October 22, 2014

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week Two Winner


Week Two is complete and who came out on top?!? Woody45! … [Read more...]

POU NFL Regular Season Winners and Super Bowl Picks!


OK, down to the final game of the NFL season! But before we make our picks, let's do the POU NFL Players of the Year awards! For most points and consistent play, the Most Valuable Player is__________ GreenLadyHere!! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Late Game Edition


[Read more...]

POU NFL Picks and Week Seven Winners!


Much better picks this week Obots! But alas, two were tops! GreenLadyHere and Ch555x!!! … [Read more...]

POU NFL Picks and Week 6 Winner!


Another WTH week of NFL action - there is no way to predict how this season will end. Our pool is totally up for grabs STILL! This week's runaway winner is___________*drumroll please*______VulcanGirl! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread


And she really does this every home game! … [Read more...]

POU NFL Picks and Week 5 Winners!


Another "any given Sunday (or Thur 0r Mon)" Week in the NFL! This week the top numbers go toooooooooooooo: Kennymack, GreenLadyHere, PBomb and LisaM! … [Read more...]