October 18, 2017

Saturday Evening Thread: POU Live Chat Alert!!

Ya know how we do! Tomorrow night – BET Awards! Live Chat! Its BYOB!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evenin’ miranda- – –Thank U. :>) I may NOT b able 2 join. There is NO TV in this room. :>) Wishin’ U’ALL well. :>)

  • Miranda

    This is the roundtable for ABC tomorrow? Ok….LOL, the Sunday talk shows sure aint what they used to be.

    Then, the “This Week” powerhouse roundtable debates the Supreme Court’s key health care and immigration decisions and all the week’s politics, with Keith Olbermann, ABC News’ George Will, Democratic strategist and ABC News contributor Donna Brazile, former Rep. Artur Davis, and “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran, who covers the Supreme Court for ABC News.

    • Alma98

      Artur Davis is the cover for racism and Donna Brazile is just happy to be anywhere. My family in Alabama can’t stand Davis, they were happy to vote his ass out.

    • rikyrah

      Davis’ ass voted against the ACA – TWICE

      didn’t even win his own damn polling place.

      • I hope Donna reminds him of that, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • GreenLadyHere

      mirannda- – —Persona non grata:- — arthur Davis- – WHO??—-

      – – –‘member- – -“SKIN FOLK- –KIN FOLK”- – – – NOT the SAME- –ALL the time. humph!!

      Ms. BRAZILLE- – -I believe she did Go—2 da BACK of da BUS!- –
      – — -***shakin my head***

  • rikyrah

    Samuel L Jackson is crazy..

    that video makes me LMAO everytime I see it

  • GreenLadyHere

    –miranda- — -As WE have said- -that- -TRIAL is OVA- –BUT- – -the DESPICABLE- – -SEX ABUSE CASE GOES ON!- – -2 many OTHER PEOPLE- —KNEW!!– –

    – —-REPORT: Emails Confirm That Former Penn State President Hid Sandusky Child Sex Abuse– – –

    – — – –A news organization says it has seen emails showing Penn State’s former president Graham Spanier agreed not to take allegations of sex abuse against ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky to authorities but worried university officials would be “vulnerable” for failing to report it.

    CNN says the emails, first reported by NBC, followed a graduate assistant’s 2001 report of seeing Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a team locker room shower.

    The emails show athletic director Tim Curley and retired vice president Gary Schultz intended to report the allegation, then reconsidered. Spanier responded that he was “supportive” of their plan, but he worried they might “become vulnerable for not having reported it.”

    – – – SNIP- – —
    Spanier sued Penn State in May to try to get copies of his email traffic from 1998 to 2004, citing the pending investigation being conducted on the university by former FBI director Louis Freeh. Two weeks ago, lawyers for Penn State asked a judge to throw out the lawsuit and said the attorney general’s office, which is prosecuting Curley and Schultz, had asked them not to provide Spanier with the emails.


    Ohhhh- -THEY ALL GOIN’ DOWN- – -“children.”.- – – –NOT 2 WORRY.–


    • isonprize

      GLH, Also too… The Penn State president knew and so did Gov. Corbett, who was state Attorney General at the time that all of this was going down.

      Corbett let Sandusky stay free for THREE YEARS while the grand jury investigated. HE KNEW FULL WELL what the deal was. He didn’t want to squash all that Penn State $$$ he had the potential of getting for his upcoming gubernatorial race.

      Then as Gov., Corbett gave the Second Mile foundation $3 million, knowing the allegations against Sandusky. Corbett is just as guilty as the coach who saw Sandusky in the shower raping a boy. What a skank!

      Penn State’s New Villain: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — –Annnd some more- – — –

    – – – –Sunday Talk Shows (7/1/12): Supreme Court and ‘Obamacare,’ Meet the Press, Face the Nation and more– – —

    – – — Guests on this week’s Sunday political talk shows will analyze the Supreme Court healthcare decision and discuss the upcoming House vote to repeal “Obamacare.” Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will appear on NBC’s Meet the Press and Speaker John Boehener is scheduled for CBS’ Face the Nation.

    Steven Cook is the only think tanker on this week when he appears on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria to discuss Egypt and Morsi’s first days.

    Full line-up below. What catches your eye?

    •NBC’s Meet the Press: Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA); former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT); Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA); Rich Lowry, National Review; Eugene Robinson, Washington Post; Chuck Todd, NBC; Savannah Guthrie, NBC

    •CBS’ Face the Nation: Speaker Rep. John Boehener (R-OH); Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK); Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD); Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI); John Harris, Politico; Major Garrett, National Journal; John Dickerson, CBS and Slate; Jan Crawford, CBS

    •ABC’s This Week: Vicki Kennedy, widow of former Sen. Ted Kennedy; White House chief of staff, Jack Lew; Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-WI); Keith Olbermann, political commentator; George Will, ABC News; Donna Brazile, ABC News; Rep. Artur Davis (R-AL); Terry Moran, ABC News

    THIS- –>[WHERE DA D’s annnd R’s???]– •Fox News Sunday: John Brennan, White House Counterterrorism Adviser; Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church; Victoria Osteen, Lakewood Church; Brit Hume, Fox News; Liz Marlantes, Christian Science Monitor; Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal; Charles Lane, Washington Post; Dr. Suzan Murray, The National Zoo

    •CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley: Jack Lew, White House chief of staff; former Governor Jennifer Granholm, (D-MI); Carly Florina, California Senate Candidate; Dan Lothian, CNN; Susan Page, USA Today; Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO)

    – – -I CAIN’T TOLERATE- -“CREEPY CRAWLEY!!”- —-YUCK!!- – –

    – – –Lookin’ FORWARD 2- – -Ms. NANCY- — “GET YOUR GAVEL BACK”- -PELOSI!! :>)- – –

  • rikyrah

    Romney and Kobach and Voting Rights

    By Kay June 30th, 2012

    The United States had another win on Obamacare Day, when the State of Arizona lost in an attempt to ignore or dodge federal law:

    The Supreme Court today denied an application by the State of Arizona to put on hold an April ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth Circuit sitting en banc found that voter registration provisions of Arizona’s Proposition 200 violate the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), and that Arizona cannot reject federal mail-in voter registration applications if they do not include documentary proof of citizenship.
    While Arizona can still seek Supreme Court review of the Ninth Circuit decision, today’s Supreme Court’s decision makes it unlikely that the Court would grant such a request.

    This means that the State of Arizona cannot impose restrictions on voting if those restrictions violate the National Voter Registration Act.

    Meet Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas, who has been advising Romney since 2008:
    Kobach is most known, however, as the author of the Arizona Senate Bill 1070, the controversial law that gives local police broad powers to question and arrest undocumented immigrants. Several other states, including Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, used the law as model for similar legislation. Kobach helped write the Alabama version.
    He also is the driving force behind proof-of-citizenship voter registration requirements in Kansas that other states have modeled. In January, Kobach endorsed the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney days before the South Carolina primary

    Kris Kobach believes that he is an advisor to Mitt Romney. This is potentially controversial, because Kobach is an anti-immigrant extremist who has also has done extensive work on voting issues. As in all things involving Mitt Romney, there are so many lies and dodges and contradictory claims that I have no earthly idea whether Kobach is an “official” advisor to Mitt Romney or not.

    This is what Mitt Romney said about Kobach:


  • LOL at Sam! There will be fukkery tomorrow!

  • Miranda

    wow…..this is so touching…get your tissues

    Live reaction to affordable care act ruling

    • rikyrah

      just saw it over at TOD and totally had me crying

  • Aquagranny911

    I’ve been so distracted that I have forgotten to thank you for the diaries this week. I don’t know beans about video games but I learned a lot. I especially liked reading about those people who developed that “skunk” thing that they went on to use in helping our Vets with PTSD.

    This is what research, science & technology is all about. Something developed for one thing turns out to have even more applications down the line.

    Don’t know about the rest of you all but as long as I am breathing, I WILL NOT go with out a fight to where the GOP wants to take us. We need our young people, our creative thinkers and our doers of great things to be encouraged, supported & nurtured.

    We need all of our people, using their brains, their talents, to be given the opportunities to create things no one has ever even dreamed about because they may still be in the head of some 6 year old skipping on a worn out play ground somewhere.

    We have a future to protect!

    • isonprize

      Absolutely, AG! Absolutely, I spent last week teaching at a summer science camp. After I got the kids to understand that we really were serious, we wanted them to show us what they already knew. But we also wanted them to learn some new stuff too, We cared if they actually LEARNED IT!!! Then, they really got into it.

      One team of mostly girls, once they got the giggles out, really shined!! They built a crude, but working!, model of a prosthetic hand. (The 3 girls made the boy record the notes. I had to step out of the room, so as not to show my amusement….)

      We had them understanding what goes into an enteric coating of an aspirin and why that’s important. They learned why deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) could prove who was (or wasn’t) the baby’s daddy.

      Seriously, if we could just get our kids to understand that THEY HAVE IT IN THEM!!! These weren’t the “genius kids” the wealthy or pampered kids. There were regular kids who did okay in school. By the end of the first week, they were feeling pretty smart. Asking excellent questions, taking notes. choosing roles on their teams to get their work done more efficiently.

      • edp4bho

        I’m impressed by not only the children, but by your commitment to bringing out their brilliance. If only all adults would realize how precious their minds and spirits are, our children- no matter the ethnicity– would truly shine. Thanks for all you do. Hope you’re staying cool in this Philly humidity 🙂

        • isonprize

          edp, Thanks for your kind words. I was at Temple. And I firmly believe that one of the reasons that Re-thugs are such fans of “charter” schools is that #1- they can make $$ and #2- they can pick and choose (regardless of the bs propoganda they push) the kids that get into them. Charters have been proven to do no better, and sometimes worse, than regular public schools.

          Anybody notice that charter schools aren’t being proposed in wealthy, white suburbs where the regular public schools are doing fine? “Blue Ribbons” are being awarded to some of those public schools.

          They don’t want these kids, the ‘regular’ kids, to figure out that they have SO MUCH MORE potential than they are given credit for.

          I’m “ride or die” when it comes to PBO, but the whole charter school thing is my only “beef” with him. (and he didn’t ask me!! LOLOLOL) but I am NOT a fan of Arne Duncan.

          • edp4bho

            I’ve heard the non-support of Duncan from the black community as well. As for charter schools, I don’t have a problem with specialty charter schools i.e., science, technology, industrial- those focused on specific fields. However, I’ve maintained that to take money away from public is tantamount to child abandonment. Every school in this nation should be on equal footing when it comes to all children. This is why other countries are out-performing our kids on whole because of the discrimination in commitment dollars and teacher performance. As for beef with PBO, we never agree with anyone on everything, so hey, I’m with you on that…LOL! Have a good night all, and stay cool, and don’t forget your water !

          • GreenLadyHere

            isonprize.- – – -ALL! OF! –THIS!- — –

            – — – –Re-thugs are such fans of “charter” schools is that #1- they can make $$ and #2- they can pick and choose (regardless of the bs propoganda they push) the kids that get into them. Charters have been proven to do no better, and sometimes worse, than regular public schools.

            Howeva- – –there R some CHARTER SCHOOLS that R interested in the students.:>)- -As with anything else- – -the right questions hafta B asked annnd answered.- – -STUDENTS MUST COME FIRST. :>)

          • isonprize

            A few problems I have, even with the “good” charter schools:

            They don’t have the same fiscal issues as regular public schools.

            They actively discriminate against children with special needs (who, because of their needs, cost more.)

            They can skim the “good” students off the top.

            Most charters don’t have the same teacher certification requirements, if any.

            They generally don’t have unions. ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!

            HHhhmmmm, I wonder what union is one of the largest supporters of Democratic causes? And teachers are mostly WOMEN!!!

            I think we have a winner, boys and girls.

          • GreenLadyHere

            isonprize:- – –THESE- –

            – -☻They actively discriminate against children with special needs (who, because of their needs, cost more.)
            — ☻Most charters don’t have the same teacher certification requirements, if any.
            – Annnd — -THIS: Different Board of TRUSTEES/EDUCATION.- -Disturb me also.

            Though they REQUIRE parent participation. [A positive.]

            Admittedly,- -I’m a PUBLIC SCHOOL person. :>)- -But- -I have seen successful charters schools. :>)

      • Aquagranny911

        This is a totally great! Thank you for sharing! This is what I mean. Loved that about the 3 girls having the boy take notes. Not to be sexist, but they did probably vote on that, lol.

        Jeeze Loweez! How do we know “genius kids?” Are they born with “I’m a Genius” stamped on their foreheads? Do you get to be a genius only if your parents are rich?

        We need to start giving all our kiddos a chance to show their own personal “genius.” That’s what this is all about!

        • isonprize

          The “Girl power” was very cool to watch!! Especially at a science camp. As for the “genius” kids, I just meant the kids who get A’s and B’s easily. The kids who know are going to succeed no matter what.

          My thing is that those “genius” kids sometimes are, but most times, are NOT really ‘smarter’ than the ‘regular’ kids. They usually just have better work ethic, more supportive parents, solid teachers, and generally just have a more confident nature about themselves.

          The ‘regular’ kids, especially the girls, but some boys also, are less confident. They don’t want to be teased for being brainiac. They don’t want to stand out.

          And when they do get the courage to try an answer, they want to be correct. They don’t want to be embarrassed to get it wrong. So… they don’t try.

          Once we got them to understand that, especially in science, the whole thing is TO EXPERIMENT!! And, even with safety precautions and the right protocols, you are still going to get shit wrong. But then, you analyze it to see where you can improve. You KEEP IT MOVING!!!

          (I didn’t say it that way, but we did treat them like real scientists and engineers. We made them work in teams, record their work, show and report out on their work. )

          It actually made me begin to re-think my decision to NOT teach. I’m still mulling over getting that teaching certificate… UGGGHHH I’m too old for this shit!! LOLOLOL

          • Aquagranny911

            No way are you “too old!” I love what you shared here. These children you touched will never forget this experience. It made them think, made them stretch their imaginations, take risks & encouraged them to work together for their goals.


      • GreenLadyHere

        isonprize- – -Ohhh- – U- — -TEACHA!!!- –:>) — -Sooo PROUD of U.- – -Those – -“kids” R soo fortunate 2 B exposed 2 THIS information.- –

        YES they WERE the GENIUS KIDS; ’cause THEY- -CHOSE 2 attend — -SCIENCE CAMP.- – -UNDER the leadership of their- -GENIUS TEACHA(s).. :>)

        – –FUTURE- – SCIENTISTS! – -WHO may B – – -“FIRSTS!!”- –

        I’m in tears from this.- – -THANK U. :>)

        – – – -BLESS U- -isonprize!- -BLESS the CHILDREN! :>)- –

    • edp4bho

      Amen, and another sigh of relief for your daughter.

      • Aquagranny911

        Thanks edp4bho! In my mind this is nothing short of a miracle. We never expected them to find what they did & fix it. Science helped my daughter because they used some new thing to get a better view of her heart. I know I’m old but this is like miracle stuff to me.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – -OH!- -NO!- –SHE!- – -DI-ENT!!!- —-LAME-BRAIN!!—-NO BRAIN!-
    WANCH!!!- – —

    – – – –VIDEO- Sarah Palin: “Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat.” Oh, yes she did!– —

    — – –Via Fox, where else?

    “Dingbat” hypocrisy at :55.

    How mature and ClusterFox-worthy, Sarah.

    Could there be any better example of pot, kettle, dingbat? Ever? In the history of all existence ever?

    – — FAUX Noise — –LOWERS ITSELF- – –EVEN FURTHER!!- — –

    – – –NEXT STOP!!- –– -WHEW LAWD.!!- –
    [Gotta “bounce” 2 transact some business. :>)– -Back soon. :>)]

  • trose1

    I wish Joe Williams would sue Politico. I am sure he was given money to go away and be quiet. Politico angry like the rest of the racist GOP.

    • Miranda

      I’m sure his employee agreement contained all kinds of non-disclosure and non-compete clauses.

      I want to thank him for lifting that veil off Politico tho…we knew it anyway, but he really proved it for those still hanging on to the pretense that fake acts like Politico/Buzzfeed/etc were attempting to be impartial news sources.

      • trose1

        Joe Williams did what most AA journalists will not do, stand up and tell the truth. He deserves credit for having the courage to tell the truth. I still have not seen much of tweet from other Black journalists defending Joe W.
        Roland did stand up for him on twitter. The rest seem to be MIA,

        • Miranda

          Standing up on twitter means not a thing in this instance IMO…the tweets by Roland were real passive-passive. The careful to not display anger, but have a “cant we all just get along” tone. He was watching his back, not watching Joe’s. But that’s alright, I really didn’t expect much more from individuals that are employed by certain networks or entities…but I did expect the NABJ as an organization to do SOMETHING. they didn’t do anything at all. They go hollering about Rev Al getting a show on msnbc, then go mute on this whole sham on Joe Williams??

          not worth one got damn.

          • trose1

            I know, all the Black “proffessors” pontificators, and buffoons have been quiet on all types of issues. Williams, SCOTUS knocking out Brewer and upholding HCR has rendered the Black know it alls speechless. Wonder why?

          • Miranda

            They are not worth a DAMN – utterly and completely USELESS.

        • GreenLadyHere

          trose1- – – -I’m STILL axinn’ —

          — –BLACK MEDIA//JOURNOS- —WHERE U AT???– –

    • isonprize

      I hope that, at least, he got PAAAIIIIIDD!!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY trose1♥. ***BIG HUG** :>)- – –

      The $$$ would B helpful – – -BUT- –WHAT he DID — -PUTTIN’ politico on “FRONT STREET annnd BLAST” – –annnd – -WALKIN’ OUT — – -with DIGNITY annnd HEAD HELD HIGH – —

      – – – Is Sooo NOBLE — that it seems 2 TRANSCEND $$ – – -4 NOW! :>)

      — -He’s GON GET a JOB.- — -When the Lord CLOSES 1 DOOR – – -He OPENS another. TRUST. :>)- —

      Annnd it just may B- – -ANTAGONISTIC 2 politico!!- –

      – –KARMA- – – -SHOW YOURSELF! — -LOL.

      Good 2 C U -trose1. :>)- –

      • trose1

        Hello GLH how are u ?

        Yes all the GOP snakes slithering around causing confusion will have a date with karma.

        • GreenLadyHere

          Thank U– trose1.- -:>)— Tryin’ 2 STAY STRONG. :>)

          Your prayers annnd good wishes HELP. :>)- –

          BLESS U. :>)

          – – – –C’MON -KARMA!!– -HAH!- –

  • isonprize

    This is for Florida Attorney General Pam “Blondie” Bondi (and Gov Scott) for being initially so happy that Obamacare was struck down, then visibly sad when they found out it was constitutional.



  • This is what happens when you give in to bullies.

    New Right Wing Fast and Furious Talking Point: Liberals Are Heartless Monsters
    Breitbart.com hitman John Nolte targets another Politico writer

    Charles Johnsonfollow me on twitter
    Wingnuts • Sat Jun 30, 2012 at 3:53 pm PDT • Views: 838

    I notice that the wingnut blogs are settling on a new line of attack for the “Fast and Furious” fake outrage: if you point out that the whole thing is a politically driven phony scandal, that means you’re a heartless monster who doesn’t care about murdered agent Brian Terry, his family, or the “brown people” (yes, I saw a post with those words) that are killed by the Obama administration’s guns.

    I think I’m summarizing their talking point accurately. And now Breitbart.com hitman John Nolte is going after Politico’s Roger Simon from exactly this angle: POLITICO’S CHIEF POLITICAL COLUMNIST MOCKS FAST & FURIOUS!

    With a big picture of Brian Terry, in case you missed Nolte’s point:

    MORE: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/40556_New_Right_Wing_Fast_and_Furious_Talking_Point-_Liberals_Are_Heartless_Monsters

    • Miranda

      I’d just posted this too…..now what Politico?? Yeah, this will be their complete undoing….how ironic. To be completely screwed by the right wing nuts they were trying to be slick and cater to in the first place.

  • Miranda

    Politico will get what it deserves. All the bending over for the crazy right wing even when they were already in the teabagger corner, will be their complete undoing.

    Now they have their sights on Roger Simon for not walking the teabagger party line.

  • sagittarius

    Evening, POU Fam!

    The only reason I will watch BET tomorrow is to see D’Angelo, which is why BET made this move. I so HATE giving them ratings, but I appreciate the artistry of D’Angelo more. After his performance, that channel will be turned off.

  • Miranda

    Colorado wildfire: Obama departs Colorado Springs, mayor reflects

    COLORADO SPRINGS — The mayor of this beleaguered city told reporters after President Barack Obama departed on Air Force One that he was thankful for the visit and described his two-and-a-half hours with the president during the tour of the Waldo Canyon Fire damage.

    Air Force One was wheels up from Colorado Springs airport at 2:42 p.m. Afterward Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said the firefighting effort “shows the power of federal, state and local governments working together.”

    Bach was in the limo with Obama, Gov. John Hickenlooper and others for about 2 1/2 hours. He said the president was “very down to earth, very straightforward, smart, and wants to help.”

    Read more: Colorado wildfire: Obama departs Colorado Springs, mayor reflects – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_20972669/colorado-wildfire-president-obama-tour-waldo-canyon-fire?IADID=Search-www.denverpost.com-www.denverpost.com#ixzz1zKDQTSaG

    • edp4bho

      After reading some of the residents’ comments, and knowing it’s a conservative area who “aren’t likely to vote for him”, I have no sympathy. Sorry. They made snide remarks which were so uncalled for, and they show no gratitude at all for their lives being spared. And these people “think” they are moral? If that had been GW Bush who had toured my devastated area, I would not have thought of him that way. I would have appreciated him taking the time, though I disagreed with him 99%. I also never felt the need to go online to deride Bush either. If you don’t like someone, don’t waste your time considering them, I say. Otherwise, nice story. But then, PBO is a nice man. To hell with the haters. Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

      • Aquagranny911

        I didn’t read any of the resident comments but I was pleased that Bach had some positive things to say about PBO. I agree about what you said though. When we had some big fires here & Bush finally came to visit one of them, people were receptive & courteous.

        • edp4bho

          Saying good night, but Aquagranny, please tell them for me, what you say about cacti….LOL!

          • Aquagranny911

            You mean this…

            BITE THE BIG CACTUS you scum suckers!

            ♥ Sleep well, Kiddo

          • edp4bho

            LOL…..I love it when you do that. Have a cool day, if possible, Aquagranny. Half the nation is sweltering…you know, that “global warming’ the rethugs don’t wanna talk about.

      • caribbeanobserver

        How’s about trying to NOT read comments that you know will dull your sensibilities?
        And maybe, just maybe,the ‘regular comment repug infestations’ responded as they usually do!

        • edp4bho

          LOL….no, the comments were within the text of the story. No way you could avoid them. Check it out.

    • Aquagranny911

      Bach is conservative ‘R’ and the first Mayor of Colorado Springs which just had a city council till 2010 I think, so his positive comments about PBO are huge. It’s well worth reading that whole Denver Post article for all that Bach said.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – –Obama directs FEMA to aid recovery in states hit by severe storms– –

    – – – –President Obama on Saturday spoke with governors from four states ravaged by severe storms to help coordinate federal assistance for the recovery efforts.

    Obama made calls to Govs. John Kasich (R-Ohio), Bob McDonnell (R-Va.), Martin O’Malley (D-Md.), and Earl Ray Tomblin (D) to “receive an update on the severe storms… and to express his condolences for the loss of life and his concern for individuals and first responders still confronting the destruction and loss of power that is impacting communities as a result,” the White House said in a readout.

    – – The administration said the president informed the governors that he had “directed FEMA to ensure they continue to provide necessary support to state and local officials in impacted areas as they respond to these events, especially considering the power outages and the high temperatures many of the impacted areas are currently experiencing.”

    The mid-Atlantic region was hit by violent thunderstorms Friday night which killed at least nine people and have knocked out power to nearly 2 million, the Associated Press reports.

    – – -SNIP- – –

    – –Earlier Saturday, Obama declared a state of emergency in West Virginia and authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) “to coordinate all disaster relief efforts,” according to a statement from the White House. Five-hundred thousand residents in the states are believed to be without power.

    – — –THANK U- –MR. PRESIDENT. – – BLESS U 4 CARIN’ 4 – – PEOPLE!– —

    – —Ummmm- — -Any RE-THUGS make a VISIT- – – a STATEMENT- –a DONATION???- — –I! – – THOUGHT! – –NOT!!!

    • nellcote

      Any RE-THUGS make a VISIT- – – a STATEMENT- –a DONATION???-
      We’ll be lucky if they don’t block funding…again.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY nellcote. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        ***fist bump***- – – -U!- – -AIN’T!- – NEVA!- -LIED!!- –

        They have been relentless in their- — WAR ON MR. PRESIDENT!!– — –

        – -Gotta remember- – -“NO WEAPON- –IT WON’T WORK!”-

        Good 2 C U– nellcote. :>)

  • Miranda

    Former Town Official Wishes Cancer on Supreme Court Justices

    Former Town Councilor Mike Malzone, the founder of the Merrimack Tea Party, said Thursday in a Facebook post reacting to the Supreme Court ruling on health care, “I hope the (5 supremes) get colon cancer.”

    A day after posting the message, Malzone said he stands by what he said. He clarified that he doesn’t want anyone to die, and the cancer reference was more to make a point that he wants them to feel the pain being inflicted on Americans being overburdened by taxes.

    “I didn’t wish for anyone to die, but I said I do wish for them to feel our pain,” he said. “No one cares about me, they all make their promises and then go do what they goddamn feel.”

    more here

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  • GreenLadyHere

    Umm- -Aquagranny911- – –I know I’m old – – –– –

    I thought we agreed that this statement was – — NULL annnd VOID. LOL.- –YOUNG at ♥- – -KAYY? — ***HUGS**

  • Miranda

    Chief Justice John Roberts’s health-care ruling gets plenty second-guessing

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., under intense scrutiny for his decision upholding President Obama’s health-care law, is headed for an overseas teaching gig in Malta.

    “An impregnable island fortress,” Roberts told a conference of judges and lawyers meeting Friday morning in rural Pennsylvania. “It seemed like a good idea.”

    Back in Washington, the legal and political worlds are trying to digest the stunning news that one of the court’s most consistent conservatives had pulled Obama’s signature domestic achievement from the brink.

    Court specialists analyzed Thursday’s 5-to-4 opinion for clues, wondering whether Roberts might have switched his vote from invalidating the law to upholding it largely unscathed.

    more here

  • lamh35

    Hey rikyrah,

    did ya see my post about seeing Magic Mike last night? It was pretty good. There weren’t as many dancing scenes as the previews made it seem, but it you go into not expecting to see that many, but expecting to see a pretty “real” portrayal of the off stage life of male stripper, then you won’t be disappointed by it at all.

    At the very least, you get to see alot of Adam Rodriguez and Channing Tatum and the other guys.

    At the very least:
    YOU.WILL.NEVER.LOOK.AT.MCCONAUGHEY.THE.SAME.AGAIN! Woo chile, let’s just say…buns of steele baby…lol.

    • rikyrah

      I’m glad for the review. I do think I’ll see it this week.

      I’m also glad to read about you and your new work schedule. seems as if it’s working out for you.

      • lamh35

        you should def see it.

        The work schedule is def working for me so far. I’m still getting used to having a whole week off, but I’m planning what I’m doing soit’s good.

  • lamh35

    Finally catching up on the US Olympics Swimming Trials. I always root for the Black person first, then the underdog, then the big name champion. Hmm, no Black swimmers in pool, hmm…lol.

    ETA: Oh and I’m sorry, but Michael Phelps…great swimmer’s body…face like a foot! Am I wrong???

    • crazycanuck

      I saw a black swimmer the other day, can’t remember her name though.

      • lamh35

        yeah saw her in one of the later finals. Her name was Chenault (see I remember that without even rewinding) but she was dead last I believe. So she had no real chance.

    • rikyrah

      Phelps…has a face only a mother could love…LOL

      but, his body…damn

  • isonprize
    • nellcote

      Malia’s birthday is on the 4th of July (that always makes me smile. I mean could this Prez be any more red, white & blue for gosh sakes!) Anyway, I don’t know how they work but would that be a good time for a moneybomb thingy?

  • lamh35

    Oh hey, the Black guy who swam on the relay team last Olympics made the Olympic team in the 100M Freestyle!!! Go Cullen Jones!

    First African-American ever to win an Olympic swimming gold medal

    • GreenLadyHere

      lamh35- — GR8 NEWS!!- – Woo! Hoo!

      He has started annnd funds SWIMMING PROGRAMS 4 BLAH annnd other YOUTH in order 2 ENCOURAGE their participation in the SPORT. :>)

      – – –He’s a FINE annnnd GENEROUS- -ATHLETE. :>)

      PROUD of HIM! :>)- —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – -COMEDIC TRUTH!!- – –

    – — – Jekyll and Hide– — –

    – – —☻- -PHLIP annnd PHLOP [PHOOL]
    – – –☻- -INVERT- – -ETCH-A-SKETCH- –
    – — ☻- -HYPO– -CRITE
    – – –☻- -LI– —AR- –
    – — – ☻- -RA– – -CIST!!
    – — -☻- -EVIL annnnd VILE

    – – -OUT-OF-TOUCH- -DONE.- – -LOL.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – — -Missed THIS. BUT it SPEAKS TRUTH- —

    – – Race and the Fight Against Obamacare – – –

    – – – –With resistance to President Obama’s health care law culminating with the Supreme Court deciding the fate of the most important social policy since enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, the failure to win popular support for health care will be studied for many years to come. Racism has clearly emerged as a significant factor underlying opposition to the law and must be a part of any honest attempt at understanding how some Americans formed opinions about the Affordable Care Act.

    For twenty years, the majority of Americans favored reforming the health care system. However, unlike during former President Clinton’s reform efforts in the early 1990s, support for the Affordable Care Act was not only sharply divided along ideological grounds, but by race as well.

    – – – – -SNIP-

    As debate over Obama’s health care proposals increased, a significant change in racialization on health care opinions was observed, according to a study published in February by Micheal Tesler, a political scientist professor at Brown University. Antiblack stereotypes, which had no independent influence on preference for governmental insurance in March 2009, became a strong predictor of views on this issue by September of the same year. Additionally, Tesler found that when the same health care proposals were attributed to Obama as opposed to Clinton, racial resentment and antiblack stereotypes significantly reduced support for health care reform.

    – –Uhhhhh- – – -Sooo WE NOT POST-RACIAL- – -HUH!?– /SNARK!!- –

  • isonprize

    Here’s another good one I got from my facebook page…


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