October 21, 2017

Thursday Open Thread: African Americans and Golf History

Good Morning POU!

Today we look back at the storied career of Calvin Peete.

A renowned and now retired professional golfer, Calvin Peete made history by winning 12 major PGA (Professional Golf Association) tournaments between 1979 and 1986. One of the most prolific winners and one of the straightest hitters on the PGA Tour in the 1980s, Peete won the PGA’s driving accuracy title for ten consecutive years (1981-1990). Before the emergence of Tiger Woods, Peete was the most successful African American on the PGA Tour.

Born in Detroit, Michigan on July 18, 1943, Peete was the eighth of nine children born to Irenna (Bridgeford) Peete and Dennis Peete, a Detroit auto factory worker. He was raised in Detroit, Hayti, Missouri, and on a farm in Pahokee, Florida.

At age 12, Peete fell from a cherry tree near his grandmother’s house in Haiti and broke his left elbow in three places. Surgeons repaired the fractures but the elbow joint remained permanently fused, so Peete could never fully straighten his arm. Some golf swing analysts believe that this condition contributed to Peete’s driving accuracy. It allowed him to create a golf swing path that brought him to return the club squarely from the back swing, back to the same position at impacting the ball. Peete was nicknamed “Mr. Accuracy” by other golfers for his ability to hit the ball consistently onto the fairway.

Peete lived in Florida during his teenage years and dropped out of school at age 15. For several years he supported himself by selling clothes, watches, jewelry, stereos and other wares to migrant farm workers up and down the east coast from areas like Florida to Rochester, New York. He first picked up a golf club in Rochester in 1966, at the “old age” of 23. Moving back to Florida, golf became Peete’s obsession, and he looked for driving ranges with floodlights so that he could practice at night. He also took a night job managing apartments in Fort Lauderdale so he would have more time for golf. In 1971, Peete became a professional golfer. In 1975, he completed the PGA Tour Qualifying School and his first PGA Tour victory came in 1979, winning the Greater Milwaukee Open. In 1982, he had four PGA Tour wins. He continued a winning streak with two wins in 1983, one in 1984, two in 1985, including the Tournament Players Championship, and two in 1986. Among the others were the Texas Open and the Phoenix Open. The Players Championship was his most coveted win and earned him the position of being the most successful African American golfer at that time. In 1982, Peete earned his high school equivalency so as to be eligible for a U.S. Ryder Cup Team position. He was a member of the U.S. Team in 1983 and 1985.

After 1986, Peete’s back and shoulder problems slowed him down although, he earned over $2.3 million on the PGA Tour through 1993. At age 51, Peete started competing on the Senior Tour and retired from golf in 2001.

This name sounds familiar…a Peete? in golf? Yes, 15 yr old Aisha Peete is following in the footsteps of her father. Read this article on Aisha and her promising future from 2012.

 Aisha Peete forging her own identity 

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    Rep. Bennie Thompson said something VERY interesting on Joe Madison’s show. He said that over reliance on private contractors has now reached the level of a threat to national security, because security clearance protocol is different for big corporations than it is for civilians. For example, if you apply for a job that requires security clearance, you might be denied clearance for something as small as a late payment on a credit card account. But with private contractors, they don’t grow through that type of scrutiny.

    • conlakappa

      And he thinks that is a bad thing? That example, that is. When my husband has gone through processes, he was told that it is the same queue for employees/contractors and that’s why there was a backlog but maybe that’s the end-point of the clearance process. To be clear, it takes months, either way.

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    Spent many a Sunday watching Calvin Peete on tv with Daddy.
    Love this series.

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    GOP can’t take its eyes off Benghazi
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:32 PM EDT.

    A government-shutdown deadline is 12 days away, and Congress also needs to tackle a debt-ceiling increase, the farm bill, immigration, and a series of other pending nominations and pieces of legislation. Naturally, then, House Republicans remain preoccupied with Benghazi questions that have already been answered.

    House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) slammed the State Department Wednesday for not firing anyone in relation to the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.

    “We’re here today because, at the end of the day, nobody was held accountable,” Royce told Patrick Kennedy, the under secretary of State for management. “Reassignment just doesn’t cut it in terms of addressing that issue.”

    Kennedy tried to explain that four State Department officials were already relieved of their senior positions, but Republicans’ enduring outrage remained unaffected.

    Indeed, GOP lawmakers will be able to keep their focus on Benghazi — and presumably send out more fundraising letters about how they’re “keeping the ‘scandal’ alive” — because this was one of only three Benghazi hearings House Republicans have scheduled this week.

    Imagine what would be possible if GOP lawmakers invested a small fraction of these energies in actual governing.


  • rikyrah

    Rachel Maddow on the SCAM PART of Conservative Politics.


  • rikyrah

    Obama is criticized for right result on Syria
    By David Ignatius,

    How did it happen that, less than a year after Barack Obama convincingly won reelection, his every move as president now draws hoots and catcalls from nearly every point on the political spectrum?

    Perhaps his Syria policy really is a story of “epic incompetence,” as Charles Krauthammer opined last week. Maybe he has an “unbelievably small” presidency, as Marc Thiessen commented, or that no one is afraid of him, as Ruth Marcus argued. And that’s just a sampling of opinion from my colleagues at The Post.

    What’s puzzling about this latest bout of Obama-phobia is that recent developments in Syria have generally been positive from the standpoint of U.S. interests.

    Obama has accomplished goals that most Americans endorse, given the unpalatable menu of choices. Polls suggest that the public overwhelmingly backs the course Obama has chosen. APost-ABC News surveyasked Americans if they endorsed the U.S.-Russian plan to dismantle Syrian chemical weapons as an alternative to missile strikes; 79 percent were supportive.

    Yet the opinion of elites is sharply negative.

    Here’s what I see when I deconstruct the Syria story:


    • MsKitty

      This passage about McCain is so on point, not to mention full of shade…

      The Arizona senator is in danger of becoming a kind of Republican version of Jesse Jackson, who shows up at every international crisis with his own plan for a solution, sometimes through personal mediation (as with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), other times demanding military intervention (as in Syria). Because McCain is a distinguished figure, he commands respect even when his proposals have no political support at home.

      • conlakappa

        But for him being a distinguished figure only with the media, sure. His own party loathes him and generally don’t give him the time of day. It’s the media that gets all hot and bothered with the notion of a wounded warrior turned would-be statesman.

  • Did John McCain Publish His Op-Ed in the Wrong Pravda?
    by Evan McMurry | 8:40 am, September 19th, 2013

    Senator John McCain published an op-ed responding to Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday morning on the English/Russian website Pravda.ru—but was that the Pravda McCain was going for?

    Russia has two unrelated publications named Pravda (“truth”), one a website founded in 1999, the other an extenuation of the Communist paper founded in 1912. The latter was the official publication of the Communist Party until it was shuttered in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was resurrected six years later and still operates out of the same offices, but enjoys nowhere near the circulation it did during its heyday.

    When McCain was asked Sunday which Pravda he wanted to publish his response to Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times, he responded “I hope it’s Pravda the Communist publication.”

    But that Pravda said it would only run McCain’s piece if it echoed the paper’s official line that “the war in Syria is between the legitimate government of Syria supported by the people and the international terrorist groups encouraged by the foreign governments.” Pravda.ru, meanwhile, confirmed that it had brokered the publication of
    the op-ed via Foreign Policy magazine.

    According to Politico, a spokesperson for McCain said the Senator submitted the op-ed to both publications, and rejected the idea that Pravda.ru was the “wrong” Pravda.

    MORE: http://www.mediaite.com/online/did-john-mccain-publish-his-op-ed-in-the-wrong-pravda/

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    – –GOODTHURSDAY MORNTIN’ Miranda♥/POU FAM♥ —***BIG HUG** :>)

    – –ECONOMIC NEWS: :>) —

    – – —Jobless Claims/9-19-13– – –

    — — –Highlights
    Trends in jobless claims are moving lower and the special factor that skewed them sharply lower in the prior week has been cleared up, well almost cleared up. Initial claims did rise 15,000 in the September 14 week but against a prior week that, despite administrative issues in California and Nevada that led to an undercount, is revised only 2,000 higher to what is still a recovery low, now at 294,000. The latest levelof 309,000 is far below the Econoday consensus for 341,000 and well below the Econoday low estimate for 320,000.

    A Labor Department analyst told Market News International that the two states, where a computer upgrade interrupted counting in the prior week, now appear to be reporting claims at normal levels. However, the analyst also noted that it may take a few more weeks to work through backlog in the two states.

    Such a factor puts special importance on the 4-week average which is pointing to solid improvement in the labor market. The average is down 7,000 to a recovery low of 314,750 and is trending about 15,000 below the month-ago average.

    Continuing claims, which have also been skewed lower by the same issue, are also moving down, to a recovery low of 2.787 million in data for the September 7 week. The 4-week average, at a recovery low of 2.885 million, is about 10,000 to 15,000 below the month-ago comparison. The unemployment rate for insured workers is down 1 tenth to a new recovery low of 2.1 percent.
    THERE IS MORE – – — -WATCHIN’ for 2-morrow :>)
    —ETA: – –
    US initial jobless claims 309k vs 330k exp
    US initial jobless claims 309k vs 330k exp
    — – Prior 292k. Revised to 294k
    — 4 week average 314.75k vs 321.25k prior revised to 321.75k
    — – Continued claims 2.787m vs 2.900m exp. Prior 2.871m. Revised to 2.815m.

    Claims still trending nicely lower.

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    GOOD MORNTIN’ Miranda♥/POU FAM♥ — -IT’S a —“FAMILY AFFAIR” — -How EXCITING. :>) – —

    ——-☻HONORING – –“MR. ACCURACY [annnd “Daughter”]

    — ——–☺ . .winning 12 major PGA (Professional Golf Association) tournaments; – – —and one of the straightest hitters on the PGA Tour in the 1980s,. . – – –

    —- —- -☺IN “Da STRUGGLE:” – –The Players Championship was his most coveted win and earned him the position of beingthe most successful African American golfer at that time.– –

    — – — -☺BEST WISHES: Yes, 15 yr old Aisha Peete is following in the footsteps of her father.

    THANK U Miranda♥ – – –He was a POPULAR figure in our family. :>)

    – – –ENJOY YOUR TREAT♥. – –B BLESSED 2-DAY♥ – –

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    Miranda♥ — –“HALLELUJER! — A “JUDGE” –done – -SEEN DA LIGHT” -[Missed this] :>)

    – — Parents Can Name Baby ‘Messiah,’ Judge Rules — –

    – — – A Tennessee woman will be allowed to name her 8-month-old son “Messiah,” a judge ruled today, overturning an order from another judge who said the boy’s name should be changed to Martin because “‘Messiah’ is a title that is held only by Jesus Christ.” At an appeal hearing, the judge found that the original judge acted unconstitutionally and, by agreement of the baby’s parents, ordered the child’s name to be changed to Messiah Deshawn McCullough. The judge said that the original decisionviolates the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution, which mandates the separation of church and state. – – –
    —–GO —IN PEACE :>) – –

    • rigoletta

      I never understood the issue with this.

      I know in other countries they put restrictions on what you can name your child and in some cases here, like the parents who named their child after Hitler, the authorities have stepped in but there are people named after saints, angels and not to mention all the guys named Jesus out there.

      Not to mention all the crazy celeb baby names that no one intervenes on.

      If you can name your child Pilot Inspector you should be able to name your child Messiah.

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        —-LOL – – -EVEN she knows –http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0umixXFCi1rqfhi2o1_500.gif – — THAT judge had [religious] ISSUES!!—-

        THAT! — – IS! — ALL! – —

        – – —“MA-AM” – –KNEW. — -:>)
        Good 2 C U rigoletta. :>)

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    miranda – – — -MR. PRESIDENT — He’s Baaaaack. . :>)

    – – —Obama to speak at Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner – —

    —- –President Barack Obama is expected to deliver the keynote address during the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 43rd annual legislative conference.

    Obama will attend the Phoenix Awards Dinner on Sept. 21, which is
    being highlighted as the key event of the four-day conference where
    leaders will meet to discuss public policies as they relate to the black

    “It is an honor and privilege to have alumni CBC member President Barack Obama address this year’s Phoenix Awards Dinner. His remarks will be a fitting culmination of the 2013 Annual Legislative Conference,” said Rep. Chaka Fattah, of Pennsylvania and CBCF’s board chair, according to a press release.

    The theme of the dinner will focus around one common message, the “Spirit of 1963″ – which marked a time, 50 years ago from this year, where significant events in the civil rights movement were held,
    including the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.
    – – –
    THERE IS MORE – – —

    -THEY betta –APPRECIATE annnnd SUPPORT him. :>)

    • Mornin’ GLH!

      The Blackademics, Sole Patrol and RoRo are writing their criticisms of PBO’s speech as we type!

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        Good MornTin’ Sepia♥ – — -***BIG HUG*** :>)
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        Thought I would —DISCOURAGE them –HAH! – – —

        Good 2 C U Sepia. :>) Have a good day. :>)

      • Miranda

        You know it. All they have to do is fill in a couple of empty spaces and date it. About 5 minutes after PBO finishes, expect them to hit “send”.

        • MsKitty

          Mad Libs, Presidential Edition

      • conlakappa

        C’mon they’ve already filed them: he goes further on stop shuffling in your slippers and says take off your housecoats!

    • rikyrah

      I hope he let’s it rip on them.

      • jds09

        Take them to the woodshed please.

        • conlakappa

          “I’m just letting you know that unless and until you all have something to report on your progress, whether through legislation that can be passed or initiatives you think my departments should take up and not the jack-all that you usually do/give your constituents, you won’t be seeing my face here again… and I mean that. Enjoy your mini-crab-cakes; the hoisin sauce is yummy. Peace out!” Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  • Miranda

    NC County board bans ‘Invisible Man’ from school libraries

    cites “no literary value”
    By Kathi Keys kkeys@courier-tribune.com

    RAMSEUR — “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison is banned from the shelves of Randolph County Schools libraries.

    By a 5-2 margin, the Randolph County Board of Education voted Monday night, at its regular meeting held at Eastern Randolph High School, to remove all copies of the book from school libraries.

    The action stems from a Randleman High School parent’s complaint about the book. Committees at both the school and district levels recommended it not be removed.

    Voting in favor of the ban were Board Chair Tommy McDonald and members Tracy Boyles, Gary Cook, Matthew Lambeth and Gary Mason. Voting against the action were Board Vice Chair Emily Coltrane and member Todd Cutler who both first introduced a motion to keep the book in the schools. This first motion was defeated by a 2-5 vote.

    The book, originally published in 1952, addresses many of the social and intellectual issues facing African-Americans in the first half of the 20th century.

    It was one of three books from which rising Randleman High School juniors could choose for summer reading for the 2013-14 school year. The others on the list were “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin and “Passing” by Nella Larsen; honors students had to choose two books.

    There was little discussion after the board was presented with the Central Services Committee recommendation concerning the parent’s complaint about the book. All board members had been supplied with copies of the book last month to read.

    McDonald asked if everyone had read the book, stating, “It was a hard read.”

    Mason said, “I didn’t find any literary value.” He also objected to the language in the book. “I’m for not allowing it to be available.”

    more here: http://courier-tribune.com/sections/news/local/county-board-bans-%E2%80%98invisible-man%E2%80%99-school-libraries.html

    • rikyrah

      uh huh
      uh huh

    • MsKitty

      What year is this again?

    • Daltex82

      When the truth hurts, ban it. I am so sick of these folks and their attempt to hide the ugliness of their past.

    • nellcote

      Weird ‘choices’ they’re left with. One book on passing for white and one book on passing for black.

    • JojoRaze

      I can write reams about how ‘Invisible man’ is not only of supreme literary value as it chronicles how a black man’s right to individuality is never really respected-the book won the National Book Circle award for 1953 for Pete’s sake-I can write even more about how it basically chronicles black political thought from the 1930-50s right before the civil rights movement went into full swing. I made sure my then 14 year old nephew read it because I think every conscious black man, woman, and child needs to read it. He later read it in school during a ‘Voices of Protest course, but I wanted to make sure asa black man in America my nephew read something that prepared him for how white America and some black people will try and kill your spirit like what happened with the narrator character in it.

      • Alma98

        There is a war on black folks and our history. They’re trying to white wash every damn thing. The reason being is, our history is their history. Their history of enslavement, murder, rape and countless other crimes perpetuated against us. And they can’t have kids reading about that now can they. We need to pass on as much info as possible to our kids because it’s not gonna happen in schools.

      • conlakappa

        Indeed. I wonder if anyone has alerted them yet to The Spook Who Sat by the Door. Scary times.

  • rikyrah

    Wendell Pierce ✔ @WendellPierce

    GOP have decided to extort the President of the United States with the threat of shutting down the government unless Obamacare is defunded

    10:11 AM – 18 Sep 2013

    Wendell Pierce ✔ @WendellPierce

    Anyone trying to destroy the gov’t by shutting it down does not have the best interest of the United States at heart. This is thuggery.

    10:17 AM – 18 Sep 2013

    Wendell Pierce ✔ @WendellPierce

    In 2 weeks, Health Care exchanges open. Uninsured can now buy inexpensive healthcare coverage because of free market competition. Obamacare

    10:32 AM – 18 Sep 2013

    Wendell Pierce ✔ @WendellPierce

    Obamacare was an idea by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative “think tank”. Now conservatives want to disown it because Obama started it

    10:34 AM – 18 Sep 2013

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – –IT! –WON’T! —WORK! – — HAH!

    – — http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/09/19/2647171/republican-civil-war-breaks-obamacare-defunding-wont-stop-reform/ —–

    – – —Kabuki Theater: Republican Plan To ‘Defund Obamacare’ Won’t Defund Obamacare

    [Gotta “bounce” early. C YA – –as soon as :>). . . ]

  • Fired Meteorologist Still “Keeping Options Open”

    Rhonda Lee, a meteorologist at KTBS in Shreveport, La., who was fired last year after responding to criticism of her short Afro on the station’s
    Facebook site, says “it has been tough finding another job” since her case became a cause celebre.

    Lee’s name has been invoked in the reaction to Julie Chen’s disclosure that she had plastic surgery on her eyes 18 years ago. Lee told Journal-isms Friday that she is a new mother, having given birth in Shreveport, La., on Thursday to Louis Charles Johnson.

    “Over the last several months I have pretty much taking it easy trying to make sure I had a healthy baby despite all the stress that came along with being pregnant and fired from my job,” Lee messaged Journal-isms. “It has been tough finding another job. Some people do
    recognize me from the publicity. I don’t know if that has helped or not,
    it’s hard to say. But I still keep my options open.

    “I would love to have a job early next year, so I’m definitely still looking. My website is http://www.heyweatherlady.wix.com/rhondalee. I still do lots of speaking engagements promoting people being accepted for who they are and less on what they look like. Between Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood having issues concerning appearance and ethnicity it has been a busy week for women of color in a visual medium. I know my name has come up several times. If we can parlay the bad into a better future then I’m all for it.”


  • rikyrah

    If we get a debt ceiling crisis, it’s because Republican voters want one

    By Greg Sargent, Updated: September 18, 2013

    If we are going to have a debt ceiling and default crisis — with all of the havoc it may well entail — it may well be because Republican voters want such a crisis, even if it causes serious economic harm.

    No, really. That’s what a new poll shows.

    The new Washington Post/ABC News poll on the debt ceiling tells us something remarkable: Among Republicans who believe that not raising the debt ceiling would cause serious harm to the economy, a majority of them wants Congress not to raise it anyway. By contrast, Americans overall see it in the opposite way.

    This is a complicated one, but it’s worth it. The new WaPo poll asks two questions on the debt limit. It finds that 46 percent of Americans want Congress to raise the debt limit “so the government can keep paying its bills and obligations,” while 43 percent want Congress “not to raise the debt limit and let the government default on paying its bills and obligations.”

    That’s roughly an even split; the debt limit tends to poll that way.

    Meanwhile, the poll also finds that 73 percent think not raising the debt limit would “cause serious harm to the U.S. economy,” versus only 22 percent who say it wouldn’t. How to explain the divergence? It turns out it’s largely driven by Republicans.


  • rikyrah

    Minorities, especially blacks, on the outside looking in at elected office in Worcester

    It is the elephant in the room not everyone wants to talk about, but for the city’s African-American community it is impossible to ignore: elected offices in Worcester have long been the domain of whites. For minorities, in general, who have harbored the dream of winning a seat on City Council and School Committee, making it happen has been no easy chore. If you have two hands you can pretty much count the number of Latinos and African-Americans who have sat opposite the audience inside the Esther Howland Chamber in City Hall, where councilors and School Committee members carry out the business of the city’s two most powerful bodies.

    Latinos broke through when Juan Gomez joined the council in 2000, after the city’s first-ever black female councilor, Stacey DeBoise Luster, who was elected in 1997 took a position in the school department. After Gomez, the next Latino councilor would not come on board until 2011, when District 4 Councilor Sarai Rivera pulled off an upset win over incumbent Barbara Haller. For African-Americans the time in between black councilors has been even greater. Before Luster, the last black councilor was Charles E. Scott – who died in 1938. A black man has not been called councilor since.


  • I guess Mary Jo White isn’t the villain emo progs portray her to be:

    US SEC proposes disclosure of CEO-worker pay difference
    By Sarah N. Lynch WASHINGTON | Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:05pm EDT

    (Reuters) – U.S. corporations will need to disclose how the paychecks of their chief executive officers compare with those of their workers
    under a new proposal released on Wednesday by a sharply divided U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

    With CEOs of many U.S. companies earning hundreds of times more than their workers, unions and labor advocates are championing the SEC’s CEO pay-ratio rule. They say disclosures would help investors identify top-heavy compensation models.

    But business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Center on Executive Compensation oppose the measure, calling the data costly to compile and of little use to investors.

    MORE: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/18/us-usa-sec-ceopay-munis-idUSBRE98H0EX20130918

  • rikyrah

    John Singleton: Can a White Director Make a Great Black Movie? (Guest Column)
    6:00 AM PDT 9/19/2013 by John Singleton

    42″ and “The Help” had white helmers; “The Butler” and “12 Years a Slave” didn’t. The Oscar-nominated director questions the studios’ motives in telling black stories with scant African-American input: “It’s as if the studios are saying, ‘We want it black, just not that black.’ ”

    This story first appeared in the Sept. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

    Whenever a black-themed film comes out, I get the call. And even more stops on the street. “Yo, man. What did you think of that flick?” The truth is, I wish folks would ask me what I think of some general releases. (My two favorite movies of the summer were comedies: Seth Rogen’s This Is the End and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.) But, hey, I guess commenting on all things black is my lot in life, being that I’m a recognizable African-American face in an industry that isn’t exactly the gold standard when it comes to diversity.

    Like everything else in Hollywood, though, black films tend to come in waves, and by some standards 2013 is turning into a banner year. Nearly a dozen black movies will be released before it’s over. And with awards season just around the corner, three indie flicks are right in the mix: Ryan Coogler’s remarkable and unquestionably authentic debut, Fruitvale Station; my friend Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which has drawn a diverse crowd and topped the box office three weeks in a row; and the film everyone is waiting for, Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave.

    Hollywood’s black film community has always had a one-for-all-and-all-for-one attitude, openly cheering the success of any black-driven movie in the hope its box-office success will translate into more jobs and stories about people of color. But, at the same time, the success of black-themed movies like The Help and this year’s 42 points to a troubling trend: the hiring of white filmmakers to tell black stories with few African-Americans involved in the creative process.

    The good news first: The Butler, a period drama inspired by a real-life White House butler, has grossed $100 million domestically to date. I’m sure more than a few studio execs checking Labor Day weekend grosses did a Buckwheat double take, like “What wuz dat?” — and that’s not racist, ’cause I’m black and I can say that.

    While 12 Years a Slave doesn’t open until Oct. 18, I’ve seen it and can tell you it’s a work of art. McQueen, who is black and from the U.K., has created a raw, unflinching look at a black man’s descent into one of the darkest chapters of American history. It’s as authentic as it gets. And there should be Oscar nods for McQueen; screenwriter John Ridley; lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who gives the performance of a lifetime; and, hopefully, Michael Fassbender, who plays the most compelling big-screen villain this year. (It should be noted 12 Years a Slave would not have seen the light of day if not for Brad Pitt, who produced the film and has a small but crucial role in it. There are few stars as big-hearted as Pitt with an interest in exploring challenging subjects. More should definitely follow his bold example.)


    • Town

      Didn’t Steven Spielberg direct/make The Color Purple?

      Instead of wondering why white people are telling black stories, maybe black people should stop begging the white man’s permission to tell their own stories and just tell their own stories. Of course, black people who do this are often ridiculed by the black community (ex. Tyler Perry, Master P’s low budget movies etc.)

      • With all of the Black star power and money in Hollywood, there should be more Black-owned studios, then they wouldn’t have to worry about Black films been greenlighted.

        • Kennymack1971

          THIS. Say what you want about Tyler Perry (and I’m not a fan of his films) but this man has built his own studio and green lights his own projects.Major studios come to him and not the other way around. We should be able to do more of this.

          • Town

            That’s why I don’t have a problem with Tyler Perry. I don’t watch his movies or shows, but he’s doing it for HIMSELF. They asked a black actress (who has done quite a bit of mainstream roles) “Why would you be in a TYLER PERRY movie?” and she said “Cuz he hiring.”

            Everyone can say that Tyler Perry can’t write, direct etc but they are saying that while typing on their keyboards. Meanwhile, he’s making another movie and writing another show and making moves with Oprah.

  • rikyrah

    ’42’s’ Chadwick Boseman to Play James Brown in Biopic

    5:49 PM PDT 8/26/2013 by Borys Kit

    Tate Taylor, who helmed “The Help,” is directing the untitled story of the Godfather of Soul.

    Chadwick Boseman, who starred as Jackie Robinson in 42, has closed a deal to portray James Brown in Universal and Imagine’s untitled biopic of the Godfather of Soul.

    Tate Taylor, who helmed The Help, is directing and is also producing along with Imagine’s Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins.

    Mick Jagger and Victoria Pearman also producing under their Jagged Films banner. The deal may finally get the long-gestating movie project off the ground. Grazer has been working it since 2001 and at one point had Eddie Murphy attached to star. Wesely Snipes even circled as a potential lead, while Spike Lee was at one point attached to direct.


  • rikyrah

    Aliens in Their Own Nation

    For the Republican Party, what began as a tactic — vilification of its opponents — became a habit that became a conviction. Its anger and distrust have become the dominant political fact of our time.

    We have a problem with our Republicans. They don’t much want to govern anymore, and we can’t govern without them. This has been a long time coming, but at some point in recent years, America’s Republicans, especially elected officials but also a large part of the rank and file, stopped seeing Democrats and many other Americans as their political opponents and started viewing them instead as the enemy, a nemesis bent on destroying the country.

    Certainly a significant factor underlying this phenomenon is white insecurity in a changing world, especially in the old Confederacy, in which the 21st-century Republican party has bunkered itself. But whatever the reason, given the symbiosis between the only two political parties we have allowed ourselves, this extremism endangers the governing arrangement that has held for the last century or so — and by and large worked spectacularly well. It’s as if one of a pair of Siamese twins suddenly became suicidal. If he harms himself, the other dies as well.

    And it is harming itself. The energetic right wing of this new Jacobin Republican party (which has swallowed the party whole) lately has been going through a purification ritual, turning on conservative stalwarts deemed insufficiently radical. In this atmosphere, merely participating in the essential acts of democracy — negotiation, compromise, legislating — becomes suspect. Worse, and perhaps the root of this phenomenon, is the party’s now decades-long habit of trying to win elections not on the basis of its governing strategy or vision for the country but rather on scandal-mongering and defamation, the two biggest targets being Bill Clinton, who was impeached by the Republican House, and Barack Obama, whom a majority of Republicans, according to some polls, consider to be an illegitimate president because they believe he was born in Kenya.


  • rikyrah

    The conservative alternative to Obamacare isn’t an alternative to Obamacare

    By Greg Sargent, Updated: September 18, 2013

    So House conservatives are planning to roll out their long awaited alternative to Obamacare, some three years after they first promised to do so — and after more than three dozen votes to repeal it.

    The conservative alternative wouldn’t do nothing at all. It would improve matters in some limited ways. But it just isn’t an alternative to Obamacare. That is, if by “alternative,” we mean, “something that intends to accomplish roughly the same goal as the thing it would replace.”

    That isn’t meant as snark. It’s really the key substantive point here. Because at bottom what all of this is about is that Republicans just don’t support the same policy goals on health reform that Democrats and liberals do — which is to spend federal money expanding the safety net and to fix the individual insurance market by expanding government’s role in overseeing it.

    All of this comes by way of Larry Levitt, senior vice president at Kaiser Family Foundation. Here are the key points in the conservative alternative, as summarized by the Associated Press, along with Levitt’s take on them:

    1) “Individuals who purchase coverage approved for sale in their state could claim a deduction of $7,500 against their income and payroll taxes, regardless of the cost of the insurance. Families could deduct $20,000.” The trouble with this, Leavitt says, is that deductions disproportionately benefit the rich. By contrast, Levitt notes, Obamacare gives low income folks subsidies in the form of tax credits, which disproportionately benefit the poor.

    2) The conservative alternative includes a “commitment of $25 billion over 10 years to defray the cost of coverage for high-risk patients.” This is a reference to “high risk pools” to cover those with preexisting conditions. Levitt says this would, in fact, provide protection for some with preexisting conditions, but it would be “much more limited” than Obamacare’s protections. Ultimately that isn’t nearly enough money to fix the problem when compared to Obamacare’s subsidies. Obamcare also places stricter limits on industry discrimination to “make insurance more accessible to people who are sick” and to “make insurance pricing more uniform,” Levitt says.

    3) The conservative alternative also includes ideas that have long been in the GOP health care arsenal, such as allowing insurance sales across state lines and caps on medical malpractice payouts. But health reformers have long thought such ideas just wouldn’t cover too many uninsured, and Levitt sees no exception this time. “I wouldn’t imagine that this would result in more than a few million uninsured getting coverage,” he says.

    The bottom line is that, as Amy Goldstein put it a few years ago, the GOP approach “favors the health-care marketplace over government programs and rules.” Obamacare is not the government takeover of conservative nightmares, but it does envision a more robust government role in expanding coverage — and as a result, it would cover a lot more people.

    “The significant pieces of Obamacare are public money to help low income people afford health care, regulation of the insurance market to make it more accessible to people who are sick, and rules that make insurance pricing more uniform,” Levitt says. “The Republican alternative is not a solution to the problem of sick and low income people being locked out of insurance.”


  • Someone needs to send this to Katrina vanden Heuvel and the rest of the emo progs who accused PBO of being “just like Bush”:

    Syria groundwork began months ago
    By Walter Pincus, Published: September 18

    U.S. and Russian technical experts were doing preparatory work for ending Syria’s chemical-weapons capability for months before the two nations’ Geneva meetings began Friday.

    The initiative on Syria’s weapons capability had its roots in June 2012 talks between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin about Bashar al-Assad’s arsenal. More talks between the two followed, as well as talks between Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    At a dinner meeting in May, Kerry and Lavrov talked about the
    possibility of using Libya as a model for removing Syria’s chemical
    stockpile under an international agreement.

    The two agreed that Russian and U.S. technical experts should begin quietly meeting on details, though there was little expectation that a program would be immediately needed.

    By the time Kerry and Lavrov met in Geneva on Friday with their experts, there had been five meetings of the two governments’ technical experts, according to administration officials. As a result, what normally would have taken weeks occurred within days.

    MORE: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/syria-groundwork-began-months-ago/2013/09/18/b3cc30fa-1fd2-11e3-94a2-6c66b668ea55_story.html

    • Miranda

      The emoprogs are running faster than Usian Bolt from the Syria crisis…they are now trying to figure out how to claim they demanded PBO not negotiate over the debt ceiling.

      • Even though PBO has said all along that he wasn’t going to negotiate.

  • rikyrah

    The Morning Plum: Panic sets in among GOP elites

    By Greg Sargent, Published: September 19 at 9:26 am

    Karl Rove is always worth reading for a glimpse of how GOP elites are thinking, and his latest Op ed suggest real panic setting in over the chaos and division spreading among Congressional Republicans over how to handle this fall’s fiscal fights. Rove confirms an argument that will be familiar to readers of this blog: Public disapproval of Obamacare does not translate into public support for GOP efforts to sabotage the law.

    Rove argues this is particularly the case among independents, and says it could have serious repercussions in next year’s elections. With House Republican leaders set to hold a vote later this week that functionally uses a government shutdown threat to defund Obamacare, Rove shares new details of a poll taken by his group

    In a new Crossroads GPS health-care policy survey conducted in 10 states likely to have competitive Senate races and in House districts that lean Republican or are swing seats, 60% of independents oppose President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. If this holds through 2014, then Republicans should receive another big boost in the midterms. There is, however, one issue on which independents disagree with Republicans: using the threat of a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare. By 58% to 30% in the GPS poll, they oppose defunding ObamaCare if that risks even a temporary shutdown. […]

    But won’t voters be swayed by the arguments for defunding? The GPS poll tested the key arguments put forward by advocates of defunding and Mr. Obama’s response. Independents went with Mr. Obama’s counterpunch 57% to 35%. Voters in Senate battleground states sided with him 59% to 33%. In lean-Republican congressional districts and in swing congressional districts, Mr. Obama won by 56% to 39% and 58% to 33%, respectively. On the other hand, independents support by 51% to 42% delaying ObamaCare’s mandate that individuals buy coverage or pay a fine.


  • rikyrah

    SENATE DEMS UNITED AGAINST HOUSE GOP DEFUNDING PLAN? One key question will be whether any red state Dem Senators waver in their opposition to the new House GOP scheme to temporarily fund the government while defunding the health law. Here’s Chuck Schumer:

    “We are completely united on this issue. We’re not defunding ObamaCare and we’re not negotiating on the debt ceiling…If they think we’re going to back off, they’re wrong, they’re on a different planet.”


    • jds09

      WP just can’t help itself, it had to add “one hopes so” and “some say” to the quote. Assholes.

    • gn

      Very good news!

  • rikyrah

    Republicans’ Phony Obamacare Replacement

    By the Editors Sep 18, 2013 3:24 PM CT

    A mere 48 months after the law was introduced, only 42 months after it was signed, with just two weeks until one of its main provisions takes effect, Republicans today finally offered their alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

    Which would be cause for genuine (if belated) congratulations, except for one thing: It’s not really an alternative. Understanding why can help clarify the U.S.’s seemingly endless debate about health care.

    The Republican bill would give individuals tax deductions to buy health insurance, expand tax-free health savings accounts and limit insurance premiums for people with pre-existing conditions. What it wouldn’t do is expand coverage to the same number of uninsured Americans — about 25 million, according to the latest estimates — as Obamacare

    That last point may seem like one among many, but it’s not. The most important achievement of the Affordable Care Act is that the law attains something like universal health care in the U.S., closing an embarrassing and indefensible gap between it and every other developed country.

    That means any plan billed as an alternative has to meet one definitional threshold, and only one: covering a similar number of Americans as Obamacare. To go a step further and be a better alternative, a proposal should cover a similar number of Americans at a lower cost or with fewer unwanted consequences. The documents Republicans released today are conspicuously silent on how many additional Americans would be covered.

    Until now, the Republican “repeal and replace” strategy on Obamacare has been to pretend that an alternative to Obamacare exists without saying what it is. Today’s proposal is the logical culmination of that cynical strategy: calling something an alternative, and hoping nobody notices that it’s not.


  • Miranda

    Tom DeLay verdict overturned by Texas appellate court
    by KHOU.com staff & AP
    Updated today at 9:34 AM

    HOUSTON -– A Texas Court of Appeals in Austin has overturned the conviction of former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, attorney Brian Wice tells KHOU 11 News.

    In documents released early Thursday, the court said the evidence in the case was “legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions.”

    The court said all judgments against DeLay were reversed, and the former congressman was formally acquitted.

    DeLay was convicted in 2010 for his alleged role in a scheme to influence Texas elections. Since then, he has been praying for vindication but also preparing for the possibility of imprisonment.

    more here: http://www.khou.com/news/texas-news/Tom-DeLay-verdict-overturned-by-Texas-appellate-court-224405491.html

    • Daltex82

      SMDH, but not surprised.

      • Miranda

        Andrew Cohen ‏@CBSAndrew30m
        Both Texas appellate judges who overturned Tom DeLay’s conviction (and rejected jury’s verdict) were elected to the bench as Republicans.

        • Daltex82

          He always had this “I’ won’t see the inside of a jail cell” shyt eating grin on his face. He knew he had friends if (or when) he needed them. Hell he probably had dinner with them before and after the verdict was overturned.

          • conlakappa

            This is The Hammer we are talking about: I’m sure he had pictures of them in flagrante delicto/knew how their freak flags flew.

  • goldenstar

    Professor Says He Has Solved a Mystery Over a Slave’s Novel

    In 2002, a novel thought to be the first written by an African-American woman became a best seller, praised for its dramatic depiction of Southern life in the mid-1850s through the observant eyes of a refined and literate house servant.

    But one part of the story remained a tantalizing secret: the author’s identity.

    That literary mystery may have been solved by a professor of English in South Carolina, who said this week that after years of research, he has discovered the novelist’s name: Hannah Bond, a slave on a North Carolina plantation owned by John Hill Wheeler, is the actual writer of “The Bondwoman’s Narrative,” the book signed by Hannah Crafts.

    Beyond simply identifying the author, the professor’s research offers insight into one of the central mysteries of the novel, believed to be semi-autobiographical: how a house slave with limited access to education and books was heavily influenced by the great literature of her time, like “Bleak House” and “Jane Eyre,” and how she managed to pull off a daring escape from servitude, disguised as a man.


    • Miranda

      This would be a GREAT film!


    • rikyrah

      This would be a fabulous movie

  • goldenstar

    Through Diplomacy, Obama Finds a Pen Pal in Iran

    WASHINGTON — Few American presidents have held a deeper belief in the power of the written word than President Obama. And in few ways has that belief been more tested than in his frustrating private correspondence with the leaders of Iran, a country with whom the United States has had no diplomatic ties for 34 years.

    This week, Mr. Obama indicated that he might finally have found a pen pal in Tehran.

    At the core of Iran’s recent diplomatic charm offensive — a process that has included the release of 11 prominent political prisoners and a series of conciliatory statements by top Iranian officials — is an exchange of letters, confirmed by both sides, between Mr. Obama and President Hassan Rouhani.

    The election of Mr. Rouhani, a moderate, in June kindled hopes that diplomacy might end the chronic impasse with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. But the letters, and the cautious hope they have generated, suggest there is a genuine opportunity for change.


  • rikyrah

    The Six Little McGhees is coming back….

    they’re now in the Terrible Twos…TIMES SIX!


  • rikyrah

    Congress’s Fiscal Fiasco Forces Americans to Wear Badge of Shame
    By Norm Ornstein

    September 18, 2013 | 7:30 p.m.

    As readers of my past columns know, I was not exactly optimistic as we approached crunch time over the debt limit in 2011. But I am far more pessimistic now. At a dinner I attended Monday night with a host of those individuals deeply involved in fiscal matters, it became clear that there are no talks going on now—neither formal nor back channel—to avoid a series of crises over spending and the debt ceiling. The House majority is in profound disarray, unable to muster majorities for anything on the spending front as the new fiscal year approaches.

    In a misguided attempt to mollify his radicals and avoid a government shutdown over the demand to abort Obamacare, House Speaker John Boehner has instead turned the focus to the debt ceiling. His earlier assurance that he and his party would not play games with the nation’s full faith and credit turned into a pledge weeks ago into to invoke the “Boehner Rule,” insisting that the debt limit be raised only by an amount equal to additional new spending cuts—meaning trillions of additional dollars piled on to the $2.5 trillion in cuts already made (but of course with no specifics about what he would want to cut). And it is clear that a slew of Republicans inside Congress, bolstered by forces outside like Heritage Action, will push their crusade to crush Obamacare by holding the debt-ceiling hostage.

    In 2011, when the intensive negotiations between Boehner and President Obama broke down, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stepped in at the eleventh hour to fill the vacuum and avert a default. When Boehner declared that he would not participate in any negotiations over the fiscal cliff, McConnell stepped in with Vice President Joe Biden to fill the vacuum. This time? There will be no McConnell; the minority leader is so cowed by the challenge to his renomination from the right that he will not be a party to any “compromise.” And the informal negotiations between Obama, his Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, and a group of Republican senators led by Bob Corker have broken down, at least for now.

    At this point, I will be surprised if we do not have at least one partial government shutdown within the next month or two, and I fear there is a high chance of a real breach in the debt ceiling, one that may not last for a long time, assuming that the markets react violently to something they still believe will not really happen, and that voters react to the notion that the U.S. will pay its creditors in China before it pays its troops in Afghanistan. But a default this time will have devastating consequences, meaning a downgrade in our credit by all ratings agencies and a spectacle to the world of spectacular, self-destructive dysfunction.

    I could go on, but I want to focus instead on the damage already occurring from the 2011 deal, via the sequester. The mindless, across-the-board budget cuts in domestic and defense discretionary spending were openly and deliberately designed not to occur—the idea was to spur the “supercommittee” created by the deal to do a broader fiscal bargain, along the lines of the Simpson-Bowles proposal, to avoid sequester catastrophe. But the “no-taxes” pledge killed the chance for that broader deal. We have had one year of the sequester, and are approaching the second tranche. The damage to the country and the fabric of governance was not immediately apparent—this was not like the roof of the American house on fire, but more like a particularly potent group of termites eating out the foundation. But its impact is becoming more apparent and more alarming.


    • MsKitty

      A lot of my clients are in the government, and the effects of the sequester has been wide ranging and devastating. You don’t hear much about it on the news because of a combination of lazy reporting and the mindset that government “bureaucrats” have it coming to them because are sucking the country dry.

      Folks are being furloughed, which does not help office morale. Research projects that have potential to make positive economic impacts beyond the government and military are being slowed down, if not shelved. It’s like the government has been operating at 75% capacity for months.

      But hey, we’re teaching that negro in the White House who’s boss though.

  • It’s plain to see that Ezra is trying to cover his ass just in case PBO doesn’t choose Yellen:

    Yellen, the current front-runner for Fed chair, has never worked for
    Wall Street, but there’s little evidence she shares liberals’ zeal for
    financial regulation. In 1997, she stood with the rest of the Bill Clinton administration in backing the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Nothing she has said since suggests she holds a vastly different outlook from her colleagues of that era.

    But that’s mostly because she hasn’t said very much on financial regulation in recent years. And for liberals, a Fed chair who may be more inclined than the Obama administration to resize Wall Street is preferable to one who has definitely embraced the White House’s approach to financial regulation.

    MORE: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-19/summers-battle-was-front-in-war-over-wall-street.html

    • Miranda

      Please have a seat Ezra…..just stop and sit yo ass down.


    • gn

      How is it that these folks seem to present themselves as such experts on everything from capping oil spills to Syrian chemical weapons to NSA audits to banking regulations and monetary policy?

      • AxelFoley

        And not nam one of them holds office.

    • conlakappa

      Front runner? These people really need to stop whatever it is they are huffing. Why do I hear Yul Brenner in my head? So let it be written, so let it be done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bQnxlHZsjY

  • rikyrah

    Those who get ‘stuck’ making $172,000 a year
    By Steve Benen

    Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:07 AM EDT

    When we think of Rep. Phil Gingrey (R), who’s currently running for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Georgia, we tend to think of his far-right social conservatism. It was, for example, Gingrey who expressed support for Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments. More recently, the Republican congressman, while arguing in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, called for children to take classes on traditional gender roles because fathers are “a little bit better” at some things than mothers.

    As it turns out, though, Gingrey is capable of offending people while addressing economic issues, too.

    Woe is Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia, who bemoaned in a closed-door meeting this morning that he’s “stuck” making a paltry $172,000 a year in Congress…. Capitol Hill aides can go work for a lobby shop and make $500,000, the congressman said, according to National Review’s Jonathan Strong. “Meanwhile I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year.” […]

    Some of Gingrey’s fellow lawmakers were “incensed” by the remark, hence the leak to Strong, but the comment probably won’t help the GOP’s problems of being perceived as a party exclusively for the wealthy.


    The median household income in this country is about $51,000 a year, and in Georgia, it’s a little less. Gingrey makes well over triple that, and reportedly has a net worth of $3 million. The Republican lawmaker is also the beneficiary of taxpayer subsidized health care — benefits he’s eager to deny to others — and has the security that comes with a generous congressional pension.


  • rikyrah

    john miller @deaconmill

    Almost no fraud in food stamp program, lots of fraud in farm subsidies, so, per normal GOP thinking, let’s cut food stamps.

    10:09 AM – 19 Sep 2013

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥ – —TWEETIN’ – – — -TRUTH♥ :>) —

    – — -☺@NerdyWonka
    #ObamasFault RT @AP: BREAKING: U.S. home sales rose to 5.5 million in August, highest in 6½ years as rising rates spur buyers.

    – — ☺ ‏@NerdyWonka
    @WarrenBuffett never said #ObamaCare should be scrapped. Once again, @GOP have eggs on their faces. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/09/today-in-conservative-obamacare-self-delusion.html … – – -HAH!- —

    – – – – -☺ ‏@NerdyWonka
    The @GOP really and truly is the crazy party. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2013/09/18/if-we-get-a-debt-ceiling-crisis-its-because-republican-voters-want-one/ … pic.twitter.com/7ET0hap4Ju
    View photo

    MORE L8R. . .. .

  • rikyrah

    Coming to terms with the normalization of extortion politics
    By Steve Benen
    Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:38 AM EDT

    President Obama spoke yesterday to the Business Roundtable, and used some language to describe Republican tactics that raised a few eyebrows — not because he was incorrect, but because his word choice was provocative.

    In his remarks, Mr. Obama accused what he called “a faction” of Republicans in the House of trying to “extort” him by refusing to raise the nation’s debt ceiling unless the president’s health care plan is repealed.

    “You have never in the history of the United States seen the threat of not raising the debt ceiling to extort a president or a governing party,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s irresponsible.”

    Mr. Obama called upon the business leaders to try to convince lawmakers to avoid the kind of “brinksmanship” that would lead to promises of “apocalypse” every few months. “What I will not do is to create a habit, a pattern whereby the full faith and credit of the united states ends up being a bargaining chip to make policy,” he said. “I’m tired of it,” he added. “And I suspect you are too.”

    For the president to publicly reference Republican “extortion” tactics struck some as excessive. That’s a shame; Obama’s right.


    • jds09

      Benen’s use of the word “provocative” is telling. PBO in his role, is not provoking, he’s leading. They want “the butler” but they got a president. Liberal racism is as distasteful as the conservative kind. Yuck.

      • goldenstar


        They want “the butler” but they got a president.

        • Miranda

          I know…that was perfect.

      • Town

        Liberal racism is MORE distasteful than conservative racism, IMO.

        Conservative racism is: White people are better than you blacks/hispanics/asians. We just are. You’re incapable and we’re not helping you and we don’t like you. We’ll tolerate the ones who kiss our asses but we don’t like you and consider you ungrateful scum of the earth.

        Liberal racism is: White people are better than you blacks/hispanics/asians. We just are. We’ll give you a helping hand because you’re incapable and it makes us feel good that we can help the lesser among us. We won’t tolerate those of you who won’t kiss our asses or think they’re capable independent of us. We don’t like them and consider them ungrateful scum of the earth. You want us to like you, right? Well prove it by kissing our asses.

        Both groups don’t like us

  • rikyrah

    in the Black neighborhoods, Rahm closed 55 schools…because of a budget deficit.

    but, they can afford 17 million for Payton?



    Payton College Prep to get $17 million annex, room for up to 400 more students

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN AND LAUREN FITZPATRICK Staff Reporters September 18, 2013 11:08AM

    As many Chicago Public Schools struggle with deep budget cuts, one of the city’s — and the nation’s — highest-performing selective enrollment high schools will receive a $17 million expansion of up to 400 seats that might ease the heated competition among would-be attendees just a bit.

    In the wake of a record round of school closings, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday that Walter Payton College Prep is getting a new annex and additional classrooms bankrolled by tax increment financing that will allow one of the nation’s top 100 high schools to increase capacity.

    About a year ago, Principal Tim Devine suggested an expansion to the school — “That’s why we went to search for the resources,” Emanuel said in Payton’s library. “This is all about giving parents a set of choices. … If you have met the standard, we should make sure you have the availability to attend.”

    Last year, 6,200 students applied for 220 spots in Payton’s freshman class. They were among 18,000 students citywide competing for 3,000 selective enrollment seats.

    Payton has a current student body of 851, coming from every city ward, 36 percent of which is white, compared with a district average of 8.8 percent, and 30 percent of which is low income, compared with the district’s 87 percent average


    The news infuriated the Chicago Teachers Union, which has been pleading in vain for the city to use TIF surpluses to plug neighborhood school budget holes and hire back arts teachers.

    “Basically what this represents is the same policy of creating winners and losers in our school district,” said CTU staff coordinator Jackson Potter. “Look at the percentage of low-income students and contrast that with a neighborhood school. Here’s a subsection of students who get everything they need and deserve,” while everyone else does not.

    “He needs to deal with every single building, not just the ones he decides deserve it,” Potter said.


    • Alma98

      Morning rikyrah, it’s all one big scam. They’re taking the money from those closed schools and giving it to voucher schools. I was thinking about this last night, our children have a right to a public school education. There needs to be some kind of program to educate parents about voucher schools. A lot of them don’t understand what this is doing to public schools. Or that most of them are just for profit and are crappy. I’d say libertarians are getting their wish with these for profit schools.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥ — -Ooooo-Kaaaaay — –[Missed this]

    — – — –Antoine Dodson: I’m A Have A Baby–With A Woman!

    – — – — –The man who told you to “hide your kids” and “hide your wife” claims that he is now having a child of his own–with a woman!

    Antoine Dodson took to Twitter to tell his 30,000-plus followers that he is having a baby with his “Queen.”
    WATCHIN’- – —O_O

  • rikyrah


    Check out the pics…some are yum yum yum

    The Storm is Coming: What Does Scandal’s Rainy Shoot Tell Us?

    [ 44 ] September 18, 2013 | Luvvie

    We’re only a couple of weeks away from the season 3 premiere of Scandal and Gladiators everywhere are preparing by re-watching and overanalyzing everything. That’s our duty as obsessed fans. Shonda Rhimes put us all into overdrive when her team released pictures from the “Storm is Coming” photoshoot the cast did and of course we’re trying to crack the code. WHAT IS SHE TRYNA TELL US?!? I’m not sure but I will guess.

    “The Storm is Coming” is clearly telling us that it’s about to be raining chaos on season 3. I mean we knew that much when the last word of season 2 was “Dad?” But in case we weren’t nervous enough, BRING DOWN THE RAIN!

    Ok so Abby is in the storm giving her best “come hither” look. I don’t know why she’s tryna make segzy happen but bless her heart. I take it that her and David are gonna resume having the most uncomfortable to watch sex? Maybe there’s a storm in Abby’s loins. I don’t damb know.

    But look at Quinn. She’s in this blood red trench coat, and is the only person in this shoot rocking color, might I add. I think we’re going to see Baby Huck really grow into her killing abilities and start slaying folks. Also, she looks rather calm in this storm that’s raging around her. We’re used to nervous Quinn but it seems she found some grounding.

    And then there’s Mellie, who is basically welcoming the storm. She’s all “COME AT ME, BRO! I’M READY!” Soooo I expect her to be even more conniving than we’re used to. Mellie ain’t gon take no prisoners in this storm. She’s gon be the one chasing it, if anything.

    Two out of these three ain’t got no umbrellas, but they don’t look bothered by it at all.


  • Alma98

    God morning everyone.

    • rikyrah

      Good Afternoon, Alma.
      I believe Com Ed will be paid today 🙁
      this weather is friggin’ CRAZY!!!

      • Alma98

        Afternoon rikyrah!
        Who you tellin’ I’ve already turned on the ac.
        It’s muggy and rainy, no sense in trying to have a hairstyle lol.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- –ALWAYS — -LUVIN’ — -his – –“CALL OUTS annd SLAMS!” – — –

    — —-Desperate Right Winger Launches a Treasonous Plot to Overthrow President Obama– —

    – ——-When a person thinks about something unceasingly to the point it dominates their every thought they are obsessed and maybe even haunted. For the past 5 years a surprisingly large segment of the population are obsessed with finding a reason to correct what they consider an affront to their existence, and have sought any reason to remove the twice elected African American man living in the White House. This week an obsessed Islamophobe and birther came up with what he thinks is master plan to subvert the will of the people in the last two Presidential elections, and is asking Christians, Jews, people of faith and all true patriots to join him in staging a coup to remove the legally elected President of the United States.

    – – -The anomaly of nature summoning millions of like-minded Islamophobes
    ironically is taking a cue from Muslims in Egypt who demanded the ouster
    of President Morsi. He believes that if millions of Christians and Jews
    occupy Washington, they will be able “to cleanse the nation of the half-Muslim, anti-white, socialist fraud in the White House.”
    The man, Larry Klayman, penned an inflammatory article titled “Obama, Come Out With Your Hands Up,”
    and cited a laundry list of imagined offenses that in his mind warrant
    the people’s support to overthrow the government because according to
    him, Republicans, the judicial system, and government officials lack “the will or courage to remove the mullah-in-chief from office.”
    Klayman is not new to obsessing over removing Democratic Presidents
    from office. He filed no less than 18 lawsuits to remove former
    President Bill Clinton from office, but his preoccupation with President
    Obama is freakishly dangerous with an angry religious and
    racially-motivated citizens’ army determined to take down this

    THERE IS MORE – – —

    – — COMMENT: — BARRY ROOPE: -His words are more than Treason, he is organizing a group to overthrow the Government, this is Sedition, and incertain cases, is punishable by Death. This man needs a visit by the Secret Service, needs to be investigated and based upon what he has already said, needs to be arrested for Sedition. I hope the NSA, is listening to his every call,conversation and people he is associating with, and as soon as they can prove a conspiracy to overthrow the lawfully elected leader of our Country, they should all be rounded up and tried, and if convicted, given life sentences in a Federal prison.
    It is incredible that we still have idiots like this, that people listen
    too. The people that support his idea of having Kangaroo-courts based upon nothing in law are completely ignorant of the Constitution, they claim to love and want to protect.
    – -GOOD!!

  • rikyrah

    September 18, 2013 12:29 PM
    VA Republicans May Have Screwed the Pooch With Cooch

    By Ed Kilgore

    When I expressed shock yesterday that WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin was more or less writing off Ken Cuccinelli’s odds of winning the Virginia governor’s race, I hadn’t been watching the race all that closely for a while. But the polls—including such thumb-on-the-scale-for-Republican outlets as Rasmussen and Harper— are unmistakably showing T-Mac opening up a lead. Indeed, you have to go back to July to find a poll that Cooch is leading.

    The latest poll, from Quinnipiac, shows what’s really going on. In the month that has passed since the last Q-poll, McAuliffe’s favorable/unfavorable rating has gone from 34/33 to 38/38—not exactly gangbusters, but stable with some room for growth since 22% still hadn’t heard enough (believe it or not) about the Macker to have an opinion. Meanwhile, Cuccinelli’s favorability ratio has gone from 35/41 to 34/51, with only 13% needing to know more about the steely opponent of abortion rights, “sodomy,” and health care reform.

    I don’t know if this is a product of McAuliffe’s ads, which (in NoVa at least) have focused on Cooch’s atavistic position on women’s rights, or just a gradually dawning realization that this guy makes incumbent Gov. Bob McDonnell—whom Cooch semi-openly despises as a RINO—look dreamy from a swing voter’s perspective.


    • rigoletta

      I’m eating my lunch and nearly choked on “Screwed the Pooch with Cooch”.

      Ha. Funny. Beyond the absolutely horrible visuals that is.

    • Town

      Here’s the thing: Cuccinelli probably WOULDN’T be running as the Republican nominee if there was a primary. So he got the GOP to have a convention instead and packed it with Tea Partiers. That’s how we ended up with Cooch, Jackson & Obenshain.

      Cooch told Bolling (Lt. Gov) to sit his fat ass down b/c he was running. Bolling had been told to sit down in favor of McDonnell and he wasn’t happy Cooch/GOP told him to sit his fat ass down again. Bolling is probably sitting in the cut right now happy & will do the Dougie when Cooch loses b/c in 2017 Bolling can say “Ya’ll told me to sit down in favor of the Tea Party & we got crushed. We wouldda won in 2013 had you run me. I’m not sitting down in 2017.”

      Cooch has not made any friends by suing the UVa professor, suing Obama over ObamaCare, taking the gifts from Star Scientific (just like McDonnell did) and refusing to give the gifts back, refusing to investigate McDonnell & shifted the investigation to private firms, which have billed the state of VA $250,000 for McDonnell’s defense bills etc. How much taxpayer dollars has Cuccinelli wasted suing this person and that person & shirking his responsibilities, since people care about taxpayer dollars so much?

      He won’t get the gay vote because the very first thing he did as atty gen. was tell the state universities they are not allowed to say they won’t discriminate against gay people.

      Plus dude is scary. Republicans left & right are like “That dude is SCURRY. McAuliffe might be sleazy but he ain’t CRAY CRAY like Cooch.”

      And I know damn well Jackson will lose in a landslide, and he will blame RACISM for why he lost instead of HE JUST PLAIN CRAY.

      The Atty Gen. nominee once proposed a bill that would make women have to report themselves to the police after having a miscarriage, so the police can investigate whether they had an abortion or not.

      The VA Gop Ticket is all up in our coochies and they’re crazy. PLEASE let these fools lose in November or I might be crossing the Potomac River in search of saner peoples.

      • rikyrah

        THEY ALL are scary.
        they ALL hate the gay.
        they ALL want up in the uterus.

      • jziglar

        I bet when they lose the far right will say they weren’t conservative enough. And people will look at them and stare and say… Really ???

      • conlakappa

        I’ve been meaning to ask you: what do you think of the Kooky ad that features improperly-jailed-but-now-freed black guy? That ad was another bit of theater that my neighbor who tried to tell me about how blacks feel on social issues tussled on. She thinks it’s effective. I find it manipulative, going for low-hanging fruit if the best you can offer teh blacks is that you released one of them, and pretty shallow in that he doesn’t say he used it as a springboard to more closely examine the uneven justice system in the Commonwealth.

        I’m over the campaign and we’ve got just over 6 weeks to go. No talk about policy/positions, just, “the other guy sucks!!!”

      • rigoletta

        And I know damn well Jackson will lose in a landslide, and he will blame RACISM for why he lost instead of HE JUST PLAIN CRAY.

        This made me chuckle.

        All of them are CRAY CRAY.

  • Miranda

    By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN— Sep. 19 11:51 AM EDT

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A federal judge accepted a plea agreement Thursday that calls for Halliburton Energy Services to pay a $200,000 fine for destroying evidence after BP’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Halliburton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge stemming from the deletion of data during a post-spill review of the cement job on BP’s blown-out Macondo well.

    The Houston-based company could have withdrawn its guilty plea if U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo had rejected its deal with the Justice Department.

    more here: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/judge-review-halliburtons-plea-deal

  • Miranda

    The state that gave us Dick Cheney crying over sequestration. OK.
    Wyoming’s federal court feels sequester squeeze
    By Kelsey Bray kbray@wyomingnews.com

    CHEYENNE — Agencies all over Wyoming have been hit by federal spending cuts, whether it means cutting staff, canceling programs or eliminating travel.

    The U.S. District Court of Wyoming is no exception. The cuts there include furlough days for public defenders.

    But these employees face a unique situation when it comes to sequestration. “The courts are constitutionally required to provide due process,” said Jim Barrett, branch chief of the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Wyoming. “How do they do that if we’re unavailable?”

    Before the cuts, the federal court system was already dealing with years of flat funding, U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal said in a recent letter to U.S. Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Rep. Cynthia Lummis, all R-Wyo.

    She said this, coupled with sequestration, has been hard on the court.

    There is no longer an official library in any courthouse. The Jackson courthouse is in negotiations to transfer to the county and will be sold if that’s not possible.

    more here: http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2013/09/19/news/19local_09-19-13.txt

    • conlakappa

      So what is candidate Spawn of Darth saying? Mouth too filled with prairie oysters?

  • Miranda

    I suppose “getdafuckouttaherewitdatbullshit” would not have been presidential.
    White House says Obama would veto House Republican budget bill
    WASHINGTON | Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:34am EDT

    (Reuters) – President Barack Obama would veto a stop-gap government funding plan from Republicans in the House of Representatives that defunds Obamacare health reforms, the White House said on Thursday.

    In a brief statement, the White House Office of Management and Budget said Obama would veto the bill “because it advances a narrow ideological agenda that threatens our economy and the interests of the middle class.”


    • conlakappa

      But the MSM will say that the Rs tried and the President vetoed it therefore the government shut down and Grandma didn’t get her SS benefits or notice of the recall of her meds… and so it goes.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- —LIES!! — –LIES! —Annnd MORE LIES!! — -geesh!!

    — —New Anti-Obamacare Ads Depict Creepy Gyno Exams To Scare College Students Into Going Uninsured– —

    – – —-Republican efforts to block Obamacare have taken shape in several different forms. On the federal level, lawmakers repeatedly threaten to cast votes to defund and delay the health law. On the state level, lawmakers are doing their best to impede the law’s new insurance marketplaces, which are set to roll out next month. And as a “grassroots” strategy, Obamacare opponents hope they can simply convince Americans to forgo signing up for health insurance altogether.

    A new campaign by Generation Opportunity, a conservative group that Yahoo News reports has “financial ties to billionaire businessmen and political activists Charles and David Koch,” is taking this third approach. Generation Opportunity wants to specifically target college students this fall, spending up to $750,000 on a campaign to convince young people they don’t need health insurance.
    THERE IS MORE—–LIES!! From the RACISTS!!- –

  • Miranda

    Family recounts chilling airport encounter with Navy gunman
    By Jana Winter

    EXCLUSIVE: An Alabama family recounted to FoxNews.com a chilling airport encounter they had last month with the man they believe went on to gun down 12 people at a Washington military facility, and said the confrontation was triggered by the hearty laugh of a 75-year-old matriarch.

    “We were just laughing and talking and he came over and said we were laughing at him,” Rosalind Baugh told FoxNews.com, speaking of Aaron Alexis, the troubled former Navy Reservist and government contractor who went on a shooting spree in the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters in southeast Washington Monday.

    Since the shooting, in which Alexis was killed by police, several reports have surfaced about his anti-social behavior, mental problems and record of arrests for gun offenses. As soon as he was identified as the shooter, Baugh and other family members present at Norfolk Airport for the Aug. 4 incident have been reliving the frightening encounter daily.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/19/family-recounts-chilling-airport-encounter-with-navy-gunman/#ixzz2fMIt25W2

    • TyrenM

      Somebody trying to become famous. Run to Fox with this story? Not saying he didn’t have issues. Just wondering how/why they ran to Fox to telldat?

      • Aquagranny911

        Agreed. I’m having a side eye on anything that comes from Fox.

  • Miranda

    OK___________somebody already mentioned the rethugs creepy new ad against Obamacare…..I just saw it…you gotta be freaking kidding me…these folks are sick as hell! I can’t stop laughing at this foolishness!

    • rikyrah

      this is all they got

    • Alma98

      SMH…. Sad just sad.

    • MsKitty

      Talk about a classic case of projection. Expect the shrieking to get louder in the next 10 days. It really is like vampires trying to beat back the inevitable sunrise.

    • gn

      Wow, that is past desperate…so now ObamaCare=the nigra in the WH raping women. Okay. And pure projection:

      [from the comments]
      Wait, this is from the same party that wants to force medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds on women? You guys sure this is the way you want to go with this one?

      • jziglar

        According to the ad President Obama is going after innocent white women.

        But on a more serious note. Why is it that the right has a fascination with things being shoved in peoples bodies.

      • THANK YOU!

        They purposely used a young, WHITE actress to play the part of a “victim” of “Uncle Sam”. They’re not slick!

    • Kennymack1971

      These people are deranged. And this is coming from people who back transvaginal ultrasounds…they really don’t think this stuff through.

    • Aquagranny911

      These people are beyond sick & ignorant. Do they really think this ad will stop young women from getting health insurance especially since they are shutting down Planned Parenthood?

      Planned Parenthood was/is a vital resource for young uninsured women to get health care. Repugs are just plain loco!

    • OMG!! What in tha hail??? Republicans are a bunch of sick flucks!

      ETA: A group called Generation Opportunity is behind this ad. Here’s their staff. I see one misguided sista is on their team: http://generationopportunity.org/staff/#axzz2fMcGDqlu

      • conlakappa

        Given that she takes care twice to mention that she was born in Montserrat [that wasn’t the place covered in ash and abandoned by all its citizen before she was born?!], she might take issue at being referred to as a sista, misguided or no!

    • PBomb

      How twisted.

  • rikyrah

    Rubio struggles with the blame game
    By Steve Benen

    Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:46 PM EDT.

    A few weeks ago, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) spoke at a Koch brothers’ event, where he said he would push the nation into default unless Democrats accepted a constitutional amendment on balanced budgets, but instead of hearing applause, Rubio was heckled. “No amnesty!” someone shouted.

    It’s been that kind of summer for the far-right Floridian. Rubio was caught terribly confused by U.S. policy in Syria, and then argued private-sector hiring has slowed due to the national debt, which is little more than gibberish.

    He should have quit while he was behind.

    “A solution is within sight in order to avert another crisis of Washington’s creation,” he added. “President Obama and his allies in Congress should abandon their threats of shutting down the government and instead work with Republicans to pass this proposal that would keep government open while preventing taxpayer dollars from being used to inflict ObamaCare’s damage on people’s jobs, incomes, current health plans and doctor relationships.”

    Let’s put aside for now the fact that Rubio doesn’t understand the Affordable Care Act. Instead, note that from the Republican senator’s perspective, Democrats are threatening to shut down the government.

    Why? Because those rascally lefties aren’t simply paying the ransom unhinged conservatives have demanded. Who’s to blame if the hostage gets shot — the hostage-taker or the loved ones who refused to pay up?


    • conlakappa

      Stay thirsty.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥ — – -UPDATE/ADDITIONAL INFO. —


    – -Sorry I di-int post details. Having technical difficulties. —

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- — -REID – -SPEAKS- -TRUTH!!

    – – –Reid: Any Bill That Defunds Obamacare Is ‘Dead’– —

    – — – –In the clearest language possible, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said any continuing resolution bill that also defunds Obamacare is going nowhere.

    “I want to be absolutely crystal clear: Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead. Dead,” Reid said at a press conference on Thursday. “I’m disappointed that he’s decided, from what I’ve heard, he’s going to move forward with the full knowledge that it’s a futile effort.”

    Reid was flanked by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), two members of the Democratic leadership in the Senate.
    – — -SNIP- – –

    “They’re really putting the nation’s economic recovery at risk to make an ideological point,” Reid said.
    THERE IS MORE- – – -TELL IT!! —HARRY! :>)

  • goldenstar

    Twitter Truth Telling on Todd:

    cjtown ‏@ladyc1022h

    Nobody else tells the truth, so why should I ?!!! #ChuckToddExcuses

    cjtown ‏@ladyc1023h

    I need to keep my job, so lying about PBO and his policies is the best thing to do!!! #ChuckToddExcuses


    TheObamaDiary.com ‏@TheObamaDiary23h
    “I don’t have time for fact-checking, I’m too busy being kinda awesome.” #ChuckToddexcuses pic.twitter.com/Qfz2c5HWze

  • Aquagranny911

    Peeps! I have to share this really cool thing. Recently a young chica in my community contacted me about starting up a discussion group out side school for high school students to study Latino culture & history. She wanted access to my books & papers, some of which are now out of print.

    I think I had shared before that Latino studies as an elective have been banned now from public schools here. The Kiddo told me:

    “If we can’t study this in school, we will just have to do it on our own. President Obama told us to be the change but we can’t be the change if we don’t know our history”

    She called me the other day to say that she has more than 20 students signed up who want to do this & they are not all Latinos. She wanted help with a place to meet (I think I got that covered) & some guidance on a curriculum.

    I’m excited & so energized by our young. Let the Teapotty keep trying to put us down. It won’t work! Gracias President Obama for inspiring the young people!!!

    • MsKitty

      That is so awesome. I have been really impressed with how our young black and brown folks are really picking up the mantle. I’m starting to think that all these bans and suppression efforts are having an unintended effect of lighting a fire in the youth.

      • Aquagranny911

        LOL on that! My motto is: “Never tell a teen they can’t have or do something because that will be the very thing they go for.”

        I’m so proud of this young woman. She’s been pulling all this together for months, using a lot of her summer time.

      • TyrenM

        So true. It was younger relatives that brought me to Frances Welsing, KRS-1, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, Mr. Side Eye (Dr. Chiop.) Queen Latifah, MC Lyte… several others.

    • goldenstar

      It’s a beautiful thing. I taught Ethnic Studies in Hawai’i before the University approved the program for department status. And, we ran alla kinda stuff in there!

      • Aquagranny911

        I’m going to gently suggest that they also bring in some Black & Asian history as well. While these may have had smaller roles in AZ, there is a richness to their contributions that is well worth exploring. This can be woven into the Latino & Native peoples experience, imo.

        I’m just a cheerleader & sidelines adviser. I don’t plan to be intrusive.

        • conlakappa

          Perfect slot for me to ask you: did you catch the first episode of the PBS series Latinos in America?

          • Aquagranny911

            No! But I will look this up. I have been so preoccupied with other things lately that I have not watched TV much for several weeks.

            I hope our PBS is actually airing the show. Our local station pretty much sucks. I will definitely look this up. Gracias for the heads up!

            ETA: I quit giving them money because they pissed me off so I don’t get their monthly handouts for shows anymore. My bad, I suppose.

          • conlakappa

            I haven’t given my local money in a while, which doesn’t stop them from begging, of course. They can be… compromised in what they present, that’s for sure.

            I actually had read about the series in the NY Times or Wash Post over last weekend or the one before, immediately setting it for recording because that’s the kind of thing I’d remember after the fact. Any way, here’s the link: http://www.pbs.org/latino-americans/en/ Very rich history was covered in the opening episode.

          • Aquagranny911


    • JojoRaze

      This is amazing, AQ! I’m so glad this young lady heardof you as a source for textbooks and other documents she could use.

    • TyrenM

      Hell Yeah! I learned more Mexican history when I lived in Phoenix and San Diego than anywhere else. And yes, more from people than any classroom.

      By all means teach all you can while you can.

  • rikyrah

    sorry for this one