December 21, 2014

Monday Open Thread: More Black Scientists and Inventors


This week's open threads will highlights more inventions and discoveries made by various folks of African Ancestry.     Otis Frank Boykin (August 29, 1920 – March 13, 1982) was an African-American inventor and engineer. … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Notable Black Indians


Good morning POU Family.  We are officially officially 24 days away from Thanksgiving, and this week's open threads will focus on notable notable Black Indians.   Black Indians are people of African-American descent, usually with … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: History of Black Motorcyclists

couple motorcycle 1

  The story of the early days of motorcycle clubs is well known. Soldiers returning from the trenches and the skies of World War II formed clubs centered on motorcycles and the camaraderie and brotherhood they shared in the … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Famous Blaxploitation Actors and Actresses


This week's open thread will highlight some well-known blaxploitation actors and actresses.   Vonetta Lawrence McGee (January 14, 1945 – July 9, 2010) was an American actress. She is best known for her roles during the 1970s, which … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Gil Scott Heron Week


This week open threads will highlight Gil Scott Heron's works. Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011) was an American soul and jazz poet,  musician, and author, known primarily for his work as a spoken word performer in the … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Top Black Restaurateurs


Black chefs are increasingly visible on TV, but high-profile success in the restaurant world is still rare. These culinary luminaries are defying the odds. This week's open threads will highlight some of the top restaurants in the United States that … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Black Pirates

Henri Caesar

This week's open threads will focus on a rarely known topic, black pirates.  Some estimate that nearly 5,000 pirates hunted prey between 1715 and 1726. Of that number, about twenty-five to thirty percent came from the cimarrons, black slaves who … [Read more...]