September 26, 2017

Saturday Evening Thread: West Wing Week

  • NBC’s opening ceremony mess: the top six cringeworthy moments

    From Meredith Vieira’s jokes about her own ignorance to the station’s frequent ad breaks and mindless chatter

    After getting a storm of criticism over social media for not broadcasting the Olympic opening ceremony live, the American network also got hit for some of the edits and content of its delayed coverage.

    Here are some of the more cringeworthy moments:

    Punk goes pop

    The Sex Pistols have long passed away from being subversive and instead become quintessentially British. But perhaps not as far as NBC was concerned. Their song Pretty Vacant only made snatches of the broadcast either side of a break and was largely cut.

    Tim Berners-Lee – who dat?

    NBC co-host Meredith Vieira failed to do her homework and thus did not recognise the importance of the inventor of the world wide web. “If you haven’t heard of him, we haven’t either,” she said. “Google him,” joked co-host Matt Lauer.


    • crazycanuck

      Research for so called journalist is a thing of the past

    • TresL

      They got rid of Ann Curry but brought Meredith back for her keen insights? What a mess.

    • Camille

      Focusing the cameras extensively on Mitt Romney and his wife when the U.S marched through, while barely showing Mrs Obama, the First Lady of the U.S – official leader of the delegation who was barely shown on screen for 3 seconds.

      By the way, when did a presidential candidate and his wife become entitled to exactly the same or better treatment, access and perks than a sitting President and First Lady?

      Matt Lauer’s inappropriate small talk filled with snideness and cattiness and his extended focus on the the delegation from his wife’s native Netherlands.

      The whole thing was a complete mess. NBC sucks.

  • rikyrah

    Just wanna comment on the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Here was London, welcoming the WORLD. I was really touched by their choices for who would carry the Olympic flag, and that they all weren’t British.

    The choice for how they wanted to light the torch, in essence, having all the countries contribute to the building of the torch, was to me, a symbol of the different kind of world that we are living in today, and another reason why Willard and his ‘ Anglo-Saxon’ bullshyt rubbed the Brits the wrong way. London is a very cosmopolitan city – has been for centuries. And, they welcomed the WORLD last night.

    still LOL at the Queen and James Bond – it was such a British thing to do…part of their humor.

    • isonprize

      I just saw an interview with the guy who dressed as Queen Elizabeth to jump out of the helicopter. He was so cool! They approached him about a year prior and they’d been working on the stunt over the summer. He even wore a wig and make up to look like QE. They even chose the type of helicopter that the Queen uses when she travels.

      NBC probably also cut out the London Olympic tribute to Caribbeans who came to Britain. It’s obvious that London wanted to present the REAL London to the world.

      Whether intentional or not, they thumbed their noses at the US re: Universal Health Care. The whole kids hospital scene was a tribute to their National Health System. Imagine that?!?! A country so proud of the care provided to their citizens that they brag about it to the world.

      If the plan was to open the Olympics and make me want to visit London? They did a helluva a job!!

      • GreenLadyHere

        isonprize – —PRESENTIN’ – —HER ROYAL MAJESTY – – The–

        — –Q- –

        – ——– — – U

        – ——————–E —-

        – —————————–E

        – – — – – – —- – – —- – —- – – –N

        — —Olympics: Queen’s Double On Parachute Jump ——

        – –The man who played The Queen leaping out of a helicopter in one of the most memorable moments of the Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony has told Sky News how the stunt took months to perfect.

        Gary Connery said he had carried out a number of test jumps at various airfields and over the Olympic Stadium before the main event that was watched by hundreds of millions around the world.
        THERE IS MORE. :>)

  • rikyrah

    Serena Williams sure has friends in high places. Usually, the 14-time grand slam winner’s supporters’ box is populated by family members but for her first-round Olympics match on Saturday there was an addition to the cast: the American first lady, Michelle Obama.

    The US president’s wife was a guest of Williams, who won her fifth Wimbledon singles title three weeks ago, preferring to sit in the players’ box rather than the Royal Box, where dignitaries are usually planted at the All England Club.

    And after the US president’s wife sat alongside Williams’ mother, Oracene Price, inside the Centre Court it was quickly obvious the two were not exactly strangers.

    The 30-year-old twice referred to the first lady as simply “Michelle” during her post-match news conference, having disposed of Serbia’s former world No.1 Jelena Jankovic 6-3 6-1 with little drama on Saturday.

    “Oops, am I being rude?” Williams said when asked whether she was on first-name basis with Mrs Obama. “She’s so cool. I’ve met her several times. I feel comfortable saying ‘Michelle,’ and I think she wants the people to feel that way.

    “They asked me did I mind if she sat in the family box. I was like, ‘of course not’. Please, it would be my honour. I mean, I love Michelle.”

  • lamh35

    Question, does anyone know of a website/organization/program/phone number/etc that helps people pay for or get discounted medication?

    My mother right now does not have insurance and if/until she gets medicaid, she has some really expensive heart & diabetes meds that she needs to take daily.

    • Try the pharmacy at Costco. They have good prices on generic meds. Here’s their price checker


    • nellcote

      CVS has a drug program but I’m not sure what meds are covered. ‘scripts are $10 per and they fill all my refills at the same time so it’s super cheap. I think Walgreen’s and Costco have a similar program. I don’t know where you’re located but check your local bigbox pharmacy. If it’s a newish brand name drug check if they have a website. Sometimes they have discount programs.


    • nellcote
    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY lamh35. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

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      Ask them for other agencies. :>)

      Hope these help. :>)

      NOW: – – – –
      — –“My Help” Psalms 121 — IN HIS NAME – -AMEN.

      Bless her annnd family. :>)

    • rikyrah

      did you try the American Diabetes Association?

    • GreenLadyHere

      lamh35. American HEART Association. :>)

  • rikyrah

    Rant: Why NBC and The American Media Are An Embarrassment

    Posted on 07/28/2012 at 8:00 am by JM Ashby

    Like everyone else, I was flabbergasted upon learning yesterday that NBC would not be televising or streaming the Olympic opening ceremony live here in the year 2012.

    Instead, the east coast would have to wait a further three hours, and the west coast would have to wait a further six hours to watch the ceremony.

    I’m a cable subscriber, but I like many others turned to various 3rd party streamers to view BBC’s coverage of the opening ceremony live since neither NBC or any other American network would be showing it. And BBC’s coverage was excellent. They covered the entire ceremony without cutting to a commercial break and their anchors displayed nothing but respect for every nation and every athlete in attendance. They also displayed an operating knowledge of almost every team and used every opportunity possible to educate the viewer.


    Co-anchors Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira spent the next several hours cracking the Macy’s Day Parade equivalent of fart jokes concerning everything from the dramatic opening ceremony, to the names of some of the nations in attendance, to the uniforms worn by some of the athletes, to the demeanor of Queen Elizabeth. And that was between the more than a dozen commercial breaks to sell us boner bills, luxury cars, and anti-Obama attack ads.

    Professional pontificator and obvious Romney fanboy Bob Costas also chimed in to say that no matter what your political ideology is, you “have to admit Romney saved the Olympics.”

    No, Bob. No we do not. Although if you want to discuss how Romney accepted a federal bailout of the Olympics, I’m game.

    Both the overseas reaction to Mitt Romney’s London stumble tour and NBC’s shithouse coverage of the opening day of the Olympics reminded me just how embarrassing, incompetent, and unprofessional the American media is. And not to absolve ourselves from blame — Americans have also become too complacent. We don’t demand better, and it’s time for us to start.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evening Sepia- –***BIG HUG** :>)


    YA KNOW – — -when MR. PRESIDENT announced that he would go 2 Aurora – –my heart was sooo LIFTED. :>) It was as IFF he had the DEPTH of COMPASSION annd YES – -EMPATHY – — 2 ASSUAGE the GRIEF of the VICTIMS/FAMILIES annnnd ALL WHO MOURN. – – with his PRESENCE – – – -HUGS annnd a FEW WORDS of COMFORT.

    Annnd HE DID JUST THAT. :>) IMHO – – -the WHOLE WORLD could BREATHE a COLLECTIVE SIGH of RELIEF – once he SPOKE.- – –

    Annnd those words – – – -a MESSAGE of PROFOUND HOPE annnd LOVE.



    Annnd – – -He MUST REMAIN soo – — -for 4!- – – –MORE! – – – -YEARS!! – – -Woo! Hoo!

    • nellcote

      He’s had to do too many of these. Off the top of my head, he’s led public events after the coal mine disaster in W.Virginia, the Ft. Hood shooting, and of course Gabby Giffords in AZ.

      • GreenLadyHere

        nellcote I KNOW –HUH. Annnd he handled them AL with the SAME COMPASSION annnd EMPATHY. :>)

        I’ve NEVA seen such a demand on other presidents or such a COMPASSIONATE RESPONSE. :>)

        Which brings ANOTHER thought 2 mind.

        2 THOSE hATAS who ALWAYS wanna C the “Angry BLAH MALE” persona: IFF he STAYS in THAT MODE –CONTINUOUSLY – –he will NOT B able 2 HONE his COMPASSIONATE SKILLS.. —

        EVIDENCE: Look at the –“WAR-MONGERING” politicians..ALWAYS ANGRY!! —-RARELY displaying compassion. [mcAncient comes 2 mind. MOSTLY MAD!!]

        O.K. —I’m THA-ROUGH. :>)

  • rikyrah

    What does America want to be?

    Thursday, July 26, 2012 |
    Posted by Liberal Librarian at 11:09 AM

    Life has intruded the past couple of weeks, so my essays have been scant. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been ignoring the news. The political war of the past few weeks has done nothing but strengthen the argument I made in this essay a few weeks ago. Besides being a forceful Commander-in-Chief, President Obama and his team in Chicago have organized a pummeling of Mitt Romney and the GOP not usually seen coming from Democrats. They’ve allowed the Republicans to commit their forces in one desperate attack after another, and then moved in for the kill. November is a long way away, but the evidence of the past month shows that the Obama campaign has the GOP’s number, and is fighting political battles on the fields of its choice, to its advantage, while not allowing Romney and the Republicans to gain any firm footing.

    What’s hit me especially hard these past couple of weeks, though, is just how existential is the choice we face this November. Maybe 40 years ago, when there was a general consensus between the two parties on the role of government, brought about by the New Deal, people were merely voting as to which of the parties could better manage that consensus at any given time. That started to change with Richard Nixon’s “Southern strategy”, where the GOP threw its lot in with the ghosts of racism and white anger at black civil rights. It proceeded apace with Ronald Reagan, adding the Christian right wing into the mix, as well as a no-longer-disguised fealty to anything demanded by multinational corporations. And then with George W. Bush neo-imperialism became part of the GOP manifesto, with the maintenance of the American Empire paramount over any other governmental concern.


    What the Obama campaign of 2008 and his subsequent Presidency have done is to expose the hollow core of Republican ideology and governance. Step by step—because you have to attack 40 years of a particular mindset one bit at a time, and not try to undo it wholesale, much to the consternation of some on the Left—he has exposed GOP promises as nothing but lies to win votes and acquiescence for the increase in the power of corporations and the wealthy, the constricting of rights at home and the expansion of empire abroad. He took a healthcare plan put forth by the Heritage Foundation in the 90s, and modeled closely on Mitt Romney’s healthcare law in Massachusetts, and made it his own. Of course, as it was his, it was opposed by the GOP and the Right. In Libya he secured the fall of a dictator with a modicum of force, and was castigated by the GOP-led House for not seeking permission—a permission that GOP legislators never felt a Republican President needed. He showed that the Republicans were willing to see the full faith and credit of the United States turn to ashes in order to preserve tax breaks for the wealthy. Slice by slice he’s been hacking away at Republican boilerplate to expose it for the lie that it is. And he has thus presented the electorate with a stark choice.

  • rikyrah

    Mitt Romney’s Southern Strategy

    Thursday, July 26, 2012 |
    Posted by Deaniac83 at 2:47 PM

    Some of us weren’t surprised when Romney campaign aides went to British newspapers and bragged about their (or maybe America’s) “Anglo-saxon” heritage which Barack Obama “doesn’t appreciate.” The Romney campaign issued a non-denial denial of the quote. “If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Gov. Romney or anyone inside the campaign,” said campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg.

    This is what is known as a dog whistle. You send out campaign aides to say racist comments to the media – in a foreign country no less (and to boot, the country our founders rebelled against) – make sure they are anonymous, and when there is inevitably a firestorm, you have plausible deniability. No matter, the message got through to the people it needed to go to. Right wing racists know you’re on their side, and you know, that mulatto is wrecking America. See, this way, you can get the racists riled up without scaring off the the broad middle.


    The Romney campaign has promised a hard pushback, and the candidate, his surrogates and even his wife previewed some of that pushback this week. Ann Romney arrogantly blathered on television that her husband has released all the tax information “you people need to know.” Mr. Romney himself resorted not only to purposefully lying regarding what President Obama said about businesses (that business owners did not build the roads that they use to ship their products, the Internet they use to sell to customers, or the universities that educated their workers), but to calling the President “foreign” over and over again. His surrogate said President Obama needed to “learn to be an American”, before walking it back, but having successfully sounded the dog whistle anyway. Reportedly the Romney campaign also plans to rehash President Obama’s past drug use.

    Mitt’s strategy to win in November is not based on values, nor policy, hell, it isn’t even based on personalities. It is based on the oldest scar in American history. Mitt Romney is, at best, hiding in plain sight his intention to win based on racial animus against the President. He’s not “like you”, he’s “foreign”, he doesn’t “understand [white] America.” This is Romney’s message.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – -I have no other way of transmitted THIS DISGUSTING- – – -SICK- – billboard- – -except 2 give the link: – –

    – –DISGUSTING- – -SICK – -WORK of a DANG – -RACIST!! – –


    • Aquagranny911

      Part of me hopes some folks from Colorado will form a posse & go “have a few words”* with this disgusting slime.

      * “having a few words” was my brothers speak for beating the crap out of someone.

  • lamh35

    Hey guys.

    Thanks for your help with the prescription drug assistance program.

    I’ve just finished checking all the drug website and I think I may have found a way for my mom. The only thing now is that my mom is moving to NOLA in 2 weeks, all the drug company assistance program require the physicians office to fill out the paperwork and if accepted into the program, then the prescriptions will be mailed to the physician’s office. So I’m not sure if we should go ahead and get the physicians offices here in Cincy to fill out the forms, or just wait until she gets to NOLA.

    The NOLA public clinics are referral only. So her physician’s in Cincy have to call the clinics send the referral information and then she can make appointments I guess.

    Thank ya’ll for the help

    • GreenLadyHere

      lamh35 —CALL annd SET it up NOW. ADVISE the docs where U R NOW that U will need their HELP when U get 2 NOLA. IFF U have some DOCs in NOLA —CALL. Tell them –HERE U come with an –ETA.

      Make as MANY -“HOOK-UPS ” as U can NOW. :>) IMHO. :>)

      • lamh35

        Thank you so much GLH.

        My mom already had her appointment with her Diabetic doctor, and next Wednesday she’ll have her appointment with her Cardiologist. Shes already called the NOLA clinics and on Monday she’s gonna call back her Diabetic doctor to get them to call the NOLA office and fax referral info.

        • GreenLadyHere

          lamh35♥ – – – – – -**FIST BUMP*** – -THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout. :>)

          Told U- — -IT’S GON WORK OUT!! – –THANK U LORD!! :>)

  • lamh35

    Olympic talk, I do love the Volleyball matches. Womens and Beach Volleyball are my fav.

    Let’s go Misty and Kary!

  • creolechild

    Stupid Right Wing Rumor Debunk: Churchill Bust Edition

    Mitt Romney is having a terrible week. Again. But you’d never know it from the right wing blogs and columns. Why, Charles Krauthammer just came out yesterday with the worn-out old claim in his that President Obama banished poor Churchill’s bust back to the United Kingdom. How unAnglo-Saxon of him!

    Can we bust this rumor once and for all? The White House hopes so, and released that picture showing Mr. Churchill’s bust to prove it. From their blog post:

    Read more:

    H/T karoli

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – -LOL – – Look who’s reportin’ on teh WILLARD. LOL – –I’m tryta find out WHAT he’s doin’ annnd THEY must B 2. – – LOL.

    – — Romney on to Israel as Republicans launch bid for Jewish vote in US– —

    – – —Mitt Romney will meet with Israeli leaders on the latest leg of his three-nation foreign tour in a move that comes as Republican party strategists are making an aggressive pitch for American Jewish voters.

    As Romney seeks to woo top Israeli figures like prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, defence minister Ehud Barak, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and president Shimon Peres in a series of personal meetings on Sunday, his party back home is preparing a massive ad campaign targeted at Jewish Americans.

    The effort is called “My Buyer’s Remorse” and comes from the Republican Jewish Coalition. It will place adverts in key battleground states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania and is backed by a war chest of around $6.5m.

    One of the main funders of the group is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, once a fervent backer of Romney’s nomination rival Newt Gingrich but who has now swung behind the party’s pick.

    – – –SNIP – – –

    But despite their major push the Republicans will likely have their work cut out for them. Last week a Gallup poll found the president has 68% of the Jewish vote, compared to 25% who back Romney.


    Sooo – –YA GOTTA come with a MEGA POLICY SOME — SOME! Annnd gues what — – -THEY done PEEPED U —-U STOOPID!!- – –


  • creolechild

    Dark money political groups target voters based on their Internet habits

    Lauren Berns was browsing Talking Points Memo when he saw an ad with President Obama’s face. “Stop the Reckless Spending,” the ad read, and in smaller print, Paid for by Crossroads GPS. Berns was surprised. Why was Crossroads GPS, a group that powerful Republican strategist Karl Rove helped found,advertising on a liberal-leaning political website?

    Looking closely at the ad, Berns saw a small blue triangle in the upper-left hand corner. He knew what that meant: this ad wasn’t being shown to every person who read that page. It was being targeted to him in particular. Tax-exempt groups like Crossroads GPS have become among the biggest players in this year’s election. They’re often called “dark money” groups, because they can raise accept unlimited amounts of money and never have to disclose their donors.

    Read more:

    H/T Pro Publica

    • danadevin74

      Yes i noticed alot of anti Obama ads on so-called left leaning sites
      Some of them are no different than right wing sites.

      • creolechild

        You can avoid tracking by using Do Not Track Plus, which is offered by Firefox.

  • creolechild

    Wisconsin State Senator Rejoins Democratic Caucus

    Wisconsin state Sen. Tim Cullen has reconciled with the Democratic caucus and Majority Leader Mark Miller, after Cullen bolted the caucus earlier this week in a dispute over the committee chairmanships.

    Read more:

    H/T Eric Kleefeld

  • creolechild

    Major Banks Have Created Thousands Of Tax Dodging Subsidiaries In The Last Two Decades

    According to a report from the Federal Reserve, over the last two decades the nation’s biggest banks have created thousands of subsidiaries for the purpose of dodging taxes and regulation. As Bloomberg News reported, the most prolific user of these subsidiaries is JP Morgan Chase:

    The biggest U.S. banks created more than 10,000 subsidiaries in the past 22 years as they expanded, using legal structures to pay lower taxes and escape tighter regulation, according to a Federal Reserve study.

    Read more:

    H/T Pat Garofalo

  • creolechild

    The Policy Is Personal

    …. That’s what the Obama campaign will be doing in the coming months. The issue attacks tell you the what, and the character attacks tell you the why. They’ll be telling voters that Romney wants to cut taxes for rich people and threaten important social programs like Medicare (true, as it happens). But in order for that charge to take hold, they need to also explain to people why Romney would want to do such a thing. That’s where stuff like this comes in:


    As we saw four years ago, the Obama team is very good at constructing a narrative and sticking to it, no matter what the news of the day might be. That’s why you haven’t seen them talking much about Romney’s history of 180-degree changes in position. Though there has never been a candidate more vulnerable to the flip-flopper charge than Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign has determined that the heartless-rich-guy charge is the more effective one, so it’s going to bring everything back to that ground.

    Read more:

    H/T Paul Waldman

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – -UH! OH. The “SNOOP “LION” has been TAMED -in Norway. LOL –

    – — Snoop Dogg banned from Norway for 2 years over marijuana – —

    — – – —A lawyer representing Snoop Dogg says the American rapper has been banned from entering Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount of marijuana last month.

    Holger Hagesaeter, the rapper’s legal representative in Norway, told The Associated Press on Saturday that his client “can live with the decision” and has no immediate plans to appeal it.

    —LOL – – –INQURING MINDS WANNA KNOW — –WHO PUT DA DOGG OUT– [of their country?] – – —

    BWAHAHA- – – –***shakin’ my head*** LOL

    • Aquagranny911

      Why is it that Americans think they can waltz into any foreign country without knowing something about their laws? Snoop is lucky he didn’t go to jail which can happen in some places.

      Did you know that chewing gum in Singapore can get you jail time or even having gum in your possession? They are very strict about this.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Aquagranny911. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        Good points. :>)

        ‘CAUSE he di-ent read Chapter 29-CHINA- –in his – –WORLD HISTORY BOOK. LOL.

        Where weer his “handlers”?? —NEVAMIND. They were busy sayin’ – –YA$$A BO$$. ***tsk*** ***eye roll*** —

        Good 2 C U Aquagranny911. :>)

  • creolechild

    Ezra rambles on and on before getting to the point but fortunately the transcript and graphs are provided in the article so you can read for yourself just how unproductive Congress has been since PBO has been in office.~

    Ezra Klein Presents The Do Less Than the Do-Nothing Congress

    H/T Hrafnkell Haraldsson

  • Alma98

    Miranda I don’t know if you guys have ever profiled Dovey Roundtree on this blog but please check her out. I was watching a program she was featured on and found her fascinating. Especially a case in 1964 involving a woman President Kennedy had an affair with. They tried to put it off on a black man and she got him off.

    • Aquagranny911

      I’ve heard of her! I can remember when or in what context but I am going to look her up to refresh my memory.

      • Alma98

        Please look her up AG she was an amazing, smart and strong woman.

    • danadevin74

      I just clicked your link she sounds like a amazing woman
      I went on to read about the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer
      Damn was there anybody President Kennedy didn’t have an affair with?

      • Alma98

        Wasn’t she amazing, I watched an episode of Hardcover Mysteries and that’s were I saw her. If you can please watch it the CIA was scandalous in this case.

  • creolechild

    Well, well, well…what do we have here?

    When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts he kept his distance from gambling. He turned down donations from the gaming industry for his privately underwritten inaugural gala. And though he initially supported allowing the establishment of slot parlors in order to close a $3 billion state deficit, he later announced he would not consider an expansion of gambling and decried the “social costs associated with gaming.”


    While Romney ran Bain Capital, the private equity firm he founded, he owned a Bain-affiliated investment fund that bet heavy on betting. In March 1999, shortly after Romney departed Bain to run the 2002 Winter Olympics, Brookside Capital Investors Inc., a Bain-related entity wholly owned by Romney, filed a document with the Securities and Exchange Commission detailing the investments held the past quarter in its $559 million portfolio. On this roster were 1.2 million shares of GTECH Holdings Corp., then valued at $29 million….Gtech was the world’s largest supplier of computer equipment for lotteries. It operated about 30 of 37 state lotteries in the United States, along with lotteries in England, Israel, Turkey, Australia, and other countries.

    Read more:

    H/T David corn

    • Aquagranny911

      GTECH? I knew someone who worked for them a while back. He only stayed a short time. His take was that they were the “scum of the earth.”

      Dang! Mitty is starting to appear like “the boss of all bosses” into usury, gambling, porn, money laundering, possibly weapons trade. Such a good businessman…NOT!

      Get the dump trucks because the dirt just keeps piling higher & deeper.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – – – 2 Jennifer!- – -Jennifer!- – -Jennifer!- — -WHYCOME U jus’ don’t READ yer NEWSPAPER? – — -GEESH!!–

    – — –Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Jennifer Rubin Edition– –

    – – –Mitt Romney’s biggest fangirl at the Washington Post busts the old “Obama the Muslim sympathizer hates the Jews and hates Israel card.”

    Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the president signed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act.

    – — -“”I have made it a top priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with Israel across the whole spectrum of security issues, intelligence, military, technology,” Obama said during the White House bill signing ceremony.
    – – -SNIP- –
    “We are standing by our friends in Israel when it comes to these kinds of attacks,” said Obama.

    U CAIN’T —“twee”t people into –HATE MODE!!- — DANG!!- —

    – –NOW – –IMMA axe U — -2 have a STADIUM full of SEATS!! — – ‘KAY??

  • creolechild

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Mormon Church “owns one of the most active and unregulated gun sale websites in America”

    The report is about a website, Deseret Media, that runs classified ads where people can buy and sell firearms, ”no questions asked,” without thorough background checks. The website is owned by the Mormon Church.


    The KSL classifieds site currently has adverts for nearly 6,000 products under its firearms and hunting section, including more than 1,000 hand guns. Powerful Glocks, Smith & Wessons and Sigs are all on offer. […]

    Read more:

    H/T GottaLaff

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY creolechild. ***BIG HUG** :>)

      – —Good INFO. – -It allows me 2 connect some DOTS: —

      – — -☻Mormon Church- — >☻teh WILLARD- – ->☻We ‘ON’T NEED

      NO MORE GUN LAWS- – – – ->☻NRA- — CASE CLOSED!

      Annnd those B**TURD put MR. PRESIDENT’S PIC on that BILLBOARD???- — -RACISTS!! – –

      Good 2 C U creolechild. :>)

  • creolechild

    ‘ALEC Rock’ cartoon explains corporate political influence

    A new video updates a classic Schoolhouse Rock concept to explain the basics behind the American Legislative Exchange Council controversy. “ALEC Rock,” produced by Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore and a number of advocacy groups including the Center for Media and Democracy, introduces us to “ALEC,” a malevolent replacement for the traditional Bill.

    Click on link to view video:

    H/T Arturo Garcia and Mark Fiore

  • lamh35

    What the hell? The Chinese Gymnastics team has completely fallen apart! So now all the other teams are actually making it to the medalling finals where before they may never have done so without the Chinese guys just melting down.

    • GreenLadyHere

      lamh35 – – -STEROID SHORTAGE?? – – –

      Oooo-Kaay — Jus’ Kiddin’ :>) I luv their gymnasts. :>)

    • vulcan_girl

      They know how to get me – I was tearing up during the Irish gymnast’s floor exercise. Leg tumor, torn ACLs, broken bones, paraplegic diagnosis, then they got to the bake sales to get him to competitions….

      Then Team GB starting crying because they were doing so well – girl, I had to pause the tape!

    • JojoRaze

      I saw the Chinese gymnastics team and they were bad. The coach’s face was epic. He was mad. My grandmother was like “I wonder if they (the coaches, the Chinese gov’t) beat them (the gymnasts) when they get home.” I was thinking the same thing too because this is the Chinese government, a totalitarian state.

      • Aquagranny911

        JEEZE! That’s just what my Hubby said. We both felt so bad for them. The Chinese team was projected to take gold.

  • isonprize

    Danny Boyle’s thoughts behind the Olympic Opening Ceremony. For anyone who hasn’t read it, please do. EXCELLENT READ!!!

    Opening ceremony a celebration — of protest and dissent

    • Aquagranny911

      Great share! Thank you.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – —Lookin’ 4 OUR FIRST LADY PLAYIN’ TENNIS at the OLYMPICS. BUT shoot -she’s a – — -DECATHLETE!! — -Woo! Hoo!- – –

    – – –London Olympics : First Lady Michelle Obama scores penalty against -SPONGE BOB — annnnnd MORE

    – – — FIRST LADY is – -3 WORDS —A–MAZ–ING!! –Bless her. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – – – -***tears*** – – -STEADFAST- —U.S.A – – -ISRAEL- – –

    – – – –Steadfast – — –

    —-Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other leaders describe how President Obama has strengthened the relationship between the United States and Israel.

    — – – — Say WHA’ – –WILLARD!??? —-TAKE a SEAT!!- –Unless U want those stats 2 DROP!!- – -LOL – –

  • gc

    Interesting convo I had with a tourist from Wales here in P-town. He did not understand how our country fails to appreciate, and is, in fact uber critical of a brilliant leader like Obama. I rambled on a bit about corporate media, low info voters, antibellum residue, but he kept shaking his head. We asked him what he thought of The Greatest Diplomat Ever, Mr Romney. “Who?? Oh…him.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia–He FINALLY got the chance 2 give his SPEECH. :>) — – –

    – – – NYC 5th grader Kameron Slade gives marriage equality speech to City Council — –

    – – —Queens 5th-grader Kameron Slade was recently prohibited from giving a speech about marriage equality to his classmates at PS 195 in Rosedale. But Wednesday, he got the chance to make that speech in front of another audience — the City Council. News 4′s Government Affairs Reporter Melissa Russo reports. – – –

    – – -Good on him. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – — -YA KNOW how ECONOMICS is my “weak” area –right? –WAY-ELL- – -I hope that I’m readin’ THIS correctly so that I can give MR. PRESIDENT a BIG – -CONGRATULATIONS. LOL – —

    – — U.S. Economy Grew By 1.5 Percent Last Quarter– —

    —-According to the latest data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. economy grew by 1.5 percent last quarter. Economists had expected 1.4 percent growth. In the first quarter of this year, the economy grew at 2 percent.

    —-The GROWTH was OVER what was EXPECTED!!!- – — :>)



  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – — VERY SAD NEWS —-from Aurora- – – –

    – —Batman massacre claims its 13th victim: Heartbreak as pregnant survivor whose six-year-old was killed in shooting suffers tragic miscarriage – – – –

    — – –Batman killer James Holmes has claimed his 13th victim after it was announced that pregnant survivor Ashley Moser suffered a tragic miscarriage.

    Ashley Moser was eight weeks pregnant when Holmes burst into an Aurora, Colorado cinema theater on July 20th and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.

    Losing her baby while undergoing surgery for her wounds, the sad news comes eight days after her six-year-old daughter Veronica Moser was killed by 24-year-old Holmes at the Century 16 theater.

    – – -THIS is BEYOND SAD.- – – – RIHEP –“wee one”.☻ — -AMEN.- –

    – – -CONDOLENCES 2 ALL – -AMEN.- — –

    • Aquagranny911

      This just cuts my heart. This poor woman has lost both her babes. I am praying & sending her healing light. RIP little ones. May your next journey be kinder.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny—–AMEN. ***head bow***

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – — Was THIS posted?—–It was sooo controversial. – — –

    – – –‘Essence’ Fires White Editor Two Years After Her Controversial Hiring

    – –“Essence” fashion director Ellianna Placas has been let go from her post after more than two years, according to the NY Post’s Page Six.

    If you recall, Placas’ hiring at Essence was very controversial. Placas, who is white, in 2010 upset the mostly African-American readers/subscribers of the publication. Some of felt Essence should have sought out a black editor.

    Sources told the Post that her departure had less to do with race and more to do with her butting heads with editor-in-chief Constance White.

    • I get the feeling that Placas tried to go all Miss Ann on Ms. White and got chin checked.

      Constance White has more fashion cred than Ellianna anyway.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good Sunday MornTin’ Sepia – -***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – — -***fist bump*** – – — U KNOW she did. Annnnd she prolly has been 4 some time. —

        NOW – — -they will have the OPPORTUNITY [RESPONSIBILITY] – -2 -“DO THE RIGHT THANG!!” – —

        There R 2 many TALENTED sistas out there. :>)

        Good 2 C U Sepia. :>)

  • Aquagranny911

    POU, after a great bit of internal seething I composed an email for NBC concerning their disgusting & insulting coverage of the Olympics thus far. I didn’t use any swears or creative language but I told them they lost a viewer & that I have chosen to ban their coverage & why. I would suggest others might like to do this or send Tweets.

    For those who might like to continue watching the games outside of NBC and don’t have other cable access, try this on your computer: Go to Expat Shield, down load their program for free (ignore ads) & go to BBC Sports for Olympics in real time. This works best with Firefox or Chrome browser rather than IE.

    Let’s cut our MSM to the bone! NBC, BITE THE BIG CACTUS! We have the internet!!!

    • nellcote

      Thanks for the sites! I just can’t stand nbc’s Olympics. Every two years I’m reminded why.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –DEAR POU FAM♥ – G’NIGHT. :>) WISHING U –BLESSED SWEET DREAMS. – -♥ – -♥ :>) – –


    – – – – – — -UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT ♥ :>) – – –