October 23, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Vote! Vote! Vote!


TURN DOWN FOR WHAT … [Read more...]

Monday Afternoon Thread: Vote! Vote! Vote!


Stevie Wonder - Keep Moving Forward … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Thread: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


Election day is almost here. If you didn't get an opportunity to early vote, please make your voice heard on Tuesday! Fight the Power - Public Enemy … [Read more...]

Tuesday Evening Thread: Someday y’all……Someday


I know somebody we'll all be free. I know this President's goal is to make that come true whether it happens during his lifetime or not. Thank you President Obama. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Evening Thread: VOTE!


Make sure you go to the polls if there are elections in your area today! Vote! Be heard! Be counted! … [Read more...]

Tuesday Evening Thread: We’ve Got The Votes To Win

 President Obama today in Chicago: … [Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Its Up To Us


  … [Read more...]