September 24, 2017

Thursday Afternoon Thread: Disco Days

More hits from the Disco era!

Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way

Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood

Jackie Moore – This Time Baby

Gloria Gaynor – Never Can Say Goodbye

The Weather Girls – Its Raining Men

  • rikyrah

    how many times do we have to scream..



    Ladypeople, Indiana Republicans would like a look at your insides

    By Laura Conaway

    Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:42 AM EST

    Covering an Indiana State Senate hearing yesterday, the essential Indianapolis Star reporter Mary Beth Schneider had a question: Would the Republican-sponsored bill being discussed by the committee, on the use of abortion-inducing drugs, require women to undergo a vaginal ultrasound? Because this kind of thing is more usually private, she then explained for the guys in her Twitter audience what, exactly, a vaginal ultrasound was.

    The Indiana Senate committee ended up passing the bill, with all Democrats and one Republican voting no. And Schneider learned that the answer to her question of whether Indiana would require women to undergo vaginal probing is yes, times two. From her report in the Indy Star:

    Women obtaining an abortion-inducing drug would be required to undergo an ultrasound before and after taking the drug under a bill approved Wednesday by an Indiana Senate committee.

    Though the bill doesn’t specify that it be a transvaginal ultrasound, in which a several-inch-long probe is inserted in the woman, that’s exactly what Indiana would be requiring, said Dr. John Stuts­man, an Indiana University School of Medicine professor and obstetrician-gynecologist….

    While the woman is not required to keep that [second] appointment, the physician must make a “reasonable effort” to ensure she does.

    • Alma98

      I’m so sick of these mofo’s.

    • Ebogan63

      WTF is up w/Repub men and ladyparts?????

      • nellcote

        as always, it’s about exerting control. I don’t understand how it’s constutional for the government to require someone to have (and pay for!) a medically unnecessary procedure in order to have a legal one.

  • rikyrah

    The Morning Plum: On issues, GOP is badly out of step with America

    Posted by Greg Sargent on February 21, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Pew Research released a remarkable survey this morning that gauges public opinion on pretty much every major issue facing the country. It is not an exaggeration to say that solid majorities of the American people agree with Obama and Democrats — and disagree with Republicans — on every single one of them. This is not a partisan observation. It’s what the numbers show:

    Taxes and the deficit: 76 percent say the we should reduce the deficit with a combination of tax increases and spending cuts (the Democratic position), while only 19 percent say tax increases should be off the table completely (the Republican position). While a majority of those who want a combination of the two want it to be weighted towards spending cuts, that’s also the position held by many Democratic leaders (to the chagrin of the left).

    Minimum wage: The public favors raising it to $9.00 per hour by 71-26. Even 50 percent of Republicans favor raising it.

    Gun control: Americans favor passing major new gun legislation in the next few years by 67-29. Americans favor expanded background checks by 83-15, favor an assault weapons ban by 56-41, and favor banning high capacity magazine clips by 53-44.

  • rikyrah

    Our Fight Was Different than Rove’s

    by BooMan
    Thu Feb 21st, 2013 at 02:13:26 PM EST

    Karl Rove is taking a beating in the press, as evidenced today by Bloomberg and Politico articles that feature numerous critics both on and off the record. This new quirk in our political culture got me thinking about the left’s own internal fight during the height of the Bush administration.
    If there is a Democratic corollary to Karl Rove’s predicament today, it is Rahm Emanuel during his term as the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) from 2005 to 2007. Emanuel butted heads with Howard Dean, the progressive movement, and the blogosphere as he sought to find candidates who could help the Democrats win back control of the House of Representatives. The same phenomenon went on to a lesser extent with Chuck Schumer’s efforts to win back control of the Senate. In some cases, the field was cleared of competitive candidates. In other cases, resources were thrown at less progressive candidates, many of whom were anti-choice. Many of us howled in outrage at these tactics, which seemed heavy-handed, cynical, and heedless of party principle. But they did work. We won back the House and the Senate, and tamed the Bush administration in their last two years in office. A follow-on effort by Chris Von Hollen and Schumer in 2008, gave us bigger majorities and the ability to pass an aggressive agenda once Barack Obama became president.


    In other words, there were big disagreements between progressives, New Democrats, and Blue Dogs. But those disagreements were about policy: national security policy, civil liberties policy, women’s rights, coddling the banks and screwing the consumer, science vs. religiosity, etc.

    What Karl Rove is trying to deal with is significantly different. He’s trying to deal with candidates who have to deny that they are a witch or who mock their opponent for wearing high-heels or who talk about Second Amendment remedies for political differences or whose staff handcuffs journalists trying to cover the campaign or who think evolution came from Satan or who think God wants rape babies or who think women can’t get pregnant when they are raped or who want to build an alligator-filled moat along the border with Mexico or who think Muslims are coming here to have anchor babies who will grow up to create sleeper cells.

  • rikyrah

    Dems to campaign hard on guns and minimum wage in 2014

    Posted by Greg Sargent on February 21, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    President Obama’s expansive second term agenda — as articulated in his Inaugural Address and State of the Union speech — has broadened the array of policy and governing priorities Democrats have at their disposal to run on in 2014. Dems in charge of the party’s strategy for retaking the House next year are planning to campaign aggressively on not just tax fairness and defending entitlements, as in the last two elections, but on issues like gun control and the minimum wage, too.

    In an interview today, DCCC chair Steve Israel told me the party’s House candidates will be running aggressively on Obama’s proposals to reduce gun violence and raise the minimum wage. Both will be incorporated into a broader indictment of the GOP as so imprisoned by ideological extremism that the party has been rendered incapable of tackling the major challenges facing the country.

    “Both the minimum wage and reducing gun violence are priority issues in the districts we need to win,” Israel said. “Both are a reminder to suburban independent voters that House Republicans are extreme, and out of touch. On both, House Republicans have rejected solutions and have embraced obstructionism, turning their backs on millions of hard working American families.” Israel said Dems would use both issues in TV advertising against GOP candidates.

    Polls show broad support for raising the minimum wage and for Obama’s gun proposals, particularly expanding background checks. Many House Republicans represent safe districts, and are insulated from broader public opinion. But Israel said Democrats had identified at least dozen House GOP districts that Dems believe will be receptive to arguments about issues like the minimum wage and gun violence.

  • rikyrah

    Set Up for a Drubbing

    by BooMan
    Thu Feb 21st, 2013 at 11:19:32 AM EST

    Things look really bleak for the Republicans when you lay everything out the way Greg Sargent did in his column this morning. Steve Benen drives home the same point. Recent polling is brutal for conservatives. On almost every issue being debated in Washington right now, about two-thirds of the American people either side with the Democrats or side with the position that the Democrats are espousing.
    Even assault rifle and large ammo cartridge bans have majority support.

    On the other hand, only a quarter of the people seem to be paying attention to the debate over the sequester. At a certain point, I think people tune out when there is one fiscal crisis after another. I think this is also bad news for Republicans, because when the sequester kicks in, a lot more people will start paying attention, and they’ll all be hopping mad.

  • rikyrah

    Ranking the Senators

    by BooMan
    Thu Feb 21st, 2013 at 10:12:11 AM EST

    I’m not sure how Sens. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Dick Blumenthal (D-CT) beat out Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the National Journal’s ratings of the most liberal members of the Senate. For the most part, the ratings make intuitive sense. But both Sanders and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) are ranked as moderates, which doesn’t add up for me, and Harry Reid is ranked as the 7th most liberal member, which suggests that the ratings overvalue voting the party line. This is supported by the fact that Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Democratic Caucus Secretary Patty Murray (D-WA) rank 4th and 5th, respectively. Durbin and Murray are solid liberals, but neither is more liberal than Sanders and Merkley. Yesterday, I talked about the lack of staying power among the 15 most conservative members. However, in the Republican caucus, among the 10 least conservative members of 2011-12, three are already gone (Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, and Dick Lugar of Indiana), one has already announced his retirement (Mike Johanns of Nebraska), and one is expected to retire (Thad Cochran of Mississippi).
    Another, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, was defeated by a Tea Party challenger in the Republican primary but survived by winning as a write-in candidate.

    The others in the Top Ten include Lamar Alexander (R-TN), who recently quit his role in the GOP leadership, and freshmen Dean Heller (R-NV), John Hoeven (R-ND), and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Sen. Heller’s relatively moderate record may reflect that he was seeking reelection last year in a state that leaned in Obama’s direction.

  • rikyrah

    Speaker Boehner and the Sequester

    by BooMan
    Wed Feb 20th, 2013 at 04:49:18 PM EST

    If you’ve been following the debate over the impending “sequester,” you have probably seen liberals quoting Speaker Boehner saying that he got 98 percent of what he wanted in the deal that created it. What you might not have noticed is that Boehner made that remark in an August 1st, 2011 interview with CBS News reporter Scott Pelley, who had just asked him the following question:

    SCOTT PELLEY: You were unable to get your own caucus behind your bill a few days ago. Do you intend to remain Speaker of the House?

    In other words, what Boehner was really saying was “Why would I quit? I just got a sweet deal!”

    In reality, Speaker Boehner had just tried and failed to sell a deal to his caucus. His back-up plan wasn’t really his plan. As he likes to point out, the sequester was first broached by people in the White House who were desperately trying to find something that Boehner could sell to his caucus to avoid our country defaulting on its debts, destroying its credit rating, and tanking the global economy. Boehner agreed to it because he had nothing else to offer. Left to his own devices, the world would have come crashing down on his (and all our) heads. He’s incompetent.

    And he probably should have absorbed what Scott Pelley was (with little subtlety) suggesting. He should have realized that he had no power and resigned. Instead, he pushed his caucus to accept the sequester deal and went around telling anyone who would listen that it was a great accomplishment. He started out saying that anyway, but by September of 2012 he was saying that the sequester was insane and that it would be like using a “meat-axe” on the federal budget.

  • I gotta say, some of the BEST singers are on disco, dance and house songs.

  • Miranda

    Ford adds 450 jobs at a Cleveland plant

    Growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has prompted Ford to expand engine production in the U.S.

  • Alma98

    Miranda I see the white history classes is still going strong on twitter. LOL

    • Miranda

      What?!?!? Oh I gotta go see what new gems we have today! LOL

    • jds09

      I lost a whole afternoon of productivity reading those tweets. lol

      • Alma98

        I know lol.

      • crazycanuck

        me too

  • What an insensitive a–hole!

    Crowd Cheers After McCain Tells Aurora Victim’s Mother She Needs ‘Straight Talk’ (VIDEO)
    David Taintor 2:22 PM EST, Thursday February 21, 2013

    Constituents at a town hall event hosted by Sen. John McCain Wednesday cheered after the Arizona Republican told the mother of an Aurora, Colo. shooting victim that an assault weapons ban could not get through Congress.

    “My 24-year-old son, Alex, was murdered in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.,” Caren Teves said. “These assault rifles allow the shooter to fire many rounds without having to reload. These weapons to do not belong on our streets.”

    “I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the Congress of the United States,” McCain responded, drawing applause and cheers from the crowd.


    • Miranda

      No one loves him, its evident.

    • Alma98

      He is a vile, cold unfeeling fucka! I was trying not to cuss but McCain makes it impossible.

    • Admiral_Komack

      She should have told him:
      “Raise your arms if you’re sure about that.”

      • Miranda

        Oh my damn____________________________

      • rikyrah


  • Miranda

    Oh they going HARD in the paint on it today!

    Malice Walker@humblecore
    Nothing About Us Without Us: How to Slyly Insert Yourself Into Discussions About Racism And Steal Focus #WhiteHistoryClasses

    she was a showgirl@mslooola
    Kony 2012: Ignoring The Agency of Ugandans by Appointing Yourself as Their Western Savior #whitehistoryclasses

    Dwayne Rodgers@DiggsWayne
    #WhiteHistoryClasses Black History for 3/5 of a credit.

    White Gay Men Cant Possibly Be Racist: How To Abdicate Responsibility For Your Bigotry By Wrapping It In A Rainbow Flag #whitehistoryclasses

    P-Rae Brown‏@PRB_PSM
    Marketing 101: White men go on posters for business loans. Black women go on posters for check cashing services. #whitehistoryclasses

    • Alma98

      There’s so much truth in these tweets it ain’t funny.

      • crazycanuck

        I know,someone said on twitter they don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      • isonprize

        Dwayne Rodgers@DiggsWayne
        #WhiteHistoryClasses Black History for 3/5 of a credit.


    • Dayum! They ain’t playing!

  • rikyrah

    The Saddest Map In America

    Feb 21 2013 @ 11:42am

    Yep, there it is: the result of a scholarly study by Dorothy Gambrell of the “missed connections” section of Craigslist. This is where you thought you saw your future spouse or date or hook-up, state by state. It is, in some ways, a sign of where we are now most likely to see people we don’t know in various parts of the country. It’s also a sign of male loneliness or romance: men seeking to find a possible love-mate outnumber women 86 – 14.

    Nationally, the chart shows that great arc of life. In your twenties, you are most likely to think you’ve caught the eye of someone in an ice cream shop; in your thirties, in a bar; in your forties, a strip club or adult bookstore (those still exist?). That sounds like the trajectory of the single male to me, doesn’t it? With almost the precision of a novel.

    Now look at the South – more people spy love at Wal-Mart than anywhere else, from Florida all the way to New Mexico. And that thread runs all the way through deep red America. Only Oklahoma cites the state fair as a mixer. The rest see each other under the merciless lighting of the giant super-store. This is how we fall in love or lust, where we flirt and look back: when we’re shopping. The big cities – like NYC and DC – showcase the random human interaction on the subway or metro. The Northwest has it all going on on buses.

    • morphus


    • Alma98

      I’m not surprised about WI people here love to get their drink on. lol

    • isonprize

      ‘xplain Indiana please… AT HOME?

      • Miranda

        Good question!

        • Alma98

          What’s going on Miranda? The car lol.

          • Miranda

            I can testify to that one…kneegrows will holla at you from their car whether you’re driving on Auburn Avenue or the I-75/I-85 connector in rush hour.

          • Alma98


      • Alma98

        Plumbers, electricians, cable man? lol

  • morphus

    Wonder if J. C. Watts knows about his competition? … “Ted Nugent Black Power Tour”

  • crazycanuck

    @MissAngelaDavis Timmy’s Wearing a Durag: Coping With Influence of Hip Hop on Child Rearing #whitehistoryclasses

  • The media beating the drum about Christie’s high approval rating is a distraction from the REAL news which is him thumbing his nose at government rules in order to enrich his buddies, which could screw NJ tax payers.

    Christie’s no-bid Hurricane Sandy contract could cost N.J. millions in federal funding
    By Jarrett Renshaw/The Star-Ledger on February 21, 2013 at 6:30 AM, updated February 21, 2013 at 6:35 AM

    …Christie’s no-bid contract with Florida-based AshBritt Inc. — which gave the firm unequaled access to local towns stricken by the storm — borrowed wholesale, or “piggybacked” from the company’s 2008 contract with Connecticut to help speed up recovery efforts.

    Citing an emergency, the state did not make competitive contracts for cleanup work available to local officials until late last month, about 90 days after Sandy inflicted historic damage. A total of 43 towns have operated under the no-bid contract for those three months, paying rates that were in many cases considerably higher than towns that did not hire AshBritt.

    Experts say New Jersey could be vulnerable to scrutiny from the federal government because FEMA discourages state and local governments from “piggybacking” other contracts, warning they are the equivalent of a no-bid contract — and prefers that work be put up to bid as quickly as possible. The agency says it stresses this because contracts put up for bid generally save taxpayers money.

    …”FEMA encourages applicants to avoid ‘piggyback’ contracts,” FEMA wrote in power point presentation prepared for local officials. “Even though they may be legal, the use of such contracts may jeopardize FEMA funding. If FEMA determines that the use of such contracts has negatively impacted any federal procurement requirement, most specifically the requirement to compete, your funding could be at risk.”


    BlueJersey breaks down what AshBritt Inc. is all about:

    • Alma98

      But he told off the republicans Sepia.

    • Miranda

      But he’s a “straight talker” dont cha know?

  • Miranda

    I have one of those lil balls….given to me on my first day..wonder where I put it?

    Employee at Stress-Ball Company Goes Apeshit on Boss, Coworkers

    A temporary warehouse worker at a company that manufactures stress balls among other novelty items exploded with rage after being told by his manager that he was being let go.

    Darren Baldwin pleaded guilty to affray and assault in a Blackpool court this week after being arrested for punching his former boss in the face and pulling out two knives on coworkers who sought to calm him down.

    According to the prosecutor, Baldwin brandished the knives in the direction of his colleagues and shouted “I will cut you up.”

    Baldwin was reportedly hired to pack boxes with stress balls, and the knives were part of his employee toolkit.

    • Now that’s some irony for ya!

    • Alma98

      “I will cut you up” Damn!

    • MsKitty

      Maybe because it’s been an afternoon of really intense meetings, but I have not been able to stop laughing at this.

    • creolechild

      I guess this means that the balls don’t work, right?

      • Admiral_Komack

        Or he didn’t work his balls.

    • Admiral_Komack

      I guess his balls were blue.

      • Alma98


      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL — Admiral. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – — WHAT took U —sooo LONG!? —-LOL—

        U R a NUT! LOL- — — -Good 2 C U Admiral :>) – –

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    – – –Good Afternoon miranda/POU FAM♥- — ***BIG HUG*** Woo! Hoo! :>)

    USE THIS- —FREQUENTLY. :>)– — –

    – —-THANK U miranda. Good SELECTIONS!!!! :>)—-

    Have a good —-rest of the day! :>)

  • And why is it take Mary Pat Christie’s charity, wife of Gov. Krispy Kreme, so long to distribute the $32M donations they received?

    Mary Pat Christie’s Sandy N.J. relief fund ready to give out money
    By Jenna Portnoy/The Star-Ledger on February 20, 2013 at 6:00 AM, updated February 20, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    As communities take up the arduous task of rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, first lady Mary Pat Christie’s relief fund is poised to begin distributing $32 million collected with help from the Christies’ political and business contacts.

    …A six-member grants committee will judge projects in need of at least $10,000 based on their ability to provide housing assistance, mental health services, financial and job counseling and economic development ideas to rebuild small businesses.

    The fund has tried to remove any appearance of political influence, but the board is stacked with bigwigs in the world of lobbying, philanthropy and corporate giving, many of whom have connections to Gov. Chris Christie. Some of its largest donors have donated to Christie’s re-election effort, while others are barred by law from making any campaign contributions.

    …Though Christie has no formal title with his wife’s charity, the operating board is stacked with politically connected supporters.


    • Alma98

      These people are nothing but crooks, if NJ has any sense they’d vote him out. But I won’t hold my breath.

  • Soledad O’Brien to Take on New Role at CNN

    Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show in the spring, but she won’t be leaving the cable news channel altogether.

    Ms. O’Brien, who is well-known for CNN documentaries like “Black in America,” said Thursday that she would form a production company and continue to supply documentaries to CNN on a nonexclusive basis. She’ll also make them for other television channels and for the Web.

    “There’s so many great stories to tell,” said Ms. O’Brien, who is preparing two new installments of the “Black in America” franchise for CNN.


    And not a peep from the Black journalists who criticized MSNBC for hiring Rev. Al.

    • TyrenM

      They wouldn’t set her free. I hope she got a raise.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Well, she is a woman (major league snark).

    • trose1

      Soledad O’brien was professional and she will ask a follow up question. CNN basically fired their best journalist.
      It had been disclosed that CNN execs didn’t like her because she attracted too many Black and Brown people to the early show.
      I can’t wait to hear the outrage,stories written about how O’brien was done dirty by CNN etc etc.
      I am waiting…………….

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — -LOL- — -HOW CUTE is THIS?- — -“MAN 2 Man[Little]” —

    – — – –Obama sends message to ‘Kid President’ about Easter Egg roll– –LOL

    – —- –“Kid President” gets a message from “Adult President” (aka President Obama) in a new video promoting the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

    In a video posted Thursday on YouTube, Obama appears to relay information via a tin can to the nine-year-old viral video star, saying, “Kid President, looks like you got my message.”

    Kid President (who in everyday life is 9-year-old Robbie Novak) tells Obama, “Yes, Mr. President, I got your message. This is historic. The White House Easter Egg Roll. Kids dancing, eggs rolling, I’m in!”

    The clip then directs viewers to a site to enter the ticket lottery for the April 1 event.

    – – – –BLESS THEM. :>) — –

  • creolechild

    Whistleblower fired for revealing cops threatened Obama while protecting him

    A Richmond police officer who reported fellow cops for allegedly threatening President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has been fired from his job on the force.[….] On Wednesday, the whistleblower told WTVR that he had been fired for violating department policy by doing an interview with the station.[….]

    Although a Secret Service investigation last year concluded that the officers had not violated the law with their comments about the president and first lady, two officers were fired and now want their jobs back.[….]

    Read more:

    H/T David Edwards

    • Admiral_Komack

      Fuck ’em.
      Let them enjoy their austerity program (no job).
      It’s the Republican Way!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —–THIS!!- — -SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE RACIST!!!- – -Saaaaa-LAP!!-

    – —- Top GOP Senator: Native American Juries Are Incapable Of Trying White People Fairly– – –

    – – — Republicans have offered a number of reasons why they oppose the Violence Against Women Act. Some think it’s unconstitutional. Others argue that it’s just a meaningless bill with a patriotic title.

    On Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) added a new one: Native Americans supposedly aren’t capable of holding fair trials.

    Last week, Grassley was one of just 22 senators—all Republican men—who voted against reauthorizing VAWA. During a town hall meeting in Indianola on Wednesday, a woman asked him to explain his vote. Grassley responded that the legislation is unconstitutional, a belief shared by at least five of his colleagues.

    Since the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to a trial among a jury of peers, Grassley reasoned that white men would be deprived of their rights if those who were accused of violence against Native American women had to appear in a tribal court. “On an Indian reservation, it’s going to be made up of Indians, right?” Grassley said. “So the non-Indian doesn’t get a fair trial.”

    — -[Gotta “hit da road”. C YA SOON. :>)♥]

    • rikyrah


    • rikyrah

      Said it all along..

      there are no Black or Brown people near those reservations…

      so, who’s doing all the raping of Native American women?

      uh huh

    • Alma98

      Oh you mean how white judges & juries treat poc Senator Grassley?

      • nathkatun7

        “Also this ass seems to be saying it’s ok for white men to rape native women, am I wrong about that?”

        Alama, you are absolutely spot-on! This a throw back to the good old days when only white women could be raped whereas the women of color, and especially African Americans and the people Columbus called Indians, were blamed for enticing white men to sexually molest them.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Ahhhhh. That “jury of your peers” doesn’t seem to work out so well when its just one race of peers. Wanna ask black folks about that one, eh Chuck?

    • nathkatun7

      If this is not overt racism then I don’t know what racism is. But this same Senator would have no qualms if an all white jury tries an Indian, an African American, a Hispanic/Latino, or an Asian. This is a very clear example of white supremacy. Only white people have the capacity to be objective and transcend race. Every one else is incapable of judging white people fairly. The trouble, of course, is that the historical record shows exactly the opposite.

  • lamh36

    aww! TVONE1 is playing a chyron during the showings of “A Different World” paying tribute to Mr Gaines! Awww!

  • isonprize


    ‏@adept2u: White people “find” Black people “loot” how to survive a natural disaster

    ‏@ArrogantDemon: How to be in an all white press club & scream that the black POTUS aint diverse enough

    @ArrogantDemon: What we did to the Native Americans was not genocide

    ‏@DocReviewHell: But I Saw it Second!: How to Claim Others’ Property and Land As Your Own

    @michellej: Who Will Do Your Baby’s Hair: A Practical Guide to Transracial Adoptions

    @lusciousraen: Do you know Tyrone? He’s Black like you! How All Minorities Must Know Each Other

    @brokeymcpoverty: Why Are All The Black Women Sitting Together In The Cafeteria?: How Race Almost Ruined Feminism

    @darnold0714: Seminar: When Gift Giving and Germ Warfare Collide

    @backl_ash: “You’ve Done So Well for Yourself: Insults as Compliments” A Distance Learning Course from UT

  • Admiral_Komack

    Peterson gets 38 years after screaming, ‘I did not kill Kathleen’

    By Matthew Walberg and Steve Schmadeke, Tribune reporters
    5:44 pm, February 21, 2013

    Moments after screaming in court, “I did not kill Kathleen,” Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the 2004 murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

    Peterson had faced as much as 60 years, but Judge Edward Burmila said he gave Peterson some consideration for his years as a police officer and his service in the military. Peterson is 59.

    • Miranda

      Well he’s gonna die in prison regardless but I see no reason to give him any such considerations. Drew didn’t give Kathleen any.

  • lamh36

    this kid is too cute…lol.

    President Obama talks to the “Kid President”

    • Alma98

      He has a lot of videos as kid president, this kid is awesome.

  • rikyrah

    love the music

  • FLOTUS to Promote ‘Let’s Move’ Anniversary With TV Tour
    By Eddie Scarry on February 20, 2013 10:51 AM

    First lady Michelle Obama will embark on a national tour Friday to mark the third anniversary of her “Let’s Move” fitness campaign.

    As part of the promotion, Obama will participate in three network TV interviews this week, according to a White House press release.

    On Friday, she’s scheduled to record an interview to air same night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” She will also tape a segment with GMA’s Robin Roberts (who returned to GMA this morning after extended medical leave) that will air Feb. 26.


  • Miranda

    I listened to this interview on the way home. This was truly heartbreaking. Please listen or read the full transcript. This is the reality for these children and it shocked and saddened me to listen to their voices.

    Chicago Kids Say They’re Assigned To Gangs

    Last school year, 29 current and recent students at Harper High School in Chicago were shot. Eight of them died. The public radio show This American Life sent reporters to the school for a full semester, to find out more about living in what’s being called a war zone. Tell Me More host Michel Martin finds out what they learned.

  • Miranda

    Tuberculosis outbreak in downtown L.A. sparks federal effort

    Public health officials have launched a new, coordinated effort to contain a persistent outbreak of tuberculosis in downtown L.A.’s skid row, including searching for more than 4,500 people who may have been exposed to the disease.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have dispatched scientists to Los Angeles to help local health officials figure out why the disease is spreading and how to stop it.

    Nearly 80 tuberculosis cases have been identified and 11 people have died since 2007, most of them homeless people who live in and around skid row.

    Scientists have recently linked the outbreak to one tuberculosis strain that is unique to Los Angeles, with a few isolated cases outside the area.

    “This is the largest outbreak in a decade,” said Jonathan Fielding, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. “We are really putting all of our resources into this.”
    more here:

    • crazycanuck

      Isn’t there a tubercuolosis outbreak in Britain?. Didn’t they say the drugs are NOT working with this strain? I swear I read that somewhere.

      • rikyrah

        I think it’s South Africa, cc

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – –HAH!! — – -CALL! ‘EM! — -OUT!! –AGAIN!! — —-

    – —-Republicans With Influence On Immigration Debate Are Top Recipients Of Private Prison Contributions– —

    – – — –As the immigration reform debate heats up, private prison executives have made it clear that they are monitoring how it will affect their rates of incarceration. During a call with investors last week, Corrections Corporation of America CEO assured investors that there will “always be demand for beds”, reflecting concern that incarceration rates will actually go down. With many elements of reform left on the negotiating table, the Columbia Journalism Review is showing just how much money the two major private prison companies, Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group, have invested in the outcome:

    Some of the politicians who have benefited most from this largesse are influential Senators who are now playing key roles in shaping proposed immigration reform legislation.

    Among members of Congress, the top two recipients of contributions from CCA are its home-state senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker of Tennessee. The Republican lawmakers, each of whom has received more than $50,000 from CCA according to data compiled by the Sunlight Foundation, represent important swing votes for advancing a reform bill through the Senate. Another top CCA recipient is Arizona Republican John McCain, who has gotten $32,146 from CCA and is a member of the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” that is working to draft legislation. His fellow Gang of Eight member, Marco Rubio, ranks among the top recipients of contributions from the Florida-based GEO Group, receiving $27,300 in donations over the course of his career.</b.
    THERE IS MORE!! — —


    NAMES annnnd AMOUNT$$$$$!! – – – -Woo! Hoo!! – – —

    – –COMMENT: – —arichman27
    The problem with private prisons is very simple. They don’t answer to anyone. They must answer to someone. Be held accountable.

    —-RE-THUCKERS – – -HATE — THIS!! — – – – -THAT’S – –“WHYCOME” dey easily – – -TAKE THIS UNREGULATED $$$$ – —

    DISGUSTING!! – –DEY WANT —PRIVATIZATION!!– – -4 THI$$$$!!! – —

    – – -C’MON — – –KARMA!!!

    • GN

      Utter, total corruption is exactly right, GLH.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY GN. ***BIG HUG*** :>) —

        — –I KNOW –HUH!!?– — —

        – — 4-GOT ABOUT THIS —>TAKEDOWN –of that GEO GROUP —

        – —–Anonymous & Antisec Take Down GEO Group (USA)– —

        —— 4 February 2012
        Anonymous have struck a blow against the Prison-Industrial Complex and eliminated the online presence of prison for profit scumbags GEO group from the face of the internet…

        The website was defaced with a youtube hip-hop video paying tribute to US political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal and a statement from Antisec.
        Statement from Antisec :

        – – — -Annnnd –THIS GROUP — is ONA da —PLAYMATES of the RE-THUCKERS!! —-geesh!!! — –


        — -KARMA has NOT YET SPOKEN! — WAITIN’. . . . .

        Good 2 C U — -GN. :>) – – –

  • Miranda

    SMH, just makes you wanna throw up your hands…Lord have mercy

    Argument at Aria involving Las Vegas rapper leads to deadly Strip shooting, crash

    A Maserati driven by Las Vegas rapper Kenneth Cherry, known as Kenny Clutch, was the target of a drive-by shooting on the Strip Thursday morning that left Cherry and two innocent bystanders dead.

    Las Vegas police said several occupants of a black Range Rover fired into the Maserati at about 4:30 a.m. at Las Vegas Boulevard South and Flamingo Road following a dispute in the valet parking area of the Aria.

    The Maserati ran a red light at Flamingo and crashed into a taxi, which exploded. The cab’s driver and a passenger were killed, their bodies burned beyond recognition.

    more here:

    • Alma98

      SMH…Sad indeed Miranda. I keep thinking about Joe Madison saying we wouldn’t let the KKK take over our neighborhoods. Why do we let gangs do it?

      • MonieTalks

        “I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to run from a Black man….”

        Kool Moe Dee “Self Destruction”

        • Alma98


  • GreenLadyHere

    mieanda—-FOCUS: — –OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY♥ – – –

    – – –Big Bird, first lady Michelle Obama promote good eating, exercise – – —

    ——–Sesame Street’s Big Bird is helping Michelle Obama encourage kids to eat healthier and be more active.

    They’re starring in a pair of public service announcements that will be distributed to more than 300 Public Broadcasting Service stations.

    — One ad features the first lady and Big Bird in the White House kitchen showing how easy it is to eat healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. In the other spot, Big Bird jogs, jumps and dances as Mrs. Obama explains that daily exercise is important for good health.

    The announcements are part of the third anniversary celebration of “Let’s Move,” the first lady’s anti-childhood obesity program. She heads out next week on a two-day tour of Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri to discuss progress, and new efforts to improve children’s health.

    – – —-BLESS U annnnd THANK U FIRST LADY♥. – – —–

    – – ——– — —-U R — -HISTORICALLY —#1! — – –

    • nellcote

      Big Bird’s in the WH and Rmoney ain’t. :)))

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – — -nellcote ——Annnnd – —-neither R — T(r)avesty – — or cornpone!!! LOL – –

        – — -Annnd Mr. PRESIDENT is SAYIN’ – – –THIS!!– – -LOL – – – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — –A little L8 – :>) —–BUT I made a “little trip” —-2 where DEY — -TRIPPIN’ :>) – — –

    – – -☻Mixed Girl (Problem) ‏@mixdgrlproblems
    Why Don’t We Have A ‘White Entertainment Channel’?: An Introduction To How POCs Aren’t Portrayed In Mainstream Media #whitehistoryclasses

    – –☻Elle Brown ‏@EveFromGenesis
    “Can I Help You, Ma’am?”: Nice ways to follow minorities around department stores. #whitehistoryclasses

    —-☻Jen Lo ‏@lesellele
    “I don’t see color”: A 2 day seminar on how to perpetuate racial disparities by ignoring them. #whitehistoryclasses

    — THIS! –>- –☻S. ‏@inomallday
    I’m Not Talking About You, You’re Different: How to Identify and Befriend the Acceptable Negro #whitehistoryclasses

    — — THIS —>–☻Brokey McPoverty ‏@brokeymcpoverty
    Remember the Alamo, but Forget Slavery Already: Your Guide to Selective Cultural Amnesia #whitehistoryclasses

    – –THIS —> -☻Elyse Mofo Anders ‏@dELYSEious
    Ending Slavery: How it Affected Small Business Owners, Inflation and Fair Wages in a Once-Perfect Free Market Economy #WhiteHistoryClasses

    – – –LOL —–***shakin my head — -WHILE LAFFIN’ –HYSTERICALLY!! :>) —

    • Elie

      This collection is spot on!!!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Elie. **BIG HUG*** :>) – —

        —–LOL—**fist bump*** – – —The “CREATIVE MIND” — -is a — -“THING of BEAUTY!” – —LOL – — –

        Good 2 C U Elie.♥ :>) – – – –

  • Elie

    Informative discussion and long overdue. It’s based on a new book about race and the Obamas focused by Michael Jeffries, Wesley professor.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – — GOOD NEWS!! – —No REALLY! – – –GOOD NEWS!! — -:>) –

    – – – –18 Local News Front Pages On How Looming Budget Cuts Will Hit Their Communities– –
    – —[Communities that would be hit hard by the sequestration are talking notice as Americans wait to hear if a deal will be reached or they will furloughed from work.]

    — – –☻Monterey –HERALD – —
    — – – ☻Las Vegas: – –REVIEW-JOURNAL – —


    – – –Woo! Hoo!- — -SUPPORTIN’ the —ACTION CALL of MR. PRESIDENT!— — -GOOD —ON – –‘EM!! – – -:>) – –

  • I see Jamil Smith, MHP’s producer, is complaining because PBO didn’t mention that Black men going to prison is the reason they’re absent.


    • GN

      I’m sure Mr. Smith then dovetailed into a discussion of PBO’s/Demss sentencing reform which drastically lessened the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity and potentially the need for further reforms such as the alternatives to jailing men for child support avoidance…right? A study just came out showing that black men are far more likely to receive harsher punishments for the same crimes as white men, so not disputing him there, just questioning the refusal to credit the actual words in PBO’s Chicago speech rather than creative interpretations of it.

      • And mess up his Captain Save-A-Scholar mission? Surely you jest!

    • Miranda

      He’s busy defending this bs

      This is a prime example of the idiocy of these people, this excerpt:

      McFarlane’s father was part of her life, but that did not stop a bullet from a killing her. Her death illuminates the flaw in the president’s speech: that if the black community had better families, present fathers, and stronger families, gun violence will abate.

      She has the nerve to talk about a flaw when the flaw is all hers. The question isn’t if the victim had a father in her life. I can damn near GUARANTEE you the perpetrator didn’t! Its the ones CARRYING the guns, not innocent bystanders. The numbnutness of her logic just floored me.

      • GN

        OMG, this is now willful. No one has ever suggested that every victim of gun violence lacked a strong family. That’s not even close to what PBO said! He said gun control is insufficient to solve the whole problem of communities in crisis (which goes far beyond gun violence) because too many kids are lost and don’t have that foundation. GTFOH these are academics, they know this. The misinterpretation is now willful. I understood the knee-jerk, truly, but not the doubling down which is now pure ego. MHP et al: it’s a wrap, take the loss and just move on.

        • ITA, GN. Now they’re purposely LYING about what PBO said to save face. It’s deplorable and they need to be called out on it.

          The irony is that ones who are most critical of PBO’s speech are the Ivory Tower Crew. Meanwhile, if you ask people in urban areas what they think about PBO’s speech, they agree with him.

          The Ivory Tower Crew – Out of Touch, Out of Time.

      • THANK YOU! But you know what? I believe she knows this but admitting so would hurt the Ivory Tower’s false meme that PBO is out of touch with Black people and “victim blaming”. So, instead, they’re purposely LYING in order to push their bs. It’s infuriating!

  • Miranda

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Jay Rosen ‏@jayrosen_nyu
    Funny. Politico, market leader in confidential sourcing, not invited to Obama’s off the record meet with the press,

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – –BLACK HISTORY MOMENT — -Feb 21 :>) – – — —

    ——-Born On This Day in 1933: Jazz Singer and Activist Nina Simone– – –

    – – – —Eunice Kathleen Waymon (February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003), born in – Tyron, North Carolina – and better known by her stage name Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music. Simone studied at the Julliard School of Music in New York and worked in a broad range of styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. Among Simone’s most popular recordings were “My Baby Just Cares For Me”, “I Put A Spell On You”, “I Loves You, Porgy” “Feeling Good” and the civil rights protest song “Mississippi Goddam.” Learn more about this amazing musician’s life and music here and watch her live performance of ”Ain’t Got No… I Got Life” below: – —

    – – —-Nina Simone – I Loves You Porgy – – -[Starts with Theys So Fresh and Fine. One of the best versions of this song.]

    – — – – —HAPPY BIRTHDAY —Ms.NINA. ——– RIHEP— —-

    • Worldwatcher7

      There was and there is no one like Ms. NIna Simone.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Worldwatcher7. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – —

        —-***fist bump*** —-:>) —-A GR8 – –“STYLIST” —-:>)– –

        Good 2 C U Ww7. :>) —-

    • nathkatun7

      I was privileged to know, and work closely, with Nina Simone’s brother, Dr. Caroll Waymon, a distinguished educator who has contributed so much to the education of African Americans in San Diego and throughout the country.

      • GreenLadyHere

        – — -“HEEY nathkatun7. — ***BIG -sorry 2 B L8 —HUG*** :>)

        —-Oooooweeee – –LOOK! ATCHU!! :>) – – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

        —- —Dr. Carrol Waymon, San Diego’s Civil Rights Hero— –
        O.K. – —I’ll make THIS a — BLACK HISTORY MOMENT

        THANK U very MUCH. :>) – —Good 2 C U nathkatun7. :>) – – – —PROUD of U. :>) – —

        • nathkatun7

          Thanks GLH! Dr. Waymon has been such an inspiration to me.

          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY nathkatun7. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

            — -:>) My Pleasure. —He was an –AMAZING -WARRIOR – –in “DA STRUGGLE.” – –:>) — -I enhanced his presentation. [Creds 2 U. :>) –:>)

            Good 2 C U nathkatun. :>) – – –

          • nathkatun7

            GLH, Dr. Waymon is indeed amazing! He is also the most down to earth person I know. He has never allowed his academic achievements to cloud his common sense rooted in the Black experience.

          • GreenLadyHere

            nathkatun7 — – -Awwww —NICE. :>) – –Lovely testament. :>)- — –

          • nathkatun7

            Thanks, GLH! Simply put, Dr. Waymon loves, respects and believes in Black people. Period. At the same time, because he is proud and comfortable of who he is, he is able to relate to people from all backgrounds.

  • GN

    Re the music, gotta add Joyce Simms

    When we were kids, my eldest brother used to be able to hit all the high notes in this song lmao! “to make you see things, my way…” This is my favorite disco/club song ever.

    • Miranda

      I dont know if that’s considered disco, but DAMN THAT WAS MY JAM! I remember that song! Where the heck you pulled THAT one from?? Wow, I dont think I’ve heard it since I was in elem school but I loved it!

      • GN

        It just came from the videos in this thread, lol, here’s another (she was the absolute business!):

  • isonprize

    “I shut it down.”- Harrison <<< i'm sure you do, boo. I'm sure you do. #scandal

    • Miranda


      Shonda Rhimes wrong for making us wait another 4 weeks for a new episode!! Just wrong!

  • GreenLadyHere

    – — BLACK HISTORY MONTH – -FEB. 21 – – -:>) – —

    – – – ———SELECTED FACTS :>) – —-

    – –☻2/21/1965: On this day Bro. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcom X), American black nationalist, is assassinated.

    ———-☺1965 – Malcolm X (39) assassinated in Audubon Ballroom at
    Malcolm X (39) assassinated in Audubon Ballroom at a rally of his organization. Three Blacks were later convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    – –☻1940 – John Lewis, founder and chairman of SNCC, born

    – – ☻ 1936 – Barbara Jordan born –[ A FIRST!! :>)]:–
    2/21/1936: On this day Barbara Jordan, who will be the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives, is born

    – – —– -☺MALCOLM X SPEECHES…. – –

    — — – – -☺REP. JOHN LEWIS: Links MLK, Obama on 45th Anniversary of March on Washington– —–SPEAK!! :>) – – –

    — — — ☺Barbara Jordan Keynote Address to 1976 Democratic National Convention – – -[U! — – JUS’! — -SPEAK!! :>)] – —

    – – —PRIDE! —–PRIDE! —-PRIDE! —-AMEN. :>) – –

    • nathkatun7

      What a historical day! I was 19 when Malcolm X was assassinated. I will never forget this day. By the way, GLH, Barbara Jordan was not “the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives. The first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives was Shirley Chisholm. She was first elected in 1968. You may need to make a correction.