September 23, 2017

POU Weekly NFL Picks – Week Two Winner

Many contenders, but only one winner!! Admiral Komack!! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Week Two

Bill Belichick: Lawrence Taylor could tell who was blocking him by the fear in their eyes Patriots coach Bill Belichick offered some fascinating insight into his old Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor that may be the best encapsulation of just … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks – Week One Winner

Week One is down in the books and it was a Ladies Night! Congrats to Tunisia, Joy, MsKitty and Sagittarius! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Week One … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: Black Athletes and Social/Political Protest

No one can ever say NFL players CAN'T stand on principle and force change within their profession and the larger culture. They most certainly can. They've done it before, it remains to be seen if we'll ever see the brave numbers to initiate change … [Read more...]

Sunday Evening Thread: Super Bowl – 2nd Half … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Thread: It’s The Super Bowl!

Last day of football until September  :cry:  :cry: … [Read more...]