October 20, 2017

Sunday Open Thread: West Wing Week

This week, the President announced his nominee for the next secretary of Homeland Security, spoke on the Affordable Care Act and Immigration Reform, and welcomed the Prime Minister of Pakistan and this year’s Sammy Award winners to the White House. That’s October 18th to October 24th or, “Saving Money as We Speak.”

  • GreenLadyHere


    – —CONGRATULATIONS —MR. JEH Johnson!! —Annnd ACA POSITIVITY –is a REALITY 4 SAVING $$$$ —Woo! Hoo!

    – —ENJOY YOUR TREAT♥ – – –

    B BLESSED 2-DAY♥ – -:>)

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      Morning GLH ***hugs***.

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        Good MornTin’ Alma♥- –**BIG HUG** :>)

        B BLESSED –U♥/DAUGHTER♥ :>) Sorry 2 B L8. :>)

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    – —Inside NASCAR Wendell Scott Part :>)

    – –Sooo PROUD of U –4 –LEADING the WAY. :>) – –


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    ALEXANDER2 – – –Expected Senate approval — –

    – —Disputed appointee headed to labor board– –

    —-On Monday, the Senate will vote on whether Richard Griffin should be the next general counsel for the NLRB.
    One of the men at the center of a controversial presidential appointment is headed back to the labor board he was forced out of
    earlier this year. –[Missed this.]

    On Monday, the Senate will vote on whether Richard Griffin should be the next general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). His nomination is expected to be approved.

    Supporters like Ross Eisenbrey, the vice president of the Economic Policy Institute, say that Griffin is “just a super qualified person” for the powerful post, but conservative critics have raised a row about his intentions for the union watchdog.

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – —- MEDIA ALERT — Woo! Hoo!

    – —Fusion lands President Obama interview – –

    – – —Fusion, the new cable channel aimed at young Latinos, has landed an interview with President Barack Obama to kick off the channel, the network announced Sunday.The interview will air at 7 p.m. on Monday, minutes after ABC News and Univision’s new network launches. The President will speak with Fusion White House correspondent and ABC News senior national correspondent Jim Avila, on the show “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos”and portions of the interview will also air on Univision and ABC News.
    It’s a big first interview for the new English-language, Latino-focused channel.
    As our colleague Mackenzie Weinger reports, the network is making a major play for one of the most sought after demographics in media and politics with a channel that will feature a mix of traditional primetime news reports and shows, a nightly satire block, and original programs.


  • Miranda

    Here’s something the network and cable news journos will not credit to President Obama, if they bother to report it at all…or give all the credit to anyone BUT PBO.
    Syria meets crucial deadline for chemical weapons plan

    Jim Michaels, USA TODAY 9:43 a.m. EDT October 27, 2013

    The Syrian government has submitted a formal declaration of the chemical weapons in its possession and a plan for their removal, a crucial first step in an international agreement to destroy or remove its stockpiles and weapons.

    The declaration was in line with the deadline set by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the international agency overseeing inspections of Syria’s chemical weapons.

    more here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/10/27/assad-syria-chemical-weapons/3280353/

    • rikyrah

      I keep on saying this….

      they are STILL pissed that POTUS put the kabosh on their Syria War Ratings…

      if peace broke out tomorrow and Assad said it was all because of POTUS..

      they still wouldn’t give any time to it.

      HOW DARE HE mess with all their War Ratings coverage

      the nerve….

      • Farrod

        Forgive me all I know its Sunday and all, but Rikyrah is just friggin H.O.T when she is spitting fire!

        Oh Happy Day!

    • malletgirl02

      They are not going to report it, remember all the media push back when the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons won the Nobel Peace Prize. I think much of that push back was they want Obama to have any foreign policy successes, this is part of the same thing.

  • Miranda

    Insurance CEO Defends Obamacare: ‘We’re Not Cutting People, We’re Transitioning People’

    by Evan McMurry | 9:49 am, October 27th, 2013VIDEO

    Florida Blue CEO Patrick Geraghty appeared onMeet the Press Sunday morning and defended Obamacare, telling host David Gregory that the 300,000 figure—the number of people being dropped from the insurance rolls, a number being used as evidence that President Barack Obamawas not correct when he said people would get to keep their insurance—was not an accurate representation of the Affordable Care Act’s effects.

    “We’re not cutting people,” Geraghty said. “We’re actually transitioning people. What we’ve been doing is informing folks that their plan doesn’t meet the test of the essential health benefits; therefore, they have a choice of many options that we make available through the exchange. And, in fact, with subsidy, many people will be getting better plans at a lesser cost. This really is a transition. In fact, the 300,000 figure is the entire year. So it’s really 40,000 people for January 1, and we’re walking them through that transition.”

    more here: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/insurance-ceo-defends-obamacare-were-not-cutting-people-were-transitioning-people/

    • trose1

      It is strange to me people would want to keep an insurance policy that is more expensive and has less benefits.

      • Admiral_Komack

        It’s their way of sticking it to The Man (snark).

      • 7thangel

        while some policies will be a little more expensive, it’s because it will cover so much more than the ones that don’t comply.

    • So insurance companies saying, “Hey, we have plans that are cheaper and provide better coverage than your current plan” is an example of Obamacare failing?

      Obama Derangement Syndrome is real.

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • rikyrah

    the thing that kills me about all this whining about a website?

    the disconnect…the utter and absolute disconnect from people who don’t have health insurance.

    This is the country that has people who will stand out in the cold in November, for the promise of a $25 DVD PLAYER, and people think folks won’t have the patience of JOB to get HEALTH INSURANCE?

    that a website will stop them?

    The only people who think that are mofos who have never been without health insurance.

    • crazycanuck

      they still talking about the website?

    • jds09

      And what parent is not gonna pressure their healthy adult child to get insurance under “God forbid if something happens you’re NOT gonna bankrupt my ass.” Srsly.

  • rikyrah

    AND they pretend like the only way to enroll is through the website.

    if they meant right..

    at the end of everyone of those fucking stories, they’d go….


    • doug r


  • rikyrah

    WHO would have thought..

    As insane as I think the GOP was…

    that they would DELIBERATELY HURT people in their OWN STATES by having GOP GOvernors refusing to expand Medicaid.

    And, refusing to set up the state exchanges.

    WHO actually thought that the feds would ultimately be responsible for setting up HALF THE EXCHANGES because the GOP Governors refused to do so?

    WHO actually thought these mofos were that fucking evil?

    I had a low opinion of them, but even I was shocked at the extent of their fucking evil in condemning their working poor to lives without health insurance.

    Always remember:
    the feds asked for 5 billion for the rollout…got one billion.

    do you not remember Sebelius being forced to go to the healthcare industry for money for the rollout?

    do you not read the reports from the states where these GOP evil asses are doing everything they can to put up roadblocks for those folks who have chosen to go out there and help people sign up for Obamacare?

    but, I guess it’s too much for the MSM to do their JOB and include all these not so small facts in their ‘ oh no, Obamacare is a disaster because of website glitches’ stories.

  • Miranda

    CHILLS!!!! WHEW!!! Folks up in the stands were catching the holy ghost! LOL

    Keith Boykin ‏@keithboykin5m
    Wow! Video of St. Louisan @generaldwilson singing ‘God Bless America’ at last night’s World Series game. http://www.iqmediacorp.com/ClipPlayer/default.aspx?ClipID=4fb45276-f14c-4431-9b09-0ef6a896fe45&PN=6avo%2fE3LBH05cY%2bUdfSjZg%3d%3d

    youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=calDWoFkE2k

    • rikyrah


  • Miranda

    Jennifer Epstein ‏@jeneps22m
    As Obama headed to church this am, he was asked if Nov 30 is realistic for http://HealthCare.gov fix. “C’mon guys. I’m going to church.”

    He shoulda said “Imma just pray for yall.”……the dumb bishes

  • Miranda

    Yeah like Tyren said last night…..note the difference in how JayZ reacted to Barney’s and his reaction to Cristal
    Jay-Z on Cristal: ‘Disrespect for the Culture of Hip-Hop’

    • Exactly.

      You know, Jay claims he’s concerned how this affects the kids that will benefit from this collabo, but the fact is that Barney’s is discriminating against the very same demographic they claim they want to help. What kind of message does that send to these kids? “Oh, we’ll give you a few pennies as a tax write off, but don’t shop in our store”.

    • trose1

      Jay Z’s response is what I expected of a man who is fast approaching middle age and still raps abt bitches and niggaz.

      • conlakappa

        Approaching? Unless in a turning-back-time sort of way, he’s already there. He’s had his 40th birthday, which seems to have heralded a childish mentality, if he’s going to take a “now wait” approach to a serious PR problem.

  • Alma98

    Good Sunday morning everyone.

    • rikyrah

      Good Morning, Alma 🙂

      • Alma98

        Hey rikyrah :).
        Kinda dragging this morning my sinuses are acting up.
        Waiting for my meds to kick in otherwise it’s a beautiful crisp morning.

        • rikyrah

          it is a beautiful Sunday morning. Just going to enjoy it all.

  • rikyrah

    The First Family walking to church this morning.


    • Alma98

      What a beautiful family, Malia is taking after Flotus and Sasha is looking more like PBO.

    • itgurl_29


    • JojoRaze

      who is that grey-headed man with his three daughters? For real, FLOTUS is aging backwards.

  • JB20005

    Examining “disasters” under the past two POTUSes:

    Obama disaster: A website lags

    Bush disaster: Hundreds of dead bodies float face down in 4 feet of standing water in a major US city

  • rikyrah

    another pic of the First Family from this morning:


  • itgurl_29

    OMG, I just saw this gif on tumblr and I will be using it from now on. It’s how white folks act when they get called out on their racist bullcrap:


    • Alma98


    • Miranda


    • LMBAO

    • conlakappa

      That’s pretty awesome that they caught Joan Walsh in just the right frame and moment!

      • Miranda


    • GreenLadyHere

      LOL itgurl_29—–2 MUCH – —TRUTH!! LOL – –

      May I “borrow” it —USING QUOTATION MARKS??? – –LOL –

  • WTF y’all??? Shaq’s endorsing Christie!

    Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Chris Christie
    by John AvlonOct 27, 2013 6:00 am EDT
    The NBA superstar is endorsing New Jersey’s Republican governor—and so are many other African Americans. John Avlon on what Christie can teach the GOP.

    The big man of basketball is endorsing the big man of politics.

    Newark-native Shaquille O’Neal is elbowing his way into the campaign scrum by backing the re-election of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie in a television ad revealed days before the start of the NBA season and the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

    MORE: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/10/27/shaquille-o-neal-endorses-chris-christie.html

    • Alma98


    • Farrod

      See Sepia, I told you he was a f**k ni**a. And to think, this asswipe is my cousin. Not family though, thank God.

      • I can’t with that negro. I cannot. I wanna know what deal he made with Christie.

        • Guns3000

          Maybe he just thinks he is doing a good job. His poll numbers among AAs are abnormally high for Repub around 30%.

          • If you listen to/read Shaq’s reasons for supporting Christie, they involve projects Shaq’s project that have been approved by Christie. In other words…DEALS.

          • GreenLadyHere

            Sepia♥ —-YA MEAN —THIS ???- – ->

            – – –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll3uipTO-4A

            —Perish da thought. LOL

    • aleth

      Fuck nj democrats! We are being fucked in NJ by this asshole and he win re-election because people are being bamboozled by a loud mouth

      • OK! NJ Dems are crooked as hell! Norcross, Sweeney, Oliver….straight up crooks!

      • trose1

        What are the demands on Christie by Black people in New Jersey?

    • itgurl_29
      • trose1

        That is funny as hell. Is that a dancing raccoon?

        • itgurl_29


      • rikyrah

        this is priceless

      • dannie22

        i love this gif! i might start using this on twitter for trolls lol!

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL itgurl_29 ***BIG HUG*** —

        —–BWAHAHA- – -http://starcasm.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/oprah_laughing_animated_gif.gif –LOL

        Thanks 4 the LAFF! :>)

        Good 2 C U itgurl_29. :>)

    • Miranda
    • jds09

      I despise Mother Jones’ tone towards POTUS, yet they do have some uses. Christie caught on tape at a Koch meeting. LOL


    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Sepia♥ — -***BIG HUG*** :>)

      I’m a little L8 –BUT — 2 people wanted 2 RESPOND.: –:>)

      — -☺http://divadeesdiscussions.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/shaking-my-head-picture.gif TELL him —-“MA-AM” –:>)

      —☺Annnnd —“MA-AM”‘s Friend: :>)—-http://forum.smartcanucks.ca/attachments/game-room/128543d1342629798-things-make-you-shake-your-head-smart_guy_shaking_head_no_md_clr.gif – —–:>)

      Good 2 C U Sepia. -:>)

  • Miranda

    Probe of gifts leaves McDonnell sidelined in Va. governor’s race
    By Laura Vozzella, Published: October 26

    RICHMOND — Right about now, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell was supposed to be in the thick of the race to succeed him, headlining fundraisers, leading rallies and starring in TV commercials for his fellow Republican, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II.

    Yet as the country’s most-watched political contest rages in Virginia, McDonnell is an outcast.

    Amid a gifts scandal that is the subject of state and federal investigations, McDonnell has gone to great lengths — traveling to Afghanistan to visit troops, touting his accomplishments on a seven-day, statewide tour — to show he remains engaged and in charge as governor.

    more here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/2013/10/26/8e0418b6-35c0-11e3-be86-6aeaa439845b_story.html?hpid=z3

    • conlakappa

      Don’t you love how bribes and favors are innocuously labeled as “gifts?” What, did they come in gift bags at a child’s party or something? There’s another article in there about Kooky’s political fortunes and the Post saying a few months ago that there was still time to get his campaign back on track. First of all, why would a member of the media go to that well any way? Secondly, he’s not likable and comes off strange with his fascination with what he thinks shouldn’t be happening in people’s bedrooms.

      • nellcote

        Those “gifts” just seem so tacky. I’d have more respect for someone that just straight up took the money.

  • Alma98

    Yeah Serena! Wins the year end championship!

  • rikyrah

    More than 10,000 people line up in Dallas for information on Obamacare
    October 27, 2013
    By Anomaly

    In Texas, a statewide education and outreach event focusing on the new Affordable Care Act drew more than 10,000 people to the Dallas Convention Center on Saturday, which was hosted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and more than 30 community partners to provide health services and information. This is but a small glimpse into the world of the uninsured, or those with costly insurance coverage looking for reasonable rates.


    • nellcote

      This is the part of the rollout I’ve been waiting for. Spreading true information about the ACA. Saw a teevee ad for CoveredCA the other night.

      I was in CVS the other day and they have brochures for the ACA at the pharmacy and more importantly right by the front door. Took a few to work. It gives a general overview of the program and directs to their website as well as healthcare.gov. Hopefully next printings will include the phone number. The CVS website has something I found very useful. I’ve never had insurance so a lot of the terms are new or confusing to me and CVS has helpfully included a glossary of terms. They also have the Kaiser Foundation subsidy calculator. Thought that might be helpful to others:


      • Aquagranny911

        CVS has been great here for getting out the info. I shopped there yesterday & a very cute chica in Halloween costume gave me a brochure for ACA along with a coupon for 10% off any purchase….and she asked me if I had my free flu shot yet!

  • Rhoda

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been reading about the Obamacare stuff and saw the Meet The Press interview; I think it’s slowly starting to hit people how big a deal Obamacare is and what it means to America.

    RASMUSSEN has had the President’s approval at 50%-52% This is during the freakout over the healtcare law.

    When we get to this time in 2014; I really believe the story is going to be about what a game changer this is in the lives of many and how it has blessed this country and revitilizated it in many ways. We don’t have to stay stuck somewhere for BENEFITS; we can go out there and make moves based on our work ethic and take risks without fear of catastrophy because we have no insurance. THAT IS HUGE!

    This website problem will be over by the new year; and then the Republicans are going to look around and find they have to have the SAME budget fight and debt ceiling fight and NOTHING to run on or say but cut Medicare and Social Security.

    I really feel like Democrats may take back the House in 2014; and then the President will have a final two years to rival his first two and he’ll be leaving the White House with a country in AWE of him.

    And he’ll only be 55.

    • jds09

      I agree absolutely. Also I firmly believe that ACA will act as an economic stimulus, lots of folks will have extra money. That will really make Republican heads explode.

    • rikyrah

      I believe 2014 is the Obamacare election.

      Here’s the thing…

      even that Republican who found that he saved 13,000 with Obamacare…

      are you REALLY gonna vote for someone who will have you pay 13,000 MORE?


      • Rhoda

        I think some folks are clinging so hard to that whiteness; that yes they would vote for the MFer who called out POTUS and his family by name all day every day for every damn thing bad under the sun – they’re that invested in saying this man’s presidency and his adminstration is a colossal failure and hope they can Jimmy Carter him SO DAMN BAD.

        But the majority of this country voted in 2012; and if we can get the same intensity on the left that is on the right or have right leaning independents stay home (which is what seems to be happening with the DEMS +8 on the congressional ballot) then DEMS can retake the House even with this epic gerrymandering.

        Republican donors are closing their checkbooks, independents are disgusted, and the tea party is going wild…the ingredients are there IMO.

        Obamacare is icing on the cake; the website will be up by Thankgiving and then December comes and Republicans have to say if they’ll do a deal on the budget (I bet they can’t – they’re that crazy) and then we have the shutdown fiasco all over again in January. Of, if sanity prevails, we have Bohner go to Pelosi and then the tea party primary every moderate in sight. WIN – WIN for DEMS.

        • conlakappa

          The NY Times had an article today about single mothers who vote R and the slant would be that it cannot be considered just voting against their interest. If that’s the net result, well…

    • Aquagranny911

      I so agree! I’m already hearing things like this from people I know who have signed up or are still debating which plan they will choose based on their needs & finances.

      Obamacare is huge! That’s why the Repugs & media are fighting so hard to stop it or paint it a failure before it has hardly begun.

      Our AZ Gov, the Bruja finger wagger, has already told Repugs:

      “Hands off Obamacare! It is helping our economy, keeping & expanding our rural clinics. We need it!”

      • nellcote

        Notice how the media NEVER talks about the community clinics.

        • jds09

          Starting in November the community clinics in CA will start to enroll folks. Expect CA numbers to spike. The thought that this administration would be dependent on a single avenue for enrollment is asinine.

        • Aquagranny911

          No they don’t! When I was doing GOTV in 2012 I talked to some nurses & med staff from rural clinics & they were over the top about what Obamacare was already doing to expand services. They could hardly wait for full implementation.

          The things they talked about like new equipment or streamlining records through computerization are not ‘sexy’ but they made a huge difference for providing better patient care.

          • nellcote

            new equipment or streamlining records

            our clinic got some funds through the stimulus for that too.

  • Miranda

    Nice pic!

    Gerard Bush ‏@gerardbush26 Oct
    This is the new modern-American family! Meet the new “first family” of NYC! #progress pic.twitter.com/cGTOSfyodL


  • Miranda

    Keith Boykin‏@keithboykin
    For the fourth day in a row, the @NYDailyNews features a “shopping while black” story on its front cover. pic.twitter.com/lowW1NCKPy


    • Check this out:

      Macy’s Settles Complaint of Racial Profiling for $600,000
      Published: January 14, 2005

      Macy’s has agreed to pay New York State $600,000 to
      settle a complaint that its New York department stores engaged in racial profiling and the unlawful handcuffing of customers detained on suspicion of shoplifting, officials said yesterday.

      Under the settlement, which follows an investigation by Eliot Spitzer, the state attorney general, Macy’s East, the owner of 29 Macy’s department stores in New York, will also change its security practices, said officials of Federated Department Stores, the parent company of Macy’s.

      Mr. Spitzer is expected to announce the settlement at a news conference today. A complaint to be filed in United States District Court in Manhattan alleges that the practices violated federal and state civil rights laws.

      Macy’s, like many other retailers, employs a private policing system whereby people suspected of shoplifting are often detained, questioned and sometimes privately fined. Mr. Spitzer’s investigation found that most of people detained at a sampling of Macy’s stores around the state were black and Latino, a disproportionately high number when compared with the percentage of blacks and Latinos who shopped at those stores, according to the complaint.

      MORE: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=940CE3DC1438F937A25752C0A9639C8B63

      I wonder what P. Diddy’s thoughts are about this?

      • conlakappa

        This whole cuffing by non-police, egads. If Diddy stood by the company when it went ride-or-die for The Donald, I suspect little would move him off that plate.

      • nellcote

        Too bad Spitzer was such a dumbass in his personal life, he seemed to be a good AG.

        • Miranda

          He was a really good AG.

          • nellcote

            That’s the way I remember news articles from the time. I guess he was good or Wall Street wouldn’t still be so pissed.

      • Aquagranny911

        We have a Macy here but I was only in the store once about 12 years ago with my Sister-in-law who was on a mission to buy some kind of fancy pan to make crepes. I remember she paid almost $80 for a dumb looking skillet. I kept my thoughts on this to myself!

        I’ve never been back there since & won’t ever go there.

        • nellcote

          I’m addicted to the housewares aisle at Ross. I’m constantly amazed at the prices for high quality cookware and knives though the stock is pretty random.

          • Aquagranny911

            Ross is great for that! I’ve gotten some excellent stuff there & I always check the mark down aisle too. Tuesdays here are also an extra 10% off for elders even on sale items.

  • AxelFoley

    Well, who knew Frankie Muniz was a dumbass?


    • goldenstar

      That woman who played his mother is a BEEG RWNJ.

    • Miranda

      I remember his comments about Susan Rice….so I knew he was a dumbass for awhile now.

    • Muniz = Out of work actor looking for attention

      • conlakappa

        Out-of-work-old-assed actor looking for work. He was way older than Malcolm while in the role. Time and the lack of stage makeup are taking their toll.

  • Miranda

    This may have been posted yesterday….but somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked for real and very soon over this type shit.

    sfpelosi ‏@sfpelosi2h
    #despicable: White partygoers pose as shooter #GeorgeZimmerman & blackface #TrayvonMartin for Halloween. pic.twitter.com/gO5zoSVUzf


    • Honestly, a beat down just might be in order to show these mofos enough is enough.

    • jds09

      They are on blast already. The Smoking Gun website put names to faces on twitter.

    • Aquagranny911

      No words….

    • rikyrah

      WHEN they get a beatdown…

      don’t whine mofos.

      take it like a man

    • GreenLadyHere

      Miranda —–Ifff I may — -http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view2/1196731/pikachu-slap-o.gif —

      Thank U. :>)

  • lamh36

    I’m bored.com so I’m finally watching the first Hunger Games movie. never read the book…never plan to…but since I’m not watching the game and I’m not a home I figured…meh…why not watch netflix. since I haven’t read the books it better be damn good for me to like it.

    • Aquagranny911

      I will be interested to see your take on this. The movie was soso in my opinion but I had read all three books before I saw the movie. I liked the books. My Grandson was reading them & got me into them. He didn’t like the movie. He thought they left out important information & he didn’t like the casting for Katniss & Peeta. He thought the actors didn’t fit.