November 20, 2017

Thursday Afternoon Thread: Thursday Throwbacks

Brrrrrrrrr! Its cold! Here are a few old school jams to get your body moving. Stay warm!

Cameo – Talkin Out The Side Of Your Neck

Mass Production – Firecracker

Kano – I’m Ready (album version)

The Commodores – Lady

Earth Wind & Fire w/The Emotions – Boogie Wonderland

  • Miranda

    heh….McCain bout to get cussed out:


    McCain, an ardent supporter of the Iraq War from the start, began his questioning of Hagel by asking about the latter’s past statements regarding the so-called “surge” of forces into Iraq in 2007. Hagel, by then a vocal critic of the war, came out strongly against adding additional troops to the conflict soon after the policy’s announcement — just like President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had — calling it “the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam.”

    Hagel didn’t back away from previous statements, saying “Senator, I stand by them, because I made them.” When McCain continued to push Hagel, refusing to allow him to offer a nuanced response to the question of the surge, the Nebraska Republican shot back, noting that the surge tactic took place in the wider context of the most “dangerous decision since Vietnam”:

    MCCAIN: Are you going to answer the question? Were you right or wrong? That’s a straightforward question. Answer whether you are right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate.

    HAGEL: I’m not going to give you a yes or no answer.

    MCCAIN: Let the record show he refuses to answer the question. Please go ahead.
    HAGEL: I’m not going to give you a yes or no. It’s far more complicated than that. I will defer that judgment to history. As to the comment I made about the most dangerous foreign policy decision since Vietnam, that was about not just the surge, but the overall war of choice going into Iraq. That particular decision made on the surge, but more to the point, our war in Iraq, I think was the most fundamentally bad, dangerous decision since Vietnam.

    • conlakappa

      And The Mack Daddy demonstrates that dim doesn’t age well.

      • goldenstar

        Oh, how you speak Truth!

      • Aquagranny911

        I think McCain is listening to those voices from his own bridge work. He’s always been cranky & nasty but now he hardly makes sense anymore.

    • JojoRaze

      I saw Hagle’s face this morning when the hearing opened and both he and Sam Nunn had on their ‘I can’t standthese phonies’ faces on. He is ready to hurt some folks feelings.

  • MsKitty

    Kano? That’s throwback for real. Makes me think of the Thursday night skating parties at the local school. “Backward skate only!”

    • conlakappa

      And flashing lights!

      • Miranda

        And fast azz girls under the bleachers with lil mannish boys!

    • Aquagranny911

      Blast from the past! I loved roller skating!

    • Daltex82

      One of my last teenage skating memories is skating into the boys bathroom. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose ~bats eyes innocently~
      I Never mastered the art of the backward skate, but I was a master at the butt breaking fall.

  • Alma98

    Miranda you just all up in my youth & young adult days huh. Is the Cameo song a dedication to McCain’s performance at the confirmation hearing? LOL

    • Miranda

      I heard it on the radio right before lunch and McCain WAS the first thought that popped into my head! LOL

      • Alma98


  • crazycanuck

    Comments dissapearing again.

    • Miranda

      Comments won’t show up for me in Explorer, but will if I open up in Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • Why is Ted Cruz trending on Twitter?

    • Miranda

      The GOP is showing the world their asses.

    • Daltex82

      Daltex82 hangs head in shame. Just when you think Texas couldn’t get any worse here comes this guy. He may be a freshman Senator, but he is a seasoned asshole.

      • Aquagranny911

        Raise up your head, Texas. AZ’s overly “seasoned asshole” McCain has an even bigger ugly mouth.

        • Daltex82

          That’s right you have McNasty! Okay, you win LOL!

          • qosine

            Waving from TN, home to the rep that wants to tie childrens’ grades to welfare payments. Oh, and today, they’re drumming up support to reject expansion of Medicaid.

          • Aquagranny911

            Dang! We have to form some kind of lobby group maybe Kicking the Nuts Out of Congress, KNOC or something like that…

            I’ve got an extra $20 from the grocery money to start our PAC. (Hubby can eat sand for a bit.)

            OT: but Qosine, did you see the link I posted for you and Nellcote about that bald sheriff of ours from Pinal county? I think he still has political ambitions.

            Pray for us!

          • TyrenM

            You two got the Senate (waves from the land of Bachmanniac.)

      • Camille

        Oh don’t worry about Ted Cruz.

        He’ll be done in no time.

        There’s something about trying to run an adorned Pinto in a race against a Bugatti Veyron in a boring color.

        The Pinto thinks just because it has the right paint job and almost looks like a sports car, it really can take on the Bugatti.

        It soon finds out.

  • Here we go again…

    Charlie Kaye ‏@CharlieKayeCBS
    Report of a student shot, teacher injured, suspect in custody at Carver High School in Atlanta. WSB Radio’s Jon Lewis en route to scene.

    • Alma98

      WOW! It’s like an avalanche it just keep going and going. Something has got to be done.

      • nellcote

        I wonder if it’s happening more or if it’s just (finally) being reported more.

  • Pray for our state.

    Geraldo Rivera ‘truly contemplating’ NJ Senate run as Republican
    By Jonathan Easley – 01/31/13 02:02 PM ET

    Television personality and radio host Geraldo Rivera announced Thursday he’s “truly contemplating” a run for Senate in New Jersey.

    “I mention this only briefly, fasten your seatbelt,” Rivera said on his radio show. “I mentioned this only briefly to my wife… but I am and I’ve been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. I am truly contemplating running for Senate against Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

    • Alma98


    • MsKitty

      What did we ever do to deserve this? 2013-14 is gonna be a straight up clown show. *Sigh*

    • Daltex82

      Faux News must be “truly contemplating” getting rid of him. Sounds like he’s looking for his next grifting opportunity.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia — – -LOL – – —OH – -da DELUSIONAL — BURNS!!. LOL _ – –

      – – –So — -he wants 2 JOIN da LOSERS who R in DISARRY.???- -LOL
      — —- –but I am and I’ve been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. – – — HE – –FITS!! geesh!! – –

    • Camille

      LOL. Ok.

    • nellcote

      Run Geraldo Run!

  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU, late to the party, as usual. I’ve been watching the hearings & viewing clips of PBO from yesterday on Immigration.

    I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the clip of LO skewering that half baked crumpet, Trotter on national TV. I can’t understand why she was ever allowed to speak at a Senate hearing in the first place. She has nothing but ignorant lying, fear mongering to add to the discussion of gun responsibility. She reminds me of Michele Bachmann & Palin etc. I wonder if the Repugs have some kind of machine that stamps them out like biscuits?

    McCain really needs to go! Hagel’s handling of the grumpster’s questions was stellar but now the grumpbucket will go on TV and say “Hagel didn’t answer my questions.” I swear McCain has early stage Alzheimer’s.

    • nellcote

      That Trotter person was really strange. She had her talking points programed in and couldn’t speak to anything else. LarryO was just destroying her lies and she couldn’t even defend herself because she didn’t have the right talking points. Fucking robot!

  • Lautenberg giving mofos the finger like Tupac!

    Steve Kornacki ‏@SteveKornacki
    Less than a week after Menendez wouldn’t defend him vs Booker MT @politicalwire: Lautenberg comments on Menendezl:

    • Miranda

      ouch…not exactly a ringing endorsement of Menendez’s ethics and honesty eh?

        • Alma98

          Damn he’s big!

          • Miranda

            Well the camera adds 10 pounds.

            Of course, I’m not sure how many cameras were on him.

          • Alma98


          • Aquagranny911


          • Tafr

            Now you know you are all kinds of wrong! lol

          • Daltex82


          • Tafr

            Damn Alma! lol got me spitting out green tea. Just damn!

          • Alma98


  • Is this heffa serious??? She’s thinks if PBO’s campaign gave money to Black newspapers with LOW circulation, the money would’ve circulated within the Black community??

    Lauren Victoria ‏@Crewof42
    @PragObots circulating $ in a Black community struggling w jobs, poverty isn’t an issue? Really? 98% support means nothing? @OfficialCBC

    • Alma98

      They are showing truly showing themselves for the self-serving backstabbing asses that they are. They must have told these people they could get them money from the campaign. Most of the black newspapers I see are free at the supermarket. People mainly get their news online or local TV now. Hell even big name papers are having problems.

    • Miranda

      Yeah, she played herself. She is showing she is just a shill. Anyone with common sense would bust out laughing at the thought of OFA spending ad money on pamphlets with a circulation of 5 – that’s some shit the GOP would do dear….just line up a select fews pockets. That mess wasn’t happening with OFA.

    • GN

      Geesh—whatever point she may have had got lost; she stays doing the absolute most:

      @PragObots Nobody blamed @BarackObama for anything. As usual ur delusional. If u were as obsessed on jobs as u r about BO life wd b perfect.

      @redbird45 actually “always high” is relative. It never went over 12.1% during Bush’s 8 years. Black unemploymt hit 16.7% in 2011 @PragObots

      @redbird45 the issue is Black unemployment right? it was better under Bush 12.1%. Isn’t that what the community wants? @PragObots

      @redbird45 @PragObots why don’t one of you guys run. You know everything and obviously have plenty of time on your hands. @OfficialCBC


      • Jziglar

        So wait this person is arguing that life for black people was really good under Bush. Did this idiot forget we just had a financial crisis that caused unemployment to increase across the board ?

        And I don’t recall the Bush years being a great time full of peace and prosperity. These people hate Obama so much that they will use even Bush to attack him.

        • GN

          Yup, that argument is total sophistry and makes sense only if one is willing to pretend that President Obama’s *didn’t* inherit an economic disaster.

          It’s like you can try to consider the points of PBO’s critics (“gee, he should spend more money on ads in black publications which are struggling”—fine, agree or disagree, nothing offensive about that), but they tend to include so much exaggeration and intellectual dishonesty that there’s no point in taking any of it seriously. It seems like complaining just to be complaining.

          • Jziglar

            True ! This is why it’s hard for many to take these “critics” seriously when they ignore facts and make up things.

          • jds09

            When I first moved to San Diego I got a job working for a local affiliate of a civil rights organization. I met with the publisher of the local black paper with a press release and story idea of a new program we developed for the community.

            He told me I needed to buy an ad first before he would run the story. I repeated myself thinking he didn’t understand that this was news and a community benefit. He gave me that hustler look and restated that I had to buy an ad first.

            If the rest of the publisher group is anything like this guy…fuck em.

          • GN

            Wow. Just, wow. Thanks for sharing that, and I’ll bet there’s indeed more to the story re: OFA and the ad buys.

          • Aquagranny911

            Thanks for sharing that! It doesn’t surprise me though because I’ve seen that kind of caca before.

      • Miranda

        Now this just a silly bish right here.

        Is she for real? We were in the land of milk and honey…under DUBYA???


        • Tafr

          What in gods name?Now I know she is did not forget about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Tell her to go repeat that mess to the good folks of New Orleans.

        • GN

          I was floored.

    • Ebogan63

      Same tired ass bullshit she ALWAYS repeats: Black unemployment has been over 10 percent or higher for the past 50 FUCKING YEARS, but she wants to assume that ‘we wuz employed under Massa Bush’

      • JojoRaze

        It just seems to me that all these complaints add up to ‘Obama didn’t give my group/non-profit/newspaper the hook up. QED Obama isn’t good for black people!’

      • You know you’ve got a serious case of Obama Derangement Syndrome when you fix your fingers to type that Blacks were better under Bush. GTFOOHWTBS!

  • Miranda

    How Republican Governors Are Pretending to Cut Taxes

    Republican governors across the U.S. are engaged in an income tax-cutting frenzy, moving to reduce or even eliminate individual income taxes in their states. The changes will increase economic growth and reduce the size of government, they say, and their plans are drawing strong praise from conservative stalwarts.

    Unfortunately, the architects and supporters of these plans are laboring under two misunderstandings — both of which undercut arguments in favor of their efforts.

    First, most of these “cuts” are more properly understood as tax swaps, with the lost income-tax revenue almost always offset by higher sales or property taxes. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, for instance, plans to partly offset his proposed income tax cut by making permanent a “temporary” sales tax increase that was set to expire this year. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal similarly wants to pay for an income tax cut with a sales tax increase.

    more here

    • Alma98

      Walker is doing the same thing here. We just paid our mortgage tax in Dec. so we know he’s full of it.

  • Repub-on-Repub shade gives me life!

    Team Rubio jabs back at Vitter
    By JONATHAN MARTIN | 1/31/13 2:57 PM EST

    Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) associates, furious about fellow Republican Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) calling the Floridian “nuts” and “naïve” over his immigration reform efforts, are hitting Vitter where it hurts.

    “David Vitter has done some nuttier things in his life,” a source close to Rubio wrote in an unsolicited email to POLITICO.
    That’s a not-at-all subtle reference to Vitter’s 2007 admission that his phone number appeared on a client list of a Washington, D.C. madam. A New Orleans-based prostitute and madam have also, separately, accused Vitter of being a client, but he has denied those charges.

    Read more:

    • MsKitty

      I’ve got plenty of Orville Redenbacher to go around. Be sure to try the Movie Theater Butter flavor.

      • Alma98

        I love that flavor bought some on Tuesday lol.

      • Aquagranny911

        I like Moose Munch. It has chocolate & nuts already in it.

    • Miranda
    • conlakappa

      Diaper Dave needs to be quiet for at least another 4 years. I think the sentence of silence for freak-nasty is 10 years, give or take. Explains C. Thomas’s periods of silence, doesn’t it?

      • Camille


        As long as he’s taking on Rubio or one of his fellow nuts, we want diaper Dave to keep talking. And loudly too.

        We’ll even send throat soothers to make sure he never loses his voice no Rubio his.

        Have at it guys!

  • President Obama Nominates Two to Serve on the US Court of Appeals

    WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Obama nominated Jane Kelly and Gregory Alan Phillips to the United States Court of Appeals.

    President Obama said, “Jane Kelly and Gregory Alan Phillips have proven themselves to be not only first-rate legal minds but faithful public servants. It is with full confidence in their ability, integrity, and independence that I nominate them to the bench of the United States Court of Appeals.”


    • nellcote

      I’d like to see nominations for all the open slots and a big ass countdown clock until they all get an up or down vote.

    • Alma98

      HAHAHAHAHA! Straight to hell!

    • Daltex82

      Can’t breathe, can’t…._______________________

    • MsKitty

      Oh my word.

    • morphus

      So wrong … but but I couldn’t stop looking. LOL

    • Ebogan63

      Neva sholulda gave y’all photoshop. LOL.!!

      • isonprize

        NEVA, NEVA, EVA!!!

    • rikyrah



  • Alma98

    Investigation Discovery channel’s Injustice Files is having a special in February. It’s about Trayyvon Martin and other blacks being profiled or killed.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda/POU FAM♥ — – -***BIG HUG*** :>)

    – –Woo! Hoo! Luv some –“Boogie Wonderland”- –

    – —Earth Wind and Fire (Hearts Afire)– – -Woo! Hoo! – — –

    Have a good rest of the day. :>) —

  • Miranda

    According to my twitter timeline, Beyonce sang the National Anthem at her Super Bowl presser and then said “Any questions?”

    If that’s how it happened, MAD PROPS to her…way to shut the fools down.

    • Aquagranny911

      I’m neutral on Beyonce, although Hubby thinks she’s hot but I’m glad she socked it those useless fools in the media.

    • goldenstar

      Sasha. Fierce. showed. up. today.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – – -THIS is HOPEFUL :>) — –

    – – – –Dr. John S. Wilson Jr., new Morehouse president, to focus on ‘character’ and ‘capital– —
    – – — Dr. John S. Wilson Jr. has an outstanding resume. So much so that he was headhunted after a rigorous nationwide search to take on the role as president of Morehouse College.

    Wilson, who officially started his new job on Monday, has an exciting and challenging task ahead of him as Morehouse and other HBCUs struggle to remain relevant and financially viable in a more competitive higher education environment.
    “It is clear across all higher education establishments that the current financial model is unsustainable,” says Wilson in his first print or online media interview since taking office. “HBCU’s are no different. It’s incumbent upon leadership to figure out ways to be innovative and creative when it comes to our financial models.”

    Indeed, the financial recession is still taking its toll on U.S. higher education. HBCUs, for the most part, have faced greater challenges than predominately white institutions, from dwindling enrollment rates to competition from cheaper online colleges.

    Therefore, Wilson says his short-term goal for the prestigious all-male liberal arts college is to stabilize the campus and strengthen the infrastructure.
    THERE IS MORE.- – – —BEST WISHES. :>) — –

  • President Obama Signs New Directive to Strengthen our Work to Advance Gender Equality Worldwide
    Valerie Jarrett and Samantha Power January 30, 2013 10:50 PM EST

    …Today, President Obama took a critical step to institutionalize all these efforts by signing a Presidential Memorandum to strengthen and expand U.S. government capacity and coordination across all agencies to better promote gender equality and empower women and girls. In the Memorandum, President Obama reaffirmed that “promoting gender equality and advancing the status of all women and girls around the world remains one of the greatest unmet challenges of our time, and one that is vital to achieving our overall foreign policy objectives.”

    President Obama recognizes that in order to translate our commitment into impact we need dedicated professionals with the expertise and stature to lead our efforts and hold us accountable, which is why the Memorandum directs the Secretary of State to designate an Ambassador at Large reporting directly to the Secretary to head the office of Global Women’s Issues.

    …President Obama’s Memorandum also affirms the critical linkages between gender equality and our broader development goals, and ensures that the Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will continue to play a prominent role in advising the USAID Administrator on key priorities for U.S. development assistance. Finally, the Memorandum establishes an interagency working group on international gender issues, chaired by the National Security Advisor, which will provide strategic guidance, promote government-wide coordination, and spur new action across agencies from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to Peace Corps to the Department of Health and Human Services.


  • Miranda

    As expected, here comes the MSM to act as if Hagel did not do well today. They will now act as if the GOP showed even a modicum of intelligence. The media will now have us to believe Cruz, Graham and McCain actually showed any sign of common sense and asked relevant coherent questions. This is what they will do.

    • Rhoda

      I feel like the MSM is looking to tell a new story, Barack Obama on the ropes. It feels like the word went out to kneecap POTUS. especially with the sky high poll numbers.

      • Ebogan63

        Just like the last 4 yrs, Rhoda: MSM throwin’ shade at PBO.
        All anyone needs to say to ’em:


    • goldenstar

      Thank you!

      John McCain and Graham are looking really really old and stupid and irrelevant.

  • PBomb


    Karl Lagerfeld Doesn’t Care for Michelle Obama’s Bangs

    Karl Lagerfeld has always been such a hater. The designer is famous for blasting British celebrities for their fashion choices or figures. Well, now, he’s taken it to American soil and dissed a national treasure: First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Wearing his signature black get-up, sunglasses, and ponytail, the Chanel designer appeared on French television network Canal Plus’s “Le Petit Journal” when he was asked what he thought of FLOTUS.

    While he claimed he loves “Madame Obama,” he claims she dresses like a news anchor and he’s really not feeling her new bangs.

    “I do not understand the change in hairstyle,” he said. “Frankly this doesn’t suit her. The fringe was not a good idea, it’s not good.”

    Needless to say, Lagerfeld is pretty lonely in this opinion. In fact, even the President himself heralded the new ‘do as the “most significant event” of the inauguration weekend, adding, “I love my wife’s new bangs – she always looks good.”

    The 79-year-old German couturier is the king of dissing celebrities. He famously called Adele “too fat,” said Pippa Middleton “should only show her back” and described Heidi Klum as insignificant in the world of high fashion.

    You know, because a man with a big, gray ponytail should talk.


    • Alma98


    • Another bitter, old queen.

    • conlakappa

      He is a foul man. You need to induce vomiting in future, forget Ipecac. Look up what KL’s daily diet is.

    • Camille

      Does Mrs Obama look ravishing? Yes!

      Does she exude confidence and sweet, feminine hotness? Yes!

      Is it obvious that she feels really good about herself? Yes!

      Does her husband love the way she looks? Yes!

      Does she thrill and excite her husband in every way? Yes!

      Do I just love and adore this brilliant and sizzling hot epitome of 21st century First Lady greatness? Yes!

      That’s all that matters. Simple as that.

    • isonprize

      Can I tell him? Can I? Can I? Let me. Please? Alrighty then…

      Karl? no1curr.

    • nellcote

      He’s becoming the new Mr. Blackwell.

  • PBomb

    Applebee’s fires waitress who posted receipt from pastor complaining about auto-tip

    An Applebee’s waitress who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill on the Internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager.

    Chelsea Welch, the waitress, wrote in an email to Yahoo News that the pastor (who has since been identified as Alois Bell) told Welch’s manager at the St. Louis-area Applebee’s that the ensuing firestorm had “ruined” her reputation.

    “I give God 10%,” Bell wrote on the receipt, scratching out the automatic tip and scribbling in an emphatic “0” where the additional tip would be. “Why do you get 18?” (There were more than eight people in Bell’s party, triggering the auto-tip.)

    Read more here:

    • JojoRaze

      What a horrible pastor! Every one knows if you’re with a big group there is an automatic tip.

    • Aquagranny911

      That was ugly! Servers work hard for their money, especially if there is a large group. If you can’t afford to be generous with a tip when you eat out then you really should only eat McDonalds!

      I will add that the customer didn’t say they got bad service just “I give God 10%” Didn’t that person ever read that Jesus said: “Whatever you do to others you do to me.”

      I’m disgusted!

      • isonprize

        not to mention “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”

        Pay your taxes, give the waiter a tip, etc.

        What kind of “Pastor” was that?

    • Camille

      Shame on you pastor! You tightfisted, selfish non-representative of God.

    • GreenLadyHere

      PBOMB — – -***BIG HUG*** :>) —

      Applebees! – – -Applebees! – –. . . .Waitaminute. . . . — -WE NOT EVEN posta – -EAT THERE!! —

      – – – –Applebees Joins Papa Johns’ in Avoiding Paying for Obamacare – –
      – – – –Nov. 10, 2012 Zane Tankel Owns 42 Stores of Applebees Restaurants and is a franchisee of Applebee’s corporation, yet he used their name in a political attack on healthcare namely Obama’s healthcare plan the Affordable Healthcare Act.

      Applebee’s franchise owner joins a list of fast food restaurants that claim they will cut into their profits, if they have to follow the law of the land, which is to implement a healthcare plan for their employees.

      – – – –Di-ENT da –RIGHT – -REV — PASTA —GET da – – -MEMO!!???
      Humph!! — —

      Annnnd ANOTHA THANG: – – –THIS – –

      — –“And He will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help Me.'[Matt. 25:45] — – — SHAME –ON -U’ALL! —

      Good 2 C U PBOMB. :>) – —

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – — -IMMEDIATELY!- – –NO FLOWERS — –

    – — – –THIS BAND will B PLAYIN”– – – –

    – – –Karl Lagerfeld on Michelle Obama’s bangs: “Not a Good Idea” – – — –

    – – – – — -THE END.— –

    • creolechild

      Karl, Count Chockula wants his outfit back…but you can keep the shades!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY creolechild. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – – –

        – — – LOL – – – -***fist bump*** – — –

        Annnd da Count apologizes 4 the “BLOOD STAINS” — -on the lapels. :>) —

        Good 2 C U creolechild. :>) —

  • Miranda

    Charlie Kaye‏@CharlieKayeCBS
    Atlanta officials: There was an armed resource officer on duty at the middle school where a student was shot today.

    • Welp! There goes that pro-gun defense.

  • lamh36

    I think I pissed this chick off on my FB page she posted after the ATL shoting that President Obama “NEEDS” to talk more about violence in the inner cities like Chicago, Detroite and such like he “talks about Newton all the time”.

    I pointed out to her that POTUS has always mentioned Chicago in his remarks, and made a point to say that no child should feel unsafe at school and that there is only so much POTUS can do outside of EOs. I told her that it’s Congress job to make laws. So she then says she’s aware of the remarks, but POTUS needs to “DO SOMETHING” more to let people know that it’s important to him.

    Ok, so then I told her that POTUS could give speeches in Detroit, visit students in Chicago and sit down with people in LA, but their is only so much that he can do with words. Congress has to do their jobs.

    So then she says, well then he should give speeches or something to show he cares. So then I basically told her that speeches only go so far. it’s congress that needs to do something. I also said that the reason the tea party and gun rights advocates seem to be so powerful is because even though they are small, the lobby their members of congress, they “march” they “rally” and they make calls.

    then I said that people today think that just posting tweets or FB rants that get like by their “friends” mean they are advocating for something, but the real work is outside of social media. i told her the majority of congress critters don’t even monitor or post to their pages anyway, they are mostly run by interns, and I told her that it’s still the old ways that work to lobby congress (phones, emails, faxes, sit-ins, etc).

    I told her that yes social media was a part of why OfA was so successful, but that it did not take the place of person to person contact. “Boots on the ground” is what made OfA and the Obama campaign different from the rest.

    i told her that when POTUS urged people to call their congresscritters, that even people in blood red states called their people, cause even if they were few and far between they wanted their person to know that they had constitutions on the other side of the aisle as well.

    So she said “well how can “we” help “you” and that she would continue to post stuff to FB “if that was alright by me”…I just laughed cause then I knew that she just wanted to be a keyboard warrior and didn’t want to do any real work, so I just told her something to appease her. I’m too through with her when it comes to political advocacy.

    • Jziglar

      These people only like to complain about obama doing something like he is their daddy. You can present numerous facts like you did and they will ignore it.

      • conlakappa

        Daddy or the one who got away.

    • JojoRaze

      People want progress, but no struggle. The struggle has to be overcome to progress.

    • Aquagranny911

      Good for you for calling her out! When I hear or read people talking like that, the first thing I ask is: “What are you specifically doing your own self about that issue?”

      Obviously she just wants to whine on Face Book.

      • conlakappa

        Nothing moves the conversation/sets up an agenda for action like a keyboard warrior.

    • TresL

      You may want to mention that unfortunately, I think, because black kids are mostly being killed one at a time in our white-centric media those deaths just do not warrant the same wall-to-wall coverage and national mourning that follows a mass shooting, where you have victims and deaths in the double digits. That’s what PBO is responding to; in fact, he’s almost forced to because of the magnitude and impact of such tragedies. Again, unfortunately white kids are being killed in mass shootings while black kids are being killed one at a time. It’s the numbers that he’s responding to not the race of the victims. Now, I suppose a case can be made that if you add all the deaths of young people in Chicago together it would equal a mass shooting. PBO would have to move back to Chicago and remain there full-time to console all the parents who’ve lost children.

      Also, don’t forget the President did talk about Trayvon Martin and I believe that was the primary reason the RWNJs went after a dead boy who was clearly an innocent victim with such venom. I would imagine that’s the downside of being the first AA president. You can’t say anything kind or comforting about anyone or even nominate someone for a job, especially if they are black, without prompting a vicious and sustained attack of flying monkeys.

      I don’t need the President to ever say the word black or poor for me to know and believe that he cares deeply and always has our best interests at heart. That’s because I trust him. She does not and it’s that lack of trust and inability to think critically, strategically and politically that is at the root of many complaints about PBO by his “supporters.”

    • GN

      I have not a single solitary doubt in my mind that if PBO could snap his fingers and take away everything which ails people that he would. So given that reality, and the fact that a snap of his fingers can’t magically fix things, people need to figure out what we can do on a COMMUNITY, local, and state level to help matters. How many of us like me simply haven’t gotten around to more volunteering? lamh, I think your remarks were 100% on point for what it’s worth. If she got upset, so be it, she’ll get over it.

    • isonprize

      iamh, righteous rant, sister. Righteous.

      If your FB friend doesn’t understand that blogging or tweeting SUPPORTS activism, she’s clueless really. Complaining, especially complaining about what someone else should do, is not activism.

      She also needs to check out the School House Rock videos on how government works.

  • Miranda

    Case in point (about the trifling msm)

    Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd
    The other defense some Hagel supporters are trying with with me: “he’s professorial” it’s just his way.

    • *smh* And this is why the GOP gets away with the bs that went on today.

    • Aquagranny911

      Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie…don’t you know that the loudest croaking toads get gigged?

    • conlakappa

      “…are trying with me” Chuck, you Tweedle-Dee dingbat, your bias is showing.

    • GN

      This is why I think it was stupid for the lefty media to give the rest of the beltway media a pass for their bs after the first debate. Because what they were saying is that truth and facts no longer matter; it’s all about theatrics and drama. That is some bullshit. I don’t care if Hagel was spirited or subdued or whatever. This is not a Broadway play.

  • Miranda

    Oh______________________________O.M.G.____________________damn Kareem!!! _____________________________________________

    Girls Just Wants to Have (White) Fun
    by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Posted: 01/31/2013

    1. Their world is mostly white.

    Last season the show was criticized for being too white. Watching a full season could leave a viewer snow blind. This season that white ghetto was breached by a black character who is introduced as some jungle fever lover, with just enough screen time to have sex and mutter a couple of lines about wanting more of a relationship. A black dildo would have sufficed and cost less.

    I don’t believe that people of color, sexual preference, or gender need to be shaken indiscriminately into every series like some sort of exotic seasoning. If the story calls for a black character, great. A story about a black neighborhood doesn’t necessarily need white characters just to balance the racial profile. But this really seemed like an effort was made to add some color — and it came across as forced.

    • No. He. Did. Not. :-O

    • Alma98

      Loves it!

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      As-salamu alaykum Kareem!!!!!!!! This is GOLD!!!!

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      “This season that white ghetto was breached by a black character who is introduced as some jungle fever lover, with just enough screen time to have sex and mutter a couple of lines about wanting more of a relationship. A black dildo would have sufficed and cost less.”

      AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, this shit had me crying laughing on the floor for 10 minutes!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    • Camille

      Hot damn Kareem! LOL!

    • MsKitty

      A black dildo would have sufficed and cost less.

      Tell us how you really feel Kareem, don’t hold back.

    • ch555x

      the sky-hook goes SWOOSH!

  • Chris Christie Vetoes Help For Homeowners In State Plagued By Foreclosures
    By Guest Blogger on Jan 31, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    New Jersey is facing a twin crisis of foreclosures and lack of affordable housing, but Gov. Chris Christie (R) recently vetoed two bills that would have brightened the outlook for New Jersey residents struggling to afford homes.

    The first bill would have empowered New Jersey’s Housing Mortgage and Finance Agency to purchase foreclosed homes and transform them into affordable housing. In doing so, New Jersey would combat the crime and blight brought about by vacant homes, while also increasing housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income families.

    The bill had support not only from housing advocates, but from a broad swatch of businesses. What’s more, it would have been implemented without requiring state appropriations.

    The second bill would have improved New Jersey’s program to help unemployed or underemployed homeowners make their mortgage payments. This program, funded by a $300 million grant from the federal government’s Hardest Hit Fund program, has badly underperformed for years: according to the most recent statistics, the program has denied assistance to more than double the number of applicants it has helped, and it has spent less than one twentieth of the funds available (although changes have recently been announced that may improve the program). The bill would have mandated that the program respond to applicants and issue aid more quickly.


    • EmoProg hero at work.

    • Alma98

      uh huh

    • Camille

      But isn’t he just so fantastic!

      You know he’s very popular, he’s polling at 74% with his handling of sandy and all. Even Dems love him and he’s undefeatable because he’s just a sweetheart who really, really cares.

      Oh, and he’s never stopped dreaming since he rode with the president on Marine one.

      He was supposed to be traumatized by the sight of the destruction wrought by sandy which he’d just surveyed with the president.

      But forget that! Sweet, sweet, caring, sensitive Chris Christie was too caught up in the excitement of flying on Marine one. The lovable, sensitive bear was preoccupied with more important thoughts as he gushed on how he couldn’t believe that the son of Sondra and Bill Christie would be flying around on Marine one!
      Forget the ghastly sight and damage – borrrrinng! I’m inspired now! 2016, Marine one, Airforce one, here I come!
      Oh my, oh my.

  • Jennifer Hudson joining Newtown students at Super Bowl
    Mike Garafolo, USA TODAY Sports2:14p.m. EST January 31, 2013

    NEW ORLEANS – Grammy award-winning recording artist Jennifer Hudson will join the 26 students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in singing America the Beautiful during the Super Bowl XLVII pregame show on Sunday, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Thursday.

    It will be the second poignant Super Bowl pregame performance from Hudson, who performed the National Anthem before Super Bowl XLIII in what was her first public appearance after her estranged brother-in-law murdered her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.

    The NFL invited the students to sing a little more than a month after 26 children and faculty members were killed in the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

    The league is flying the students and their families to New Orleans later this week in advance of the performance, which will be broadcast live on CBS shortly before Alicia Keys performs the National Anthem.


    • Aquagranny911

      I think Jennifer Hudson is an exceptional talent & a brave courageous young woman.

  • Really, Barney Frank? REALLY???

    Frank ‘troubled’ by process of naming interim senator
    January 30, 2013 | By Chris Johnson on January 30, 2013

    …“But let me tell you, there was one thing that sort of troubled me in the discussion about it — nobody was particularly quoted; they attributed something to governor’s office and others — was that the governor would want to appoint someone who’s either a minority or a woman,” Frank added. “And what troubled me is the question of LGBT people was just kind of swept out. I’ve never asked for any appointment based on me being gay, but when they begin talk about the importance of diversity and leave us out, that troubles me.”

    While Cowan’s appointment was hailed a milestone for diversity in terms of race because he’s black, Frank said the lack of attention to being LGBT as a diversity factor suggests those involved with the decision were unaware of President Obama’s inaugural address in which he mentioned the 1969 Stonewall riots in the same line as other iconic civil rights moments.

    “It’s almost as if some people didn’t listen to the president when he said, ‘Seneca, Stonewall and Selma,’ and didn’t hear the Stonewall part,” Frank said.


    • jds09

      This bullshit is why he didn’t get picked. Too much drama.

      • Camille


        No time for peacocks, whiners or jerks.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Shut up, Barney.
      What a fucking prima-donna.

    • crazycanuck

      Ahh, so now he didn’t get picked because he is gay.

      • Tafr

        Of couse CC but we all know it really is the other way around. He expected to be appointed because he is an openly gay man. As TresL said that segment has already been represented so he can have a seat. Frank wants to break ground then he can do it like PBO, Tammy Baldwin, Warren and the rest of them did it work for it! Frank is just too good to work for it though. Much like his stans he expects shit to be handed to him because after all he is the PL hero of the month. I cannot wait for him to go the way of Dennis K.

        • trose1

          GOP have all types of white gay men in the Senate, what is Barney Frank upset about?

          • Camille


            Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Scott.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Governor Patrick made the right choice. That choice will keep that Senate seat blue. If Frank wants to make a statement, he needs to run for the damn seat.

    • Camille

      Oh fuck off Barney!

      You had your chance – and still do if you’re willing to run for the job which you still can.

      Or just shut up and buzz off and go make that boatload of money you shamelessly announced was your motivation for leaving elected office in the first place.


    • TresL

      Oh shut up Barney. Think! It is possible that a female or a black appointment could have also been gay. They are not mutually exclusive. And the fact that he was in congress for decades as an openly gay man means that that segment of the population has been represented. Warren is the first female senator ever elected in MA and there hasn’t been a black senator since Edward Brooke decades ago. So STFU and STFD! Retire already, disappear please!.

    • GN

      White privilege is a hellavua drug! All white senate, two black senators (one a Tom, albeit) serving at the same time for the first f-ing time ever in this country’s HISTORY and just like the teaparty, the racist PL is pissed!

      Told yall See the fauxgressive/emo attitude is that black people shouldn’t have SHIT unless and until everyone else has what they want FIRST. A black man appointing a black man to the senate, solid left of center, without regard to the professional left’s sentiments and without signalling that he’s ready to toss us under the bus is all it took to piss them off.

      Does Gov Patrick have the right to use his judgment as one of the most progressive governors in the country to appoint who he thinks is best for this state for a short-term 5 month period? Fauxgressives say NO. Rep. Frank just lost a metric ton of my respect, a metric ton of it. I thought he had substance but this tantrum is a disgrace.

      • nathkatun7

        Bravo, GN! Absolutely spot-on commentary. I wish I had read yours comment before I posted mine. You said so well everything I wanted to say.

        • GN

          Thanks, Nathan. Also disturbing is how Rep. Frank (and I’m sure, others) are using President Obama’s inaugural address to try to put other negros in our place. From what I read, Rep. Frank was on the short list for this appointment; his and the PL’s aggressive campaigning of Gov. Patrick may have harmed his prospects. Gov. Patrick may have also wanted to make a historic appointment, yet ensure that the appointee is a “placeholder,” i.e., that he’s not giving unfair advantage to one or another of the ultimate candidates for the seat. We don’t know. But the absolute nerve of Rep. Frank and his supporters to throw shade on Cowan’s historic appointment just shows their attitude toward us. In any event, for precisely this reason, I’ll be watching in 2016 for candidates who are running on some bullshit and refusing to make commitments to helping African Americans considering how much wealth we have contributed to this country and how much we have enhanced it while not being fairly compensated.

          • nathkatun7

            I am with you about 2016! I am also sick and tired of the so called liberal/progressives attacking the Black community despite the fact that Black folks have been the MOST LOYAL democratic voters. Without the overwhelming Black vote, Presidents JFK, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton would never have been elected. I am sick and tired of so called progressive Democrats disrespecting pragmatic and visionary Black leaders like Gov. Patrick and President Obama.

    • MsKitty

      If you didn’t want to leave DC you shoulda took your chances to keep your seat instead taking the punk’s way out. Have a whole theatre of seats.

    • Aquagranny911

      Barney, go down to Fall River & sit on the cactus I will have delivered to your door!

      This behavior is so unbecoming. Why don’t you run for Gov instead?

    • trose1

      U serious, so a white male is complaining about a Black man not giving him a job.

      • nathkatun7

        My question is why did Barney Frank retire from Congress if he still wanted to be a member of Congress? Sorry Barney, even white gays are still heavily invested in white privilege. Frank thinks Stonewall tramps Selma. Somehow he forgets that until he came out publicly about his sexual orientation he still enjoyed the right to vote and the right to run for office. For William “Mo” Cowan, his parents who are probably about Frank’s age, or may be slightly older, they didn’t have that luxury.

  • (h/t @RhodaJA)

    Newly Re-elected President Obama to Write Book With Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel
    News by Dean Fetzer November 7, 2012

    In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, 84-year-old Elie Wiesel talked about how he and President Obama had begun to write a book together after a shared trip to Buchenwald.

    The author, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, has written over 30 non-fiction and fiction books, including the acclaimed Night Trilogy, written after surviving his imprisonment at Buchenwald at the end of WWII. After Wiesel accepted an invitation to travel to Buchenwald with the President, the two became good friends – Wiesel gets invited to dinner!

    We talk about philosophy, contemplation, thought, but never about politics. He is a thinking person, a person with depth and intellectual curiosity.

    Wiesel said he and the President were writing “ a book together, a book of two friends” and would be resuming the project after the election. Another prize winner? Only time will tell.

    • conlakappa

      But the President has Jewish people on the list of folks he loathes. How could he possibly write with a Jewish icon?!!!

      • nathkatun7

        Elie Wiesel must be a “self-hating Jew” to agree to write a book With President Obama who, so we are told, hates Jews and hates Israel.

    • isonprize

      Corny and Travesty are REALLY pissed now….

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — GEESH! – – — -Universities ALLOWED 2 USED YOUR $$$ —2 FUND DISCRIMINATION!! –AGAINST U!!- – — – -***shakin’ my head*** —

    – – —Virginia Lawmakers Approve Bill Forcing Universities To Fund Student Groups That Discriminate – – –

    – – —The Virginia House of Delegates voted 80-19 today to approve HB1617, a bill that would invite any religious or political university student group to discriminate as they please and still require the campus to providing them funding and access to campus facilities. This would make LGBT students particularly vulnerable to discrimination because universities’ protections for sexual orientation are not enforceable under Virginia law. Under this bill, though, even a KKK chapter could hypothetically form, use campus resources, and openly discriminate against non-white and non-Christian students on campus.
    — – – -SNIP – —

    – -[WHA’?????? ]- – ->Conservatives have argued, however that nondiscrimination policies allow for “hostile takeovers“ — in which students with opposing views infiltrate and assume power in the organization — but there’s no evidence to suggest that this is plausible, let alone that it ever happened. Members of an organization are still allowed to vote for their group’s leaders, even with discriminatory intent, if all students remain eligible. Any student group that can’t persist on its own merits probably doesn’t warrant use of student fees in the first place.

    All 19 votes against the bill were cast by Democrats. It now advances to the Senate for committee consideration
    ——— —-RACIST – – -RE-THUCKERS!! – – –EVIL/VILE – — DISGUSTING!!! – –

    – –C’MON —KARMA!!! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — — DANG! — –The way that THEY went — AFTA Hagel – — —

    THIS is WHAT THEY woulda done 2 – -Dr. Susan E. Rice. —

    THEN – — WE WOULDA. . . . . hadta –MAKE some –“CALLS!!” – –

    Annnnd mcAncient is findin’ a way 2 – – -GET BACK at – -“THAT 1” — —

    He’s —BEYOND — -DISGUSTING!! – — I’m wishin’ alll –KINDSA BAD on him!!! –geesh!! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – -HAH! – — -BAIN & CO. – – -STILL on da BAD SIDE -of EMPLOYMENT!! – – —

    – –Bain & Co. involved in Time Inc. layoffs – –
    – – – –We reported yesterday that Time Inc. was laying off roughly 500 employees, or 6 percent of its staff. One detail we didn’t note: Bain & Co., the global management consulting firm where Mitt Romney once worked, was involved in the layoffs.

    — -AdAge reports that one of Laura Lang’s first moves as CEO “was to call a top-to-bottom review facilitated by consultants from Bain & Co., evaluating priorities, opportunities and trouble spots.”

    The latest round of cuts should bring Time Inc. staff down to about 7,500 employees, meaning it is still the largest magazine publisher in the U.S.

    SAME -OLE – — -SAME OLE – —-geesh!! —

    • TyrenM

      Was Halperin on the list? Yeah, I (k)no(w.)

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY TyrenM. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – – –

        – – –LOL – – -***fist bump*** — -BUT MOST importantly – —

        – -THIS!! – –> I (k)no(w.) – – – -***BOWIN’ DOWN** – – -BEYOND CLEVA!! – -:>) – — – – -! C U. :>) – – — :>) – –

        Good 2 C U. — TyrenM – :>) – – –

  • jds09

    I know I’m on the late freight…just watched the McCain/ Hagel dust-up about the surge. I have a renewed sense of gratitude that PBO beat that ass. McCain would have been an absolute disaster as president, maybe worse that W. He’s a mean and petty a-hole.

    • Camille

      He really is a small, sad person.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –Woo! Hoo! – – -CHA-CHING!!$$$$$ – – – —

    – – – –AT&T gave $3 million for Obama inauguration – —
    – – – –AT&T contributed $3 million in cash and more than $100,000 in services to President Obama’s inaugural committee.

    The communications company reported the contributions in a lobbying report filed Wednesday.

    The company is one of several that stepped up to fund the festivities after Obama announced that he would accept unlimited corporate contributions. In 2009, he eschewed corporate cash and capped donations at $50,000 each.
    THERE IS MORE. – – – – — -WAYTA – -Goooo! :>)

    [Gotta “bounce” 2 a BLACK HISTORY MONTH REHEARSAL :>) ***fist in da air*** LOL. — Back as soon as. :>)] —

  • GN

    Prayers tonight to the small autistic child in Alabama being held by a severely mentally disturbed and violent individual. Prayers to him, and prayers to his family.

    • isonprize

      GN, *blink* swallows hard

      Is this the fool that shot and killed the bus driver and took a little boy off the bus? Where did you find out that the boy has autism?

    • Aquagranny911

      Oh Dang! This is bad. I didn’t know this. All my prayers for the safety of this poor nino.

    • Camille

      Amen. May God hold the little one in his arms and completely numb the arms and legs of the disturbed adult long enough for the little child to be safely rescued.
      Please Lord.

  • rikyrah


    I still love Huck…..cause he offers to help in his own way…


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda——–[Apologies ifff a dup :>)] – — –DIVERSITY — on da MOVED – – -:>) —

    – — Exclusive: Colorado Lieutenant Governor a top pick for US Labor chief – sources– – –
    – – –Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia is a leading candidate to become secretary of labor in President Barack Obama’s second-term cabinet, sources familiar with the situation told Reuters on Thursday.

    Garcia, a Hispanic former president of Colorado State University-Pueblo, would bring racial diversity and a Western flair to Obama’s team.

    The president has faced criticism for failing to choose women and minority candidates for cabinet vacancies at the departments of state, defense, and treasury.

    Garcia, if nominated and confirmed, would succeed Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, a Latina who earlier this month announced plans to resign.

    Garcia, through a spokesman, declined to comment. The White House also declined to comment.
    THERE IS MORE. —– – — -WATCHIN’. . . . :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — — Oh! I’m sorry!! — Did da — nra(CISTS) – – – – -RESPOND 2 THIS TRAGEDY??? – – –geesh!!! – – – –

    – –14-Year-Old Shot In Head In Shooting At Middle School In Atlanta — –
    – – — — –A gunman opened fire in Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday afternoon, according to Atlanta police. Two people have been shot, including a 14 year old.

    WXIA-TV reported:

    According to the Atlanta Fire Department, there was a 14-year-old shot in the head. Grady Memorial Hospital says they have received one under-aged gunshot victim. They don’t know who the second victim is at this point.

    A teacher is also injured, but the report said it’s unclear whether he or she was shot. The school is on lockdown, and police and an ambulance are on the scene.

    Some of the recent updates the WXIA-TV has sent out:
    THERE IS MORE. – —Soooooooo SAD! – — –Sooooo VERY SAD!!

    – — -COMMENT: – – Orestes Ippeau
    Isn’t the 2nd Amendment AMAZING? Especially for kids: little teensy kids just out of play school with their cute little lunch boxes all excited about learning how to read, all the way up to middle school kids just embarking into their teen years. All these kids are so danged LUCKY that we got a 2nd Amendment to protect their liberties from the tyranny of the federal government and a N.R.A. to lobby for the arms merchants so we can keep the little kiddies ready willing and able to shoot all the terrists and tyrants they run into on a daily basis.
    — – -***hands out – -BAND AIDS****

    — – – – –PRAYIN’ 4 the VICTIMS/FAMILIES/SCHOOL – -AMEN. – – –

    – —–CURSES 2 da – – -nra(CISTS!!) – — CURSES!!! —-