October 18, 2017

Thursday Open Thread: African-American Playwrights

This week’s open threads have highlighted the works of well known African-American Playwrights. In today’s spotlight, Joseph A. Walker. 


Joseph Alexander Walker (1935–2003) was an African American playwright and screenwriter, theater director, actor and professor. He is best known for writing the play The River Niger, a three-act play that was originally produced Off-Broadway in 1972 by the Negro Ensemble Company before being transferred to Broadway in 1973 and then adapted into a 1976 film starring James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson. In 1974, Walker became the first African American writer to win the Tony Award, being honored for The River Niger. The playwright previously won an Obie Award during that play’s 1972-1973 Off-Broadway run.

Walker was born in Washington, D.C to born to Joseph A. Walker and Florine G. Johnson. He earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Howard University and completed all requirements except the thesis for a Masters in Philosophy. In 1957, he entered the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and later received a Masters of Fine Arts in Drama from Catholic University. In his later years, he taught Drama at Howard University and served as chairman of the Theater Department at Rutgers University.

Walker was one of the first African Americans, along with Lorraine Hansberry, to win the Tony Award for best promising play, which he won for The River Niger. His efforts and talents drew him critical acclaim at the Negro Ensemble Company (NEC) with Douglas Turner Ward as the artistic director.The River Niger’s run was one of the NEC’s longest consecutive runs. Other works include the drama District LineYin-YangThe Harangues (Tribal Harangue 1, 2,and 3), The Lion is a Soul BrotherOut of the AshesAbsolution of Willie MaeKoulaba D. Haiti, and the musical King Buddy Bolden.

Walker met his first wife, Barbara Ann, in philosophy class; they were married in September 1957. That same year Walker entered the Air Force, going first to San Antonio, Texas and then to Harlingen Air Force Base before serving as First Lieutenant, 2nd in command of 350 Airmen of the 42nd Supply Squadron. In 1958–60, while stationed at Loring Air Force Base, Walker became founder and artistic director of Pine Tree Theatre Guild. During that time, his first son, Michael Alexander Walker, was born. Walker’s second son, Steven Martin Walker, was born in 1962; that same year, Walker was discharged and decided to pursue an MFA in Theatre with a minor in Elizabethan Drama at Catholic University. During this time, Barbara Walker pursued her law degree.

Walker’s time in the Air Force is significant because the main character from The River Niger, Jeff Williams, was also discharged from the Air Force.  Barbara Walker has stated that The River Niger may be semi-autobiographical.

He taught at Spingarn High School in Washington D.C. from 1963-1965 as an English/Drama teacher.

He then began the pursuit of an acting career in 1966. He began studying voice and vocal reproduction from Brook Alexander, and at the end of that year joined Voices, Inc. He remained narrator, lead singer and artistic director of this organization until The Believers was produced in 1968. The Believers was co-authored by Walker and Josephine Jackson.

In 1969 to 1975, he taught at C.C.N.Y Leonard Davis Center of Performing Arts, as an Associate Professor in the Speech and Theatre Department. Also in 1969 he met Moses Gun who introduced him to Douglas Turner Ward, the Artistic director of The Negro Ensemble Company, which led to the production of The Harangues, opening the 1969-1970 season. Ododo, which Walker wrote, directed and co-choreographed opened with mixed reviews in the 1970-1971 season at NEC, whose music was composed and directed by his second wife Dorothy Ann Dinroe-Walker, also a Howard University graduate. Walker married Dorothy A. Dinroe in 1970, a match made in their love for the arts.

During this time Walker, wanting to create his own theatre company thereby became the artistic director of the Demi-Gods. The Demi-Gods, was co-founded along with wife Dinroe-Walker, between 1970-74. In 1971-72, Walker along with Dorothy A. Walker co-produced Yin-Yang at the African American Studio. In 1972-73, Douglas Turner Ward went into production for the The River Niger. The response to The River Niger was so overwhelming that the play was moved to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway in 1973, where it won the Tony Award in 1974. It was this same year in which his first daughter was born, Kumina Walker.

Walker received 400 hours towards a Motion Picture Production Certificate received at the Germaine School of Photography, N.Y.C. in 1973. He also completed 28 credits towards his Ph.D. program in Cinema Studies at New York University, and was honored as Playwright-in-Residence at Yale School of Drama.

Walker spent his last years continuing his writings while maintaining full tenure as well as Theatre Arts Chair for Rutgers University’s Camden Campus. He is survived by his five children Michael Walker, Steven Walker, Kumina Walker, Nandi Walker and Jodoa Walker. Walker’s youngest son, Kamau Walker, predeceased him in 2001.

***Information courtesy of Wikipedia.org.***

  • Mornin’ POU!

    Can’t say that I’m surprised by this…

    In Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln,’ Passive Black Characters

    THE latest film by Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln,” which opens nationwide on Friday, has the makings of an Oscar shoo-in, particularly for Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance in the title role. The first scene is arresting: Two black soldiers speak with the president about their experiences in combat. One, a corporal, raises the problem of unequal promotions and pay in the Union Army. Two white soldiers join them, and the scene concludes as the corporal walks away, movingly reciting the final lines of the Gettysburg Address.

    Unfortunately it is all downhill from there, at least as far as black characters are concerned. As a historian who watched the film on Saturday night in Chicago, I was not surprised to find that Mr. Spielberg took liberties with the historical record. As in “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan,” his purpose is more to entertain and inspire than to educate.

    But it’s disappointing that in a movie devoted to explaining the abolition of slavery in the United States, African-American characters do almost nothing but passively wait for white men to liberate them. For some 30 years, historians have been demonstrating that slaves were crucial agents in their emancipation; however imperfectly, Ken Burns’s 1990 documentary “The Civil War” brought aspects of that interpretation to the American public. Yet Mr. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” gives us only faithful servants, patiently waiting for the day of Jubilee.

    MORE: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/13/opinion/in-spielbergs-lincoln-passive-black-characters.html

    • crazycanuck

      I want to see the film, but I’m not surprised either it’s Spielberg for goodness sake. My reason for wanting to see this film, is all about Day Lewis.

      • Miranda

        I fell in love with him in Last of the Mohicans, then I started to notice that he could really really act too!

    • ch555x

      I might be hard-headed with contemporary history, but I’d assume watch movies about the Seminole Wars, Maroons, Gulahs, or even freedmen and “non-applicable’s”. When my knowledge of history suggest AA’s were scapegoats and afterthoughts concerning slavery (nevermind the rest the general pop.), my attention span cuts off with this stuff. I’m not downplaying the movie, but I’m more akin to hearing stories about Martin Delaney, Harriet, Sojourner, or even the The Lowry War…:/

      • TyrenM

        Thank you ch555x. Will Black Hollywood speak to this?

    • ch555x

      I might be hard-headed with contemporary history, but I’d assume watch movies about the Seminole Wars, Maroons, Gulahs, or even freedmen and “non-applicable’s”. When my knowledge of history suggest AA’s were scapegoats and afterthoughts concerning slavery (nevermind the rest the general pop.), my attention span cuts off with this stuff. I’m not downplaying the movie, but I’m more akin to hearing stories about Martin Delaney, Harriet, Sojourner, or even the The Lowry War…:/

    • MsKitty

      So the movie is basically another installment in the “Whitey Saves the Day” genre. But then it’s Spielberg, so it is what it is.

    • I kind of knew where we were headed when I didn’t see anybody portraying Frederick Douglass. This is classic Speilberg. He just can’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that strong Black men have always existed in America. That as well as the fact that Black children like to dream too.

    • TyrenM

      Again, will Black Hollywood speak on this? Spielberg or not. After “Red Tails,” I already have my answer.

  • MonieTalks

    Two words for the media: Piss poor.

    So now the the FBI agent has finally been named. The articles written about him give a laundry list of plots he foiled, building this narrative of a relentless hero agent, yada yada yada. Yet no one is asking the million dollar question?

    Why did he not direct the so-called military socialite to the LOCAL police? Who exactly was she to warrant an FBI investigation as the startling point of an investigation? There are statutes in every state that deal with cyber harassment. He needs his ass grilled for using federal resources to look out for his gal pal in an incident that couls have initially been dealt with through local resources.

    • isonprize

      There you go… askin’ them logical questions again.

    • Admiral_Komack

      “Why did he not direct the so-called military socialite to the LOCAL police?”

      They were undercover, and the FBI agent was a hands-on kind of guy.

    • Admiral_Komack

      “Why did he not direct the so-called military socialite to the LOCAL police?”

      They were undercover, and the FBI agent was a hands-on kind of guy.

      • conlakappa

        So naughty. So naughty.

  • Is it just me or did the media start covering the Gaza drama only once Hamas retaliated?

    • Miranda

      Yeah, it was all good as long as Israel was doing the damage. Hamas said “we’ll all go to hell today” and the media decided to cover it.

    • GN

      It’s not just you.

    • Camille

      Noticed that too. DMF’s.

  • GreenLadyHere


    — -Da TWITT –CONTINUES 2 LIE/STEP IN IT! – — – -Jindal – -IZZAT U? – -:>)

    – – —Bobby Jindal rejects Mitt Romney’s ‘gifts’ theory – —

    – – — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal forcefully rejected Mitt Romney’s claim that he lost because of President Barack Obama’s “gifts” to minorities and young voters.

    Asked about the failed GOP nominee’s reported comments on a conference call with donors earlier Wednesday, the incoming chairman of the Republican Governors Association became visibly agitated.

    “No, I think that’s absolutely wrong,” he said at a press conference that opened the RGA’s post-election meeting here. “Two points on that: One, we have got to stop dividing the American voters. We need to go after 100 percent of the votes, not 53 percent. We need to go after every single vote.

    “And, secondly, we need to continue to show how our policies help every voter out there achieve the American Dream, which is to be in the middle class, which is to be able to give their children an opportunity to be able to get a great education. … So, I absolutely reject that notion, that description. I think that’s absolutely wrong.”

    He reiterated the points for emphasis.

    WORD on da SKREET – – -He anglin’ 4 da rnc nomination in 2016! – – –geesh!

  • Bitter Boyce is mad ya’ll! His sidekick, Yvette Carnell (aka Pennywise Eyebrows), wrote an article accusing Sharpton and Dyson of tricking Black people. Of course, she’s getting ethered in the comment section, so here come Bitter Boyce to save the day:

    Boyce Watkins
    Wow Yvette Carnell, this-was-heavy….especially this part:

    “To put it plainly, the black community got screwed by trusting two men who were never honest brokers in the political game they were playing. These men selfishly took advantage of their proximity to power, and successfully used it as leverage for their personal brands, at the expense of the black community at large.

    Listen black people: Nobody cares about us. Not even the people who were hired to care about us care about us. My advice? F*ck ‘em. And I don’t just mean f*ck ‘em right now, I mean f*ck ‘em forever.”

    I leave it to all people of color to think critically about the words coming out of the mouths of public figures, no matter who they are. We can’t get pimped in the second term.

    He’s still mad because Rev let MHP respond to the lies Boyce was spreading about her, and she embarrassed him in front of errbody!

    • Ebogan63

      The real tricks are Bitter Boyce and Pennywise

    • Miranda

      You know, I may be wrong, but its just so sweet that PBO will be sworn in on MLK’s birthday and that will probably make all these bitter bruthas that much more sour because I am sure that point will be bought up over and over and over again all day long. And just in case its not, I will be sure to tweet them all day long reminding them of it.

    • Miranda

      You know, I may be wrong, but its just so sweet that PBO will be sworn in on MLK’s birthday and that will probably make all these bitter bruthas that much more sour because I am sure that point will be bought up over and over and over again all day long. And just in case its not, I will be sure to tweet them all day long reminding them of it.

    • GN

      His bitterness…my God…lol, WOW. Hey, I’m all for black people stepping up in this term two, definitely, and as wonderful as President Obama is, he’s not perfect. But this guy is just really really MAD. I know I shouldn’t be laughing at someone’s genuine angst but he’s so over the top it’s hard not to.

    • Dyson and Sharpton are STILL the activists they always were. But now the have day jobs as well, and they’ve chosen to use their TV time fighting the most dangerous and damaging policies, not tearing down or constantly nitpicking the president for not being the savior that the media and his political detractors tried to cynically set him up (for failure) to be. And at the end of the day, they only have so much freedom on cable news anyway. Why don’t The Bitter Ones fight for their own program? I’m sure CNN, FOX, even another time slot at MSNBC would love to have them.

      • Co-sign on ALL OF THIS

        Rev Al STan….it it I.

        • Camille

          Rev. Al RULES! And history will be very kind to him.

    • nellcote

      I don’t know the complete backstory on this but reading that first paragraph, it looks like he’s talking about corney and travis.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – –ALSO: – –He has called BOTH countries in the ISRAELI-PALESTINE[EGYPT] violence. —

    — –Obama calls Israel, Egypt after Gaza strikes

    – – — ENJOY YOUR ENERGY DRANK. :>) – – –

    B BLESSED 2-DAY. :>)

  • MonieTalks

    In Petraeus Scandal, FBI Has Explaining to Do

    …But the Petraeus affair may well tarnish the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And maybe it should. There are more than a few bad actors in this tragicomedy. Worst of all, as far as we know now, it was an FBI agent — identified by the New York Times as Frederick W. Humphries II — who took it upon himself to transmit a raw report on the case to a member of Congress. That isn’t whistle-blowing. It has nothing to do with the rule of law or the national security of the U.S. The singular significant fact of the affair thus far is the way in which it came to light. The agent, and the FBI as an institution, should be called to account.

    The bureau has the awesome power to destroy anyone in the U.S. by searching their computers, rifling their records, reading their mail and stealing their secrets. It can do that under law, with a judge’s warrant. Or it can ruin people for no real reason, as it did for decades under J. Edgar Hoover.

    read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-15/in-petraeus-scandal-fbi-has-explaining-to-do.html

    • TyrenM

      Between Hoover history and Patriot Act abuse, yeah, heads need to roll. Cantor hoe ass needs to explain why he sit quiet all this time too.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM — – – –AHA! – – — THEY LIED!! — – –

    – – –APNewsBreak: BP gets record fine in Gulf oil spill – –

    – – —Oil giant BP has agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty in U.S. history, totaling billions of dollars, for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a person familiar with the deal said Thursday.

    The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the deal, also said two BP PLC employees face manslaughter charges over the death of 11 people in the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that triggered the massive spill.

    The person said BP will plead guilty to obstruction for lying to Congress about how much oil was pouring out of the ruptured well. The person declined to say exactly how much the fine in the billions of dollars would be.

    The Deepwater Horizon rig, 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, sank after the April 20, 2010, explosion. The well on the sea floor spewed an estimated 206 million gallons of crude oil, soiling sensitive tidal estuaries and beaches, killing wildlife and shutting vast areas of the Gulf to commercial fishing.

    – –Annnnd –NOW THEY WILL PAY!! —- — –

    • nellcote

      I’m glad to see actual people will be prosecuted, too.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good MornTin’ nellcote. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        — -***fist bump***- —4 sure!!- – – -CONDOLENCES 2 the FAMILIES of the “victims”. — –

        Good 2 C U nellcote. :>)

  • MonieTalks

    Who the heck is Margena A. Christian who wrote this crappy ass headline for Ebony magazine?

    Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Love Obama, Want More

    Before President Obama took office four years ago, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, Ph.D. were on the battlefield to bring justice to the poor. The duo, which has always supported Obama, has often been criticized for its persistent efforts to hold him accountable. “I think Brother Tavis and I, in a culture of fleeting pleasures, find enduring joy in loving and serving poor and Black people, even when we’re misunderstood,” West told EBONY.com

    read more: http://www.ebony.com/news-views/interview-tavis-smiley-and-cornel-west-867

    • Ebogan63

      Don’t need to read any more of that fawning bullshit.

      • pamelabrown53

        You know what pisses me off most about the “fawning bullshit”?
        It’s about the grifters who constantly have used their voices to undermine the President during a time when the whole country was facing economic collapse.

        Our PBO had to face this nearly catastrophic situation while presidentin’ by being black.

        I’ve never seen any president in my life time meet such crazy, vitriolic horseshit with so much magnanimity and grace. FROM ALL SIDES.

        • Camille

          Thank you!

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good MornTin’ MonieTalks. ***BIG HUG*** :>) — –

      – –DELUSIONAL: – –The duo, which has always supported Obama,. . .

      – –Annnd her NAME[Christian] – – – -Ummm – – -SHE LIES! – – -HAH!

      – —-PUH-LEEZE!! — – – –

      – – –Good 2 C U MonieTalks. :>) B BLESSED U/FAM. :>)

    • MsKitty

      Corny’s verbal diarrhea is annoying to say the least. Why use 5 words to say something when 50 will do?

      • To confuse the issue as well as himself.

      • conlakappa

        The knotty hair is seeping inward?

    • Town

      “Margena Christian” is the nom de plume of Desiree Rogers?

      • nellcote

        or Cornel West.

        • conlakappa

          True. Get it: he lives on the margins and he is a Christian!! Clever one, that Corn Flakes.

      • Camille

        I won’t be surprised. Desiree was rooting against the Obamas and I’m not surprised she’s now on plan B pushing this Cornell West and Tavis love Obama but just want him to do better phony crap.

        She’s just as petty and envious as Tavis and Cornell West.

    • So Heckel & Jeckel ran to Ebony in hopes of smoothing things over with the Black community. Sorry, but Ebony doesn’t have the clout it used to have.

      BTW, Ms. Christian is on Twitter. Stop by and say “hello”: http://twitter.com/MargenaXan

    • So Heckel & Jeckel ran to Ebony in hopes of smoothing things over with the Black community. Sorry, but Ebony doesn’t have the clout it used to have.

      BTW, Ms. Christian is on Twitter. Stop by and say “hello”: http://twitter.com/MargenaXan

    • QOakaJP

      Yeah, they “love” him alright…that Fatal Attraction kind of love.
      Or, if I can be cynical, the love the new gig that an Obama presidency is affording them: darlings to conservatives AND emoprogs looking for Black attack dogs to do their dirty work for them and hit Obama on a personal, mean-spirited level. While also furthering their “wolf in sheep’s clothing” propaganda.
      There’s a difference between criticism and slander, and ‘Brother’ West continues to slip closer to the latter.

      • pamelabrown53

        “darlings to conservatives AND emoprogs”: halleluhah and pass the collection plate to Brother West.

        • conlakappa

          Wells Fargo and Wal*Mart have that covered! As do the other corporate underwriters, I’m sure.

    • GN

      Dr. West’s penchant for posing as a victim and a martyr drives me crazy. He is not misunderstood! How is calling President Obama a Republican in blackface “supporting” him???

      • conlakappa

        Maybe he just wants to be cussed out/jackslapped by as many black people as possible with the inflammatory blackface? It makes him feel guuuuuuuuuud and, yeah, like Brother Persecuted.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Tavis Smiley and Cornel West ain’t done shit!
      They are two bitter old men, clutching to one another.

    • annvic

      “I think Brother Tavis and I, in a culture of fleeting pleasures, find enduring joy in loving and serving poor and Black people, even when we’re misunderstood,” West

      Oh my Goooooood, I can’t even believe this shit! The lies……….when the fuck were y’all serving poor/Black people? When Tavis was selling Black people shitty mortgages? When he held the State of the Black Union that made gangbusters money for corporations and featured the same ten people talking about the same ten problems they’d been talking about for ten years and no solutions? When Cornel spent the majority of his career encased in the Ivory Tower far, far away from the Black he claims to love so much? Or when he charged HBCU’s twice the amount to speak as he did Ivy League schools? Were you serving us when the two of you went on that corporate-sponsored-out-the-ass “poverty tour” that featured the two of you rambling on about nothing and insulting Obama? What about the redux that found you two touring ritzy areas of battleground states far from the poor you care oh so much about? When is the last time either one of you have done any type of volunteer work with poor/Black people? Do you even remember, ’cause I sure don’t. When is the last time you two have talked about Black people without castigating us as feeble-minded children who abandoned true righteousness for the blinding glare of President Obama? The hate has warped your collective minds and deluded you into believing yourselves true martyrs of the cause: dreaming of the day when you are nailed to your respective crosses on the White House lawn with a crowd of weeping Beckies wailing and gnashing their teeth at your feet until the crowds part and you ascend to Righteous Negro heaven to sit at the right hand of Malcolm X. Niggas please; allow me to bring you back down to earth. Black people can’t stand you and you’ll be lucky to get through the next four years without catching a beat down.

      • MsKitty


      • conlakappa

        Duh, by giving them 2 oz. Dixie cups of water off the side of the poverty bus those 2 weeks of the year. Dammit, annvic, they give!!!

        • annvic

          I would have remembered their noble offerings if only my simple mind hadn’t been brainwashed by that evil Obama. *shakes head*….pray for me, for I have been lead astray from the true path of righteousness that Cornel and Tavis were kind enough to put me on for the low, low price of $29.95.

    • Whenever he says Brother then you know the con or put down is coming.

      Serving poor and Black people. Would that be poached or sunny side up because as far as actually helping poor and Black people they have done neither.

      • pamelabrown53

        Well, every other sentence out of his mouth is “Brother” so I’ll leave it to you all to determine his “truthiness”.

    • qosine

      I read in some interview, West didn’t want to be like Jesus, he wanted to BE Jesus. I was reminded of Corinthians and this insight by MLK.
      Martin Luther King, Where Do We Go From Here
      16 August 1967, Atlanta, Georgia
      10th annual session of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

      And so I say to you today, my friends, that you may be able to speak with the tongues of men and angels (All right); you may have the eloquence of articulate speech; but if you have not love, it means nothing. (That’s right)

      Yes, you may have the gift of prophecy; you may have the gift of scientific prediction (Yes sir) and understand the behavior of molecules (All right); you may break into the storehouse of nature (Yes sir) and bring forth many new insights; yes, you may ascend to the heights of academic achievement (Yes sir) so that you have all knowledge (Yes sir, Yes); and you may boast of your great institutions of learning and the boundless extent of your degrees; but if you have not love, all of these mean absolutely nothing. (Yes)

      You may even give your goods to feed the poor (Yes sir); you may bestow great gifts to charity (Speak); and you may tower high in philanthropy; but if you have not love, your charity means nothing. (Yes sir)

      You may even give your body to be burned and die the death of a martyr, and your spilt blood may be a symbol of honor for generations yet unborn, and thousands may praise you as one of history’s greatest heroes; but if you have not love (Yes, All right), your blood was spilt in vain.

      What I’m trying to get you to see this morning is that a man may be self-centered in his self-denial and self-righteous in his self-sacrifice. His generosity may feed his ego, and his piety may feed his pride. (Speak) So without love, benevolence becomes egotism, and martyrdom becomes spiritual pride.


  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – – –1 MO’ ‘GAIN – – -McANCIENT — —U LOST! — -2 “THAT ONE”!! – -GET OVA IT!! – –

    – — –Once again, Barack Obama vs. John McCain – –

    – —President Barack Obama just finished his second presidential campaign — but he’s not finished lashing out at his opponent from his first.

    Obama’s irritation at his 2008 rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain, flared Wednesday during the president’s first news conference since winning reelection. It was a startling moment in an otherwise unremarkable appearance — and hinted at lingering tensions with McCain.

    At the heart of Obama’s outburst are Republican claims that United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice covered up the genesis of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans. Rice has become the symbol of Republican anger over the administration’s handling of the incident — at a particularly uncomfortable moment for both Obama and Rice, who is in contention to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

    The White House explained the president’s reaction by saying that McCain and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham — who together blasted Rice at a Wednesday morning news conference of their own — received the same intelligence and talking points the administration gave Rice before her ill-fated, post-Benghazi turn on the Sunday morning talk shows. The two knew exactly why Rice said what she did, White House aides said.

    Annnnnd U R LOSIN’ – — AGAIN. – — -U GOT – – – -GOT – –AGAIN —by MR. —2nd TERM – -PRESIDENT!!- – -HAH!- —

    • nellcote

      So McCain didn’t even bother to attend a Bengazi hearing yesterday. Yeah, he’s so concerned. People really need to stop calling him an “honorable” man.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – — Woo! Hoo! – -A FIRST – – —

    – – –In 1974, Walker became the first African American writer to win the Tony Award, being honored for The River Niger. The playwright previously won an Obie Award during that play’s 1972-1973 Off-Broadway run.– –



  • CIA: We Didn’t Ask for Help During Benghazi Attack

    When the CIA’s acting director, Michael Morell, testifies Thursday before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, he is expected to say that the agency never requested Europe-based special operations teams, specialized Marine platoons, or armed drones on the night of the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official.


    Can hardly wait to hear what McCain and Graham will say after this.

    • Miranda

      Oh I can’t either. I can’t wait to see their mushed up faces.

    • So, basically, the CIA effed up and McGrumpy and Beverly Leslie Graham should be calling out Petraeus, not Amb. Rice.

      What time is the hearing?

      • Miranda

        ___________________________FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG________*choking*________________Beverly Leslie_____oh I can NOT stop laughing!!!! One of my all-time favs from Will&Grace! ROFLMAO

        • Every time I see Graham, I think about the JLo episode when Beverly was yelling, “Miss Lopez! Miss Lopez!” LOL!

      • nellcote

        It’s a closed door hearing. We’ll only get info second hand.

      • Admiral_Komack

        I think Lindsay did try to call out Petraeus…but Petraeus wasn’t accepting his calls…;-)

  • GreenLadyHere


    — – –How Obama Affects the Courts of Appeal

    – – —One of the major reasons that it was important that Barack Obama win a second term was because there is a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court that could easily have moved to 6-3 or even 7-2, with catastrophic consequences on a whole host of issues, prominently including women’s rights. But the Supreme Court only hears a small minority of federal cases. Most issues are decided at the level of the U.S. Courts of Appeal. And the balance of power on those courts is extremely consequential. Here’s a look at the present state of play on the 13 U.S. Courts of Appeal. I provide you with the number of judges on each panel who were appointed by a Republican (GOP) president and a Democratic (Dem) president, and also tell you how many vacancies there are on each panel. Take a close look.

    United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit- 5 GOP, 5 Dem, 2 vacancies.
    United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit- 3 GOP, 2 Dem, 1 vacancy.
    United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit- 5 GOP, 8 Dems, 0 vacancies.

    — – -SNIP- – —
    When all is said and done, the GOP will dominate only the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Circuits. You can do your own math to determine how dramatically different this is from what would have been if Mitt Romney had won the election.
    – —


  • rikyrah

    Good Morning Everyone 🙂

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – -Woo! Hoo1 – -THIS READS WELL – – – —

    – – – –
    Rice’s Chances of Being Nominated Probably Just Increased
    – –

    — —President Obama aggressively defended U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, “using his first postelection news conference to pointedly rebut Republican charges that the diplomat misled the American public in the aftermath of the attacks in Libya,” the Boston Globe reports.

    Bloomberg notes Obama’s “spirited defense” of Rice “has moved her a step closer to being named to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

    First Read: “If you thought that Obama might decide to pass on nominating Susan Rice to be the next Secretary of State, think again. Yesterday’s confrontation might have been the best thing to happen to her chances of being nominated.

    —MR. PRESIDENT has a CHOICE. :>) – – –

    –[Sorry. Gotta “bounce” early. MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’ U –IN MY ♥]

  • No terror reference in Rice’s CIA talking points

    CBS News’ Margaret Brennan has obtained the speaking points that Ambassador Susan Rice received on the day she first spoke about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

    VIDEO: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50135181n

    • Miranda

      Oh this will be priceless…McCain busy running around making an azz of himself. This is wonderful.

  • Breaking News: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify before Congress on Benghazi attack

    • Miranda

      HIllary don’t give a damn….they come at her, she might curse somebody out.

  • dannie22

    http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2012/11/rep_marcia_fudge_selected_to_c.html#incart_river My congresswoman Marcia Fudge is the new head of the CBC. I think there will be positive changes now

    • trose1

      Thank the lord, she is a warrior. Unlike Satan sandwich man.

  • Miranda

    Fight Over Rice Exposes Tensions Between Obama and McCain

    If there was still any thought that President Obama and Senator John McCain might eventually move past their once-bitter White House rivalry toward a cooperative governing agenda, it was all but dashed on Wednesday.

    The two men who battled for the presidency four years ago spent the day bumping chests and marking their turf over the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the possibility that Mr. Obama might soon nominate Susan E. Rice, his ambassador to the United Nations, as his next secretary of state.

    Mr. McCain, Republican of Arizona, began the ping-pong volley of sharp-edged commentary in the morning, calling Ms. Rice “unqualified” to serve as secretary of state for her public statements about the September attack in Benghazi. He vowed that he and Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, would do anything “within our power” to block her appointment. The president responded at a news conference in the afternoon, accusing Mr. McCain of trying to “besmirch” Ms. Rice’s reputation and daring him to “go after me” if he wants to.

    more here

    • rikyrah

      McCain never got over losing to THAT ONE

    • nellcote

      McCain’s issues with PBO go back to his time in the senate.

      • qosine

        McCain saw the future, and it was Barack Obama. He knew then he would never be President.

    • Let’s be clear. It’s McCain who has kept this feud going. PBO has tried on a number of occasions to move past this but the Senator from Arizona just won’t let it go.

      • MsKitty

        Like told he told McCain at the ACA meeting in 2009, “Senator, I won the election.”

        • Alma98

          I loved when he said that lol.

      • Miranda

        ITA….PBO has reached out to this fool but his bitter ass can’t get over it.

      • conlakappa

        It’s not a feud. The President isn’t studying him, which is the worst thing one can do to an attentionwhore.

    • conlakappa

      Rivalry? Once your ass is handed to you by the other guy in pursuit of the highest office in the land, it’s not a rivalry. It’s an ass-handed-to-you relationship.

  • Meghan McCain needs to come get her daddy cuz he’s playing hisself…

    McCain Skipped A Briefing On Benghazi To Hold A Press Conference
    By Igor Volsky on Nov 15, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is demanding a special select committee to investigate the events leading up to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya and has held around-the-clock television appearances pressing for a complete review of the incident.

    But all of the senator’s media interviews and press availabilities may be interfering with his ability to gather information about the event. On Thursday morning, CNN’s Dana Bash reported that McCain chose to hold a joint press conference with Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) rather than attend a closed-door briefing about the attacks:

    I have to tell you something that just happened on Capitol Hill, and that is our senate producer Ted Barrett just ran into John McCain and asked about something that we’re hearing from Democrats, which is John McCain is calling for more information to Congress, but he had a press conference yesterday instead of going to a closed briefing where administration officials were giving more information. Well, Ted Barrett asked John McCain about that, and it was apparently an intense very angry exchange and McCain simply would not comment on it at all.

    MORE: http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/11/15/1196411/mccain-may-have-skipped-a-briefing-on-benghazi-to-hold-a-press-conference/

    • An intense angry exchange which means John got caught trying to pull a fast one and didn’t like it.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – -GOOD NEWS!- – – –

    – – – –Patty Murray To Chair The Senate Budget Committee– –

    – —Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) is set to become the next chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, her office confirmed to TPM on Thursday.

    “Senator Murray has confirmed that she expects to be the next chairman of the Senate Budget Committee,” her spokesman Eli Zupnick said.

    “She is going to use all of her committee and leadership positions to continue fighting for veterans, as she has done over her entire career. She plans to continue working to reduce the deficit and pay down the debt in a balanced way that is fair for seniors and the middle class and calls on the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share.”

    – – – -SUPPORTS – – -MR. PRESIDENT’S PLANS Woo! Hoo!- –

    BETCHA –these DREADED RE-THUCKERS haz a SAD!!: – —

    —lindsey graham– — -rob portman — -kelly ayotte!- –HAH!

    • TyrenM

      To Our Washingtonians here, I’ll take Patty over Conrad ALL DAY Erryday! She won’t lay down to bs.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY TrrenM. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – -***fist bump*** :>) Good 2 hear!- – -:>)

        STILL gotta go through “rough waters”- — with these- – -FLIPPIN’- — -RE-THUCKERS!!- – –

        Good 2 C U TyrenM :>)

  • GN

    What the? I’m really hoping that this is an exaggeration:

    Mitt Romney Says Bill Clinton Told Him Hurricane Sandy Won Obama Election

    WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney claimed during a call with donors on Wednesday that he received a call from former President Bill Clinton, who told Romney that had it not been for Hurricane Sandy, he might have won the election.

    ABC News offers the following transcript of the former GOP presidential nominee’s comments:

    ”I spoke with President Clinton the day before yesterday, he called and spent 30 minutes chatting with me. He said a week out I thought you were going to win. And he said, but the hurricane happened, and it gave the president a chance to be presidential, and to look bipartisan, and you know he got a little more momentum, and of course he also said that when he was watching Ann speak at the Republican convention, he decided he was tempted to join the Republican Party. So he may have just been effusive with generous comments as he chatted.”


    • This could go either way in all honesty and I like Clinton.

    • Bill Clinton better publicly denounce this mofo ASAP, ASAP!

      • Daltex82

        If this is true this is reason #1,456,345 why Bubba will always get the stank-eye from me and Hillary will never get my vote.

      • Miranda

        I was thinking the same thing…oh Bill, all that goodwill you tried to build up..dude..its SOOOOOOOOO gone..POOF! OVA! You betta come out and call Mitt a lowdown rotten lying dog or you just as through as he is.

      • GN

        I wouldn’t put it past Mittens to be exaggerating the whole thing. His delusional “I lost because President Obama gave out free stuff” hints at someone who is a little off in fantasy land.

      • Ebogan63

        This is from Huffpo, keep that in mind.

        • conlakappa

          Arianna called Miffed and told him that!

    • Town

      But I thought it was all the blacks getting free gifts that made Obama win?

      • Admiral_Komack

        “Is we got free gifts, Boss?”

    • TyrenM

      Bullshit. Next?

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY GN- —**BIG HUG*** :>)

      – — -***SIGH***- – Let’s hope that he di-ent have — -LOOSE LIPS!!– –

      We KNOW what dey do!!- – –LOL- –

      Annnd- – –Suuuure- — -we should BELIEVE – — THIS LIAR!!- – -HAH!

      Good 2 C U GN. :>)

    • qosine

      Nope, I don’t believe Bill Clinton said that. He is a Democrat. Mitt is a lying POS and HuffPo is a ratf* trying to divide. GOP’s still mad they couldn’t take the Clintons down.

    • conlakappa

      Sowing the seeds of conflict. In what circles would he even have the chance to talk to Clinton? One of them has the other’s number? They chat on the regular? Their power trajectories don’t even match. Miffed is pulling a Don Draper and trying to change the conversation because he doesn’t like it’s current direction.

      • True. He did try to pull this during the campaign. It’s hard to take someone serious who lies about their first name.

      • GN

        Can’t argue with that!

    • Camille

      It says something when many of us have a hard time dismissing this as yet another Romney lie or exaggeration.
      A part of me strongly believes it. I do not trust Bill Clinton as far as I can throw him.
      This is exactly what he did with McCain before, during and after the 2008 elections. Effusive in praise for McCain where he could barely mention Barack Obama’s name and almost choked when he had to.
      I think everyone forgets that Bill Clinton even called Sarah Palin even though she refused to take the call fearing it was another set up crank call. Yes, Sarah Palin.
      Can’t stress enough that in the end, Bill Clinton is always about Bill Clinton and advancing the interests of Bill Clinton. He has no genuine or lasting commitment to or sees as singularly important, that fight for true economic equality and fairness especially if it does nothing to elevate him personally or advance yet another Clinton cause or desire. Bill Clinton leans heavily towards the same wall street types who have fought President Obama every step of the way on raising taxes. They fund his Clinton Global Initiative and until recently, the money machine that fueled Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid which will now be moved behind a Hillary run. They all eat from the same tin of the rarest caviar for their mutual benefit and for the heck it.
      It was Bill Clinton afterall who publicly pushed back against the Obama campaign’s very successful Bain attack ads while effusively praising and raving about Romney’s business acumen. It was also Bill Clinton who fought against and publicly contradicted President Obama’s push to let the Bush tax cuts expire.
      So yes, I believe this call happened and I believe that Bill Clinton said much of what has been attributed to him by Romney. I believe that this is Bill Clinton’s way of wooing the racists and donors alike who voted for Romney, trying to get them onboard for a Hillary run.

      I also want to stress that I completely distrust John Podesta and every time I see his name mentioned as it was again as part of the meeting President Obama had with Labor leaders – and “progressive” groups, I shudder.

      John Podesta is the Clinton loyalist President Obama unfortunately relied on to help administratively set up staff and things for the first term. He was an old Democratic hand who had been there done that and President Obama hired him in good faith not realizing that there were still hard feelings and strong resentments and a strategic plan to undermine and sabotage.

      But there will not be a repeat of that this time. The President and his trusted inner circle now have 4 solid years under their belt and will no longer need or rely on the services of a so-called “seasoned White House veteran” who in reality tried to set them up to fail.

  • Sharpton: Hold On, Keep Our Eyes On The Prize
    Nov 15, 2012
    By Rev. Al Sharpton

    There were many who were surprised by the 2012 Presidential election. In simple terms, they didn’t expect us to show up, but we did, and we helped propel this President to victory for four more years.

    As leaders meet with the President this week, and as we fast approach negotiations on the fiscal cliff, we must remain focused on protecting vital American ideals like Medicare, Medicaid, quality education, and other concepts that help define who we are as a nation. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by those on the right that can’t accept the outcome of this election or by those on the left that are caught up in their own egos and personal gripes. We didn’t just blindly vote and win this election for a particular Party or person; the majority sided with a policy that benefits the people and not special interests. It’s important now as it perhaps ever was that we continue to concentrate on that platform and keep our eyes on the prize.

    MORE: http://newsone.com/2083042/al-sharpton-civil-rights/

    • nellcote

      I hope efforts are continuing to get people needed voter ids in preparation for 2014. There are 30 states with gooper governors and the issue isn’t going away.

  • Alma98

    The blog is still slow, I emptied my cache too and the blog is still slow as molasses.

    • Miranda

      I was just told I should start having one on yesterday, and it was scheduled…but I dont wanna go…I don’t wanna do it because I have already been told how much it hurts. I DONT WANNA!!!!

      • gc

        Alma and Miranda. My mamm quite literally saved my life. You WILL go!

        • Miranda

          I just don’t get it…..we can put a man on the moon but can’t figure out a more humane way to do these annual exams?????

          • Daltex82

            What gets me is once the nurse get you positioned just right she says “don’t move” I’m like you have my ta ta in this vice squeezing the life out of it, how in the hell do you expect me to move!

          • Alma98

            LOL! My technician always have to do a do-over, cause she wants a better pic. I’m like again and her hands are cold as hell lol.

          • conlakappa

            May you never have to endure a biopsy–it’s even worse! Let’s just say the table is designed for women/breasts of all sizes.

          • Alma98

            My mother had a biopsy I understand what you mean.

        • Alma98

          GC I always get my mammograms my doctor ties it in with my annual pap. I hate the procedure but I know it’s for my own good.

      • Alma98

        It wasn’t too bad I’ve been getting one for a few years now. I’ll say that I much prefer the mammogram to the vaginal ultra-sound, whoo girlll. And on top of that this young guy comes in talking about you ready and I was like uh no. I told him I preferred a woman and he said his feelings weren’t hurt, but I could see he was pissed lol. He looked younger than my son, sorry boy but now way!

        • conlakappa

          Right? I know the discussion about that procedure with those idiots in Virginia talking about that must have made you superheated. It is so invasive that there is no way to demonstrate it in a “family paper.”

          • Alma98

            They pissed me off with that b.s. I wanted to break my tv. It is horrible and painful, not to mention you have to drink two gallons of water before the procedure.

  • Food for though from Emily Hauser (@emilyhauser)…

    I have one question about Israel and Gaza.

    I am beside myself over the upsurge in violence between Israel and Gaza.

    Israel says its strikes have been surgical and that it’s targeting terrorists — which is to say: Legitimate military targets, not civilians.

    Given that the Kirya, one of Israel’s largest military bases, is located in the heart of Tel Aviv — literally downtown, surrounded by offices and businesses and schools and parks and vital roadways and apartment buildings and cultural institutions and falafel stands and kiosks and kids on bikes — I have one question:

    If a Palestinian whose family has been killed in an Israeli airstrike bombs the Kirya — we’ll be cool with that, right?

    Because, I mean, after all, what is Israel doing, hiding all those grunt soldiers and high ranking commanders and intelligence gathering infrastructure and so on among a civilian population? Why is Israel using Israeli civilians as a human shield?

    Ok, my one question is really this: What happens if we switch the nouns around today?

    MORE: http://emilylhauserinmyhead.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/i-have-one-question-about-israel-and-gaza/

    • crazycanuck

      I’ve been reading het timeline along with some Arab tweets. I’m so incensed about what is going on

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- — LOL – -Heeeere’s “Mr. HARRY – -annnd HIS POSSE”- –

    – —PHOTO: Harry Reid With Incoming Dem Senators– — – -Woo! Hoo!- – –

    – — –Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Capitol Hill with incoming Democratic senators. From left to right: Sens.-elect Joe Donnelly (Indiana), Tim Kaine (Virginia), Martin Heinrich (New Mexico), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin), Chris Murphy (Connecticut), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Angus King (I-Maine).– – –

    – -PURE MR. PRESIDENT – -SUPPORT. – –:>)

    — -From- — “ICE HARRY” — –Psssssssssst! – –NOW — -Here’s OUR PLAN!– – — LOL- – –

  • Another cool video from election night: Mitt’s concession speech, as witnessed at McCormick Place. Then they transition right in to the “Fired Up” video

    Bonus: 10 minutes of people dance in the audience before the speech starts.

    • Alma98

      Hey! They’re playing the song I thought they should play after PBO’s win lol. I hope they play it at the inaugural ball.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- — -BWAHAHA – — He LOL- – – -said – –LOL- — WHA’!??_ – — –

    – — –Karl Rove addresses big crowd in Erie– – –

    – – – –THIS– — ->The first was the expensive and long Republican primary season with “way too many debates” — focused too much on social issues and not enough on the economy. “Mitt Romney had what I scientifically call a butt-ugly primary,” Rove said.– — -BWAHAHA!! —

    – – U! AIN’T! — -NEVA!- — -LIED!- – – LOL — –

  • Miranda

    This is just somebody that thought up a hustle to rip off the stupid. I hope they get enough nuts to “press one” and they run off somewhere with it.

    Birther group’s ‘impeach Obama’ robocalls hit four states

    It’s been just over a week since President Barack Obama was decisively reelected, and already conservatives are ginning up support for impeaching him.

    People in four states — Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington — have reported strange political robocalls from a birther group called Conservative Majority Fund, saying that they “suspect” Obama may be “guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” adding “there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the Constitution.”

    more here
    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1tzyG)

    • Yaphet Kotto pulling that Monkey Hustle.

  • Miranda

    This really tickles me….”where deez nigras come from????”

    Maine GOP Head Suspects Voter Fraud Because ‘Dozens, Dozens Of Black People’ Voted

    The head of the Republican Party in Maine thinks there might have been voter fraud in his state because “nobody in town knows anyone who’s black,” but black voters came in to vote on election day.

    GOP state chairman Charlie Webster aims to find those who committed the alleged fraud fraud by sending thank you cards to voters, and seeing if they are returned to sender.

    In an interview with an NBC affiliate, Webster said he was astounded by the “dozens, dozens of black people” who voted, and thought it was odd because he personally doesn’t know anyone who knows a black person in town:

    more here

    • LOL!!!. Translation: I didn’t know Black People lived in Maine.

    • Kennymack1971

      This one has had me and my co workers rolling all morning. They’ve truly gone off the deep end.

    • rikyrah

      1. like Black folk don’t have anything better to do.
      2. probably African immigrants that have been naturalized.

      • conlakappa

        Are students allowed to vote there? Could be them too.

    • Alma98

      My cousin lived in maine until five years ago. So they better get used to it, the browning of America continues lol.

    • Dude is oh so serious about this, too! LMBAO!

  • Miranda


    Georgia Lawmakers Held Session on Obama Brainwashing

    Gawker: “Last month, the watchdog group Better Georgia managed to record nearly a full hour of a four-hour closed door meeting of Republican state senators which was convened by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R) to discuss President Obama’s efforts to brainwash Americans on behalf of the United Nations.”

    Part of the session was caught on video before the infiltrators were escorted out.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that several lawmakers claimed their per diem rate for attending the session.

    • MsKitty

      Obama Derangement Syndrome is real.

    • Kennymack1971

      They’ve snapped. Just when you think these nuts can’t top themselves, they manage to do just that.

    • Daltex82

      It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

    • rikyrah


    • Alma98

      What next an exorcism for white people that voted for PBO, these people are crazy.

      • conlakappa

        At least for the wimmins. Free birth control and love for a black man?

    • If only they would use their powers for good. *smh*

  • Kadijo

    I liked a comment down thread about it going either way re Bill Clinton/MR. One of the reasons why I couldn’t trust the Clintons is because you never know with whom or what they are saying behind closed doors. WHY DID BILL CLINTON HAVE TO CALL MITT ROMNEY AT ALL?

    • conlakappa

      You believe anything this liar claims? I said before: if I asked him my name and he said it, I’d have to double-check my ID to verify that. He lies. It’s what he does. He has no benefit of the doubt.

  • lamh36

    Man, I’m sorry, but I’ve said this before, but Tam’Ron Hall’s show is unwatchable. I like Tam’Ron but good Lord, she never lets a guest at list finish a thought. She interrupts even her Dem guest and its ridiculously annoying, even when she does it to conserv guests. I tried 2x to watch it, but I’m done

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY lamh36. ***BIG HUG** :>)

      LOL- –Guess Lawrence “O”- — – needsta TEACH HER — -2 – — -“SLOW YA ROLL”- – – -PUMP YA – — – – – —— – -BRAKES!! LOL

      Good 2 C U lamh36. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – — -FINALLY- – – –the Right-Leaning MSM– – – -is


    ONLY been lookin’ 4 THIS for 4 YEARS!!!- – – –Durin’ the TIME when THEY were trynta make MR. PRESIDENT LOOK BAD!!

    – – –Superstorm Sandy Pushes US Jobless Claims to 439K– —

    – – — Superstorm Sandy drove the number of people seeking unemployment benefits up to a seasonally adjusted 439,000 last week, the highest level in 18 months.

    The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications increased by 78,000 mostly because a large number of applications were filed in states damaged by the storm. People can claim unemployment benefits if their workplaces close and they don’t get paid.

    The storm has affected the claims data for the past two weeks and may distort reports for another two weeks, the department has said.

    —– – – -SNIP- – —

    GOOD NEWS:- — ->There are some signs that the job market is improving. Employers added 171,000 jobs in October and hiring in August and September was stronger than first estimated. The economy has gained an average of 173,000 jobs a month since July. That’s up from an average of 67,000 a month in April through June.

    HE KNEW!! — -They were “withholding the – -FULL REPORT!!

    Annnd WE KNEW- – –NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST HIM- -WOULD PROSPER. — -THIS ONE Di-ent work — either.!! HAH.- – –

    • Alma98

      I’m waiting for somebody to make his snotty ass cry and when they do I hope it’s recorded.

      • conlakappa

        i hope it’s a woman. Again.

  • Israeli Prime Minster Deletes Tweet Thanking Obama

    The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted, then quickly deleted a statement thanking President Obama for his support.

    MORE: http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/netanyahu-deletes-tweet-thanking-obama

    • Miranda

      Why did he delete it? Is that some kind of “let’s put it out there even though I haven’t spoked to him I’ll put it out there and see what happens.” Because this seems rather juvenile and something one would expect from a dude that presented a cartppm drawing of a bomb at the UN.

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!