October 23, 2017

Sunday Jazz Brunch Open Thread: Carmen McRae

Carmen Mercedes McRae (April 8, 1920 – November 10, 1994) was an American jazz singer, composer, pianist, and actress. Considered one of the most influential jazz vocalists of the 20th century, it was her behind-the-beat phrasing and her ironic interpretations of song lyrics that made her memorable. McRae drew inspiration from Billie Holiday, but established her own distinctive voice. She went on to record over 60 albums, enjoying a rich musical career, performing and recording in the United States, Europe, and Japan.



Take Five


Blame it on my Youth


Round Midnight


Body and Soul 


Midnight Sun

  • GreenLadyHere


    — — ☻MR. PRESIDENT COMMENTS on the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: – — — – – The Obamacare principle

    ——-President Obama marked the third anniversary of Obamacare on Saturday by touting the principle it stands for — that every American should have access to affordable health care.

    “Three years ago today, I signed into law the principle that in the
    wealthiest nation on Earth, no one should go broke just because they get sick,” he said in a statement. “The Affordable Care Act will give
    hard-working, middle class families the health care security they
    deserve and protect every American from the worst insurance company abuses.”

    He said that already, millions of seniors are saving on prescription drugs, young people are allowed to stay on their parents’ plans, and preventive services like mammograms are covered at no cost.

    “Most importantly, for the sake of our fiscal future, the growth of
    health care costs is beginning to slow,” Obama said.
    “In fact, last
    year, Medicaid costs fell for the first time in decades.”

    The president noted that much more needs to be done on implementation going forward, but that soon the law will touch millions more lives as prohibitions take effect against canceling or denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. And as insurance becomes available this fall through health care exchanges.




    • MonieTalks

      Morning GLH. Happy Sunday!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good MornTin’ MonieTalks. ***BIG –THANK U — HUG*** :>) — B BLESSED –U/FAMILY.♥ :>) —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB [***HUGS*** ♥]- — –ANNOUNCIN’ a PASSING: —

    Bodybuilding Pioneer Joe Weider Dead at 93 – –

    – — —-Joe Weider, a bodybuilding enthusiast who
    built a publishing empire and brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to
    Hollywood, died yesterday of heart failure, the LA Times
    reports. He was 93. Born in Montreal, Weider pumped weights at a young age to protect himself from neighborhood bullies. He started his own bodybuilding magazine at age 17, and spent the next 30 years promoting the new fitness craze and creating contests for bodybuilders—including the Mr. Olympia competition in 1965.
    In the 1970s he paid for Schwarzenegger’s life in LA and helped turn him into a star—even telling movie producers he was a Shakespearean actor. “It wasall bull,” says Schwarzenegger. “I didn’t speak much English at all.” While Weider pioneered modern bodybuilding with magazines like Men’s Fitness and Flex, he was criticized for a big ego and tough business style.


  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – —MR. PRESIDENT — presses — GUN CONTROL: – –

    — –Weekly Address: Helping Protect Our Kids by Reducing Gun Violence– –

    —– Three months after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama says that the Senate has taken important steps forward to help protect our kids by reducing gun violence. The American people made their voices heard, and the Senate made progress to make it harder for criminals and people with serious mental illnesses to get guns, to crack down on anyone trying to funnel guns to criminals, and to reinstate and strengthen a ban on the sale of military-style assault weapons. Each of these ideas deserves a vote. The President urges Congress to pass these commonsense measures while affirming our nation’s tradition of responsible gun ownership.

    — -THANK U – -MR. PRESIDENT. :>)

    P.S. – –‘Course THEY R on a BREAK —from their —-***gulp** – -“recent vacay.” :>) —Jus’ cain’t say that they work. LOL – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -Very SAD 2 report this UPDATE: — –

    — –Woman Says She’s Certain Suspect Shot Her Baby Despite Conflicting Stories

    The mother of a baby shot dead in his stroller took one look at a teenage suspect’s jailhouse mugshot Saturday and said he was definitely the killer. Yet an aunt of the teen said he was eating
    breakfast with her when the slaying took place.

    Despite the conflicting stories, police have charged 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins with murder, along with a 14-year-old suspect whose name has been withheld because he’s a juvenile.

    Brunswick police spokesman Todd Rhodes said even though Elkins’ aunt provided an alibi, authorities have good reason to bring the charges.

    “That’s what she’s saying, but the evidence we’re looking at says something else,” Rhodes said, though he would not elaborate.

    • JojoRaze

      I suspected this story without knowing the race of the teens involved. It stunk to high heaven. After learning the race of the suspects, my guard is up for shadiness.

      • Aquagranny911

        Co-sign & I do wonder if the woman accidentally shot her baby & her self with a gun she had for “protection” & then made up a story to cover. Where is the gun? I hope they can find the gun & use some modern ballistics to sort this out.

        The woman & her story seems weird to me. Any POC on white crime always seems to take the side of 2520. Why is the mother presumed believable when the boy’s Tia is not?

        There is way too much we don’t know to make any kind of a judgement but I will take a big “side eye” until we know a lot more.

        • Co-sign, AG. I saw the mother’s interview and she seemed too calm to me.

          • Aquagranny911

            It wasn’t even that for me because people react to loss & trauma in odd ways sometimes. I’ve seen it personally. Her story just didn’t seem to make sense & she was all over with the press when most people, even in shock, would be avoiding that or the cops would put a gag on till the investigation was done.

            I’m thinking they are letting her keep talking till she contradicts herself enough so they can nail her. Maybe I’m wrong but I think she did it.

          • trose1

            I may be wrong but she has the tears of Susan Smith.

          • Aquagranny911

            Si, and that was my thinking but I could not remember the name of this woman who, if I remember correctly, accused a black man of abducting her children when she murdered them herself.

          • rikyrah

            Susan Smith
            Charles…can’t remember his last name

          • Aquagranny911

            Gracias! I’m terrible with names so I usually make them up but I do so remember the circumstances in both cases & how the press ran off to blame the proverbial “black man” until the real truth came out.

            I may be wrong & I will ask forgiveness for it but I do think this woman may have killed her own child.

          • rikyrah

            tell it

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB –She was a good friend of –THE MONK; — :>) —

    — –Carmen Sings Monk – It’s over now — Woo! Hoo! :>)

    —Gotta “bounce”. :>) —MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN U — IN MY♥. B BLESSED. :>) —

  • MonieTalks

    Did you all catch the drama at Silicon Valley? Much drama…inappropriate comments, social media, firings, sexist attacks and the hacking group Anonymous. Let me just say, aren’t this the same people who believe complete open info, and even hacking whatever they want is supreme…..yet many in the tech community went ballistic on this woman of color and lamented that women should not be in the tech community.

    Adria Richards’ Tweet About A Penis Joke Rocked Silicon Valley

    A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control

    …..Then the third thing that’s sad is the lopsided nature of Internet fury,
    which is largely directed at Richards’ employer, not Playhaven for
    firing the developer. If you read the tweets and comments that are coming Adria Richards’ way, it is some of the foulest kind of hate that the web harbors. Far worse than a dongle joke.

    • MonieTalks

      Here’s more:

      Rachel Sklar: The Firing Of Adria Richards Looks Like Kneejerk Appeasement To The Troll Armies

      Company CEO Jim Franklin claimed in a blog post that it was because Richards behaved inappropriately in tweeting the photo and accusation. He drew this distinction:

      “We understand that Adria believed the conduct to be inappropriate and support her right to report the incident to PyCon personnel. To be clear, SendGrid supports the right to report inappropriate behavior, whenever and wherever it occurs. What we do not support was how she reported the conduct.”

      Fair enough, but that all happened Sunday, and Richards blogged it Monday. Things began swelling Tuesday, but it wasn’t until late Wednesday that SendGrid became directly implicated by DDOS attacks. The firing was announced Thursday.
      So there is something logically inconsistent here. It seems clear that
      SendGrid and Franklin were aware of Richards’ conduct as the situation unfolded, yet the decision to fire her *only* came after the attacks.

      • Aquagranny911

        I read your links & I am so conflicted. I know nothing about the tech world but as an almost 70 year old female I can tell you all about discrimination, sexual harassment in the work place in the bad old days when your only choice was to grin & ‘bare it’ or quit. So, my sympathies are nearly always with the woman in these cases.

        However, I’m not sure that anyone is ‘pure’ in this case but the evil & ugly directed at this woman & her employer over the internet is truly unconscionable.

        It is a sad & nasty situation especially since there seems to be not only sexist but racial issues here as well.

    • MonieTalks

      And more:

      Adria Richards: ‘I’m staying safe’

      ..People from both sides see what they want to see and, like trained attack dogs, go in for the kill with little consideration, no mercy, no nuance, no shades of grey. They are so blinded by their
      self-righteousness that they’re perfectly OK with perpetrating more metaphorical violence in the service of their almighty god-blessed cause.

      It’s been unbelievably worse for Adria.

      She’s been extensively hated on. Threatened with rape. Threatened with decapitation — I saw the tweet with a picture of a stripped dead woman, bloody on a bed, head unattached to the torso, myself. (It’s now deleted and the Twitter account has been suspended.)

    • morphus

      Racism and/or sexism is not a surprise in Silicon Valley or the tech community.

  • rikyrah

    To Have a Vote, or to Not Have a Vote

    by BooMan
    Sun Mar 24th, 2013 at 09:52:23 AM EST
    Nevada is the prototypical “Wild West,” so it doesn’t surprise me that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a record hostile to legislation to combat gun violence. But I don’t think that’s why he decided to drop an assault weapon and large ammunition magazine bans from the Senate gun violence bill. He is trying to protect lawmakers in his own party from having to cast a difficult vote. He has said that a bill including those measures could not even get 40 votes, which means that as many as 16 members of the Democratic caucus would oppose it. There are lawmakers from the West, like Max Baucus of Montana, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, and Mark Begich of Alaska, who are up for reelection next year. There are others from the South, like Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana who are also up for reelection. Most or all of them have indicated to Reid that they wouldn’t vote for the assault weapon or ammunition ban. There must be at least ten more senators who have said the same. Nonetheless, the president has called for a vote. He wants people to go on the record.

    Under the assumption, which may be flawed, that voters in these conservative states heavily oppose a ban on assault weapons and large ammunition magazines, these Democratic lawmakers would prefer it if the party as a whole didn’t take a position in favor of those bans, and that includes the president. Voters who are angry with the Democratic Party may not forgive these senators even if they personally oppose the legislation. That’s Harry Reid’s reasoning, anyway, for dropping those provisions. It should be added that many Democrats will be less enthusiastic about working for these senators’ reelection if they vote ‘no.’ So, the idea is that it is best just not to have any vote at all. The provisions have no chance of passing in the House even if they did somehow miraculously pass the Senate, so what is the upside?

    For Reid, he’s trying to make his caucus happy and protect them. Yet, the president either doesn’t care or he doesn’t share this political calculus. Throughout his first term in office, the president earned quite a bit of enmity on the left for almost never picking a fight unless he knew he could win it. One of the lone exceptions was his insistence that the House of Representatives pass a Cap and Trade energy bill that most analysts correctly predicted would be dead on arrival in the Senate. It’s hard to prove, but many political observers believe that that House vote exacerbated the party’s losses in the 2010 midterms. Nobody rewarded a Democrat for supporting it because it didn’t become law, but many opposed them for voting for something that would have increased their energy bills. Perhaps that is not what actually happened, and perhaps the Democrats didn’t defend themselves rigorously enough, but there usually is no margin in taking controversial votes that don’t amount to anything.


  • rikyrah

    Survey: Nearly 85% of Black Women Don’t Want a White Woman on the Cover of Essence

    YBW Staff Writer

    There has been controversy as of late regarding whether or not Essence Magazine should consider putting black women on the cover. The magazine began as a publication designed to be the voice of African American women. But since the magazine was sold to Time Warner, there are those who feel that the magazine has lost much of its quality, and even it’s former owners disagree on whether or not the magazine should have been sold.

    Jada Pinkett Smith recently stated that, out of fairness, Essence should consider putting white women on its cover. But during an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Asa Lovechild says that she’s not sure if the magazine should be allowed to deviate from it’s original intended purpose.

    A recent survey by Your Black World sheds light on the issue. According to the results of the survey, a vast majority of African American women feel that Essence Magazine should not consider using white women on the cover under any circumstances.
    In response to this question, 84.9 percent of the respondents say that the magazine should not have white women on the cover under any circumstances. A total of 12.5 percent of respondents said that the magazine should consider using white women on the cover, and 2.6 percent of respondents said that they aren’t sure.


    • gn

      Highly disappointed in Jada for even opening up this simple-minded “we’re in post-racial America” bullshit. She used to be waaaaaaaay more on-point and conscious than this.

      • jds09

        The line that gets me…”Jada Pinkett Smith recently stated that, out of fairness, Essence should consider putting white women on its cover.” Let me know when “it’s fair”, then we can have a conversation. SMH

        • gn

          Must be that scientology…got to her critical thinking skills, for real.

          • Aquagranny911

            JEEZE LOWEEZ! Scientology leads to major brain rot. Those folks can be nuttier than goatfiggers & RWNJ’s.

            I never did understand how a stupid piece of tongue-in-cheek, self-aggrandizing sci-fi could delude so many people. Hubbard was a major figwit & asswipe who laughed himself all the way to the bank.

        • If Jada is so concerned about “fairness”, she needs to talk to the white editors of mainstream magazines that won’t put Black women on the covers of their magazines.

          • Aquagranny911

            NAILED THAT!!! & a big AMEN because it’s Sunday! She might also want to bring up the nasty way some media treat our FLOTUS, as well.

  • rikyrah

    CNN Forbids Roland Martin Bookings

    CNN producers have been told not to book the former correspondent.

    Producers Told Not to Book Pundit as Contract Winds Down

    “The TV world can be so cold. When you’re out, you’re out. And sometimes sooner than you might expect,” Betsy Rothstein wrote Thursday for FishbowlDC.

    “There are 17 days left on Roland Martin’s CNN contract. But the powers that be appear to be shutting it down early. With his contract ending April 6, some producers have been informed not to book him, FishbowlDC has learned. We knew something was awry when we noticed Martin hadn’t tweeted his usual #bringthefunk alert on Twitter that he’d be appearing on [Erin Burnett’s] ‘Out Front,’ which he hasn’t done in a month. On Wednesday he tweeted that he did Canadian TV. The Canadians can find time to bring Martin’s funk, but not CNN?

    “Let’s get this straight. That semi-usual appearance he had on Thursdays during Carol Costello’s slot? Gone. It’s been three weeks since he appeared on her program and months since he appeared on ‘The Situation Room.’ He was also [nonexistent] during CNN Inauguration coverage in January. A final appearance on his close friend, Soledad O’Brien’s program, which ends next week? That appears to be a dead end proposition, too. . . .”

    Martin told Journal-isms he had nothing to say about the report, and a CNN spokeswoman did not respond to an inquiry.

    Meanwhile, Martin disclosed that he actually learned in December that his contract was not being renewed. He left the impression until this week that no decision had been made.

    In an interview with Brooke Obie of Ebony, Martin said, “Well, I was actually told in December by Ken Jautz, the executive vice president [of CNN], that the contract wasn’t going to be renewed. [CNN President] Jeff Zucker has a vision for the network and wants to see different faces and I get that. I enjoyed working there, I have a lot of colleagues that I have grown to like and respect at CNN and so the bottom line is you work in places and then you move on. . . .”

    Obie also asked, “But with the loss of Soledad O’Brien and now you, and Jeff Zucker naming Jake Tapper the ‘face of the new CNN,’ do you think that the vision Zucker has for CNN may be a ‘White-out?’ ”


    • MonieTalks

      Will Roland let this go seemingly unfair treatment persist without a fight? The explanation that he gives us is that Zucker wants “different faces”….that’s it?! CNN is become more whiter and right wing, but the pontificating and holier than thou Martin only brings up “faces.” They are essentially blacklisting Martin before his contract is over…..he has known about POC like himself and Soledad being on the chopping block since December and yet he did not use his sanctimonious soapbox to blast this ill conceived new direction of CNN, especially at the expense of himself and Soledad…..hmmmm

      Roland wrote this words while essentially writing chances of PBO winning re-election. Read it and snicker:

      It is abundantly clear that Obama is unwilling to fire back at the critics who disrespect him and the office of the president.

      He wants to take the high ground, while his
      critics are ripping the earth out from beneath him. Instead of taking
      charge of his agenda, he’s willing to let others blow him off to pursue their own.

      When he took office, President Obama decried the ways of Washington, saying that voters didn’t want to see acrimony. But they sure as hell want to see a president fight for what he believes in — even if that means losing a battle or two.


      • jds09

        Mister Jim will still leave you by the side of the road no matter how many buckets of water you carry and how far you carry it for him. Roland’s situation is a nice reminder.

        • isonprize

          Roland’s wake-up call

      • Guns3000

        What is so unfair about it? He has been eating off the CNN plate for years and used it to increase his profile for other platforms. Most of you wouldn’t even know who RM was without CNN. They could of fired his behind after his twitter fiasco and didn’t.

        • Aquagranny911

          Who “down rated” this remark? If you did not agree you should have the cojones to at least stand & say why.

          I totally despise this new format of Disqus.

          • Guns3000


    • trose1

      Tale of 2 so called Black (somewhat, sometime) Journalists

      I think Soledad became more combative with her guests once the writing was on the wall she was going to lose her show.

      She played the game and she came out ok with her independent contract with CNN etc. CNN paid her to go away. She will take her millions and produce some shows that will never make it on air.

      Roland is a coward, IMO. He refuses to rock the boat even after being thrown out with the trash at CNN. They basically told him to GTFOOH and don’t come back. He will continue to hold his tongue because he desires to be part of the white wing media. smdh

      I think CNN is getting away with blatant racism. Not until the Soledad and Roland Martin’s of the media speak up nothing will change.

      • Miranda

        Roland is a coward, IMO. He refuses to rock the boat even after being
        thrown out with the trash at CNN. They basically told him to GTFOOH
        and don’t come back. He will continue to hold his tongue because he
        desires to be part of the white wing media.PREACH!!!!!!!

      • Admiral_Komack

        Well, to be fair, Ascot Boy can’t rock the boat when he’s thrown out of the boat.

        • Miranda

          damn……excellent point.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY trose1♥ — –***BIG HUG** :>)

        –THIS: — >Roland is a coward, IMO. He refuses to rock the boat even after being thrown out with the trash at CNN.

        HAH – –‘CAUSE he DI-ENT develop a BASE!! —NAME 1 person WHO HAS HIS BACK!! –1! —LOL —

        He was sooo BUSY “playin’ MR. INDEPENDENT” –THAT he GOT his WISH. ——–
        —- He is –INDEPENDENT!! –NOW!! —:>) – — –

        — -Soooooo —-Bye Bye Bye —BU —BYEEEE!

        Good 2 C U trose1 :>)–

        • trose1

          LOL bye bye!
          How u doing GLH ?

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL trose1 – — -Doin’ pretty good. :>) —-ALWAYS happy 2 C U. :>) —

      • Town

        Soledad saw what was going on and said, “ok, let me capitalize on this.” So she does her deal w/CNN and preserves her good name and will be able to get a job with another network perhaps.
        Roland will be sitting on TV One for the rest of his TV life. And that’s not a BAD thing but Roland doesn’t want to be with the black folks, he wants to be with the white folks and no other white channel is going to hire him.

        • trose1

          According to this article, Roland knew he was out in December. He still promoted the shows he was booked. He still did his required Obama bashing.
          He probably thought CNN would change their mind and keep him if he brought an audience to CNN. He was on twitter telling people to watch him when he was booked. Still kissing arse of Erin Burnett etc.
          I guess he didn’t read CNN execs don’t want Black people watching CNN.

          • Guns3000

            He should have said Muslims make him nervous on airplanes and Fox would give him a 2 million dollar contract like Juan.

      • ALL. OF. THIS.

        RoRo needs to use the same venom he uses towards us and the Twitter Warriors and call out the racist bs on CNN.

    • Kennymack1971

      I’m going to be very interested to see how or even if the NABJ and Blacker than thou Inc respond to this.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Kennymack1971- –***BIG HUG*** :>)

        –LOL — -the BLAH WHO???- —- —-Annnnd WHO’s DEFENSE have they come 2 —L8ly??– -***shakin my head***
        Jus’ axin’ :>) – – –Good 2 C U Kennymack1971. :>) – –

  • rikyrah

    NYPD Tapes: The Truth About Stop and Frisk’s Race Problem?

    By: Jenée Desmond-Harris | Posted: March 22, 2013 at 6:38 PM

    a recording of a New York City police officer and his commander is getting attention for capturing a conversation that seems to go to the very heart of the plaintiffs’ contention in Floyd v. City of New York that the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy is racially biased.

    Read and judge for yourself, from the Village Voice:

    The commander, Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack, makes the case that the 40th is a precinct beset by violent crime. As they talk, the NYPD’s obsession with quota numbers lingers in the background.

    “We’re still one of the most violent commands in the city, and to stop two people, you know, to see only two things going on, that’s almost like you’re purposefully not doing your job at all,” he says.

    The talk quickly turns to numbers: stop and frisks and quality of life summonses. “We need to do this,” McCormack says.

    The inspector then instructs Serrano to stop “the right people, at the right time, at the right location.”

    Serrano is puzzled. “Mott Haven is full of black and Hispanic people, so who are the right people?”

    The inspector seems to get annoyed. “This is not, this is not … ”

    “So what am I supposed to do? Is it stop every black and Hispanic?” Serrano says. “I’m not going to do that. You want to do that. I’m not going to do that.”

    “No, no, no, this is very important to understand,” the inspector says. “Because it’s the right people, the right time, the right location.”

    “Mott Haven is full of black people, so who are the right people?” Serrano asks.


    • trose1

      Another unreported story by MSM.

      • rikyrah

        where are all the drone folks?

        what about the civil liberties of the Black and Brown men in NYC?

        • Miranda

          Oh…..we don’t actually count to them.

        • trose1

          I keep asking that question daily. I am not sure why I always hear crickets.

      • rikyrah

        do you know that the payouts from lawsuits over this program has reached the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?




        • trose1

          I did not know that fact. Bloomberg is costing the taxpayers of NYC millions of dollars in lawsuits and MSM is not saying a word? Do you have a link that discusses these lawsuits.
          Bloomberg just wasted money with the soda pop lawsuit. SMDH!

          • rikyrah

            I’m not shocked in the least.
            Here in Chicago, one out of every THREE dollars budgeted for the Chicago Police Department is spent to settle wrongful conduct lawsuits by the police.
            one out of every 3!!!!

          • rikyrah

            New York City passed a dubious civil rights milestone Thursday, March 14. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, the New York Police Department recorded its five millionth stop-and-frisk search since statistics started being compiled in 2002.

            Of those five million, 86 percent searched were black or Latino. Eighty-eight percent of the searches, or 4.4 million, discovered absolutely no evidence of impropriety.

            These statistics are, of course, disturbing. Particularly so, says Jen Carnig, director of communications for the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), because the numbers show no real sign of abating under the leadership of New York’s three-term mayor, Michael Bloomberg



            2 Opinions on Stop-and-Frisk ReportBy AL BAKER and JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN

            Published: May 9, 2012

            In 2003, the second year of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s first term, police officers confiscated 604 guns through 160,851 stop-and-frisk encounters: a success rate of one gun for every 266 stops.

            Last year, the police seized 780 guns through 685,724 stop-and-frisk encounters, meaning that officers made 879 stops for each gun found.


        • Aquagranny911

          Does not surprise me at all. We taxpayers in AZ have paid out millions over the years for Sheriff Arpiggio’s egregious offenses against minorities, the media who dared to criticize him & even against judges & others who stood up to him & his minions.

        • rikyrah

          sorry…this was all the money paid out in lawsuits against the NYPD


          NYPD SUE! Surge in lawsuits vs. Police Department part of costly trend for the city

          Claims against Finest soar 35% in a year to $185M while total city lawsuit payouts hit $550M, or about $70 per resident

          THE NUMBER of lawsuits against the NYPD jumped by 10% in the 2011 fiscal year, with cases involving alleged misconduct leading the way, a new report revealed.

          There were 8,882 suits filed against the NYPD from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011 — the most against any city agency during that period, according to an analysis of claims against the city performed by city Controller John Liu’s office.

          Claims against the NYPD cost the city $185.6 million in fiscal 2011, an increase of 35% from the previous fiscal year, when the payout was $137.3 million, the report notes.

          In all, the city paid out $550.4 million in personal injury and property damage settlements and judgments in fiscal 2011.

          That figure, which breaks down to $70 per resident to cover the total cost, was 5% greater than the $522 million tally from the previous fiscal year. The mayor’s office said statistics for claims from fiscal 2012 are not yet available.



        • rikyrah

          the stop and frisk data


          Stop-and-Frisk Data

          An analysis by the NYCLU revealed that innocent New Yorkers have been subjected to police stops and street interrogations more than 4 million times since 2002, and that black and Latino communities continue to be the overwhelming target of these tactics. Nearly nine out of 10 stopped-and-frisked New Yorkers have been completely innocent, according to the NYPD’s own reports:

          In 2008, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 540,302 times.
          474,387 were totally innocent (88 percent).
          275,588 were black (53 percent).
          168,475 were Latino (32 percent).
          57,650 were white (11 percent).
          263,408 were aged 14-24 (49 percent).

          In 2009, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 581,168 times.
          510,742 were totally innocent (88 percent).
          310,611 were black (55 percent).
          180,055 were Latino (32 percent).
          53,601 were white (10 percent).
          289,602 were aged 14-24 (50 percent).

          In 2010, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 601,285 times.
          518,849 were totally innocent (86 percent).
          315,083 were black (54 percent).
          189,326 were Latino (33 percent).
          54,810 were white (9 percent).
          295,902 were aged 14-24 (49 percent).

          In 2011, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 685,724 times.
          605,328 were totally innocent (88 percent).
          350,743 were black (53 percent).
          223,740 were Latino (34 percent).
          61,805 were white (9 percent).
          341,581 were aged 14-24 (51 percent).

          In 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 533,042 times
          473,300 were totally innocent (89 percent).
          286,684 were black (55 percent).
          166,212 were Latino (32 percent).
          50,615 were white (10 percent).


    • JojoRaze

      I have to give it to the Village Voice though. They have been on this story like attack dogs. They profiled the young, white cop in BK who first bought this out in the open. The NYPD did a number on him until ole boy was admitted to a mental hospital, but he got it together to go to the Village Voice with tapes of morning roll call where the commanding officers all but said to mak e the lives of the young black and Latino men on his beat hell. The white cop wasn’t having it because he was young and single and lived in BK, so he had some idea that not everyone in the hood were criminals.

      The VV also did great companion articles highlighting how by harrassing men of color for just standing around the cops were underreporting or not investigating rapes and burglaries to keep crime rates low.

      • rikyrah

        this is the kind of story that the VV does best.

      • dannie22

        i have to say folks im confused as hell. on the one hand you’ve got wayne lapierre saying “buy more guns!” but on the other hand black folks are stopped and frisked under the perception that we have guns. which is it? can we have guns? yes? no? i know the answer of course. just saying

        • trose1

          Excellent question.

        • JojoRaze

          Dannie, I’mma just say it. The Second Amendment is for white people. That’s how most white people, when you really question them and their motives, believe the Second Amendment gives them the right to shoot us scary negroes and browns.

      • Aquagranny911

        Dang! This is so similar to what is happening in Maricopa county where over 400 rapes and sexual abuse charges, many involving children as young as 2 years old, have been left un-investigated while Sheriff Arpiggio continues to do “immigration sweeps” & racial profiling.

        This is just so disgusting

  • rikyrah

    The Trip to Bountiful on Broadway

    Cicely Tyson
    Cuba Gooding, Jr.
    Vanessa Williams


    if you’re in NYC, check it out

  • Alma98

    Good Sunday morning all.

  • jds09

    Pew Research just lays it out…

    “This adds up to a news industry that is more undermanned and
    unprepared to uncover stories, dig deep into emerging ones or to
    question information put into its hands. And findings from our new public opinion survey released in this report reveal that the public is taking notice. Nearly one-third of the respondents (31%) have deserted a news outlet because it no longer provides the news and information they had grown accustomed to.

    At the same time, newsmakers and others with information they want to
    put into the public arena have become more adept at using digital
    technology and social media to do so on their own, without any filter by
    the traditional media. They are also seeing more success in getting
    their message into the traditional media narrative.”


  • Carmen.

    • Aquagranny911

      She was an amazing talent.

  • lamh36

    What do u call that moment when u realized that the largest amount of clothing u own are scrubs and one used-to-be-good pair of jeans???? Oh yeah… SAD & TRIFLING!

    • Aquagranny911

      Time for a shopping trip & don’t forget the shoes!

      LOL your comment reminds me of my own two daughters who work in medicine. My oldest remarked not that long ago that all she owned “was scrubs & maternity jeans.”

  • GreenLadyHere


    – —Three African-American Men Win Marshall Scholarships– —

    — –In 1953 the Marshall Scholarshipsprogram was established by an act of the British Parliament. Funded by the British government, the program is a national gesture of thanks to the American people for aid received under the Marshall Plan, the U.S.-financed program that led to the reconstruction of Europe after World War II. The scholarships provide funds for up to two years of study at a British university, and include money for travel, living expenses, and books. Applicants must earn a degree at an American college or university with a minimum of a 3.7 grade point average. The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission is authorized to award up to 40 scholarships each year. This year 34 scholarships were awarded. It appears from JBHE research, that three of the 34 winners are African Americans.

    — ☻Ronald Allen is a senior at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. He will be commissioned into the Marine Corps in May.
    – — SNIP – —

    — ☻Keith Hawkins is a senior at Ohio University in Athens. He is an astrophysics major in the university’s Honors Tutorial College.
    – — -SNIP —

    – – -☻ Jacob Tzegaegbe is a 2011 graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering.
    THERE IS MORE. – – — –Soooo —PROUD of THEM!! -:>)

  • rikyrah

    Need help – I heard this week on the radio that Bloomberg as trying to change the way that Stop and Frisk cases were heard…making it more difficult to bring a lawsuits, but can’t find the article.
    any help in finding the article is appreciated.

    • Miranda
      • rikyrah

        see, all of this manipulation isn’t necessary for something that is just.

      • JojoRaze

        As OWS obsessed as the Village Voice as been. They are the only paper in New York City that have been on this. I have read so many articles from them describing how the police operate so I can inform myself and my seventeen year old chocolate-skinned black nephew, who thank God, has never been stopped and frisked. The only reason I think my nephew hasn’t been stopped and frisked is the grace of God and because he goes to a posh private school and always wears their gear when he’s going to school in the morning.

  • Miranda

    The story of Washington gridlock seen through the eyes of Bob Dole

    WASHINGTON — It had been 16 years since Bob Dole stepped down as Senate Republican leader, ending a legislative career in which he earned a reputation as a master of bipartisanship. Yet there he was at the end of 2012, trying to close a deal.

    Dole was 89 years old, just out of the hospital, working the phones to win senators’ support. Then, in a dramatic effort, he rolled in his wheelchair onto the Senate floor, all but daring senators to vote against him and, by proxy, anyone with a disability.

    It was a moment Dole had long awaited. He had brought the parties together to pass his greatest piece of legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which required the retrofitting of buildings and sidewalks and provided an array of other rights. more here: http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2013/03/23/the-story-washington-gridlock-seen-through-the-eyes-bob-dole/zyQ05CKoGMKjPBDcNJGAVP/story.html

  • GreenLadyHere


    Kamala Harris Defends Assault Weapons Ban

    – ——California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D) defended the idea of anassault weapons ban Sunday, even though the chances of a national ban are now quite slim, and commended Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for advocating for such a ban.

    “I, as a career prosecutor, have personally seen cases of both police
    officers and innocent babies being killed by assault weapons,” Harris
    said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “There is no reasonable basis for
    having those in our streets.”

    “I think the folks in D.C. have to reject a false choice that
    suggests that you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you’re in favor of reasonable and common sense gun laws. You can be both,” she said.
    — –SPEAK TRUTH!! – –YES!! :>) – –

    • Guns3000

      She is the AG of California I’m so shocked she has that position.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Guns3000. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – —IT was a —- WHEW LAWD” — -VICTORY! :>) – — –

        — — –On election night, November 2, 2010, Cooley prematurely declared victory, but many ballots remained uncounted. On November 24, as the count advanced, Harris was leading by more than 55,000 votes, and Cooley conceded.[27][28] On January 3, 2011, Harris became the first woman,[3] African-American,[4][5] and Asian American attorney general in California and the first Indian American attorney general in the United States – –

        — -Good 2 C U Guns3000. :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – —MORE — –STYLIST CARMEN. – –:>) —

    — – —Carmen MCrae – Guess Who I Saw Today, Gonna Look My Heart — Woo! Hoo! :>) —SAAANG! —STYLE! —:>) –

  • GreenLadyHere


    — —John Kerry in Iraq – -:>)

    – – – – –A look at Secretary of State John Kerry’s unannounced visit to Iraq on Sunday. —-ON HIS -JOB! :>) —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — Jus’ saw THIS. – – – —Brothers Emanuel

    – – – – –Just published: Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family by Ezekiel Emanuel.

    All about the three powerful brothers: Rahm, Ari and Zeke.
    —Oooooweee —-THIS oughtta B — da buizness! LOL – –

  • They need to shut down Zimmerman’s brother’s twitter account: http://twitter.com/rzimmermanjr/status/315866249928245248

    • Miranda

      He is begging to get his ass kicked.

    • JojoRaze

      Me, I love it! Sunshine is the best disinfectant. I mean, what was so scary about Trayvon: the Arizona Iced Tea, or the Skittles?

      The white brother, John Fecke, tweeting Rob Zimmerman has me in tears. I love it when white folks call their people out, to let them know that racism is unacceptable.

      • Aquagranny911

        It had to be that Arizona Iced tea! Sorry for being flippant but I do agree. Let that Z man & his familia show themselves to the world for the caca they are!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB ——O,K – – -THIS is gettin’ — -CURIOUSER annnd –CURIOUSER —–

    – —Baby’s death marks 2nd time Georgia mom loses a son to violence

    – – –The fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy in his stroller marked the second time mother Sherry West lost a son to violence, she said Saturday.
    Her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in 2008 in New Jersey, she told CNN.

    “This is the second child that people have taken from me in a tragic way,” West said. “I’m so afraid to have any more babies now. I tried to raise really good kids in a wicked world.”
    – – –SNIP–
    — -THIS – –>A private memorial service was held Friday morning for young Antonio Santiago, who was cremated, according to West.

    – – – -TRYNTA B sensitive — -BUT —there musta been FORENSIC evidence on the body. –Wonder ifff any evidence was collected?. —

    OTHERWISE —I can’t imagine this mother’s PAIN. –2 CHILDREN. – –BLESS annnd COMFORT her. AMEN.

    • Aquagranny911

      GLH, I’m having a real hard time with this one. I so can empathize about losing a child when one of my own was so near death less than 2 months ago but there is something here with this mother that doesn’t seem right to me.

      Jesus forgive me for making a judgement before we know the all of this & I can imagine a mother’s pain, at least a little because I was spared that but there is something really wrong here.

      All I can think is RIP to the little angel & may his next journey be better than this one.

      Sorry, GLH ♥

      • Miranda

        I am right there with you on this AG…I hope I am wrong but when I saw the story the night it happened, something about the mother’s reaction just doesn’t lead me to believe her. I hope I am wrong but something about this just doesn’t seem like its the two boys accused.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Aquagranny911. —-***BIG HUG** :>) – –

        -***fist bump*** but there is something really wrong here

        —-Annnd I’m SOO –SORRY 4 your pain♥. –BLESS U. -AMEN. –

        —-***Joinin’ U in a head bow*** —

        It’s difficult waitin’ 4 ALL the FACTS. –humm. . .

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB ——BREAKING!– —Git-cher POU FAM♥ “popcorn.”–SCUMBAG ALERT!

    — –NBC To Air ‘Interview’ Of Sandusky By Man Who Called The Case Against The Convicted Child Rapist‘Remarkably Weak’

    —- NBC is hyping an “interview,”to be aired Monday, with convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky. But what they don’t tell you is the interview wasn’t conducted by NBC. Rather, NBC is airing excerpts of an interview by John Ziegler, right-wing documentarian and propogandist. Ziegler has been publicly skeptical of the charges against Sandusky, who was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse, writing that at the time the grand jury was convened “the legal case against Jerry Sandusky was actually remarkably weak.”

    Ziegler insists he is “not supportive” of Sandusky and does acknowledge he engaged in “criminal behavior.”

    The interview being aired by NBC as news content is part of a larger documentary called “The Framing of Joe Paterno.” On his website, Ziegler lambasts the Freeh Report of the Penn State scandal, which concluded Joe Paterno “failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade.”
    Ziegler attacks the testimony of assistant coach Mike McQueary who said he observed Sandusky sexually assaulting a child in the shower. Ziegler says “the evidence indicates that McQueary did not witness an assault, but rather a botched ‘grooming’”- [-WHA’???????]

    Previously Ziegler has produced films such as “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected” and “Blocking The Path to 9/11,” a film defending an error riddled mini-series seeking to pin blame on Bill Clinton for the 9/11 attacks. — –DIRTY SCUMBAG!!
    THERE IS MORE.—-geesh!!! —

    • Aquagranny911

      “Dirty Scumbag” is such a kind description. Would you like me to add some more epithets? (I like that word)

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – –Aquagranny911. :>) —With pleasure! LOL. — -Annnd a “CACTUS -reference” —-would B – –DA BOMB!! LOL – –

        • Aquagranny911

          LOL! Do you mean BITE THE BIG CACTUS, you pustule piece of mutant rat caca? Something like that?

          • GreenLadyHere

            BWAHAHA! — -***BINGOI*** :>) – –THANK U. :>)

          • Aquagranny911

            De Nada! My Pleasure but I must say adios & go to bed. My schedule is all out of whack & Daughter will need me in the morning.

            HUGS ♥

  • goldenstar

    Oprah is interviewing Jane Fonda and her black daughter next week. Who knew?

  • trose1

    Donna Donna Donna—SMDH

    On ABC panel, Karl Rove jokes: Donna Brazile ‘owes me some fried chicken

    According to RawStory, after Wall Street Journalcolumnist Peggy Noonan, who was also on the panel, pointed out that many of the rifts within the Republican Party will be healed when a strong presidential candidate emerged, this exchange happened:

    “That was Bill Clinton after Walter Mondale lost, after Jimmy Carter lost,” Brazile pointed out. “We had a dynamic governor who was reform minded, who took those reform issues and brought them into the national forefront. He really helped recharge the Democratic Party.”

    “But you know, the Republican Party is out to lunch,” she added, turning to Rove. “I watched CPAC, Charles — I mean, Karl… Charles was former friend.”

    “I thought I was a current friend,” Rove laughed.

    “You’re always a friend,” Brazile replied. “But you owe me some chili.”

    “You owe me some fried chicken,” Rove joked with his best Southern drawl.


    • GreenLadyHere

      OMG! — –trose1 I’M Sooo SORRY!. I di-ent C your post.- —
      4-give. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – —-Geesh! —-BUT —I’m trynta B –surprised that –Ms. Donna dient —have a rejoinder —orrrr – –a SAAAAA-LAP!! – – -NOT! —

    —-On ABC panel, Karl Rove jokes: Donna Brazile ‘owes me some fried chicken

    – — –During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican strategist Karl Rove joked with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile about the state of the GOP. Apparently, the two have been betting on the party’s electoral prospects, with food as the currency. Unfortunately for Rove, some food jokes go over better than others.
    —–SNIP —
    “You’re always a friend,” Brazile replied. “But you owe me some chili.”
    “You owe me some fried chicken,” Rove joked with his best Southern drawl.
    –Brazille didn’t seem offended by the reference, or at least she
    didn’t react to it, and immediately pivoted to reminding Karl that she
    had “saved [his life from] malaria once.”

    – —-***shakin my head — incredulously!!*** – — —COULDJA GET OFFENDED 4 US!!?? —

    —NEVAMIND!! —– -N-E-V-A-M-I-N-D!!! —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB: — -Lookin’ FORWARD 2 THESE HONORS – –:>) – –

    – – –Proclamation Honors Harriet Tubman, Buffalo Soldier– —

    – —President Barack Obama will sign a Proclamation on Monday that designates five new national monuments under the Antiquities Act. Two of the new monuments include the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Maryland and the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio.

    –President Barack Obama has used the second term of his presidency to make a series of moves that have figured prominently in defining the African-American experience.–
    – —- -SNIP —
    The new site will house the State of Maryland’s Harriet Tubman
    Underground Railroad State Park Visitor Center and will open to the
    public in 2015. The monument will be maintained by the National Park
    – –The monument to Col. Young will serve to historically preserve his home. Young is the third African American to graduate from the West Point military academy, and he was also the first black man to receive the rank of colonel and also made history as an early park service administrator before the establishment of the National Park Service in 1916.


    Uhhhhhh —-HATAS – – -CBC, anem — – -WHA’!? – – – -WHA’? —-He don’t do Nuthin’ 4 BLAH FOLKS!! –HUH!? —

    U NEEDTA — -STEP OFF annnd HAVE A SEAT!!– —

    Annnd U NEEDTA – — THANK HIM!!! —- geesh! —

    • Aquagranny911

      The Buffalo Soldiers have a proud history in Arizona & are still honored here. There is an excellent museum about them at Ft Huachuca. I have been there several times.

  • Aquagranny911

    Our Green Lady has not yet sung us to sleep so just a little more jazz that I was listening to tonight….Besame Mucho….from another great voice…slow dancing in the dark with the one you love…

  • Aquagranny911

    Our Green Lady has not yet sung us to sleep so just a little more jazz that I was listening to tonight….Besame Mucho….from another great voice…slow dancing in the dark with the one you love…