July 23, 2016

Thursday Evening Thread: The President and The People


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Tuesday Evening Thread: “Joy comes in the morning.”


President Obama delivered this message at a funeral for slain Dallas officers Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens and Michael Smith on Tuesday.  Scripture tells us that in our sufferings, there is glory, because we … [Read more...]

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Tuesday Evening Thread: Don’t Boo, VOTE!

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Monday Evening Thread: 11 days before the Orlando shooting, President Obama was asked about gun control. His response was perfect.

Via Fusion: Just 11 days before the Orlando shooting, during a PBS News Hour town hall, President Obama was asked about this “good guy with a gun” trope—and gave the most reasonable, responsible answer possible. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Evening Thread: PBO to GOP – Do Your Damn Job!

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Live Stream: 2016 State Of The Union Address


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Thursday Evening Thread: PBO Townhall Tonight!


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