July 26, 2017

Thursday Evening Thread: A Clear Choice

A Crystal Clear Choice if ya ask me!

  • PBomb

    All I have to say is… there isn’t enough Kool-Aid drinking in the world to believe this…

    Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis

    A University of Colorado (CU) analysis of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election predicts that Mitt Romney will win the election in November. The model used for the prediction is one that has correctly predicted all presidential elections since 1980, including George W. Bush losing the popular vote but still winning the election in 2000. [Details Here]

    “For the last eight presidential elections, this model has correctly predicted the winner,” said Michael Berry, political science professor at CU. “The economy has seen some improvement since President Obama took office. What remains to be seen is whether voters will consider the economy in relative or absolute terms. If it’s the former, the president may receive credit for the economy’s trajectory and win a second term. In the latter case, Romney should pick up a number of states Obama won in 2008.”

    Read more here: http://www.webpronews.com/presidential-winner-predicted-in-state-by-state-analysis-2012-08


    • Ebogan63

      Huffpo is pushing this bullshit on their site. Wonder if these folks predicted Reagan, who got reelected with 7.2% unemployment, by their metric he should have lost.

      • crazycanuck

        Well all I can say, is I’m not going to be happy until I hear in November ‘Barack Obama is the 45 President of the United States” cause I know you Americans are certifiable lol.

        • He’ll still be the 44th President

          • crazycanuck

            Oh right, but yeah can’t wait for November.

          • AxelFoley

            And I promise you that you’ll be happy, cc.

      • BoomerGal

        True but he was “white.”

        • Ebogan63


    • Aquagranny911

      Kenneth Bickers? ROTFLOL! If he’s the same one I’m thinking of, one of my daughters had a class with him at CU & the kindest word she called him was “idiot.”

      • TheShyLurker

        Kenny Bickers?!

        Is that a Simpsons character or something?

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Romney will win 52.9 % of the vote and 320 electoral votes, even by losing women, Latino/Latinas, Black Folks, and Romney being the most uncharismatic candidate since Adlai Stevenson? Funny, how I’ve never heard of this study performed before today nor do I seem to find any of their past predictions online?

      • BoomerGal

        Are Gays voting or are they sitting this one out, too?

  • Miranda

    Bain Documents: Romney Offshore Investments Used ‘Blockers’ To Avoid Taxes

    The private equity firm founded by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made use of arcane techniques in several of its Cayman Islands-based funds to avoid U.S. taxes, according to a trove of Bain Capital’s private audit and finance records made public on the website Gawker today.

    The audited financial statements of one of the Cayman Islands funds make note of the use of “blocker” entities, which are used to help retirement accounts and nonprofit entities avoid some taxes. Financial statements for another fund note that it “intends to conduct its operations so it will … not be subject to United States federal income or withholding tax …”

    more here

    • Kennymack1971

      Drip, Drip, Drip…

    • “Son of Boss”…”Blockers”. I sense a pattern and the REAL reason why Romney doesn’t want to show his tax returns. #TaxEvasion

      • MsKitty

        October surprise

      • Aquagranny911

        Nailed that!!!

    • conlakappa

      Um, ABC had to wait until Gawker found the information? How stupid does that so-called news department look right now? Isn’t that a site one goes to about “baby bumps?”

  • “Staged”??? Jackass.

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    “I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances,” said Mrs Obama about her visit today to Oak Creek. Meeting with families staged in local H.S.

    • Aquagranny911

      I wish I could stick Mark Knoller’s head in a bucket of ripe chicken manure.

    • Alma98

      He’s a pathetic s.o.b.

    • dannie22

      I saw Knoller in Cleveland when I saw PB at the community college. He was sitting there just typing away. I shoulda threw a shoe at him LOL

      • Aquagranny911

        Dang! But if you were wearing cool shoes you would not have wanted to waste them on an asswipe like that. Too bad you didn’t have a couple of over ripe tomatoes.

    • AxelFoley

      Mark Troller


  • And we thought Fox Nation’s “Hip Hop BBQ” was bad: http://twitpic.com/amxklf

    • Alma98

      Sepia you know we all look alike.

    • Miranda

      “failed baseball player”_____________________________”anti-police activist”________________________________________

      they stoopid.

      • JojoRaze

        Who knew hateration caused congenital stupidity!

    • conlakappa

      That Jordan fellow… remind me again what he was doing before he attempted to play baseball when he was nearly 40? /wife of Knicks fan

      • vulcan_girl

        I think he was in a hot dog commercial, and maybe underwear.

        • nellcote

          definitely underwear!

    • isonprize

      MICHAEL Jordan? stop playin’

    • Kennymack1971

      Now they’re smearing MJ? … SMH.. Obama Derangement Syndrome has got these right wingers saying and doing some stupid stuff.

      • AxelFoley

        Bad enough I see kids on message boards try to downplay MJ to hype up Lebron and Kobe, but Fox seriously wants to go there? Maybe Fox News should ask Fox Sports about that.

    • MsKitty

      That has got to be a parody. Got to be. Even Tibetan monks know Air Jordan.

    • AxelFoley

      LOL, the fuck?

  • Guess who took a trip to Tampa, FL…

    Akin assessing candidacy with conservatives in Florida

    Akin spent Wednesday night and Thursday in a series of private meetings at the two-day summit of the Council For National Policy (CNP), a secretive group of conservative leaders who are meeting in Florida before next week’s Republican National Convention.

    The congressman was scheduled to attend the conference long before he suggested that “legitimate rape” might not cause a woman to become pregnant, comments that have roiled the Republican Party and shifted the focus of the presidential race away from the economy and toward the divisive social issue of abortion – just days before the GOP officially nominates Mitt Romney as its standard-bearer.

    Multiple sources at the CNP conference told CNN that Akin is being encouraged by leading figures in the conservative movement to remain in the Senate race even as he faces pressure from Republican establishment.

    MORE: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/23/akin-assessing-candidacy-with-conservatives-in-florida/


    • Alma98

      HAHAHAHAHA! Akin to the GOP “y’all ain’t the boss of me”.

      • Aquagranny911

        That made me laugh! My three year old grandson told me this AM: “I’m almost 4. You’re not the boss of me anymore!”

        • Alma98


        • AxelFoley


          Sounds like my niece.

      • AxelFoley


  • Debates Denied, Univision Turns to Candidate Forums

    Univision’s request for an official presidential debate may have been rejected, but the Spanish language network has succeeded in securing both candidates’ attendance at “Meet the Candidate” forums, the network said late Thursday afternoon.

    President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney will sit down on separate nights for a question-and-answer session moderated by Univision’s Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas. The sessions will take place in front of a live audience and will most likely air on a delay with Spanish-language translation, a Univision spokeswoman said. The dates of the interviews have not yet been determined.

    MORE: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/debates-denied-univision-turns-to-candidate-forums/?src=twr

    • Alma98

      I hope they grill mittens good.

      • Aquagranny911

        I think they will. I love Jorge Ramos. He’s on my bucket list but I just want to cook him dinner, lol. Jorge interviewed PBO before so that should be good.

        Mittens will probably be grinning like a monkey & laughing like a hyena before his interview is over. I’m surprised he consented. I wonder if he will provide a list of only approved questions along with the no-no list he can’t be asked. I doubt this will work with Uni but you never know.

        I will be looking forward to both those interviews.

        • Alma98

          I will definitely be watching AG and Jorge has beautiful eyes.

          • Aquagranny911

            Yes he does!

        • conlakappa

          He’ll bring his hijo, the browned-for-the-Spanish-ad one, with him. And bray like a hyena.

          • Aquagranny911

            Nah! He’ll bring Miss Ann so she can put “you people” in their places after she hands him a change of Depends.

        • dannie22

          i saw Jorge interview Rubio. i dont understand a lick of spanish but Rubio looked like he wanted to go home to his mama!!!

          • Aquagranny911

            I saw that interview & Jorge did give Rubio a good schooling. Jorge does not put up with fools or liars.

          • TyrenM

            Waiting on another “I love papaya….”

        • Ebogan63

          I do understand enought espanol to be dangerous, and I hope Jorge kicks Rmoney’s azz!

      • Camille

        Not holding my breath.

        Jorge Ramos is the one that was upset that the Obama campaign used his image in ad. Please.

    • isonprize

      Oh how I wish PBO’s super-power dream came true right before the Q&A. He wished that he could speak every language.

      Wouldn’t it just be THE BOMB if he did that interview in Spanish?? LOLOLOLOL

      • Aquagranny911

        It so would be! I loved how he answered that question about “super powers” Do you notice how he pronounces foreign words correctly & tries a few phrases in the language of every country he visits?

        Our Prez is so special!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evenin’ miranda/POU FAM- – –He’s CLEARLY speakin’ da TRUTH. –

    — Soooo SPEAK ON! :>)

    – —WE ain’t mad at him. LOL – – – –

    – – -Annnnd – -SO R THEY! LOL – – –

    – – – –James Carville-Mary Matalin new ad during RNC – —

    – — — –First Maker’s Mark, now Mitsubishi.

    America’s most famous politically odd couple — Democratic consultant James Carville and Republican consultant Mary Matalin — are out with another ad that cashes in on their ability to overcome obstacles to find common ground.

    – – And, perfect timing: The ad is set to run Monday as the Republican National Convention gets underway in Tampa.

    In the new ad for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, the married couple haggle over the thermostat.
    – – -SNIP – —

    “It’s the energy bill, stupid.”

    Watch the ad below:

    LOL! – – -The – -BLITZ – – -IS soooo ON!! HAH!! :>)

    • TyrenM

      Do they have any children? Not that I care. Just thinking, that child would be taught “talking out the side of your mouth without saying anything…by experts.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — — -Ummm — – -Jus’ gettin’ in. THIS is makin’ some –“NOISE”: –

    – — – –The Bain Files: The Documents in Searchable Form – —

    – – – –These documents are part of a package on Mitt Romney’s Bain holdings. For the full report, go here.

    For a detailed look confidential financial information from the various funds Romney has invested in, go here. To search through the whole batch, look below. And to add your thoughts to the discussion, go here.

    – – – -O.K.- – -Worth lookin’ at. :>)

  • trose1

    Taniehsi Coates is a writing Black fool now. His article is featured on the cover of The Atlantic for September. Check out the pic. The interview with Coates is “special.”
    He will be on Chris Hayes show sometime this weekend.
    I read the article and I am not sure exactly what point he was trying to make, argue, etc.
    Over a month ago I read a poll in Ohio that stated, “there is no measurable AA support for Romney in Ohio.”
    Then yesterday a national poll says Romney is losting AA voters 94 to ZERO.
    I guess we will be blessed with Black pontificators like Mr. Coates who will be trotted out to tell us PBO is not doing enuff for us Blacks. Again, I am not sure what he is trying to communitcate.


    As a candidate, Barack Obama said we needed to reckon with race and with America’s original sin, slavery. But as our first black president, he has avoided mention of race almost entirely. In having to be “twice as good” and “half as black,” Obama reveals the false promise and double standard of integration.

    • BoomerGal

      “In having to be “twice as good” and “half as black,” Obama reveals the false promise and double standard of integration.” OMG!! This is short, sweet and DEAD ON POINT!!! There it is!! Slam dunk!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY trose1. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – -NOT 2 worry. His BLAH CARD has BEEN REVOKED – – -sooo WE ‘ONT KNOW – – – -who he REPPIN’ 4! LOL.

      – – — – Watch his BANK ACCOUNT!! $$$$- – –He ‘ON’T CARE! geesh!!- — –

      – -He jus’ CAIN’T let that OBL Killin’ – – -GO!!- — BUT- – -ALL the PEOPLE – –he participated in killin’ – —***shrug** —

      — -There R a – -COUPLE of SEATS – – -RESERVED 4 HIM.- –

      BUT — -he seems 2 ENJOY- – -sittin’ with — -da ENEMY!! –humph!!

      Trose1♥- -sooo good 2 C U. :>)

      • trose1

        Hey GLH how u doing?
        The all mighty dollar is the root of all evil.
        He seems conflicted.
        We will see if he goes Atura Davis on us.

        • GreenLadyHere

          —Pretty good –trose1. :>) —

          He STR8 B LUVIN’ –$$$$. I guess!! – –

          LOL “Atura Davis.” — –

    • conlakappa

      Um, your substantive points aside, Jesse Freakin’ Jackson is included in that pantheon? What, just because he ran for President? If that’s the case, I guess Shirley Chisholm’s image was cropped out.

    • dannie22

      What TNC was really saying was, “I need a come up real quick to get those dollars and I cant do that if I dont rip the first black President!”

    • aleth

      Why can’t these black men just live their own lives and stop trying to impute their own inferiority complex onto another black man. Why use his own conflicted definition of blackness on to another black man. But like Dannie, Itgurl and so many have pointed out, this is an inherent aspect of our community. I mean they did say MLK was causing too much trouble.

      I am not impressed and I AM not his intended audience. His audience are the same block heads who eat CORNELL and TARVIS while they offer nothing to our community. It’s a hustle.

      A hustle for to make money from aspect of America. Next…. He has to make his money and get his attention before the election is over. SMH … next..

      He will fall into the same history as the rest… what if and coulda woulda.

      • GN

        Black Obamabots are a dime a dozen. Black cosigners of the GOP and the cannibalistic PL are more rare, more precious, and more rewarded. Disappointing turn of events, and no, we aint dude’s audience at all.

    • GN

      His career will absolutely take off. He will be a favorite and a go-to for fauxgressives who do not want to hear shit about doublestandards, soft racism, and how their continuous tantrums and lack of political/strategic prowess is the laughing stock of the country and how a movement with popular ideas has managed to be demonized in this country. Rather than introspection and growth, the TNCs of the world comfort them that, no, it really is the negro in the WH whose lack of “fight” justifies the lefty media’s slaughter of his unprecedented and brilliant reforms. /as you can tell, I’m pretty disappointed right now at yet another brother in the media sold out

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —[Apologies ifff a dup] – —


    – – –She’s a hit! All-American sweetheart Gabby Douglas throws out first pitch at Mets game

    – ——-America’s gold medal sweetheart Gabby Douglas paid a visit to Queens today to throw the first pitch in a Rockies vs Mets game.

    The gorgeous gymnast did not wear any one of her sparkling leotards, however, but opted for a Mets jersey with a No 1 on it over a pair of boot-cut jeans.

    She visited CitiField as part of the team’s Kids event, where she spoke with kids from local YMCAs about her path to glory.

    – – – –Striking: America’s gold medal sweetheart Gabby Douglas paid a visit to Queens today to throw the first pitch in a Rockies vs Mets game- – –

    – — -OMG! – – – – –THAT PIC in her – -PINK SKIRT- – —BEYOND- –FIERCE!!- – – -BEYOND- – -GEORGEOUS!! :>)

    – — -WE LOVE U – -Dear GABBY!-♥ – – -BLESS U. :> ***HUGS** :>) – –

  • rikyrah

    Giving up on the 38% goal
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:19 PM EDT.

    Just yesterday, one of the leaders of Mitt Romney’s Hispanic leadership team said the campaign has a specific target: “[O]ur goal is to hit 38 percent with the Hispanic vote.” That would be a significant increase over McCain/Palin, which won 31% of the Latino vote in 2008.

    Maybe now would be a good time for Team Romney to aim lower.

    Arizona immigration law author and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is representing 10 immigration agents in a lawsuit filed Thursday against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, for policies they say prevent them from doing their job of defending the Constitution. […]

    The suit goes after two key Obama policies on immigration: prosecutorial discretion to focus on criminals and repeat offenders, as well as deferred action for undocumented young people.


    • Aquagranny911

      Doesn’t Kobach have enough evil to do in his own state? Goatfigging slime sucking ignorant pig nut!

  • rikyrah

    August 23, 2012 5:57 PM
    How Many Pieces of Silver To Buy Off Akin’s Base?

    By Ed Kilgore

    I’m not sure of the exact timing on this—i.e., don’t know if it was sent out before or after the new Rasumussen poll showing Todd Akin looking like roadkill in Missouri—but for what it’s worth, Mike Huckabee, a man with the power to disrupt ordained GOP messaging, has sent out an email (per Time’s Halperin) sticking by Akin come hell or high water:

    The Party’s leaders have for reasons that aren’t rational, left him behind on the political battlefield, wounded and bleeding, a casualty of his self-inflicted, but not intentional wound. In a Party that supposedly stands for life, it was tragic to see the carefully orchestrated and systematic attack on a fellow Republican. Not for a moral failure or corruption or a criminal act, but for a misstatement which he contritely and utterly repudiated. I was shocked by GOP leaders and elected officials who rushed so quickly to end the political life of a candidate over a mistaken comment in an interview. This was a serious mistake, but it was blown out of proportion not by the left, but by Akin’s own Republican Party. Is this what the party really thinks of principled pro-life advocates? Do we forgive and forget the verbal gaffes of Republicans who are “conveniently pro-life” for political advantage, but crucify one who truly believes that every life is sacred?

    In any event, if the powers-that-be in the GOP succeed in coming up with the proper Severance Package to separate Todd Akin from his spot on the November 6 ballot, they may need to cut a separate deal with Huck and his Christian Right friends. You don’t agree to crucify your comrade-in-faith without at least thirty pieces of silver.


    • conlakappa

      Not intentional? Did the reporter lure him into saying? When precisely did grown-assed people not become responsible for a ding-darned thing they’ve said? Does he not have facility with spoken English? Huck-a-buck.

      • Aquagranny911

        It’s “grown-assed” Repugnants who are never responsible for anything they say because they have that “Misspoke” button they can press for “retroactive do-overs.”

        Dang! I thought everybody knew that by now.

        • conlakappa

          ::throws chancleta::

          Pardon me, I was just born yesterday. Oh, wait, it was on a day but not yesterday.

          • Aquagranny911

            LMAO! I do ♥ you very much even when you throw shoes at me.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – – –Ohhh — YES!!- -He is CLEARLY- annnd EXTREMELY- —- -ANTI-ABORTION!!- —

    – —Paul Ryan Cosponsored All the Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Bills – —

    – – – –Over his career in the House, GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan has endorsed a number of measures that would limit or completely bar abortion in the United States. Although Ryan’s anti-abortion credentials have gotten plenty of coverage since he was announced as Romney’s veep choice, the full extent of the measures he’s endorsed is breathtaking, and includes cosponsoring a measure that would allow hospitals to deny women access to an abortions even if their life is in immediate danger.

    The House passed the Protect Life Act in October 2011, with Ryan as one of its 145 cosponsors. The measure would allow hospitals to refuse to “participate in” or “provide referrals” for abortions. Current law states that any hospital that receives government funds is required to provide emergency care for anyone. If a hospital is affiliated with a religious institution that refuses to provide abortion care under any circumstance, they’re legally required to transfer the patient to a hospital that will. But the measure Ryan cosponsored would remove that obligation, leading opponents to criticize the bill for letting women “die on the floor.”

    Here’s a rundown of other extreme anti-abortion measures Ryan cosponsored:
    THERE IS MORE — –Annnd it’s GOOD — annd DAMAGIN’!! – –HAH!!

  • rikyrah


    I love State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio.

    She absolutely rocks!!

    • nellcote

      totally politically girl crushing on her. And because I’m trivial, I really liked her top today. lol

  • TheShyLurker

    Nina Turner, Nina Turner, Nina Turner….

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda —-WHEW LAWD!! – – – -SISTA NINA TURNER!! –

    – – – – – -BEYOND – -F-I-E-R-C-E!!! – – —

    U KNOW she wanted 2 SAAAAAAA-LAP –that Former State Senator

    Jennifer Bruner- -on the Ed Show!! — -She was a WHINEY – WANCH!!- —LOL —

    Glad they weren’t in the SAME LOCALE. There woulda BEEN some —STR8 —WIG SNATCHIN’.. — -LOL – – –

    — – -LUV – -HER!! — -:>)- –

    • TheShyLurker


      Missy Poo was essentially saying both sides do it with her grandstanding comment.

      Ms. Turner made it clear – it’s the Republicans alone who are suppressing the vote.

      • rikyrah

        Bruner was pathetic.

        St. Senator Turner was ON FIRE!!!


        • nellcote

          I loved the way she was passionate AND clear about the message. Too often it’s one or the other.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY ShyLurker. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        — ***-DOUBLE –fist bump*** —LOL – – – –

        – – – -LOL —“Missy Poo” – – – trynta LEAVE —POLITICS outt – – -POLITICS!! – –Missy WUSSY!! —needsta —-

        – – —SIT on THIS – –WITH – -“Miss MUFFET” – – -LOL

        Good 2 C U – -ShyLurker!! :>)

    • nellcote

      Bruner was a shock today. She had nothing to say and was a total waste of time. A shame as she was a really good election supervisor when she had the job.

      • conlakappa

        Isn’t she a darling of the emoprogs? Gotta keep those guest diaries and Netroots invitations coming.

      • GreenLadyHere

        nellcote – — REALLY? —–WAY-ELL – — -she done LOST

        her “SHINE.”- – -:>) —

    • dannie22

      she was former secretary of state. I missed most of her appearance but i heard it was a big fail. How are you tonight GLH?

      • GreenLadyHere

        –LOL – – -An – – –EPIC – — -WHINEY — SPINELESS — –FAIL! – –

        THANK U dannie♥

  • isonprize

    Sharing what a great President we have!!

    We simply MUST keep this man is office for four more years!!

    • Aquagranny911

      We must & we will!!!

  • rikyrah

    Political Animal


    August 23, 2012 3:11 PM
    Historic Moment For Rasmussen

    By Ed Kilgore

    So something unprecedented in public opinion research happened today: Rasmussen put out a poll showing a statewide Democratic candidate opening up a sudden, huge lead over a Republican candidate, and there were undoubtedly cheers across the entire elite GOP/conservative universe.

    Yes, Raz has Claire McCaskill up by a 48-38 margin over Todd Akin, with Akin’s favorable/unfavorable rating coming in at 35/63, and nearly half viewing him “very unfavorably.” On the question of whether Todd should stay or go, 41% say “stay” and 42% say “go,” but in the brief analysis it’s made reasonably clear (without breakdowns) that most saying “stay” are Democrats.

    Whether this will have an immediate impact on Akin’s thinking about his candidacy is anybody’s guess, but I doubt he’ll be able to keep citing that snap poll from PPP released Monday night that showed him still up by a point over McCaskill.


  • lamh35

    This is why the Obama camp goes around the village and the MSM. Local reporters are actually looking to ya know actually report news that their viewers want to know from a candidate. The village on the other hand are just stenographers for the GOP (I’m looking at you Dick Halperin & Howard Fineman!)
    Romney Campaign Forbids Local Reporter From Asking About Akin, Abortion

    Boyd told TPM that the Romney campaign offered her station an interview with Romney, one of several local news hits in swing states that Romney conducted via satellite Thursday. A campaign staffer whose name she didn’t divulge told her what questions she wasn’t allowed to ask.

    “They said, you know, ‘the only stipulation is we don’t want you talking about the Akin issue,’” Boyd recalled. She also said the Romney staffer told her the campaign didn’t want questions for Romney about ‘the whole abortion controversy.’”

    Boyd said she resisted.

    “I said to them, ‘Look everybody’s talking about this. It’s going to seem awkward if I don’t ask about it,’” she said. “And they said, ‘Well he’s said all he’s going to say about it. He doesn’t have anything more to say, you won’t be getting any new information so we don’t want to talk about that.’”

    “It was pretty clear: ‘Here’s our one stipulation,’” she recalled.

    Boyd ultimately agreed to the stipulation because she said there were other issues important to her viewers she wanted to ask Romney about. She said that making Team Romney’s reticience about Akin questions public was as good as getting an answer about

    • isonprize

      Plus, it wasn’t so much that the R-money campaign forbid the question, it was that SHE TOLD IT!!

      She wasn’t supposed to tell it. THAT’S THE STORY!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

      • Miranda

        Exactly! What the Romney campaign should have told her was that she couldn’t ask certain questions…AND she couldn’t TELL THAT SHE WAS TOLD SHE COULD ONLY ASK CERTAIN QUESTIONS! LOL…Romney’s camp got dumb people that don’t think things all the way through.

  • lamh35

    wouldn’t it be interesting if Huckabee had Akin as his plus one for the Repub Convention??

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — -UH! – –OH! – — Betta get those JAIL SPACES READY! – –

    – – – –Disgruntled Employees of Bain-Owned Companies Plan RNC Ambush for Romney – —

    – – – – –The progressive activist group UnitedNY is sending a group of people who have “worked for various companies owned by Bain Capital” to Tampa to serve as “ambassadors for the 99%” at the Republican National Convention. UnitedNY announced their convention plans today via a press release inviting reporters to watch the Bain workers depart from JFK on Saturday.

    -“The workers traveling to Tampa have worked for various companies owned by Bain Capital, a private equity firm Mitt Romney founded in 1984. They will participate in protests to draw attention to the harmful effects a “Romney-Ryan” economy would have on the vast majority of Americans,” the press release said.

    – – – – –In addition to employees from the Bain-owned companies Dunkin’ Donuts, Burlington Coat Factory and Air Serv Corporation, UnitedNY said their RNC delegation will include other non-Bain affiliated “low-wage workers from throughout the city, representing various industries.”

    – — – –There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight, – –

    – – -SAAAAANG – –Ms. Bessie!! LOL — –

    • Aquagranny911

      GOP don’t have to worry about hurricane Issac because I think they will be washed away in a Tsunami of people power. I have my Moose Munch & Hornitos all ready!

      OT: I love, love, love Bessie! BIG HUGS & ♥

  • nellcote
    • TyrenM

      Welcome to Tampa, where the building you’re partying in was built with Taxpayer Money. Government created jobs.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – – -HEADLINE: – –ALL OUR SKIN FOLK — -AIN’T OUR KIN FOLK!! – – -LOL

    – – —Tara Wall: Blacks Meet Regularly to Advise Mitt Romney – – –

    – – – —As the GOP prepares to meet in Tampa next week, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has been meeting with a team of politically diverse Black advisors as part of his growing campaign strategy against President Barack Obama, confirms a campaign spokesperson.

    “There is a Black coalitions group that meets regularly with the Romney campaign,” says Tara Wall, senior communications and coalitions advisor for the Romney campaign. “This is not new. This is something that’s been going on for several months.” – – – [geesh!!! – –A ROOM –FULL of SYCHOPHANT$$$]

    Speaking guardedly about the advisors during an interview with the Trice Edney News Wire, Wall declined to give names of any Democrats who might be involved. “They are not just Republicans. They’re a diverse group,” she said.

    She did mention the Rev. Jeff Brown as being someone to whom Romney listens. Brown is the African-American co-founder of the Boston Ten Points Coalition, who spoke highly of Romney during his appearance at the NAACP Convention in July. Brown said he was not endorsing Romney per se, but told the media how Romney had worked “in a bi-partisan fashion with inner city Black clergy” when he was governor of Massachusetts.

    – – – —-BUTT-KISSIN’ – – – -4 BUCK$$$$$– –LOL

    [POU FAM: – –Gotta “bounce” 2 a “brief meetin'”. Back soon. :>)]

    • aleth

      Well it ain’t moved no one!

    • dannie22

      well Tara I just want u to know that your doing a good job. 94-0. Great job Tara LOL

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        HEEY dannie22 ***BIG HUG** :>)

        – -LOL – —She —EARNIN’ – –her KEEP —/SNARK!! – -LOL.

        – —–Oh well. – –She hasn’t had a decent GIG – –since 2008. NOW she gon have – -ANOTHER 4 YEAR DRY SPELL! LOL – –

        YEAH – -HE GON LOSE!! – –LOL —

        Good 2 C U dannie.♥ :>)

    • Kennymack1971

      Whatever Tara, we already know you’ve got some felonious backstabbing negroes working for Willard and still all you have to show for it is 0 percent.. great job.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Kennymack1971. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        – – -LOL — – – felonious backstabbing negroes – – -LOL

        – —Good 1! – –:>)

        — – -OH. BTW — –Diju AXE — – –4 THIS? – –LOL – – –OF COURSE – -U DID! :>)

        Good 2 C U – -Kennymck1971. :>)

  • Alma98

    Well I thought I had seen it all until this monstrosity.
    WTH! is wrong with people. H/T Wonkette

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Got some 55’s on that. How does it turn?

      • Alma98

        I have no clue hahaha!

  • dannie22

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19364384#TWEET204705 Lance Armstrong is no longer fighting doping charges. Could lose all of his titles

    • Miranda


      • crazycanuck

        Whoa, what !

      • dannie22

        Lance has now been stripped of all seven titles and banned for life from cycling.

        • crazycanuck

          really? dam!

    • TyrenM

      OK. Off with Rachel rerun. Sportcenter here I am. That said, not surprised. After Floyd Landis told on him, I figured just a matter of time.

      • Admiral_Komack

        It’s Obama’s fault.

    • GreenLadyHere

      WOW&1/2.!! —THIS is HUGE. – –A WHOLE CAREER – – – -GONE. — Axin’ him: Was it worth it?? – – – -Hmmmm. . . .

  • Miranda

    Spread this far and wide!

    Romney says big business is ‘doing fine’ during Minn. visit

    MINNETONKA BEACH, Minn. – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says big business in the U.S. is “doing fine” in most places.

    Romney’s assertions resembled President Barack Obama’s remarks earlier this summer that the private sector “is doing fine.” Republicans pounced on Obama’s comments, saying they proved he was out of touch with the nation’s economy.

    more here

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM –[YA KNOW — SOME people jus’ KNOW HOW 2 have BRIEF meetings – – – – LOL]

    Any hoo – – – -LOL – —HERE is the ONE TIME – –that — teh WILLARD — -tol’ – – – –***cough*** —da – -tr — —tru – –***cough*** –TRUTH!! **sigh** LOL

    – — – – Romney Campaign Admits Oil and Gas Industry Wrote Their Energy Plan

    – – – — – –Not even trying to fool anyone anymore, the Romney campaign has admitted that their energy policy was written by the oil and gas industry.

    Mitt Romney has unveiled his energy policy, and it looks like this:
    – – -SNIP – —

    – — –This plan looks oddly familiar. In fact, we saw this same plan in 2008 when it was called drill, baby drill. The Romney plan looks like it would be a dream deal for the gas and oil industries, and it should, because they wrote it.
    – – -SNIP—

    You have got to hand it to Mitt Romney. He isn’t even trying to fool people anymore. Mitt Romney’s ideas for energy will make George W. Bush and Dick Cheney look like environmentalists.

    Romney’s plan is based on the outright lie that the oil and natural gas drilled for in this country belongs to the United States.
    THERE IS MORE. — —

    – – – -WHEW LAWD!! – – —Annnd Mr. FAREED was suspended —4 PLAGIARISM!! LOL

  • BluMilw

    Longtime lurker, first time posting. I saw our beautiful First Lady today at her stop in Milwaukee. She was very passionate about all that POTUS has accomplished in his first 3.5 yrs. I was already fired up but even more so now! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

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    – – – –BREAKING: Major Victory For Voting Rights Advocates As California Legislature Approves Election Day Registration – – –

    – – – –As voter suppression laws spread across the country, voting rights advocates can take heart: the biggest state in the nation is on the cusp of passing a major voter protection initiative.

    Election Day Registration (EDR), which allows citizens to register up to and on Election Day, passed the California State Senate today by a party-line vote of 23-13. AB 1436 had passed the State Assembly in May 47-26.

    Under current law, Californians cannot register to vote in the final two weeks before an election, just as many Americans are beginning to tune in. EDR will eliminate that deadline, ensuring that no citizen is disenfranchised because he or she wasn’t registered beforehand.

    This won’t just benefit slackers. Historically-disenfranchised citizens like minorities and poorer Americans, will particularly benefit from EDR. On average, studies have found that EDR boosts voter turnout by seven percentage points. Common Cause’s Phillip Ung told ThinkProgress he “expects voter turnout to increase by the hundreds of thousands” solely as a result of EDR.

    Eight states currently allow their citizens to register on Election Day: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. California is poised to become the latest, and by far the largest, state to enact EDR.

    Woo! Hoo! – – – – -VOTER SUPPRESSION is LOSING — –HERE!! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –Dear POU FAM♥ –G’NIGHT. :>) MAY U HAVE BLESSED SWEET DREAMS ♥ -♥ :>) – —

    – – – –UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT. ♥ :>) — –