October 20, 2017

ACTION ALERT: “I’m Going Blind – I Need Your Help”

RiPPa, editor and publisher of The Intersection of Madness & Reality, is facing a medical crisis and is in need of our help. I'm Going Blind - I Need Your Help Breathing is one of the many things in life that we all take for granted. Good … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: A Fish Pedicure??

Okay, which POUer would try this? From ABC News Fish pedicures may be a growing trend overseas, but not in the United States.  You sit in a salon, with your feet in water, while small fish nibble away dead, callused skin.  Now, an Arizona woman who … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Meet the Moss Brothers!

h/t to The Grio  The Doctors Will See You Now! Drs. Vincent and Vance Moss, 41, are twin surgeons who share a passion for helping others. This passion can be traced as far back as their years in the Boy Scouts of America, during which they both … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Racism and Stress

After reading about Forest Whitaker's encounter with a deli employee, I thought this topic should be bought back up. Anger Over Racism Is Seen as a Cause of Blacks' High Blood Pressure ''HE was on the faculty at Harvard, but when he went to … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Sinuses…….UGH

Sinuses, the horror. The torture. Try being cute or fly with a bad sinus infection. I dare you. Sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. Normally, sinuses are filled with air, but when sinuses become blocked … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Who Needs A Vitamin?

Last night I decided to clean out my medicine cabinet. I will constantly buy a supplement or vitamin that I forget about after a week. All kinds of stuff from GNC or the Herbal Shop. If I read about it in O magazine, for some reason I MUST get it. So … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Getting Fit in the 2013!

Yep, we're getting fit and fine in 2013! We will gather each week to talk about triumphs and roadblocks to getting healthier (physically, emotionally, spiritually - all) and encourage each other to move FORWARD. Share your health tips, recipes, … [Read more...]