October 18, 2017

Saturday Evening Thread: Song Of The Day

Dedicated to the awesome Susan Rice!

  • Miranda

    Yeah, who ya gonna run? Bachmann?? *snicker* Franken has worked really hard to be taken seriously and represent Minnesota well, I dont think the GOP stands a chance, what say you peeps in Minny??Republicans look to oust FrankenRepublicans are seeking to oust Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), who is up for his first reelection after his narrow 2008 win.Franken will be a tough candidate — he’s worked hard to ingratiate himself in the state, and his poll numbers look fairly solid. But Republicans hope with the right candidate they can topple the first-term senator. more here: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/268571-republicans-look-to-oust-franken

    • GN

      Franken has done such an outstanding job.

      • Aquagranny911

        Yes he has & he will not be easy to defeat with the best of Repug candidates. Most likely the teapotty will run one of their darlings. Franken will eat them for breakfast with an orange juice chaser.

        • GN

          That would be terrific lol.

        • conlakappa

          Wouldn’t googly-eyed Bachmann be the logical first choice for them?

          • Aquagranny911

            Too much! That would be epic & so much fun. Franken is fast on his feet with a great sense of humor & he would never look “mean’ when he roasted her like a Hatch Chili!

    • TyrenM

      Bachmann would be too easy. Coleman don’t want none. Paulsen, so far best chance. He gets suburban vote, rural (Bachmann) vote. Plus he’ll get that Koch Bro and Rove money. Franken gets Twin Cities, College (Mankato, St. Cloud, Winona) and Duluth-Iron Range vote.

      Now we have Gov/legislature on lock, MN economic outlook should continue to improve.

      All that to say, it will be all about GOTV. I hope PBO and Sen. Amy give him some support.

  • dannie22
    • Miranda

      She is so predictable. I knew her wretched addicted-to-botox azz would write this tripe.

      • dannie22

        she think everyone is as horny or as desparate as she is

    • Here’s another NYT smear article on Rice http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/18/world/susan-e-rice-caught-up-in-furor-over-benghazi.html

      What’s up with these recent articles questioning Rice’s competence?

      • dannie22

        susan rice is the opposite of white supremacy. condi rice fell in line with white supremacy. susan is a threat. condi was no threat

        • GN

          Yup; (1) she’s black; (2) she’s non-subservient; and (3) she doesn’t service a regressive agenda.

          • conlakappa

            Remember I said I knew through work one of the eleventy billion foreign policy advisors on Team Paid Shills? He was talking cash-trash about Amb. Rice this summer. I think the Rs just really don’t like her.

      • nellcote

        I don’t understand why you think that’s a smear article.

        • Because it has the same “Susan Rice is a ungrateful, disrespectful, uppity” running theme as Milbank’s article.

      • rikyrah

        She’s a Phi Beta Kappa Rhodes Scholar from Stanford.

        fuck all these mofos who have the nerve to write about her, and barely got out of college.

      • Aquagranny911

        Put your tinfoil on. I heard this today: “The Clintons are behind this trashing of Rice to set up the SoS for Kerry.”

        When I asked the person why Clintons would do this I did not get an answer worth repeating. It was very complicated.

        • nellcote

          I like your theory better. At least I can follow the logic. LOL.

          • Aquagranny911


    • GN

      I couldn’t even read it in its entirety; the premise of the whole thing is ridiculous.

      • jds09

        The “tone” of her writing is like nails on a chalkboard. It reminds me of middle school lunch room encounters. Yuck.

      • Aquagranny911

        I couldn’t even get past the first two paragraphs. What a bitter, nasty, angry woman she is.

  • Another Client for Ms. Fix-It

    JUDY SMITH’S calling to crisis management came early. Her story went like this: The “It” couple in her middle-school class had broken up. Rumor had it that despite the boy’s staunch denials, he had kissed another girl. Where others saw heartbreak, 11-year-old Judy saw opportunity. “After hearing his side, I was convinced he was telling the truth,” Ms. Smith wrote in her recent self-help memoir, “Good Self, Bad Self: Transforming Your Worst Qualities Into Your Biggest Assets.” She persuaded the girl of the boyfriend’s trustworthiness, prompting Ms. Smith’s own tween epiphany: if an emotionally uninvolved third party believed and argued for someone’s innocence, the wronged party was more likely to believe it, too. And thus a career was born.

    MORE: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/18/world/susan-e-rice-caught-up-in-furor-over-benghazi.html?pagewanted=1

    • Miranda

      Dang! LOL, she been fixing since she was a tween!and yes, I am STILL reeling from the latest episode of Scandal!!!

  • GN

    I admire Susan Rice’s tremendous grace, poise, and dignity in the face of people who have none inexplicably questioning the intelligence of a Rhodes Scholar. Grades certainly aren’t everything and I don’t subscribe to the idea that only elite schools produce elite minds, but it has been surreal watching someone as overrated as John McCain, who put Sarah Palin (!) on a national ticket, fix his lips to insinuate that Ambassador Rice is in any way shape or form below par. He can have a UN full of seats. Good evening all!

    • Worldwatcher7

      John McCain: 894th out of a class of 899 at Annapolis, who chose Sarah Palin.

      Susan Rice: Stanford University Phi Beta Kappa, chosen by Barack Obama.

      The arrogance of these people is absolutely astounding.

  • GN

    I spent a little time today reading some of the rantings in the right wing blogs and it’s bizarro world.

    The most bizarre CT I read is that President Obama must be hiding something because, as this commenter pretty gleefully noted, successful black men never marry women who are darker than themselves. This is of course an ignorant and not quite fully true statement, but it’s kinda sad that the colorism in the black community is not only noticed, but is cited with glee by non-of-color people who see it as the quiet nod to white superiority and black superiority which colorism is, and always has been.

    There was literally a single story I read at these sites with which I could find any agreement whatsoever: a story of a transgendered (lives as a woman but still has male parts) person attending a college who uses the women’s gym facilities and likes to literally lounge around naked; other women aren’t happy seeing genitals swinging about. I personally find that behavior out of pocket, but when interviewed by local tv, she said something to the effect of “this isn’t the 1959, we don’t have separate water fountains any more.” Black people never fought for the right to walk around naked around people who have genitals of the opposite sex, so, once again, I wish that there was a moratorium on people comparing EVERYTHING to slavery and Civil Rights. I have never seen a movement cannibalized like this.

    • rikyrah

      I spent a little time today reading some of the rantings in the right wing blogs and it’s bizarro world.

      The most bizarre CT I read is that President Obama must be hiding something because, as this commenter pretty gleefully noted, successful black men never marry women who are darker than themselves.

      they just can’t help their hatred of FLOTUS, which I have always believed is deeper than even for the President.

      I’ve said it before, I believe a large part of why his mother and grandparents don’t get ‘the due’ that I believe they deserve is because..

      ‘ If they did such a good job raising him, what’s he doing married to Michelle?’

      I believe they can’t get past our beautiful, brown-skinned First Lady.

      • GN


        Yup, the First Lady’s very existence upends years and years and years of propaganda promoting the inferiority of black women. It’s why she’s loved by some of us even more than her husband, as wonderful as he is, and indeed, it’s why the far right is scrambling to discredit her.

        The civil rights significance of Barack and Michelle Obama simply can’t be overstated. Neither are civil rights activists as they have a much different mandate, but wow, their simple existence is such a victory.

        • Aquagranny911

          Do you think a lot is because the Obamas put the lie to all the racist stereotypes held by some whites ie:

          (All black men want white women. Black women are sluts who can’t keep a husband which is why they are single mothers. Black people don’t have loving committed marriages & black children are no account gang bangers. Black people have no “real family values.”)

          I’ve heard all this & worse spewed out of the sink holes of racism

          The racists heads must be spinning to see two black people in a loving devoted 20 year marriage with two beautiful, smart & charming daughters sitting right in the White House for all the world to see. It has to create a huge cognitive dissonance for the haters.

          I think you are right that they have special hate for Michelle. I’ve been on a few blogs that discuss fashion or food where some of the comments were so nasty about Michelle that I never went back.

          • Miranda

            Do you think a lot is because the Obamas put the lie to all the racist stereotypes held by some whites ie:_______________ most definitely!!!!

          • rikyrah


            there was something written in the comments at Skeptical Brotha’s blog in 2007, which never ever left me about Michelle Obama.

            From the comments at Skeptical Brotha, May 2007:

            May 24, 2007 at 1:34 pm

            I joke a lot about these two, but something sticks out at me about the whole campaign. especially after seeing this interview:

            I like her. And not because of any strong this and that, she just seems genuine.

            Is America ready for a First Lady who looks like her? A regular black woman? Not a passable biracial curly girl that they call black, but a regular black woman from the south side of Chicago? With dark skin?

            Is she going to be the face of The Woman on the largest pedestal in the country? A self-confessed “loud-mouth” black woman?

            If they succeed, it turns white supremacy upside down. And not, in my opinion, because a black man is in the White House, it’s because a black woman is in there. And she didn’t have to come in the back door to lie in bed with the president.

          • GN

            Both yours and AG’s comments=comments of the week.

          • Aquagranny911

            Excellent comments & you know what, I’ve always felt that Michelle looks like ‘us’ even though I’m not AA. She feels like me. She’s real, not some plastic doll.

            I don’t know if that makes sense but when Sis & I first got to hear her speak & shake her hand when she campaigned for Barack during the primaries way back, we were both like: “This is a real woman. She’s just like us”

            Not sure I expressed it very well but I hope you get what I am saying.

          • rikyrah


            during the 2008 campaign, I got to see Candidate Barack Obama two times.

            I saw Michelle Obama – 3 times – AND I PAID EACH AND EVERYTIME.

            You don’t have to think that many of us don’t understand what you mean about Michelle Obama. ..


          • TyrenM

            Mad love. From “Terrorist fist bump” to “Bankhead Bounce” to “iCarly” to “Let’s Move.” etc etc. Mad Love.

          • TyrenM

            I remember that from Craig H. (smiling.)

          • GN

            That’s exactly right, AG.

          • rikyrah

            it also kills them that EVERYTHING the right-wing espouses about FAMILY VALUES is clearly on display with Barack and Michelle Obama and their family. They even brought Grandma to the White House to live with them.

            It also terrifies them that, especially with the First Lady, they went from living in an apartment over a regular Chicago bungalow to the White House-IN ONE GENERATION.

            That two high-school educated hard working Black folks could produce two well-educated, productive children who wanted to do positive in the world. Michelle Obama’s story is the one of the Black America that nobody wants to talk about, let alone acknowledge – the millions of Black people that get up, go to work, educate their children, stick with their families, and try to be good citizens everyday. For many Whites, this is just an ‘invisible’ community, yet Michelle Obama’s story is one of millions in Black America. I absolutely LOVE that the First Lady says it all the time – how her family’s story isn’t unique, because they tried that ‘unique’ nonsense, but the First Lady shut that down.

          • Aquagranny911

            Exactly! I love her story because it is the story of not just Black America but Latino American, Asian America & so many others.

            Both Obamas speak to the lives, hearts, dreams & experience of so many of us.

          • AxelFoley

            This, this, this!

            And I want more Asian Americans and Latino Americans and Native Americans to get involved in national politics. And of course, more African Americans.

            We can’t let this moment, this opportunity slide. We can’t go back. This country is all of ours.

    • trose1

      The whole transgender person who wants to swing his genitals in front of others is just wrong.
      Please don’t read anything else from those pages and report back.

      • GN

        I know; I was cringing because I so dislike seeing anyone live up to the far right’s caricatures.

      • Admiral_Komack

        The ladies should give him one strategically placed knee…then he’ll learn to cover up.

  • rikyrah

    The McCain Backpedal on Benghazi Begins

    By: Sarah JonesNovember 17th, 2012

    Asked about Senator Reid’s brutal letter to him in which Reid denied McCain’s calls to head a special committee to investigate Benghazi, McCain said at a press conference at the Halifax International Security Forum, “I’m concerned about four Americans who died. Their families need to know the circumstances, why it happened, how it happened, and where responsibility lies. That’s all. That’s all that we’re seeking. We’re not seeing a confrontation with anyone. We’re not trying to quote ‘take on anyone.’”

    McCain claims that he knew better than the entire intelligence community (also known in Republican circles as “the administration” now) and thus he is not taking back his criticism of Susan Rice. The Senator said, “No, because I knew it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. People don’t go to spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and RPGs.”

    To date, no one has asked McCain how he can “know” with such certainty what happened in Benghazi when he was not there, and when he clearly did not read the intelligence reports sent to him that Rice based her comments on, or attend the briefing in which he could have more fully informed himself.

    In McCain world, it was simple; he knew because there were mortars and RPGs there. And yet, it was not so simple. Shocking, I know. There were actually two attacks, and the intelligence community seems to think at this point that they may have been two separate attacks – perhaps one spontaneous and one planned or some combo thereof. Furthermore, Petraeus suggested that Rice’s talking points were the unclassified version of what happened, something McCain should have grasped for obvious reasons since he claims to be an expert at national security. Perhaps he expected us to send a cable to the suspects on day one.

    But never mind McCain’s big talk on RPGs (you have to feel for the guy, clinging to his days as The Military Guy), what is really important here is that he now says he is not seeking a confrontation with anyone.

    From lies and calling for a Watergate-esque investigation to “We’re not trying to quote ‘take on anyone,’” McCain is backpedaling. Not so fast, Senator.


  • GN

    When Muammar Qaddafi unleashed a modern army on a population lightly armed the world said something wonder why Israel can smash #gaza

  • GN

    Looking at Susan Rice’s picture, good black seriously doesn’t crack.

  • rikyrah

    if anyone’s interested, The Bodyguard is on TVOne right now.

    • Aquagranny911

      Love that movie! I own it so can watch any time.

  • trose1

    Bill Mahrer is at it again. I can’t stand that man. I really would like to know if he even voted.

    Maher’s Advice For Obama’s 2nd Term: ‘Become An Angry Black Man Who’s Pushing A Liberal Agenda’

    While progressives may be happy that President Obama will be around for another four years, Bill Maher warned them not to get too complacent, and pointed out that now Obama no longer has to run for reelection, they can “hold his feet to the fire” on a number of important progressive issues, from the drug war to the the defense budget. Maher said that after four years of conservatives accusing Obama of being an “angry black man with a liberal agenda,” the president should do… just that for the next four years.

    • GN

      The obsession with controlling what President Obama “must do” is pretty nauseating. Particularly coming from people who make their living pontificating about how the world ought to be without having to be concerned about feasible plans to move agendas forward. Miranda’s sage warnings to the progressive coalition about their disrespect of this President should be heeded; the GOP got spanked for the disrespect and attempted voter suppression. Progressives need not imagine that how they treat this POTUS is unnoticed.

    • Aquagranny911

      Maher can take a figging seat on my cactus. He irritates the caca out of me. If he thinks being president is so dang easy then he should run for the job…asswipe!

    • Admiral_Komack

      I have advice for Bill Maher.
      (1. Kiss my ass.
      (2. Shut the fuck up.


  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evenin’ miranda/POU FAM♥ – – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

    – – -Woo! Hoo! – – –FANTASTIC LADY!! – -:>) —

    IMMA write a STORY: –


    –“Once upon a time –there were 2 highly regarded political ladies who shared the SAME LAST NAME – –RICE — —

    ONE was APPOINTED 2 an office annnd FAITHFULLY served – – -SHRUB.



    – — –THE END!!


    Thank U 4 THIS FOCUS. :>)

    — – – –A Natural Woman


  • aleth

    I have to agree with pragobot twitter… Smear of rice is Clinton camp

    • Aquagranny911

      Somebody told me that today & I was reeling out my tin foil. The person who told me that had some complicated reasons that go back.

      Can you clarify?

  • dannie22

    rupert murdoch is tweeting some crazy ish about israel. some1 should post it. i dont know how. ole rupert has officially lost his mind

    • Miranda

      I think he’s either drunk or having a stroke.

    • GN

      Here it is:

      Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?

      • nellcote

        He’s dogging the NYT…again.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -“CAUSE HE HAS – –CLASS! – — :>) – –

    — –Obama gifts Boehner Tuscan red wine for birthday – —

    — – –President Obama gave House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) a fruity Sangiovese on Friday.

    The president gave Boehner the bottle of wine as a birthday gift. Brendan Buck, Boehner’s press secretary, tweeted a photo of the wine, apparently a 1997 Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino Altero.

    Brendan Buck @Brendan_Buck
    Obama birthday gift to Boehner yfrog.com/odun7rggj
    16 Nov 12

    – – -Annnnd — – he ACCEPTED with his USUAL EMOTION. – —

    • edp4bho

      Ain’t that man drunk enough without PBO adding to his vice?…LOL

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY ep4bho ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – -***fist bump*** – –I KNOW HUH!? – –LOL – —

        As I said – – -MR. PRESIDENT —HAD a PLAN!! – – – – — HE KNEW! – – – -LOL

        Good 2 C U. edp4bho. Bless U. :>)

    • dannie22

      PBO know he wrong. Boner cant resist the booze. Boner will be so drunk by the time he returns from Asia, that the fiscal cliff talks will be a cakewalk lol

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY dannie22 – – –**BIG HUG*** :>)

        – –LOL – -***fist bump** – – – -U KNOW MR. PRESIDENT – –had a PLAN!! — — LOL – —

        Annnd —He will find – Da “B”-man- – –AROUND ANOTHA – -CLIFF! – — -LOL

        Good 2 C U dannie.♥ [ I smiled at-choo when I saw Cong. Marcia Fudge’s NAME in an article. :>)]- –

        • dannie22

          hey GLH!!

  • crazycanuck

    Why does the world not care about what is happening in Gaza? Why is Isreal always allowed to get away with this?

    • dannie22

      well cameron just told bibi to end this crises

      • crazycanuck

        And Bibi will ignore him because he knows he will get away with anything. I think I’m going to bed and read a book. I just hope at some point in time the US will stop giving Isreal money. I hope what I’m reading is wrong an the US hasn;t rubber stamp this atrocity.

  • nellcote

    GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham running campaign ads on Benghazi tragedy

    Well that didn’t take long.

    For anyone still wondering why Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has taken the lead for the GOP, along with John McCain, on trying to exploit the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya two months ago, we now have our answer.

    Lindsey Graham is using our dead ambassador for his re-election campaign.
    But the evidence is incontrovertible. Lindsey Graham is running campaign ads about Benghazi….And when you click on the ad, it takes you to a petition on LindseyGraham.com, the Republican Senator’s campaign site that asks you to “sign the petition if you want answers”:

    Oh we’d like answers all right.

    Starting with why the Republicans keep treating the deaths of four Americans as if they’ve won the lottery. Who does Lindsey Graham think he is, Mitt Romney?

    I’m sure Ambassador Stevens’ family is happy their son could help the Graham campaign out.


    • Miranda

      He’s represents South Carolina along with Sen Jim DeMint. Those ads will work for their base, which unfortunately is a majority of the state.

      • conlakappa

        Graham will be Teapartied out. His State party did the first shot over the bow in 2010 when its members all but said he had a case of the gay. He saw what hapened to Lugar and how Hatch barely survived. Maybe it will be Young Strom or whoever the black Tea Party guy who beat Strom in the 2010 primary. Graham used to be considered reasonable, but for palling around with The Mack Daddy and Friendless Lieberman. At long last, he has no sense of shame or decency.

        • nellcote

          At long last, he has no sense of shame or decency.

  • Miranda

    On a lighter note, The 40th Annual AMAs are tomorrow night. Live chat??Line up: http://www.neontommy.com/news/2012/11/video-2012-american-music-awards-performers-line

    • TyrenM

      Hmm. AMAs? Good Wife and Homeland? Baltimore/Pittsburgh? Remote will be in overdrive tonite.

  • GN

    Interesting…Ben Stein (who is a conservative) went onto FoxNews and handed the idiot anchor his ass during a discussion about raising taxes on the rich; it’s actually a video of beauty.


    • Aquagranny911

      LMAO! Great share!

    • GreenLadyHere

      GN – –LOL – – — -Even though I sooo disagree with him – –I hafta admit 2 luvin’ his DRY HUMOR! LOL – –Annnd THIS is EVEN – —

      MORE —BRUTAL!! LOL – — – THANKS :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —-***SIGH*** — YA KNOW – —I shoulda KNOWN that this was NOT OVA — – -TIL – —we C – – – -DA $$$$$$$$$– –

    – – —Elmo Puppeteer ‘Paid Off’ Accuser in Sex Scandal [Kevin Clash reportedly paid $125K for ex to recant his story]– —

    – — – –Seems the Elmo sex scandal is far from over. Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who breathes life into Elmo, paid a young accuser $125,000 to recant his story about being under-aged when the two were lovers, TMZ reports. The gossip site unearthed an agreement in which Clash told the man, Sheldon Stevens, to call their relationship “adult” and “consensual” in return for the payoff.

    “Stephens agrees that immediately upon execution of this Agreement,” Stephens’ attorney will say that Stephens “wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship,” the document states. Adding fuel to the fire, insiders tell TMZ that Stephens was pressured into signing the agreement and cried during the last negotiations. No word so far from Clash’s lawyer. Click for more details.

    – – -BUT – – -I’m soooo – — -THA-ROUGH!! – —***shakin’ my head***

    P.S. [Saw an article with his PIC. Chose not 2 post it.] – – -***sigh****

  • Aquagranny911

    Totally OT: (Do I seem really weary of politics?)

    But I think we should have a thread about Thanksgiving food. I really enjoyed what people were doing & eating on that thread we had last year. I got the best recipe for mac & cheese from that diary. Please try to do it by Tuesday because everyone is at mi casa this year so I will be flat out on Wednesday with no time for blogs.

    We are expecting 50 or more people in and out of here over the day but I will not be expected to prepare all the food, Gracias a Dios. Everyone pitches in & one of my nephews actually won a goat in a raffle. (true but long story)

    He & some of the men in my family plan to pit roast the goat at my brother’s house after they pick up the butchered carcass from the Navajo Rez on Monday. I am quite sure this goat died a virgin because no Repugnants would go there.

    Aren’t you so glad that you have much better plans for Thanksgiving?!?

    • conlakappa

      Have you tasked that bring-nothing/take-some-of-everything cousin with bringing something to the dinner?

      • Aquagranny911

        LOL! My Sis tapped her this year for the tamale making marathon today. Sis is a real task master so I bet Cuz got her lazy ass worked off. Making dozens of tamales is not an easy task.

    • nellcote

      Do you have a traditional recipe for Navajo fry bread?

      • Aquagranny911

        I do. How do you want to cook it? There is the really bad way in lots of lard or how we do it sometimes on the grill with less fat. That matters because you have to vary the recipe a bit.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – -Oooo-Kaaaaay – – -Here’s my usual Saturday post – – -via — -TPC:–

    – – – –This week’s Media Bias Sunday Talk scoreboard! GOP 8, Democrats 6 – –

    —- – –Tomorrow is Media Bias Sunday! Or as I like to call it, Librul Media My Ass Sunday.

    Let’s take a sneak preview of what’s coming up on the Big Sunday Talker Line-Up, per the Seattle Times and the L.A. Times, okay? Okay!

    This is not a complete list; Paddy provides that to you tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the lists include panel members, so bear with me if sometimes those commentators are included… or not. I try not to because panels usually include mostly Republicans, and if there are “Democrats,” they’re about as “liberal” as, well, Harold Ford.

    And as you may have noticed, ClusterFox is not included, because, well come on, what’s the point?

    ABC’s “This Week”– Nancy Pelosi (D); Peter King (R); Carl Levin (D).

    NBC’s “Meet the Press”– Dianne Feinstein (D); Lindsey Graham (R); Reps. Mike Rogers (R).

    CBS’ “Face the Nation”– Dick Durbin (D); John McCain (R); Olympia Snowe (R).

    CNN’s “State of the Union”–Dick Durbin (D); Roy Blunt (R); Tom Price (R); Dutch Ruppersberger (D); Carlos Gutierrez.(R).

    – –SNIP —-
    Total: 8 Rs, 6 Ds. Please feel free to check the addition and political affiliations.[Actually 1 D is duplicated.]

    – – – —STILL – –LEANIN’ -RIGHT!!! – – -Annnd DEY LOST!!- -geesh!- –

    • Aquagranny911

      Couldn’t McCain get lock jaw or at least laryngitis? Pathetic, angry, disgusting old goatfigger!

      • nellcote

        I hope he keeps loosing his shit on teevee. People need to get over that whole he was a hero 50 years ago adulation and see who he really is NOW.

        • Aquagranny911

          I guess so but this goatfigger is my senator until he either drools on his patio or we finally vote him OUT!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Aquagranny911. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        –LOL – —I KNOW –HUH! —-LOL

        On the other had – –how ’bout we hear this —“MOONWALK” [walkback] STATEMENT: – — -LOL —

        – – —McCain: Petraeus testimony ‘comprehensive’ – –

        — – –COMPREHENSIVE!! – – – -LOL

        TRANSLATION: – — UH! OH! — – -I heard him say that Ambassador Rice USED HIS — NON-CONFIDENTIAL TALKING POINTS. – – – -NOW IMMA B CALLED A RACIST 4 ATTACKIN’ HER!! – – –I — –GOT – – – –GOT!!

        It’ll B FUN – – -WATCHIN’ HIM — – -SQUIRM!!!! – –LOL – – —

        Good 2 C U –Aquagranny. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –A – – –BLACK HISTORY-MAKING MOMENT— –:>) – –

    – – – –Miles Davis Gets a Stamp and a Movie

    – — –*History making musicians Miles Davis and Edith Piaf are making history even in their ancestry.

    The two are being honored as they join the ranks of the postage stamp family for the U.S. and also the French postal service.

    “On behalf of the Miles Davis family, we are honored that the U.S. Postal Service and La Poste are paying homage to the timeless legacy of Sir Miles Dewey Davis,” said Cheryl Davis, Erin Davis and Vince Wilburn, Jr. — Miles’ daughter, son and nephew, respectively.

    Along with a commemorative stamp, Davis’s life will soon be on display in a feature film, currently in production. The movie will be directed by George Tillman, Jr., the Jazz player’s eldest son, Gregory Davis, will consult the production.

    “Our intention is to make a feature film that will appeal beyond the worldwide audience of Miles Davis die-hard fans, to also include those who don’t know the first thing about the man, and introduce new ears to his music,”

    – – –Blue in Green by. Miles Davis – –:>)

    – –Soooo — PROUD of U — MR. MILES DAVIS, – –:>)

    – – -Lookin’ – -FORWARD – – –> :>) –

    • Aquagranny911

      I will be adding those stamps to my small collection of really cool people.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquaranny911 – – –***fist bump** – —Me 2. :>)

  • AxelFoley

    Did ya’ll know PBO owes his reelection to Occupy and they led the way and he followed? It’s says so right here:


    • sagittarius

      That’s why the professional left stays losing; always trying to take credit for the work of other folk. If PBO owes his re-election to Occupy, then I have a harem on an island in the sea.

      • GN

        They’re all PR, marketing, and branding bullshit. Media mirages (“national conversation”) in place of tangible accomplishments.

      • Admiral_Komack

        Fuck Occupy…and I didn’t need to find a steeking consensus to say it.

    • GN

      More disrespect and delusion from fauxgressives. President Obama was discussing topics of tax code fairness since literally the beginning of his career (and he was famously attacked for the “incivility” of decimating Paul Ryan’s budget to his face re: economic inequality, months before OccuWhy was a speck in the anti-PBO beltway media’s eye, as IMO ows is largely a PR and marketing “success” rather than a tangible one).

      White fauxgressives cannot and will not credit President Obama for his leadership, and ows is the manner in which they can finally admit that progress has been made without having to give the n***er credit for it. They think no one notices this shit, but they’re absolutely wrong.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — -THIS – — -The SCOTUS will hears HOURS of TESTIMONY. — -He gives a COGENT ARGUMENT in 120 SECONDS.! – -LOL

    – —VIDEO: Law Professor Explains Why Conservative Argument About Affirmative Action Is Wrong In 120 Seconds – —

    – —-A remarkable scene occurred Friday at a conservative judicial conference when a panelist got up and explained to the lily-white audience why affirmative action is still important, dispelling the notion that minorities who attend elite schools should have their qualifications questioned.

    Ted Shaw, a professor at Columbia Law School and former president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, drew an eloquent parallel during a Federalist Society convention panel to explain why that notion is problematic. “Why should I not apply taint to white men of a certain age and say, ‘look, you went to college a time when you got a pass or at least you got in to schools where no people of color could get in, so I question your qualifications?’ I don’t do that,” Shaw explained, imploring the audience not to fall in the trap of questioning minority students either. “When I graduated from Columbia Law School, I didn’t take the ‘black bar.’ I took the New York bar, and then the California bar, and passed them”:
    WATCH — — – –

    Did U C/feel – da – — -“GUILTY AGITATION” -in da room? – — –LOL- – – –

  • Camille

    Let me be blunt (like I’m ever not), this Susan Rice witch hunt is Hillary and Bill Clinton at work. I realize that some of my family here won’t be happy with my thoughts on this matter, but I still think that it is important that we each get to tell our own truths as we see it. No?

    Hillary Clinton prematurely and in what should have been roundly denounced by Democrats and all thinking, honest brokers, brow-raisingly announced over a year and half ago – and in the midst of a difficult time for the world (her delegated territory) – that she would not be returning “even if the President were re-elected”.  That announcement could have waited. It was unnecessary and could have harmed ongoing international discussions.

    This was done in very bad faith, was uncalled for and served absolutely no purpose besides sending very strong and negative messages.  No high ranking team player in any administration, especially the Secretary of State, does that unless they have an ulterior motive and want to seriously undermine and undercut the President.  

    And please don’t tell me that Hillary Clinton as politically savvy as she is, did not consider the ramifications and precisely the message such a premature and very undiplomatic, self-serving and short-sighted announcement would convey.

    And voila! Right about that very time, we were suddenly bombarded with calls from the usual suspects in the Clinton camp and their friends in the media, insisting that President Obama “needed Hillary as V.P to win reelection” – think Doug Wilder, Ed Rendell etc. Heck even Joe Scarborough! There was suddenly a strong call and push to replace Joe Biden, along with very malicious attempts at smearing a great, loyal and solid statesman, Joe Biden as inept and full of blunder.

    Bill Clinton who had been mute and mostly out of sight in the 8 years George Bush was president – and who never publicly commented on anything including the unnecessary and financially crippling wars,  meanwhile had now found his voice again and has been running around from the very beginning of the Obama presidency, very publicly doing his usual underhanded thing of criticizing and contradicting President Obama at every turn, while damning with feint praise.  His people put out leaks about everything from private meetings with the Obama team and narratives that demeaned – and where that failed to have the desired effect, tried to grab for more influence by publicly strong arming President Obama. These narratives were immediately picked up and pushed hard by their flunkies like Ed Rendell, Chris Matthews, Dana Milbank, John Heilemann, Harold Ford etc.

    Let’s not even delve into the matter of how very close friends and allies of the Clintons over the past 4 years consistently and very publicly bashed, disrespected and demeaned President and Mrs Obama – with a lot of them very publicly backing and fundraising for various Republican candidates including John Huntsman and Mitt Romney. And please do not tell me that the Clintons could not rein them in. Bullshit. I can honestly tell you that Ed Rendell, James Carville, Mark Penn,  Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty (who gushes about Romney being a “problem solver”!), Erskine Bowles, Kiki Mclean and her PUMA/No Labels crowd all voted for Mitt Romney. Lynn de Rothschild etc, already publicly backed McCain and then Jon Huntsman.

    In fact there was rather tacit approval by the Clintons as evidenced by the many attacks on President and Mrs Obama directly or “anonymously” via their very close friends and staff including from Bill Clinton’s current “chief of staff” (who voted for Romney because it helped Hillary’s chances at winning in 2016 – a fact that he never even bothered to deny), PUMA’s hired to fill positions at the State Department by Hillary including Anna Marie Slaughter who even as Policy Director for Hillary at the State Dept, continued to publicly and maliciously attack President Obama. The list is endless.

    When Bill Clinton was asked about Donald Trump’s nonstop racist birther attacks on President Obama, Clinton’s response was one if had the tables been turned and it was Barack Obama responding, would have caused such a stink and outrage from Democrats and the media alike. 

    Bill Clinton talked about how kind Trump has been to him and Hillary and how he likes and appreciates Trump and enjoys their many golf outings together. Uh huh.

    Can you imagine if President Obama had publicly declared his friendship with and deep appreciation for an obnoxious public figure who continues to maliciously slander Bill and Hillary Clinton?!

    It is important to note that in one of Trump’s many rantings, he specifically referenced his conversations with the Clintons and how disgusted they were that “the ungrateful blacks” abandoned them for Obama “after everything the Clintons had done for them”. 

    Bill Clinton jumped onto the re-election campaign bandwagon several weeks before the elections – after spending 4 very public years diminishing and chipping away at President Obama and very deliberately muddying up the President’s message at every turn.

    There was this calculation that if Hillary is to Run and win in 2016, there had to be a sense for Democrats and the silly Obamacrats that Bill Clinton had really, really tried to help the Obamas get reelected.

    But there was also the sheer vanity thing with Bill Clinton and his obsessive need to be continually fawned over and to be in and have the spotlight. He got that at the DNC convention in North Carolina – where incidentally, Chelsea Clinton who has NEVER acknowledged little less voiced any sort of support for President and Mrs Obama or their daughters, also had her very own strategically placed roundtable on something.

    There was absolutely nothing Bill CLinton said in that speech at the DNC that the President hadn’t already talked about. And the same media who actually should have been reporting that very obvious fiscal dynamics without any prompting, were all on a high because Bill Clinton said it. And only because Bill Clinton was going to be their new weapon to flog and try to continue to demean and deny President Obama credit for all his accomplishments. If they could once again elevate Clinton, they could take away Barack’s shine. And so it began.

    The Clintons also hoped that by sending Bill around campaigning, they would automatically inherit the unstoppable OFA machine President Obama had built amongst other things. Also commit Barack and Michelle to campaigning and fundraising for Hillary. Notice how Bill Clinton never failed to publicly keep count and mention to the crowd how many campaign stops he’d made on behalf of President Obama, even though his campaign stomp speeches were less about President Obama (restrained praise, “good” job) and more about him, his “successful” presidency and of course Hillary (“great” job as SOS). There was never any unrestrained or effusive endorsement or validation of President Obama’s many accomplishments which were never deliberately tempered or offered with qualifiers that managed to diminish the actual accomplishment. Incidentally, Health care reform was nearly always missing in many Clinton stomp speeches.

    Folks got so distracted by the visuals of Bill Clinton campaigning and paid little attention to his actual stomp speeches. I promise you that had they been as good or effective as his DNC speech, the media would have highlighted them more – but of course they didn’t because they were largely duds.

    If Bill Clinton was such a master campaigner could someone please tell me why he didn’t go work his magic for President Obama in his home State of Arkansas where he was Governor and is by many accounts, still “beloved”. 

    Arkansas, a State which by the way voted Democratic mostly but which President Obama lost even worse than he did South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma and Mississippi! President Obama only fared worse in Wyoming and Utah!

    In all the noise that the Clinton P.R people made about Bill Clinton “helping” President Obama by bringing in his “big money fundraisers” who 4 years later still refused to support President Obama because they had “not been given the green light” by the Clintons, was all hoopla. Noise.

    Because in the end, It is important to note that most of those closest to Bill Clinton including his close buddy and party mate, billionaire Stephen Bing and Haim Saban amongst others, NEVER donated to the Obama campaign or the pro-Obama SuperPac even after the much touted Clinton fundraising assist. Haim Saban showed up at one event hosted by former Obama ambassador to the Bahamas, Nicole Savant and her husband Netflix exec. Ted Sarandos. But no donation. He did however scale back his vicious attacks on President Obama re: Israel. Saban is a Clinton leaning version of Sheldon Adelson.

    The Clintons weren’t really expecting an Obama win. They did however hedge their bets just in case he did.

    This Susan Rice attack is indeed being spearheaded by the Clintons. 

    When Hillary announced that she would be departing as Sec. of State, she did this in typical Hillary short-sightedness, largely banking on an Obama defeat. 

    Hillary demanded from President Obama and got complete control of the State Department and she and Bill and his Clinton Global Initiative reaped greatly from her vaunted position and access – something she will now need to somehow hold on to even without being SOS.

    Susan Rice even with her original ties to the Clintons, is nobody’s flunky.  

    A savvy, whipsmart, blunt, efficient, levelheaded, strong, independent woman, she has shown time again that she can hold her own. And if put in charge of the State Dept, will completely disassemble Hillaryland and return normalcy to what has become largely an operation and carefully crafted PR effort to keep Hilllary Clinton viable for her run for the presidency as opposed to the primary work of serving the best interests of the United States and the President.

    Much has been made about Susan Rice’s “lack of diplomacy” and “bluntness” and coming from people who coo about how “wonderful” Hillary Clinton has been as SOS, this has to be the most hilarious, incredulous and brazenly disingenuous accusation thrown at Dr. Rice.

    The truth is Susan Rice is better qualified and equipped than Hillary Clinton ever was to be SOS. 

    A Stanford and Oxford University graduate and Rhode Scholar, Foreign policy has been Susan Rice’s lifework. 

    Susan Rice has earned this position if President Obama does indeed nominate her for it. 

    She has not gotten where she is by being married to anyone or positioning herself at every point. She has worked hard at something she has had a great interest in and studied for in University under the tutelage of some of the greatest scholars.

    The fact that there are those out there doing coordinated hit pieces that reference the Clintons should come as no surprise. 

    The Clintons once again want an in on the Obama second term to manipulate things to serve their short and longterm plans.

    Unfortunately, this is no longer a newbie Democratic President/admin and so “old hand WH veteran Democrats from the Clinton era” won’t get to run roughshod or lead, affect and corrupt the transition and set-up this time around.

    Hence the media enlisted fight to embed some Clinton loyalists or republican spoilers in powerful/influential positions such as Treasury, Defense and of course State.

    Why on earth would a second term President give away his plumest and most important positions that potentially make or break his Presidency and legacy to people he cannot trust or who hold  primary loyalties to the Clintons or the Republican party?

    President Obama is no fool and try as these noisy media errand boys may, they will not succeed in destroying President Obama in his second term – having failed to fell him in his first and meet their expressed goal of denying him a second term.

    On the night President Obama won re-election, instead of celebrating him, the media spent time brooding and making very vocal pronouncements that wished for the President to have a scandal-strewn second term. Barbara Walters as part of the ABC election night coverage actually went as far as putting out instances where she hoped there potentially could be “scandal”. She mentioned the Obama girls getting older and Malia going off to college and “rumors of problems in the Obama marriage”! yes, on election night!

    Has anyone wondered why in spite of being in charge of the State Department and being the Sec. of State – the person directly and solely responsible for embassies and ambassadors, something she fought hard to deny President Obama any access or say – as part of her original negotiation and deal to take the SOS position, there has been little or no mention of Hillary Clinton, her role or responsibility in all of this Benghazi furor?

    How has a powerful SOS who for the first time in American history, negotiated the terms of the job with her boss the President to have complete say so and oversight over the State Dept with zero interference from the President, now suddenly be so so mum?

    Why and how is the media allowing John McCain, Lindsey Graham etc. to selectively attack the President and Susan Rice on Benghazi, while the two key players – the Secretary of State and the CIA director slither away unscathed? Hey John McCain if you are truly concerned with truth and fact finding focus on the current SOS won’t you?

    Something is terribly wrong with this picture, but it will all be fixed in no time.

    My prayer for President Obama has always been that God expose, uproot and destroy any and all things operating in his life and sphere of influence that seek to cause President Obama and his family pain, sorrow or harm. I also ask God to expose, uproot and destroy all of President Obama’s enemies – seen and unseen, known and unknown, remote or direct, in any shape or form they’ve taken: false friends, false allies, double agents, saboteurs, undermining agents and stealth and outright attackers.

    God hears and acts without fail. It is well.

    • sagittarius

      I can’t think of a POU Fam member who would have any quarter with your analysis (not that I can speak for anyone but myself). This is righteous, spot-on and accurate.

      We know this is coming from Bill and Hill. As I said earlier in the week about Bubba’s 2012 campaigning: he earned some brownie points. He in no form, shape or fashion, will EVER again enjoy the 80-90% support from black folks that he did when he was President. What Bubba failed to realize is when he got down like that in the 2008 SC primary – we started to take a look back at his presidency. The cocaine sentencing disparity. Welfare reform. Taking the teeth out of the FCC. Repealing Glass-Steagall. All of the damage Bush II was able to do from 2000-2008 was because Bubba weakened the checks and balances of various systems. He couldn’t keep it in his pants and the Repubs impeached him and took full advantage of a weakened presidency. That’s why they are trying so hard to attach a scandal to PBO – so they can weaken his second term.

      You see – black folk know who has been ride or die with PBO – and we count VPOTUS; Sen Kerry and a few others among that group. The Clintons showed us who they were in 2008 and we haven’t forgotten.

      • AxelFoley

        Tell it, sag. Tell. It.

        Also note how the GOP heaped praise on Bill all election season. They act like we forgot how they went after him in the 90s. Now all of a sudden they’re BFFs with him?


        All that stuff was coordinated.

      • rikyrah

        tell it sag.


      • Tafr

        Yup someone asked me when I was going to get over the SC primary mess I told that person never. Matter of fact I lost all respect for Hillary when her team tried to play stupid about the Muslim issue. As if being a Muslim is a bad thing. Hell only stupid rednecks go there and Hillary was doing her best to shore up those idiots. Hillary will never get my vote never!

    • AxelFoley

      Damn, that was thorough as a mug. Camille broke it down.

    • Worldwatcher7

      Standing O.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Dear SisCamille. ***BIG HUG** :>) – —

      – —– <.-There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light. – -[Luke 8:17] — –

      AS U HAVE SAID: – — –-THIS – – ->God hears and acts without fail. It is well. – – —

      Prayin’ 4 her continuin’ protection. :>)AMEN. :>)

      Good WORDS!- -:>) B Blessed. :>) – – —

    • MsKitty

      Forget comment of the week, this is comment of the year.

    • trose1

      Amen Camille

    • MonieTalks
    • ALL. OF. THIS.

    • Admiral_Komack

      I like your analysis.
      Then again, I don’t trust Bill Clinton.

    • TyrenM

      Comment of the MONTH! Well done.

    • rikyrah

      bravo bravo bravo

      all the way

    • rikyrah

      bravo bravo bravo

      all the way

    • QOakaJP

      I read this late last night, and again just now. I love the way you break down your thoughts here. All I’ll say is if ANYone thinks O supporters are gonna just fall in line with whatever and whomever we’re given in 2016, they’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Aquagranny911

      Your analysis makes way better sense than the one I heard on this issue yesterday & I have never trusted the Clintons especially Billy Boy. But I still have to ask por que? WHY?

      What real purpose does it serve for them? It would seem that if they are setting up Hillary to run for Prez they made a lot of mistakes & attacking Susan Rice is a huge one. I do have to say that I never considered either of them astute politicians even though their machine has been described as “formidable.”

      I do most heartily agree that “no weapon formed against PBO will prosper. It can’t work.”