September 25, 2017

Sunday Evening Thread: Super Bowl – 2nd Half … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Thread: It’s The Super Bowl!

Last day of football until September  :cry:  :cry: … [Read more...]

Super Bowl XLIX Open Thread

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POU Weekly NFL Picks and Conference Championship Winners

So everybody BUT ME picked the right two winners for the Conference Games? that's how it is. WHATEVER! … [Read more...]

POU Super Bowl Thread

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Sunday Open Thread: Its Super Bowl Sunday!

Good Sunday Morning POU! Its Super Bowl Sunday! The day when the celery with your wings count as a vegetable serving (even if you'll be dipping them in a ton of ranch dressing). Potato Chips...are a vegetable too! Its the official pig out day on … [Read more...]

POU Super Bowl Picks!

 The comeback kid! Sliding into first place as we go into the Super Bowl is none other than: GreenLadyHere! … [Read more...]