October 23, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Thread: Presidential Swagger

(h/t lamh32)

Presidential Swagger is a song in honor of President Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign for re-election.

The song was written by Earl “Illy Ill” Campbell (Ill State Productions) and Janice Jemison (Jazzy J Productions). Performed By: Illy Ill. Music By: Tony Schueller (Anton Music Productions). Video Directed By: Buzz Meade Canon 7D, Arri & Lowel Lights, Cobra Crane. Barack Obama footage courtesy of White House.Gov and is Public Domain. For more information about the song or for download info contact illyill2012@gmail.com


  • David Dayden and the rest of the Netroots bunch are really smelling themselves. Sorry for the HuffPo link:

    Schneiderman appeared before a generally sympathetic crowd at the annual Netroots Nation conference in Providence, R.I., on Thursday and pledged to hold banks “accountable.” But organizers for a panel on foreclosure fraud told HuffPost that Schneiderman’s office declined an invitation to participate in the panel.

    The panel, which was held on Friday, was generally critical of Schneiderman, portraying him as a public official who had betrayed the trust of troubled homeowners who believed he would fight on their behalf. The panelists and members of the audience criticized the attorney general and the Obama administration for making public statements about holding banks accountable and helping homeowners, while programs designed to deliver aid to borrowers have met problems and bank malpractice continues.

    The panel was organized by FireDogLake blogger David Dayen, and featured former TARP official Barofsky, white-collar crime attorney Lynn Szymoniak and Masschusetts foreclosure activist Malcolm Chu. Dayen told HuffPost that he extended the invitation to participate directly to Schneiderman’s chief of staff, Neal Kwatra.

    But when HuffPost asked Kwatra about the invitation, he denied that one had been extended.

    “There was no invitation to any panel,” Kwatra told HuffPost. “Nobody spoke to me — 100 percent not at all.”

    MORE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/08/eric-schneiderman-foreclosure_n_1582148.html?ref=business&ir=Business

    And this from the usual suspects

    bmaz ‏@bmaz
    At Foreclosure panel hosted by @ddayen #nn12. DDay has noted that there is an empty chair on the panel for Eric Schneiderman #ChickenedOut

    Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald
    This spouting of blatant falsehoods is not helping @AGSchneiderman http://is.gd/j36R5x

    David Dayen ‏@ddayen
    So I will address this Schneiderman/#nn12/panel invitation thing tomorrow. Be there aloha.

    • Miranda

      A bunch of privileged fools sitting on a stage just to hear themselves speak. SMH…so completely useless.

      • GN

        Like NYers give even a fraction of a shit whether he attended some panel discussion hosted by purity partisans looking to trash the mortgage settlement. Please.

        • Miranda

          “fraction of a shit”……ROFLMAO They have such delusions of grandeur, its hilarious.

          • GN

            It’s ridiculous; who wants to be around miserable people? They are really lucky. If I were a staffer to one of these elected Dems, I would have lost all of those nutroots invitations. Life’s too short for foolishness.

    • GN

      They need to be happy that he participated at all in that stank event.

    • conlakappa

      GG is talking about blatant falsehoods? Smelling himself just got to a whole new level.

    • Ebogan63

      Schneiderman gave Dayen an ‘nem the middle finger. Why should he subject himself to no mark assclowns that had no connection to the actual particulars of the mortgage settlement

      • GN

        That entire convention is ignorance on wheels. Tough shit that he missed a panel. This is why I could never be a politician or work for one because really, what I would have to say to firedoglake trolling my efforts to help people would not be pretty.

        • Ebogan63

          I would slap the taste outta there freakin’ mouths.

  • Van Jones has become a huge disappointment.

    Van Jones: National Democrats Didn’t Do Enough In Wisconsin Recall

    David Taintor June 10, 2012, 9:32 AM 1259

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. — National Democrats didn’t do enough to help in the recall fight against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, says former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones.

    “To the extent this fight is considered a life-or-death fight for the labor movement, and is now being considered a big signal of poor health for the progressive cause, you did not see a commensurate level of engagement and participation from national Democrats in that fight,” Jones said in an interview with TPM at the Netroots Nation conference. “I’m seeing a lot more energy mourning the loss than I saw energy securing the win.”

    MORE: http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/06/van-jones-wisconsin-recall-netroots-nation.php

    • GN

      Almost all of the post-mortems which I’ve read have simply said that Dems failed to close the deal re: convincing voters that Walker’s misdeeds were serious enough to merit recall, as voters sided with the argument that only the most serious offenses should merit a recall. The netroots continues to misdirect emotion and energy, as they’ve been doing for years at this point.

      • Camille

        “The netroots continues to misdirect emotion and energy, as they’ve been doing for years at this point.”

        Exactly. They end up only amplifying the angst and false memes set by the Republicans and stepping all over the message they ought to channeling.

        They are not our friends and are certainly not on our side. It’s time to sever whatever ties exist with these saboteurs.

    • Kennymack1971

      And as it was asked on Twitter where was Van Jones when the recall was going on? Van Jones is full of shit. Too busy being the Netroots favorite negro. Pitiful.

      • AxelFoley

        Good point. I ain’t see nor hear hide nor hair of this fool during the whole recall effort. Hell, last I heard from this nikka was when the Occupy people told him to go fuck himself.

    • goldenstar

      Who is paying Van Jones or whose bidding is he doing? I don’t understand what motivates his commentary.

    • Miranda

      I can’t stand these fools.


      All Scott Walker won was the right to do obligatory ribbon cuttings and have his name on the congratulations letter to Wisconsinites that turn 100. Why can’t this felonious kneegrow tout THAT?? Why can’t any of these whining bitchass fauxgressives point that out? That should have been the drumbeat but nooooooooooooo, these fools allowed the rethuglicans and their media minions to completely run with the “Scott Walker and his Mighty Triumph over Olympus” meme all damn week.

      • GN

        Because they prefer misery to celebrating accomplishments such as the WI state senate turnover. Dem politicians need to tread extremely carefully with the nutroots.

        • Camille

          I wish they would just ignore them. Running to this crapfest pilgrimage only elevates them where they might have otherwise died a slow and miserable death.

      • Because if Van told the truth, his hustle would end. C.R.E.A.M is real.

        • annvic

          Lol, he learned his lesson the last time he fucked up and told the truth to the profession left. It’s too real in the field and Chicken Van wants back in the big house, damn it.

        • AxelFoley

          Sho’ nuff. That’s what it’s all about–that scrilla. That’s why Jones, West and Smiley and nem hate PBO–he’s done exposed their hustle.

          Fools like them want the black community to rely on them. To see them as the leaders of the community, but without actually gettin’ shit done.

    • dannie22

      Van is just jigging for his supper like the good negro he is. Dance Van, Dance!

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – -I had trouble postin’ my REPLY. Sooo – -IT’S upthread. Sorry. :>)

      • trose1

        Van Jones is the perfect fit for this picture

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY trose1. – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

          THAT’S WHO it REFERRED 2! LOL. – –I used it in my post. LOL. -I couldn’t DELETE IT. :>)

          Good 2 C U -trose1! :>)

        • AxelFoley

          LOL, the Legend of Bagger Van.

    • Camille

      I thought Van Jones was all about no leadership and no use for the Dem s. Where were his fake Occupy friends who have all the answers and no use for the President and his organization?

      How come they now tout and demand the help and financial support of the same President and organization they constantly diss.

      Fuck off Van Jones. You and your phony ass and wannabe relevant multi-tongued mouth are a big FAIL.

  • gc

    I cannot remember which POUer came up with: “WE DA MEDIA” this past week, but I love it! Also what is “SMH”? All I can think of is “so much hot air” since it was in reference to NN.

    • crazycanuck

      shake my head

    • caribbeanobserver

      The goodly GLH came up with ‘we da media’!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY caribbeanobserver. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – – -THANK U – –4 PLANTIN’ the SEED. –:>) Sooo- – – -KUDOS 2 U. :>) – – –

        Good 2 C U -CO-. :>) —-

  • GN

    OMG, I’m loving this video.

  • lamh35

    Buh-bye Dylan!! In my best George Jefferson voice “Don’t let the doorknob hit cha where the good Lord split cha”

    Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC

    • itgurl_29

      He’s a drunk. Every time I see his bloated face, I can smell the gin through the tv. Good riddance.

      • AxelFoley


      • Camille

        He is a miserable twerp and don’t be surprised if some huge scandal about him comes to the fore. The guy has a serious problem and many skeletons jostling for space in his closet.

    • BYE!

      BTW, MED is subbing for Ed all this week. I wonder if he’s auditioning to take over Dylan’s time slot?

      • itgurl_29

        I hope so. I love how MED dropped Tavis and Cornel like a bad habit.

        • AxelFoley

          LOL, he dropped them smoove. Yeah, I said ‘smoove’.

        • Camille

          Then and only then did I start listening to him. I was horrified and embarrassed for him when he started doing the chittling circus with clowns and attacking President Obama.

          It seriously diminished MED and it will take quite a bit of penance to let him out of the doghouse in my opinion.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia – – – -Ohhh – –PROF MED. is on his A-GAME when he

        SUBS!!- Woo! Hoo! — – -LUVIN’ him!! :>)

        Mr. Martin is GR8 — WHEREVA he is! :>)

      • Camille

        I loathe Ezra Klein and Chris Cilliza equally so it will mean shit if either get it but more bleeding of viewers—even worse than the asshole Ratigan.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY lamh35. – – -***BIG HUG*** – –:>)

      – – –Yaaaaaaa – — HE WAS SUCH A LOSER!! – — –

      – – – -Mr. Martin Bashir – – -CHIN CHECKED him on MANY OCCASIONS!! – -HAH!!

      Good 2 C U lamh45. :>)

    • AxelFoley

      Chris Hayes is still around.

    • Camille

      I won’t be surprised if he lands at Current t.v. with puny Chris Hayes soon to follow.

      Al Gore is playing a very dirty but dangerous game with his very dubious line-up at Current.

      He wants to play king maker while stifling criticism of his own less than stellar offerings as V.P, Presidential candidate and since as a poor and largely invisible elder statesman of the Democratic party. A role he has pretty much never embraced or played. He too is probably now conveniently just an independent as his mediocre network fake hosts want to spin.

      Just like the spin of MSNBC as some “liberal” network, neither is Current t.v.

      It has exactly one true and consistent liberal: Stephanie Miller.

      The rest are just self-serving racist assholes with anti-President Obama agendas and a plan to propel themselves into relevance or like in the case of Gavin Newsom, to national office.

      But in the end, they will find out the hard way that we are very much wide awake and onto their pathetic games. They ain’t going no where fast.

  • Miranda


    Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC
    Dylan Ratigan, the opinionated and sometimes hotheaded television host, is leaving MSNBC, the cable channel where he has worked for the last three years.

    more here

  • dannie22

    I have to share this: I went to the New Edition concert last night and it was GREAT!!!! Also…Lebron is in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miranda

      Go Heat!

    • lamh35

      I saw them at Winstar in OK. I loved every minute. It felt like I was in high school again…lol

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY dannie22. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – –

      — -Yaaaaaaaaaaaa! :>) —Also…Lebron is in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He’s an EXCITING PLAYA!! — -Woo! Hoo! – – —

  • Miranda

    Growth in Latino population not fully reflected at voting booth
    Democrats work to increase participation in a group that leans toward Obama

    DENVER — The nation’s rapidly growing Latino population is one of the most powerful forces working in President Obama’s favor in many of the states that will determine his contest with Mitt Romney. But Latinos are not registering or voting in numbers that fully reflect their potential strength, leaving Hispanic leaders frustrated and Democrats worried as they increase efforts to rally Latino support.

    Interviews with Latino voters across the country suggested a range of reasons for what has become, over a decade, an entrenched pattern of nonparticipation, ranging from a distrust of government to a fear of what many see as an intimidating effort by law enforcement and political leaders to crack down on immigrants, legal or not.

    more here

    • conlakappa

      Saw this in today’s paper and it read off to me. Like a preemptive strike on calling fraud when the latino numbers go up. Or just trying to make Mittens feel better in that it isn’t another group who doesn’t like him but just doesn’t do the voting thing.

  • Miranda

    BWA HAHAHAHAHA – Sen Sherrod Brown shoots down hack Dana Loesch

    Kudos to Sen. Sherrod Brown for giving CNN contributor/Breitbart.com loon Dana Loesch exactly the amount of respect she deserved, when she popped up like a malevolent jack-in-the-box at the Netroots Nation conference.

    more here

    • rikyrah

      go Senator Brown!!

    • You go, Senator Brown!

    • GreenLadyHere

      miranda — -BWAHAHA! – – – –

      — —when she popped up like a malevolent jack-in-the-box at the Netroots Nation conference. – – –

      — –THE – – IMAGERY!! LOL – —

      THANK U – -Sen. SHERROD!! :>)

    • AxelFoley

      That pimp hand was skrong.

    • Camille

      More pressing question should be why isn’t she at the conservative convention in Chicago?

  • Seriously, how the hell do you not know what a doughnut is?

    I bet if it was a crepes suzette, he would have no trouble.

    • rikyrah

      ok, this is just stone crazy.

      who the fuck doesn’t know a donut?

      • conlakappa

        He wasn’t sure if he should be saying “nuts.” Like for the chocolate uh, uh, thing itself, he hadn’t checked the poling numbers

    • Them donuts look good!

    • Admiral_Komack

      Hey now!

      If FatMan (Gov. Christie) was Two-Face’s (Willard Romney) huffing’ and puffin’ while walking real fast-mate (as opposed to the term “running mate”), he could have helped Two-Face with such a serious policy question.

    • danadevin74

      I know Mitt has to take 5 showers a day to get the scent of the common people off of him

      • AxelFoley


    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY LTMidnight. **BIG HUG** :>)

      WHEN- — –U R – -THIS!! LOL”– —

      – —Wonder WHAT he CALLS THIS? – – –– –
      ——***shakin’ my head***

      Good 2 C U!—–:>)

    • BarbinAtlSouth

      Well, look at that. Someone schooled him on being rude about refreshments offered to him.

  • lamh35

    OMG! Why am I watching this Nickalodean movie called “Rags” with Keke Palmer (Akeelah..) and I.JUST.CAN’T.TURN.IT.OFF!!!

    I really need to get a life!!!

    • rikyrah

      you are hilarious and our popular culture bridge

      • lamh35

        Still watching “Rags” on Nickelodeon & I feel like Danny Glover in “Lethal Weapon”. I just keep thinking “I’m too old for this shit”!

        • rikyrah

          Because of Peanut, I am now a kid’s tv afficionado. It’s so wierd, mixing in the new – Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, Fresh Beat Band, in with the old – Jetsons, Flinstones, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo. The other day, she watched her first Scooby and Scrappy Doo – LOVED IT, while I was going, ‘ I remember why I hated Scrappy’.

          so, I understand, especially with me having Netflix, and I use the streaming with pretty much all her stuff, and I’ve been introducing her to the old school – Casper, Felix the Cat, Bullwinkle, Popeye. It’s so fun to see it through her eyes

        • Miranda

          Hell, I used to watch Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven on the regular. Probably watched all of True Jackson too. LOL

  • Miranda

    Study: Racism Could Cost Obama 3-5% Of Votes In Election

    Racist attitudes could hurt President Obama’s re-election by 3-5%, according to a study.

    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz examined Google searches to find the media markets where the racial epithet “nigger” was most often used. He found that in those markets Obama underperformed previous Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, even though Obama got much more votes in 2008.

    more here

    • Admiral_Komack

      The sheriff is near.

    • Alma98

      NOOO! Really?

    • danadevin74

      You mean the same racist attitudes that people had in 2008? WOW

      • rikyrah

        the same folks who have been showing pictures of disrespect towards POTUS and the First Family

        • danadevin74

          Like we don’t know they are rehashing the same stuff from 2008

      • conlakappa

        Oh, but it was more than some people thought it was. /eyeroll

    • RinaX

      Dang, have these people been in a cave somewhere since 2008? Bear, woods, water, wet, etc…

  • GreenLadyHere

    HEEY Sepia — -**BIG HUG** – — -:>)

    – – – – -***takin’ a REAL DEEP BREATH***- – —

    – – -THIS- – ->The Left treated the recall as a local movement, not a “life-or-death struggle” for the labor movement, Jones said. “When we do our minimum and (Republicans) do their maximum, they win,” he added. “Very simple.”

    – — -☻ – -Sooo – – – –TRAITOR – – -SELL-OUT – – -EDUMENCATED -TOM- – – —

    Guess U di-ent C the MEMO that SAYS that WE — R – –“ALL IN” —4 MR. PRESIDENT.

    THAT MEANS — -WE gon GO – – -ALL IN ON U!—

    BUT- – – -we understand ‘ — CAUSE U so BUSY KISSIN” the ARSES of your “NEW HATA FRIEND!

    – –☻ WISCONSIN WAS a LOCAL ISSUE!!- — -THEY EVEN SAID so!!- – – – – – BUT – – AGAIN- – -HERE U GO – -with your- –


    WOULD that U would have ANY SHAME annnd HUMILITY annnd LOGIC annnd ANALYSIS – — 2 C THIS!! geesh!!

    – – ☻ IFF the LABOR MOVEMENT was is SUCH PERIL – -WHYCOME -OVA 30+% families – -VOTED 4 the RACIST ENEMY!!!??- –“WHYCOME”??- –HUH!? HUH!??

    IMHO – –MR. PRESIDENT had the – -411 intelligence on THIS!! – — HE KNEW!!

    Annnd U did JUST what we PREDICTED – – -BLAME MR. PRESIDENT – –4 that loss 2 the – 2nd TIME AROUND” – – – -LOSER CANDIDATE. – —

    AXE- – -WISCONSIN – – -“WHYCOME” – – -THEY di-ent CHOOSE a WINNIN’ CANDIDATE!??? – – -HUH!? – – -HUH!?? – –

    I THOUGHT SO!! – –

    – – -☻ -FINALLY: – – -Just a REMINDER- — RE-THUGS HAVE BEEN DOIN’ THEIR MAXIMUM- — -RACISM!! – – -Annnd while they haven’t WON anythang – — – -U –U —U- -R GIVING THEM your SUPPORT —LIKE a —PAID – – – -M*GGA! – –

    – – –HOPE that — 30 PIECES of SILVER” – – -was WORTH IT. – – – — SAAAAA-LAP!!

    – —VERY SIMPLE!!! – – –

    • trose1

      hello GLH
      for some reason that Black lawn jockey makes me laugh

      • GreenLadyHere

        trose1 – – —LOL. I KNOW – -HUH! ?? –

        –I like 2 use it — – AS OFTEN as IT is – -APPROPRIATE!! LOL – —

        THIS TIME – –IT! – -WAS! – -SO!! LOL.

        • trose1

          LMBAO I have a feeling u will have to bring out the lawn jockey more often.
          The money is flowing and the sellouts are dancing a jig

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL> – — -READY!! – – –:>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –So SAD – – – -FIRST NIGERIA – — NOW KENYA- – —

    – — –Senior Kenyan Minister Killed in Helicopter Crash

    – — A senior Kenyan government minister, expected to be a leading presidential candidate in next year’s election, was killed in a helicopter crash today, reports Reuters. Minister for internal security George Saitoti, along with his deputy, several bodyguards, and the pilot, were killed when the police helicopter carrying them crashed in a forest just outside Nairobi. The cause of the crash is not yet known. Saitoti had served as vice president for 13 years. “It’s a sad day for Kenya,” says a Cabinet minister. “We could have avoided this accident with better equipment.” — –

    Sorry – -the EQUIPMENT. – -Hmmm. . .


  • I didn’t know Pete Seeger had a Black granddaughter. Here’s her wedding announcement in the NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/20/fashion/weddings/moraya-jackson-christopher-degeare-weddings.html?

    • itgurl_29

      Pete Seeger’s wife is half Japanese so they ain’t strangers to the swirl.

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  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda/lamh32 – – – – — ***bouncin’ 2 da groove***

    – – FIRST- -FAMILY- – -SWAGGER!! – -Woo! Hoo! —

    YES! – — WE! CAN!- – –DO! IT! – –AGAIN!! :>) – —- ———-

    — — – -OBAMA-BIDEN– -2012!!! – — Woo! Hoo! :>) — –

  • But many of the residents of this exclusive tract in La Jolla say they are rankled by what they see from their decks and patios as the Romneys’ blindness to their impact on the neighborhood. And personal politics is fueling their frustration as much as anything else, several days of interviews with about a dozen residents suggest.

    It turns out that Mr. Romney — who has likened President Obama’s policies to socialism, called for cutting back on federal funding to PBS and wants to outlaw same-sex marriage — has moved into a neighborhood that evokes “Modern Family” far more than “All in the Family.” (There are six gay households within a three-block radius of his house, neighbors said.)

    Four doors up the street from the Romneys is the home of Randy Clark and Tom Maddox, a gay couple who meet regularly with other residents worried by the candidate’s renovation plans.

    The men, who married in San Francisco four years ago, were asked by Mr. Romney’s architect to sign a document that stated they have no objections to his planned renovations, which would obscure a portion of their ocean view. They refused.

    MORE: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/07/garden/mitt-romney-the-candidate-next-door.html?ref=style&&pagewanted=print

    • Miranda


    • itgurl_29

      No one likes him.

      • rikyrah

        unless you get a check from Willard, nobody says anything positive about him

  • Miranda

    Romney’s Creepy Fake Cop Act Extends To Staffers

    I’m still sort of amazed that this story about Mitt Romney’s creepy and weird cop impersonation hasn’t gotten more traction. Conservatives whip up a frenzy to the point of Hannity running a series on “The Vetting of Barack Obama” over stupid things like a speech in college, or those nefarious missing transcripts or the insane and ongoing birther controversy, but if a Republican candidate impersonates a cop, and goes so far as to use that phony authority to frighten and abandon a couple of girls on the side of the road, then…crickets.

    Unlike so much of the conservative manufactured fauxtrage, Romney’s penchant for impersonating cops has implications that shouldn’t be ignored, because they point to an authoritarian world view that would permeate how he approaches the office of President.

    Lest you think otherwise, here is a story of some other cop impersonators who just happened to be Romney staffers. Joe Conason:

    read the rest here:

    • rikyrah

      just imagine if Barack Obama had worn a state trooper’s uniform, complete with flashing lights, and harrassed innocent people on the road.

      yeah, just as I thought

    • AxelFoley

      Impersonating a cop is a crime. Muhfucka should have been locked up.

      Yeah, yeah I know, white? I mean, right?

  • Miranda

    And here we go……..billionaires buying up the newspapers and making the editorial content and opinion pages their own personal playgrounds.

    Newspaper as Business Pulpit

    There is a growing worry that the falling value and failing business models of many American newspapers could lead to a situation where moneyed interests buy papers and use them to prosecute a political and commercial agenda.

    That future appears to have arrived in San Diego, where The U-T San Diego, the daily newspaper bought by the local developer and hotelier Douglas F. Manchester, often seems like a brochure for his various interests.

    Mr. Manchester is anti-big government, anti-tax and anti-gay marriage. And he’s in favor of a remade San Diego centered around a new downtown waterfront stadium and arena.

    more here

    • Camille

      So the NYT is just figuring that out especially seeing that they too are not strangers to playing some of the same games they point out.

  • Miranda

    My God, these people are certifiable.

    Virginia Lawmaker Says ‘Sea Level Rise’ Is A ‘Left Wing Term,’ Excises It From State Report On Coastal Flooding

    Virginia’s legislature commissioned a $50,000 study to determine the impacts of climate change on the state’s shores. To greenlight the project, they omitted words like “climate change” and “sea level rise” from the study’s description itself. According to the House of Delegates sponsor of the study, these are “liberal code words,” even though they are noncontroversial in the climate science community.

    more here

  • lamh35

    Alright, enough for the kiddie entertainment. Time for some TrueBlood in about 1 1/2hr. Season Finale baby!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — [Apologies iff a dup] – —ALL KINDS of TRUTH!!- – – – -:>) – –

    – – –VIDEO: Gov. Martin O’Malley blasts “false assertions of Mitt Romney creating jobs either in the private sector or in Massachusetts.” – – –

    – – – —Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) rightly explained that when President Obama said the private sector was “doing fine,” he was trying to point out that by comparison, the public sector was doing way worse. The private vs. public employment record seems obvious to those who don’t want to see Willard Romney in the White House.

    – – – – –RA’ – -CHERE – ->Of course, then-Governor Romney’s record was nothing to crow about, but it’s way more important for the media to pounce on an out-of-context comment by the president.

    AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka in response to these comments by Willard:

    “Mitt Romney says he wants fewer teachers; that means larger classrooms. He says he wants fewer firefighters; that means less safety. Rich people will still have good protection… He wants fewer police officers; that means we’re in danger.”


    – – –SKIP – – –

    – —“Last year more jobs were created in the private sector of our country’s economy than in all eight years of President Bush, and that was true in 2010. So I think that President Obama absolutely needs to take away the false assertions of Mitt Romney that he created jobs either in the private sector or in Massachusetts.” – – – –

    – – –EVIDENCE- – -BELOW– – -HAH

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -Uhhh – – –CAN we GET THIS AIR TIME – –WASTE — BACK???- -***head hits keyboard***

    – —VIDEO- Melissa Harris-Perry’s teachable moment o’ the day: Black hair – —

    – – – -THIS – – -MADNESS – -TRUMPS – — -SUPPORTING MR. PRESIDENT!!?? – — -NOT on a SLOW DAY!! – –geesh!!

    SHE – –continues 2 THINK that she is —CUTE-BY-HALF!!- – – -HAH!! —

    NOT EVEN- – -half CUTE!! – –NOT EVEN!!- – — – -THIS is SICKENING!! – – geesh!!!

    • Camille

      Can we just put Melissa Harris Perry out of her misery already!
      And that sad juvenile Chris Hayes while we are it?

      Give Martin Bashir a multiple hour weekend show to replace these pathetic folks that waste precious media real estate.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY SisCamille – – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – – – We KEEP tryin’. annnd SHE – –KEEPS — STEPPIN’ IN IT!! – – -geesh!!

        – –***fist bump*** – Annnd consideration 4 – –Prof. MED. :>)

        – -Good 2 C U. :>)

    • MsKitty

      Oh for goodness sake! Our hair grows out of our scalp like everybody elses. Some of us straighten it, some of us don’t. End of.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — -RE-THUGS – –WAR ON WOMEN – – –CELEBRATE a birthday??? – – – –

    – – –49 Years After Kennedy Signed The Equal Pay Act, Women Still Earn 77 Cents To A Man’s Dollar – —

    – – —On June 10 1963 — exactly 49 years ago today — President John Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act to prohibit wage discrimination against women. From his remarks that day:

    This act represents many years of effort by labor, management, and several private organizations unassociated with labor or management, to call attention to the unconscionable practice of paying female employees less wages than male employees for the same job.

    – – -SNIP—

    – – Exactly 49 years later, women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Over a lifetime, the pay gap adds up to more than $430,000 in lost wages for an individual on women.

    – – –THIS – ->Last week, Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act — legislation that would have cracked down on wage discrimination and closed the wage gap.— –

    – – -congratulations – –BIG TIME – -/SNARK!! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —CONGRATULATIONS R IN ORDER!! – — – —

    —- – –John Orozco – Parallel Bars – 2012 AT&T American Cup – –FROM DA BRONX! :>)

    – – —John Orozco wins gymnastics title – —

    – – – –The meet was over. Done. Danell Leyva had flown too high, scored too well, avoided too many mistakes for John Orozco to track him down.

    Heck, even Orozco thought so.

    When Orozco ended his floor exercise routine during the final event of the U.S. men’s gymnastics championships on Saturday, the calculator in his head told him he hadn’t done enough to catch his front-running, ceiling-scraping teammate.

    – –“I was thinking to myself, ‘I don’t think that will do it,'” Orozco said.

    Then the scoreboard flashed: 15.500. Somewhere in the crowd Orozco’s mother Damaris shrieked. The soft-spoken 19-year-old from the Bronx — nicknamed “Silent Ninja” by his friends because of his ability to sneak up on the competition — had done it again.

    The best floor score Orozco can ever remember seeing next to his name propelled him to a two-round total of 184.850 and a national title, barely ahead of Leyva’s 184.800.

    “He doesn’t know how to lose,” said two-time U.S. champion Jonathan Horton, who finished fourth. “He doesn’t have a weakness. He’s just a phenomenal gymnast. The one thing is, he gets in a zone and you can’t break it.”

    – – -C U @ the OLYMPICS!!! :>) – –BLESS U. :>) — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – – – -HEADING: – –EARL –IZZAT U? – –

    -I KNOW -HUH! – -Even – -“BO”! – — -***tsk*** ***eye roll*** – –

    – –Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Even Obama’s Dog’s draws Racial Fire– – –

    – – –The racial pillorying of First Lady Michelle Obama was bad enough. The occasional snide digs and ugly depictions of the Obama’s daughters were even more despicable. But now the presidential family’s pet Portuguese Water Dog, Bo has taken heat. A Brown University social scientist used polling experiments and an independent survey to identify a series of issues that have been bitter and contentious between Obama and the GOP and that are seemingly race neutral such as tax policy, health care reform, Supreme Court appointments, and political party identification.

    He found that those with a racial antipathy toward blacks were more prone to oppose anything that Obama supported. That racial antipathy even extended to his dog. To test this, the Brown researcher showed a picture of the Obama’s dog to one half of the test group. He showed the same picture to the other half but told them that it was a picture of the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s pet Portuguese Water Dog, Splash. Those hostile to Obama were much more likely to express disdain toward Obama’s dog than that of Kennedy’s presumed pet.

    – –SNIP- — –

    – – –The Brown University survey simply reconfirmed the horrid fact that President Obama’s public policy stances and battles have been relentlessly clouded, obstructed and opposed by subtle and overt racial perceptions and animus. It’s no surprise then that the Obama’s family dog has drawn racial fire too.

    – – —RACIST – — -2 their CORE!!
    – -THEY R DOGS – -of a LESSER CLASS than “BO”!! — geesh!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -GOOD ON HER! – -:>) — –

    – –Willow Smith to Play the Next ‘Annie’– —

    – —Willow Smith is budding as a young star.

    The progeny of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is expanding her horizon and will star in a modern day version “Annie.”

    – — SNIP- – —

    Will Smith, who is slated to produce the Sony Pictures project, also confirmed to Good Morning America that his “Men In Black 3” co-star, Oscar winner Emma Thompson, wrote the script for the contemporary “Annie” film.

    – —A black Annie?

    Yes. The story will be set in modern-day New York and will feature music totally headed by Hip Hop mogul, Jay Z. This project is right up the rapper’s alley, being that he remastered the old “Annie” classic in “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).” – – –

    – –Lookin’ – -FORWARD!!- – — Always LIKE – –“ANNIE.”- – -:>) – – –

    • RinaX

      Well, this ought to be interesting. I actually like Willow. Jaden kind of gets the side-eye, though.

    • AxelFoley

      A black Annie? Bad enough a black President, but a black Annie?

      Them niggers is taking over!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY AxelFoley. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – -LOL!! – – – -THEY R DESTROYIN’ the SACRED INSTITUTIONS of -THEIR – – –errrr – – –OUR — -COUNTRY!!

        WONDER ifff – – -SHE has a – – -Long Form – – – -“BIRTH CERTIFICATE”?? – – – – -LOL!! – —

        Good 2 C U – -AxelFoley. :>)

      • Miranda

        I hope she has the biggest nappiest afro you ever could see! LOL

      • caribbeanobserver

        Call me old-fashioned, but as much as I like Willow, I think this child is into way too much over-exposure and precocious stuff ..for a child. The long term fall-out will indeed tell the story.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —Annnnd – – -The MORE – –the –MERRIER! – -LOL – – –

    – — –Reliable Sources: David Shuster Pwns Jennifer Rubin, Politico, and Conservative Whiners – – –

    – – – —This segment is entitled “The Media vs. Mitt” on CNN’s website. Evidently there’s some whining (when is there NOT whining?) in conservative quarters that Mittens isn’t getting a fair shake by the media. Never mind that Pew found that President Obama had received far less positive coverage than negative during the first four months of the year, and followed that up with another study more recently affirming that at no time has President Obama received more favorable coverage than Mitt Romney.

    – – -Never mind all of that, because Politico has now weighed in with their “concerns,” which involve the number of stories about Mitt’s mendacity, meanness, and other character flaws—things Ari Fleischer thinks are “personal” and which Jennifer Rubin thinks are “shiny things.”

    Of course, right about the time Rubin refers to them as shiny things, she’s off to the races listing the number of media “vetting failures” there were over President Obama’s drug use as a college student.

    THIS- – –>Shuster is great at debunking their manufactured poutrage, calling it “just more Republican BS,” which is a great characterization to use on a cable news channel that actually thinks it’s a good idea to employ Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson as commentators.

    – – -BWAHAHA – – –I’m LUVIN’ IT!! :>) — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – — –“WE DA MEDIA” – –SPREADIN’ the GOOD NEWS!! :>) [MOST of THIS is POSITIVE. :>)] – – –

    – — –Obama’s report card on education policy – —

    – – —President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign boasts in a recent TV spot that his national education policy borrows from his personal academic success: It can be chalked up to hard work and student aid.

    Even conservatives can’t find too much fault with the administration’s education record. “President Obama has been much more reform-minded than any Democratic president before him. He really has co-opted the Republicans on many of their key education positions,” said Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, an educational think tank, and a research fellow at Stanford University’s conservative Hoover Institution.

    Since taking office more than three years ago, Obama has prioritized education, pushing elementary and secondary education reform, helping states avoid George W. Bush-era school mandates and expanding federal financial aid for college students.

    – –He also funneled $100 billion to the states in the 2009 stimulus and has been slowly increasing Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s discretionary budget — efforts that have reaped bipartisan support, appealed to young voters and promoted his personal story.

    The Obama camp gives the president high marks. Education is “definitely an area where we feel like the president has made a great deal of progress and it’s something he’s very proud of,” said James Kvaal, the Obama campaign policy director who formerly worked on higher education policy in Duncan’s department and for the National Economic Council.

    Here’s a rundown of Obama’s educational initiatives and how they’re ranked by education experts:

    – – – —OUR BELOVED – – -EDUCATOR-IN-CHIEF!! – –
    – – – -Woo! Hoo! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -Ohhhh! HOW! – – -SWEET! :>)- – –PhotOH! Gabby Giffords Giffords stumps for former aide at Arizona campaign rally — –

    – – —Gabrielle Gifford’s former aide, Ron Barber, was wounded back in 2011 when that deranged shooter tried to assassinate her. He is now running for her seat in a special election, and she fully supports him.

    Whoever wins will only stay in office for six months. Then they start right in again running for re-election. In the fall, districts will be slightly different, leaning more Democratic, but it will still be close.

    No matter what happens, it’s so good to see Gabby out there again:

    Tucson, Arizona (CNN) — Former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a rare appearance before a cheering crowd of supporters at a “Get out the vote” concert in downtown Tucson.

    Giffords was joined by her husband, Mark Kelly, at the Saturday event for a special election race for the seat from which she resigned.

    – – -BLESS HER! – AMEN. :>) —

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – G’NIGHT –POU FAM. :>) – – –WISHIN’ U – –BLESSED SWEET DREAMS. ♥- – -♥ :>) – —-

    – – – -CONTINUE 2 PRAY 4:- – -MR. PRESIDENT/FIRST LADY; – – -VP Biden/DR. Jill; – –the ECONOMY/PEOPLE; — –the VOTERS; – – -EACH OTHER♥ – – – –

    – – – –Calypso Medley – Trinidad&Tobago – Steel drums – – –

    – – – – UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT. ♥ :>) – — —

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