October 22, 2017

P.O.U. Book Club-The Bluest Eye

  Today, is the last discussion concerning the book. I will summarize the last section of the book entitled, "Summer". Claudia recounts some of the things she associates with one particular summer; strawberries, sudden thunderstorms, and … [Read more...]

P.O.U. Book Club- The Bluest Eye

New Characters Elihue Micah Whitcomb (Soaphead Church)- A self-styled spiritualist, "Reader, Advisor,  and Interpreter of Dreams," Soaphead's mixed blood keeps him free from label of being black, although his racial and sexual ambiguities confine … [Read more...]

P.O.U. Book Club: The Bluest Eye

  I hope everyone has been able to read the section entitled, " Winter" from P.O.U. Book Club selection, The Bluest Eye. During Winter we are introduced to the following characters: Maureen Peal- Claudia and Frieda refer to her as "Meringue … [Read more...]

P.O.U. Book Club- The Bluest Eye: Autumn

Welcome back, P.O.U. Fam and Lurkers! I am getting back on track with our book club, since last two weeks were delayed due to the transition of the new website.   The Bluest Eye is the selection that we are reading. Today I am covering the section … [Read more...]

P.O.U. Book Club

Calling all P.O.U. Bookworms! P.O.U will starting a book club. Twice a month we will discuss and read a book. The books will range from non-fiction to fiction. Majority of the authors highlighted will be African-American, but there will be some who … [Read more...]