October 21, 2017

Sunday Evening Thread: The GOP Meltdown

via PoliticsNation:  A Week In Review of the GOP Meltdown … [Read more...]

Monday Afternoon Thread: Top Lines of the 2012 Campaign

There were some classics for sure! … [Read more...]

Thursday Evening Thread: Romney Style – How to Destroy Your Campaign’s Credibility

BRUTAL! How to destroy your campaign's credibility in five easy steps—Romney Style. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Romney’s Shameless Scare Tactic

This is so sad. The Chrysler CEO has now emailed all company employees to address the blatant lying by Mitt Romney. In addition, he wrote a letter , published by The Detroit News (which endorsed Romney) to further address the Romney lies. Martin … [Read more...]

Monday Afternoon Thread: Romnopoly

This is absolutely perfect: Learn more, please visit Romnopoly.org … [Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Fewer Horses and Bayonets

President Obama responds to Governor Romney's answer on military and defense spending. … [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon Thread: Romnesia – It Wasn’t Me!

President Obama breaks down Mitt Romney's case of "Romnesia." … [Read more...]