October 18, 2017

Saturday Open Thread: African-American Stuntmen and Stuntwomen

To conclude this week’s open thread theme, I will highlight the accomplishments April Weeden

Hair Show Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Taking the stunt world by storm, April Weeden has built a resume of unparalleled accomplishments. As one of Hollywood’s leading stunt women, she has doubled for numerous high-profile celebrities including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa L. Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Regina King, Gabrielle Union, to name a few.

Whether it’s jumping through a plate-glass window into a swimming pool, or driving through a mustard field at high speeds with a helicopter hovering overhead, there is no question that this young lady’s job falls into the category of unusual occupations. A native of Washington, D.C., April has a long list of film and television credits. ‘

Her films include “Seven Pounds,” “Meet Dave,” “Minority Report,” “Swordfish,” “Rat Race,” “Blade,” “Lethal Weapon 4,” “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Anaconda,” and “Eraser.” Her TV work includes “Community,” “True Blood,” “Strong Medicine,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “JAG,” “Nash Bridges,” “Melrose Place,” and “Beverly Hills 90210.” Most recently, she completed stunts in the films, “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Crash,” and in the NBC TV series, “Las Vegas.”
April gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Kiera in 2002.

 She was completing stunts in four national network commercials, behind-the-scenes footage for the DVD to “The Scorpion King,” and appeared in four feature films: “Looney Tunes,” “Bruce Almighty,” “Biker Boyz,” and a western, “Gang of Roses.” And on top of all of that, this new mother also competed and won first place in the Pacific Coast Barrel Association’s 4D Division competition in barrel racing and she won a buckle!

April has been a source of inspiration for new mothers whose weight issues have caused them emotional distress. As a veteran stunt professional, April has mentored many women who want to enter this thrilling occupation. In fact, she is the subject of a new documentary, “Hollywood At Its Best,” which profiles a handful of successful stunt women in the entertainment industry. April is the President of The Joy Foundation (Mentoring Program) and in 2011, April received a Mentorship Award from the Diamond in the Raw Foundation. In March 2004, she was honored by the Black Arts Alliance with their inaugural Trailblazer Award for her outstanding work in the stunt industry. In January 2006, April was honored to receive the Crystal Award for her accomplishments as a professional stunt person and giving back to the community, by BLM Entertainment.

April is an accomplished singer, dancer and actress. She plans to release her CD and is writing many books.

***Information courtesy of IMDB***

  • dannie22

    good morning!

    • rikyrah

      Good Morning, dannie and Everyone 🙂

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      Good MornTin’ dannie22♥
      POU FAM♥ – –***BIG HUG** :>)

      Again, THANK U 4 your “HEALTH ADVISORY”. :>) B BLESSED. :>)

  • rikyrah

    oh Ro-Ro


    Roland Martin Criticizes ‘White Male’ CNN Executives

    CNN contributor and TV One host Roland Martin–who is leaving the channel after a number of years as a contributor–unleashed some criticism at his soon-to-be-former bosses on HuffPost Live today.

    Martin told Marc Lamont Hill that when he joined CNN he intended to get his own show at some point. He noted that whenever he would guest host hours, the ratings would hold up. Instead, he now finds himself walking out the door at the channel.

    “You have largely white male executives who are not necessarily enamored with the idea of having strong, confident minorities who say, ‘you know, I can do this. I am simply saying ‘give folks a shot,” Martin said. “We deliver, but we never get the big piece, the larger salary, to be able to get from here to there.”


    • trose1

      Read the comments. Some white people have gone nuts over Roland telling the truth.

      • Miranda

        Oh, those are the trolls that wait for any article on any person of color saying ANYTHING so they can pounce and spew their crazy. SMH…and a lot of these sites encourage such.

        • trose1

          Now if I would start posting remarks about “crackers” and I hate whites I would be thrown off the site.
          Stormfront waits for these moments

          • Tafr

            You know normally I could give a damn about people down rating post. However, I find it interesting that both of trose post talking about racist white folks were down rated. I get the feeling this is not a troll.

            Hey anon this is a perfect opportunity to have an adult conversation about racism. You down rated this post but did not have the guts to confront the poster. Why not come out and explain to this poster why you took offense to her post. This is one of the reasons racism will never go away because people refuse to talk about it. I tell you being passive aggressive will not solve the problem.

          • trose1

            I didn’t notice the down rating of my post. I struck a nerve. I be damned if I don’t call out those comments. I say again many whites have lost their minds.

          • Aquagranny911

            Sing it!!! I despise this new format for this very reason because it gives the cowards a cover.

            I add my challenge to yours. Come on “anon” have the cojones to stand & support your down rate!

      • GreenLadyHere

        trose1 – — -Saw that. – — -THOSE would B the SAME one’s who will SUPPORT him when – —-

        – -“SPECIALLY 4 U. :>) LOL – –***HUGS*** :>)

        • trose1

          thanks for the lawn jockey. I never get tired of it.

          • GreenLadyHere

            Trose1 — -My pleasure. :>)

      • Aquagranny911

        Dang! I just caught the ‘down rates’ on your posts. Somebody has been trolling here. I have caught them doing this to others.

        I hate this! Disqus new format makes a heaven for trolls who are too big a coward to stand & publicly defend a down rate.

    • gn

      I wish he weren’t so self-serving, because this critique is entirely accurate. I also wish that he could have understood that the same impulse is driving the current venom towards PBO and rush to embrace majority white groups as MLK resurrected. Same impulse, same need to see black people in our place and the moral / cultural currency of our civil rights movement diluted and transferred over to white folks. Roland Martin doesn’t really get the big picture yet IMO.

    • Guns3000

      Sounds like he has an axe to grind. If they would have renewed his contract and not given him a show he would have stayed. Now all of sudden he is Malcolm X? I don’t believe you. You took that CNN check for years and was quiet as house mouse about the executives. You had that stupid tweet about David Beckham underwear. And CNN could have fired your dumb ass and did not. Why would I invest in someone that has such a lack discernment? No one knew you before CNN. They gave you a national platform. This isn’t about giving folks a shot. This is about a self-centered individual who didn’t get what he wanted.

      • Miranda

        “Why would I invest in someone that has such a lack discernment?”and he truly does lack any discernment. I remember a while ago that lamh pointed out that Roland was like a teenager on twitter. He didn’t have any kind of filter whatsoever and acted like he was finally able to run with the cool kids after years of being nobody.

        • Guns3000

          And I want to be very clear about this. I think at times as a commentator he can be really good and other times not so much. But he is acting how guys act when a pretty girl breaks up with them. “Oh she is a ho, can’t cook and didn’t respect me” and yadda yadda. Bruh, you were with her for 5-6 years, she stuck by through your indiscretions(twitter fiasco), you were eating her food, sleeping her bed and now all of sudden she was so terrible? Nope Guns ain’t buying it.

    • Kennymack1971

      While Roland has a point, my reaction is more ‘and this is shocking how?’. This should be a wake up call to Black media to stop going along to get along and build up their own brands to reach the community. I am not holding my breath.

      • trose1

        Roland thought he was a special “Black.” In the end he was thrown out with Soledad Obrien.

        Soledad should be the one who should stand up. She is silent. I am sure she was paid to keep quiet.

        Roland is an opportunist. He would go on FOX News and shuck and jive if they asked.
        CNN needs to be called out for their racism, period.

      • jds09

        IMO, MSM management is willfully ignorant. Rev. Al’s ratings are strong and wonder boy Jake Tapper’s show is tanking. Nuff said.

    • Admiral_Komack

      What a whiny ass titty baby.

  • gn

    Nice set of tweets re: Thurgood Marshall

    Whitman’s Pickaninny Pe… http://www.beachpackagingdesign.com/wp/2011/04/packaging-for-whitmans-pickaninny-peppermints-chocolate-covered.html … – Thurgood Marshall also fought against the caricatures of black folks…

    I am reading Marshall’s early civil rights letters & came across that one to Whitman’s Candies. Interesting how the struggle for black+

    freedom was fought on multiple fronts at once. Legal, social, economic, political, cultural, etc…

    In light of the recent NYT piece which depicted a relatively unaccomplished attorney as the second coming of Thurgood Marshall, this is a nice reminder of how thoroughly accomplished Thurgood Marshall was, and how hard he worked for black liberation. The civil rights movement and victories which folks so love to appropriate (because they have the money and power, thus can colonize whatever they want from black people)—that movement was hard fought, multi-dimensional, and no walk in the park. Thurgood Marshall is an American hero whose legacy should not be watered down to suit the fancy of privileged people.

  • Miranda

    Lawd…he is ratchet as hell!

    Michigan judge: ‘Gap tooth skank hoes’ was a compliment

    A Michigan judge says that he was just trying to flatter his mistress
    when he referred to his courtroom as “tatted up, overweight, half-ass
    English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes.”

    In a response to a formal complaint, Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade
    McCree admitted that to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission that he
    may have sent a text message to his mistress, saying, “C’mon, U’r
    talking about the ‘docket from hell,’ filled w/tatted up, overweight,
    half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes … and then you walk in.”

    McCree has been accused of sexting Geniene La’Shay Mott, who was
    appearing before his court as a witness in a child support case she
    filed against the father of her child, Robert King.more here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/03/29/michigan-judge-gap-tooth-skank-hoes-was-a-compliment/

    • Kennymack1971

      Sigh… Just trifling.

  • gn

    h/t Kathy V/M

    Watching these “keep your government hands off mah gubmint subsidies” sequester stories with amusement…

    Lawmakers protest demand for timber money return

    GRANTS PASS — The U.S. Forest Service’s demands that rural timber counties pay back millions of dollars in federal subsidies under automatic budget cuts have outraged members of Congress from both parties and caused concern in those counties with struggling economies.

    Thirty-one members of the House this week sent a letter to the Obama administration protesting demands that they return $17.9 million in revenues that pay for schools, roads, search-and-rescue operations in rural counties as well as for conservation projects.

    “For the administration to announce three months after the disbursement of these payments that they are subject to the sequester, and that states will receive a bill for repayment of funds already distributed to counties, appears to be an obvious attempt by President Obama’s Administration to make the sequester as painful as possible,” said the letter organized by House Resources Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., and signed by 30 others.


    The irony of this is just amazing! President Obama saved this country from a bona fide Depression. President Obama has extended his hand many times to the GOP to make budget deals and bargains. The GOP has chosen total obstruction and lack of cooperation as a political tactic, and are now whining because their rural counties are not getting the govt benefits and subsidies to which they’ve clearly grown accustomed.

    Loving this. I certainly do not want people to unduly suffer, but the GOP’s constituency and base needs to understand how much they depend on the rest of us for their needs.

    • Admiral_Komack

      You wanted the sequester, you got it.
      Shut the fuck up.

  • trose1

    So Keli Goff actually wrote an article that made sense

    Gay Marriage coverage a Media shut out

    Quick question: Who is the latest Democratic senator to come out in support of affirmative action?

    OK, another question: Who is the latest Republican senator to come out in support of affirmative action?

    How about this one: Do any Republican senators support affirmative action?

    Last question: Do you know the answer to any of the above questions?

    Chances are you don’t. Most of us don’t. But I bet you know that Republican Sen. Rob Portman now supports same-sex marriage, spurred by his love and compassion for his openly gay son. I bet you also know that 10 Democratic senators oppose gay marriage.


    Then someone on Colorlines wrote an opposing view. I read this article a couple of time and call bs on it.

    The Familiar and False Arguments that Gay rights shuts out other civil rights

    Yesterday Keli Goff, a columnist for The Root, argued that voting rights and affirmative action was suffering a “media shutout” at the expense of marriage equality. The premise itself lacks validity: March Madness also won a lot of media coverage this month, but it would be silly to argue that it came at the expense of, say, immigration reform. But the charge not coincidentally revives the manufactured debate of black versus gay rights, a divide that never existed until anti-gay organizations actively sought to create it. Still, even if you accept Goff’s false premise, the argument doesn’t stand up to inspection.


    • gn

      Wow re: the rebuttal article. It’s not up for debate. A group of majority white people have appropriated the legacy of civil rights and of course have a very privileged perch in the media vis a vis affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act. There’s really nothing to debate. The colorlines article is a denial of reality.

      • trose1

        U notice the turn around time of the rebuttal? I give a side eye to color lines. There was a comment about the way the analysis was done.
        IMO the time frame of the analysis should have been longer. 1 year to 4 year time frame would give us a better answer. The analysis should be divided into gay rights and Black civil rights.
        I think Keli’s argument about politicians tripping over themselves to announce their support of gay rights and their silence on voting rights is the story.
        That point should be explored. MSM needs to ask ALL of congress their views on Affirmative Action and voting rights

        • gn

          I’m not even entertaining that argument on any level.

          • trose1

            why not

          • gn

            I mean the colorlines argument.

          • trose1

            I luv your analysis.

          • gn

            Thanks trose!

    • Ebogan63

      still will give kelli the side eye on this isht tho’ :It is telling that while President Obama has recently done interview after interview in which he has weighed in with his support on same-sex marriage, by comparison, his support of affirmative action in recent years has seemed perfunctory at best.”

      Except for this, it captures my feelings to the ‘t’. If we are to be commanded to support SSM or be called names if we don’t. the relative silence on voting rights for tells me all I need to know about alot about what rights these groups care about.

      And Colorlines shows once again how worthless they are.

  • Miranda

    Whatever Happened to the $100 Million Mark Zuckerberg Gave to Newark Schools?excerpt: News of the donation captured national attention for a moment, then
    faded. In Newark, a local foundation established by Zuckerberg and the
    state have spent more than two years deciding how to best create a
    schoolyard revolution with $100 million dollars. At first, the “Facebook
    money,” as it’s called in Newark, helped the state hire consultants and
    establish several new charter schools. But the reform effort has
    floundered at moments: The first million dollars went towards a poorly
    conducted community survey that had to be re-worked
    by Rutgers and New York University, and criticism was fierce when a
    foundation board established to decide how the Facebook money was spent
    included only one Newark resident: Cory Booker. (“Yes, it’s their money.
    But it’s Newark’s kids,” an op-ed that ran in the Star-Ledger read.) more here: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/03/zuckerberg-advocacy-group-100-million-donation-newark-schools

    • gn

      Good question!

    • rikyrah


    • GreenLadyHere

      Miranda – —Good MornTin’. ***BIG HUG*** :>) — –

      – — Uhhhhhhh – –:>) – — – –THIS was NOT helpful: – –The first million dollars went towards a poorly conducted community survey that had to be re-worked by Rutgers and New York University, – –

      Good 2 C U Miranda. Have a good day. :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere


    – -☻BUSY — BUSY – -BUSY! :>)
    – — — ☺As one of Hollywood’s leading stunt women, she has doubled for numerous high-profile celebrities including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa L. Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Regina King, Gabrielle Union, to name a few.
    – — – –☺A FIRST! – – –won first place in the Pacific Coast Barrel Association’s 4D Division competition in barrel racing and she won a buckle! – -CONGRATULATIONS! — :>) —
    – — — – ☺April is the President of The Joy Foundation (Mentoring Program)
    – – – – –☺In March 2004, she was honored by the Black Arts Alliance with their inaugural Trailblazer Award for her outstanding work in the stunt industry. – — –
    – – -What an INSPIRATION! :>) THANK U PBOMB –4 THIS INFORMATIVE SERIES! :>) Will B on the “LOOKOUT” 4 these artists when I go 2 movies. :>)

    – – —Weekly Address: President Obama Offers Easter and Passover Greetings – – :>) — – -THANK U SIR :>)


  • gn

    lol, Jim Carrey went in on FauxNews:

    Jim Carrey Trashes Fox News ‘Bullies’: ‘Petty & Poisonous’ Network ‘Nothing More Than A Giant Culture Fart’ http://ow.ly/jAry2

  • gn

    Original ‘Aunt Viv,’ Janet Hubert: ‘Absolutely yes’ to ‘Fresh Prince’ reunion

    Janet Hubert will forever be remembered as playing the TV matriarch Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    Last week Hubert became a media sensation after penning an open
    letter to talk show host Wendy Williams over her recent interview she
    did with Tatyana Ali, who played Hubert’s on-screen daughter Ashley

    However, Hubert revealed to theGrio that she in fact is willing to do a reunion with the entire cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “Absolutely,” Hubert said. “Even Daphne (Reid).”


    I like Daphne Reid very much, but no one can play Aunt Viv like Janet Hubert!

    • Miranda

      The episode where she goes to get her baby (Carlton) from that apt where he was staying with Will’s friends to prove he could stay in the hood is priceless.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — -UPDATE on the Dr. Ben Carson SAGA: – – -***sigh*** –

    — —Johns Hopkins University Stands By Dr. Ben Carson After Anti-Gay Comments– –
    – – —A spokesperson for Johns Hopkins University told TPM the school stands by its choice to invite him as commencement speaker for its medical school’s May graduation. Some students are circulating a petition to replace him after Carson compared gay marriage to pedophilia and bestiality in an interview with Fox News.

    “Dr. Carson is a distinguished Johns Hopkins surgeon and scientist
    chosen to speak at the School of Medicine diploma ceremony because of his extraordinary accomplishments as a neurosurgeon and his many
    contributions as an advocate for education and children,” Kim Hoppe,
    director of communications for the JHU School of Medicine, said in an
    e-mail. “His personal views are just that, his own. When he speaks about them, he is not speaking on behalf of Johns Hopkins.”


    – –As I stated – – -Maybe U should PICK UP your SCALPEL – –annnnd – —DO WHAT U KNOW!! —humph – —

    • gn

      I read his book a while ago and absolutely loved it. I can’t believe that he’s turned into a wingnut! I thought that Dr. Carson had more sense than this.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GN – — –I KNOW –HUH?? — –I remember postin’ such a positive article about him. –was sooo PROUD of him. —
        I wonder when annnd “WHYCOME” — he “metamorphosed?”

        – –HOPE he RE-GROUPS annnd finds a more MEANINGFUL –POST-RETIREMENT project. He has much 2 offer. :>)

        • Guns3000

          My theory is pure ambition. He is at the pinnacle of his profession has been for a very long time. I think he believes in what he says but he understands showmanship is what is going to increase his bank account. I don’t think he is going to run for any political office but the financial gain he is going to reap from speaker fees for his enhanced national profile over time could reap him millions.

          • gn

            I think so too. His remarks here signal a desire to become a cause celebre for the far right. He’ll be getting a negro wake-up call in due time if he continues on this trajectory…the far right is no kind of company for a non-insane/non-servile black man to keep.

          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY Guns3000. ***BIG HUG** :>)

            – — **fist bump*** —. . . but the financial gain he is going to reap from speaker fees for his
            enhanced national profile over time could reap him millions.

            That’s -“WHYCOME” -I repeat – –“DO WHAT U KNOW.” :>)
            —Have a good day. :>)

          • Guns3000

            LOve it when I get a hug from GLH

          • Aquagranny911

            I agree & surgeons do have a shorter “shelf-life” than other Docs. It takes tremendous stamina to stand for hours in the OR. I’m thinking Carson can’t manage this any more. He could be consulting, teaching or writing.

            I can’t believe he is that desperate for money but people do get greedy.

        • gn

          Extremely disappointing turn of events indeed.

    • jds09

      Welcome to the Big Leagues Dr. Carson. The heat you’re gonna get is just starting…

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good Morntin’ jds09. ***BIG HUG*** :>)
        —-***fist bump*** — —As I stated – –he berra FIND ANITHER – -POST-RETIREMENT -PROJECT. — -He has a lot 2 offer —IN HIS FIELD! :>)
        Good 2 C U jds09. Have a good day. :>) —

    • dannie22

      im sure dr carson’s friends armstrong williams and clarence thomas told him to expect this.

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL —dannie22 —-“WHYCOME” –U GOTTA — SPEAK TRUTH!? – -:)>

        – — — IN WHICH CASE – — THESE. :>) – – – —
        C U in a “bit”. –***HUGS** :>) – –

        • dannie22

          you quick with the appropriate photos lol! Hope your having a good day GLH!!

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL dannie22. — – –I hadto –:>) — [Howeva – -I noticed that they di-ent sit well with “some one”–oops] -:>)
            THANK U dannie. Doin’ pretty good. :>)—

            P.S. – -***side eye*** — 2 DISQUS . LOL

      • BoomerGal

        I was really disappointed in him. Money certainly does change folks.

  • gn

    What the…

    Mom barges into school office and slaps wrong child

    WYFF – The mother of a middle school student who was being suspended is facing charges after deputies say she walked into the school office and slapped the wrong child.

    Fairforest Middle School Principal Ty Dawkins called deputies to the school on Wednesday morning. Dawkins said that 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier had come to the school to pick up her son, who was being suspended.

    Dawkins said when Collier walked into the office, she saw a boy sitting in the office with his head down, and she mistook him for her son and slapped him in the face. Dawkins said the boy was sick, and was sitting on a couch waiting for his mother to pick him up.

    Dawkins said once Collier realized she had slapped the wrong boy, she apologized, and then walked over to her son and began to slap him for getting in trouble. The arrest warrant said that Collier hit her son in the head and face, knocking him to the ground.


    I’m not against corporal punishment per se, but that’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • jds09

      I witnessed a grandfather rolling up on an elementary school campus with a switch. Thankfully, we were able to interrupt him. Grandpa was on a mission.

      • gn

        lmao! These old school people simply do not play.

        • Miranda

          And a Grandpa has old man strength! The kind you can’t get in a gym! So you know he was bout to whup some ass real good!

          • gn

            has old man strength


          • Aquagranny911

            OMG! LMAO at “old man strength” I have never used a hand or switch on any of my grandchildren. I have to rely on the old woman “strength” of my ‘Granny Eye’ but it seems to work, lol.

        • BoomerGal

          True dat!

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Ok, seriously? You slapped the wrong child. I understand her being upset, but when I got in trouble as a child up at school, my mother had enough home training to calmly walk into school, talk to whatever authority figure about what happened, and then walk me out to the car before I got mollywhopped upside the head. I’m not against corporal punishment per se either, but this lady really did wrong, even if she didn’t mean to hit that child.

      • gn

        And the poor baby was sick too. I bet his mother was livid that someone hit her child like that.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good MornTin’ GN. ***BIG HUG** :>)
      – –Ummmm. . .She STR8 musta been BLINDED by RAGE – -2 NOT KNOW her OWN son! geesh. —
      IMMA say a PRAYER 4 the CHILDREN annnd 4 her. She must B under the STRESSES of life. –AMEN annnd AMEN. —

      – –Annnd this is prolly NOT his first suspension. —SAD.

      Good 2 C U GN. :>) –Have a good day. :>)

    • Miranda

      SMH…..since she has demonstrated she has no self control it would be well within Children Services rights to remove this child from the mother’s care for a while until she can get some help.

  • gn

    In case anyone was busy this week and missed this:

    President Obama Establishes New National Monuments Honoring Harriet Tubman & Buffalo Soldiers

    One monument will preserve the home of the first african american to achieve the rank of Colonel, while the other commemorates the conductor of the Underground Railroad.



  • gn

    How cool is this:

    Nation’s first all-female African-American flight crew

    Captain Rachelle Jones, first officer Stephanie Grant and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers made up the crew.

    Atlanta-based Delta Connection carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines recently flew the airline industry’s first commercial jet flight operated by an all-female African-American crew.


  • GreenLadyHere

    –<b<A BLACK HISTORY MOMENT– –:>) —

    – – — –15th Amendment to the Constitution — —The
    House of Representatives passed the 15th Amendment
    on February 25, 1869, by a vote of 144 to 44, and the
    passed the 15th Amendment on February 26, 1869, by a vote
    of 39 to 13. On March 30, 1870, Secretary
    of State Hamilton Fish issued a proclamation certifying
    the ratification of the 15th Amendment by the states.

    – – –SNIP – —
    — –The15th Amendment to the Constitution granted African
    American men the right to vote by declaring that the “right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be deniedor abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”
    Although ratified on February 3, 1870,the promise of the 15th Amendment would not be fully realized for almost a century. Through the use of poll taxes, literacy tests and other means,Southern states were able to effectively disenfranchise African Americans. It would take the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 before the majority of African Americans in the South were registered to vote.

    – –FAST FORWARD 2 -2013: — –New Voter Suppression Efforts Prove the Voting Rights Act Is Still Needed
    –Uhhh –***side eye* 2 the featured PIC]

  • GreenLadyHere


    — –Little Known Black History Fact:History of Bid Whist
    — – The card game of whist has been said to originate in Turkey and was brought to the states during slavery, although the Encyclopedia Britannica originates the game of whist to start in Europe in 1529 as the game “Trump”. Black slaves weren’t allowed to read or write, but slave owners believed that the game of whist would help them count the cotton barrels and produce, so they were allowed to play. As the game evolved, so did the name – thus the birth of bid whist, spades and bridge.

    As the years evolved, bid whist became a favorite among pullman
    porters on the railroad cars. The men were model citizens of the African American culture so many looked up to the practices of the prestigious sleeping car porters. The pullman porters adopted the ‘travel game phrases’ used to describe the plays of the game like ‘going all the way’and ‘running a Boston’ when a team takes all the bids.


    – – —THEY R DA CHAMPIONS!: – -The National Bid Whist Association

    –***SLAM*** LOL — –

    [THIS might make 4 a FUN SERIES. —CARD/TABLE GAMES -[WE PLAY] -LOL – –

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            Keep axin’ —WHAT WAS BROKE(N)????— –

            Annnd NOW I ax’ — – – –WHAT WAS – -FIXED???– -LOL

            Good 2 C U Alma. Have a good day. :>) – –

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  • GreenLadyHere


    – – –South African official: Mandela better from pneumonia – -:>)

    – – – Nelson Mandela is breathing “without difficulty” after having a procedure to clear fluid in his lung area that was caused by pneumonia, the spokesman for South Africa’s president said Saturday.
    – — SNIP —
    Mandela’s medical team reported that the increasingly frail ex-leader
    “had developed a pleural effusion which was tapped,” Zuma’s office said in a statement. “This has resulted in him now being able to breathe without difficulty. He continues to respond to treatment and is
    The president’s office thanked all who have prayed for Mandela and his family and have sent messages of support.

    — —

    Soweto Gospel Choir – Ahuna Ye Tswanang Le Jes Kammatla
    — -BLESS him♥ — AMEN

    • crazycanuck

      So glad to hear he doing better. South Africans, especially white South Africans from what I am reading are really scared because they think things are going to go straight to hell if Mandela is not there.

      • Worldwatcher7

        It was hell under apartheid, wonder if they worried then?

        I’ll continue to pray for Mandela’s health and well-being.

        • crazycanuck

          Of course not they got everything they wanted then.

      • Guns3000

        Why, he is not running the country and hasn’t for years?

        • Aquagranny911

          Nelson Mandela is a moral force in Africa. He is loved & this has it’s own power.

      • Aquagranny911

        They should be. President Mandela & Bishop Tutu prevented a blood bath in SA after apartheid. Mandela still has great moral authority. Whites may not have the political power but they still hold the wealth & they don’t want to let go of it.

        There’s over 50% unemployment there among blacks & too many live in terrible poverty. The politics is corrupt & Zuma looks out for Zuma first.

        • crazycanuck

          What you said about whites losing political power but holding all the wealth is so true.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY crazycanuck. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        — -POINTS! :>) — – Good 2 C U cc. :>)

    • Aquagranny911

      “BLESS him ♥ AMEN” & again AMEN. Thank you for keeping us informed, GLH. I can’t stop being concerned. He is getting very frail & this is what, the third, fourth time (?) he has been in hospital in less than a year.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Aquagranny911. -***BIG HUG*** :>) – –

        —My pleasure. :>) Yes. 3 -4 times. –:>)– – –He has been BLESSED with 94 years. :>)

        Good 2 C U. AG. – -CONTINUIN’ 2 PRAY 4 U/DAUGHTER/FAMILY.♥ — -AMEN. :>)

    • BoomerGal

      Girl, I never get enough of the Soweto Choir!! Thank you!

  • rikyrah

    $600M Ponzi scheme incubated in small NC town
    By Mitch Weiss

    Authorities say a former nursing home magician was the mastermind of one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, bilking a million investors and siphoning money for his personal use.

    LEXINGTON, N.C. — In the hardware store on South Main Street, the owner pulled Caron Myers aside to tell her about the best thing to happen in years to the once-thriving furniture and textile town of Lexington, N.C.

    Did she hear about the online company ZeekRewards? For a small investment, she could make a fortune. He had invested. So had his grandsons. And so were more and more people in Lexington, including doctors, lawyers and accountants.

    Skeptical at first, Myers drove a few blocks to the company’s one-story, red-brick office and spotted a line of people circling the building. She was sold, and plunked down several thousand dollars. But months later, Myers — like hundreds of thousands of others — discovered the truth: ZeekRewards was a scam.

    “I was duped,” Meyer said. “We trusted this man. The community is still in shock.”

    Authorities say owner Paul Burks was the mastermind of a $600 million Ponzi scheme — one of the biggest in U.S. history — that attracted 1 million investors, including nearly 50,000 in North Carolina. Many were recruited by friends and family in Lexington, a quintessential small town where neighbors look out for each other.

    But what investors didn’t know was that regulators had received nearly a dozen complaints about ZeekRewards and the related site Zeekler.com, but failed to take action for months, leaving the company free to recruit tens of thousands of new victims.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission, which closed the operation Aug. 17, said Burks was selling securities without a license. The Ponzi scheme was using money from new investors to pay the earlier ones.


    • Alma98

      My friend in NC invested into this I told her it was a scam and not to give them any more money.

    • Miranda

      It simply amazes me that people still fall for these get rich quick schemes.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB — –More EVIDENCE [as ifff it’s needed] — -4 – –SUPPORTIN’ –GUN CONTROL policies: – – –

    – – – –10-year-old’s story sheds light on the indirect victims of gun violence– -[PRAY]

    – – –At one of the several gun violence rallies going on in Philadelphia yesterday, 10-year-old Kevin Dudney shared his personal story about witnessing a shooting in his neighborhood.
    “I was devastated,” the 10-year-old told NBC10. ”I had to go home and tell my mom, and I was crying on my bed.”

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter attended the rally at the Widener Library in North Philadelphia. In his speech he drew attention to Dudney’s story and the indirect victims of gun violence.
    — SNIP —
    –Click here to watch more videos from NBC Philadelphia

    – — – — -PRAY 4 him annnd ALL CHILDREN who have had THIS experience. – –COMFORT THEM. AMEN. :>)

    Heal The World — 4 the CHILDREN♥ :>) —

    –[Gotta “bounce” 4 a minute. :>) Back as soon as. MISSIN U/ CARRYIN’ U –IN MY♥. :>)]

  • gn

    h/t bossip

    Black Unemployment Driven By White America’s Favors For Friends

    There’s a comforting-to-white-people fiction about racism and racial inequality in the United States today: They’re caused by a small, recalcitrant group who cling to their egregiously inaccurate beliefs in the moral, intellectual and economic superiority of white people.

    The reality: racism and racial inequality aren’t just supported by old ideas, unfounded group esteem or intentional efforts to mistreat others, said Nancy DiTomaso, author of the new book, The American Non-Dilemma: Racial Inequality Without Racism.

    They’re also based on privilege, she said — how it is shared, how opportunities are hoarded and how most white Americans think their career and economic advantages have been entirely earned, not passed down or parceled out.

    The way that whites, often unconsciously, hoard and distribute advantage inside their almost all white networks of family and friends is one of the driving reasons that in February just 6.8 percent of white workers remained unemployed while 13.8 percent of black workers and 9.6 percent of Hispanic workers were unable to find jobs, DiTomaso said.


    I’m sure no one here is surprised that race plays a role in high black unemployment. What gets me is that every other group is encouraged to look out for themselves and hook each other up. Yet when it comes to black people, there’s something wrong with African Americans doing for other black people or having the nerve to say that our traditions and legacies are our own and are not property of whatever majority white groups would like to take them. We have to start looking out for ourselves without apology IMO. Very similar to the great comments here earlier this week noting how the Jewish community stuck together and regardless of how they were hated on, created opportunities for themselves without shame. That’s our template IMO.

  • rikyrah

    Voter Suppression is Their Game

    by BooMan
    Sat Mar 30th, 2013 at 11:30:54 AM EST

    I am guessing that you can look up every bill related to voting introduced by a Republican in every legislature in the entire country and you will not find one bill that makes voting easier or that encourages more people to vote. All of the bills will be aimed at reducing early voting, making it harder to vote by absentee ballot, requiring identification that many people (non-drivers, students, married women, the elderly) do not have, or making it easier to challenge and discard provisional ballots. With the possible exception of active-duty military serving overseas, you will not see anyone benefitting from a Republican-sponsored voting bill.
    Their entire aim is to reduce the number of votes cast, and to do it in a way that assures that more Democratic votes will be lost than Republican. It’s that simple. It’s a version of cheating.

    Now, the Republicans and much of the press respond that this is just of flip side of the Democrats’ push for vote-by-mail, early voting, etc. But this is a representative democracy, and encouraging citizen participation is not the flip-side of discouraging citizen participation. They are not equally partisan exercises. One act is legitimate, and the other is illegitimate. One act helps people exercise their rights, and the other seeks to take away their rights.

    You can argue about the merits of any particular bill, but taken in their totality, the Republicans intent is clear. From sea to shining sea, they are trying to suppress the vote. You will not find any exceptions.


  • rikyrah

    So how’s the Senate map shaping up? Not great for Dems.

    Posted by Jonathan Bernstein on March 29, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    With the announcement on Tuesday of Senator Tim Johnson’s pending retirement, the playing field for Senate 2014 is becoming more clear — and more clearly tilting towards Republican gains.

    Still to be determined, however, is whether candidates — who are very important in deciding Senate contests — will once again bail out the Democrats. It’s also too soon to be able to guess at whether the political environment next fall will favor one party or the other.

    The Republican Party remains unpopular, and that seems to be a long term condition. But whether Barack Obama and the Democrats can benefit from that (as they have in three of the last four election cycles) or if they too are unpopular (as was the case in 2010) will depend on the politics and the events of the months to come. Since Senate election cycles outcomes are combinations of individual seat factors and national trends, that means we can’t make any real predictions this early. But we can begin to assess those individual seats.


  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • Aquagranny911

    PBomb, this series on stuntmen & women has been most interesting. When I was a kiddo, they filmed a lot of western movies & later TV series around Tucson & southern AZ. We knew an old cowboy who often picked up work as a stuntman and/or extra, mostly handling horses because he had been a wrangler when he was young. He had great stories about this. Some were hilarious!

  • rikyrah

    A Simple Way to Send Poor Kids to Top Colleges


    Published: March 29, 2013

    THE packages arrived by mail in October of the students’ senior year of high school. They consisted of brightly colored accordion folders containing about 75 sheets of paper. The sheets were filed with information about colleges: their admissions standards, graduation rates and financial aid policies.

    The students receiving the packages were mostly high-achieving, low-income students, and they were part of a randomized experiment. The researchers sending the packets were trying to determine whether most poor students did not attend selective colleges because they did not want to, or because they did not understand that they could.

    The results are now in, and they suggest that basic information can substantially increase the number of low-income students who apply to, attend and graduate from top colleges.

    Among a control group of low-income students with SAT scores good enough to attend top colleges — but who did not receive the information packets — only 30 percent gained admission to a college matching their academic qualifications. Among a similar group of students who did receive a packet, 54 percent gained admission, according to the researchers, Caroline M. Hoxby of Stanford and Sarah E. Turner of the University of Virginia.

    David Coleman, the president of the College Board, told me that he considered the results powerful enough to require changes at his organization, which conducts the SAT. “We can’t stand by as students, particularly low-income students, go off track and don’t pursue the opportunities they have earned,” Mr. Coleman said. The group may soon begin sending its own version of the experiment’s information.

    The experiment is part of a new wave of attention on the lack of socioeconomic diversity at top colleges. Mr. Coleman, who took over the College Board last fall, said his top priority was expanding opportunity. Another recent study, by Ms. Hoxby and Christopher Avery of Harvard, found that many low-income students had the high school grades and scores to thrive at the nation’s 238 most selective colleges, but never applied. And the Supreme Court may soon further restrict race-based affirmative action, putting pressure on colleges to try a class-based version instead.

    The new research shows that large numbers of talented, well-prepared low-income teenagers exist. And many of them want to attend selective colleges, once they understand their options.


    • Aquagranny911

      Information is always powerful. I do wonder how many low income students are really encouraged to seek scholarships and admission by their high school guidance staff. There are tons of scholarships available for deserving students. Some of these scholarships actually go unused because nobody applies.

      It takes time & work to research this stuff. I know because I did it for my own kiddos. Some guidance people just don’t want to be that helpful or many are way over-worked especially now with all the budget cuts.

      I think this is a great idea which will really help the students and their parents. If someone hasn’t already done it, someone should create an online data base where kiddos could just plug in their info & interests then get a read out of possible scholarships & colleges.

      • Town

        A lot of kids were discouraged from applying to college by the guidance staff. At least the people in my HS class were.

  • crazycanuck

    Everytime I put something in quotation or bold I can’t add anything else my responses.

    Disqus needs to go.

    • Aquagranny911


  • GreenLadyHere