November 28, 2015

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week 11 Winners


This is not a predictable season whatsoever folks. Still a fourth of the season to go! This week's winner with 10 wins is Tunisia! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Dab On Them Folks


Gotta love it! … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Picks and Week Ten Winners


Ugh! Harsh week! But Admiral Komack and I at least predicted half of the games right! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread


Flashback Photo Of The Day Dec 15, 2015 - Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andre Hawkins … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Picks and Week 9 Winners


Wait....who...wha......I WON! I WON THE WEEK! MEMEMEME! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: The Harlem Brown Bombers


Fascinating history! Long, but worth the read! Fritz Pollard and The Harlem Brown Bombers The Brown Bombers were founded in the summer of 1935 by Herschel "Rip" Day, a black athletic promoter in Harlem. The team was named in honor of the … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week 8 Winners


Half the regular season is OVER! (time flies!) Congrats to GreenLadyHere and TyrenM! The winners for week 8! … [Read more...]