November 20, 2017

POU Weekly Health Thread: Rubiosis (or the common term: Dry Mouth)

Ok, this is serious! *snicker*....ok, get it together! I'm serious here! … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Who Needs A Vitamin?

Last night I decided to clean out my medicine cabinet. I will constantly buy a supplement or vitamin that I forget about after a week. All kinds of stuff from GNC or the Herbal Shop. If I read about it in O magazine, for some reason I MUST get it. So … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: 30 Day Cleanse – Week 1

Hmmm, this wasn't quite what I was expecting. Okay, obots - I'm on my 30 day Cleanse and thus this it? … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: The 30 Day Cleanse

2 years ago, I invited you all to journey with me through a 30 day bootcamp. I figured the only way I would actually go to the bootcamp as I should, would be to dedicate myself to blogging about it and having everyone expect a report. If you remember … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Going Vegetarian

Or Vegan, or Semi-vegetarian, or .....oh, there's more than one type? Yep. I've noticed that quite a few vegetarian (or some variation thereof) restaurants have popped up around my neighborhood in the last 4 years or so. Mind you, this is an … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread: Put Down The Soda!

If you have that urge to drink a soft drink everyday, have a soft drink in your fridge right now, perhaps sipping on one as you read this..........................this is for you. Soda, pop, cola, soft drink — whatever you call it, it is one of … [Read more...]

POU Weekly Health Thread

The African Heritage Food Pyramid It may be controversial to suggest that African Americans need a food pyramid tailor-made for them, but then again, this group has experienced the greatest surge in obesity and related illnesses such as heart … [Read more...]