October 18, 2017

Thursday Open Thread: African American Winemakers


We continue our series on African American Winemakers with….



Esterlina Vineyards & Winery
Mendocino County, California

L to R: Chris, Craig, Eric, Murio and Stephen
(Photo: Wine Enthusiast Magazine)


From Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 2009:

Sometimes wine tastes a bit richer when you know who’s making it.

The Sterling family has been making wine under the Esterlina label, which is their name in Spanish, for more than a decade now, but their love of the land dates back decades. One of only a handful of black families that owns vineyards in America, the Sterlings farmed for three generations before getting into the wine business.

The patriarch, Murio Sterling, made wine at home while ranching grass-fed cattle and growing corn in the Central Valley. He and wife Doris eventually jumped into the wine business with their four sons — Stephen, Chris, Craig and Eric — all of whom work in the family business.

A recent tasting with other visitors at Esterlina Vineyards’ 20-acre spread — at the end of a two-mile gravel road off Highway 128 — felt like a family reunion. Crew member Dan Voisan put the eight of us at ease with a bowl of cheese puffs, healthy pours and a gracious grin.

“Anything that makes you come back to Mendocino,” Voisan said.

Stephen Sterling, who serves as Esterlina’s vice president of marketing and sales, said, “We like to have people come up without all the pomp and circumstances that go into wine tasting in some areas.”

In creating a winery, Sterling said, “One objective was to make wines that our friends could afford to enjoy and drink and have a good time with.”

The Sterlings grew for large producers before striking out with their

own moderately priced label in 1998, when they released their first Riesling and Pinot Noir. Their wine has continually won high praise, including gold medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for Esterlina’s 2005 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir and 2006 Cole Ranch Riesling.

Sterling’s brother Eric, a physician, is the company’s winemaker, while Craig, an attorney, manages the tasting room and offers legal counsel. Chris is the vineyard manager.

Besides the Philo property acquired in 2001, the family owns vineyards in the Russian River Valley and on the 253-acre Cole Ranch in Mendocino, which is the smallest appellation in America. The Sterlings, who also own Everett Ridge Winery in Healdsburg, take pride in making wines sustainable, using primarily native yeast for fermentation, among other measures.

They also take pride in overcoming cultural barriers to winemaking. Stephen Sterling said less than one percent of the country’s 7,000 wineries are black-owned. Besides the considerable cost of buying vineyards, Sterling said many black entrepreneurs probably haven’t thought about becoming vintners because wine drinking isn’t as pervasive among black families as it is in white cultures. Grape cultivation also has long been the provenance of European families.

“A lot of African Americans don’t live on farms anymore,” Sterling said. “They don’t get to experiment with growing fruits and vegetables, let alone vineyards.”



San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Gold – 2005 Russian River Valley Chardonnay


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Gold – 2005 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, 2006 Cole Ranch Riesling

Silver – 2004 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver – 2007 Cole Ranch Riesling, 2006 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, 2004 Cole Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Bronze – 2007 Cole Ranch Dry Riesling


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver – 2006 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008 Cole Ranch Dry Riesling

Bronze – 2007 Russian River Valley Chardonnay


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver – 2009 Cole Ranch Riesling

Bronze – 2009 Cole Ranch White Dessert, 2009 Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc


For more information, check out Esterlina Vineyards.

  • GN

    God really really really doesn’t like ugly. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official–meet Mr. 47%:

    President Obama widens lead on Wednesday to 50.90% vs Romney’s 47.37%. The last Million votes: Obama: 65% of the votes, Romney: 30%. Est total: 51% – 47.2%

    • crazycanuck

      Isn’t today his meeting with the Pres? I hope the President has a big billboard with 47% in big bold letters lol

      Good Morning folks.

      • GN

        lol! Yup, today’s the day of their meeting. The media is hyping it up but I see it as a courtesy and one of PBO’s nonstop attempts to open the door to true civility with the Republicans, all of which have been rebuffed. President Obama is a 100% class act. But…I wouldn’t fault him if he selected a wine of 1947 vintage…

        • isonprize

          But…I wouldn’t fault him if he selected a wine of 1947 vintage…

          Just an extra little bit of shade… LOLOL

          To Town’s point, the fact that they are meeting in the private residence of the White House is just so delicious!! GRADE A Shade, indeed!!

          • MsKitty

            Miss Ann’s not coming, is she? Too bad if she isn’t because I would have loved FLOTUS to have a little fun too, after all of Miss Ann’s snide remarks about her.

          • Town

            I would LOVE it if Miss Ann came, and Michelle asked her “Would you like a tour?”


          • dannie22

            show missy ann all around the wh, a house she will never live in. now thats shade lol!!

          • BoomerGal

            Yeah, I’d like to be a fly on the wall.

        • Aquagranny911

          PBO is a total “class act” & such a better person than I am, I feel ashamed. I sure would not invite Robme to lunch unless I wanted to feed him oleander soup!

    • jds09

      PBO’s lead is gonna expand.

      When I was phone banking on election day in a noon to 3 pm shift,(pacific standard time) the call sheets were changed with a comment from the local campaign staff “Chicago feels pretty good, were are going to still call into VA but we are going to start calling into CA for the popular vote.”

    • Aquagranny911

      I am going to run down the final numbers for AZ because I am betting that Robme barely squeaked by. PBO took about 40% of the vote here in 2008 when he was up against AZ darling, John McCain.

      • nellcote

        Are all the votes finally tabulated in AZ?

  • GN

    As the fiscal cliff bargaining continues, thepeoplesview is mandatory for me. The emoprog/PL media products have a *terrible* track record with correctly interpreting and analyzing President Obama’s compromises with the Republicans (ex: the debt ceiling and lame duck compromises were significant achievements for PBO; emoprogs claimed they were vast betrayals–PL products misinform their consumers as badly as Fox”News” to keep it real).


    Professional Left Sets Hair on Fire About Fictional Entitlement “Cuts”

    You have to give it to the ideologue Professional Left about one thing: they are incredibly good at synchronized whining. Apparently, they all had their Thanksgiving turkey, mixed some w(h)ine and politics, and decided, “OMG we haven’t bashed the President for almost two weeks!” And so it began with Cyber Monday, they began in earnest their scaremongering campaign about how the president is about to strike a grand bargain with Republicans that raids Medicare and Medicaid, and possibly Social Security. Based on what? Any specific proposal? Nah. Based on the need to set everyone’s hair on fire, of course.

    There is of course no specific proposal threatening any of the social safety net programs coming from the White House. In fact, as I pointed out a gazillion times before, this president’s record is one of increasing benefits under Medicare while adding to the life of the Medicare trust fund, and massively expanding Medicaid through health care reform. This is the same health care reform that these same jokers tried to kill because they didn’t get their public option pony. In every rational sense, if anyone has lost credibility on protecting entitlements, it’s the whining morons on the Left.


    Just as Romney claimed that President Obama’s $716M cut to Medicare providers while not cutting benefits one iota was a betrayal, these PL twist, turn, and spread mendacity. I urge folks to leave the shock jocks behind and search out rational, intelligent analysis of any term two deals from people like deaniac.

    • Aquagranny911

      Deaniac is just figging amazing! For anyone who has not been reading him for as long as I have, I will attest to his ability to analyze, provide data and facts to back up what he writes.

      He also calls BS better than most & tolerates no caca from trolls, emus or PL on his blog. So many of his commenters are also excellent.

  • GN

    Brilliant comment re: Dennis Kucinich and real world counterproductiveness of liberal fundamentalists:

    Kucinich was the king of the liberal “no.” Kucinich would always explain that he voted against liberal legislation because it didn’t go far enough. However, he clearly forgot that there were no astericks (*) by any of his “no” votes on the Congressional record explaining this. So, this champion of the PL and emo-progs ends up with one of the most conservative voting records in Congress.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    This is why I don’t just listen to what people say, I watch what they do. The purity con is one in which liberals are asked to choose from all or nothing and far more often that not, get nothing. Who benefits from that? If people like Kucinich and other puritans would push egos aside for a moment, they’d rethink any strategy which claims that compromise is a dirty word in the context of a federal government which was structured to require it. Kucinich can rant and rave but when it comes to policies which help people, President Obama’s record is FAR more liberal than his own.

    • Aquagranny911

      Just as an aside…Raul Grijalva…”Left Progressive” & darling of the nutroots is actually a centrist if you look at his voting record. He represents a lot of conservative Latinos & he does keep his fingers on the pulse of his constituents (unlike Grayson did)

      He has a “safe” district. The one time he got in trouble was when he let the PL go to his head & he publicly called for a boycott of AZ over SB1070. He had to really eat some crow with his peeps & fight for his seat over this. People lost their jobs when the tourist industry got hit.

  • GN

    Atrocious reporting from the beltway continues. WaPo:

    Fight over Susan Rice holds political risks for White House

    [okay, let’s get ready for some grade a bullshit right here, just from the title alone]

    The choice of a successor to Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state has turned into an unexpectedly nasty political fight that could cost the White House valuable goodwill with Republicans.

    [lmmfao!!!!!!! Okay, so the party which called PBO “food stamp President” and plotted to wreck his presidency the night of his inauguration is just brimming with goodwill for the POTUS, if only he’d give them a chance–so the article has started off as mendacious as the title hinted it would]

    Republican opposition to presumptive front-runner Susan E. Rice did not fade after the election, as White House officials and her supporters had predicted.

    [sore losers who have behaved like toddlers for 4 years remain butthurt; dog bites man; news at 11…]

    Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, did not win any public GOP support after meeting with two Republican senators Wednesday, her second day of unusual face-to-face sessions intended to blunt critiques of her role in explaining the fatal Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya.

    [political hacks who have tried to trump up a sensation against Susan Rice continue to trump up sensations against Susan Rice]


    The article goes on to quote more Republicans (who didn’t give a flying fuck about Americans dead in Iraq or intelligence failures on 9/11/01) concern trolling Ambassador Rice while the beltway media carries water for their nonsense. The beltway media has some of the lowest trust ratings of any institution in the country. Wonder why…


    • crazycanuck

      This whole thing is sickening. I hope the President gives them all a FU

    • Kennymack1971

      This began as a RW hit job but now the far left and beltway pundits are joining in to smear Ambassador Rice and this cannot stand. The actions by the GOP while shameful are not shocking but so called allies trying to take shots at Susan Rice is unacceptable and will not be forgotten.

      • GN

        Doesn’t the PL always co-sign the right? They just flavor it up to appeal to “the left,” but if you really watch them (hcr, budget deals), they generally amplify the right’s attacks. Ditto for the beltway media. Same people who claimed that Romney was winning last month, it is what it is.

        • Aquagranny911

          Nailed that! They are an echo chamber for the Right. I spent some time blasting a few people over this. Not that it will do any good with that bunch but it made me feel better.

        • QOakaJP

          In the end, the PL is only interested in positioning themselves in a way that they become the center of attention and the most important and influential people in any discussion. Call it…political photo-bombing.

          The PL held their fire against Rice until it became clear that PBO would not throw her under the bus. At the beginning of this inexplicable witch hunt by McCain & ’em, the PL wondered out loud how long it would take for Obama to distance himself from the ambassador, and ‘predictably’ “cave” to the right. They already were rubbing their hands together with cynical glee, and had their talking points ready. His strong defense in the press conference caught them off guard. And when it became clear that the attacks from the GOP would continue, the PL became bored with having to consistently stick of for the Obama admin (not by choice, but by default). They want this story to go away now, hence their sudden “discovery” of the supposedly unforgivable faults of Susan Rice.

          They believe that they’ll lose their magic progressive powers unless they stay in constant opposition to anyone in (media or political) power.

          • majii

            It’s very, very sad that they don’t realize that a majority of the left didn’t cede their thinking to them, QqakaJP. They’re nuts if they think that we did, but then, many of them are LW nuts anyway. The only people they speak for are themselves and a small group of loud mouthed followers. No sane person on the left should be giving them any attention. These are the same folks who have undermined PBO in everything he has tried to accomplish, and they’re the ones who told dems to stay home in the midterms to “teach” the president “something” only they were privy to. If it had been left up to these folks, we”d have a President-elect Romney since the only thing they’re experts at is running their big mouths.

      • jds09

        THIS. A la Sotomayor.

        • Aquagranny911

          Si, and Latinos have not forgotten what the Repugs put her through & what was said on both PL & Right about her ability & character.

          • TyrenM

            Me neither AG. Between these two (and more), Old man Sessions will straight shit hisself when a Black woman in nominated to replace Justice Ginsberg (if she goes quietly into the night.)

          • Aquagranny911

            I would be jumping for joy but I do wish Justice Ginsberg to have health & happiness in her retirement. I do believe she has hung on so that PBO would be the one to nominate her replacement.

            Also I’m looking forward to an Asian or, be still my heart, a Native American to take a seat when Scalia’s cholestrol finally takes him out!

          • Daltex82

            …Scalia’s cholestrol finally takes him out!


          • BoomerGal

            I’d love to see a Native American take that seat, too! That would be SO profound!!

  • GN

    Hair stylist Patrick Boursiquot claims he had sex with Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, too — but insists former ‘Sesame Street’ star was ‘gentleman’

    Boursiquot, 23, defended Clash, 52, who is fighting scandalous accusations of having sex with three underage boys. ‘They clearly see this guy as a ticket to get money,’ Boursiquot told the Daily News of Clash’s accusers.


    IMO where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There are now three accusers who claim that Clash had sexual contact with them while they were underage. There is no reason in the world for a grown man to keep intimate company with 15 and 16 year old boys. Real shame that someone so hardworking who help to build such an extraordinary franchise was hiding something like this.

    • Town

      I don’t quite believe it, because accusers #2 & 3 didn’t come out of the woodwork until it was reported that accuser #1 got a pay day from Clash.

      • GN

        There’s certainly more than a whiff of opportunism no doubt, but Clash had no business as a grown man picking up kids from a chat line (there doesn’t seem to be a dispute that they were 16 or younger when picked up, just whether Clash actually had sex with them then or waited until they were over 18) . I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a lot more than just the three accusers (and now the fourth person who’s defending Clash). This is a mess.

        • I was trying to explain this on the twitter. There should be no question about the age of his lovers. He HAD a reputation and brand to protect and he failed. Even if they are all lying the accusation is a stain that will not go away.

          • GN

            Yup; they may be opportunists now but Chase was the one picking up boys. There are parents who would do serious damage to him for that, but it looks like he chose kids who were somewhat troubled.

  • GN


    Is McCain’s Rice temper tantrum because he thought he’d be Sec of Defense under President Romney???

    • Miranda

      That and now he doesn’t get to keep his vaunted senior position on the Armed Services committee

      Just four years ago, John McCain was the leader of the GOP. Today, he’s the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, a perch from which the former fighter pilot is deeply engaged in the national conversation over war, terrorism and intelligence gathering.

      But in January, the Arizona senator will lose his top-ranking committee seat due to term limits. The only ranking Republican spot available to him next session will be on the Indian Affairs Committee.

      Unless, that is, the Senate creates a brand-new select committee. On Wednesday, McCain, flanked by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), proposed just that: a select committee with extensive authority to investigate the Benghazi, Libya, attack and the U.S. government’s response.

      And Harry Reid already told his ass no on creating a new committee.

      • Aquagranny911

        I hope he stays off the “Indian Affairs Committee” The Tribes here don’t like his hateful grumpus ass & he has voted against their interests more than once.

        He needs to STFU & retire NOW!

        • nellcote

          McCain still has things to answer for from the Abramoff scandal. I’m very “troubled” about it and he needs to answer for it.

    • Daltex82


      Romney was his last chance. He is now heading straight to insignificantville thwarted once again by “THAT ONE” and he is pissed. It’s sort of enjoyable watching him trying desperately to hold onto relevance.

    • nellcote

      he thought he’d be Sec of Defense under President Romney
      Now there’s a horrifying thought!

  • GN

    Yeah, okay dudes:

    Top Romney Aide: Obama Ran ‘Less Of A National Campaign’ Than Mitt

    Stuart Stevens, a former top adviser to Mitt Romney: “They ran on very state specific issues, less of a national campaign. That was not why Governor Romney was running. He wanted to talk about big national issues — debt, entitlement, the future of the country. He wanted to put big questions before the country. And he did that. And I think the comparison of those two was striking. It was striking in the debates.”


    Mendacious Mitt & Co still lying. The idea that they ran a high-minded, classy campaign is a freaking joke. They launched a bunch of lying smears and both Mitt and Lyin Ryan lied their asses off during the debates. They lied about Medicare, they lied about Romney’s own so-called tax and budget plans, they lied about Pres O as “welfare president” and they lied about Romney’s previous views on the auto bailouts. They need to go away lol.

    • Miranda

      They gotta sleep at night GN and the ambien and other sleeping pills not working. They gotta tell themselves whatever it takes so they can get some sleep LOL

      • GN

        lol, indeed–just saying, Romney even told a birther joke during the campaign. Nothing high-minded about that campaign at all.

    • rikyrah

      here’s the thing. they thought the shyt they did against the GOP Amateurs and Grifters of the Primary was gonna work against the team that:
      1. put down the Clinton Machine
      2. got a Black man ELECTED President of the United States

      they really thought it.

      they thought all they had to do is present the Great White Hope, and all would be well with the world.


  • GN

    RT @nationaljournal: Final House race called for Dems in North Carolina. http://njour.nl/112bkwa / another Dem pick up. We need to GOTV in 2014

  • GN

    Jon Stewart has the tendency to get on my last nerve at times, but when he’s right, he’s right, and he’s damn right about Cranky McCain and his idiot sidekick:

    Jon Stewart Tears Into John McCain & Lindsay Graham For Hypocritical Outrage Over Susan Rice

    …Stewart then turned to the criticisms being leveled at Rice by John McCain and Lindsay Graham, the loudest critics of Rice so far. Stewart couldn’t help but think the two of them, of all people, shouldn’t get to be “self-righteously angry” about Rice considering they both rang the alarm bells over bin Laden and Iraq early on in 2001 and 2002…


    To me, that’s the beginning and end of the discussion right there. I don’t need to hear anything else about these partisan hacks.

  • GN

    Marc Lamont Hill went on Bill O’Reilly’s show to defend taxes on the wealthy. Video here: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-oreilly-and-marc-lamont-hill-get-in-shouting-match-over-proposed-wealth-tax/

    I do wonder why Hill bothers. O’Reilly is so disrespectful, I don’t understand the mindset which could watch him and consider him fair.

    • Miranda

      Hill wants that check from Faux News and he doesn’t care about the disrespect. It is what it is.

    • Admiral_Komack

      But…but…he is fair…he told me so himself…and…and…he’ll do it LIVE! (snark)

  • qosine

    I posted this on yesterday’s thread.

    I think Susan Rice will be our next Secretary of State. The GOP is playing games. Her foreign-policy work is SO in synch with PBO:
    FROM 2005-2008 Dr. Rice was part of a project, The Phoenix Initiative, and wrote a Preface for the report, “Strategic Leadership: Framework for a Twenty-first Century National Security Strategy”:

    “In this world, America has many more potential allies and friends, indispensable partners in tackling problems of common security. There is no illusion that international cooperation is easy. It is, though, essential to our own security as well as to international peace and prosperity. We must recognize that the world has not stood still over the past decade, waiting for America to reclaim the mantle of global leadership. Our ability to lead requires the kind of leadership—strategic leadership—laid out in this report.”

    Susan E. Rice, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution (on leave)
    PBO BEGAN meeting major foreign-policy figures in D.C, and by mid-2007, his core group of foreign policy advisors included Dr. Rice and Samantha Power, author of a book about genocide, “A Problem from Hell. Another member, Scott Gration, a retired Air Force major-general said of PBO:

    “People are more alike than their cultures and religions,” he said. “When Obama talks about global citizens, it’s the same framework. You see, religion and culture—they’re the way people communicate their values. They want stability, order, education. This is just humanness. Then you add on your religion, your culture—that’s how you execute it.”

    Nicholas Lemann, Worlds Apart: Obama, McCain, and the future of foreign policy. October 13, 2008 http://www.newyorker.com/repor

    AND in August 12, 2009, as the Ambassador the the UN Dr. Rice, in remarks at NYU, said:

    Today, as we steer a new course at the United Nations, our guiding principles are clear: We value the UN as a vehicle for advancing U.S. policies and universal rights. We work for change from within rather than criticizing from the sidelines. We stand strong in defense of America’s interests and values, but we don’t dissent just to be contrary. We listen to states great and small. We build coalitions. We meet our responsibilities. We pay our bills. We push for real reform. And we remember that, in an interconnected world, what’s good for others is often good for the United States as well.

    Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, At New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and Center on International Cooperation, “A New Course in the World, a New Approach at the UN” http://www.archive.usun.state……
    AND we’ve seen this play out in the past 4 years: speech in Cairo, Libya intervention, Iran sanctions, Israel Iron Dome . . .

  • GN

    #ObamasFault. RT @AP BREAKING: US economy grew at 2.7 percent rate in July-September quarter, much better than first thought

  • GreenLadyHere

    – –GOOD THURSDAY MORNTIN’ Sepia/POU FAM♥ ***BIG HUG*** :>) — –

    – -The sayin’ that – -“ALL that GLITTERS is NOT GOLD is sooo true.;- –‘CAUSE -in this case – –IT IS – –STERLING – Silver. :>) —

    — – – -YET: – – -THEY WON GOLD!! – –The Sterlings grew for large producers before striking out with their own moderately priced label in 1998, when they released their first Riesling and Pinot Noir. Their wine has continually won high praise, including gold medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for Esterlina’s 2005 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir and 2006 Cole Ranch Riesling. Woo! Hoo! – –

    CONGRATULATIONS. – -:>) – -GR8 SERIES Sepia. :>) THANK U. :>)

    B BLESSED 2-day. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – — – THIS – -annnd a DESSERT of HUMBLE PIE!! –LOL – –BON APPETIT – — -TWITT!

    – – – –According 2 CBS —there will B 1 photos of the memorial event –LOL: –

    — –CBS This Morning

    .@MajoratNJ says one photograph will be released from today’s lunch between Mitt Romney and President Obama. :>)

    – – – –B BLESSED 2-day. :>)

    • Admiral_Komack

      …and it will be the picture of Willard with crow feathers in his mouth…

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – -There is HISTORY of political candidates meeting: — –

    – – –Presidents and their defeated challengers meet – —

    – —-After a hard-fought battle for the presidency, there comes a time when the president or president-elect and his defeated challenger meet – here are images of those encounters. — –

    Annnd – -I’M — –GLOATING!! — LOL

  • Miranda

    It hasn’t been a gotdamn month and the professional left and emoprogs showing their asses.

    • MsKitty

      They keep bringing it, it’s up to us to keep calling them out and cussing them out. I’ve already been blocked by a few because I’m not even nice about it anymore. Oh well, they deserve it.

    • Town

      They were showing their asses on Election Night, still screaming about the first debate and crying that Obama didn’t pay enough homage to Bill Clinton.

    • Kennymack1971

      All these useless WATBs can go have a stadium full of seats. I am sick of their bullshit.

    • Alexander2

      They can miss me with the Susan Rice keystone pipeline drama. She and her husband have assets worth $23-46 million. She can divest that $500,000 in stocks, just like Hillary divested millions of “embarrassing” stocks in 2007.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia — -LOL — The 47% –is HERE 2 STAY: — -LOL – –

    – —Romney Will Only Be Served 47% of Lunch with the President – —

    – – – – Well, well well the loser of the 2012 Presidential Election who has been spending time at Disneyland will be lunching with the President of the United States tomorrow.

    For the first time, Mitt Romney has torn himself away from the roller coaster of his flip flops, his lies about the offshore bank accounts to have a sit down with his opponent President Barack Obama.

    Since the election, Romney has been spitting out sour grapes and mortified by the loss, since he was so convinced he could win.

    The Republican Party has also thrown him under the bus for his loss and some blame him for not being “conservative enough” others because he was incompetent in getting in touch with the middle class.

    – — -SNIP — –

    For the rest of the 99% of Voters, we hope that President Obama only serves Mitt Romney what he deserves :

    Only 47% of a Lunch
    THERE IS MORE —LOL – – –

    –Is THIS – -a GLOAT?? – – – -U BETCHA!! LOL – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – — DUH! YA THINK? – – –

    – –Petraeus: I ‘Screwed Up Royally’ – –

    – – – –Realizing it is always the first step. Former CIA director David Petraeus admitted that he “screwed up royally,” according to a newly-released letter to an old army friend. Petraeus stepped down earlier this month after admitting to an extramarital affair—a confession that set off a media frenzy surrounding the woman he had affair with, Paula Broadwell, and a suspected third woman, Jill Kelley, whose emails with Petraeus’s successor at NATO are also under scrutiny. “I paid the price (appropriately) and I sought to do the right thing at the end of the day,” Petraeus wrote in the Nov. 20th hand-written letter. Petraeus also indicated that he will stay in his marriage with wife Holly, writing “Team Petreaus will survive though [I] have obviously created an enormous difficulty

    Guess she’s -STANDIN’ BY HER MAN. – –Hmmm. . .

    [Gotta “bounce”. MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’ U –IN MY♥]

    • jds09

      I think “Team Petraeus” has an “understanding.” They have been there before.

    • nellcote

      according to a newly-released letter to an old army friend
      I don’t understand these types of letters. Are they just PR stunts and meant to be released to the press? or are they private letters and a personal betrayal that they’re released to the press?

      • Aquagranny911

        Good question! My guess is they are PR stunts.

    • Aquagranny911

      This “stand by your man” caca never ceases to baffle me. If my man cheated on me & especially if it became a public spectacle I might stand by him for a while but only to torture him in large & small ways until he was a sniveling rag!

  • rikyrah

    say it with me, boys and girls…



    Limbaugh: “I Have A Great Fear There Is Going To Be Economic Growth” In The Energy Sector Because Obama May Get Credit


    • When is he moving to Costa Rica?

  • rikyrah

    Collins’ silly Sunday-show standard
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:48 AM EST.

    If Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) wants to be considered the last moderate Republican standing, she’s going to have to drop this outrageous campaign against Susan Rice. Consider this latest complaint (via Kevin Drum).

    Collins told reporters she was “troubled” that Rice had “decided to play what was essentially a political role at the height of a contentious presidential election campaign” by appearing on five political talk shows to present the administration’s position.

    So, let me get this straight. The week of a terrorist attack against a U.S. consulate, the Obama administration dispatched a U.S. ambassador with foreign policy experience to the Sunday shows to update the public and the media on what transpired, based on the best available information. This, according to Susan Collins, is “troubling” because it made Rice “political.”

    Is there something in the water in the Republican cloakroom?

    Administration officials go on Sunday shows all the time, this has been the case for decades, and I can’t recall any policymaker from either party ever complaining about the practice before. Indeed, Collins’ whining is arguably dumber than John McCain’s — McCain complains about what Rice said on the Sunday shows; Collins is complaining that Rice agreed to appear on the Sunday shows in the first place.

    Funny, in 2004, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice appeared on a Sunday show shortly before a presidential election and repeated campaign talking points, praising George W. Bush as “a strong leader” after a debate performance. A few months later, Rice was nominated as Secretary of State, drawing praise from Susan Collins. If she found it “troubling” that Rice was being “political,” Collins forgot to mention it.


    • Town

      She was dumb on Hardball, telling Chris Matthews that classified information is different than unclassified information because it’s classified. Thanks for telling us something we already know!

      • goldenstar

        I know! And her comments about John Kerry were so transparent.

        Not sure how she earned the adjective of moderate.

        • Aquagranny911

          They are just peeing themselves to see Kerry appointed to SoS so they can try & shove Scott Brown into Kerry’s senate seat.

          • Town

            And who is to say that Scott Brown will win again? He lost 3 weeks ago because he’s a douchebag. What are the GOPs going to do if he loses AGAIN?

          • Aquagranny911

            Pee themselves some more! Because if Barney Frank wants that seat he will eat Brown twice for breakfast!

          • BoomerGal

            I hate to see Barney go!:(

          • Nailed it!

      • rikyrah

        when you don’t have an actual POINT, all you can be is dumb

    • MonieTalks

      And here was everyone thinking Sarah Palin was an anomaly, an intellectual lightweight pushed to the national forefront.

      All of the Republican women are as sub-grade as their male counterparts.

      • Aquagranny911

        Of course they have to be. Repug men don’t want any competition.

    • Collins is like Snowe. A moderate in name only.

    • qosine

      What is it with GOP women? She sounds like she’s 12, and Marsha Blackburn, TN, with her “well, that’s just the way it is” re: all white males in leadership positions. No self-respect.

  • rikyrah

    Revision Of Labor

    By Zandar November 29th, 2012

    Gosh, I wish President Obama’s Chicago Machine thugs would quit rigging the economic numbers to make him look worse.

    The U.S. economy grew at a 2.7 percent annual rate in the third quarter, the Bureau of Economic Analysis says. That’s a sharp upward revision in its estimate of gross domestic product growth from mid-summer into the fall. In its first look at the quarter’s GDP, the agency estimated growth at a 2 percent annual rate.

    According to BEA, consumer spending, inventory investment, exports and federal spending all contributed to growth from July 1 through Sept. 30.

    In the second quarter, GDP expanded at a 1.3 percent annual rate.

    Also, jobless claims down to 393K. Darn that economy, actually growing. It’s like the guy knows what he’s doing with this whole “stewardship of the economy” thing.


  • rikyrah

    Economic growth improves significantly
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:09 AM EST

    The initial estimate on economic growth in the third quarter — July, August, and September — was an underwhelming 2 percent. This morning, revised figures point to a much healthier economy.

    The economy grew at a substantially faster pace in the third quarter than first thought, powered by increases in business inventories and federal spending.

    After initially saying output increased at an annual rate of 2 percent, the Commerce Department on Thursday revised its estimate to show growth of 2.7 percent in the three months that ended Sept. 30.

    While businesses have remained cautious amid fiscal uncertainty in Washington and weak growth overseas, consumer spending in the United States has moved along in recent months at a healthier pace.

    The 2.7 percent GDP figure is the best since the end of 2011, and the second best quarter of the last three years. Talk of a “double-dip recession,” common earlier in the year, is now nowhere to be found.

    It’s also worth noting that economic growth would have been even stronger had it not been for austerity-like policies at the state and local level, where public spending has been curtailed sharply.


  • MonieTalks

    Gotta love VP Joe “BFD” Biden at the newly opened DC Costco. (so happy for this…it is ALWAYS packed with absolutely no parking at the Pentagon City Costco ..every Costco is packed for that matter!)

    Joe Biden enjoys himself at opening of D.C. Costco

    Vice President Biden dropped in on Washington D.C.’s first Costco Thursday. He was greeted by CEO Craig Jelinek and co-founder Jim Sinegal, both of whom attended a grand opening ceremony for the store earlier in the morning.

    Biden “engaged in an extended Costco shopping spree, to the delight of shoppers and employees at the store,” according to the pool report.

    The vice president flashed his Costco card as he walked through the doors to loud cheers. Employee Ivey Stewart handled a cart for Biden, who stopped frequently for hugs and photos.

    …Biden also ate several Costco food samples and appeared to enjoy them. (Who wouldn’t?)

    But he turned down employees who tried to lure him to the tire department.
    “Hey man, I don’t need tires,” he said. “I don’t drive anymore.”

    • nellcote

      “Hey man, I don’t need tires,” he said. “I don’t drive anymore.”
      He’s a little bitter about that LOL. The day after he leaves office he’s gonna be hot rodding for sure.

      • Town

        The first thing he’s gonna do on January 20, 2017 is jump in the nearest car and drive away…

        • Admiral_Komack

          …running over Eric Cantor in the process…

    • isonprize

      “Hey man, I don’t need tires,” he said. “I don’t drive anymore.”

      Can’t you just hear him saying that? Joey is a trip!!

    • Town

      Where is the Pentagon City Costco? I know that strip mall parking lot behind Pentagon City Mall is always packed to the max.

    • LMBAO at the pic!! Sista girl on the left is looking at VP Biden like, “He better not be using up all my minutes!”.

  • rikyrah

    Now, folks, what is somebody BLACK had said something this stupid?


    Mike Lee: GOP shielding rich to protect the poor
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:00 AM EST

    In the ongoing fight over taxes, Republican lawmakers are not in a comfortable position. The public supports President Obama’s plan; the GOP does not. The public wants Republicans to compromise; the GOP doesn’t care. The public wants the wealthiest Americans to pay more; the GOP has made the opposite goal its top priority.

    Republicans generally defend their position by saying they’re looking out for “small businesses,” but only about 2 percent of small businesses would see a small increase in the top marginal rate. So, as Scott Keyes noted, Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah rolled out a new defense yesterday.

    Cloaking his predilection for the rich as concern for the less fortunate, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) argued Wednesday that raising taxes on the wealthy would primarily hurt the poor. Lee’s comments came on former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s (R) radio show as the two discussed the looming fiscal showdown in Congress.

    “The reason we worry about raising taxes on anyone — even raising taxes on the rich,” Lee argued, is “that will hit the poorest among us the hardest.” Lest listeners get the wrong idea, the Utah Senator insisted, “it’s not that we’re looking out for the rich.”

    In case there’s any confusion, let’s reemphasize that under the Democratic plan, all income below $250,000 would be taxed at a lower rate, and all income above $250,000 would pay a slightly higher rate. Giving “the poorest among us” a tax cut and hitting them “the hardest” are not the same thing.

    So what is Lee talking about? It’s a perfect crystallization of supply-side economic theory — the far-right senator believes asking the wealthy to pay Clinton-era rates on income above $250,000 would invariably “hit the poorest among us,” because it would undermine economic growth and provide fewer opportunities for those struggling most. The wealth, the argument goes, won’t “trickle down.”


  • rikyrah

    Who killed the CRS report?
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:47 PM EST

    We talked several weeks ago about the non-partisan Congressional Research Service pulling a report that documented what many already knew: giving tax breaks to the rich helps concentrate wealth at the top, but it does not boost the economy. By all accounts, Republican lawmakers, led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), had the report killed.

    But the ongoing effort to find out exactly what happened continues.

    Democrats still want to know why the Congressional Research Service withdrew a report that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth. Their suspicion that it might have been because of Republican political pressure is being piqued by internal correspondence between CRS officials and senior GOP aides.

    A series of email exchanges from Sept. 25 and Sept. 26 obtained by Roll Call reveals displeasure among staffers for Senate Finance ranking Republican Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

    For weeks, the official Republican line has been that GOP policymakers and even folks outside Capitol Hill raised concerns about the economic report, but did not explicitly call for the analysis to be withdrawn.

    Roll Call’s report features a series of complaints between Republican Senate aides, including one in which a McConnell aide specifically lamented “partisans” misusing the CRS’s conclusions, adding that “a retraction should be considered.” Arguably more damaging is an email from a high-ranking CRS employee, who told a colleague at the time, “Now they are asking for the report to come down,” in reference to Hatch and McConnell staffers.

    This is consistent with what Thomas Hungerford, the CRS researcher who produced the report, told the Huffington Post earlier this month: the analysis was taken down due to “pressure from the Senate minority.”

    In other words, the GOP denials about the Congressional Research Service are looking a little shaky.


  • rikyrah

    Republicans Flip Out as Obama Takes Case to The People

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Posted by Deaniac83 at 2:36 PM

    You know when the ridiculed the president for saying on the campaign trail that Washington has to be changed from outside? Well, here’s what he meant: he’s taking his case to the people.

    Mr. Obama will meet with carefully selected small-business owners, middle-class taxpayers and corporate leaders over the next couple days, then fly to Pennsylvania on Friday to tour a toy manufacturer that he argues will be hurt if automatic tax increases take effect at the end of the year

    I guess it’s not so funny when the president wins re-election and really does take it to the people, outside of DC. This has Republican leaders very concerned and uncomfortable.

    “Rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he’s back out on the campaign trail, presumably with the same old talking points we’re all familiar with,” Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, said on the floor on Tuesday. “Look, we already know the president is a very good campaigner. What we don’t know is whether he has the leadership qualities necessary to lead his party to a bipartisan agreement on a big issue likes this.

    No, Sen. McConnell, you aren’t worried about whether the president has leadership qualities. The American people just spoke about it earlier this month. The “old talking points,” Senator, are the policies of the president that the American people resoundingly affirmed, so yes, he’s going to take it to the people if your loser party does not cooperate.


    • They always get mad when he has the audacity to defend himself.

    • nellcote

      This has Republican leaders very concerned and uncomfortable.
      And the Village Idiots aka reporters too.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 04:03 PM ET, 11/28/2012
    Boehner: No tax cuts for middle class without tax cuts for top two percent

    By Greg Sargent

    As you know, GOP Rep. Tom Cole made waves today by urging Republicans to give in to the Dem demand that they extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone under $250,000. Cole argued this would remove the leverage Dems have and give the GOP more leverage to fight to extend the high-end tax cuts later, since Dems want the fiscal cliff averted and also want a debt ceiling hike.

    Today John Boehner rejected Cole’s suggestion. But in the process, he said something pretty revealing:
    “I told Tom earlier in our conference meeting that I disagreed with him,” Boehner told reporters after a closed-door meeting of the House Republican Conference. “He’s a wonderful friend of mine and a great supporter of mine. But raising taxes on the so-called top 2 percent — half of those people are small-business owners that pay their taxes through their personal income tax filing every year. The goal here is to grow the economy and to cut spending.

    “We’re not going to grow the economy if we raise tax rates on the top two rates,” the Speaker added. “It’ll hurt small businesses. It’ll hurt our economy. That’s why it’s not the right approach. We’ll willing to put revenue on the table as long as we’re not raising rates.”


    • So they’re okay with applying for food stamps? Elect Romney and watch the Dow Jones drop back to 6,000 then continue downward from there.

      The funny part is PBO exposed the class system that existed on Wall Street. These idiots were spending hundreds of millions to defeat him and the traders on the floor were chanting “4 more years.”

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 09:06 AM ET, 11/29/2012

    The Morning Plum: GOP will buckle on high end tax rates

    By Greg Sargent

    The papers this morning are filled with gloomy assessments of the fiscal talks — see the Post’s overview — with predictions mounting that we are going to go over the cliff. A lot of noise has been kicked up by all the finger-pointing, so let me summarize the situation in two sentences:

    1) Democrats are willing to agree to hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare cuts.

    2) Republicans are not willing to agree to one penny in higher tax rates from the wealthy.

    Does this mean that Dems shouldn’t be expected to make more concessions than they already have? No, it doesn’t. Obama has already proposed a budget that contains around $340 billion in Medicare cuts, but as Politico reports in its overview of the talks this morning, Dems are likely going to have to put more on the table to secure a deal. The left has drawn a sharp line against any cuts that result in higher costs for beneficiaries, as opposed to targeting providers, and I hope that the final deal doesn’t hit middle or low income beneficiaries. But it does seem likely Dems will ultimately decide they have to agree to some concessions the base won’t like.

    There is no equivalence between the Democratic and Republican sides, however. The GOP has not given an inch when it comes to the core question of whether tax rates on the rich will go up. Yes, Republicans have agreed to new revenues from the wealthy via closing loopholes and deductions. But many experts believe the math simply can’t be made to work without a rise in high end rates, and this was perhaps the central issue in the election that Obama just won decisively. The contrast is simple: Dems have given ground on the need for Medicare cuts — even if you think they haven’t given enough ground, they have given some ground. But Republicans have not given any ground on the central concession they will have to make for a deal to be possible.


  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU!

    This series is too cool! I’ve actually had Esterlina wine but I did not know anything about the vintners.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the series, AQ!

      BTW, how did the Esterlina wine taste?

      • Aquagranny911

        Really good. I liked the reds best. We had some at a wine tasting charity event to help a women’s shelter here. We usually don’t go to things like that but electricians who were doing work on our house at the time were involved in helping the shelter. They talked us into it so we donated our $$ & went.

        I understand that all the wines at this event were also donated so more kudos to Esterlina.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 11:34 AM ET, 11/29/2012

    Inside the ‘fiscal cliff’ haggling over Medicare

    By Greg Sargent

    Some more quick notes about that big Politico piece on what’s going on in the fiscal cliff talks. The piece makes two points about the haggling over Medicare’s future that are worth addressing. First, it says in passing that Dem aides say raising the Medicare eligiblity age is on the table. If true, that would be a nonstarter for the left.

    But as best as I can determine after talking to Dem aides, this isn’t on the table. It’s something Republicans want to be part of the talks but not one Dems are seriously entertaining, at least for now. Dick Durbin and other Democrats have repeatedly said raising the retirement age is off the table. Obama reportedly signaled openness to it during the 2011 debt ceiling talks, so if some on the left still want to be vigilant about this possibility, it’s understandable — after all, ultimately Dems will likely fall in line behind what Obama wants in the end. But keep in mind Obama was in a significantly weaker position last time and may not see the need to make that concession now.

    The second, and more interesting, point is that Republicans are insisting that the White House go first in laying out proposed entitlement cuts — and the White House is balking. From the piece:


  • rikyrah

    On Filibuster Reform

    by BooMan
    Thu Nov 29th, 2012 at 11:46:42 AM EST

    Sens. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Mark Pryor (D-AR) are identified in this Roll Call piece as two “Old Bulls” who are skeptical about Harry Reid’s plan to change the Senate rules to make it harder to for the minority to obstruct the day-to-day business of the upper chamber. They are more concerned, however, with how Harry Reid intends to change the rules than with the rule changes themselves.
    I don’t want to get too technical in the piece because your eyes will glaze over if I do. So, I am just going to lay out some basics about how the Senate works and what these rules changes would mean.

    First, you should know that it normally takes 67 senators to agree to any rules change. For this reason, the rules almost never change. However, there is an opportunity at the opening of each new congress for the majority party to change the rules with a simple majority vote, with the vice-president potentially breaking a tie. The Republicans threatened to do this during Bush’s second term because they were frustrated at their inability to confirm more judges. Back then it was called either the Nuclear Option or the Constitutional Option. A Gang of 12 moderate senators brokered a deal on nominating more judges in order to avoid use of the Nuclear Option. The fear was (and is) that once one party invoked the Nuclear Option it would become the norm any time power shifted hands in the Senate. Better, skeptics think, to broker a deal that has more support than to open the genie’s bottle and to create a bunch of bad blood at the beginning of a new session.

    That’s fair enough, but we also have to consider why Harry Reid is seeking the rules changes in the first place. To understand this, you have to understand a little bit about routine Senate procedure. The Senate operates by something called “unanimous consent.” There are 100 senators, and any one of them can stall things by refusing to lend their consent to whatever it is the Senate Majority Leader wants to do. If the Senate is engaged in open debate, for example, and Harry Reid wants to take up a bill on military spending, he will ask for unanimous consent to end open debate and begin debate on his bill. If even one senator objects, then Harry Reid needs to do something called “filing for cloture.” This isn’t quite the same thing as a filibuster, but it is the key element of how a filibuster works.


  • Alma98

    Good morning all.

    • qosine

      Sun! Alma!

      • Alma98

        Hey qosine!

  • rikyrah

    Romney is Wall Street’s worst bet since the bet on subprime’

    Posted by Ezra Klein on November 28, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Chrystia Freeland is editor of Thomson Reuters Digital and author of “The Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else.” We spoke Tuesday about how the plutocrats she reported on for the book were handling Mitt Romney’s loss. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

    Ezra Klein: You’ve written about the revolt of the very rich against President Obama, and all the money they spent and time they dedicated to defeating him. So what’s the mood in those circles now that they’ve lost?

    Chrystia Freeland: There’s a great joke on Wall Street which is that the bet on Romney is Wall Street’s worst bet since the bet on subprime. But I found the hostility towards Obama astonishing. I found the commitment to getting him out astonishing. I found the absolute confidence that it would work astonishing. On that Tuesday, the big Romney backers I was talking to were sure he was going to win. They were all flying into Logan Airport for the victory party. There’s this stunned feeling of how could we be so wrong, and a feeling of alienation.

    The Romney comments to his donors, for which he was roundly pounced on by Republican politicians, I think they accurately reflected the view of a lot of these money guys. It’s the continuation of this 47 percent idea. They believe that Obama has been shoring up the entitlement society, and if you give enough entitlements to enough people, they’ll vote for you.

    EK: Here’s my question about those comments. Romney was promising the very rich either a huge tax cut or, if you believe he would’ve paid for every dime and dollar of his cut, protection from any tax increases. He was promising financiers that he would roll back Dodd-Frank and Sarbanex-Oxley. He was promising current seniors that he wouldn’t touch their benefit. How are these not “gifts”?

    CF: Let me be clear that I’m not defending any of them. But I think the way it works — and I think Romney’s comments were very telling in this regard — there are two differences in the mind of this class. First, they’re absolutely convinced that they’re not asking for special privileges for themselves. They’re convinced that it just so happens that their self-interest coincides perfectly with the collective interest. That’s where you get this idea of the “job creators”. The view is that to seek a low tax environment or less regulation, that’s not special pleading for yourself, it’s not transactional politics. It’s that this set of rules is the most conducive to economic growth for everybody. It will grow the pie. Now, it also happens to be an incredibly convenient way of thinking. If you’ve developed an ideology that what’s good for you personally also happens to be good for everyone else, that’s quite wonderful because there’s no moral tension.


  • qosine

    This Grover Norquist is a dangerous asshole.

    From PBS Frontline, The Choice, aired in 2004:

    Your grandchild says, “But Grandpa, I thought the most important thing that happened was 9/11, the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq. You left those out.”

    I don’t think, 20 years from now, those will be viewed as having been that important.

    Reforming Social Security, so that every America retires with control of their own retirement. We’re now up to 38 states that have conceal-and-carry laws that have passed at the state level. … It tremendously reduces crime in those states where people have this, because you don’t mug people if they might have a gun.

    So those kinds of changes change the nature of the country. Sept. 11 was a terrible tragedy. But the only part of that that would change the nature of America that would be noticeable 20 and 30 years from now might be the Patriotic Act [sic], if that’s over-used.


    • Miranda

      He is demented…no other word for it.

  • Alma98

    This is what Mitt is singing while visiting PBO today lol.

    • Aquagranny911

      Love it!

    • Miranda

      I knew before I clicked on the link which song it was!!! LMAO

      • Alma98


  • rikyrah

    Michigan again: ‘This bill … disenfranchises voters, ends their local control, and unconstitutionally hands taxpayer-owned property over to for-profit companies.’

    By Laura Conaway
    Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:20 PM EST.

    This month Michigan voters repealed the state’s far-reaching emergency manager law, saying that struggling towns, cities and school boards should be allowed to keep their democracies despite being broke. Now a new round of legislation in Michigan would allow the state to take over struggling school districts and farm out education to private companies.

    Eclectablog has the full roundup of who’s saying what and when, including this call to action from the schools superintendent in Bloomfield Hills:

    •This bill will not directly affect our district, but disenfranchises voters, ends their local control, and unconstitutionally hands taxpayer-owned property over to for-profit companies. Characterized as parent-empowerment, this bill does little to develop deep, community-wide parent engagement and organization.

    I’ve never considered myself a conspiracy theorist — until now. This package of bills is the latest in a yearlong barrage of ideologically-driven bills designed to weaken and defund locally-controlled public education, handing scarce taxpayer dollars over to for-profit entities operating under a different set of rules. I believe this is fundamentally wrong.


    • BoomerGal

      Yep! He is right on the money!!

    • nellcote

      I’ve never considered myself a conspiracy theorist
      Jeeze, did everybody forget about ALEC? This is what they were all about. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a well funded attempted takeover of the government.

  • rikyrah

    CBO: extended jobless benefits would boost economy
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:50 PM EST

    When it comes to the ongoing fiscal talks in Washington, some high-profile policies — Bush-era tax rates and the sequester — tend to get the most attention. But as the end of the year approaches, these measures aren’t the only important policies with looming deadlines.

    As Jamelle Bouie explained this week, the unemployment insurance extension, which President Obama included in his 2010 deal with Congress, is also poised to end in January. Bouie added, “If it does, more than 2 million Americans will lose their federal jobless benefits, a key lifeline in an economy that’s still trudging towards recovery.”

    It’s hard to overstate the economic impact of the policy.

    Fully extending the current level of jobless benefits provided by states and the federal government through next year would add the equivalent of 300,000 jobs by slightly boosting spending and growth in 2013, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated in a report released Wednesday. […]

    Extending the current slate of extended federal jobless benefits would cost roughly $30 billion and increase gross domestic product by 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to estimates from CBO, the independent budget arm of Congress. Because the unemployment insurance program puts money in the pockets of people likely to spend it, the subsequent boost in demand for goods and services would likely create about 300,000 full-time jobs, according to the report.


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    Sepia – – – -WOW&1/2!!- – – -I thought da WALLY WORLD was bad. – – -Look at these STATS —

    – —Why New York City’s Fast Food Workers Are Right To Strike For Higher Wages

    – — —Fast food workers in New York City are launching a strike today, ahead of the largest unionization drive to ever hit the industry. The walkouts began at 6:30 this morning at a McDonald’s, as workers “protest what they said were low wages and retaliation against several workers who have backed the unionization campaign.”

    Workers in the fast food industry have every reason to be upset. As the National Employment Law Project detailed in a report earlier this year, some of the largest fast food chains — including McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell — are some of the largest employers of low-wage workers, but are making huge profits as the nation emerges from the Great Recession:

    The three largest low‐wage employers in the United States – Wal‐Mart, Yum! Brands (the operator of fast food chains Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC), and McDonald’s – offer a revealing look at the resiliency of low‐wage employers in the post‐recession economy.

    Each of these corporations was profitable during all of the last three fiscal years, and each of them now earns profits that are substantially higher than their pre‐recession levels.

    THAT CHART!!- – -Ooooweee!- – –

    – — -CALL!- — -‘EM! – – -OUT!!- – —

    • nellcote

      Meanwhile we can’t raise taxes if you make more than 250K because it’s sooooo hard if you live in NYC.

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    I WANT this dog!

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          Portugese Water dogs are great for people with allergies. Why not adopt one of your own?

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            I wish. I did animal rescue & was a foster fur parent for years. I also volunteered at a shelter. I have developed allergies to cats & dogs that are really bad. Serious asthma attacks. It grieves me but I can’t have animals in my house anymore even for brief visits.

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        I’ve watched video of Bo since he arrived as a rambunctious puppy dragging the girls all around the WH lawn on his leash & have seen him grow into this adorable, dignified canine member of the WH family.

        Bo is just so much an “Obama” carrying his role with the same grace as his humans.

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    o_O….Kwame trying to replicate that Mayor Corey Booker superhero act, huh?!

    Ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick tweets about stopping burglary at home on mother’s street

    Detroit’s disgraced former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is trying to reform his bad-boy image by fighting some neighborhood crime.

    On Wednesday night, Kilpatrick tweeted that he stopped a burglar from breaking into a home on his mother’s street in Motor City.

    “Dude breaking into a house on Moms street. I yelled ‘Hey get out of there,’” Kilpatrick tweeted.

    The former mayor said the thief recognized him — and then quit the caper.

    “He said, ‘Damn, OK Kwame,’” Kilpatrick wrote.

    “Then asked me for a picture. Wow! #hop,” the scandal plagued ex-mayor wrote, using the hashtag abbreviation for “Hold on, playa,” which signals the tweeter feels someone is out of line.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/kwame-kilpatrick-tweets-stopping-crime-article-1.1210138#ixzz2Ddknd7qh

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