October 21, 2017

Saturday Open Thread: Happy Cinco De Mayo

A holiday that comes with half off Margaritas? I’m down wit it!

Enjoy the comedic stylings of George Lopez..hilarious!

  • dannie22

    Good morning all!!

  • Admiral_Komack

    Otherwise known as right-wing pissed off day.

    “This isn’t an AMERIKKAN holiday!”

  • Miranda

    Good grief they are batshyt crazy in Arizona…they are determined to make Mississippi and Tennesse fight for second place.

    State lawmakers look to ease oversight on private prisons

    PHOENIX (CBS5) –
    It was a prison break that made national news.

    Two convicted killers and a third dangerous criminal broke out of a medium security private prison facility in Kingman Arizona in July 2010.
    The escapees were eventually caught after a nationwide manhunt, but not before an Oklahoma couple was killed.

    The escape and murders that followed raised some serious questions about private prison safety standards and whether new policies should be put in place to prevent prison breaks from happening again.

    Two years later, Arizona lawmakers have decided to go in a different direction.

    Buried in the $8.6 billion budget proposal passed at the state Capitol this week is a plan to “eliminate the requirement for a quality and cost review of private prison contracts.”
    It means there would no longer be an annual review of how private prisons operate.

    more here

    • rikyrah

      their Governor is on the payroll of the private prisons…didn’t ya know?

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – –FELIZ -CINCO de MAYO –POU FAM.: – – President Obama Speaks at a Cinco de Mayo Reception – —

    – – – – – –A SPECIAL “BREAKFAST/BRUNCH” -4 U. :>) —ENJOY! :>) —-

    ——-Have a —BLESSED- -FESTIVE –DAY. :>)—

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – – –HAPPY BIRTHDAY – – – – -ERICA RAVEN BRANCH-BUTLER[Got this from Facebook :>)] – — —

    YOUR POU FAM has a FEW Thangs – – -4 U: – —-

    – ——–THESE! :>) – – –

    – — – – – –Annnnd —-THESE. :>) —–

    ——Annnnd —-THIS!—–YUMMY. :>)—–

    ———Annnnd —–OF COURSE —-THESE! :>)—-

    ———Have a BLESSED—–SPECIAL DAY—-Erica Raven Branch-Butler. :>)—-

  • GreenLadyHere

    GOOD SATURDAY MORNTIN’ miranda. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – –

    George Lopez – — ONE FUNNY MAN!! :>) Loved his show – -also. :>)

    — – Again, THANK U 4 that BOARD SERIES. :>) VERY INSPIRING. :>)

    Have a BLESSED DAY. :>)

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • GN

    deaniac is once again off the charts; thepeoplesview is a must-read and is on fire right now.

    Elizabeth Warren dismantles Professional Left’s “Obama is a sellout” meme

    If you remember the version of the relationship between President Obama and Elizabeth Warren offered by utterly clueless whiners on the Professional Left, Katrina vanden Heuvel for example, Obama and Geithner were merely pressured into giving Warren a prominent role. That they really wanted to undermine her, because they were Wall Street lackeys who really didn’t want to regulate the big banks, and the financial reform legislation that created into law the agency that was Warren’s brainchild wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. That if President Obama didn’t appoint Warren to head the agency, it was evidence that he is a weak-kneed sellout who was afraid of a fight, even if the actual appointee was a hand-picked protege of Warren’s and a stellar Director in his own right.

    Warren’s ad just drove a dagger to the heart of that meme. Not only is she proud to stand with the President and feature the President in her ad, it was with his leadership that we could “take on the big guys, and win.”


    The entire piece is excellent, as are several other pieces on the front page tthere at the moment. deaniac is the gold standard kryptonite of fauxgressives; such a pleasure to read!

    • GreenLadyHere


      – – -***MEGA -fist bump*** :>) – –

      Annnd he CALLED OUT – -teh WILLARD on his LIES on JOB CREATION!! – — -GR8 POSTS!! :>)

      Good 2 C U GN. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -WHEW LAWD! – – – -The “DYNAMIC DUO” — -have a BUSY SCHEDULE – — as THEY – -move – – -FORWARD. :>)

    – – – – –MAY 5 – – -SCHEDULE – –

    – – – –10:35 AM
    Obama and Michelle Obama depart the White House en route Joint Base Andrews.
    12:00 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama arrive in Columbus, Ohio.
    1:20 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama deliver remarks at a campaign event. LIVE STREAM
    2:55 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama depart Columbus, Ohio en route Richmond, Virginia.
    5:55 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama depart Richmond, Virginia, en route Joint Base Andrews.
    6:35 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the Joint Base Andrews.
    6:50 PM
    Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the White House.

    – — –We’ll B – – -RIGHT WITH THEM. :>) – — –

    • Town

      Dammit they got home before *I* got home, I had to walk 30 minutes to get to my car and then drive another 30 minutes to my home. LOL

  • rikyrah

    By Brad Friedman on 5/4/2012 3:44pm
    GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of ‘Invalid’ Registration Forms in California

    Long history of Republican registration fraud continues, dwarfs allegations against ACORN workers…

    You’re unlikely to hear a peep about this on Fox “News” (unless they happen to have me on), but the California Secretary of State’s Election Fraud Division is now reportedly investigating a firmed hired by the Sacramento County Republican Party said to have submitted thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms.

    According to a report today from Sacramento ABC affiliate News10 [see video posted below], a private, for-profit firm calling itself Momentum Political Services, hired by the local Republican Party “to boost GOP registration ranks in key battleground communities” has turned in more than 3,100 hundred invalid voter registration cards during their recent drive.

    Voter registration forms have allegedly been turned in with fake addresses, voter names that don’t exist, duplicate Social Security numbers, and party affiliations that seem to have been changed “by someone” to Republican. The head of the firm has admitted she has hired workers with criminal backgrounds, as found via Craigslist.

    The charges of serial voter registration fraud sound very similar to those leveled in 2008 against another outfit hired by the California State GOP to register Republican voters before that year’s Presidential election. In that case, the head of the firm was arrested, and eventually pleaded guilty to voter registration charges himself.

    In 2006, another firm hired by the CA Republican Party turned in thousands of registration forms with fake names and an error rate as high as 60 percent. And in 2004, a firm hired by the GOP was investigated in a number of states for shredding Democratic voter registrations and tossing them into dumpsters. Despite those allegations, the same folks were later hired by the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008 to run voter registration drives before the Presidential election.

    Of course, you probably haven’t heard of any of those stories, even while you’ve heard plenty about a handful of ACORN workers — no actual ACORN officials, mind you, and they were never hired by the Democratic Party, and never led to a fraudulent vote — turning in fraudulent registration forms in past years.

    But nobody who ever worked for the non-profit ACORN has ever been accused of what these Republican firms continue to do on behalf of the Republican officials who hire them, paying them per Republican registration, year after year, as is once again apparent in the allegations surfacing today against Momentum Political Services…

    Thousands of Fraudulent Applications

    News10 reports that Sacramento County election officials began noticing “invalid voter registration cards at much higher rates than previous for-profit registration drives.” Once election officials began tracking the cards coming in from Momentum Political Services, they found that “44 percent of all invalid voter registration cards in the county came from just one company.”
    The company is Sacramento-based Momentum Political Services, a small operation that hires independent contractors to fan out across the region and register voters. In many cases, those contractors also circulate petitions for ballot initiatives, and often register citizens at the same time they enlist a signature in support of one or more initiatives.

    State and federal campaign records show Momentum was paid some $49,000 by the Sacramento County Republican Party to boost GOP registration ranks in key battleground communities.

    Sacramento County elections officials put the tally of invalid cards submitted by Momentum Political Services at more than 3,100.

    In some instances, cards were submitted with street numbers or names that can’t be found. In others, the voters themselves don’t appear to exist, as formal county registration letters come back undeliverable. Officials said a number of cards were also submitted for individual voters who not only couldn’t be located, but who also all had the same last four Social Security digits.

    And in some instances, the voter’s party affiliation appears to have been changed, by someone, to Republican.

    “The circulator signed in blue ink, and it just happens that the party is checked in a blue ink,” said [Sacramento County registrar of voters Jill] LaVine during an examination of one suspicious card. “The voter did the rest [of the card] in black ink.”



  • rikyrah

    Romney To Troll For Attention at Obama Campaign Events

    By: Sarah JonesMay 4, 2012

    The Romney campaign has decided their best hope of being noticed is to crash Obama campaign events and hope to cause a disruption.

    Yes, this brilliant strategy of ride the coat tails of the popular guy is being called “rush the quarterback” because even the Romney campaign knows that Obama is the QB and Romney is just sitting on the bench thinking about how he coulda been a contender.

    Yahoo reports:

    At Ohio State University in Columbus, where Obama is set to speak around 1:25 p.m. ET on Saturday, Romney aides are planning to circle the candidate’s campaign bus. The campaign will also set up a phone banking operation staffed by Romney supporters and volunteers in a parking lot near the rally site at Ohio State.

    The campaign is also planning to dispatch staff and local surrogates to Obama’s rally at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, where the president is expected to speak at 4:35 p.m. ET.

    After both events, Romney supporters will deliver a “response” to the president’s remarks.

    The Romney campaign says they will continue to “bracket” Obama events by publishing op-eds and holding press conferences with ultra-sound pushers like Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell of “Confederate History Month”, because nothing says big tent and popular like hanging out with the extremists of your own party.

    Poor Bob has seen his approval ratings dip five points in a March Quinnipiac poll after his state was pushing medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds for women. Finally the Governor relented and permitted us women to only be subjected to an unnecessary abdominal ultrasound. So small government of him! Course Bob is angling for that Veep job, and women of America are holding their breath to see just what kind of civil liberty lovin’, small government conservative Romney picks to curry favor with the extremists.

    If the Romney campaign is banking on this Tea Party Alinsky tactic to work as well on Obama as it did Santorum and Gingrich, they’re going to be sadly mistaken. The President is used to being trolled by loudmouth extremists; he’s been the target of Republicans for three years now and counting. The Romney campaign can thank big daddy Koch Brothers for giving Obama all of the practice in the world dealing with the disrupt and hijack tactics of the Right.


    • GN

      lol, how pathetic. PBO has been heckled, trolled, and “mic checked” by an assortment of clowns for years. He’s generally much nicer to them than the crowds of Obamabots (I don’t blame them–if I stood hours at a rally to see and hear my President, I did not come to hear from hecklers and would be extremely and vocally displeased).

      • itgurl_29

        Remember his first repug Senate opponent, the guy who had a staffer follow Obama around, filming him, even as he went to the restroom? Remember what happened to that candidate? It came out that he was involved in some kind of weird swingers club and forced his wife to have sex with other men while he watched.

        When people pull stuff like this on POTUS, it NEVER ends well. Romney better quit playing.

        • GN

          lol, that’s right, I had forgotten about that–I truly wouldn’t mess with PBO.

    • Town

      I didn’t see any Romney people at the Richmond rally. I did see some Ron Paul people, and people laughing at the Ron Paul people. But the Ron Paul people were respectful. All of the people I saw today cutting up were black:

      Group of black people protesting Obama for being a baby killer

      Black woman screaming OBAMA IS DEAD, I TELL YA OBAMA IS DEAD, as Richmond police hauled her away

      Black woman in a hijab being hauled out of the Siegel Center by at least 4 policeMEN for being disruptive while Obama spoke.

  • GreenLadyHere

    mirnda – — -MR. PRESIDENT takes the GOP 2 SCHOOL – -as he SPEAKS 2 STUDENTS — – – —

    – —Obama rips GOP on student loans – —

    — — President Obama chastised House Republicans Friday for passing legislation that would prevent an interest rate hike on federally subsidized student loans by eliminating a fund from the healthcare reform law.

    The president accused the GOP of looking out for the country’s wealthiest at the expense of students and women, and said Republicans are showing their true colors by insisting that the lower interest rates are paid for.

    “I don’t think it’s fair when they suggest students like you should pay more to help bring down the deficit, when [Republicans] spent the last decade running up the deficit,” Obama said at a rally at Washington-Lee High School in Virginia.

    Obama detailed the ways in which he said Republicans were responsible for the deficit, saying the country went to “two wars without paying for it” and gave “two tax cuts to people who didn’t ask for it and don’t need it.”

  • rikyrah

    Media Goes Silent as Gas Prices Fall After Obama Crack Down On Oil Speculation

    By: Jason EasleyMay 4, 2012′

    The media and the Republicans were happy to blame President Obama for the high price of gasoline in March, but they are giving Obama none of the credit for the drop in gas prices today.

    It seems like only yesterday that the GOP and their corporate media lackeys were telling us that gas prices would ruin Obama, but they have gone silent as gas prices have fallen since Obama announced his administration’s crackdown on oil speculation.

    As recently as last month, Mitt Romney was still blaming President Obama for the price of gas, “He gets full credit or blame for what’s happened to this economy and what’s happened to gasoline prices under his watch and what’s happened to our schools and what’s happened to our military forces — all these things are his responsibility while he’s president.”

    Speaker of the House John Boehner went as far as to claim that gas prices could cost Obama the election, “But if the economy doesn’t get better, I don’t think he’ll win. If people don’t feel better about government-run health care, I don’t think he’ll win. And if gas prices are $5 or $6, he certainly isn’t going to win.”

    The media was happy to give the Republicans a free forum and plenty of airtime to use to blame Obama for gas prices, but on April 17 Obama called for a crackdown on oil speculation, “We can’t afford a situation where speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher, only to flip the oil for a quick profit. We can’t afford the situation where some speculators can reap millions (of dollars in profits), while millions of American families get the short end of the stick. That’s not the way the market should work.”

    Since Obama announced his crackdown on oil speculation, gas prices have fallen twelve cents a gallon. The media response to this news has been total silence. (I guess if Republicans don’t have anything to say then there is nothing for the corporate media to report).

    There are a couple of other factors at play that have also driven the price of gas down. Speculators had been running wild in February and March. They were betting that war with Iran was on horizon. When Israel or the international community did not take any military action against Iran, prices decreased. The other shoe to drop was that savvy U.S. drivers quickly decreased their consumption. When prices got too high, people started driving less. People have more fuel efficient vehicles that need less fuel. The hybrid has replaced the gas guzzling SUV as America’s car of choice. Better technology has made it easier for consumers to fight back against price gouging and speculation.


  • rikyrah

    Obama Campaign Crushes Romney with War on Women Ad

    By: Sarah JonesMay 3, 2012

    Mitt Romney is pallin’ around with transvaginal ultrasound pushers.

    The Republicans are making this sooo easy. Mitt Romney’s top surrogate in Pennsylvania is the man who told women to “just close your eyes” during a transvaginal ultrasound. You want some painful, small government up your vagina and in your doctor’s office? Vote Romney!

    Mitt Romney shares a lot of Governor Tom Corbett’s “ideas” about women’s rights and today, Romney is “proud” of Corbett’s endorsement.

    Just close your eyes.

    The Obama campaign came out shouting on this issue tonight. All they had to do was put Romney’s quote of being so proud of Corbett’s endorsement next to a quote of Corbett’s and they were done. That’s it. That’s the ad (see above).

    No need to lie, no need for fancy spin. They reminded voters, “President Obama, however, said of the GOP’s assault on women’s rights: ‘When it comes to what’s going on out there, you’re not going to close your eyes. Women across America aren’t closing their eyes. As long as I’m President, I won’t either.’”

    Those aren’t just words, because this President has done more for women’s rights than any president in modern history, starting with his first few days in office, signing the Lily Ledbetter Act. Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, and Joe has a strong history defending women’s rights and advocating for bills that protect women from domestic violence. Obama chose Hillary Clinton as his SOS, and she takes her advocacy for women’s rights and freedom around the world as she represents the United States.


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -The LIST of CORPORATIOS SUPPORTING ALEC was posted yesterday. [Sepia :>)] – -4 US VISUAL LEARNERS – a GRAPH – -:>) – — — —

    – – –Just 10 multinational corporations control most consumer brands; which are on newly released list of ALEC members? – – –

    – – – – – –@sonnylebythebay linked me to the above image, found at a French food blog here (via Grist), where they suggest that “the concentration of political power and the environmental irresponsibilities of these companies are cause for worry.”


    Then there’s this, via DefendWisconsin.org:

    This 2011 list of corporations sitting on ALEC issue task forces, disclosed as part of the IRS whistleblower complaint, is available through Common Cause here. The full list of companies that have been involved in ALEC in recent years, updated with the new data, is available here through the Center for Media and Democracy. […]

    ALEC’s legislative portfolio combines an agenda that favors corporations over consumers and workers – lower corporate taxes, limited environmental protections, and the repeal of worker rights, along with the privatization of Social Security, Medicare, schools, prisons and other government institutions or services – with hot-button social issues.

  • rikyrah

    Mitch McConnell tells the SCOTUS to Reaffirm Citizens United

    By: Adalia WoodburyMay 3, 2012

    Senator Mitch McConnell is looking to influence the Supreme Court when it reconsiders the Citizens’ United because we all know just how well Citizens United leveled the playing field for the oppressed corporations in America.

    Yes, Citizens United, which reversed decades of precedent on spending limits for corporations and unions alike. McConnell is reacting to the SCOTUS decision to reconsider the ruling in light of a ruling by the Montana Supreme Court in American Tradition Partnership, et al, v. Bullock, et al.

    In short, the Montana Supreme Court’s 5-2 ruling defies Citizens’ United and therefore set the stage for the SCOTUS to reconsider Citizens’ United. The Montana Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Mike McGrath, wrote the Court’s opinion which makes the following observation about the implications of Citizens’ United:

    “The truth is that corporations wield inordinate power in Congress and in state legislatures. It is hard to tell where government ends and corporate America begins; the transition is seamless and overlapping. In my view, Citizens United has turned the First Amendment’s “open marketplace” of ideas into an auction house for Friedmanian15 corporatists. Freedom of speech is now synonymous with freedom to spend. Speech equals money; money equals democracy. This decidedly was not the view of the constitutional founders, who favored the preeminence of individual interests over those of big business. Citizens United, 130”

    Certainly, the court’s opinion coincides with reality and the views expressed by critics of Citizens United. In particular, it coincides with decades of precedent, that is before the Roberts Court ruled on Citizens’ United. But hey, why let a little precedent get between unfettered campaign financing by corporations? But the very reasons the court in Montana opposed Citizens United, in terms of state law, are the very reasons McConnell applauds that decision.

    The fallout from this decision has included among other things, a war on unions by conservative governors (most notably Scott Walker of Wisconsin) and conservative controlled legislatures with the enthusiasm of a kid let loose in a candy shop.

    It’s more than a little challenging to avoid seeing the quid quo pro in the room. With today’s call for a reaffirmation of Citizens’ United, Senator McConnell painted that quid quo pro candy apple red.

    Reaffirmation of Citizens’ United combined with the assault on Unions would give the corporatist Republicans a structural financial advantage over Americans who work for a living.


  • rikyrah

    Obama’s Wonderful Town
    Published: May 4, 201

    Barack Obama barely mentions his New York years in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.” I have always wanted to know more, ever since I learned that in 1981, when he was a student at Columbia, we lived within a few blocks of each other. Also, we patronized the same diner, and his first book editor was the editor of one of my books. So, really, we are practically the same person.

    This is not to be confused with the curiosity of, say, Donald Trump, who — during his pseudopresidential campaign — subjected Obama’s Columbia degree to the same keen intellectual scrutiny as the birth certificate. (“The people that went to school with him, they never saw him. They don’t know who he is. It’s crazy.”)

    I am bringing all this up because Vanity Fair has just published an interesting excerpt from a forthcoming Obama biography by David Maraniss. It includes interviews with two former girlfriends from the New York period.

    Admit it, everybody likes a good girlfriend story.

    There has always been some curiosity about the president’s pre-Michelle love life. Obama briefly described one unnamed romantic interest in “Dreams From My Father,” who turns out to be a composite of a couple of women, including a New Yorker named Genevieve Cook.

    If I were just starting out in life, I think one of my goals would be to become a composite girlfriend of a future president. You get a part in the story, but there’s really not all that much pressure.


  • GreenLadyHere

    mirana – – HumpH!. – -THIS is another one of his lies annnnd – –he’s stickin’ 2 it! – —RACIST MURDERER!! – —

    – – –Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin Circled My Car
    …Which he strangely did not mention while talking to dispatcher
    – —

    – – – – –There’s a new wrinkle in George Zimmerman’s version of the night of Trayvon Martin’s death. Zimmerman has been telling investigators that while he was on the phone with police, Martin was circling his car menacingly on foot—so menacingly that Zimmerman rolled up his window “to avoid a confrontation,” a source tells the Orlando Sentinel. The source says Zimmerman isn’t changing his story; he’s said this in every statement to police.

    But, as the paper points out, Zimmerman doesn’t mention this strange behavior to the dispatcher. That’s not the only inconsistency, either:

    • GN

      None of his stories make any sense. How is he “scared” sitting in a locked truck armed with a 9 millimeter, of a teenager with nothing but candy and iced tea?

      This is a violent person, constantly playing the victim and using racist stereotypes to justify himself.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GN – – – -Annnd he is a MULTI-NATIONAL RACIST – -“BLAH”s annnd MEXICANS – -annnnd a SEXIST!!

        I ‘ON’T KNOW WHYCOME his attorney is lettin him speak.

        OTOH – – – -He’s BURYIN’ himself! – -GOOD!! — –


        • GN

          His entire defense is predicated on the assumption that it was perfectly reasonable for him to racially profile Trayvon Martin. Which is why there’s been so much race-baiting coming from his family.

          • GreenLadyHere

            GN – – – -HIS FAMILY!! – – -LIARS ALL!! —

            THEY KNEW that he had that $200,00 – -$204,000 – — -YET — CRIED POOR when it came 2 his BAIL!! — – –

            – – -LIARS – -BEGET – –LIARS!! – -geesh.

            {Sorry. Gotta “bounce” 2 some – –VOTER REGISTRATION ACTIVITIES. Missin’ U/CArryin’ U – -IN MY♥] :>)

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Trayvon Martin-17 years old, 140 pounds wet, hoodie, Ice Tea, Skittles
      George Zimmerman-28 Years Old, heavier motherfucker,9 mm glock, sitting in a 1/2 ton pick up truck that can accelerate to 100-120 mph.

      Yeah, like I’m supposed to believe “he was scared.” Muthafucka, please.

      • GN

        He’s bold as hell, because prior to this, he’s never really been held accountable for his behavior. This is his FOURTH arrest, the third for violent conduct. This is the same person who sat in front of a judge and claimed to be destitute, meanwhile he had already ran through $50K in donations in less than a month. His entire fucking family lied at that bail hearing about that money, and he’s still walking around free. He’s not going to stop with the false victimhood and aggressive acts until he’s held accountable for his behavior.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GOOD SATURDAY MORNTIN’ GOVCHRIS1988. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – – – –

        – – -***TRIPLE – -fit bump*** LOL —


        -CANNOT B OVERSTATED!! – – —

        We GOTTA – –KEEP IT IN – — FOCUS!! :>)

        THANK U GOVCHRIS1988 — -annnd POU FAM!!

        Good 2 C U. GOVCHRIS1988 — -:>) – – –

    • Admiral_Komack

      What new alibi is Zimmerman going to pull out of his ass?

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Admiral. ***BIG HUG*** – – -:>)

        AHA!. LOL. – –Soooo =- – -THAT’s WHERE he gets THEM from?? – – – -LOL.

        Shoulda KNOWN it wasn’t his brain. ITS NOT OPERATIN’!! – –

        – -EVIDENCE – – – –HE’S a RACIST MURDERER!!

        Good 2 C U. Admiral. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — -1 SMALL step – – -FORWARD: – – —

    – – –One Little Victory – – –

    – — –Good news for women and, specifically, Planned Parenthood in Texas yesterday.

    Earlier this week, Republican Fifth Circuit Judge Jerry Smith issued an unusual single-judge order staying another judge’s decision suspending a Texas law that cuts off funding for Planned Parenthood. Today, a three-judge panel of the same court, which includes Judge Smith, lifted Smith’s order — meaning that the Texas anti-Planned Parenthood law is suspended once again.

  • Farrod

    Morning Fam,

    What do ya’ll make of this, Averagebro(com) guy? I think he’s a nuisance, myself.

    April Job Numbers Are Bad News For Obama Re-Election.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –911 PERP TRIAL begins 2-day – — – –

    – – –9/11 families prepare for Guantanamo arraignment – —

    – – –Nearly 11 years after the Sept. 11 attacks, family members of some of the victims will watch via closed-circuit TV on Saturday as the self-proclaimed mastermind of the attacks and four co-defendants are arraigned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    “I want to bear witness that in fact these people are brought to justice,” said Al Santora, whose firefighter son Christopher died at the World Trade Center.

    Santora and his wife, Maureen, plan to watch the arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, where others began gathering Saturday morning for a live broadcast of the hearing for victims’ family members, survivors and emergency personnel who responded to the attacks. The fort is one of four military bases where the proceeding will be shown. Others are Fort Devens in Massachusetts and Joint Base McGuire Dix in New Jersey. Only the fourth, Fort Meade in Maryland, is open to the public.

    – – –Mohammed and the others are expected to be arraigned on charges that include terrorism and murder. They could get the death penalty if convicted in the attacks that sent hijacked airliners slamming into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. The trial is probably at least a year away.

    Six victims’ families chosen by lottery traveled to Guantanamo to see the arraignment in person.


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – Hmmm – –Seems as ifff MORE JUSTICE is bein’ SERVED outside the COURT – – – –

    – – –3 NBC employees lose jobs due to Martin reports – —

    — – –Three employees of NBC or an NBC-owned television station have now lost their jobs because of editing changes to a call made to police by George Zimmerman on the night he shot Trayvon Martin.

    Lilia Luciano, an NBC News correspondent based in Miami, is no longer working at the network, spokeswoman Amy Lynn said. Her departure came as a result of an investigation into her March 20 “Today” show report on the Martin case.

    – – –Each of the reports on either “Today” or NBC’s Miami station WTVJ involve editing of Zimmerman’s phone call to a dispatcher that emphasizes his identification of Martin as a black male. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Fla., is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Martin, a case that has increased racial tensions.

    In the report involving Luciano, audio of the police phone call was edited to insert a reference to Martin’s race that had been made later in the conversation.

    – – – -SKIP – – –

    Lynn said Friday that NBC News’ investigation into the reports has ended.

    • GN

      I find NBC’s reaction to be incredibly bizarre. This transcript/edited call was wholly non-dispositive to most people’s impressions of the case. Yet by blowing up this situation and dragging it out for weeks and weeks and weeks they are creating the false impression that we were “tricked” by NBC into detecting Zimmerman’s depravity and thus were wrong all along. That’s utter bullshit. I don’t understand why they have buckled so completely to lunatics and conspiracy theorists on the right. The edits did give a misimpression of the 911 call, but a minor one. And were much less inflammatory than ABC’s “enhanced” videos supposedly showing major injuries which were completely undetectable on the unedited high definition video. It’s like the media is willing to take unncessary credibility hits in order to prove that Trayvon wasn’t murdered because of his race. It’s insane.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GN – – -THANK U 4 this perspective: – – –Yet by blowing up this situation and dragging it out for weeks and weeks and weeks they are creating the false impression that we were “tricked” by NBC into detecting Zimmerman’s depravity and thus were wrong all along.

        – — — METHINKS THEY DO PROTEST 2 MUCH – -HUH? – – —

        AGAIN, THANK U. :>)

        • GN

          It’s completely over the top. I formed my opinion of the case via the entire set of 911 calls, the “they always get away” and Zimmerman attempting to use some nonviolent and unrelated burglaries as justification for racially profiling, stalking, and murdering Trayvon. His defense is that the racial profiling is fine because..you know those ni**ers always up to no good. His bigotry is right there out in the open. The NBC story posits that their mistaken edits were somehow a lynchpin of the public outrage, yet they were not. It’s propaganda at this point.

      • Miranda

        Me…You…Like this ><…….I am in total agreement with you on this.

        • GN

          The situation is pretty crazy. I’ve seen almost no dissent regarding the sleaziness of a professional marketing social media offensive launched by an admitted killer of a child, only fawning coverage of its “brilliance” by the media (ex: http://laurakesselblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/much-worth-watching-in-social-media.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

          Really insane situation.

          • Miranda

            The right wing can bully the mainstream media into doing whatever it wants them to do and then call them punks anyway after the msm bows down. Its not different from Mitt Romney bending over for the evangelicals and then the main one, Bryan Fischer, laughs in Mitt’s face and calls him a beyotch anyway after Mitt folded like a cheap lawn chair. NBC bent over backwards and did headstands for the right wing on this bullshit. Meanwhile, I saw absolutely NO effort by the media to actually question any of the obvious holes in Zimmerman’s story. For instance, with regard to where his car was parked and where Trayvon was actually shot. How he claimed to get knocked down from behind but hit in the nose at the same time. How he screamed with Trayvon’s hand covering his mouth. Naw, they are concerned with how a 2 second edit appears to the right wing.

          • GN

            Extremely well said. The right wing bullying not only results in distorted news coverage, but in addition, the false story that they have been victimized by a malicious press when in fact they receive far more positive coverage than is deserved. PBO is one of the only national actors on the scene right now who knows how to deal with bullies without becoming one himself; a bunch of these other people are just lost, especially the national media.

          • Miranda

            Remember how the right wing bullied the media into assisting with ACORN’s demise. After that, I have no respect for the lot of them…Fox News and right wing radio set the tone and all the rest dutifully follow. We only have a handful..and I DO MEAN a handful of folks that look out for ACTUAL progressive interests. Said it before will say it again, all we got IS US.

  • Miranda

    You aint ready for this Mitt. While your campaign strategy is outside circling a bus and phone banking like its 1982…..PBO staffers will be talking to the world.

    Obama to showcase technology at kickoff rallies Saturday

    The news, however, may not be in what Obama says, but in how the rallies look and how his team uses technology and social media to engage supporters and gather information about them to serve the campaign through the fall.

    Campaign workers will carry iPads to collect attendees’ names and contact information. “Pop-up” field offices are intended to give supporters a feel for what happens at a real campaign office — and allow them to volunteer and work phone banks on the spot.

    • Alma98

      Watch his campaign try and copy PBO’s style except they don’t know how use social media technology. lol

  • Alma98

    Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

  • Aquagranny911

    Hola everyone! Happy Cinco De Mayo! We Will be heading out soon to the celebrations. It should be great fun & you all here have a margarita on me!

    Great graphic & I adore George Lopez. I was sorry to see his talk show cancelled but I can still get re-runs of his sitcom. He’s a very funny guy.

    • GN

      Happy Cinco De Mayo, AG, and thanks for the margarita!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Aquagranny911♥. – – -***BIG – -Cinco De Mayo – -HUG*** :>)

      Have a GR8 DAY – -U – -FAMILY – -FRIENDS!! – – –

  • Here’s the live stream of PBO’s Campaign Rally in OH: https://www.barackobama.com/live?source=ColumbusLivestream-20120505-HP

  • Rhoda

    POTUS Is doing what Mitt Romney has never done, he’s telling people why he wants to be President of the United States.

    He’s killing it right now in Ohio!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Rhoda. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      BU – – – -bu – – – -but – – -annrom-KNEE – – -said – – – IT’S OUR TURN! – -BWAHAHA!! – – –

      – — – -Guess – – -that’s a LOW LEVEL REASON!! -HUH!? – – – -LOL.

      – –***shakin’ my head*** LOL.

      Good 2 C U- -Rhoda!! :>)

    • rikyrah

      tell it

      tell it

  • Rhoda

    So POTUS gets 14k to show up at an arena that can hold anywhere from 18k to 22k; and POLITICO says this:

    The campaign was only able to muster 14,000 supporters in an arena designed to hold 18,000 to 22,000, with several thousand empty seats ringing its upper deck, mostly out of view from the cameras.

    Okay. On a SATURDAY, in the middle of a gorgeous Spring day, that is awesome. You, know, if he doesn’t fill every seat and he manages to fill an arena at 60% capacity that is failing to perform. Who was the last politician that could have crowd of 14k be called small? Not in my lifetime.

    • Jeremy

      The media has nothing. they are trying there best to polish a turd but Romney is nothing more than a turd.

      Romney hasn’t even come close to that kind of crowd size and as this campaign goes into the dog days of summer and the fall the crowd sizes will continue to grow like 2008 because more people will be tuned in and have greater flexibility.

    • Glenn Thrush wrote that bs. Kindly tweet him at @GlennThrush and let him know what you think about his spin job.

      • Miranda

        The GOP won’t get 14,000 at their damn convention to hear Romney accept the nomination.

    • Town

      Also keep in mind many of the seats are blocked off due to press being seated there, campaign props, equipment, logistics etc.

      There was a whole section of seats in Richmond that were unfilled because the big huge FORWARD sign was propped up there.

      Mitt Romney can’t even get 14 people to come to his rallies, but you want to say Barack Obama is a failure when he “only gets” 14K?

  • GN

    Melissa Harris-Perry Takes NAACP To Task For Not Taking A Stand On LGBT Rights

    On Melissa Harris-Perry‘s eponymous MSNBC program Saturday, she hosted a panel that focused on North Carolina’s Amendment 1, which is up for a vote on Tuesday to approve a constitutional amendment to say that a marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic union to be valid and recognized by the state. Perry observed that a leaked memo from the National Organization of Marriage stated that the strategic goal of the amendment was to drive a wedge between gays and blacks, two of President Obama‘s key constituencies.

    Harris-Perry felt that national civil rights organizations needed to be making a stronger stand against ballot initiatives like Amendment 1.

    “It does feel though that our national civil rights organizations, the NAACP, the SCLC, they have not taken a national stance on issues of LGBT equality,” Harris- Perry observed.


    She needs to have a seat. NAACP has a very specific mandate, that of the advancement of African Americans. I’m certain that NAACP is sympathetic with a wide variety of progressive causes from GLBT equality to efforts to stop sex trafficking of children in Asia. However, their reason for being and their mandate is the advancement of African Americans.

    This is a low blow and completely unnecessary swipe at the NAACP.

    • itgurl_29

      And yet you won’t see her say a word to GLADD about taking a stand on black issues.

      I can’t stand this woman. I knew she was a fake that very first time she subbed for Maddow. And I called her out on twitter and she blocked me.

      • GN

        I would not approach the Sierra Club with “and why haven’t you spoken out for Trayvon Martin, don’t you care about violence in the environment???” It’s unnecessary, divisive, and not respectful of the realities that many social progress organizations have finite resources and very specific mandates. I’m all for collaboration and looking for ways to stand in alliance, but MHP’s lectures don’t do anything but play into the hands of people who want to exploit divides between African Americans and mainstream GLBT organizations. Really ineffective advocacy on her part.

        • itgurl_29

          MHP is so freakin’ whitewashed. If she wants NAACP to be more involved, then she needs to point them to the BLACK lgbt organizations! Because BLACK lgbt people are ignored and avoided by the “mainstream” lgbt leaders and organizations.

          Fuck her.

          • GN

            Indeed, why not raise up those black GLBT organizations themselves? Why not look for better ways to appeal to a disproportionately churchgoing people other than attempts at shame or coopting civil rights in a manner which is not respectful of that movement’s history? If the story of the NC state legislator’s wife admitting that the anti-GLBT ballot proposition was motivated by white supremacy caused black support to drop, why not take that as a cue that effective arguments in furtherance of an alliance might involve exposing the (indeed racist!) underpinnings of a good deal of the more virulent anti-GLBT (and anti-abortion) activism? She interested in preaching or creating? I disagree with her show’s direction.

          • EXACTLY! The biggest problem of the LGBT movement is that the face of their movement is rich, white gay men.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY itgurl_29 – – -***BIG HUG*** :>)

        HAH! – -Good on U!. – –She ‘ON’T WANT the TRUTH!! – -geesh!!

        Good 2 C U. :>)

      • Miranda

        Voter suppression is in full effect across the damn country affecting minorities, the elderly and students and she thinks the NAACP should concern itself with Amendent One in NC?? First of all nobody can vote against it if they can’t vote at ALL. She really needs to check herself.

    • lamh35

      Here’s when I started to give MHP the stink eye. When she was engaged to her current husband and he was running for I think some local position in NOLA. Now her husband granted was indeed a native and all that, but he just was not well known evnough to even have a chance at winning in NOLA. I keep telling people that NOLA is the biggest little town in the country. It has a huge population, but the actual size of the city particularly Orleans parish ain’t some huge metropolis. So in politics in NOLA if they don’t know you they ain’t voting for you. and your ties to the community better be air tight especially if you are wanting to represent NOLA (for an example see Rep Cedric Richmond).

      Well anyway, I just was turned off by the blatant politicking she did for her husband on air, on twitter and in print (this was also before her current Prof job at Tulane). It also really pissed me off that she though just cause she was in a relationship with a dude from NOLA that all of a sudden she could tell people born and raised in NOLA whats what…all in the name of electing her fiancee’. I was through with her then.

      • GN

        That’s a really interesting insight. She does seem kind of arrogant and preachy a la Rachel Maddow; I can see that turning people off in New Orleans, definitely.

      • Miranda

        I do remember reading columns she did pertaining to her husband’s race and thinking that she was getting a little high and mighty with how she was referring to the residents of the city – and that’s from an outsider looking in. So my instincts were right.

    • GreenLadyHere

      GN – – -ALSO 2 – -annnd – -PLU

      She is sooo – – FULL of – – —herself!!S – – –“WHYCOME” she

      THOUGHT that it/SHE was – -“CUTE-BY-HALF” – – –

      – — -discussin’ that PIECE OF TRASH “diary!???” – – WHA’???? – – – –

      We have – –TRASHED IT annnd she tries 2 B “cute.” – – -WHA’??? – – –

      WAY-ELL – – – -IT/SHE WAS – -NOT!! – – –

      SHE is soooo – – -FULL OF – –IT annnd HERSELF!! geesh!! – —

    • Instead of joining the “It’s The Negroes Fault” club, how about MHP and nem use that time and energy to EDUCATE ALL PEOPLE about the details of Amendment One?

      • trose1

        I didn’t know anything about the amendment. All of a sudden I was reading tweets and articles saying how Black people are the reason it is going to fail etc.
        MHP is huge dissapointment.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – —President Obama Launches Official Campaign in OH, VA – —

    – – – – –President Obama launches his official campaign for re-election today with stops in Columbus, Ohio, and Richmond, Virginia. The two states are expected to be swing states in the 2012 election.

    President Obama won both states in 2008. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University has Mitt Romney and President Obama tied in Ohio, and in Florida, another key swing state.

    Each event today includes more than two hours of speakers and campaign videos with the President and First Lady arriving at the end. In Ohio, Sen. Sherrod Brown is expected to speak. In Virginia, Former Gov. Tim Kaine is among the expected speakers.

    The stops, at The Ohio State University and Virginia Commonwealth University, are a sign that the campaign is hoping to re-energize young voters, who played a key role in the President’s 2008 campaign. Mitt Romney campaigned in Virginia on Thursday, visiting a marine manufacturing and services company in Portsmouth with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

    President Obama will be joined by First Lady Michelle Obama at both of today’s stops. – – – –Wooo! Hooo!

    – – –F-O-R-W-A-R-D!! – – Yaaaaa! :>)

    ***waves at – -Town**** :>)

    • Town

      Woo Hoo! I got in 10 minutes before Michelle Obama spoke!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Ohhhh – -Town! :>) – -I’m sooo HAPPY 4 U! – –:>)

        – — CAIN’T WAIT 4 your – –SHARING!! :>) — -PROUD of U! :>) RERESENTIN’ POU FAM! :>)

  • GN

    Beautiful insights by Smartypants:

    The journey to Barack Obama
    There was a fair amount of buzz this week about the excerpt in Vanity Fair from David Maraniss’ new book about President Obama. A lot of that was because – as usual – folks like Drudge and Politico jumped off the deep end before paying attention and made fools of themselves.


    As was my reaction to reading Dreams From My Father, a portrait emerges of a young man struggling with identity and his role in life. I find that story fascinating – not only in understanding President Obama, but in learning what grappling with those questions can mean for all of us. What I see in our President is a man who is centered, strong, compassionate and sure of himself. We could all learn something from knowing how he got there.


    The whole thing is more than worth the read.

  • Miranda

    C-Span supposed to be showing PBO in Virginia…so why are they showing the Libertarian Party Convention in Vegas? A bunch of crazy nuts.

    • GreenLadyHere

      miranda — – -***raisin’ my hand annnd wavin’ wildly****

      – – -Uhhhh – – –‘CAUSE DEY – – – -WYT!!??? – – – – —

      Please C my MEDIA ALERT POST. THEY R WAITIN’ 4 HIM/FIRST LADY 2 TAKE the STAGE. Woo! Hoo! – – –

  • GreenLadyHere


    Waitaminute – -I musta done something wrong. — –

    Ohhh – – -I get it. U hafta “click” on the “LIVE NOW” —video.

  • Miranda

    “I don’t care how many times you try to explain it – Corporations aren’t people. People are people,” Obama said, getting huge applause from the crowd.

    Mitt……..its gonna hurt.

    • rikyrah


      I’ll say it again…

      NOBODY is playing with you, Willard

    • rikyrah

      The President has decided to beat Willard like he’s a runaway slave.

      there, I said it.

      President Barack Hussein Obama II has decided that he has no more cheeks to turn.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Usually, I would be upset at this. In 2008, I would have drenched my pants in piss over this. Now, I expect this from them plus it doesn’t faze me. But then again Barack Obama wouldn’t say this without reason. I think this is another case of baiting the Republicans. I looked at the ad, and I think Republicans took the bait, because A) At the end Barack Obama says that “This took years to develop and we are still facing headwinds. B) Your parties presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney just said that the solution to the housing crisis is to just let it bottom out and C) That the unemployed teachers laid of by local govts are mostly Republican governments that seem to believe that cutting government is the solution.

      Yep, he’s baiting them.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – –***STANDING O(bama)*** – – -THEY’RE ON!! — – -Yaaaaa! – – –

    – —FIRED UP! – – -READY 2 GO – – -FORWARD!! – – -Woo Hoo! —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -2-day is the 2nd day of the KENTUCKY DERBY!! — –

    BUT – – — -will anybody MENTION THIS?? – — BAM!! – —

    – – – –Little Known Black History Fact: Isaac Murphy – —-

    – – – – –Thirteen of the 15 riders in the first Kentucky Derby were African-American. One of those riders was Isaac Burns Murphy. A rider from 1876-1895, Murphy carried a 44% victory rate. He was the first jockey elected to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame and was dubbed one of the greatest race riders in American history.

    Isaac Murphy competed in eleven Kentucky Derbys, becoming the first jockey to win three of the Derbys.

    – – — SKIP- – – –

    – – – -He rode “Buchanan” in 1884, “Riley” in 1890, and “Kingman” in 1891. “Kingman” was owned and trained by a Black man, (Dudley Allen) and is the only horse owned by an African-American to win the Derby. Murphy would continue to win the Latonia Derby five times, and four American Derbys, once the richest 3-year-old race in America.

    – – –THIS – – — >Isaac Murphy is the only jockey to have won the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks, and the Clark Handicap all in the same year (1884). Considered one of the great jockeys in American history, Murphy was dubbed the “Colored Archer,” after Fred Archer, a prominent English jockey at the time. After struggling to keep his weight down to regulation, Murphy died at age 36 from pneumonia.
    THERE IS MORE. – — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    – –MEDIA ALERT – – -MR. PRESIDENT IS ON – –C-SPAN – – -NOW!! – – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – –PREEEEEEEEACH – – -PREACHA!!! – – -WE GOTTA MOVE – –

    -FORWARD!! – -Annnnd THAT’S WHY I’m RUNNING 4 a 2nd TERM – – -a PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES!! :>)

    – –4! – -MORE! – — -YEARS!! – – –

    Oh! OH! – – –He’s – – -GOIN’ IN on teh – -WILLARD!! LOL! – —

  • rikyrah

    Obama Kicks Off Campaign

    by BooMan
    Sat May 5th, 2012 at 12:44:48 PM EST

    How can you not just bust out laughing at Mitt Romney when you see stuff like this? I mean, it’s hysterical. He’s literally got nothing.

    “Welcome to Ohio,” Mitt Romney told President Obama with more than a dash of sarcasm in an open letter on the eve of Obama’s rally Saturday in Columbus. “I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?”

    Romney got an answer to that question last week from Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Campaigning for Romney outside the capital, the Republican governor could hardly have strayed further off message as he painted a bright picture of economic recovery in Ohio just as Romney was trying to do the opposite.

    “We have a website called Ohio Means Jobs and there’s probably about 80,000 jobs listed on there where there are openings,” Kasich told college students meeting with him and Romney.

    “Really?” a student asked in astonishment.

    In scanning the website, Kasich said, “you’re going to find a lot of real exciting opportunities.”

    Kasich is not the only Republican governor whose off-key boasts of a local jobs recovery have undercut the party’s presumptive presidential nominee right before a Romney speech portraying the economy under Obama as dismal.

    Virginia Gov. Bob McConnell offered the latest variation on Thursday as he introduced Romney at a rally in Portsmouth, Va.

    “Welcome to the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast,” McConnell said.

    As the audience cheered, Romney paused, then smiled and clapped his hands four times.

    “That’s good news,” he muttered, ignoring the head wind that any good news on jobs creates for his campaign in a crucial swing state like Virginia.

    The president is about to take the stage in Columbus, Ohio in front of a crowd that is many times bigger than anything Romney has produced during his whole campaign. Today is the formal kickoff of his reelection campaign. New slogan: Forward.

    Let’s see how this marketing campaign goes. It’s looking pretty slick so far


  • Miranda

    Evening thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -HO! HUM! ***sigh*** – – -WISH this would B a — -SURPRISE!!

    – — –Mitt Romney Lie of the Day – – —

    — – —Benen has been tracking Romney’s mendacity and this one is a whopper.

    In a speech in Virginia yesterday, Romney blamed “card check” for making things “tougher” on businesses.

    Can you spot the lie?


    Card check didn’t pass, so it’s impossible for Romney’s argument to be true.

    He won’t correct himself and he doesn’t care. This is the centerpiece of his political strategy — say anything, even if it’s flagrantly untrue, because it’s not about Romney, it’s about defeating the president and Republican voters just don’t care what Romney says. So let fly. The most cynical campaign ever.

    Bonus item:

    Romney went on to condemn Obama for “shutting down” a “wonderful” school voucher program in the District of Columbia.

    And of course:

    Obama didn’t shut down the school voucher program in the District of Columbia. It still exists.

    — – —-THIS – – -FLIP-FLOPPIN’! – — LYIN’! – —STOOPID! – -UNQUALIFIED! -MORON!! – – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – –G’NIGHT POU FAM. :>) WISHING THAT U HAVE – –BLESSED SWEET DREAMS. – -♥ – -♥ :>) — – –

    – – — -UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT ♥ :>) – — —