October 22, 2017

Saturday Open Thread: Black Nurses Who Changed the Course of History

Mary Jane Seacole (23 November 1805 – 14 May 1881), née Grant, was a Jamaican-born woman of Scottish and Creole descent who set up a "British Hotel" behind the lines during the Crimean War, which she described as "a mess-table and comfortable … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: Slave Rebellions II – The Rebels

GOOD MORNING, P.O.U.! We continue our series on Slave Rebels.... QUEEN NANNY OF THE MAROONS … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Slave Rebellions II – The Rebels

HAPPY HUMP DAY, P.O.U.!   CAPTAIN CUDJOE   … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: Slave Rebellions

GOOD MORNING P.O.U.!   THE BAPTIST WAR Jamaica … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Caribbean & African-American Ghost Stories

HAPPY HUMP DAY P.O.U.! We continue our series on African, Caribbean and African-American Ghost Stories....   THE WHITE WITCH OF JAMAICA (Montego Bay, Jamaica) … [Read more...]

Monday Evening Thread: The Jolly Boys

The opening act for Sade in 2011, The Jolly Boys is a mento band from Port Antonio, Jamaica. It was formed in 1945 and had great commercial success in the late 1980s and 1990s among reggae and world music fans. Rehab … [Read more...]