November 20, 2017

Saturday Open Thread: West Wing Week

This week, Washington D.C. was transformed into an historic stage, with an estimated one million people on hand to witness the President and Vice President take the Oath of Office at the United States Capitol. Through it all, West Wing Week was there, from the terrace of the Capitol to backstage at the balls. America, take a moment to look back at where we’ve been this week for this special edition of West Wing Week, January 18th to the 24th, or “Behind the Scenes: Inauguration 2013.”

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    ALEXANDER2 – — -FIRST: — — -***hands out –BAND AIDS*** LOL – –

    — -NOW: – —They Are Slaves to Their Own Bullshit – –

    – —–Dana Milbank points out something that ought to be obvious but really isn’t.
    — [Rep. Paul] Ryan and his fellow House Republicans…know their budget will never become law. They are free to be as reckless as they want to be, to throw as many bombs as they wish…
    …Ryan is free to propose such a cockamamie plan because he knows that President Obama and Senate Democrats will never go along with it.

    It’s a little more complicated than that, however. It’s not really true that the House leadership is “free” to offer up a draconian austerity budget plan. Rather, they are “compelled” to offer up this plan. It’s the price they paid to the wingnuts to get them to agree to raising the debt ceiling. In a greater sense, it is the price they are paying now for feeding their wingnut base a constant stream of bullshit about economics for forty years without pause.

    In fact, the word “free” seems like one of the worst adjectives one could choose to describe the House leadership’s choices on the budget, on guns, on immigration, on climate, and on women’s rights, gay rights, and civil rights.

    You could call it: live by bullshit, die by bullshit.

    The Democrats engage in some of this behavior. They all supported the Employee Free Choice Act when they knew it would be filibustered, but enough of them opposed it when they had the technical power to pass it that it died. Harry Reid certainly made it sound like he regretted not listening to Senators Merkley and Udall when they called for filibuster reform in 2009. Yet, he didn’t listen to them in 2013 when he had the chance to reconsider.
    – – -SNIP – —
    The GOP in Washington is not free to be sensible. They are not free to use evidence. They are not free to negotiate or compromise. They are compelled to behave in the way that they trained their base to expect them to behave.
    —They are slaves to their own bullshit.

    THERE IS MORE. – — — — —WHEW LAWD!! — -:>) —

    • GN

      They are compelled to behave in the way that they trained their base to expect them to behave.

      The GOP in its current formulation can’t win with their base, and they can’t win without their base. Quite the conundrum. Live by bullshit, die by bullshit is spot on.

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        HEEY GN.- –***BIG HUG*** :>)- —-

        – – — POINT!- – — This concept reminds me of VP Joe warnin’ that – -this country will B “back in chains”- — ifff the RE-THUCKERS won the election.—-

        INTERESTIN’: — – – –THEY R viewed 2 B- –IN CHAINS- – -2 their OWN STOOPID- -RACIST IDEOLOGIES!! – — HAH!!

        – —Good 2 C U –GN :>)- —

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    NBA Baller Kenneth Faried and his two mothers, in support of marriage equality.

    • jds09

      That was the sweetest video, warm, real and heartfelt. He’s a great kid.

  • rikyrah

    What will Michelle Obama do with 4 more years?

    — Jan. 26 8:03 AM EST

    Michelle Obama has a new look, both in person and online, and with the president’s re-election, she has four more years as first lady, too.

    That’s got many people wondering: What will she do with them?

    Take on a new cause? Travel more? Trace the path of another first lady and keep the Obama political brand alive by running for office?

    The answers are to be determined.

    The first lady is trying to figure out what comes next for this self-described “mom in chief” who also is a champion of healthier eating, an advocate for military families, a fitness buff and the best-selling author of a book about her White House garden.

    For certain, she’ll press ahead with her well-publicized efforts to reduce childhood obesity and rally the country around its service members.

    “But beyond that, the first lady is exploring ways that she can make a real difference for Americans, not just for these next four years, but for years to come,” said Kristina Schake, Mrs. Obama’s communications director.

    Here are five areas to watch.

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      Morning rikyrah, POU. I had this very thought just this morning. Spooky..LOL !

    • Admiral_Komack

      “What will Michelle Obama do with 4 more years?”

      -Whatever the fuck SHE wants to do.

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    ALEXANDER2 – – – -A BEGINNIN’! — -BUT — – – WE —GOT WORK 2 DO! –

    – —Some Positive Developments in Virginia Electoral Theft – –

    – —-Two Virginia Republicans have come out against the bill. Jill Vogel of Fauquier County and Ralph Smith of Bedford County:

    Smith said this morning that he opposes the legislation, calling it “a bad idea.” Smith sits on the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, which will hear the bill next week. Without Smith’s support, it’s unlikely the bill could get to the Senate floor. The Privileges and Elections Committee has eight Republicans and seven Democrats.

    — – [Good MornTin’ –Town. —. Thank U 4 your input. :>) ] —

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    ALEXANDER2 – — -***sigh** — – -“WHYCOME” – –he trysta B soooo – –smart?? — -LOL –

    TELL HIM – -“NW” – – -LOL —

    – -☻ –Nerdy Wonka ‏@NerdyWonka
    Newsflash to @ChrisLHayes but Pres. Obama’s EPA has regulated greenhouse gases & air quality standards. #uppers

    – – -Annnnd THIS PERSON — ALSO, —2 – – —PLUS – – . . . . LOL

    – – –☻Nerdy Wonka ‏@NerdyWonka
    Newsflash to @PhaedraEL, but Pres. Obama & the EPA have set tough air quality standards & fought to retain them #uppers

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    – —Washington Gun Control Rally: Newtown Residents To Join March On National Mall – –

    – — – – – Residents from Newtown, Conn., are joining a march on Washington for gun control on Saturday with parents, pastors, survivors of gun violence and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

    Organizers said they are expecting thousands of participants for the rally on the National Mall, including about 100 from Newtown and buses from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. Others are flying in from Seattle, San Francisco and even Alaska. They will gather Saturday at the Capitol Reflecting Pool at 10 a.m. and will begin marching down Constitution Avenue toward the Washington Monument at 11 a.m. A rally is planned on the monument grounds at noon.

    Molly Smith, the artistic director of Washington’s Arena Stage, and her partner organized the march, inspired by the December massacre that killed 20 first graders and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, she said. The gunman also fatally shot his mother and committed suicide.
    – – –SNIP – —

    While she’s never organized a political march before, Smith said she was compelled to press for a change in the law. The march organizers support President Barack Obama’s call for a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines as well as for universal background checks for gun sales. They also want lawmakers to require gun safety training for all buyers of firearms.

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    ALEXANDER2 — – –OF COURSE – – -THIS is a – —GLOAT – –:>) – –

    —–GOP Spends Full Week Eating Crow Served Up by President Obama – —

    — – – -This is an era of diminished expectations and cynicism where Congressional approval rates have fallen under 10 percent, narrowly beating out the public’s surprising fondness for cockroaches and Genghis Khan. And no one expects grand bargains of any type to be negotiated that will put the country and its’ middle class back on the road to solvency. We must take solace where we can find it.

    – –This was a week which commenced with a subdued inaugural vision of hope and change, shared by a battle-scarred and wary second-term President. Still, it can’t escape our collective liberal notice that by any standards this was also a very bad week for the Republican Party and its stubbornly quaint platform. If, as our very own Sarah Jones writes this week, “John Boehner Thinks Obama Wants to Shove the GOP to the ‘Dustbin of History’,” the Speaker of the House may thank his party mates for acting as the President’s accomplices.

    Case in point: as NPR and other news outlets reported just a few days ago, Republicans were forced to blink during their latest turn at fiscal war games. In a report entitled House GOP Backs Off Debt Ceiling Demands, NPR host Scott Simon states “After insisting for weeks on a dollar in spending cuts for every dollar that they would agree to raise the debt ceiling, Republicans dropped that demand, at least for the next three months.”

    — – -SNIP – —

    And that’s not all. Coming off an election cycle stunning in its attempted reversal of 50 years of social, economic and professional progress for women, the GOP proponents of “traditional family values” were handed an unexpected setback. Outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced plans this past Wednesday to open more than 230,000 front line combat positions in the U.S. Armed Forces to female soldiers. New York Times columnist Gail Collins reported that only recently, “[Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee] and her allies declared victory when they merely got language in the defense authorization bill requiring the Defense Department to study the question of women in combat.”

    [Gotta “bounce”. – -Continuation of SERVICE PROJECT. – – -Woo! Hoo!

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    Morning everyone!

  • Tafr

    It has been what??? two months since the president won office and these fools are already at it. Have y’all seen all these stupid petitions floating around on twitter?The one I saw this morning sent me off as I am not a morning person. OWS is floating around a petition saying tell the president he has 100 days to fix wall street. I asked the person that sent that what the hell are you gonna do to the president if he does not so fix your pet peeve? What are you gonna do not vote for him ooooh wait! She says no but we can demand he do something those people should be in jail not paying fines. These fools behave as if white collar criminals have been serving serious jail time until PBO came into office

    Also you do not tell the president he has X amount of days to do shit nada. You know some people would consider that a threat against the president just a thought.

    You know I think about all the hard work of OFA. Those volunteers many of them just young kids did the damn thang this year. Those people gave it their all yet OWS got most of the attention for acting a fool. You know we had to kick those nasty mofos out of parks here in Washington. All they did was camp out in our parks acting a damn fool. How are they gonna demand the president do shit. This is why the president was not checking for OWS with their whiny privileged asses.

    • crazycanuck

      OWS, who gives a flying @#$%^ about OWS. Who the @#$% are they to demand anything.It’s too early for this sh!t

    • GN

      I feel estranged from most of what the professional left finds noteworthy and important these days.

      Those people gave it their all yet OWS got most of the attention for acting a fool.

      OFA is a potent and successful example of regular people banding together, as is 1911United, self-motivated black voters who defied voter oppression by standing in lines for hours, and several other organizing success stories. Not surprised that these aren’t stories with wide dissemination, while stories promoting the worst of the left living down to every caricature are going to be promoted front and center.

    • jds09

      They are toddlers.

    • Miranda

      From day one…DAY ONE…we called it here at POU…from the very first day, we said OWS was just some spoiled whiny privileged emoprogs who have their own little mypoic worldview and not a damn clue. DAY ONE….we called it.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Are we still worried about these people? These folks are the offspring of Tavis Smiley, egotistical, manic, jealous, and probably have a huge mental problem (He really thought he was the second coming of Dr. King? Really?! That Nigga is crazy!)

    • isonprize

      Tafr, I get where you are coming from, but as one of those “not-so-young” kids who was a part of doing the damn thing, I actually think that OFA benefited greatly from NOT getting a lot of attention.

      The lack of attention is what resulted in STUNNED Re-thuglicans in tears looking at election results truly not understanding why or how they got their asses handed to them.

      “Inside” the OFA operation, we were always given recognition for jobs well done, and encouragement when things didn’t quite work out. We also had clear guidelines on how to deal with press when they (rarely) showed up. And sometimes, they didn’t even show up when we wanted them to.

      So, as a nationwide effort, OFA was a stealth weapon. You know, those silly little community organizers. What could they possibly accomplish? LOLOLOL

      • dannie22

        co sign your statement fellow OFA member

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Tafr. ***BIG HUG**** :>)


      Annnd – —- -WHEN were THEY ELECTED 2 LEAD the PEOPLE!!????—- ***tsk***- –***eye roll***- —

      – — –THEY NEEDTA- – -DO THIS!!- – –– – –
      ‘CAUSE- — da face ain’t listenin’!!- — -HAH- – –

      Good 2 C U Tafr. :>) — – –

    • Until OWS apologizes for throwing a smoke bomb at the White House, they’re in no position to demand anything from PBO or anyone.

    • nathkatun7

      Thanks,Tafr, for this righteous comment! I am sick and tired of the non-stop disrespect of President Obama from all corners.

  • GN

    I’m sorry, this is not heart-warming to me. How does a five year-old know that he or she is transgender and how is it wise for parents to allow a child to make such a momentous decision at such an age in which their mental facilities have CLEARLY not developed the capacity to make decisions or consent to much of anything:

    A lot on the left would disagree with me, but I think that stories like the above show a lack of common sense, sorry.

    • Miranda

      GN I saw a story about an 11 yr old transgendered child and thought the same thing. This is ridiculous.

      • GN

        Exactly; it’s just way too young to be making a decision like that. Way too young. I think that the 11 year old was allowed to start transitioning to the opposite sex at like 3 years old or something: At the age of 3, Jazz had been diagnosed with “gender-identity disorder” and was considered “transgender,”

        How can anyone know that a 3 year old is transgender? That is insane.

        • conlakappa

          When did you have your first crush? Felt girly? I think it’s a fine line.

          • GN

            When I was young I secretly loved the character Strawberry Shortcake. I can’t imagine being labeled with a disorder and allowed to permanently bleach my skin and dye my hair. I can’t even imagine what could have happened were my infant mind meanderings at 3 and 5 years old been allowed to form such a significant and permanent life-long decisions such as a change of my gender. I take your point about it being a fine line but I think these kids are way too young.

          • conlakappa

            I think most of the steps being taken these days are related to drugs. While I would worry about liver and kidneys with the introduction of synthetic meds, from my understanding, when the meds stop, so do their effects. There is a great deal of data about transgendered people and the lives. I don’t think there is any secrets being harbored but a lot of pain and self-loathing and often attempts at self-mutilation.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      I get what you’re saying. I do think that at 11 years old that saying your gay or straight or transgender is premature. At that age, your hormones are either cooking or starting to cook. I wouldn’t know what I would do if I were the parent though. I mean, yeah if he or she is gay you would want to be as supportive as possible, though personally you may not agree with it or even understand it, yet are you sure you want him or her to do this especially at that age. I mean, gay is one thing but transgender is just something I do not understand AT ALL. Yet, at the same time, do you want to push your child away.

      • GN

        I definitely hear you Gov, but note that the child is 11 now, but they had this child transitioned as transgender at age 5. I think that’s crazy. Let kids be kids. If the child wants to play with dolls, let him play with dolls. If he wants to wear pink, let him wear pink. If he thinks girls are better, so be it. But don’t lock that child into a life-changing decision at 5 years old or make such a fuss as to have that child believing that he has a disorder. A lot on the left would consider my opinion to be wrong, but I think it’s wrong to do that to a kid.

        • GOVCHRIS1988

          Thats what I don’t get either? So, he was wearing his moms pumps at three or something? Because thats what a lot of kids did when they were that age. Hell, I have a photo of me at three wearing my Moms pumps (I’ve since hidden those photos, even though my Mama made 220 photocopies of it, damn you Kinkos) Really, I do think parents need to wait until their teen years and let them make the decision about who they are after they really figure out who they are.

        • At age FIVE??? I don’t understand that, either.

    • isonprize

      Okay, I’m just a bit confused here. Maybe there are some terms that I don’t understand. Y’all who’ve read this blog for a minute, know that my thing is kids with special needs. So, I’m sensitive to kids’ issues.

      Does “socially transgendered” here means that the child has not had any surgery related to reproductive organs?

      So…the parents nor the child didn’t ask for my opinion, but here goes…

      I think they are doing a horrible disservice to this child. I read that letter and it has ‘victim’ written all over it. (I HATE giving HuffPuff clicks… but that’s another story)

      Transgender people are not allowed the freedom to do things everyone else does, like go to the doctor, go to school, get a job, and even make friends.

      What??!!! Says who? F’realdo. At 11, this kid know this HOW??? I think the mother here has more issues than this kid has.

      If ‘socially transgendered’ means what I think it means, what is being “treated” that a typical doctor couldn’t handle? Who doesn’t ‘allow’ a child to make friends? The adults or the kids? What 11 yr old draw a paycheck from a job? At 11, you are shoveling snow or folding laundry or taking the dog for a walk. WTF??

      Also, I really don’t know kids who introduce themselves as “Hi, my name is Jamaal, I like cars and I’m a boy.” Even as an adult — “Hi, I’m Regina, I like jazz and I’m a lesbian.” NOPE, that’s not the way folks typically do that.

      I think that there is a difference between conforming to social ‘norms’ and not being allowed to attend a school. At 18, or whatever is the legal age that makes the kid an adult, – this kid/now adult gets to dress however the kid wants to dress. And since you are an adult, you also get to learn the consequences of your choices and actions.

      My son LOVED to be naked, but dude, you just can’t go to school like that. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

      He also likes to sing – any where, any time. Dude, that’s not acceptable. I have to remind him constantly, but I remind him. It’s one of my jobs as his parent, to prepare him to be an independent adult.

      Will he succeed, I don’t know, but I’m going to do my damndest not to have him thinking he’s a victim. He is NOT his disability. He has to learn that he has to conform to certain generally accepted societal norms.

      Shorter Isonprize: What the hell is wrong with this child’s mom? Who is this more important to? the child? or the mom??

      • GN

        This is extremely well-said, isonprize. I don’t think they have done surgery on this child, thank God.

      • Aquagranny911

        Stellar comment! Thank you! My heart to your heart because I know that raising any child with special needs is never easy. I will share that my second daughter has nine year old twins who are “on the Autism scale.”

        They have a real hard time with social cues & being appropriate in public even though they are very smart. They just don’t get that they can’t do or say exactly whatever they feel like no matter where they are. They are learning but it is a slow process & they also need constant reminders. We do not ever consider them “victims” either.

  • GN

    David Plouffe just joined twitter!


  • GN


    Danny DeVito:
    ‘What’s the closest I’ve come to death? I was once in the same airport as Dick Cheney’

    lmaoooooooooo; I love Danny DeVito.

    • Alma98


  • GN

    [Republican TX Senator Ted] Cruz says Kerry and Hagel are “less than ardent fans of the US military.” Two of the people in that sentence are veterans. Guess which!

  • Miranda

    Proud of the peeps in Georgia for this

    Listeners and employees quit Georgia public broadcasting as mind-control conspiracy theorist takes over

    Georgia residents have begun canceling their donations to Georgia Public Broadcasting after a recent report revealed that a former Republican state senator — who believes the United Nations is planning to turn the U.S. into a communist dictatorship using mind control — is receiving a salary of $150,000 to run part of the network.

    GPB announced last month that then-State Sen. Chip Rogers (R) would be heading a new initiative to tell the story of Georgia businesses on public radio, but it wasn’t until the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that his salary would be higher than Gov. Nathan Deal’s (R) that employees and Georgia residents began to express outrage.

    more here:

    • nellcote

      I really like PBS teevee but NPR is becoming worse than useless.

  • Miranda

    President Obama and Usher Have Dance Off At Inauguration After Party

    President Obama’s inauguration after-party apparently featured a dance off between Young Barry and Usher Raymond, presumably Michelle Obama twirking something to “Single Ladies,” and the entire room getting their life with old people’s favorite song, “Gangam Style.”

    More via the Daily Mail:

    The president and his wife Michelle threw a spectacular after-party at the White House last night after attending two glitzy events celebrating his inauguration. Hundreds of high-profile guests attended the exclusive bash which finally came to a close at 3 a.m.

    Celebrities shared photographs of the first lady, still wearing her glamorous red Jason Wu gown, dancing to Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies, while her husband hugged and chatted with guests, his tie undone after a busy day.

    more here

    • Worldwatcher7

      Cute article, except for the “Young Barry” crap.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      There better be a behind the scenes video of this!

      • nellcote

        I’m still waiting for the video of the WH gang doing the Electric Slide at PBO’s birthday party!

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Thats what I don’t get either? So, he was wearing his moms pumps at three or something? Because thats what a lot of kids did when they were that age. Hell, I have a photo of me at three wearing my Moms pumps (I’ve since hidden those photos, even though my Mama made 220 photocopies of it, damn you Kinkos) Really, I do think parents need to wait until their teen years and let them make the decision about who they are after they really figure out who they are.

    • GN

      So true; I think that infants and children should be removed and exempt entirely from sexual politics.

      I have a photo of me at three wearing my Moms pumps (I’ve since hidden those photos, even though my Mama made 220 photocopies of it, damn you Kinkos)

      lol! Lots of little boys played with mommy’s shoes. That’s a kid thing, not a sexual identity thing IMO.

      • Aquagranny911

        Co-Sign & if a little boy that age has older sisters he’s going to join their games & make believe.

        I can remember all my kiddos, boy included, clumping around in my shoes. I have a very small foot so my shoes fit their feet more easily than their Dad’s size 12, although all four of them tried that too.

    • Aquagranny911

      I’m so laughing! Can’t help myself. We have a pic of one of my grandsons at that age playing dress up with his two older sisters. He’s wearing a purple tutu & a tiara & he thinks he looks mighty fine!

      So, GovChris, your Mama used Kinkos for the reprints. I’ll have to remember that.

      • isonprize

        AG, you ain’t EVEN right for that. Not for one second!

        • Aquagranny911

          This child is a 4 year old monstruo! If it keeps up we will need all the blackmail we can get when he turns 14!

          Grannies do not mess around!

    • Aquagranny911

      I’ve been thinking more. Sis & I never dressed our younger brother up in girl clothes or shoes but we did bury him nearly up to his neck in rotting compost pile once. I don’t know what were thinking or what game we were playing. It was fun for all till the switch came out. I still remember the sting of that on my legs!

      Brother did not grow up to be a turnip so I doubt we warped him in any significant way.

  • GN

    As Worries Ebb, Small Investors Propel Markets

    Americans seem to be falling in love with stocks again.

    Millions of people all but abandoned the market after the 2008 financial crisis, but now individual investors are pouring more money than they have in years into stock mutual funds. The flood, prompted by fading economic threats and better news on housing and jobs, has helped propel the broad market to within striking distance of its highest nominal level ever.

    • Folks should’ve been buying up stock in 2008 because the bounce back was inevitable.

      • Aquagranny911

        Jeeze, Sepia! Who had any spare money? About that time I had two relatives move in with me. It would have had to be those “penny stocks” for lots of people to have spare cash for the Market.

        Always seems to me that the ricos just get richer while the rest of us just hang the fig on.

        No offense.

        • It would have had to be those “penny stocks” for lots of people to have spare cash for the Market.

          I disagree. Instead of folks selling their stock when the market turned south, they should’ve held on and continue making contributions to their investments.

          • Town

            I received some stock as a gift in 2009, it has nearly doubled in value. Thanks President Obama!

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    There better be a behind the scenes video of this!

    • What happened?

      • GOVCHRIS1988

        Moved my comments again.

  • rikyrah

    TJMS: Steve Silk Hurley Inauguration Day Mix 2013 [AUDIO]
    Jan 22, 2013

    • Alma98

      Love it!

  • GN

    What did Rikyrah and other POUers say about rules all of a sudden being changed mid-game when it comes to us?

    Federal Court strikes down recess appointment process. Clinton made 139 recess appointments, Bush made 171, Obama 32.

    All of a sudden, recess appointments are illegal according to this judge…

    • isonprize

      And of course, it’s NOT because he’s blackety, blackety, black. LOLOL

      • Aquagranny911

        Thank you for adding that. This has become so much SOP for GOP & Teapotty that I tend to consider it a ‘given’ when ever caca like this goes down.

    • Aquagranny911

      This is pure RW caca from a disgusting “activist judge.” I believe it will be challenged and shot down even though the Emu blogs are having a total melt down. This judge is trying to re-write 150 years of president plus doing the usual RWNJ personal interpretation of the US Constitution.

      Shaking my old head!

    • Miranda

      All three of the judges on that appellate court were appointed by a rethug. Figures.

  • Miranda

    Look at this shit……smh…Chuck Todd lunchin with the Ohio SOS, the one that tried to rig the election:

    Jon Husted ‏@JonHusted
    Enjoyed having lunch today with NBCs @chucktodd – he and I agree Redistricting reform needs to happen in OH and across the US.

    • GN

      OMG are you serious? Chuck Todd’s 2012 election coverage was absolutely horrendous (and he was one of the biggest shills for the GOP’s Libya embassy bs). I guess it’s dismaying but not surprising that he would agree with the GOP’s plans to try to rig the game. Awful “reporter.”

      • Aquagranny911

        Not a “reporter” just a plain old self-serving, self-important grifter.

        • GN

          Preach AG!

    • Aquagranny911

      Chuckie the Toad so desperately wants to put White House Press Secretary on his little resume. Fox should hire Chuckie to take Palin’s vacant seat or perhaps that is saved for the Keebler elf.

    • dannie22

      stay out of my state chuckie!!

    • This needs to go viral! Here you have a “journalist” agreeing with a man about redistricting that will adversely affect Black voters and other groups that primarily vote Dem, so you know his reporting will be slanted.

  • GN

    Keeping Black Men, Women Together Starts At Home

    …Watching the First Couple was invigorating because of the powerful message being sent to young people of color who have been raised in an America where nuclear families have tragically become a rarity.

    People will give all sorts of analysis as to why so many are growing up in single-family homes, but the truth is, we cannot even begin to have this conversation without looking at the prison industrial system that has locked up so many of our men (and increasingly, so many of our women).

    And unless we begin to alter this harsh reality, marriage may just be a fairy tale for many.

    I’d be the first one to say that I LOVE the relationship the Obamas have and how proud we all are to have this beautiful Black family in the White House. They represent countless other loving Black families out here today.

    But I can appreciate positive messages from them and others while still acknowledging the huge task we have in front of us.

    When young Black men are specifically profiled, harassed, stopped, and frisked on our streets, they are already receiving the message that they are criminals. When there are no jobs, no after-school programs and no options, these young men and women are easily pushed or coerced in to negative activities.

  • GN

    In week heavy with nostalgia, one final memory. 5 yrs ago today @BarackObama dominates SC primary, helping propel him to WH. Thanks team SC.

    Black voters came out heavily to deliver that win in Jan 2008; upping turnout levels from 2004 and giving PBO 8 out of 10 votes. One of the first links when I was googling these stats was: “Black Vote Was Vital, But Not the Whole Story”…PBO received less than 25% of votes from white primary voters in 2004. The strong black turnout and consensus pick of PBO most certainly was nearly the whole story lol.

    • nellcote

      Well you know Jessie Jackson won SC too…

  • Aquagranny911


    Qosine, Nellcote, here’s a link to more about “the bald bunion of Pinal County” ( I shamelessly stole that)

    I watched the Rev Al clip & he did a great job of getting Babeu to make a fool of himself on national TV.

    New Times has more info on this. I don’t know how to import more than one link at a time.

  • GN

    NY Daily News:

    Gay really is the new black

    African-Americans have a special responsibility to fight for equality

    … As a consequence of its painful heritage, black America has a special responsibility: to be further ahead of the curve than whites on accepting gay people as full citizens…

    Written by John McWhorter earlier this week. a. it’s not merely a “painful heritage”–racism is alive and strong; b. an expression of that racism is the belief that black people have a special obligation or responsibility to do anydamnthing.

    From the comments:
    I find this article utterly repugnant. You’re putting people in the position to either defend homophobia or condemn the entire African-American community for not being light years ahead of everyone else on gay rights.

    In a nutshell. I’m ready for this meme to be retired, permanently.

    • dannie22

      i will hv a rant about this one day soon

      • GN

        I generally like John McWhorter so I couldn’t believe he wrote this mess.

    • Miranda

      Hold the hell up……so now we’re being blamed if White people are homophobic and bigots??

      • GN

        He’s saying that regardless of what white people do, in his opinion black people have a singular and special responsibility. As the comment to the article noted, this repugnant juxtaposition leads the reader to either buy into that double standard and condemn black people for not living up to that double standard, or, simply defend homophobia in a reflex rejection of that attempt to place extra burdens on black people. It’s divisive, short-sighted, and IMO pretty foolish. Disappointed in McWhorter here.

        • isonprize

          How much do I get for my job as teacher?

      • dannie22

        everything is our fault didnt you know?

    • Worldwatcher7

      This kind of thinking is ridiculous, but most infuriating is the fact that John McWhorter, who spent decades kissing republican ass and being a professional Compliant Negro, thinks he has the right to require anything from Black folks.

      • GN

        I didn’t know that–I thought he was one of the more sensible people. Him writing this piece makes more sense if he has a history of foolishness.

        • Worldwatcher7

          McWhorter is the dude white commentators drag out to comfort them when those strident Black folks m. His usual go-to move is to rail against the culture of victimhood in the Black community whenever we stand up for ourselves.

          I am not a fan.

          • Worldwatcher7

            Ooops. That should be, “…when those strident Black folks make them nervous….”

      • rikyrah

        thank you

      • trose1

        Yep, I am well aware of his past and how he turned up his nose at Black people. ugh he is a sick one

    • I am really getting sick and tired of the media painting our community as one big cesspool of homophobia.

      • Strange how they always ask this of Black People but never talk about the racism in their community against Black People. I still remember their reaction after Prop 8 loss. Somehow 4% of the voting population in California and by extension the rest of Black America became solely responsible for its defeat. Many of them dropped any pretense of how they really felt about us. Nothing we didn’t already know of course.

        • GN

          Classic Rachel Maddow rant against black people re: Prop 8:

          “…the state and the country is left to grapple with the question of what it means for civil rights that the same voters who disproportionately helped elect the country’s first African American president also disproportionately helped to take rights away from the gay community.”

          Maddow went out of her way to call out black voters (6% of California’s population) based on a small-sample exit poll, and as is usual, made it seem as if black people having rights should be contingent on anything but our God-given right to be free from economic terrorism in this country. Note the so-called “equivalences” between civil rights and every issue under the sun, no matter how tenuous the comparisons and links.

          • trose1

            She never apologized and MHP went right along with Maddow. We are bigots.

        • trose1

          “Strange how they always ask this of Black People but never talk about the racism in that community against Black People.”

          Yes, people who are oppressed are taxed with taking on the issues of others who may be our oppressors? makes sense to me.
          rolling my eyes

        • conlakappa

          They could also just ask white people about their homophobia. It exists in the same numbers as it does among black folks.

    • trose1

      Mcwhorter was once one of the “go to” ‘ MSM Black lawn jockey’s eager to demean Black people on cue. I have only seen him on Chris Hayes show lately. This article was written to get him back on the Black lawn jockey scene.
      The gay is the new Black meme was strolled out and knocked down a couple years ago. I guess they figure If this nut pushes it Black people will listen.
      McWhorter knows his article is dead on arrival, but hey he needs to get paid like everyone else.
      This has PL written all over it.

    • conlakappa

      Didn’t The Advocate/Out try this 4 years ago? Too cute by half then, still trying too hard now.

      • GN

        Seriously, I ready for the media to let this meme go already.

  • GN

    Pro-Gun Activists Begin “What Would D’Jango Do?” To Promote Guns Ownership Among Blacks

    Quentin Tarantino is on record blaming firearms for recent mass killings in Newtown, Conn., and elsewhere. So it might come as a surprise to him that a pro-gun group is invoking the director’s current film, Django Unchained, in an effort to woo African-Americans to their side in the debate over gun control.

    The group is called Political Media, and it’s the same entity that was behind Saturday’s controversial Gun Appreciation Day, which encouraged Americans to show up at various places with a copy of the U.S. Constitution and signs reading, “Hands off my guns.” Larry Ward, president of Political Media, a company that designs websites and organizes ad campaigns for right-of-center organizations, said hundreds of thousands of people participated in Gun Appreciation Day, crowding gun stores and gun shows and demonstrating at various state capitals nationwide.


    • Alma98

      What idiots, why do white folks think we are a hive mind? We’re individuals dammit!

      • GOVCHRIS1988

        This is EXACTLY why 2016 looks like Democrats will keep the White House.

  • rikyrah

    Sen. Harkin Won’t Run Again

    by BooMan
    Sat Jan 26th, 2013 at 11:26:17 AM EST

    I’m sad to learn that Iowa Senator Tom Harkin will not seek reelection in 2014. He is one of my favorite members of Congress and an all around decent person. He will be missed. The Democrats have several excellent options to run for the seat, so I am not overly concerned about that.
    I did quickly check what Harkin’s retirement will mean for the Senate in terms of committee chairs, and I have happy news. Despite being in only the first year of his second term, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has gained enough seniority to be in line to replace Harkin as the chairman (or ranking member) of the Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions (HELP) Committee. This is the happy result of Sen. Barbara Mikulski taking over the chair of Appropriations (in the wake of Sen. Inouye’s death) and Sen. Patty Murray taking over the Budget chair (in the wake of Sen. Conrad’s retirement). Neither of them are likely to give up those powerful chairs to lead the HELP Committee, so it will probably be Sanders’ for the taking. Harkin’s retirement also puts Sen. Sherrod Brown in place to take over the Agriculture Committee should Sen. Stabenow leave the Senate for any reason.

    So, even though Harkin’s retirement will be a heavy blow for progressives, we are good position to maintain progressive power in the areas where Harkin is currently representing us so well. And we can definitely keep his seat with Braley, Loebsack, or either Vilsack.

  • Rush Limbaugh and the entire Upper East Side of Manhattan won’t be happy about this…

    FDA Panel Calls for New Curbs on Common Painkiller

    WASHINGTON—Federal drug safety advisers recommended new restrictions on a type of widely used narcotic painkiller, amid concern that the drug is fueling a surge in addiction and overdose deaths.

    After two days of testimony, the Food and Drug Administration’s drug safety advisory panel voted 19-10 to recommend that products containing hydrocodone—a category that includes Vicodin–should be reclassified as Schedule II controlled substances, along with other narcotic painkillers such as oxycodone. Hydrocodone products are currently in Schedule III.

    If approved, the move would change how doctors prescribe pills that are taken by tens of millions of Americans. They would be able to prescribe fewer pills at one time. The pills would also be subject to more stringent handling and storage rules.

    The advisory committee’s recommendation isn’t binding, but advocates of the move said that the margin of the vote would make it difficult for the FDA to ignore.


    • Aquagranny911

      I don’t really have a big problem with this. It’s a drug family of choice for the ricos who can afford it & easily get the Docs to prescribe. I also understand it is very addictive.

      Maybe I’m prejudice to these drugs because I was prescribed once & felt terrible. I would rather deal with pain some other way.

  • dannie22
    • Miranda

      Imma try not to judge but ya know there are more than a few “rapes” that were really mixed relationships that were frowned upon. (that’s the nicest way I can say it)

  • Artur Davis considers bid for Virginia Senate or Congress

    By Laura Vozzella, Saturday, January 26, 4:23 PM

    RICHMOND — Former congressman Artur Davis, who represented Alabama as a Democrat before moving to Virginia and the Republican Party, is considering a bid for the Virginia state senate or Congress, according to three Republicans with knowledge of his thinking.

    Davis has met with a Virginia campaign consultant and several operatives to assess the viability of running for state Senate in 2015 or seeking the U.S. House seat held by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) if the congressman retires, according to two of those people, who asked not to be named in order to discuss a private matter. He has no intention of challenging Wolf, they said.

    …Davis, who lives in heavily Democratic Arlington, is said to be considering moving into a more competitive district. Reached via e-mail Saturday, he declined to comment.

    …The Virginian-Pilot reported that a new Senate map the GOP rammed through the chamber Monday has Artur Davis considering a Senate bid from Northern Virginia, perhaps for the seat held by Sen. Dave Marsden (D-Fairfax).


    • GOVCHRIS1988

      I hope this asshole gets mollywhopped all over the fuckin state.

    • Based on what? A mythical groundswell of support for someone most Virginians wouldn’t know from James Drury? Seat Artur. Find it. Sit in it. Stay there.

      • conlakappa

        A State that delivered for the President two consecutive terms has a portion of it that would consider voting for this turncoat who doesn’t know the State [or commonwealth, more aptly; wonder if he knows about the city/county thing there], its history beyond what’s in books, and has spent the last two bitter years complaining about the President? And the commie-pinko Northern part, no less? For someone who went to Harvard, Artur, you are not coming off all that bright.

    • Miranda


  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥- — —Ooooweee! – —-What a GR8 DAY. :>) MORE – –***HUGS*** – – –***TEARS —-***LAUGHTER*** — –

    THIS INCIDENT: – —-A mother of “modest means” – —brought her 4 children 2 get coats. —-:>) There were plenty of –***tears*** as they picked out their favs. :>)- – –

    At one point the mother sai –“I gotta go home”. – —We thought that she was jus’ overcome with emotion. — -ABOUT an hour later – -she returned with a big bag. – —It was filled with coats.
    She said that THEY were the coats which were -“2 little” for her children NOW, sooo maybe someone else can USE THEM. —:>)

    Wasn’t a DRY EYE in –da house. – — -:>) – -BEYOND GRATITUDE annnd KINDNESS. :>) –
    -IT was a GOOD annnnd BLESSED DAY!! – — –:>) —

    • Aquagranny911

      Beautiful! Give as ye receive! Blessings all around!!!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny911 —- -AMEN! – — -annnd – -AMEN :>) – —