August 30, 2016

POU Weekly NFL Picks Season Winner


Well we ALL failed the final test, so the winner was actually determined by the AFC-NFC Conference Title Games. Your 2015 POU NFL Picks Winner is.....KennyMack! Another season in the books! See ya in September for the road to Super Bowl 51! … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 50 Open Thread


[Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks – Conference Game Winners and Super Bowl Picks!


Admiral Komack, MsKitty, KennyMack, Sagittarius and BluMilw all picked both the AFC and NFC Title Game winners with KennyMack taking the lead! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: NFL Conference Games


The final games before Super Bowl 50! … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks: Divisional Games Winner


Battling down the homestretch with the lead are KennyMack and GreenLadyHere! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Divisional Round


So far leading the pack, it's a tie between GLH and Kennymack! … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks: Wildcard Winner


Only one person picked the four winners from the Wildcard Games! KennyMack! … [Read more...]