September 25, 2017

Saturday Open Thread: Famous Depictions of African-American Stereotypes and Blackface


Louise Beavers (March 8, 1902 – October 26, 1962) was an African-American film and television actress. Beavers appeared in dozens of films from the 1920’s until 1960, most often in the role of a maid, servant, or slave. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Beavers was a member of Sigma Gamma Rhosorority, one of the four African-American sororities.

Louise Beavers was a breakthrough actress for African Americans. Beavers became known as a symbol of a “mammy” on the screen. A mammy archetype “is the portrayal within a narrative framework or other imagery of a domestic servant of African descent, generally good-natured, often overweight, and loud.”

Louise Ellen Beavers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to school teacher Ernestine Monroe Beavers and William M. Beavers, who was originally from Georgia. Due to her mother’s illness, Louise and her parents moved to Pasadena, California.

In Pasadena, she attended school and engaged in several after school activities, such as basketball and church choir. Her mother also worked as a voice teacher and taught Louise how to sing for concerts. In June 1920, she graduated from Pasadena High School and “worked as a dressing room attendant for a photographer and served as a personal maid to white film star Leatrice Joy”.

There is some controversy as to how Louise Beavers began her acting career. She was in a group called the Lady Minstrels who were “a group of young women who staged amateur productions and appeared on stage at the Loews State Theatre”. It was either her performance in this group or in a contest at the Philharmonic Auditorium, which occurred later. Charles Butler from the Central Casting Bureau, who was known for being an agent for African American actors, saw the performance and recommended that Louise try out for a role for a movie.” At first she was hesitant to try out for movies because of how African Americans were portrayed in movies and how Hollywood encouraged these roles. She once said, “In all the pictures I had seen… they never used colored people for anything except savages.” Despite this, she tried out for a role in the film Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1927 and landed the part.

Louise Beavers started her career in the 1920’s during the time of racism towards African Americans because African Americans on film were stuck repeatedly in the same types of roles. She played the mammy in many of the movies she acted in. She started to gain more attention in the acting world after she played the role of Julia in Coquette, which starred Mary Pickford. In this film she played the black maid and mother figure to a young white woman.  Beavers had an attractive personality, and often played roles in which she helps a white protagonist mature in the course of the movie. In most of Beavers’ movies, her role was written such that she would serve, as often African American characters did, a fund, “of servitude and/or comic relief”.

In 1934, Beavers played Delilah in Imitation of Life, a leading role that was not overshadowed by a Caucasian lead actor or actress. Her character again plays a black maid, but instead of the usual stereotype of subservience, Delilah’s role in the story line is equivalent to the Caucasian lead. The public reacted positively to Beavers’ performance.  It was not only a breakthrough for Beavers, but was “the first time in American cinema history that a black woman’s problems were given major emotional weight in a major Hollywood motion picture”. Some in the media recognized the unfairness of Hollywood’s double standard regarding race. For example, California Graphic Magazine wrote, “the Academy could not recognize Miss Beavers. She is black!”

Beavers, who was raised in the North and in California, had to learn to speak the southern “Negro” dialect. As Beavers’ career grew, some criticized her for the roles she accepted, alleging that such roles institutionalized the view that African Americans were subservient to whites. Beavers dismissed the criticism. She acknowledged the limited opportunities available, but said: “I am only playing the parts. I don’t live them.” As she became more famous, Beavers began to speak out against Hollywood’s portrayal and treatment of African Americans, both during production and after promoting the films.

Beavers was one of four actresses (including Hattie McDaniel, Ethel Waters, and Amanda Randolph) to portray housekeeper Beulah on the Beulah television show. That show was the first television sitcom to star an African American. She also played a maid, Louise, for the first two seasons of The Danny Thomas Show (1953–1955).

Later in her career, Beavers became active in public life, seeking to help support African Americans. She endorsed Robert S. Abbott, the editor of the Chicago Defender, who fought for African Americans’ civil rights. She supported Richard Nixon, whom she believed would help African Americans in the United States in the civil rights battle.

Beavers married Robert Clark in 1936. He later became her manager and helped manage her career. She not only worked in movies, but also on “twenty-week tours of theaters that she conducted annually”. Beavers and Clark later divorced and remarried. Much later, in 1952, Beavers married Leroy Moore, who was either an interior designer or a chef (varying sources); they remained married until her death in 1962. She had no children.

In later life, the actress was plagued by health issues stemming from obesity, including diabetes. She died on October 26, 1962, at the age of 60, following a heart attack, at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles; it was the 10th anniversary of the death of Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award.

Beavers was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1976.

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  • Well, damn…

    Send In the Cockroach Squad
    By Daniel Akst Oct. 18, 2013 9:16 p.m. ET

    Most people hate cockroaches, but in an earthquake, the bugs may someday prove to be lifesavers.

    Researchers have been working with tiny robots based on cockroaches as well as with actual roaches—controlled by an embedded chip—as a possible means of exploring collapsed buildings and other dangerous, hard-to-penetrate environments where the Global Positioning System doesn’t work.

    Now researchers at North Carolina State University have developed
    software that can map an unseen structure based on the known habits of robots or “biobots,” as the cyborg roaches are known, potentially
    enabling “a swarm robotic system to find and rescue survivors,” as the
    scientists put it in their paper.


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    The Daily Edge @TheDailyEdge

    RECAP: September: #GOP voted to cut Food Stamps by $40B because “we’re broke” October: GOP wasted $24B on #TeaPartyShutdown #GOPFail
    10:16 PM – 17 Oct 2013

    Chris L. Robinson @chrisLrob

    That awkward moment when you have to take a sip of the coffee brought to you by a staffer you tried to screw on health care.
    10:19 AM – 17 Oct 2013

    Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat

    162 Republicans voted for a debt default, but only because they’re so patriotic they’d rather destroy the country than let Obama run it.
    9:05 PM – 17 Oct 2013

    Russell Schaffer @RussOnPolitics

    Cowardice: @ChrisChristie saying marriage equality is up to the voters. As if Alabama voters would have desegregated on their own. Please.
    3:40 PM – 18 Oct 2013

    rob delaney ✔ @robdelaney

    .@FoxNews I’m hearing glitches on ACA websites are much, much worse than going bankrupt from cervical cancer treatment.
    2:21 PM – 18 Oct 2013

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    The entire fight was rigged from the start. Boehner just didn’t feel like he could take a dive until the final round:

    10:40 PM – 18 Oct 2013

    billmon @billmon1

    Pretty clear Boehner planned all along to keep gov shut right up to debt ceiling deadline: He has a lot to answer for
    10:31 PM – 18 Oct 2013

  • rikyrah

    it really goes in on the incompetence of Orange Julius

    Anatomy of a shutdown


    House Speaker John Boehner just wanted to sneak out of the White House for a smoke.

    But President Barack Obama pulled him aside for a grilling. Obama wanted to know why they were in the second day of a government shutdown that the speaker had repeatedly and publicly pledged to avoid.

    “John, what happened?” Obama asked, according to people briefed on the Oct. 2 conversation.

    “I got overrun, that’s what happened,” Boehner said.

    • rikyrah

      can’t stand Politico, but I think this bit of reporting was on point.

      They never thought:
      1. The President was serious (they still don’t understand that POTUS joined team NFTG at 11: 05 EST on 11/6/2012)
      2. That the Democrats would stick together (finally getting what they didn’t during the 2010 elections – Dems OWN Obamacare, so what good would it to run away from it)

      Them whining to Joe Biden to ‘ get involved’, and Ride-or-Die Joe responding, ‘ naw Sons, not my negotiation’.

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    CBS News this morning – long segment on how horrible is…..this is the media folks. For every one person they can dig up to say how hard it is to sign up, there are two more to say they ARE signed up…but our media is now dedicated to making sure to give top billing to the same knuckleheads who wanted to shut down the entire government over their hatred of Obamacare.

    So completely predictable.

    • aleth

      I called it. DC is owned by the GOP and corporate interest. If you want it bad enough pick up a phone if the website is too slow for you. Oh next 3 months will be this to try to erase the GOP shutdown, it will be aided by the left. I hope the White HOuse is ready.

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    States Are Focus of Effort to Foil Health Care Law

    RICHMOND, Va. — The federal government is again open for business, and Republicans in Washington are licking their wounds from the failed Tea Party attempt to derail President Obama’s health care overhaul.But here in Virginia’s capital, conservative activists are pursuing a hardball campaign as they chart an alternative path to undoing “Obamacare” — through the states.

    One leading target is Emmett W. Hanger Jr., a Republican state senator from the deeply conservative Shenandoah Valley, who prides himself on “going against the grain.” As chairman of a commission weighing one of the thorniest issues in Virginia politics, whether to expand Medicaid under Mr. Obama’s Affordable Care Act, he is feeling heat from the Republican right.

    His openness to expansion has aroused the ire of Americans for
    Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group backed by the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch. Dressed in emerald green T-shirts bearing the slogan “Economic Freedom in Action!” its members are waging what the senator calls “an attempt to intimidate me” in Richmond and at home.

    more here:

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    Lack of affordable housing is good? OK……..

    Mayor: Housing shortage a ‘good sign’
    By Natalie O’Neill October 19, 2013 | 4:04am

    Mayor Bloomberg said Friday the city’s housing shortage is
    actually a “good sign” because it means people want to live in the Big Apple — once again putting his foot in his mouth on his way out of office.

    On his weekly WOR-AM radio show, Bloomberg called the city’s lack of affordable housing a sign that more money is on its way to New York.

    “Somebody said that there’s not enough housing. That’s a good sign. It doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem, but there are no vacancies,” he said.

    more here:

    • goldenstar

      Find it amazing that New Yorkers elected this guy twice. It’s a crime against the public.

      • conlakappa

        I thought it was three times, requiring an exception to the city charter. Regardless, he is quite Marie-Antoinette-like in this pronouncement.

        • goldenstar

          Stand corrected! Makes it mo’ worse!

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    Scott Finley@TheScottFinley6m
    Audiences to Hollywood: We Don’t Care About WikiLeaks … *note to Hollywood: Pass on optioning the Greenwald book.
    ‘Fifth Estate’ on track for dismal performance at box office

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      I was sooo disappointed to see Laura Linney in this mess. She is a great actress, her role in the big C was priceless. I cannot believe she agreed to star in this crappy movie.

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    — –☻AN OUTSTANDING –“LADY MINSTREL” – –She ELEVATED the “mammy” role:

    ———-☺Louise Beavers was a breakthrough actress for African Americans. Beavers became known as a symbol of a “mammy” on the screen.

    — —— ☺ Beulah on the Beulah television show. That show was the first television sitcom to star an African American. She also played a maid, Louise, for the first two seasons of The Danny Thomas Show (1953–1955).

    —- ———In 1934, Beavers played Delilah in Imitation of Life, a leading role that was not overshadowed by a Caucasian lead actor or actress.
    — – – – —-☺ –POIGNANT.


    • conlakappa

      A friend and I have had a running discussion about her for a few yeas now. He has a link to a photo of her with a flower in her hair that highlights her loveliness, which was rarely on exhibit. I think he unearthed a write-up of a Broadway show she was in, maybe with a young Pearl.

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        conlakappa —Thank U 4 the SHARE. — :>) — –

        She CARRIED her HEAD HIGH —even in these roles. —-I sooo ADMIRE her. :>)

        –Annd all the ACTORS/ACTRESSES presented in this series. :>)

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    PBOMB♥ —TWEETIN’ – – – -TRUTH :>) —

    – – –☺ ‏@NerdyWonka
    Rep. Steve Cohen calls it right on @GOP: “Pres. Obama brought in Blacks, Gays, Jews, and other minorities and this threatens them.” #uppers

    – – -☺@chrisLrob
    That awkward moment when you have to take a sip of the coffee brought to you by a staffer you tried to screw on health care.
    Retweeted by Nerdy Wonka

    – – – – —-BRUTAL!! —
    MORE L8R. .

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    PBOMB♥ – -MR. PRESIDENT – – -Movin’ –FORWARD – — >

    – — Weekly Address: Working Together on Behalf of the American People – – – – – – –In this week’s address, President Obama said that now that the Federal government is reopened and the threat of default is lifted from the economy, there are three places Washington can take action to serve the American people. First, it’s time for a balanced, responsible approach to the budget that grows the economy and shrinks our long term deficits. Second, we must fix our broken immigration system. And finally, Congress should pass a farm bill to give rural communities the opportunity to grow. The President said it’s time to put aside politics and work on behalf of the American people and the country we love.


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    PBOMB♥ – –O/T — -YET –WITH PRIDE♥ — –

    – —The Year of Serena Williams – -:>)

    – – – — –A professional since 1995 and a Grand Slam champion since 1998, Serena Williams has still managed to break new ground in 2013.

    For the first time in her career, she has won 10 singles titles and will
    be the heavy favorite to capture an 11th in the season-ending W.T.A.
    Tour Championships that begin on Tuesday in Istanbul.

    Although she has had seasons that produced more Grand Slam trophies, this one looks very much like Williams’s best and most complete effort.

    With a bright and shiny 73-4 singles record heading into Istanbul, she has already won 15 more matches than in any previous season and she has won many of them in particularly ruthless, focused fashion. She has won 24 sets by the score of 6-0. Last year, during another impressive season, she won 11 by that score.

    This also has been her most lucrative campaign: She will become the first women’s player to crack the $10 million single-season barrier in prize money.
    That all of this comes at the advanced tennis age of 32 only makes it more remarkable.


    – —C’MON – –Ms. SERENA! – -PROUD of U♥- -:>) – –

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    Good morning POU. No words…for this.

    Fund for city schools exceeds goal

    The new fund established by Mayor Nutter to raise money for school
    supplies has received nearly $531,000, exceeding its Oct. 15 goal, city officials said Friday.[….]

    The long-term goal is to raise $2.5 million over five years.[….] The money, which will be used to support School District, charter, and
    Catholic schools, will begin to be distributed to schools soon, McDonald said. Schools are being invited to apply to the fund for money. The initial deadline is Nov. 5.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T Susan Snyder

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    please note: “news” background behind @SarahPalinUSA interviews never changes. H/T @Politicalgates:

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    September U.S. Jobs Data to Be Issued Next Week, Labor Says – Posted on October 17, 2013

    The September U.S. jobs report, originally scheduled to be released on Oct. 4, will be issued on Oct. 22, the Labor Department said today.
    The report was delayed by the 16-day partial federal shutdown that ended today.

    The October employment data will come out on Nov. 8, rather than Nov. 1, the Labor Department also said. The report on consumer prices for September will be issued on Oct. 30.


    H/T Carlos Torres

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    New Jersey Supreme Court rules same-sex weddings can begin

    Same-sex marriages can begin Monday in New Jersey on a provisional basis, the state Supreme Court ruled today. The court will not make a final ruling on same-sex marriage rights until next year. But in the meantime, it upheld an order by a trial judge allowing civil marriages for gay couples to start Monday.[….]

    And it’s a setback for Gov. Chris Christie, an opponent of same-sex
    marriage who says only “one man and one woman” should be able to wed. At a campaign event at a restaurant in Dover, Christie ignored a reporter’s request for comment about the ruling.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T Salvador Rizzo

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    North Dakota Landowners Sue Fossil Fuel Companies Over Wasted Natural Gas

    Nearly 30 percent of natural gas drilled in North Dakota is intentionally burned off, or flared, resulting in an approximately $1 billion loss, and releasing greenhouse gases equivalent to nearly one million new cars on the road. Now, some North Dakota landowners are fighting back.

    Mineral owners from multiple states are suing ten oil and gas companies for millions of dollars in lost royalties for flared natural gas. They claim companies are burning off more gas than is allowed by the North Dakota Industrial Commission, disposing of valuable resources mineral owners should be getting paid for.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T Andrew Breiner

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    POU FAM♥ – -EARLY MORNTIN’ — —GLOATIN’ Time. . – —

    – – – –Genius: How a 1990s Cartoon Character Perfectly Represents Ted Cruz – —
    – – —Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tonight?
    The same thing we do every night, Pinky-try to take over the world!

    -Tagline for Pinky and the Brain (1995-1998)

    It’s nothing new. History is full of ambitious people who have
    attempted global conquest. Alexander the Great tried it. Genghis Khan tried it. Julius Caesar tried it. Napoleon Bonaparte tried it. Adolf Hitler tried it. Che Guevara tried it.

    The notion of taking over the world even made its way to popular culture. Planet of the Apes has our very own planet taken over by talking simians. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade follows Nazis and their quest to harness the Arc of the Covenant to use for world domination. The Transformers television series and film of the 1980s had our planet being potentially taken over by alien robots called Decepticons. The Terminator and Matrix movies center on robots and machines gone amok and a fight for survival that ensues. Heck, even Star Wars involved the idea of taking over the world. Of course, the evil empireisn’t happy solely with one world, they’re determined to take over the entire universe. Now that’s ambition.
    – – — SNIP — – –

    All of this information is lost on somebody like Ted Cruz. This past month, Cruz has been a one-man wrecking ball doing his best to single handedly destroy both the American as well as the global economy as a way to booster his own standing in the world. He almost did it, too. He led his cohorts yesterday in the Senate to actually put their vote on record for a global economic collapse rather than open the government and raising the debt ceiling. Thanks to this vote, Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio can effectively kiss their 2016 presidential aspirations goodbye. Wanting the entire global financial system to crash to prove a political point is not a strong selling point in a general election.

    Cruz also successfully led his cuckoo bananas Tea Party House caucus to vote for the shutdown and then act outraged when national parks and monuments were closed due to said shutdown. It was like watching sheep being led to slaughter. None of the Tea Party members knew what the endgame was. Louie Gohmert and John McCain are no longer spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any day in the congressional cafeteria together. Cruz even managed to bring back everyone’s favorite half-term Alaskan governor to remind us all how she would most likely lose a round of trivia against any of the Kardashians. All these people rallied around Cruz for one reason and one reason only: To try and take over the world.
    — –THERE IS MORE – —

    – – -BUT — – -NO WEAPON – – –IT WON’T WORK!! – — HAH!

    • conlakappa

      The Brain, and Pinky, shouldn’t be maligned with that association! They were fun to watch. Smelly Ted, not so much.

      • GreenLadyHere

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        —-:>) – – -BUT the narrative sooo fit. :>) – – —

        Oh well. – –Back 2 the -“ANALOGIES BOARD.” :>) —
        Good 2 C U conlakappa :>)

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    Maybe they have nowhere else to go after being ripped off by banks…

    Nearly half of bank-owned homes haunted by ‘vampire’ tenants

    [….] Vampire foreclosures are defined as homes that have gone through the court proceedings and are bank owned, but are still occupied by their previous owners. Why would the previous owners still live in them? Because they can, said Daren Blomquist, a vice president at the Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac.

    “They are accustomed to living there for free without any consequence,” Blomquist said. “And up until recently, the banks have not had a huge motivation to kick them out because home prices were not increasing and the banks had so many properties they were dealing with.”

    Nationwide, 47 percent of bank-owned homes are occupied by their
    previous owners.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T Kimberly Miller

    • jds09

      47%, wow.

  • creolechild

    JPMorgan Said to Have $4 Billion Tentative FHFA Accord

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) reached a tentative settlement for about $4 billion with the Federal Housing Finance Agency over the bank’s sale of mortgage-backed securities[….] JPMorgan is grappling with investigations in the U.S. and abroad, including probes into a trading loss last year of more than $6.2 billion and its hiring practices in Asia. The bank has tapped $8 billion of $28 billion in reserves set aside since 2010 to cover its legal costs.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T Tom Schoenberg & Dawn Kopecki

    • jds09

      The money quote…

      “This is very painful for the company,” Dimon told
      analysts on a call that day. “As we settle, as we negotiate,
      remember there are multiple agencies involved in every case

      This administration has them between a Barack and a hard space. Crazy ass tea baggers that want to burn down the Wall Street apparatus and the feds that are holding them accountable for gaming the system. It’s poetic. lol

      • goldenstar

        You ain’t nevah lied. This administration is epic in its drive for justice.

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    PBOMB♥ — – -UPDATE —SAD – —

    – – –Autistic Teen Who Wandered From New York School May Have Been Abducted, Family Believes

    – — –It’s been two weeks since Avonte Oquendo,an autistic teen, ran out of his Queens school. Despite a massive and intense search by New York City Police and a large volunteer effort, there hasn’t been one credible sighting of the 14-year-old who is unable to communicate verbally.

    NBC News reports that police are pulling out all the stops to find the teen:
    – — -SNIP — –

    “I think someone has to have him. If he has been out and about someone would have seen him,” his brother Danny Oquendo Jr. told PIX11 News.

    “My message to my son is that I love him and we’re going to find him.
    You’ll come home to your family. And for anyone who has him, please be kind and to let him go,” Avonte’s mother Vanessa Fontaine told CNN.


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  • Tha hail???

    NBA legend Bill Russell cited for loaded gun at Seattle airport
    Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:05pm EDT

    (Reuters) – NBA legend Bill Russell was cited on Wednesday for having a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, federal and airport officials said on Saturday.

    Transportation Security Administration officials found a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun in a male passenger’s carry-on bag on Wednesday evening, according to a TSA spokeswoman. The man was traveling to Boston.

    An airport spokesman, in a recorded telephone message, identified the
    passenger as Russell, the 79-year-old National Basketball Association
    Hall of Famer, who lives in the Seattle area.


    • conlakappa

      Hasn’t he been dealing with dementia/diminished capacity issues for a couple of years now? I got that impression after seeing him on film.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB♥ — – — THESE –EVIL/VILE – – -RACIST – –B**TURDS!! – —

    – – –Billionaire Koch Brothers Spending Millions To Deny Health Coverage To Low-Income Americans – –

    — — Conservative advocates funded by the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch have launched a massive campaign pressuring states to deny health care coverage to lower income Americans through the Medicaid expansion contained in the Affordable Care Act.

    The effort, orchestrated by the group Americans for Prosperity, is targeting lawmakers in Virginia tasked with deciding whether the state should accept federal dollars to provide insurance to individuals and families below 133 percent of the federal poverty line ($31,321 in income for a family of four).Volunteers with the organization are distributing flyers through door-to-door canvassing, attending committee hearings, and according to one lawmakers who has become a target of the campaign, intimidating constituents.

    As many as 400,000 Virginians could qualify for coverage if the state expands the Medicaid program, but AFP is warning Virginians that the system “will cost Virginia taxpayers billions,” require “future tax hikes and budget cuts to vital services like schools, police and fire departments,” undermine the “doctor-patient relationship,” increase wait times and even endanger lives. “Medicaid patients are almost twice as likely to die during surgery than individuals with private insurance,” the group writes on its website.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government will pick up 100 percent of the cost of growing the program from 2014 to 2016 and states would contribute 10 percent thereafter. – –
    THERE IS MORE – – – – —


    – – – -LIES! – –LIES! —-LIES!! —DEY GONNA —GET THEM!!! —

    – — Waitin’ 4 – –KARMA!! – – –

  • Alma98

    WTH! How come CNN is showing video footage of Kendrick Johnson rolled up in the wrestling mat. Did they not think this would cause pain for his parents. I hate our msm!

    • Aquagranny911

      MSM don’t fucking care. Look what they did to Trayvon Martin’s family & to others. They know that if “It bleeds it leads”

  • rikyrah

    it’s a really long post, so be warned.


    James Fallows has posted a massive load of correspondence with “Atlas Shrugged Guy”, the person who wrote him immediately after the 2012 election and announced he was going Galt. Almost two years a year later, the world is still going to hell in a bucket, to hear his telling, but he’s apparently still in business and doing as well as he ever has.

    As with most of the big-talking Galt goers, he’s evasive about how he’s really doing.

    • goldenstar

      I don’t get it nor this guy.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ –[Especially LAMH36 ):>] – – – -“-TAKE 2” – – :>)

    — – –New Trailer for Idris Elba’s ‘Mandela’ Debuts (Watch)– –

    ——*A new trailer for The Weinstein Co.’s upcoming biopic on Nelson Mandela, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” has debuted online. The new look at the film about the anti-apartheid leader takes a morenarrative approach than the first, opening with Idris Elba’s Mandela greeting his wife (Naomie Harris) and children, and saying that he wants his kids to be able to walk free in their own land.

    Mandela is then shown urging people to rise up against the government in South Africa, addressing a gathering by saying, “We are the people of this nation but we don’t have rights. There comes a time when there remains two choices: submit or fight!” The crowd is then shown chanting,“fight” and marching through the streets.

    The new clip features some of the first trailer’s same scenes of Mandela’s arrest and imprisonment, but the new look at the film also shows scenes of the campaign to free him and ends on an upliftingnote as an older Mandela and his wife lead a march with the South African leader saying, “love comes more naturally to the human heart.”

    • Aquagranny911

      WOW! I wasn’t sure that I would like Idris Elba for this role but from the trailer…wow! Just wow! I will have to go see this!

      Great share!!! HUGS!!!! & FIST BUMPS!!!

      • conlakappa

        Though like with 12 Years A Slave, not appropriate for throwing drawers at!

        • Aquagranny911

          LOL! I would never do that at Nelson Mandela who is on my “Hero List” & also “Bucket List” of people I would like to serve a meal to at my kitchen table & then sit down for a long convo.

          I adore Mandela but I would never even consider “throwing drawers.” I save those for Antonio Banderas & Elba just does not do it for me. Sticks tongue out & sneers (Looking out for Lamh. No hitting, I’m an elder!)

  • rikyrah

    The Truth About the Obamacare Rollout: The feds botched the website. But the states are doing much better.


    The federal government is open and paying its bills, which means you can start looking at the other big story from the past few weeks: The startup of Obamacare’s marketplaces. But to fully appreciate what’s happening, you need a split screen.

    On one side is the story you’ve heard so much about. In 36 states, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is operating the new insurance marketplaces, where non-elderly people without employer benefits can buy coverage on their own. This part of the rollout has gone … really badly. Two weeks after the sites went online, people are still have trouble setting up accounts and logging onto the system.


    In fairness, federal officials operated under tremendous political and logistical constraints, the kind few outsiders can grasp. Private developers don’t have the same stringent standards for privacy and security, for instance. And given the enormous challenges of trying to integrate so many systems—some new, some old—nobody seriously expected the launch of Obamacare’s federal websites to take place without glitches. But few expected this many problems. And nobody seems quite sure when things will get better.

    • goldenstar

      I think that this article reports on the challenges that the feds faced in creating this national/state system and site. The assessment of this situation is much clearer than Ezra Klein’s premise that this is a failure and Robert Gibbs’ critique that people need to be fired.

      This is a LAUNCH of a national system. No way would there have not been technical glitches. No other country has done this. All other health care systems launched pre-Internet so there’s no boss comparison. Just the two of them harping like a Greek chorus.

      OTOH, David Corn’s timeline and the tweets from folks with their boss comparison pricing beats all the critics.

      • rikyrah

        and who the hell coulda thought that 26 states WOULD CHOOSE NOT TO SET UP THEIR OWN STATE EXCHANGES?

        I know we knew they were crazy….but they continue to shock as to how evil and crazy they are

  • rikyrah

    How Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Stopped Republican Extortion Three reasons the Democrats won

    But in a narrower political sense, this was one of those (relatively) rare Washington battles in which one side clearly prevailed. It was the Democrats. When this episode started, they said they were determined not to make major concessions simply because Republicans were threatening shutdown and default. Sure enough, here we are—with a new continuing resolution, a higher debt limit, and no major changes in law. Democrats achieved the policy outcome they had sought, while establishing a precedent for the future: No more negotiating while under such threats.

    So what did Democrats do right? How did they hold it together? Among the many factors, three come quickly to mind:

  • MonieTalks

    Look at his side hoe, turned homewrecker fiancee talking ish

    Mark Sanford’s fiancee, Maria Belen Chapur, breaks silence on their relationship

    Chapur appeared to still be in campaign mode for her fiance, who must stand for re-election in November 2014. She said that he did not stay in politics for the money, implying it was a financial hardship to be in public office.

    …“Everybody has a fantasy that governors or lawmakers make a lot of money,” Chapur said. “I’m going to take away that fantasy because a governor in the United States makes $108,000 per year, and from that you have to take out 33 percent in taxes . . . it’s not even enough to pay for private school for his children.”

    Read more here:

    • annvic

      Scandal got these political sideline hos fucked up.

      • Miranda


    • conlakappa

      108K in SC while living in the governor’s mansion with a multimillionaire heiress wife? Yeah, he should have been taking in laundry. /eyeroll

      Have a seat, ho. Why is The Herald talking to her any way? Two States away. Yawn.

    • AxelFoley

      LOL, this trick here…