October 23, 2017

Friday Obot Link Review

  J-O-B-S Jobs, Bitches!!! News: The American economy kept creating jobs at a brisk pace in February, providing more evidence that the labor market is firming up despite higher gas prices and an unsettled global economy. The Labor Department said … [Read more...]

Wednesday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

(I just had to share) The GOP Clown Show Continues It's Tour Across The US News: Growing weary of the battle for the GOP presidential nomination? Tough luck. Rick Santorum's relatively strong night on Super Tuesday - as of this story, he won three … [Read more...]

Tuesday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

POTUS News: President Obama on Tuesday welcomed signs of progress in extending a payroll tax cut but urged Americans to continue to press their Congressional representatives to quickly approve the tax break before it expires at the end of the month. … [Read more...]

Monday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

This Keeps Getting Better & Better News: Did the GOP establishment steal the Maine caucuses away from Ron Paul? That’s what some Paul supporters are grumbling this morning. They suspect that another Republican campaign conspired with the Maine … [Read more...]

Tuesday Obot Link Review | Evening Open Thread

Time To Show Some People Power And Donate To The Obama Campaign News: American Crossroads, the Republican “super” political committee that plans to play a major role in this year’s presidential campaign, raised more than $51 million along with its … [Read more...]

Friday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

Can Willard Or Leroy Carry A Tune?? News: Last night at a campaign fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, President Obama took the stage, crooning a line from Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" during his speech. After noticing soul crooner Rev. … [Read more...]

Friday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

  J-O-B-S Jobs, Bitches! News: The jobs recovery gathered pace as a measure of private-sector hiring surged in December and claims for unemployment benefits fell, suggesting the battered labor market may continue to strengthen in 2012. Read more … [Read more...]