October 23, 2017

Thursday Open Thread- African-American Opera Singers



Barbara Smith Conrad (born 1940) is an American operatic mezzo-soprano of international acclaim. Born Barbara Smith, she was raised inCenter Point near Pittsburg, Texas. In 1957, Barbara Conrad became the focus of a racial controversy revolving around her role in a student opera at The University of Texas at Austin. Pressure from the Texas Legislature forced her removal from the cast, and her story received national media coverage. Barbara continued her education at The University of Texas at Austin and received her Bachelor of Music degree in 1959.

The youngest of five children, Barbara Smith displayed a love and aptitude for music. As early as age six, Barbara performed with her brother the complicated music of Mozart and traces her musical roots to her family’s home in the east Texas community of Center Point. It was here that she and her siblings explored a variety of musical genres on the family piano and in their local Baptist church.

Barbara was admitted into the University of Texas at Austin in 1956. She was part of the first class of African American undergraduate students to attend the university. In 1957 Barbara auditioned for, and was awarded, the leading role in the university’s production of the opera, Dido and Aeneas. Her role of Dido, the Queen of Carthage, placed her opposite a white student as Aeneas, her lover.


The casting of Barbara incited a campus-wide controversy that escalated to the Texas legislature. The president of the university was advised to remove her from the cast. Barbara’s story was covered by national news media, prompting a carte blanche offer from Harry Belafonte to underwrite her studies at the institution of her choice. Barbara, however, chose to remain at the University of Texas at Austin.

She was one of the early pioneers in the movement to create a more open and diverse university community, and her accomplishments and fortitude as a student represent an important chapter in the university’s history. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas in 1959. After graduation, she joined Equity, the entertainment labor union. Equity already had a Barbara Smith registered. It was at this time that she began using her father’s first name, Conrad.

Barbara Smith Conrad has performed leading operatic roles with the Vienna State Opera, Teatro Nacional in Venezuela, the Houston Grand Opera, New York City Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, and many other international opera houses throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America. She performed with the Metropolitan Opera for eight years, from 1982 to 1989, under the direction of some of the world’s leading conductors, including Maazel, Bernstein, and Levine. She has performed much of the mezzo-soprano concert repertoire with the world’s greatest orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic and the London, Boston, Cleveland, and Detroit symphonies.

In addition to her operatic stage roles, Barbara played Marian Anderson in the 1977 ABC movie Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years, and in 1994 followed that performance with a European concert/recital tour commemorating the renowned contralto. In 1987, she was invited by President Reagan to sing at the White House in honor of Lady Bird Johnson’s seventy-fifth birthday. A personal highlight for her was an invitation to perform for Pope John Paul II during his 1995 visit to New York City. Among her many other accomplishments is her recording of a collection of Negro spirituals with the choir of the Convent Avenue Baptist Church, released on the Naxos label to critical acclaim.

Today Barbara  is the co-director and co-founder of the Wagner Theater Program at the Manhattan School of Music, and maintains a private vocal studio in Manhattan. She was also the subject of a recent documentary, When I Rise, detailing the controversy she encountered at the University of Texas.

I encourage everyone to watch the documentary, “When I Rise”. It gave me the idea for this week’s open threads.

***Information courtesy of Wikipedia and the documentary, When I Rise***

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  • Oprah wants a sit-down with George Zimmerman about Martin shooting

    “Mr. Zimmerman…I would love to talk to him.”

    So Oprah Winfrey says about her fervent wish to interview George Zimmerman, the man who shot African American Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

    Oprah tells TV celeb show Extra’s AJ Calloway she is deeply disturbed by the incident. “It is a tragedy and it is a shame that we’re sitting here 33 days later and there hasn’t been an arrest, or questioning of what actually happened.” Oprah adds that the national outcry over the slaying is proof that U.S. discourse has progressed when it comes to race. “I saw some people on Twitter saying nothing has changed, the same thing’s going on. Lots has changed and you know why? Because black people, white people, brown people, yellow people all over this country and all over the world are saying the same thing “it’s a tragedy and it’s a shame and justice needs to be served.”


    • Miranda

      I wonder if before that he asked her about interviewing the Martins and she answered, then he followed up with that question. I hate when we get these chopped up parts of an interview in a column. However, I bet anything she is trying to get Trayvon’s parents for a sit down.

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      Will they share a beer?

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      Ima need Oprah to let this one go. I’ve defended her in the past to peoPle who thinks she always in for ratings but the would be a bridge too far, IMHO.

      I understand her network ain’t doing so good, but this ain’t the way to do it.

      I’m with miranda if she’d interview the Martins I would be on board, but I’m betting she calculating that she needs to reach her white audience so Zimmerman is the way to go

      Very bad idea

      • crazycanuck

        I agree 100%

    • itgurl_29

      Nope. I’m tired of Oprah and her constant quest for white viewers. If she were to interview Zimmerman, she’d try to humanize him. Oprah don’t like to call racism “racism”. So she’s the last person who needs to be interviewing ol’ George.

      You wanna interview somebody, Oprah? Interview the Martin family and let them kill the thugification of their son once and for all.

      • Miranda

        And not an interview on a set. In Sybrina Fulton’s home.

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    – – –She’s a – —FIRST! – —Barbara was admitted into the University of Texas at Austin in 1956. She was part of the first class of African American undergraduate students to attend the university.

    – — – -Annnd – — THIS Is EXCITING: – — In addition to her operatic stage roles, Barbara played Marian Anderson in the 1977 ABC movie Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years, . . .



    Have a GOOD DAY. :>)

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    Whistleblower: Insurance Industry Doesn’t Want Affordable Care Act Repealed, It Wants Democrats Defeated- 03/29/12

    By Doug Cunningham

    Wendell Potter spent 20 years as top executive with CIGNA. He wrote “Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans”. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act – with a decision expected in June – the insurance industry whistleblower says the industry’s real goal is not to repeal the law, but to defeat Democrats in November.

    [Wendell Potter]: “They don’t want the bill – quite honestly – to be overturned or repealed. They want the bill to go forward with the individual mandate intact. But what they want to do is to get people to vote out the Democrats who voted for the bill so that they’ll have more friends in Congress to strip out the consumer protections.”

    Potter says for-profit health insurers are killing health health care and their unsustainable system will implode within a few years. That’s the view he got from the CIGNA corporate ladder.

    [Potter 2]: “The higher up that ladder I climbed the more I could see what these companies do to meet Wall Street’s profit expectations. And most of the big insurance companies are now for-profit companies. They cancel people’s health insurance when they get sick. They refuse to sell coverage to people who need coverage. They price policies so high that small businesses can no longer afford care. They are spending less and less of our premium dollars on our health care and more and more to reward shareholders and senior executives


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    PBOMB – – —Oooo-Kaaay – – –LET’S EXPOSE the “z-man’s” – —PAST!! – —

    – —Zimmerman’s Ex-Fiance Filed Restraining Order Against Him – – – –

    – —–Just as Trayvon Martin‘s leaked marijuana suspension made national news, George Zimmerman‘s past run-ins with the law are also beginning to come to light.

    MSNBC reports that Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a “civil motion for a restraining order alleging domestic violence” in 2005. Zimmerman counterfiled for a restraining order against Zuazo. Both restraining orders were eventually granted. In December of 2006, he was charged with speeding, but the charge was dismissed after the cop failed to show up in court.


  • rikyrah

    just wanted to remind folks….

    all of the evil coming out now about the Trayvon Martin case…

    NONE of it would be happening without the Justice Department getting involved.

    so, smack that back to the ridiculous ones who complain about the President not wearing a hoodie.

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    CNN Poll: Obama leads Romney and Santorum in November showdowns

    Posted by
    CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser

    President Barack Obama holds a double-digit lead over GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in hypothetical general election matchups, according to a new poll.

    And a CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday also indicates that the president’s approval rating has inched over the 50% mark in CNN surveys for the first time since last May, when the polls were still registering the after effects of the death of Osama bin Laden. The number of Americans who say the economy’s in good shape has jumped 13 points since January, though the survey shows a majority still think it is in poor shape.

    If the general election were held today instead of in early November, 54% of registered voters say they would back Obama, with 43% supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the front-runner in the GOP nomination battle. That’s up from a five-point 51%-46% advantage the president held over Romney in February.

    And Obama would have a 55%-42% lead over Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania who’s Romney’s main rival right now for the nomination. The president led Santorum by a seven-point 52%-45% margin last month.

    “President Obama currently wins majority support among groups that have been problematic for him in the past, including men, older voters, and suburbanites,” says CNN Poling Director Keating Holland. “He has a solid lead among independents as well.”


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    Hilarious! Mitt Romney Tells ‘Humorous’ Story About That Time His Dad Shut Down A Factory
    by Jon Bershad | 5:18 pm, March 28th, 2012

    In recent weeks and months, there has been much made about the frequent “rich guy gaffes” that Mitt Romney has been making. You know, talking about being friends with NASCAR owners, betting $10,000, etc. And, to a certain extent, the jokes and insults aren’t really fair. Sure, Mitt Romney is rich, but all the candidates are rich (and, unfortunately, always will be). However, these gaffes seem to show the candidate can’t relate to the people he wants to lead and, more importantly, he just keeps making them! Today he made yet another one. Perhaps Chris Matthews was right; this guy just isn’t “trainable.”

    So, what did he do this time? Well, Romney called in to a “telephone town hall” in Wisconsin where he talked up his support of Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan. All good, right? You’d think, but, at towards the beginning, Romney decided to tell a funny story about his history with the state of Wisconsin and…just see for yourself.

    From The Journal Sentinel:

    “’One of most humorous I think relates to my father. You may remember my father, George Romney, was president of an automobile company called American Motors … They had a factory in Michigan, and they had a factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and another one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,” said Romney. “And as the president of the company he decided to close the factory in Michigan and move all the production to Wisconsin. Now later he decided to run for governor of Michigan and so you can imagine that having closed the factory and moved all the production to Wisconsin was a very sensitive issue to him, for his campaign.’

    Romney said he recalled a parade in which the school band marching with his father’s campaign only knew the Wisconsin fight song, not the Michigan song.

    ‘So every time they would start playing ‘On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin,’ my dad’s political people would jump up and down and try to get them to stop, because they didn’t want people in Michigan to be reminded that my dad had moved production to Wisconsin,’ said Romney, laughing.”


    • Damn, Willard. Just…DAMN.

    • Kennymack1971

      This is the man that the media says is best equipped to defeat President Obama. SMDH.

    • Daltex82

      I can’t figure out if he doesn’t know any better, or if he just doesn’t care.

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    Good Morn-ting POU.  Today is house cleaning day.  I need to get up and start cleaning but too tired to do so.   

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    How one man helped spark online protest in Trayvon Martin case
    Kevin Cunningham started a petition on change.org calling for the prosecution of the man who shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.
    By Miranda Leitsinger, msnbc.com

    When Kevin Cunningham read about the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin early this month, he turned to a platform he was just starting to experiment with – social media – to add his voice to the few that were expressing outrage about a Florida police department’s handling of the case.

    Little did he know when he started an online petition demanding that authorities prosecute the shooter, that it would garner more than 2 million signatures and help draw international attention to the 17-year-old’s shooting death on Feb. 26.


    “I decided to take the skills that I’ve been working on … and apply them to the situation and see how well it would work out, and it just went crazy on me,” said Cunningham, 31, of Washington, D.C., who created the petition on the Change.org website on March 8.

    What I’ve learned through social media, you don’t have to go through institutions anymore. … Any individual with any idea can make it work if they have (a) connection to the Internet,” he added.

    Cunningham, a red-head who describes himself as the “super Irish” son of activist parents, said he learned about the Martin case when he read a story posted on a listserv for Men of Howard, an informal, secretive fraternity that he joined while attending the historically black Howard University as a law student.


    • Miranda

      I am loving the fact that this reddest of redheads is a Howard University law school grad that started the petition.

      Adding him to the list of who we need to get at the next Racial Draft.

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    PBOMB – — NOW that he has been MARGINALIZED as a BIG —PAID LIAR – —let’s ENJOY his PREVIOUS LAFFABLE LIES – – — – – —

    – – – –Top ‘Joe Oliver Must Be Smoking Something’ Quotes – — –

    – —-The more Joe Oliver defends George Zimmerman with his ridiculous rational and “what the hell did this Negro say” quotes, the more we have to wonder if it was him, not Trayvon Martin (allegedly), who once experimented with the purple haze.

    Over the past few days, we’ve heard Oliver say that coon is not really a racial slur. Or, in his words, “matter of interpretation.” Then he suggests that Zimmerman is a victim, too.

    Oh, hell to tha naw!

    The NewsOne crew put together a list of his most outlandish quotes to put into perspective how foolish this clown really is!

    1) “Coon A**es” Not Racial Term

    On Chris Mathews’ “Hardball, Oliver said coon is not as bad as we think it is: “…To me, it’s a matter of interpretation whether he’s saying coon or goon. There are parts of this country where people proudly call themselves “coon a***s” in Louisiana in particular…”

    How much money are they paying this man to propagate this Tom foolery?

    2) George Zimmerman Prays For Trayvon And The Martin Family

    “He’s not the man that I knew before the shooting,” Oliver tells “People” in this week’s cover story. “He’ll never be the same. He prays for Trayvon and he prays for the Martin family. He is so distraught that he took a life. That’s the price he had to pay for saving his own.”

    Zimmerman will never be the same. Well, how about the fact that Trayvon will never be ALIVE again!

    3) Joe Oliver Suggests Nation Would Be Talking About Trayvon Killing Zimmerman, If Tragedy Were Reversed

    During the end of an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on “The Last Word,” he tried to criminalize Trayvon Martin by suggesting a “what if Trayvon was the killer” scenario.

    “We know that if we weren’t here talking about George shooting Trayvon, we’d be talking about Trayvon shooting George”

    Oh come on, Joe! Once again, how much is he being paid?

    4) “This Was Not A Racial Incident.”

    Needs no commentary! Source: Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word” and other interviews.

    5) Joe Oliver Has ‘Gut Feeling’ Zimmerman Was Victim On Night He Killed Trayvon

    When questioned by the New York Times’ Charles Blow on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word,” on whether he knew Zimmerman as well as he claims, Oliver got uncomfortable. Unable to fall on his well-rehearsed talking points, Oliver got desperate saying he feels in “his heart” that Zimmerman’s account is the correct one. When that answer didn’t work, he threw a Hail Mary:

    – – – – NOW WHAT DOES your “GUT” SAY??? – – – – -LOL! – —-

    TEL your “GUT” – —-we KNOW that U LIED!! LOL.

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    – – —Hilarious! Mitt Romney Tells ‘Humorous’ Story About That Time His Dad Shut Down A Factory —- –

    – —–In recent weeks and months, there has been much made about the frequent “rich guy gaffes” that Mitt Romney has been making. You know, talking about being friends with NASCAR owners, betting $10,000, etc. And, to a certain extent, the jokes and insults aren’t really fair. Sure, Mitt Romney is rich, but all the candidates are rich (and, unfortunately, always will be). However, these gaffes seem to show the candidate can’t relate to the people he wants to lead and, more importantly, he just keeps making them! Today he made yet another one. Perhaps Chris Matthews was right; this guy just isn’t “trainable.”

    So, what did he do this time? Well, Romney called in to a “telephone town hall” in Wisconsin where he talked up his support of Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan. All good, right? You’d think, but, at towards the beginning, Romney decided to tell a funny story about his history with the state of Wisconsin and…just see for yourself.

    From The Journal Sentinel:

    – – —-HE is such a – —-LOSER!! geesh!

  • Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Mirrors America’s Paranoia About Barack Obama
    by Lee Siegel Mar 29, 2012 12:20 AM EDT

    The shooting death of Trayvon Martin reflects the hysteria that has gripped large numbers of Americans since the election of our first black president.

    When President Obama said, movingly and beautifully—and with great courage in this rancid political season—that Trayvon Martin could well have been his son, he hit the nail on the head more directly than he knew. George Zimmerman’s response to Trayvon Martin was an allegory for the way at least half the country has been responding to Obama since he was elected to sit in the White House.

    Just as Zimmerman suddenly became a crime-watch volunteer—after being charged with assaulting a cop, no less—countless people suddenly, upon the election of America’s first black president, began to worry about the country as if about a crime-ridden neighborhood.

    As though patrolling local streets, they began to obsess over the Constitution. As if spotting broken locks or shattered windows, they believed they saw breaches of “freedom” everywhere. Because there had been numerous recent break-ins in the neighborhood, Zimmerman believed that following Martin was necessary. Because there had been tyrants before in world history, true patriots became convinced that scrutinizing Obama’s every move in the past and in the present was of the utmost urgency.

    Zimmerman had called 911 46 times in the past eight years. No doubt each time he called, he thought he perceived a different threat. One black kid walking alone. Two black kids walking alone. A black kid holding something. A black kid looking around suspiciously.

    How many 911-like alarms have been rung since Obama was elected? His friendship with Bill Ayers demonstrated that he had the heart of a terrorist. His association with Jeremiah Wright confirmed that he hated America. Hello, Operator. Send help, Obama is a socialist! He bailed out Detroit because he’s in bed with the unions. He’s also in cahoots with the banks and screwing the common man. Plus, he’s turned on the American financial system and, yes, is screwing the common man. Help, police, his health-care plan is a plot to put all our civil liberties in the hands of a totalitarian government! He’s looking around at our institutions, at our individual freedoms, at our God-given right to be American…

    We don’t think he was born in America. We’re going to follow him.

    MORE: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/03/29/trayvon-martin-s-shooting-mirrors-america-s-paranoia-about-barack-obama.html

    • Miranda

      Hammer….meet nail.

    • Elie

      Funny, but the “progressives” are very much part and parcel of this paranoia they write about!!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – —Rubio [“anchor baby”] – – – -is -lookin’ 4 the VP spot – – —-errrr —ENDORSES teh WILLARD — —

    – —Rubio says Tampa floor fight would be a ‘disaster’ (Updated) – —–

    – – —Sen. Marco Rubio’s endorsement on Fox News came not just with a promotion of Mitt Romney, but a call for the primary to end now – and an assurance that the frontrunner is sufficiently conservative, per Reid Epstein:

    “I don’t have a problem with primaries,” Rubio said. “But I think we’re at a stage now where at least two of the candidates have openly admitted that the only way they’re able to win the nomination is to have a floor fight in Tampa in August. I don’t think there’s anything good about that. There is no way that anyone can convince me that having a floor fight at the convention in August is a recipe for victory in November. On the contrary, I think it’s a recipe for disaster.”

    Rubio then said it is “evidently and increasingly clear that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee.”

    Rubio stressed that Romney will govern as a conservative.

    “I have zero doubt in my mind of two things,” he said. “Number one, that Mitt Romney will govern as a conservative and number two, that he will be head and shoulders better than the guy who is in the White House right now.”

    BOTH of ’em — —soooo OUT OF TOUCH – –with REALITY!! —


  • Miranda

    Jobless Claims in U.S. Decline to Lowest Since April 2008

    The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level in almost four years, adding to evidence of an improving U.S. labor market.

    Initial jobless claims fell 5,000 in the week ended March 24 to 359,000, the lowest since April 2008, the Labor Department reported today in Washington. The median forecast of economists in a Bloomberg News survey called for 350,000 claims. With the report, the government data also contain revisions dating back to 2007.

    more here

    • There goes PBO effin’ up the economy again.

  • Yes, Mr. Oliver, you are The Black Guy who racists trot out when someone probes their questionable behavior. Like the Slinky, the Trapper Keeper, or the “urban, streetwise” TV character who always seems to be bouncing a basketball, you are both a throwback and a novelty. You’ve repeatedly claimed that race has nothing to do with why Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin was potential felon rather than just a teenager from out of town who may have needed directions to his father’s fiancee’s home; a slowpoke kid talking the long way as he chatted with his girlfriend; or a human being trying to get out of the rain. But then, bizarrely, you’ve alluded to your own experiences as an African-American man facing the specter of racial profiling, vilification and law enforcement violence.


    • rikyrah

      tell it

  • GreenLadyHere


  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB ——RE-THUGS have —A WAR ON WOMEN” —annnnd possibly- a “WAR on CHILDREN” —- –

    —-Right-Wing Bullies Continue to Attack Children —-

    —- – – –It’s difficult to assign psychological motive when it comes to political tactics, but based upon the collective behavior of far-right conservative Republicans, we can only deduce that a considerable number of them are bullies and ought to be treated as such.

    What other conclusion can we draw when they regularly attack children and ordinary citizens who aren’t involved in the day-to-day political discourse? I’m not talking about low-level drones who lurk in blog comment sections and various other dark corners of the Internet — disguised behind cowardly pseudonyms. I’m talking about the top-shelf players. Fox News hosts, AM radio talkers and various Internet commentators.

    Naturally there are exceptions to every rule, but nearly every time there’s a news story involving a child or group of children, the far-right erupts into a shameless frontal assault against the kids. In fact, there are almost too many examples to list here.

    — Trayvon Martin is the latest in a long roster of conservative targets. This week, various conservative media sources have made specious accusations about the character and motives of an unarmed kid who was shot dead. Arguably the easiest target in America is a dead black teenager: unable to posthumously defend himself and whose race makes him a lightning rod for all sorts of slack-jawed character assumptions, racial stereotypes, backhanded “unintentional” racism and white resentment.

    So the far-right has naturally taken the path of least resistance here and is thumbing through Trayvon’s tweets and photos — and even his menswear — to determine whether he had it coming.

    – – — -SKIP —

    The absurd notion that somehow Trayvon’s unsubstantiated “record” might somehow justify George Zimmerman’s actions are totally indicative of the kind of bullying and racial dog-whistles we’ve observed from these people on countless occasions. And, by the way, it’s this kind of behavior that’s dooming the far-right to the margins of reasonable debate while fracturing the Republican Party.

    As I wrote earlier, this isn’t the first time a child has been targeted by the right. There’s a long history of far-right aggression against both children and adult “noncombatants.” —

    Sandra Fluke, whose reputation was assassinated in the right-wing media, is an ordinary citizen who simply delivered some brief remarks to members of Congress. For her obvious crime the right-wing media, and most notably Rush Limbaugh, declared war on a woman who hadn’t ever appeared on cable news or talk radio or even maintained a blog. Easy, then, for the far-right to draw blood by means of overwhelming the so-called enemy with the full force of right-wing radio and television. How can anyone new to the scene, irrespective of age, race or gender, expect to fight back against a trained and monied right-wing attack machine? Limbaugh and others know this, so, to them, it’s an easily winnable fight.

    – –SKIP – – – –

    Just recently, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh mocked Malia Obama, imitating her voice with what can only be described as the most annoying sounds in the world — ever.

    – — -SKIP – – – –

    – –Rewind to 2009 during the health care reform debate when an 11-year-old girl asked President Obama a question during a town hall meeting about the “mean things” she observed on various protest signs outside. Michelle Malkin and other conservatives swooped into action, investigating and exposing the girl and her parents for being “Obamabots.”

    For whatever reason, this discussion always circles back to Malkin. The far-right blogger wasn’t the first to stalk and attack children, but she certainly popularized it during the Bush era debate over expanding the SCHIP program. You might recall how Malkin famously stalked a 12-year-old accident survivor named Graeme Frost after he appeared in a commercial supporting SCHIP, the children’s health insurance program.

    The list goes on and on. World Net Daily attacked a high school play. Anti-choice activists targeted the child of a landlord who rents space to a women’s clinic. Limbaugh, once again, attacked a 13-year-old boy and called him a “Nazi stormtrooper.” The entire right-wing media Kraken was released on 11-year-old Marcelas Owens after he attended the Affordable Care Act signing ceremony. I won’t even get into the jokes about Chelsea Clinton during the 1990s.

    And they engage in these tactics without shame or apology.

    – – – -THESE PEOPLE R EVIL/VILE!! – – – –

    • Kennymack1971

      Not only evil and vile but cowards and hypocrites too. The same people who chastised folks for nonexistent attacks on Sarah Palin’s kids have no issue smearing underage children if they think it will advance their agenda. These people are scum.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GOOD THURSDAY MORNTIN’ Kennymack1971. ***BIG HUG*** :>) —

        ***fist bump*** — -I can get with —SCUM – — -:>)

        Just like THEY cain’t RELATE 2 “regular folks” — [ALL of the candidates] – – —they act like they don’t relate 2 WOMEN orr CHILDREN. –

        —So MUCH 4 – — –FAMILY VALUES!! – –

        Good 2 C U. :>)

      • Elie

        They are SCUM!!!

  • Miranda

    Chamberlain Family Asks For Audio, Video Release in White Plains Police Shooting

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Nearly four months ago, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. received a 5 a.m. phone call from a friend urging him to rush to the Winbrook Public Housing apartment and check on his father. His friend was in the middle of explaining that he didn’t know why officers were across the hall when he blurted out “I think White Plains police just shot your father.”

    Five minutes later, Chamberlain said officers that were called to respond to a medical alert at 135 S. Lexington Ave. directed him to the hospital where he was told that his father Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a former marine and corrections officer, had died.

    more here

    • This reminds me of the elderly woman — I think she lived in Georgia — who was killed by the cops. They barged into her home, thinking she was a criminal, and shot and killed her.

      It’s a pattern with this cops when it comes to Black people. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Shoot first, ask questions later because in their eyes, you’re Black and you’re automatically guilty.

      • QOakaJP

        I think a lot of victims will be more willing to speak out forcefully now.

  • Miranda

    Let the children lead…..

    Student walkouts planned at some Pittsburgh schools on ‘Hoodie Day’ Friday

    Several Pittsburgh Public Schools will allow student walk-outs and demonstrations Friday to protest the shooting death of a Florida teenager.

    The schools, including Pittsburgh Stevens K-8 in Elliot and the Creative and Performing Arts high school, Downtown, will hold “Hoodie Day” in response to the Feb. 26 death of Trayvon Martin, 17, said schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh.

    “The students asked principals if they could do this, and anytime students want to organize and use their voices, we support that,” Pugh said.

    Read more: Student walkouts planned at some Pittsburgh schools on ‘Hoodie Day’ Friday – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_788922.html#ixzz1qW5c1HnW

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — -OMG! – — – -THIS IS So SAD – – —

    – — Fake 911 Call Ends in Fatal Shooting
    Caller lied about college student Kendrec McDade having gun
    – – – –

    – — –A Pasadena man has been charged with manslaughter after he made a 911 call in which he falsely claimed a gun-packing college student robbed him. The student, who turned out to be unarmed, was shot dead by a police officer responding to the call. The cop fired as Kendrec McDade, 19, made a motion toward his waistband—after Oscar Carrillo, 26, reported two armed men “put a gun in my face” when they stole his laptop computer, said cops. “Carrillo emphatically indicated a gun was involved. That is very important. It sets the platform for the mind-set of the responding officers,” Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said at a news conference yesterday.

    According to a surveillance video, a man stole a backpack from Carrillo’s car, while a second male who may have been McDade stood as lookout, police told the Los Angeles Times. But a laptop has not been recovered. Carrillo later told police he had lied about the gun and the confrontation. The shooting sparked concerns from the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. McDade was black; the officer’s race and identity have not been revealed, but tensions are running high between police and black residents in McDade’s neighborhood. “The bottom line is this young man was not armed when he was shot dead,” said a spokesman for the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable. “He is not a gangbanger or a drug dealer.” McDade was a football star at his high school, and was described as a “good kid who was never in trouble,” by his coach.

    — —IT’S 2 MUCH!! – —–


  • GreenLadyHere


    Here’s the LIVE STREAM: – – – –President Obama: Speech on Congressional Vote to Repeal Oil Subsidies (Video) Mar. 29, 2012 —-




  • GreenLadyHere


    – — Delaware House Advances Felon Reinfranchisement Amendment – —

    —- –In a welcome contrast to the many, many conservative state laws intended to make it harder for people to vote, the Delaware House approved a state constitutional amendment this week which would eliminate the five year waiting period before people convicted of felonies could have their voting rights restored after they are released from prison.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -***sigh*** – –He’s – –HOPELESS- —

    – —Romney Campaign Gripes About The ‘Tax Problem’ Created By Romney’s $100 Million IRA – – —

    – — – –2012 GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney seems unable to help himself from reminding everyone, over and over, just how rich he is. From talking about his NASCAR and pro football team owner friends to referencing his wife’s two Cadillacs, Romney continually reaffirms the stereotype that he’s an out-of-touch wealthy elite.

    And his campaign certainly isn’t helping, bemoaning in today’s Wall Street Journal the “tax problem” created by Romney’s massive $100 million retirement account:

    In any case, swelling the IRA to the size Mr. Romney’s reached has “created a tax problem” for the former Massachusetts governor, said a Romney campaign official. Tax-law changes since Mr. Romney’s Bain tenure mean that long-term capital gains in regular accounts now are taxed at 15%. But IRA gains are taxed at ordinary-income rates upon withdrawal, which for Mr. Romney, under current law, would be 35%.

    “Who wants to have $100 million in an IRA?” said the campaign official.


    – – -***shakin’ my head***

  • Man Men fans will appreciate this bit of info:

    On ‘Mad Men,’ an Opening Scene Straight From Page 1

    The opening scenes of the Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” set in 1966, depicted a sort of knucklehead-racism at work, when young men from the advertising agency Young & Rubicam dropped bags filled with water on protesters picketing on the Madison Avenue sidewalk below. Wet and angry, several protesters came upstairs to demand to know who at the firm had dropped the water bombs.

    One protester said in disgust, “And they call us savages.”

    Some critics found the scene, broadcast on Sunday, a bit too on-the-nose. “It’s a terrible line that should have been red-penciled,” wrote Matt Zoller Seitz for New York magazine. Mike Hale of The New York Times called it “unfortunately ham-handed.”

    But no writer is to blame.

    Everything in the scene really happened, written almost verbatim from an article on Page 1 of The Times on May 28, 1966.

    “Poverty Pickets Get Paper-Bag Dousing on Madison Avenue,” the headline read. The article described more than 300 people picketing the Office of Economic Opportunity, between East 40th and 41st Streets, the day before, chanting, “O-E-O, we’ve got the poverty, where’s the dough?” Executives upstairs at Young & Rubicam, half a block from the building, shouted at the protesters, and hung up signs saying “If you want money, get yourself a job.”

    And then, the article said: “A container of water was pitched out of one of the windows of the building, splashing two spectators. Later, two demonstrators were hit by water-filled paper bags thrown from the building.”

    A 9-year-old boy was struck. Several women in the protest, including the boy’s mother, hurried up to the advertising agency’s sixth-floor offices and confronted a secretary about the water throwing.

    “This is the executive floor,” the secretary said. “That’s utterly ridiculous.”

    “Don’t you call us ridiculous,” a protester shouted. “Is this what Madison Avenue represents?”

    “And they call us savages,” a protester named Vivian Harris said.

    MORE: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/28/on-mad-men-an-opening-scene-straight-from-page-1/?hp

    • MsKitty

      Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (the ad agency at the heart of the show, for non-watchers) was backed into having to take resumes from black women to fill a secretarial position at the end of the season premiere, so I’m intrigued how this is going to play out.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -SHE was very BRAVE in her ADVOCACY —-

    – —Rep. Gwen Moore recounts her own rape in defense of Violence Against Women Act

    ——In a dramatic move, Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) recounted a sexual assault she endured during a speech she made on the House floor in support of re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act. “Violence against women is as American as apple pie,” she said. The Huffington Post reports:

    As part of her floor speech pushing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) on Wednesday, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) told the story of her own history of being sexually assaulted during her childhood and then raped as a young woman.

    “Violence against women is as American as apple pie,” she told colleagues. “I know, not only as a legislator, but from personal experience. Domestic violence has been a thread throughout my personal life, up to and including being a child repeatedly sexually assaulted, up to and including being an adult who’s been raped.”

    The VAWA has been met with some resistance from Republicans. The bill would renew grants to U.S. domestic violence prevention and survivor support programs, would increase availability of legal assistance to victims and would extend assistance to battered undocumented immigrants and same-sex couples.

    Click here to read more,

    – – —BLESS U — -REP. MOORE. — –

    • Alma98

      That’s my Rep. she can be fierce, she helped us with the post office closing mess, calling each of us personally.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        CONGRATS!! –:>) — – U GOT a GOOD 1. :>) BLESS her. :>)

        THANK U 4 SHARING. :>)

        Good 2 C U. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – —- AHA! — –So WHICH RE-THUG is FUNDING HIM?? – —

    – — Zimmerman’s Father Blasts Obama: ‘I Never Foresaw So Much Hate Coming From The President’ — – –

    —– –The father of the man accused of killing Travyon Martin slammed President Obama and civil rights leaders for supposedly spewing “hate.” Robert Zimmerman, father of George, told a local Fox affiliate in Florida that groups demanding justice for Martin like the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP are just “trying to get notoriety or profit from this in some way.” He called on Obama to go “beyond the hate.” Obama spoke publicly about the case last week, saying he supported new investigations into the killing. While Obama made a personal comment about his own children, he never mentioned Zimmerman. Watch it:

    FOLLOWIN’ —the — -$$$$$$$ —- —

    • Daltex82

      Race baiting will not change the fact that his son shot and killed an innocent, unarmed teen and it certainly will not stem the tide of calls for Zimmerman to be held accountable for his crime. Oh, and trying to divert attention by making this about President Obama is going to fail as well.

      • GN

        Just goes to show how unscrupulous they are. There’s a dead teen, but by their logic, we should be reserving our sympathy for George Zimmerman. Really pathetic.

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY GN. ***BIG HUG** :>)

          —***fist Bump** – – – – –TWISTED LOGIC! – –

          Good 2 C U. :>)

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Daltex82. — – – ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – –***fist bump***

        Bu — -bu BUT THIS IS NOT as RACIAL ISSUE. – – -Per

        -Joe –“COON” –LYING –Oliver!! – — -HAH

        — –ALWAYS the “BLAH” PRESIDENT’S FAULT!! — — BUT don’t take that as – – – -RACIST — -unless U have an

        – – –ANALYTICAL – – -PHILOSOPHICAL – – –NON-SENSICAL –Meeting – – – -LOL.

        Good 2 C U- – Daltex82. :>)

      • MsKitty

        Seriously, he shoulda asked Newt Gingrich how well that talking point went down for him.

    • Like racist father, like racist son.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia – – – –***fist bump*** :>)

        – – –APPLE —– TREE
        CASE CLOSED—-

    • Kennymack1971

      Man please. Your son shot an unarmed boy. Your son claimed he did so in self defense. Your son said he had his nose broken and his head bashed against the sidewalk by said unarmed boy. A video now contradicts what your son said. This is about YOUR SON KILLING AN UNARMED BOY. Ain’t nobody going for your anti POTUS Race baiting BS. Have a seat jackass.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Kennymack1971. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – —**fist bump*** :>)

        — –Your SON has been PROTECTED FROM PROSECUTION ALL HIS LIFE! – –Annnd YOU had a hand in THIS. —

        –Sooo –NATURALLY he THOUGHT that he could GET OUTTA THIS MURDER – -HATE CRIME – –by getting PROTECTION FROM the LAW ENFORCEMENT that he has been able 2 WHINE to 4 OVER 46 TIMES!!

        Annnd it was kinda WORKING — – -UNTIL the TECHNOLOGY [cell phone log of TRAYVON annnnd THESE TAPES –

        –CAUGHT YOUR LYIN’ –ARSE!! – – –

        THIS is NOT ABOUT —MR. PRESIDENT – -EVEN though he annnd TRAYVON R – –“BLAH”.!! —

        -Soooo —SHUT DA FLIP UP annnnd SIT DA FLIP DOWN!!

        U raised a —-RACIST MURDERER!!! U can DEFEND him in COURT!!!- — He’s GOIN’ DOWN!! – — –

        —- –JUSTICE WILL B SERVED!!! – — TA-RUST!! – —

        WHEW!! – – Good 2 C U –Kennymack1971. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – – –Bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs dies at age 88 – – — –

    — -<iBluegrass legend and banjo pioneer Earl Scruggs, who helped profoundly change country music with Bill Monroe in the 1940s and later with guitarist Lester Flatt, has died. He was 88.

    Scruggs’ son Gary said his father died of natural causes Wednesday morning at a Nashville, Tenn., hospital.

    Earl Scruggs was an innovator who pioneered the modern banjo sound. His use of three fingers rather than the clawhammer style elevated the banjo from a part of the rhythm section — or a comedian’s prop — to a lead instrument.

    His string-bending and lead runs became known worldwide as “the Scruggs picking style” and the versatility it allowed has helped popularize the banjo in almost every genre of music.

    The debut of Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys during a post-World War II performance on The Grand Ole Opry is thought of as the “big bang” moment for bluegrass and later 20th century country music. Later, Flatt and Scruggs teamed as a bluegrass act after leaving Monroe from the late 1940s until breaking up in 1969 in a dispute over whether their music should experiment or stick to tradition. Flatt died in 1979.

    — –They were best known for their 1949 recording “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” played in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde,” and “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” from “The Beverly Hillbillies,” the popular TV series that debuted in 1962. Jerry Scoggins did the singing.

    – – – -USTA watch that program weekly! LOL — –

    • Monroe wanted musicians who could read instead of just playing by ear. He found them with that post WWII band. Scruggs was a virtuoso doing some phenomenal stuff on banjo. Great talent.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY woody45. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        THANK u 4 this information. :>) I found that SONG 2 B –IMPRESSIVE. :>)

        Good 2 C U. woody45. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — -GR8 VIDEO – –from HOWARD U. – – – —

    – – –Howard University Fights For Trayvon: “Am I Suspicious?” (VIDEO) — –

    – — –The Trayvon Martin case has been the most highlighted case in America over the past few weeks.

    Trayvon Martin was brutally murdered by George Zimmerman in Sandford, Florida. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, followed Trayvon, citing that he looked suspicious.

    Police reports indicate 17-year old Trayvon had on a hoodie, blue jeans, and a pair of white/red sneakers. He was returning home, after going to a local store to buy a bag of Skittles and iced tea.

    – — –THIS – – – – >This video, produced by Howard University students, illustrates the absurdity of the stereotypes surrounding Black men, and the wearing of hoodies being associated with suspicion.

    Take a look at the tremendous tribute and message sent by Howard University students in the accompanying video.

    POIGNANT!! – — THANK U — -STUDENTS!! :>)


    – – -[ADDING: – — -HATE CRIME –Lest we 4-get.]

  • GreenLadyHere


    Race and Justice: The Truth About Racism

    — — Actor and author Hill Harper calls for an open dialogue about racism in America.


    WONDER ifff the RE-THUGS will JOIN IN?? – –BWHAHAHA!

  • QOakaJP

    Wow! I’m supposed to be working on projects from home this morning, but I was channel-surfing. And I just saw a blurb on hln(?) announcing Sanford pd will be releasing more surveillance footage this morning, with time stamp – around 7:45 pm. Only 30 minutes after the shooting. So the hospital clean up theory goes out the window.

    • rikyrah

      told you….folks are NOT going down alone in a federal investigated sinking ship…

      every man for himself.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY QOakaJP. **BIG HUG** :>)

      I’m hearing that the VIDEO in the POLICE STATION — -had a TIME STAMP that indicated that it was taken LESS THAN an HOUR – –AFTER the MURDER.

      YEP! – – – –CLEAN UP- – -BLEEDING – – -BRUISES — -BROKEN

      NOSE — —> – – – –GIT – —GONE!!

      Good 2 C U. :>)

    • QOakaJP


      A few more minutes of raw footage. Still waiting for time confirmation.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – –He Lied! Trayvon Martin’s Father Reacts To George Zimmerman Video (DETAILS) — –

    – – –TRAYVON Martin’s family has seen the newly released video of George Zimmerman being led into the Sanford Police department and they agreee: his claims of self-defense are clearly wrong.

    Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin watched the video and told MSNBC:

    “It just shows that everything that Zimmerman has been saying, that the police have been reporting, is false.

    From what I saw, Zimmerman had no blood on his face, had no grass on the back of his clothes, no cuts on the back of his head.”

    Family attorney Benjamin Crump said the video is evidence that Zimmerman’s story is a lie and that local officials botched their investigation.

    Crump said the video and lack of evidence of a struggle knocks down Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. Trayvon Martin was talking on his cell phone and unarmed when he was shot and killed in February by the neighborhood watch captain.

    “You’re witnessing a conspiracy in the first degree,” Crump said. “If they don’t arrest this guy — there’s a conspiracy at this point.”

    – – – -SKIP – —

    Crump said the national outpouring of outrage won’t stop until Zimmerman is arrested. Then and only then, will justice come for Trayvon.


  • rikyrah

    It’s going to be a long seven months
    By Steve Benen – Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:31 AM EDT

    .In the very first television ad launched by the Romney campaign, the Republican took an Obama quote from 2008 wildly out of context, deliberately deceiving the public. Asked to defend the deception, Romney and his campaign said they didn’t care.

    With the precedent set, Team Romney, clearly eyeing the general election phase of the campaign, has released a new anti-Obama ad, and it’s about as truthful as its first spot.

    In this ad, the Romney campaign tells the viewer, “President Barack Obama named himself one of the country’s four best presidents.” Later, the commercial says Obama is really only the best at amassing debt.

    Let’s put this plainly: there’s simply nothing honest about this attack ad.

    The quote that Romney finds so fascinating came from a “60 Minutes” interview, in which the president talked about the achievements of his first two years.

    “The issue here is not going be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history. But, you know, but when it comes to the economy, we’ve got a lot more work to do.”

    Because our political discourse is so deeply foolish, Obama’s detractors took this quote, changed it, and complained bitterly that the president claimed to be the “fourth best” president in American history. That’s clearly not what Obama said, but for the president’s critics, the truth didn’t matter, so they changed it to make it say what they wanted it to say. Now, it’s made its way from far-right blogs to the Romney campaign’s general election message.

    But what about the debt claims? Romney’s deceiving the public here, too.


    There are three basic truths to keep in mind: (1) Obama has lowered, not increased, the deficit; (2) the driving factors of the national debt are Republican policies from the Bush/Cheney era, not new spending from Obama; and (3) Romney’s economic agenda includes massive new tax cuts and new Pentagon spending, and he can’t explain how he’d pay for any of it. (Indeed, he’s endorsed Paul Ryan’s budget plan that would add over $5 trillion to the debt over the next decade.)

    Those aren’t opinions; they’re just facts.

    Of course, if this is the sort of ad Mitt Romney is running in March, it’s unnerving to think of how dishonest his campaign messages will be in, say, October.

    Postscript: This new video, its dishonesty notwithstanding, does offer a hint about Romney messaging in 2012. The former governor wanted to talk about job creation and economic growth, but with the recovery picking up steam, he’s apparently shifting gears and focusing on the debt now.


    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Yep, we all should know from this point on that they are not running against Barack Obama, President of the United States, they are running against 1-800-Blame-A-Nigger.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — – -FROM REV. AL’s INTERVIEW – – – —

    – – –Video: Mom of 13-Year-Old Witness in Trayvon Shooting Speaks Out – — –

    – – —-The mother of a 13-year-old eyewitness to the Trayvon Martin killing says a police investigator told her he didn’t buy shooter George Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

    Cheryl Brown, accompanied by her attorney Alisa Adamson, appeared on both MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” to talk about what her son saw that night, and his questioning by police after the killing.

    “The lead investigator from the Sanford Police Department stood in my family room and told me this was absolutely not self-defense and they needed to prove it,” said Brown. “He told me, and I’m paraphrasing this quote, ‘Read between the lines. There’s some stereotyping going on here.’”

    Brown said police did not contact her son about his 911 call until five days after the shooting. And when they did question him, Brown said she thought the questions were “leading.”

    “I think there were some tactics used to maybe suggest some things to him, leading him to say certain things,” she said.

    Watch Cheryl Brown’s interview on “PoliticsNation” below.

    – – — –JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL! – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – -HEARIN’ that the VIDEO may have been RECORDED – — LESS


    – — -Watchin’ 4 corroboration. — – —JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -WATCHIN’ the –SCOTUS on ACA —

    – —Next for ObamaCare: The Waiting Game
    Supreme Court will decide soon, but it won’t tell us
    — –

    – — – –The Supreme Court will probably decide the fate of President Obama’s health care reform law in the next 48 hours, but the rest of the country won’t know for months. That’s because the justices will spend months crafting their written opinions, the Washington Post explains. Once oral arguments wrap up, the justices will vote, and the most senior vote on each side will hand out the task of writing the opinion.

    After that will come months of writing and circulating opinions, with justices sometimes requesting changes, asking to be added to an opinion, or deciding to write their own, concurring opinions. Every so often—say, once a term—a justice may even be convinced to change their vote. “It wouldn’t be unprecedented, on a case like this, for two justices to have a sort of walk in the woods,” says a former clerk to Anthony Kennedy. “If anyone can do that, I think Elena [Kagan] can.”

    – — –WATCHIN’ annnd WAITIN’ – — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – YA KNOW — — -sanatorium “wins” — – -as the MOST


    —-Santorum Warns Guy Not to Use Pink Bowling Ball — –

    — – – —Rick Santorum bowls a good game, but gay rights groups say he talks an offensive one. “You’re not gonna’ use the pink ball. We’re not gonna’ let you do that, not on camera,” he told a young man while bowling with college Republicans in Wisconsin yesterday, the Raw Story reports. “Friends don’t let friends use pink balls,” he added. Critics say Santorum’s remarks are just the latest in a long line of insensitive statements.

    “He’s proven that he thinks LGBT people are second-class citizens not worthy of dignity or respect,” says a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign gay-rights group.

    WONDER iff there will B a — “CALL 4 HIM” 2 MEET with THEM.?”

    • MsKitty

      When someone is THAT obsessed with gay people, there’s usually something else at play. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

      • Daltex82

        If only he could be caught in some Ted Haggard, Larry Craig kind of scandal. It would be beyond awesome to find out he likes “pink balls” on the down-low.

        Oh, and I am waiting for LGBT to go after him guns a blazin’ like they did the chubby little ascot man.

        • GreenLadyHere

          –Daltex82 – – -***fist bump*** – – – -Waitin’ —with U. :>)

        • GOVCHRIS1988

          Pink would be killer, but I want to hear some big black fuzzy ball scandal. Damnit, that would make my year if that happen.

      • GreenLadyHere

        MsKitty – — -YES U did GO THERE! LOL.

        Annnd We will C ifff the LGBT community requests an —APOLOGY MEETING — WITH HIM. :>)

        Orr will they make a statement about — -NOT VOTING 4 him?? – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – — – NOT that we needed any more 2 CONVINCE us of HIS LIES – – -BUT —— —

    —–INFOGRAPHIC: George Zimmerman’s Story Vs. Surveillance Images

    — – – –Last night, ABC News released footage of Trayvon Marin’s killer George Zimmerman arriving at the police station on the night of the shooting. The video, which “shows no blood or bruises” on Zimmerman, seems to provide a stark visual contrast with Zimmerman’s version of events that night. Recall, Zimmerman claimed Martin “slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered.’” Judge for yourself:

    DONE!! – —HE/THEY — -LIED!!!! – – –CASE CLOSED

  • Miranda

    This video of the full 6 minutes they released has a time stamp of 19hrs52min – 7:52pm….and Trayvon was declared dead at 7:30pm

    so Zimmerman healed in 22 minutes?

    • QOakaJP

      From what I’ve seen, cable news is still sticking to their lazy, inaccurate ‘couple of hours later’ line.

    • Alma98

      This seems to be the shortest investigation in history, even car accidents take some time to figure out what happened.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Miranda – – — -IT WAS A – – – MIRACLE!! – —HE was – –HEALED!! –

      HALLELUJER! – – –/SNARK – – –

    • Alma98

      If this map I got from one of the commenters at Ta-Nehisi Coates blog post is true GZ cut him off before he made it home. It just doesn’t make since that Trayvon would walk in the opposite way to get home does it.

      • Miranda

        oh damn…..sorry Bill Lee…y’all asses going DOWN. Its a brand new day, you can’t tell us bullshit and we have to take it ANYMORE.

    • Uncle Joe Oliver told Ro-Ro that that video was taken 4 hours after Trayvon was killed.

      • rikyrah

        uh huh

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia – — — THAT was – — TALKING POINT –#9-9-9. :>) — –

      • Elie

        The guy lies so easily and is willing and able to say just about anything at all to support his non-story. Changing stories mid sentence without flinching or embarrassed about being caught in a blatant lie.
        I can safely say that Joe Oliver is a sick man. Maybe he and Zimmerman share the same psychologist and narcissitic sociopaths anon help group!!

  • rikyrah

    Does Romney Really Want A Foreign Policy Election?

    Larison notes that Romney has lost even McCain, Lieberman and Butters due to “excessive hawkishness” on Russia. The candidate is now doubling down in Foreign Policy. Adam Sorensen sees Romney’s “no apology” foreign policy returning to the forefront of the campaign:

    [U]ntil very recently the most important issue in Romney’s campaign narrative was the economy. Whether it’s a slightly sunnier domestic outlook or a confluence of events thrusting foreign policy back into the conversation–Obama’s hot mic and creeping war fatigue among them–Romney appears to be revising his narrative back to something closer to his original vision.

    Of course, Romney is distinctively out of touch on the issue:

    [I]t is becoming increasingly clear that the American people are very weary of war—indeed, far more weary of it than one would think based on the Republican rhetoric thus far in this campaign. … [A]ny imprudent Romney adventurism probably wouldn’t be attributable to the sentiment of the voters. Indeed, it would probably emerge because a President Romney hadn’t sufficiently taken into account the political sanctions that would be imposed by unsentimental voters if his adventurism went awry.


  • rikyrah

    GOP favorability moving in the wrong direction
    By Steve Benen – Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:52 AM EDT

    .It was just a two weeks ago that the political world gasped at the results of a New York Times/CBS News poll that found President Obama’s approval rating down sharply over the last month for no apparent reason. In many circles, Democrats had to resist the urge to panic, while Republicans started walking with a spring in their step.

    And two weeks later, a new CNN poll has changed the partisans’ attitudes. It shows Obama’s approval rating up to 51%, economic confidence on the rise, and the president leading Mitt Romney in a hypothetical matchup by 11 points.

    Perhaps this would be a good time to remind folks that it’s only March. At various stages, the various candidates will go up and down in the coming months, trading leads and seeing peaks and valleys in their levels of support. There’s just no reason to get too excited about one poll.

    That said, there was something in the CNN results that jumped out at me: the parties’ favorability ratings.

    After going through the data, I put together a chart showing Americans’ favorable opinions of the Democratic and Republican parties since January 2010.


  • Miranda
  • GreenLadyHere


    —-Autism rates up; screening, better diagnosis cited – – –

    – — – – –The rate of U.S. cases of autism and related disorders rose to about 1 in 88 children. The previous estimate was 1 in 110.

    Autism cases are on the rise again, largely due to wider screening and better diagnosis, federal health officials said Thursday.

    The rate of U.S. cases of autism and related disorders rose to about 1 in 88 children. The previous estimate was 1 in 110.

    The new figure is from the latest in a series of studies that have been steadily increasing the government’s autism estimate. This new number means autism is nearly twice as common as officials said it was only five years ago, and likely affects roughly 1 million U.S. children and teens.

    Health officials attribute the increase largely to better recognition of cases, through wide screening and better diagnosis. But the search for the cause of autism is really only beginning, and officials acknowledge that other factors may be helping to drive up the numbers.

    “We’re not quite sure the reasons for the increase,” said Coleen Boyle of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    ,b>Autism is diagnosed by making judgments about a child’s behavior; there are no blood or biologic tests. For decades, the diagnosis was given only to kids with severe language and social impairments and unusual, repetitious behaviors. The definition of autism has gradually expanded, and “autism” is now shorthand for a group of milder, related conditions, including Asperger’s syndrome. Meanwhile, there’s been an explosion in autism-related treatment and services for children.

    As in the past, advocacy groups seized on the new numbers as further evidence that autism research and services should get greater emphasis. The new figures indicate “a public health emergency that demands immediate attention,” said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer for the advocacy group Autism Speaks.

    The CDC study released Thursday is considered the most comprehensive U.S. investigation of autism prevalence to date. Researcher gathered data from areas in 14 states — Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin.

    – – -GOOD NEWS on the TREATMENT OUTLOOK! :>) – – —

    DISTRICTS R in-SERVICING teachers/stafff as 2 how BEST 2 SERVE these STUDENTS. :>) THEY R being —SUCCESSFUL. :>)

  • Miranda

    The power of social media. This is what the msm and the right (which is mostly the msm too) fears…that we will drive the coverage and not abide by their set agendas

    • Elie

      George Zimmermann now has PTSD according to Joe Oliver—doctor, lawyer, publicist, uncle, confidant, hired negro spokesman!!

      Shut the f up Joe Oliver and get the f outta here!!

  • For the love of Jah, somebody tell Toure to STFD and STFU: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/29/toure-targets-big-skittle/

    • Alma98

      He wants to be relevant so bad doesn’t he?

    • Miranda

      He is so gotdamn stupid. Damn he irritates me to no end. Why is he given exposure. UGH! I can’t stand his perpetrating ass!

    • Ebogan63

      He can really miss me with that stupid bullshit: Skittles, Seriously?

  • rikyrah

    Some Police Need to Go to Jail
    by BooMan
    Thu Mar 29th, 2012 at 10:37:48 AM EST

    Pretty much everything George Zimmerman’s father says in this interview is demonstrable bullshit. All you need to do to prove this to yourself is to read the 911 call, look at Google Maps, and look at the video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station on the night of the incident. Here is Dad’s account:

    Because there has been a lot of break-ins in the area, Robert said George thought it suspicious that someone would not be walking on the street or the sidewalk on a rainy night — that Martin would be walking between the town homes. He said after making those observations, his son decided to call the police. “He called the non-emergency number first, and they asked him where he was, because he was at the rear of the town houses and there was no street sign,” said Robert.
    Even though a dispatcher told George Zimmerman not to follow Martin, his father said his son continued his pursuit to locate an address to give to police.

    “He lost sight of the individual, he continued to walk down the same sidewalk to the next street, so he could get an address for the police,” he said.

    “He went to the next street, realized where he was and was walking to his vehicle. It’s my understanding, at that point, Trayvon Martin walked up to him and asked him, ‘Do you have a [expletive] problem?’ George said, ‘No, I don’t have a problem,’ and started to reach for his cell phone… at that point, he (Martin) was punching him in the nose, his nose was broken and he was knocked to the concrete.”

    Robert said Trayvon, “continued to beat George, and at some point, George pulled his pistol and did what he did.”

    The only time that Trayvon Martin was walking between the homes was when he took the sidewalk off of Twin Trees Road. And Zimmerman called 911 well before he ever got to that sidewalk. Prior to that, Martin was seeking shelter from the rain at the Clubhouse (which we know from his girlfriend who was talking to him on the phone). Zimmerman initially gave the Clubhouse as an address, but he made clear that Trayvon Martin was no longer at the Clubhouse:


    It’s easy to pinpoint Zimmerman and Martin’s location from this conversation. They are on Twin Trees Road which basically connects the front entrance to the rear entrance of the gated community. There is no place to be walking in between homes on Twin Trees Road because all the homes are connected. When you come to the bend in the road, however, there is a sidewalk that leads around to the backyards of the homes, and that is where Trayvon Martin ran. And that is where he died. So, Zimmerman’s father is wrong. His son did not observe Trayvon Martin walking between homes before he called 911. He also was not near the rear of the townhouses. He was either in or near to his SUV which was located on Twin Trees Road. He didn’t pursue Trayvon Martin in order to obtain an address to give to the police. He had already provided an address and specific details about the location. He had also arranged for the police to call him when they arrived. He didn’t go to the next street because there is no next street. There is a bend in the road, and he didn’t go down the bend in the road but onto the sidewalk. He wasn’t coming back to his vehicle either. He went down the sidewalk, around the back of the houses, and confronted Trayvon Martin who asked him why he was following him.

    The next part of Zimmerman’s dad’s account is now in severe doubt because, despite the initial police report (pdf), the video of Zimmerman’s arrival at the police station shows that he has no visible wounds, no bandages, no cut on the back of his head, no swelling around the nose, no visible discomfort, and no grass or wetness apparent on his back. He doesn’t look like he was attacked at all.

    This does not square at all with Officer Timothy Smith’s report that: “While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered with grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. He also was bleeding from his nose and back of his head…Zimmerman was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and given first aid by the SFD. ”

    While Zimmerman’s back could have dried off on the ride to the police station and someone could have brushed the grass off his jacket, the lack of any wounds or bandages calls Officer Smith’s entire report into question.

    The fact that his father’s explanation doesn’t square with any of the known facts in the least is another damning blow. It now appears that the police covered up this incident and filed false police reports. A lot more people than Zimmerman could be going to jail.


  • QOakaJP

    Zimmerman’s police academy application from 2008, wherein he tries to explain away his prior arrest:


    Email and phone numbers un- redacted. Out of curiosity, I quick googled the email, but the only hits that came up are from a now defunct website called cyberpaperboy.com (posts were made in December 2011)

    • Alma98

      He really is the failed wannabe policeman type huh.

  • Miranda

    Evening thread is up!

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