October 21, 2017

Tuesday Evening Thread: Bo and Sunny

Just chillin.......... In case you missed it! A few videos from segments on Stop n Frisk, GiGi tantrums and right wing Dolphins. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Evening Thread: Smile, You’re Half Way There!

Good Evening POU - smile, you're half way to the weekend! In case you missed it: Rev. Al talks about the Digital Divide … [Read more...]

Friday Evening Thread: TGIF!

What a week! In case you missed it this week: "And if Congress thinks that what I’ve done is inappropriate or wrong in some fashion, they’re free to make that case. But there’s not an action that I take that you don't have some folks in Congress … [Read more...]

Friday Evening Thread: ICYMI Videos

Here are a few segments you may have missed from this past week: Martin Bashir asks why are conservatives trying to impugn Trayvon's character? (well, we know why) … [Read more...]

Thursday Evening Thread: Love for Rachel

Rachel Jeantel speaks with Rev. Al … [Read more...]

Wednesday Evening Thread: ICYMI Videos

In Case You Missed It Today: Joy-Ann Reid talks to Rod Vereen, the Attorney for Rachel Jeantel: … [Read more...]

Friday Evening Thread: TGIF!

WHAT. A. WEEK. In case you missed this today: Joy-Ann Reid...NEED HER OWN SHOW. Y'all have got to see at the 8:32 mark the way Joy-Ann and MHP look at this dude. CLASSIC! … [Read more...]