Thank you for being in the vanguard of pro-Obama blogs, but there has got to some superiority complex at work to create and publish and then send your OLS to the most brilliant POTUS this country has seen.

        • conlakappa

          I join you in the WTFedness of “first.” I finally understood the orange’s policy on it. Ick to the nth degree. I don’t go into the comments sections any more. When I have the time and WiFi is cooperating on the bus, I look at it in the a.m.

          • Camille

            I thought I was the only one that hated that crap. Annoying beyond words.

        • RinaX

          Yeah, I happened to go by today and saw that letter and kind of saw red, and did NOT hold back in my comment. I got enough of the “This is what the President and his team should do if they WANT TO WIN” bullshit on the GOS four years ago, I don’t need to read that crap on what is supposed to be a blog that doesn’t support that type of hand-wringing.

          • AxelFoley

            Rina went. The fuck. OFF!

            I read your response to BWD (whom I used to respect, but her handring is approaching concern troll levels) and damn I needed a cigarette afterwards.

          • Camille

            I’ve got to be the only person who wasn’t terribly impressed with her – ever.

            I appreciated the support for President Obama, but always felt that there was an exaggerated elevation of her relevance and a rush to saint her in return for having gone through some shit at a stupid blog – which she apparently still returns to even after everything she supposedly went through there.

            Now, just like so many of the mediocre PL, she has bought into her own hype and overblown sense of importance. And insists that everyone including the President and his team must listen to and indulge in her psychosis.

            She shuts down her blog and goes around shitting on a perfectly nice and positive blog where we would previously send politics-weary and anxious supporters for a positive and re-energizing boost. A short in the arm via positive stories and beautiful pictures of our great President and First Lady.

            She re-opens her blog, but shuts down the comment section and continues to drop her shit bombs at TOD.

            I totally despise her at this point and cannot find it in me to excuse away this ridiculous, attention-seeking, depressing stupidity. It just irks me beyond words.

          • gc

            Are you saying she still posts at dkos? The addiction is as strong as any I saw when I worked in Rehab! CREEPY! Sometimes in the classroom, when I sub Spec Ed I reflect on how fortunate I am to have a child without these difficulties. I am getting similar feelings about not having some nutso coenabling relationship with a blog!

          • TresL

            Amen! ITA!

          • gc

            Where is Rina’s response? Couldn’t find it.

          • AxelFoley
          • gc

            Thank you! The poster that “clapped” for her was one that I respected on there and told me she was sad I needed to leave. I’d love to see her here.

            Rina: I agree with every word!

            None of it actually impacts me, but the TODers are conflicted. So what will CS do the next time BWD decides POTUS could use a tutorial in campaigning?

            Stay tuned. They have knocked all the soap operas off TV – we have our own. “As BWD Turns”

        • Camille

          I concur gc!

          Found my happy place here too. Forgive me if I curse too often, but I too just love it here.

          • gc

            Wonderful to meet you, Camille!

    • Admiral_Komack

      Gee, all she needs to do now is read one of her “open letters” in a mock up of the Oval Office; that’ll show the President that she is Serious! (snark)

  • rikyrah


    youtube can be a dangerous thing….LOL

    Found more Brian Stokes Mitchell..

    From Man of La Mancha

    Him and Audra McDonald

    From Memorial Day 2009

    • Love, love, love me some Audra McDonald! I hope she wins tomorrow!

      I’m really amazed at how Brian transitioned from tv to Broadway! You know, his voice kinda reminds me of Paul Robeson’s.

      BTW, according to Wiki, he was in Roots: The Next Generation.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda – – -***BIG HUG** – — –

    – – -LOL – – –Williard wants a dumb ass America – – – -‘CAUSE-

    ——–teh WILLARD WANTS- – -COMPANY with his –PIERS – – —

    -errr – – – -PERES – – – —errrrr – – – —-INTELLECTUALLY-CHALLENGED – -EQUALS!! – – LOL. – — – –

    – – – -***shakin’ my head*** – —

    Have a good afternoon. :>)

  • rikyrah

    Bain Capital: the conventional wisdom may not be wise
    By Steve Benen

    Fri Jun 8, 2012 12:30 PM EDT

    When President Obama’s re-election campaign began criticizing Mitt Romney’s controversial private-sector background, the pushback was immediate. Republicans said it showed hostility towards capitalism; some high-profile Democrats balked; the many in the media predicted a public backlash.

    The political establishment quickly formed a consensus: talking about Romney’s history of leveraged buyouts and mass layoffs simply wouldn’t work.

    But there’s sometimes a gap between what Americans believe and what they’re told they’re supposed to believe, and this might be just such a development. ABC’s Amy Walters had an interesting report the other day:

    “Bill Clinton and many in the chattering class may think that the attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain are a flop, but a group of women swing voters at two focus groups I watched last night suggest that they are working. While these women in Las Vegas and Richmond, Virginia still don’t know much about Mitt Romney, a number of them volunteered that they were concerned about what they had heard about Romney’s record from TV.

    Said Rebecca from Richmond, “the whole thing where factories have shut down — that concerns me.”

    Well, that’s just a couple of focus groups. Maybe it was a fluke.

    Or maybe there’s something more to this: “The Obama campaign’s jabs at Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, which have been widely panned up and down the Acela Corridor, could work quite well in Ohio, judging by the latest survey from the bipartisan Purple Poll. Across the 12 battleground states the monthly poll surveys, 47% of likely voters said they agreed with the statement that private equity firms ‘care only about profits and short-term gains for investors. When they come in, workers get laid off, benefits disappear, and pensions are cut. Investors walk off with big returns, and working folks get stuck holding the bag.'”

    • Ebogan63

      This is why I don’t buy the constant hand wringing over ‘messaging’, the folks I registered at the local parade today got the message loud and clear.

      GOTV and telling your friends is the best sort of messaging. Worked in ’08.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – –O.K. – – -HERE WE GO AGAIN!!- – – – – –

    — – -ANOTHER —“WE DA MEDIA[co[ MOMENT!!” – – –

    – – — -LEMME C NOW: – – – –2012 – 2009 = 3 FLIPPIN’ YEARS AGO!! – –

    – – – –‘Harvard Girl’ – -Posted on Jun 22, 2009 – – –

    – – –Khadijah Williams, 18, overcomes a lifetime in shelters and on skid row.

    Khadijah Williams stepped into chemistry class and instantly tuned out the commotion.

    She walked past students laughing, gossiping, napping and combing one another’s hair. Past a cellphone blaring rap songs. And past a substitute teacher sitting in a near-daze.

    Quietly, the 18-year-old settled into an empty table, flipped open her physics book and focused. Nothing mattered now except homework.

    “No wonder you’re going to Harvard,” a girl teased her.

    Around here, Khadijah is known as “Harvard girl,” the “smart girl” and the girl with the contagious smile who landed at Jefferson High School only 18 months ago.

    What students don’t know is that she is also a homeless girl.

    Read the entire story

    – — – -LEMME C NOW: – — –KHADIJAH – – —KHADIJAH- —-ohhhhhhh —

    – – –Psssssst! — – -SHE – – -BAAA-LAAACK!! – — -SHUT-CHO MOUF!!

    YEP! THAT’S what the – –RIGHT-LEANING MEDIA – -DID!! – – –

    CONGRATULATIONS – – – -KHADIJAH!! :>) – – -WE R PROUD of U! :>) – –

  • lamh35

    aww shoot.”Action Jackson” on right now! like I’m 12 again, watching the “nasty” movie with Vanity and Sharon Stone showing boob…LOL! Wait ‘hol ?up, who remembers the “balls in a jar” scene. When I was 12 I was like “why they got pool balls in the jar”? So young and innocent then…LOL!

    • AxelFoley

      Why joo looking for Papa Doc? Follow the bouncing ball, my friend.

      Why. Joo looking for. Papa Doc?

  • aleth

    Someone go give that BWD valium… chick needs to falll back

    You know its an election year when unsolicited advise makes it way. I am always puzzuled by those who hate the mainstream media but live by their analysis daily. I guess this is what happens to people who live on keyboards and tv only.

    President Obama is not your boyfriend or child. He is the President.

    BWD and the rest of these hair on fire folks should spend the rest of their time speaking to fellow white middle class folk and poor. That would be a better aid to the re-election of the president than their oh they are not getting their message out enough. Was she blind to what was going on since 2008?

    Seriously, they want to help Obama’s re-election chances then spread the news to other white folk that look like you. That is where the election battle is being waged. Explain why they are constantly voting against their interest.

    The President’s words have been twisted from the day he started running “pigs on a lipstick’ ‘cling to their gun” etc.. All garning headlines and the same freakout. Funny enough the same freakout displayed by you know who is what Daily Kos did everytime with Obama should…

    Yes, the media is shit. Every one of them, so fucking what? Why so obessed about what majority white males on tv with vested interest in a Romney election state?

    Like we predicted here, this election is going to be long and this is just the latest freakout.

    I have no expectation of any media outlet. I must say neither do a majority of Americans because they don’t watch. That is why ground mobilization has been extremely successful for OFA this far likewise internal polling. The goal of the media is to depress by making a few go along with their message and folks just buy into it.

    You want to re-elect him… Help him register and educate the white voting bloc. This election is about obtaining 50.1 percent of them. This election is racebaiting Pat Buchannan 101 with aid from the media.

    I could care less about the PL etc because this is the same game they have played since forever even one of their fellow Bill Maher say the light only 3 years too late.

    • itgurl_29

      I disagree with this is no different from 2008. We’re dealing with a media that is twisting the President’s words to make it look like he made a blowjob joke to humiliate his wife. A compete and utter lie, and it was reported on CNN as fact. This is totally different. And yes, we all need to register voters and talk to our neighbors about all PBO has done, and donate. But the fact is, low info, aka most voters, deal in memes. And if the meme is that PBO has done nothing, tells blowjob jokes about his wife, and thinks the economy is “fine”, then it makes it that much harder to do to all those things. Add in the fact that Mitt Romney will be a billion dollar candidate, and this is not 2008. Not even close.

      • caribbeanobserver

        So what should we do have a pity party,whine and give-up? Come-on now. That’s why we are here,to find solutions and help each other or as I do when it isn’t all going my way, whine bitch, moan, gripe, cry, for 5 minutes and then get up and do someting concrete on the problem.

      • aleth

        We will just have to agree to disagree.

        I don’t care about the media. I stopped awhile ago from WSY days. Once the Obama team went after FOX and I saw the blowback from the left, right and middle. I knew everyone of them were all FOX. Bashing Obama is a business driver for the media. They are not going to change. It is a race to the bottom for them. They are all competing for the same 29% of old teabaggers that watch cable news.

        There is no return for an entity that takes articles from silly blogs as Buzzfeed to create news. They know prey consciously on the ADD and shortattention span of the public.

        Additionally, the President has been bypassing them by utilizing local media and speaking directly to the people. Additionally, folks in OFA have been foot shoulders. Folk I never thought would switch from GOP switched.

        Low information voters existed in 2008. Same folk. The meme of he has done nothing in 2008 was used. He was nothing but a community organizer remember. Same script only he is now President. He has done nothing is a media created meme. Media creates meme hoping people would bite in the blog world to filter to the masses. It is the same Media that told us .. he was doing too much with polls supporting same; doing to little with polls; too professorial with polls; too caring about black issues with polls; not doing anything for black people etc.

        The media is always going to be bias and will be more so with the 2012 election. I don’t see the difference between now, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 at all. They were crazy liars then as they are now.

        When Ashley Banfield is on silly season it should indicate there is so much at stake for them and their owners. Never forget underneath is all “Obama’s election is about protecting legacy of the other 43 presidents. He is black as such he is not suppose to be great.” Furthermore, the elite know this is their last major stance. If they don’t spend now on this election, they will actually have to address the inequality issue that generations of America have avoided.

        As such, the disrespect and poisoning is going to be bad. So turn off the TV and don’t spend majority of your time worrying about the low information voters like those pundits. Go out and educate the low information voters.

        Registering voters in not hard for me based on my own experience as well as others. The only low information voters that this media meme’s affect are white folks. period. Let’s not sugarcoat it. The aim of all these disrespect, lies and etc meme is white voters. It is not to POC. It is the plain truth.

        Everyone has to pitch in and do their own education of the masses. From the ground I have been the work taking place since it was realized early on that the media is going to be inpenetratable.

        No amount of hair fire is going to change that. The private sector is doing fine, the public sector is dying. This is no different that the different comments of his that were twisted by all outlets. It no different from 2008. Same shit but now with more protection wall for Romney than they had to McCain.

        I just don’t understand any need to freakout. If the low information voters want to buy what the media is selling, that is their problem. They were never going to vote for him in the first place and/or never were convinced by the accomplishment of the President.

        No matter what the President does… he is apparently wrong. If he speaks of his accomplishment, it means he is bragging and we can expect an article from the alleged right and left media entities.

        The analysis of folks appears they are not selling it well eenough? There are ads running, townhall meetings, state visits, OFA on grounds, blogs, media appearances. What more do folks what?

        So how do you all propose they go to the media? Please explain?
        Majority of the outlets are owned by investors and friends of Romney with vested interest he be elected. It is the truth. Everyone of them have to answer to the bottom line including majority of the Clintonistes [most run hedge funds now and are protecting their bottom line or donations].

        Even the lowest of the lowest voter knows he got OBL, passed health care, stimulus etc. They know the basics. Those who don’t know anything else never intend to know anything else. All every volunteer and well meaning surogate can do is tell the truth on the accomplishment and register voters.

        The Obama camp already knew Romney will be running on money only. This is nothing new. If Romney is successful in buying the election then it is a reflection on the American electorate. Michelle Obama said it well, they will be fine as long as her husband keeps working from his soul.

        Wisconsin was a reflection of the Wisconsin body politic. There were no low information voter but rather a body politic who decided for whatever reason the status quo was better as it was. It was unconvinced after the arguments were presented by the opposition.

        For me I will not waste time of given instructions. Rather I would ask those like BWD to go out and speak to the low information white voters. Now that is the real issue at hand.

        Romney chance of winning is to win 50.1 voters– mainly bringing home majority of white voters. That is the truth. No sugar coating. That is the target of the media and Romney… to get a majority to come along.

        • trose1

          Yes Yes Yes

        • rikyrah

          Romney chance of winning is to win 50.1 voters– mainly bringing home majority of white voters. That is the truth

          I believe I saw that Willard had to win 65 percent of White voters, if the President had the same levels of non-White voters as he did in 2008.
          Well, Willard’s at 23 percent with Latinos, so, you gotta add more White folks to that, which is why they’ve been after these Voter Suppression efforts so hard

        • Amen!

        • crazycanuck

          Could not have said it better myself.

        • crazycanuck

          Could not have said it better myself.

        • GreenLadyHere

          aleth – — -THIS – ->All every volunteer and well meaning surogate can do is tell the truth on the accomplishment and register voters.

          ***fist bump*** – — Annnd MAKE – –DONATIONS!! :>)

          ***looks ova @- – —Make It Rain On The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign! – —

          • isonprize


          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY isonprize. ***BIG HUG*** Had trouble gettin’ in 2 REPLY. :>)

            Good music. :>) INSPIRING!! :>)

            Good 2 C U :>)

        • AxelFoley

          This post was…what word can I use to describe how…magnificent this post was? I mean, even ‘magnificent’ is too weak to describe it.

          Quote of the Week fo’ sho. Top 5 candidate for Quote of the Year most definately.

        • Camille


      • Miranda

        I believe we can take comfort in the fact that the vast majority of actual voters are really not tuned in to that stuff right now. You got more people pressed over whether the Heat will beat the Celtics tonight. I realize that everytime I talk to my friends who do watch the news and read a lot but literally get most of their information FROM ME. LOL, I forward more articles to them than I actually post HERE and they’re always shocked by what they DONT know.

        I really believe in my heart of hearts that the game will change drastically come late August. All of this media bitchassness will have its comeuppance. It just has too.

      • MonieTalks

        I get your point.

        But remember there was this same concerted effort in 2008…the same meme that the race was tight, even after PBO whupped McCain’s ass back and forth in the debates.

        Even after showing incredible knowledge on so many issues, the MSM still doubted him. They still made him “the other.” The elitist, out of touch one who was only a “community organizer.”

        Think back to all the “flag pin” controversy..he had to prove he stood with America. The media actually spent time doing segments on it, making sure to zoom in on his lapel. God forbid he didn’t wear one..he would be deemed out-of-touch.

        But Mitt Romney can use tax shelters in the Cayman Island and over in Switzerland to hide his money, evade taxes for the country he believes in and wants to “restore” and no where in the MSM dare touch how unpatriotic tax-dodging is..especially for someone who wants to be the leader of this nation. Even after PBO runs ads, with citations btw, that they can fact check.

        It was every bit of a horse race in 2008…hell PBO was stacked against not only McCain but a Democratic revolt if they had to tell it.

        It was only after McCain suspended his campaign while the financial system melted down, coupled with dumbass VP nominee Sarah did the media finally realize we can’t even cover for the “maverick” tag-team no more.

        I have a feeling we will see a similar outcome this year as well. I am waiting patiently for the debates…the President will be on top of his game like never before…just when the perpetual amnesiac American electorate needs to pay attention.

        • itgurl_29

          Oh, I cannot wait for the debates. Because the President is gonna ether Romney and there is nothing the media can do to save him. They can feed Romney the questions and the answers, and President Obama is still gonna whup his tail.

          • Miranda

            They will claim Obama is bullying Romney and go for the “angry black man” meme – but of course that will fail because PBO is so good at slaying with a smile on his face.

            I swear, I totally believe Romney will do a fake fainting…fall the fuck out and be rushed to the hospital and the media will blame PBO on stressing him out.

        • AxelFoley

          Allllllll this.

        • Camille


    • crazycanuck

      ok, I’ll say it again, and this time I’ll shout it to the rooftops. BWD NEEDS TO TAKE A DAM BREAK FROM POLITICS, SHE CAN’T HANDLE IT AT ALL.

      Politics ain’t for the faint of heart GET OUT, YOU ARE TO SILLY AND WIMPY FOR THE SPORT.

    • Alma98

      Thank you Aleth; I really tried to stay out of the bwd mess. But she and others are starting to get on my damn nerves with this sky is falling bullshit.

      • Same here. BWD has become unsufferable and obnoxious and toxic.

    • I honestly believes she supports the president. But she’s got to realize that not every week (or even every day) is going to be a good one for the President.

      All that matters is Nov 6. Everything else is just hot air.

      • crazycanuck

        She’s gonna give herself a dam ulcer if she doesn’t relax and chill.

      • caribbeanobserver

        No-one is disputing that she supports the president,..that is a given. But support can be either posotive or negative, depending on which way it is displayed. Aren’t most of them who should know better, get on cable and suggest, deride, suggest again, and find fault supporting the Prez? As my dearly departed friend took me aside and schooled me once ‘Do not allow OTHER’s anxieties, fears and well-meaninged advice infect your enthusiastic spirit. It does not do anything for you except make YOU anxious,fearful,cautious,second-guess yourself ..and miserable. Therefore,feel the fear…and do it anyway. Forward!

    • trose1

      There is alot of the sky is falling bs on my twitter TL. There are a few who do it more than others. BWD is the loudest.

    • annvic

      Popping back in after a lengthy mental-health break from politics; what did BWD do?

    • crazycanuck

      Why is this so hard to understand by people like BWD and the hair on fire crowd at TOD?

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY aleth. ***BIG HUG** :>)

      WHEW LAWD. – – Loooooong BUT GOOD VOTER REGISTRATION DAY.- – -:>) Missed Y’ALL. :>)

      NOW WHERE WAS I?? –

      OH YEAH – – — – -> – – -THIS!! – – – – – — LOL!

      – – – -U JUST! SPEAK!! :>)

      Good 2 C U aleth. :>)

    • AxelFoley

      This. Dammit, this!

  • itgurl_29

    So why am I not surprised that Toure defended Miss Gwyneth as well.

    • Miranda

      Not surprised….this mofo wore black to mourn Andrew Breitbart on national TV.

      • I still can’t believe he did that isht!

      • AxelFoley

        Nikka did what?

        Aiight, if I saw this sucka in the streets, I’d have to put my foot up his ass.

        • Miranda

          Sure did, acted like his granddaddy had passed away.

          • AxelFoley

            If I had any respect for that mofo, that would have dried the rest of it up.

            SMH at that clown. Same asswipe that did that Trayvon Martin joke tweet.

    • So far, the following Black celebs have defended Miss Ann:

      1. Toure
      2. The Dream
      3. Gayle King
      4. Nas
      5. Ice-T
      6. Russell Simmons

  • Dear BWD,

    Please read this recent blog from smartypants

    and answer this question:

    Does it look like Obama is losing?

    Sincerely (and I truly do mean it),


  • rikyrah

    found this in the comments at TOD:

    June 9, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Sometimes it’s important to step away from all media and go out into the world to listen to real people. Today I registered voters at another street fair, this one in an all white, Republican leaning area. I didn’t expect much action and figured our efforts would largely be ignored. The Democratic booth had big Obama/Biden banners, yard signs, flags, and a carton full of Obama/Biden buttons, Veterans for Obama, Women for Obama and Latinos for Obama. The fair started at 9:00 in the morning and by 1:30 we were cleaned out. All Obama buttons were gone except for the Latinos (since there were no Latinos on the street). We had brisk volunteer signups (a rarity in our county) and a respectable number of new voters (since most were already registered). And what did we hear? Anger against the GOP, including both Romney and PA Governor Corbett about education cuts. Anger at the negativity coming from the GOP. Intense anger at the voter suppression coming from the various state houses. Vets were scarfing up the Vets for Obama buttons and when I commented that the president had done a lot for vets, they said, “he sure has.” I did not hear one breath of criticism of the president, only remarks that he was doing a good job against tremendous jobs. Only once in the entire day, did a Republican walk by and say Mitt Romney. The Republican booth had NOT ONE Romney sign, handout or button. Nada. Zilch. They had signs for local candidates but nothing for their presidential candidate, which truly stunned me.

    So what struck me was this. WE are focused on a lot of the beltway media, the emprogs, the cable nitwits, but ordinary people on the ground are not. They’re angry and they want to fight, but it’s the Republicans who are making them angry. The far right governors that the Koch brothers shepherded into office in 2010 are ending up being PBO’s biggest allies. They are making Republican governance so repulsive that people don’t want anymore of it. So my advice is go out your door and walk, run, or drive to your nearest OFA office and volunteer. Then go out and meet the people.

    Oh, and if you can, learn to make Obama buttons and if you’ve got extra cash, stock up on Obama/Biden bumper stickers. Someone once described these items as “chum” or bait that attracts other fish. The buttons drew people in, helped us to identify supporters and led to conversations that resulted in volunteers and new voters. I had so many on my chest I looked like a four-star general, but it got attention and did the job.

    • lamh35

      I saw that letter and I’m done with TOD. I said as much on that thread too.

      This was my comment:

      “If this “letter” was written exactly the same but instead was a diary on DKOS, would it still warrant a front page posting? I don’t think so.

      But I’m not surprised it was, and I fully expect their to be another “open letter” for some other reason as well.

      After the last letter, I seriously contemplated no longer posting here, because it was obvious that above all a certain someone seemed to always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to concern trolling and “hair on fire” moments, but if anyone else posted the same level of “hair on fire” moments they are called out and told to cut it out. It’s not fair but I get it, it’s Chips blog and she obviously can do what she likes.

      I’ve already decided to take a break from watching media anyway, and I’ve already widdled down my blogroll to six, I’m sorry to say, but I think until after POTUS is elected, I’m gonna have to go to lurker status here at TOD as well.

      I like you guys here at TOD, but I’m done commenting I think. I will still be reading everything and tweeting as much as possible. I really like a lot of you guys here and I appreciate all the support since I’ve joined, but I’m done…

      Time to start lurking.”

    • annvic

      Damn, TOD fell off too?!

      • RinaX

        Depends on what you mean by “fell off”. Personally, I’m just irked that half of the posts in each thread are from one troll, and it seems that the blog over the past six months has fallen victim to the same emoprog crap I was trying to get away from there. You can still find lots of news there, but to me the quality of the commentary has been suffering for the reasons I cited above, and I rarely go there anymore.

        • annvic

          Ah, okay I see. I had stopped visiting there somewhere around late February but I saw the beginning of what you’re talking about. There were two or three people who were on some nail-biting mess, but they were usually smacked down and I’d hoped Chipsticks would woman up and put her foot down about it, but I guess not. As for Blackwaterdog, she has some kind of nerve trying to advise the President on how to run his campaign when she can’t even run her own damn website. Hmph. I orginally championed her when she left Kos to do her site, but I became irritated by her worrying spells (and this comes from a worrier) and poor moderating. I had hoped that her break would allow her to clear her head and get it together, but it seems like from what I’m reading she’s come down with a case of Emoprog. Oh well, two more blogs in the trash.

          • TresL

            “As for Blackwaterdog, she has some kind of nerve trying to advise the President on how to run his campaign when she can’t even run her own damn website. Hmph.” Absolutely perfect and I have nothing to add to that. Thank you!

  • lamh35

    I’ve been working, so I just now saw that BS letter from BWD.and I’m done with TOD. I said as much on that thread too.

    This was my comment:

    “If this “letter” was written exactly the same but instead was a diary on DKOS, would it still warrant a front page posting? I don’t think so.

    But I’m not surprised it was, and I fully expect their to be another “open letter” for some other reason as well.

    After the last letter, I seriously contemplated no longer posting here, because it was obvious that above all a certain someone seemed to always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to concern trolling and “hair on fire” moments, but if anyone else posted the same level of “hair on fire” moments they are called out and told to cut it out. It’s not fair but I get it, it’s Chips blog and she obviously can do what she likes.

    I’ve already decided to take a break from watching media anyway, and I’ve already widdled down my blogroll to six, I’m sorry to say, but I think until after POTUS is elected, I’m gonna have to go to lurker status here at TOD as well.

    I like you guys here at TOD, but I’m done commenting I think. I will still be reading everything and tweeting as much as possible. I really like a lot of you guys here and I appreciate all the support since I’ve joined, but I’m done…

    Time to start lurking.”

    • gc

      The big question is whether her actions would be the same if he were white? I’m not talking KKK savagery here, but Rice’s words and Baldwins (and Louis’, for that matter) have been on my mind. There is no denying, as you guys put it “They speak truth”

    • I didn’t realize Chipsticks front paged BWD’s open letter. *smh*

      • Miranda

        And if PBO has a “good week” in bwd’s eyes, you know she’ll believe its because he read her letter. LMAO

        • OK! Because she sho’ did that “I told you so” bs after PBO supported SSM.

  • lamh35
    • danadevin74

      Now thats what im talking about
      We need more positive messages like this
      And the sweet things he said about FLOTUS and the wee Michelles
      Should be played to all the dumb azzez defending Gwyneth

    • itgurl_29

      This was on point.

    • This needs to go viral! Tweet it! Facebook it! Email it!

  • rikyrah

    How a Couture Pioneer Changed Fashion

    She shopped at Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Valentino, Pucci, Emanuel Ungaro, and Pierre Cardin. She spent as much as $1.5 million a year on fashion in some years, her company estimates. But couturiers’ doors didn’t open easily for Eunice Johnson, because for a long time she was a rarity: an African-American fashion client.

    Mrs. Johnson, who died in 2010, ran the Ebony Fashion Fair, a runway show that traveled around the U.S. from 1958 to 2009, displaying high fashion for an African-American audience. The wife of publishing mogul John Johnson, founder of Ebony magazine, she bought some 7,000 items of clothing and accessories over her lifetime, for the show and for her personal collection.

    Now, curators at the Chicago History Museum are combing through her collection to create a March 2013 exhibition. Mrs. Johnson didn’t shy from cutting-edge fashion, and the trove includes dramatic Pierre Cardin and Emilio Pucci designs from the 1960s and 1970s. There is also a well-known “Picasso” dress from Yves Saint Laurent, a gown designed by Alexander McQueen during his brief stint as Givenchy’s creative director and two Paco Rabanne hot-pant ensembles made of plastic discs.

    “Anybody would be bowled over by what Mrs. Johnson was able to collect in her lifetime,” says Joy Bivins, the Chicago History Museum curator of the coming exhibition.

    The collection also offers a window on a little-known moment in the civil-rights era when a rising class of African-Americans began to embrace a luxurious lifestyle that had been unavailable to them.

    “Black society was never able to participate, and Mrs. Johnson made her own society,” says model Pat Cleveland, who got her start modeling for the Ebony Fashion Fair in 1965 at age 14. “She was able to express what it was like to be able to be a luxurious woman.”

    Mrs. Johnson traveled to ateliers in Paris, Rome and Florence during the buying seasons. Some designers, like Yves Saint Laurent, welcomed her. Others took some convincing.

    We always had trouble getting in,” said Audrey Smaltz, a New York fashion-show coordinator who assisted with Mrs. Johnson’s buying trips and traveled with the fashion fair in the 1970s. She says their team used the high-circulation Ebony magazine as a calling card or worked through a Parisian liaison.

    Yves Saint Laurent was Mrs. Johnson’s favorite designer, says Linda Johnson Rice, Mrs. Johnson’s daughter and current chairman of Johnson Publishing Co., publisher of Ebony. “She would run backstage to greet him,” Mrs. Rice recalls, and he included her in events such as his 40th birthday party.

  • lamh35

    Now watching “Unstoppable” with Denzel Washington about the run away train loaded with explosive on a path of destruction. Saw it in theatre, and even though I know the ending, it’s still pretty rivetting. Or I’m just an “easy lay” when it comes to action films…LOL!

    • rikyrah

      that movie was so much fun

  • Miranda

    Damn, now I got to agree with this arrogant summabish!

    Bill Maher To OWS: Stop Camping In Parks And Start Participating In The Political Process

    Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street? It was a big thing last year, it was going to be the left’s answer to the Tea Party, now no one really knows where it’s going. Bill Maher expressed his frustration with the movement in his final New Rule tonight by saying they actually need to stop organizing in parks and start becoming a potent political force. But right now, Maher said, all they’re doing is just camping.

    Maher mocked the movement for its many grandiose ideas and lack of realism, and while he admitted he enjoyed going out to Occupy DC last year, “having a sleepover in the park for four months didn’t cause Wall Street to crumble.” He acknowledged Occupy has “the right message,” but its execution and public awareness campaign are not exactly the sort to make substantive change.

    more here

    • gc

      DAMN, I hate agreeing with him.

      • Admiral_Komack


        He’s agreeing with US.

        The people at POU had this bowel movement pegged from the beginning (and we didn’t need no steeking consensus).

        • AxelFoley

          Bingo. Supahead’s boyfriend is finally catching up to us.

        • edp4bho

          Yes indeedy ! Tried to tell folks this. Always reminded me of hippies. I recall selling ice cream at Live Aid in the 80’s. Feet to feet sweaty, smelly folks—-all laying on top of each other, like a giant orgy. I got the hell out of there before all my ice cream melted….had to eat all my profits…LOL!

    • crazycanuck

      They still in parks?

      • annvic

        If they are, I bet them parks stank like hell.

        • Alma98


        • Alma98


        • conlakappa

          Are you reading my mail? I dubbed McPherson Square McStankton after they showed up in DC. Big funk cloud around it. And the rat population soared. I overheard white guys walking by who called it “just camping.” You show up with a tent and no plan? You might as well be in Yosemite. I think the cops finally kicked them iut last week. Of course, they are claiming injuries.

          • annvic

            Damn, I have got to stop slacking on my e-mail. *forty lashes* Square McStankton? *flatline* I am not surprised at ALL, lol. I knew when they announced those outbreaks of typhoid that Occupy sleeping ground were slathered in a layer of foot n’ ass. Homeless folk have been sleeping in DC parks for a long time with no hovering funk; how you gonna smell worse than homeless folk?

          • AxelFoley

            I’m done. Dammit, I’m done. LOL

          • conlakappa

            Yep, I tried to make sure I walked on the other side of the street ’cause hitting the square on any of its sides was an olfactory assault. Some guy had the nerve to leave his baby unattended in one of the tents. He thought it was all cool, man. The cops didn’t concur. The occupationists also did damage to the grass, which required extra time and effort to repair by the Park Service recently. I guess neither the environment nor unnecessary federal spending would be a plank of their platform if they had one.

  • Miranda

    teeheehee….ahhh, lil libertarians finding out how they been played. wanna pretend Daddy didnt have nothing to do with Rand’s lil endorsement huh? *snicker*

    Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement draws heavy fire from Libertarians

    Little did Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) know that when he endorsed former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA)’s bid for the presidency, that he would set the internet ablaze with the protests by angry supporters of his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul. But, according to Politico, that’s exactly what’s happened.

    more here

  • rikyrah

    if you didn’t watch the concert for the Queen’s Jubilee, it’s replaying on ABC right now.

    • crazycanuck

      The Princess Royal and the Queen really looked liked they enjoyed Stevie Wonder

      • JojoRaze

        I’m still tripping over Grace Jones singing Slave to the Rhythm while hoola-hooping. It just seemed a bit declasse to me…like stupid pet tricks or something.

        • crazycanuck

          LOL, yeah but look at her body, she is 64 isn’t she? I’ll give her a pass because of that lmao.

  • Miranda

    President Obama Addresses Netroots Nation 2012

    • Alma98

      I would told them y’all can kiss my black ass. lol

      • itgurl_29

        I would have sent them a black booty sculpture. Like the one Gina bought for Martin. And I would have written, “kiss it, mofos!” down the crack.

        • Alma98


        • *dead*

    • RinaX

      He’s a better person than me. I would have just sent them a photo of my middle finger.

      • Camille

        You and me both!

  • AxelFoley

    Here’s something one of my boyz posted on Facebook:

    • Miranda

      Love it!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY AxelFoley. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – – BWAHAHAHAHA!!- – – -Seeeeee- – -LOL. — – –PRICELESS!! :>)– – –

      THANKS 4 da laff. :>)

      Good 2 C U. :>)

    • *right-click, save*

  • Miranda

    Oh look, one of those good patriots in Arizona..ya know the ones that be protecting the border? Those minutemen? Yeah them….one has run off with his 15 yr old girlfriend.

    ‘Border Militiaman’ Runs Away With a 15-Year-Old Girl
    Now there’s a wanted poster for him up in Three Points, Arizona.

    • Alma98

      So the racist bully is also a Pedophile.

      • AxelFoley

        Just like Ted Nugent.

    • rikyrah

      she’s a child.

      put his ass under the jail

      • AxelFoley

        She didn’t say IN jail. She said UNDER the jail. LOL

      • Admiral_Komack

        If he goes to Mexico with the child, would he be an illegal alien?

  • aleth

    The same idiots from 2010 are back.

    Obama hasn’t fought hard enough for progressive priorities on taxes, health care and the economy — what the fuck does that mean??

    But I am finding that he has succumbed to the corporate influence as much as everyone else. I think he has so much potential to break out of that, but overall he has been a disappointment.”… WHAT THE FUCK IS THE CORPORATE INFLUENCE?

    I read the whole thing and could not arrive at what the fuck is progressive or what these people want? But they are back to their old tricks

    Come November 2012 I hope they are left in the dust. They should not matter anymore. Waste of space.

    • Miranda

      So nobody wanted their name on the byline for that bullshit? I guess whoever wrote it doesnt want their name on it huh? A complete rehash of some puma article from June 2008.

      • I found the author’s name: Steve Peoples

        And here’s his Twitter handle: @sppeoples

    • But this paragraph kills the article’s talking point:

      In late May, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 93 percent of Obama voters said they are enthusiastic about voting for him, including 51 percent who were very enthusiastic.

      And Rashad Robinson needs to have a seat saying Blacks are less enthusiastic about PBO. Where is the empirical evidence to back up his claim? Meanwhile, lookie here:

      The president continues to draw strong support from black voters; 90 percent favor him; only 5 percent back Romney.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda: RANDOM THOUGHT: – — – The RE-THUGS annnnd other HATAS – — [FAUX/-RE/-PRO-/-A—-GRESSIVES!!]- – – -R – – – -of the


    Erry day THEY wait 4 THEIR TURN 2 give a RESPONSE 2 SOME ONE THING that MR. PRESIDENT does – – – -that they can – – -ATTACK!!

    Annnd THEY tryta – – -EMBELLISH it 2 a FEVER PITCH – -as iff HIS RE-ELECTION DEPENDS on IT!! – –WHEN IT DOESN’T!!

    YESTERDAY it was this: – — The PRIVATE SECTOR is FINE.– – – –


    Ifff – – -MR. PRESIDENT declared a – – “DAY of SILENCE” — -They would B
    RUNNING around like HEADLESS CHICKENS- — -WHA’ TA DO!!???

    WHA’ TA DO!!!- – –LOL – –

    – – – – WAY-ELL – – -The more I ponder – -I can C that they would STILL

    have their – –SINGLE AGENDA ITEM- – – – -MELANIN!!

    –BUT there is a SINGLE ITEM –[NO 3 ] —by which 2 IDENTIFY THEM:


    /The Beginning…….

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – — -***raisin’ hand – –Uhhh – -Oh – -MS. WYT HO!*** —

    – – –Maths teacher is suspended after calling African-American student ‘black boy’ – —

    —- –A Connecticut school teacher has been temporarily suspended after allegedly calling an African-American student ‘black boy’ when she forgot his name.

    Kathleen Pyles, a mathematics teacher at North End Middle School in Waterbury, is being investigated after another student told his mother about the racist remark who then brought it to the school’s attention.

    According to officials, Ms Pyles called the boy by the wrong name during class in May.

    When he pointed out that she had got him confused, she responded by saying: ‘How about black boy? Go sit down, black boy’. – –

    Connecticut’s African American community were outraged by the slur.

    – — -GUESS she will have some – –SENSITIVITY TRAINING. – –at the


    – – –***looks at calendar – -YEP 2012!!*** geesh!!- —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -2 THIS – –The PRIVATE SECTOR is DOING FINE.

    –Looks like this statement has SUPPORT![Graph #3] – – – –

    – – – —Doing Just Fine – – –

    – — –According to the Wingnutosphere, yesterday was a day that will live in infamy. Why? Because President Obama said the private sector is “doing fine.”

    They are doing fine, actually. More than fine.

    Business Insider has a rather large collection of charts, supported by data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, that corroborates every word the president said. Here are a few of my favorites.

    – – – -SNIP- —

    – – —Private sector employment – – –

    – – -Jus’ sayin’. . . . . .

  • Miranda

    Go Bron Bron!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — MR. PRESIDENT – –is KIND- – — -annnd –STRATEGIC!!- –

    — – – –VIDEO- Pres. Obama thanks Netroots Nation: “Change is hard, but we’ve seen that it is possible.” – – – –

    – — –“Change is hard, but we’ve seen that it is possible, and as long as you’re willing to keep up that fight, I’ll be right there with you.”


    – — -NOW – – –RUNTELDAT!!– – –

    –I’m LUVIN’ IT!!! – —LOL

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda —-HERE THEY GO —–

    – – – – –The SINGLE ITEM AGENDA– –Du JOUR!! – – —

    – – –Security leaks become danger for Obama– – –geesh!!- – —


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — —“SUNDAY TALKERS” – —-[A few D’s]- – –

    —–Sunday Talk Shows (6/10/12): Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, Meet the Press, Face the Nation and more – — –

    – —-Guests on the Sunday political talk shows include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on CBS’ Face the Nation, Rick Santorum on ABC’s This Week, Sen. John McCain and David Axelrod on CNN’s State of the Union and Mayor Michael Bloomberg on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria. NBC’s Meet the Press will not air due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open.

    Full line-up below. What catches your eye?

    •CBS’ Face the Nation: Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI); Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD); Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO; Bob Woodward, Washington Post; Carl Bernstein, Vanity Fair; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA); Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)

    •ABC’s This Week: Rick Santorum; David Axelrod, chief Obama campaign strategist; former Gov. Ed Rendell; former Gov. Mike Huckabee; Ann Coulter, political commentator; Van Jones, former Obama environmental adviser

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – – -BWAHAHAHA- – – – – -HE’S OUT-OF-TOUCH!!- – — -LOL – –

    – – –Romney Struggles To Identify A Doughnut – –


    – – —THIS! – -IS! – –PRICELESS!!! – — LOL!

    • Admiral_Komack

      I bet FatMan (Gov. Christie) knows what a doughnut is.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – —TELL DA TRUTH!! — – –Woo! Hoo! – — –

    – – – –VIDEO: “There are far more public officials indicted for corruption… than there have been arrests for voter fraud.” – —-

    – – —Ion Sancho, Leon County, Florida Supervisor of Elections:

    “This voter purge is really being done for political reasons… As an elected official, I can tell you that, quite frankly, it does not exist as a problem in the country.”

    “There are far more public officials indicted for corruption… than there have been arrests for voter fraud.“ – –[ HAH!!] – —

    “There is no systematic problem with Florida’s voter registration database. This is a controversy, in my opinion, made for political reasons to motivate a base in a presidential election year, and quite frankly, the threat of just using politics or any means necessary to win at any cost, I think that does threaten the very existence of this republic.”
    THERE IS MORE. – – – – – – —-HAH!! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —NO KIDDIN’!! – – —


    – — –87% Of Rick Scott’s Florida Voter Purge Targets Are People of Color – – –

    – — – The fact that 87% of the targets of Rick Scott’s Florida voter purge are people of color demonstrates that when Republicans say voter fraud they really mean blacks and Hispanics voting.

    According to ColorofChange, “Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying to purge state voter rolls just before a key election. Scott’s purge will give 180,000 Floridians — 87% of whom are people of color — 30 days to prove their citizenship. Any person who does not provide proof will be dropped from the rolls and deemed ineligible to vote.”

    It might be too much to ask Republicans to explain why their voter suppression efforts target people who aren’t white, because they seem to be having a hard enough time proving that voter fraud actually exists.

    – – -Gotta FIGHT ON!! – —

  • nathkatun7

    I am very distressed by the way we, who support the President, allow the media hypes, or mistaken and dumb statements by people who are supporters of the president, to divide us. It’s patently obvious that the mainstream media is against the President. So nothing they do, say, or hype is going to distract me.

    At the same time, and as much as I dislike some of their dumb statements, Cory Booker, Bill Clinton and Ed Rendell are not my #1 enemy. If Romney can welcome back Rick Perry,Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman, despite the way they savaged him during the primary elections, then I say what Clinton, Booker and Randell said must not consume our energies. After all they are all on record supporting the President. Therefore, I see no need of publicly going after them thereby alienating their supporters to turn against the President and giving the media further evidence that Democratic party is seriously divided.

    The same goes for bloggers like BWD and Chipsticks at TOD. I obviously wish BWD had not published an “open letter” to the Obama campaign expressing her views of what she thinks the campaign is doing wrong. As I commented on TOD this kind of criticism should have been sent privately to the campaign. Yes, BWD, as an individual has every right to voice her criticism of the way the Obama campaign is run. But, she could have done that by sending a private letter to the campaign. In my humble judgement, publishing an open letter was not very constructive. First, the enemies will use it to further demoralize us. Second, it ignited unnecessary divisions among us.

    However, the fact remains that, besides the people here at POU, BWD and Chipsticks at TOD, as well as their supporters who post comments there, have been the most fierce, principled, and consistent supporters of President Obama. We may disagree with BWD’s tactics of trying to appeal to the Obama campaign to be more aggressive. We may also lament, as I do, the fact that BWD seems to be a bit demoralized. But what we cannot do, in view of their actions for the past three years, is question her and Chipsticks’ loyalty, dedication, and support of President Obama.

    With the election less than five months away, this is no time for us to focus on our differences. Our enemies, who are just as divided, are quickly uniting because they share the same goal: Defeating President Obama. We too need to agree on the same goal of defeating Romney and the Republicans, though now and then we may disagree on minor things.

    • My momma always told me, “If you show out in public, I’m going to correct you in public”. So, if Booker, Rendell, BWD and Chipsticks want to show out in public, then I’m calling them out and questioning them in public.

      • nathkatun7

        Sepia, I have the greatest respect for you and your momma. My concern was not so much about calling out these folks in public. Rather, my concern was about trying to make them appear like they are the enemies.There is absolutely no question that people you listed should never have gone public in their criticism of the president or with their dumb statements that were, or could be, quickly exploited by the unethical media and the Republicans. So I agree with you that they should never, and I mean never have gone public! I said exactly that on TOD. But since you quoted your momma, let me also quote my grandma who practically raised me: she always insisted that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Every time me and my brother got into a fight and tried to accuse one another, she just wouldn’t take sides. Obviously, I am well aware that my grandma’s approach probably does not apply when we have to deal with people, and especially seasoned politicians, who should know better. With that in mind, your point is well taken.

        My point, however, was that these people are still Democrats and supporters of the President. Just like Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and John McCain– all who savaged Mitt Romney — are still Republicans and still embraced by Mitt Romney and his supporters.With less than five months left before the elections, I just don’t think that it’s smart for us to be divided. O.K. go ahead and call out the people who blindsided the President. But please also remember that they’ve also been, and still are, on your side. Remember also that some of them felt that whatever they said, though it was twisted by the media, was meant to help the President.

        Basically, my plea was for unity, despite differences, and keeping our eyes focused on the President’s re-election. You know the other side is doing exactly that.

    • gc

      Hello My Friend. I don’t see it that way, but then my perspective is usually informed by my work. I view this as a keyboard warrior who took it upon herself to lecture someone the way she would a wayward child. She told him his speeches were horrible. This is how you speak to a POTUS you supposedly admire, or anyone else for that matter? I feel she disrespects him, and for ME that is not a small matter. I don’t get her motivation here. But that is my curiosity. In terms of the world outside my head, whether or not some posters on POU criticize a blogger from Adult in the Room will not sway the election. If she has a great deal of influence though, SHE could dampen enthusiassm and that would be problematic.
      I reacted to my irritation to her as uI used to Slinkerwink (of course they are not comparable) I got out my credit card, so there was an upside.
      I totally respect and care for you, as always, N, just disagree about this business. Not even going to call it an “issue.”

      • nathkatun7

        GC, I respect your opinion. In fact I respect the opinions of of posters on POU. There is absolutely nothing wrong with friends disagreeing so long as we all share a common goal. My fear is that Republicans are busy uniting just when we are busy dividing. Please don’t get me wrong. I abhor what Booker, Clinton, and Rendell did with their self serving loose talk. I also agree with you about BWD dampening enthusiasm. I said exactly that on TOD! I wish she had privately sent her letter to the campaign rather publishing it as an open letter.

        But I still feel that, based on her record, BWD, as you so ably pointed out, should not be equated with people like Slinkerwink. Here is my concern, and correct me if I am wrong, If we expend so much time and energy fighting each other about Democrats, who now and then go off points, how are we going to find time to re-unite to win this election.Do you see Republicans spending time attacking each other? You may be right that criticizing a blogger like BWD may not have as much impact on the election, though I am not so sure about that because she has her supporters; but the same is not true about people like Bill Clinton who just finished appearing with the President to raise millions of dollars to help blunt the moneyed interests supporting Willard Romney.

        Again my plea was not an endorsement of what these people did, because on that I share your anger. My plea is that, less than five months left, all of us who support the president should present a united front. That’s exactly the plea I posted on TOD! My response to BWD’s open letter was that she had a right to voice her opinions and frustrations about the campaign but she should have done that by sending a letter to the campaign and not publishing it as an open letter. By doing so, she ignited the controversy. But must we, as adults, be sucked into heated and divisive controversies every time one of our own says something we disagree with?

        Any way, my focus is on the Republicans. I know many of the good people here who I highly respect disagreed with me on this. So this is the last time I will comment on it.

        • gc

          Nathan, I have nothing more to say about BWD. But I am not united with her, regardless of the fact that we support the same man for President. I think Dems are congenitally incapable of quashing their individual opinions for the common good.

          But what I really wanted to post was that I noticed how kind;y and carefully you responded to each post addressed toward you on this subject. You have class…gc

    • TresL

      “But what we cannot do, in view of their actions for the past three years, is question her and Chipsticks’ loyalty, dedication, and support of President Obama.” I question it. They remind me of the expression, “With friends like them who the fu*k needs enemies.”

      • gc

        I actually think it is irrelevant. What I need (see how it feels to be ordered about, EMPROGS??)from them is to thoink before they post. Are you doing it for you (your right, but in the election of our lives, a poor choice) or for POTUS. If it is for POTUS, what is the most efficacious (and decent) way to address him?

        From my POV, not having been involved in TOD for quite awhile, I don’t see CS as patronizing (not last year, anyway) She is giving a friend a forum. Not helpful to Obama.

        But in the grand scheme of things, who cares? Cost/benefit: her readers make hundreds of phone calls, they provide a support group to keep each other’s spirits up. Again for ME – ick factor. But if it works…

        I haven’t met an AA yet (including POTUS) who is confused and needs input as to the election. Maybe TODers could continue or amplify the work they do with white voters and if Latinos are undecided, since they comprise a huge voting bloc. I’m such a bottom line person. Golden rule, and how to add voters to O’s total.

        Hypocrite, I am, huh? Here I’M giving out unsolicited advice.

      • nathkatun7

        Sometimes friends can and do mess up but does that mean that you totally disregard and disown their friendship? I suppose I am an oldie and my approach makes no sense to the younger generations; but I am sure I would have fewer friends if I disowned all the friends who, at one time or the other, pissed me off.

        Once again, here is my plea to everyone who supports the President: this is no time to be divided. Our differences are minor compared to our differences with the Republicans. Go ahead and spank Booker, Clinton Rendell, and BWD, but please stop trying to make them the enemy.

        In my humble opinion, there is a difference between supporters of the president who make mistakes because they believe that they are trying to help him with vile critics of the President (both on the right and the left) who blame him for everything. If we can’t make that distinction, then I think we are in trouble.

    • aleth

      Clinton, Booker and Randell – support means not undermining and making statements intended to hurt. Let’s be clear Gringrich, Perry etc. are not out there claiming to misspeak, rather on the same team to take down the president. These three entities were about protecting their bottomline and donation funds — hedge fund. Either you support and make the case for re-election or just shutup. There is no room for hesitation with a rabid media that so many have noted.

      Secondly with regards to BWD & Chipstick, if they are allowed to question the President, then they should expect pushback. Critic invites a counter response, you deal with it and move on. This is not the first time both have engaged in freakout– from the birthcontrol issue to instructions on what the President should do. I saw this all in 2008 especially in predominantly progressive blog, there is a need to disrespect this president’s intelligence or decision making mindset. I have not seen such conduct ever. It is almost like he is a child in which they must give instructions and rules on what he can and cannot do. It’s not a question of loyalty, dedication and support- but a need for them to analyze why they have this paternalistic attitude underneath their alleged critic. Obama should…… I rarely saw any of those from Clinton or even applying to Hillary Clinton.

      There is a root to all these stuff on both the left and right. I am not suprised because one thing I know from WSY and POU days is we saw all of these days ago.

      BWD telling Obama campaign to be aggressive is the same shit that was attempted in 2008. The Obama camp will run their team the way they seem fit. They will have up weeks and down weeks and maybe weeks. That is politics. It is the history of politics, only difference now is we all play 24/7 arm chair quarterbacking.

      If people are feeling demoralized, then they should take time off or talk to someone. They should not use their narrow prizm to attempt to bring others down with them or lecture the President.

      Disagreement is great but always expect a rebuttal. It is not personal.

      With less than five months, my view is either you are 100% on the team or not. Their anxiety would be better spent making a difference with educating and registering voters. Let’s be clear all these meme are directed at white voters. It is the secret no one wants to talk about. All these meme work only on them.

      I have no question that Romney will be defeated.

      • nathkatun7

        “I have no question that Romney will be defeated.”

        Dear aleth, I applaud your confidence that President Obama will defeat Romney. I actually happen to share the same sentiments though I cannot be 100% certain. In politics there is no way of predicting the actual outcome of an election five months away.As wise African freedom fighter, Amilcar Cabral, taught people of my generation (those of us who are 65+ years old), in politics, as in war, WE MUST NEVER CLAIM EASY VICTORIES!

        Again, though I wholeheartedly endorse vigorous debates for all of us to state our views, I also know that the easiest way to defeat is through internal divisions. The people in power are, for the most part, always in the minority. The only way they are able to maintain power is to be able to divide and conquer the majority. My comment was not at all intended to support people that you disagree with. Rather, my comment was intended to foster unity among all supporters of the President, including those whose statements were detrimental to the President but who are still supporters of the President. Having said that, I deeply respect your thorough and passionate response to my comment. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are both on the same side.I hope and trust that you feel the same way too. It’s just that my few years on this earth have taught me this lesson: when you are in a tough political fight, you try not to unnecessarily antagonize your allies. Doing so gives the advantage to your real political enemies. That’s all I was trying to say.

        • aleth

          On this one we will just have to agree to disagree.

          Speaking for myself, I am done being accommodating with countinous silly season. The push back strengthened both Booker and Clinton up. Supporters support policy and understand that Bain is intricate to the entire camp. If you put on resume your business experience as a reason to be President— then it is up for discussion just like President Obama’s job as an attorney and community organizer was put on for reflection everyday.

          The underlining policy of addressing inequality was essential that even former clinton aides said they don’t understand where Clinton is coming from. In short, he had to correct himself likewise Booker.

          Those narratives were aiding the political enemies–GOP. Alot of white voters look to Clinton and his assertion matter in that respect. If you cannot be a great surrogate during this election, then shut up. There is room for disagreement but not while there is an election for the soul of America.

          Noone in this blog has fostered disunity. If anything we have called what we expect others to do and they have not dissappointed. The needless hair on fire tactic now called “demoralization.”

          This is not the first or last freakout from BWD and the likes. It is what the Democratic party had to deal with in 2010 that lead to disinterest. If anyone is antagonizing anyone, it certainly not here.

          “You try not to unnecessarily antagonize your allies”— I don’t think this should apply to me or this blog. Maybe it should be directed to those who are unnecessarily demoralized and need unnecessary letters to discuss them.

          As for me I don’t see when this blog or anyone here has given any advantage to the political enemies. If I could say who has I would point those who feed into cable tv and pundit meme as source of their demoralization.

    • crazycanuck

      We may also lament, as I do, the fact that BWD seems to be a bit demoralized.

      She allows herself to be demoralized. Quite frankly my respect for these two individuals CS and BWD is reaching zero

      • nathkatun7

        crazycanuck, I understand your frustration. But I am also a strong believer in the idea that you don’t abandon your friends and family when they are down. Unless some one can show me concrete evidence that contradicts me, I still believe that both BWD and Chipsticks’ TOD, just like POU and TPV, all still support President Obama 100%.

        BWD demoralization is not because she doesn’t support the president. Rather, it’s because she is so concerned that the man she admires and respects so much might not win. To equate BWD fears with opposition to the President is totally unfair. That’s just my take of what I’ve observed of her total dedication to the president for the past three and and half years. As for Chipsticks, her sight is still going strong in support of President Obama. People there are raising money, volunteering for OFA, and vigorously pushing back against those who attack the President. So, I am not quite sure why your respect for BWD and Chipsticks “is reaching zero.”

        I am sorry to say, but it’s this kind of approach to minor internal differences that plays into the hands of our enemies in their goal of dividing us. By the way, I’ve not seen any comments on the TOD blog trashing POU! Instead what I saw there were passionate, but honest people who were for or against BWD open letter reprinted by Chipsticks. My be I am a naive oldie person, but I really see no compelling reason why POU should be at war with TOD, or BWD’s Only Adult In The Room given the fact that all the three blogs are in the business of working hard to ensure that President Obama is re-elected.