October 21, 2017

Thursday Open Thread: Little Known or Interesting Black History Facts

Continuing on with the theme…


Richard Allen-Founder of the Free African Society and the first AME Church

FACT 1:In 1787, free blacks in New York City found the African Free School, where future leaders Henry Highland Garnett and Alexander Crummell are educated.

FACT 2: In 1787, Richard Allen and Absalom Jones form the Free African Society in Philadelphia. 

FACT 3: In 1798, Joshua Johnston of Baltimore, Maryland becomes the first black portrait painter to gain widespread recognition in the United States.

According to Baltimore County court chattel records, Johnston was the son of a white man, George Johnston, and an unknown enslaved black woman owned by William Wheeler Sr., a small farmer. Wheeler sold Joshua Johnston to George Johnston in 1764 for 25 pounds, half the price of an adult male field slave. George Johnston arranged that Joshua would be freed after completing a blacksmith apprenticeship, or on turning 21, whichever came first; Joshua would go on to complete his apprenticeship with William Forepaugh, and was freed on July 15, 1782. Between 1796 and 1824, he was listed in most Baltimore City directories as a painter or limner.  In the 1817-1818 directory he was also recorded as a “Free Householder of Color.”

Johnston was light-skinned and was easily mistaken for white, which may explain why some of his subjects at the time did not note his race. He advertised himself in the Baltimore Intelligencer as a “self-taught genius” who had “experienced many insuperable obstacles in the pursuit of his studies. There is no record of him being formally trained as an artist. He moved often within Baltimore, but as a free man was able to spend some time outside the city.  For example, he is generally believed to have painted a portrait of Sarah Ogden Gustin in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia at some point between 1798 and 1802. Johnston may have supplemented his income by decorating furniture.

Of the thirteen existent paintings identified as his, many are of white children belonging to wealthy local families.  He also painted black subjects, including Daniel Coker, a founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Johnston’s work is characterized by a rigidity of the arms and legs, indicative of the posed nature of his portraits. The works have a two dimensionality and the facial features are frequently vacant and staring. The backgrounds are notable for their detailed depictions of furniture or other props.  Johnston’s work has often been associated with Baltimore artists Charles Willson Peale, Charles Peale Polk, and Rembrandt Peale and he was assumed to have been apprenticed to or enslaved by the family but there is no evidence of this connection. It is likely that the generic similarity to these artists is indicative of the type of American folk art created during that era.  Joshua Johnston died in Baltimore in 1832. 

FACT 4: In 1798, Venture Smith’s A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, A Native of Africa But Resident Above Sixty Years in the United States of America appears as the first slave narrative written by the person in bondage. Earlier narratives were written by white authors as dictated by enslaved people.

Venture Smith was a West African who was captured as a boy and sold into slavery in New England. He eventually purchased his own freedom, the freedom of several other slaves, and in his old age he wrote the earliest autobiography by an African American. His autobiography joined earlier slave narratives by British slaves that were published by abolitionists, and remains a testament to a remarkable life.

Smith’s autobiography is divided into three chapters. The first tells of his childhood in West Africa, his family and daily life, and then the invasion of slavers who tore him away from his home. The story of his capture includes the death of his father, who the slavers tortured to death in front of him, the march to the coast, and his sale to a New Englander, Robinson Mumford, for four gallons of rum and a piece of calico. Mumford renamed the boy “Venture,” to commemorate his personal investment in the slave trade.

In 1739, Venture and his new owner arrived in New England after traversing the Middle Passage. The second chapter covers his time in slavery, including his marriage to fellow slave Meg, his transfer between several owners and leasers, one aborted escape attempt, and his efforts to earn enough money to buy himself freedom. After almost five years of working odd jobs at night and in every spare moment, Venture Smith was able to save enough money to buy himself from his last master, Oliver Smith.

The third chapter of Smith’s autobiography narrates his life post-slavery. It is a story of much difficult work, mostly with the aim of purchasing his wife and children. Much of the story details  jobs done, land bought and sold, contracts broken and hopes dashed. Life as an ex-slave wasn’t easy; Smith tells of the deaths of his oldest son and his daughter, and the several times he invested money only to be cheated without recourse to the law. However, he had some successes too, and in his old age Smith owned over 100 acres of land in Connecticut and three houses, and in spite of his blindness and poor health he described how happy he was that his wife, who he married for love and worked so hard to buy from slavery, was still alive.

Venture Smith’s autobiography was published in 1798, seven years before his death in 1805. In 2006 his descendants worked with the BBC and a team of archaeologists to exhume his grave and take DNA evidence from his remains in an effort to trace his ancestry in Africa and learn more about his early life and family. However, the results were inconclusive. 

 FACT 5: On August 30, 1800 Gabriel Prosser attempts a slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia.

Born into slavery around 1775, Gabriel Prosser was owned by Thomas H. Prosser of Henrico County, Virginia. Little is known of Prosser’s life before the revolt that catapulted him into notoriety. Prosser’s two brothers, Solomon and Martin and his wife, Nanny, were all owned by Thomas Prosser and all participated in the insurrection.

Gabriel Prosser at the time of the insurrection was twenty-four years old, six feet two inches, literate, and a blacksmith by trade. He was described by a contemporary as “a fellow of courage and intellect above his rank in life.” With the help of other slaves including Jack Bowler and George Smith, Prosser devised a plan to seize control of Richmond by killing all of the whites (except the Methodists, Quakers and Frenchmen) and then establishing a Kingdom of Virginia with himself as monarch.

Prosser and the other revolt leaders were probably influenced by the American Revolution and more recently the French and Haitian Revolutions with their rhetoric of freedom, equality and brotherhood. In the months prior to the revolt Prosser recruited hundreds of supporters and organized them into military units. Although Virginia authorities never determined the extent of the revolt, they estimated that several thousand planned to participate including many who were to be armed with swords and pikes made from farm tools by slave blacksmiths.

Prosser planned to initiate the insurrection on the night of August 30, 1800. However, earlier in the day two slaves who wanted to protect their masters betrayed the plot to Virginia authorities. Governor James Monroe alerted the militia. A rainstorm delayed the uprising by 24 hours, preventing Prosser’s army from assembling outside Richmond and providing the militia crucial time to prepare a defense of the city. Realizing their plan had been discovered, Prosser and many of his followers dispersed into the countryside. About 35 leaders were captured and executed but Prosser escaped to Norfolk where he was betrayed by fellow slaves who claimed the reward for his capture on September 25. Prosser was returned to Richmond and tried for his role in the abortive uprising. He was found guilty on October 6, 1800 and executed the following day. 

*** Information courtesy of Blackpast.org***

  • aleth

    Koch brothers at work…since it is clear that he will be going down get will continue his damage to the workers pension in nj. This mofo made a deal just a year ago in which workers contribute more but the state has not held up their part of the deal. Dems better have backbone here…


    • Admiral_Komack

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • Miranda

      Dems betta NOT let this mofo off the hook. He is just pivoting to try and change the focus from his shady ass to the ole tried and true enemy the GOP has constructed..”THE BIG BAD SELFISH PUBLIC EMPLOYEE”

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    – – —U.S. jobless claims climb 14,000 to 348,000 – -[It’s about AVERAGES]
    — —The number of people who applied for U.S. unemployment benefits jumped
    by 14,000 to 348,000 last week to match a five-week high, the Labor Department
    said Thursday.
    Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected claims to
    total 335,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. The average of new claims
    over the past month, a more reliable gauge than the volatile weekly
    number, was unchanged at 338,250.
    Also, the government said continuing
    claims increased by 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 2.96 million in the
    week ended Feb. 15. Continuing claims reflect the number of people
    already receiving benefits. Initial claims from two weeks ago,
    meanwhile, were revised down to 334,000 from an original read of 336,000.

    – -AGAIN: – – The average of new claims
    over the past month, a more reliable gauge than the volatile weekly
    number, was unchanged at 338,250.
    – –:>)

  • Pragobots, especially Georgia Pragbots, it’s time to set Rep. David Scott straight. It appears he’s on a one-man mission to tear down PBO in regards to the GA judicial nominees:

    David Scott @repdavidscott 1h
    WH counsel tells @jbendery that GA women should shut up about anti-choice nominees and accept it @NARAL @PPact http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/26/david-scott-obama-judicial-nominee_n_4861043.html

    David Scott @repdavidscott 1h
    WH counsel says blue slip process is too hard, so they caved on choice, civil rights, marriage equality, voter ID http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/26/david-scott-obama-judicial-nominee_n_4861043.html

    This type of bs could negatively affect Black voter turnout this year, something we can NOT afford.

    Let Rep. Scott know that his lies and disrespect towards PBO’s administration will NOT be tolerated:

    Washington Office:
    ph: (202) 225-2939

    Email: https://forms.house.gov/write/davidscott/email-me.shtml
    fax: (202) 225-4628

    NOTE: He will not reply to emails from people who are not in his district.

    • goldenstar

      Sepia, do you think it would be helpful for us non-Georgians, to contact the CBC or CBC leadership or Rep. Lewis?

      • While I think it’s more powerful for Georgians, especially those in his district, to contact him, I definitely think non-Georgians should contact the CBC and CBC leadership, especially those who have CBC reps.

        • goldenstar

          Got it. Will do.

        • BarbinAtlSouth

          With the redrawing of congressional lines David Scott has some of Cobb county and a lighter hued constituency. This fool thinks ragging on the president will keep him in office.

    • Miranda

      This weak stupid publicity stunt is grating my nerves. He’s too afraid to take the fight to Sen. Leahy or Sen. Reid to protest the blue chip rule.

      Dumb ass.

      • Kennymack1971

        It’s straight up cowardice but Blacker than Inc is running with this bullshit as proof that “See? We told y’all Obama don’t care nothing about Black people!”. I want to where Rep. Scott was when the deal for these nominations was made 2 1/2 years ago and why he wasn’t raising hell about the GOP obstruction and games with PBOs nominees.

        • jziglar

          Like I said on the Peoples View what are these people going to do when Obama leaves office. Because these people are obsessed with this man in a negative way.

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    – – ——☺A FIRST: –Joshua Johnston of Baltimore, Maryland becomes the first black portrait painter – – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

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    A Year Ago Today: President Obama at the unveiling of a statue of Rosa Parks at U.S. Capitol #Grateful pic.twitter.com/fbyrFOvbPF

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    — —Convicted Trenton, NJ, mayor Tony Mack removed from office – —

    — — –The mayor of New Jersey’s capital city was removed from office by a judge Wednesday, 19 days after a jury found him guilty of corruption as part of a government sting.

    Trenton Mayor Tony Mack, 48, had fought to remain in office until his
    sentencing in May while also seeking to have his conviction thrown out.

    But Judge Mary Jacobson rejected his arguments and signed an order removing him from office. Mack is also ineligible to hold public office in the future and has been stripped of his taxpayer-funded pension. He will be allowed to keep the contributions he made to his retirement plan.

    Mack did not speak during or after the hearing and his lawyer, Mark
    Davis, said it had not been decided whether he would appeal Wednesday’s order.

    Within hours after Jacobson signed an order removing Mack, City
    Council President George Muschal was sworn in as acting mayor. The 66-year-old retired city police officer is expected to serve out Mack’s term, which ends July 1. He reiterated Wednesday that he does not intendto run in the regularly scheduled mayoral election on May 13.

    THERE IS MORE – – – —-Sooo SAD. — –WHEN will WE LEARN?. . .

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    PBOMB♥ — –MEDIA ALERT: – –Ms Valerie –Discussing – –MY BROTHER’S KEEPER”♥ —:>) —THANK U♥/MR. PRESIDENT♥

    – – –☺http://news.yahoo.com/obama-launches–my-brother-s-keeper–to-help-young-minority-men-025659695.html

    – — –Obama launches ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ to help young minority men – – – –BLESS U SIR♥ —annnd the YOUNG MEN♥ —

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    PBOMB♥ — – -In connection with “OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY’s♥ “—emphasis on NUTRITION: :>) —

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    – ——More USEFUL Format :>)

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      I don’t agree with putting the Daily Values because it seems unintuitive, but I love that the Calories and Exact Serving Per Container is in bold so you can easily do the multiplication in your head about the total calorie amount in a food product. With this label you showed us, you can easily do 230 calories times 8 servings equal 1840 total calories

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    – – —How nutrition label overhaul will work –[Just posted :>)]
    – —-First lady Michelle Obama will announce Thursday a major overhaul to nutrition labels that encourages healthier dieting.

    Under the Obama administration proposals, serving size requirements will change for certain foods to reflect amounts people currently eat.
    Companies will be required to include the amount of added sugars in food products on labels. The number of calories will also be featured more prominently on labels.


    • qosine

      I saw the new labels. Much, much better, GreenLady.


    Matty J @Dem0crats 11h
    Good news for Arizonans…we are still allowed to discriminate against Hispanics. #SB1062 #SB1070

    Let’s see if the LGBT community and their white liberal allies will be just as vocal about SB 1070 as they were about SB 1062.

    And to be honest, if the Super Bowl wasn’t at stake, Brewer would NOT have vetoed SB 1062, so folks need to stay woke.

    • Town

      Chris Hayes called the LGBT bill the most powerful bill to come out of Arizona. Guess he forgot about 1070, or maybe he spoke on that after I hit *click* on the remote.

      • Aquagranny911

        Hayes can BITE THE BIGGEST CACTUS! I despise that nasty little four-eyed tweep!

    • Alma98

      Morning Sepia, I think it was all about the Super Bowl too.
      And now the Iowa nuts are trying to pass a law allowing women to sue a doctor up to 10 yrs after having an abortion. SMH


      • WTF?? How about they focus that energy into helping the children who are already here? Where are these pro-lifers when children are abused and neglected?

        • Alma98

          Naw Sepia once you’re here you’re on your own. It seems white men are spending all their time trying to punish women and pass idiotic laws. They don’t give a damn about women or children.

        • Right to life from conception to birth. As Alma says below, after that you’re on your own.

          • conlakappa

            As Joycelyn Elders once said, they have got to get over their love affair with the fetus. I don’t use their term, pro-life, because it’s more Frank Luntz-powered emotional trigger. I call ’em anti-abortion.

      • Miranda

        This shit is absolutely insane.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good MornTin’ Sepia♥ —***BIG HUG*** :>)

      — – -THIS: —And to be honest, if the Super Bowl wasn’t at stake, Brewer would NOT have vetoed SB 1062, so folks need to stay woke.

      —**BIG fist bump*** —-WASN’T NOBODY FOOLED!! – -humph!

      — ☺THAT DECISION — ☺http://www.clipartheaven.com/clipart/politics_&_elections/painted_into_a_corner.gif
      – –She was PAINTED INTO an – –$$ECONOMIC CORNER!! – – – -THAT! – – –IS! ALL!! —

      Now WATCH her IMMIGRATION MOVE —LESS! — WE KNOW!! – –Goood 2 C U Sepia♥ — -Have a good day. :>)


    • “Let’s see if the LGBT community and their white liberal allies will be just as vocal about SB 1070 as they were about SB 1062.”

      Not even a little bit.

    • Kennymack1971

      The writing was on the wall for SB 1062 once the money was at stake. Evangelical RWers weren’t going to make up for the loss of dollars if Brewer didn’t veto that bill so no special props from me.

      • Aquagranny911

        She gets absolutely none from me either. I knew she would veto this estupido bill. The business community & tourist industry were having nervous break downs. They interviewed a guy last night on our local news who said that hotels etc. already had close to half a million dollars in cancellations just last week.

        Base ball does their spring training here & the league came out with thumbs down on AZ. The loss of that $$$ alone would be devastating but the loss of Super Bowl next year after Glendale spent in excess of 1 billion taxpayer money to build it would be even worse.

        Little Muffet Brewer knows where her taco gets the salsa. She is termed out now & will want a cushy lucrative job on some board. She will never sign another bill like SB1070 or the SB1062 that will hurt the state economy.

        None of these goatfiggers & business leaders thought that SB1070 would hurt the state economy as bad as it did until it did.

  • P.O.U. be knowing! Didn’t we call this MONTHS ago?

    The Only Non-White Juror in the George Zimmerman Trial

    The Sixth Juror

    Maddy had had it. The trial wasn’t over, but she was out of there. Rules or no rules, she was leaving. “If they had to put me in jail for going home, then put me in jail.” Three weeks of sequestration with five white women who didn’t understand the first thing about her, who demeaned and mocked and trivialized her, was more than enough. As the only minority juror in the nation’s most watched and most racially charged case in decades, she was done.

    As a thirty-six-year-old olive-skinned Puerto Rican woman, Maddy had been doubly lonely since the first week of trial. (Most juries in America have twelve members; Florida has six-person juries in all but death penalty cases, and in this case all six were female.) Judge Debra Nelson had ordered the six women sequestered, requiring them to leave their families for the duration of the trial, booking them in a local hotel under the careful watch of the sheriff’s deputies, with occasional phone calls and weekly visits with family members. But Maddy had isolated herself even further, mostly staying in her room, away from the other jurors, securing herself from their words and cruel laughter and judgments about her.

    MORE: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/26/the-only-non-white-juror-in-the-george-zimmerman-trial.html

    • conlakappa

      Indeed. But why are we still hearing about this silly woman?

      • It’s an excerpt from Lisa Bloom’s book about the trial.

        But still…Maddy needs to have several seats. I don’t feel sorry for her, nor do I see her as a victim. She’s a grown ass woman who allowed herself to be bullied by a bunch of Miss Anns. As a result Trayvon’s killer was set free.

        • Alma98


        • conlakappa

          By “we” I meant the world in general, by the way. My impatience wasn’t directed at you, which I realized it could have sounded like. Her silliness already shred my last nerve long ago.

          • No worries! I knew you meant “we” in the general. 🙂

    • Miranda

      I’ll get to Simple Maddy in a minute…but now I’m confused about the Florida jury rules…this case had 6 jurors but Michael Dunn’s trial had 12. I would really like to know why because Dunn’s case wasn’t a death penalty case either.

      • Aquagranny911

        I think that was a mistake in the article. If my understanding is correct, in Florida a charge of M1, even without death penalty on the table, gets a 12 person jury, a lesser charge (M2) as in Zman gets a 6 person jury. Only Dios knows why this should be but it is Florida after all. I got this info from a couple of law blogs. That’s all I know.

        IMO, the Zman trial was so set up from day one. Now that I look back, after watching every moment of that trial that was televised there was no way this would be a fair trial or a conviction. It was just a show put on to shut people up.

        I really have no great sympathy for “Simple Maddy” but in reality she was the token POC & they wanted her as ‘dumb’ & uninformed as possible. I’m sure that none of the legal beagles involved missed that she was intimidated by questioning during jury selection.

        They already had their “ringer” jury member, the bitch who first came out to promote her “book” wife of a lawyer, no less & connected to O’mara & to Cory.

        The first act was set with the jury & the outcome was already in motion.

        Dios I’m still bitter about this!

    • Aren’t you suppose to report that kind of abusive behavior to the judge?

      • Daltex82

        She should have established early on that she was not there for their Ms. Ann Bullshyt and that she would not be intimidated by them. I’ve sat on a jury twice and I let it be known early on that I have a voice, an opinion and that I did not respond well to “bully” tactics.

        • Aquagranny911

          Not really trying to defend her but she is Puerto Rican & her life experience has been different than yours. She should have never been on that jury in the first place. They wanted her for a token POC & I suspect that both defense & prosecution knew they had a juror who could be easily over run by the other women especially that “ringer” juror. (See my comment down thread on this)

          I think it is easy to pile out ire on this woman because we would have hoped she, at least, would stand up for justice but now I believe the deck was always stacked against a fair trial.

          I put my anger on the defense who tried this case in the media for over a year, the police who botched the investigation & never arrested Zman until public opinion was too overwhelming for them to ignore it.

          My worst anger goes to Cory & the prosecution plus the judge who colluded to let a murderer go free.

          There should be a huge investigation of that first juror who came out to promote a book. She was the wife of a lawyer who knew a lot of the people involved in that trial. She should have never been allowed on that jury.
          I would wager she ran things from get go & told everyone how to vote.

          This trial will go down in history as another travesty of justice in this country. All I can do is pray for Karma to smite everyone of those who participated in it.

          • conlakappa

            Isn’t she a Puerto Rican from the North? Is this experience of which you speak about a presumption of history of/learned voicelessness? I think she was still in an explaining mode when she spoke with the writer. She screwed up. She knows that. She hears that. And she finally took a longer look at her children and what she opened the door to.

          • Aquagranny911

            Not sure what you are saying except from my experience most Latinos have not experienced the persecution that AA’s have in this country. We have had our asses kicked here & there but it is not the same. I’m not sure that we have all embraced standing for ourselves & others as well as you all have but I think we are working on it.

            A lot of Latinos take the low road of staying under the radar if they can & mostly keeping their mouths shut when caca goes down.

            I’m not really defending this woman just saying we need to put the real blame where it belongs. Even if she had “stood her ground” we would have had another hung jury…Jesus weeps…

            my two measly pesos

          • conlakappa

            I was trying to understand the POV you were presenting. I know you weren’t defending her. For me, she is an object of mockery more than anything. Yes, that whole system should be put on trial.

            The puertoriquenas I know are fierce, one in my grade school stood down a nun. I haven’t known a lot of NY/NJ Puerto Ricans who keep their mouths shut but could be I run with the wrong crowds! Silly Maddy also has some negrita in her so her folks caught it too on the island.

          • Aquagranny911

            I’m following you. My only real experience with Puerto Ricans was in MA back in the early ’80’s. Too many were so passive I wanted to smack them when I was social worker in an urban school, trying to get them to stand as advocates for their kiddos.

            I think your example may have been an exception especially years ago. I don’t know about this. I still see some of that same passivity in AZ when issues come up that we should be standing up to & fighting. I will just say it flat…I’m Mexican…makes me loco but it is different

            One thing I do know is that people often make big mistakes when they lump Latinos, Hispanics, Cubanos etc all together. We may share a certain culture but we are not united in the way I see most AA’s.

            I think that was the point I was trying to make. I see AA’s as much stronger as a group & more united than I do Latinos. I think it helps you stand stronger as individuals.

            Whoa, I’m getting way off here. I just spent way more than my two pesos.

          • conlakappa

            It helps. I’ll still count it towards that same two pesos! My example is from the 1970s, by the way. Don’t get me started on the woman who sends me chancleta videos–she’s a trip and comes from women with spines of steel.

            Thanks for the education!

    • JojoRaze

      So, white women bullied her into voting not guilty and it didn’t occur to her that Zimmerman did the same thing to Trayvon, demean and belittle his humanity and kill him?

      Girl, bye.

    • qosine


    • creolechild

      The author failed to note that the jury was not sequestered.

      Zimmerman jury sequestration included steaks, pedicures

      [….]Jurors watched television and movies, exercised at the hotel fitness center, and spent weekends being visited by family and friends,” the sheriff’s statement said, noting that jurors could also request visits from members of the religious community. Anyone visiting members of the jury were asked to sign an agreement indicating they would not discuss the case with the jury member.

      Most breakfasts and dinners were provided through the hotel. Jurors dined out a couple of times: at Outback Steakhouse in Sanford and at Amigo’s in Altamonte Springs. [….]The group went out for lunch twice, both times to Senior Tequila’s in Winter Springs.[….]

      Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/17/zimmerman-trayvon-martin-sanford-jury-seminole-county/2530283/

      H/T Yamiche Alcindor and Mike James

  • conlakappa

    For those of us of a certain age and above, cue the cheesy music and visualize the cheesy set design in memoriam: Jim Lange has died. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=854465. RIP

    • Alma98

      Oh wow, I used to love that show.
      RIP Mr. Lange

      • conlakappa


    • He loved radio.

  • Paula stay putting her ham hock foot in her mouth.

    Paula Deen Compares Her Struggles to ‘That Black’ Openly Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam

    By Greg Gilman on February 26, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

    The celebrity chef also expressed a newfound “empathy” for other controversial public figures such as “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson

    Paula Deen’s $100 million empire crumbled last year after she admitted to using the N-word in her life, and as she continues campaigning to repair her public image with a $75 million investment deal on her side, the celebrity chef has compared her struggles to those of the NFL’s first openly gay prospect, Michael Sam.

    “I feel like ‘embattled’ or ‘disgraced’ will always follow my name. It’s like that black football player who recently came out,” Deen said in a People Magazine cover story, which hits newsstands on Friday. “He said, ‘I just want to be known as a football player. I don’t want to be known as a gay football player.’ I know exactly what he’s saying.”

    MORE: http://www.thewrap.com/paula-deen-compares-her-situtation-to-openly-gay-nfl-player-michael-sam

    • Miranda
    • Paula…fix yourself a cheeseburger on two jelly doughnuts and go sit down.

    • qosine

      OK, you’re a football player.
      Who cares how you “feel,” Paula?
      You are a disgrace.

    • Kennymack1971

      Paula…shut up.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia♥ — —☺http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view2/1196731/pikachu-slap-o.gif —geesh!!

      – – -☺Annnd — -STUFF THIS – —-in your MOUTH annnd SHUT- -UP!! – – -☺http://static.tumblr.com/md4kwuy/2cXm0wkj7/anigif.gif – —-RACIST!!

    • First of all, if she was so moved by Michael Sam’s story she could be arsed to remember his name. Secondly, go back to recreating recipes that were done better by the original black chefs / cooks and STFU.

  • creolechild

    Good morning POU.

    Thousands More New York City Workers Will Now Get Paid Sick Days

    On Wednesday, the New York City Council overwhelmingly passed an expansion to its paid sick days law, with 46 members voting in favor and just five against. The expansion means that about 300,000 workers will now have access to a paid day off when they or a family members get sick, as the law will apply to all workers in businesses with five or more employees. They will be able to earn up to 40 hours of paid sick leave a year.

    The expanded law will also include a wider range of relatives, including grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings, among those for whom a worker can take a day off when they fall ill. New Yorkers will also be able to start accruing the leave come April 1, even
    though the original bill wouldn’t have gone into effect until October

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/02/26/3336301/york-city-paid-sick-days-expansion/

    H/T Bryce Covert

    • qosine

      I’m delighted to hear this.
      This should be a federal law required of ALL companies.

  • creolechild

    Guess the lawsuits and penalties took a toll after all, eh?

    JPMorgan Chase Moves to Brooklyn

    First there was the string of regulatory investigations, almost too many to count, of its business and the accompanying $23 billion in fines. Then a shareholder proposal suggesting that the company should split its chairman and chief executive roles. Yesterday came the announcement of thousands of layoffs. But neither are likely to compare with JPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) most recent indignity, its decision to move approximately 2,000 employees from Manhattan to downtown Brooklyn.[….]

    The country’s largest bank by assets is planning to relocate employees from its 60-story Manhattan tower 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza to Brooklyn’s MetroTech Center, after reviewing its real estate portfolio with an eye toward cutting expenses. The move is expected to occur by the end of the year. The bank will still keep some space inside 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, its skyscraper that was sold to a Chinese company called Fosun International in 2013.[….]

    Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-02-26/jpmorganchase-moves-to-brooklyn#r=nav-r-story

    H/T Sheelah Kolhatkar

  • creolechild

    Insurance Companies Join The Final Push For Obamacare Enrollment

    [….] Big name companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield are launching outreach campaigns through public events and advertisements in states like North Carolina and Idaho in order to teach the uninsured about Obamacare and hawk their individual marketplace policies. That effort could provide a critical boost to nonprofit organizations such as Get Covered America in the final sprint to enroll the uninsured under the health law.[….]

    Insurance companies have a major financial incentive to enroll as many people as possible — particularly healthier and younger Americans — before the March 31 enrollment deadline. A wider and more diversified risk pool is expected to push down costs in the marketplaces while bringing insurers more business.[….]

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/02/27/3337771/insurance-companies-final-obamacare-push/

    H/T Sy Mukherjee

    • TyrenM

      At BCBS, they specialize in BS.

      • Aquagranny911

        Nailed that! They were the ones all ready to cancel my Daughter #3 when Docs determined her heart condition was probably a “preexisting condition” even though it didn’t show up till she had her second child at 32.

        Obamacare saved my bebe! I don’t care if PBO ever does another thing for me & my Fam, the gift of my Daughter’s life is enough for me & mine.

        Anyone of us would do anything for him & his familia. They are part of us now. We never forget!

  • Miranda

    And the newest paid contributor to Fox News is………….

    Craig James files religious discrimination complaint against FOX Sports
    February 26, 2014, 7:57 PM EST

    Former Patriots running back Craig James has filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission, saying that FOX Sports discriminated against him on the basis of his religion when it took him off the air after one week as a college football commentator.

    When James lost his job with FOX Sports Southwest, a network spokesman was quoted as saying James didn’t fit in with the company because of the anti-gay statements he had made when he ran for the United States Senate in 2012. James is now claiming that by firing him for his anti-gay statements, FOX discriminated against him for his religious beliefs. James’s representatives called FOX taking him off the air an “outrageous example of workplace bigotry against people of faith.”

    During his campaign, James criticized another candidate for attending a gay pride parade and said homosexuals “are going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions.” James, who quit a previous job at ESPN to run for Senate, received just 4 percent of the vote in the Republican primary. He attempted to get back into broadcasting after his political defeat but has not been on the air other than that one week at FOX Sports Southwest.

    more here: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/26/craig-james-files-religious-discrimination-complaint-against-fox/

    • ?? Didn’t FOX hire him and fire him after the statements had already been made?

      • Miranda

        That’s beside the point when you’re a right wing nut. Just because the timeline doesn’t add up is no reason to think he wasn’t discriminated against in perpetuity. Remember, right wingers are the victims, always – before, present and future..THEY are the victims.

        • qosine

          Wow. I didn’t know that

          • conlakappa

            H-e-double toothpicks!!!

        • What was I thinking?

  • creolechild

    Obama launches task force to improve minority education and employment

    President Barack Obama will launch a program on Thursday to help improve opportunities for boys from minority groups through programs that provide mentoring, better education, and violence prevention, the White House said.[….] The group, made up of different government agencies, will also look at federal policies and regulations that address the issue. Separately, the White House said several foundations would pledge to invest at least $200 million in programs that address early childhood development, parenting, 3rd grade literacy, and school discipline reform. The groups include Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Ford Foundation among others.[…]

    “For decades, opportunity has disproportionately lagged behind for
    boys and young men of color, particularly in our African American and Latino communities,” Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told reporters in a conference call. “Across the country, communities are adopting approaches to help put boys and young men of color on the path to opportunity and success. The president intends to build on that work, and that’s what this initiative is all about.” She said the president and his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, intended to continue their work on the issue after his term in office ends in 2017.

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/02/27/obama-launches-task-force-to-improve-minority-education-and-employment/

    H/T Reuters

  • creolechild

    Obama launches task force to improve minority education and employment

    President Barack Obama will launch a program on Thursday to help improve opportunities for boys from minority groups through programs that provide mentoring, better education, and violence prevention, the White House said.Obama, said during his State of the Union address in January that he intended to reach out to leading foundations and corporations to help young men through a program to be called “My Brother’s Keeper.”[….] The group, made up of different government agencies, will also look at federal policies and regulations that address the issue. Separately, the White House said several foundations would pledge to invest at least $200 million in programs that address early childhood development, parenting, 3rd grade literacy, and school discipline reform. The groups include Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Ford Foundation among others.[…]

    Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told reporters in a conference call. “Across the country, communities are adopting approaches to help put boys and young men of color on the path to opportunity and success. The president intends to build on that work, and that’s what this initiative is all about.” She said the president and his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, intended to continue their work on the issue after his term in office ends in 2017.

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/02/27/obama-launches-task-force-to-improve-minority-education-and-employment/

    H/T Reuters

  • Miranda

    Higher Learning The Sequel? Racial Tensions At UCLA Law Intensify After Black Student Receives Hate Mail
    by Yesha Callahan — Feb 27, 2014

    A UCLA black law student, who was recently involved in a video that expressed the lack of diversity at the university, was the recipient of a hate letter this week. Alexis Gardner, just one out of the 33 black law students at UCLA, received an anonymous note in her mailbox that stated, “Stop being a sensitive nigger.” In addition to the note, several posters created by various black student organizations have been ripped down.

    more here: http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2014/02/higher-learning-sequel-racial-tensions-ucla-law-intensify-black-student-receives-hate-mail/

    • “Stop being a sensitive nigger.”

      Which basically proved her point

  • creolechild

    Approximately $73M in YouthBuild grants to help disadvantaged youth develop job and leadership skills made available by US Labor Department – Posted February 18, 2014

    The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the availability of approximately $73 million in YouthBuild grant funds to develop programs that will help out-of-school youth complete high school or General Educational Development programs, as well as learn critical occupational skills in construction, health care, information technology and other in-demand fields.[….]

    The department anticipates serving approximately 4,950 young people in this grant cycle.[….] Students in YouthBuild also receive leadership development training and access to community service activities to ensure that they maintain a connection to their communities through volunteerism.[….]

    Read more: http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/eta/ETA20140257.htm

    H/T U.S. Department of Labor

  • *tears*

    @EyezrStarry: Sat there in that jail waiting for Scandal…..then Feb.27th came and I knows there’s a God!! http://t.co/d7BIU0xGS1

    • Aquagranny911

      I don’t have TV anymore so I will have to catch it up later. Since I took that quiz “What Scandal Character are You?” & found out I was “Mama Pope” maybe I will just quietly disappear on a plane to HongKong, lol.

    • MsKitty

      One of these days I’ll start watching, but in the meantime I live for Luvvie’s recaps.

  • creolechild

    Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Kal Penn Set to Appear at the White House’s First Student Film Festival

    On Friday, the White House East Room is set to host its inaugural Student Film Festival.[….] The White House announced the contest for American students, grades K-12, last November, and put out a call for short films (three-minute max.) that demonstrate how technology is used in schools today and how it might change education in the future.
    President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an appearance at the White House Student Film Festival[….]

    Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2014/02/white-house-student-film-festival-science-kal-penn-neil-degrasse-tyson

    H/T Asawin Subsaeng

    • TyrenM

      Why Penn?

      • creolechild

        I was wondering the same thing, Tyren, but nothing comes to mind.

      • qosine

        Maybe cause he worked on PBO’s campaign?

        • creolechild

          I always get Penn and Sanjay Gupta mixed up.

          • qosine

            Speaking of Sanjay Gupta, he’s been doing
            handy health tip radio spots. I remember PBO
            considered? approached? Gupta for Surgeon
            General but Gupta didn’t take it. Hmmm. Kal
            Penn film festival, Gupta radio health tips on
            radio, . . . . Interesting.

          • conlakappa

            Indians are pretty loyally D. Those two R governors are an aberration and embarrassment to a lot of Indians, I suspect.

          • qosine


        • conlakappa

          He was also in the Office of Public Engagement in the White House. He left the show House to work at the White House. Or technically OEB but you get the point!

          • qosine

            You had a 4.0 GPA didn’t you? LOL
            I’m like well, he did something like well,
            you know, with the campaign . . Harold
            and Kumar like . . . House . . . then he
            left, was it in 08? Or 12? No, no it was
            08. LOL

          • conlakappa

            Ha! I’m in D.C., ‘member? It was pretty big gossip-section news when he quit his job on TV to make a lot less money [and by death, IIRC, ensuring that he wasn’t going back]. I think he worked there twice.

          • qosine

            Yes you are! And keep the news and gossip

  • creolechild

    Michelle Obama Expands Program That Gives All Students Free Meals – Posted on February 25, 2014

    On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama and U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will announce the expansion of a pilot program that gives all students, regardless of income, free school meals, including breakfast and lunch.

    The original program targeted students in 11 states, but as of July 1, it will be expanded to 22,000 schools across the country where 40 percent or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, a sign of a high concentration of poverty.

    The administration says this will reach 9 million children and help them “eat health meals at school, especially breakfast, which can have profound impacts on educational achievement.”[….]

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/education/2014/02/25/3329241/michelle-obama-school-meals/

    H/T Bryce Covert

    • Aquagranny911

      I so ♥ my First Lady!

    • qosine

      I love you First Lady Michelle Obama!
      Crying here.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB♥ – THIS COURAGEOUS YOUNG MAN♥ – – -Thank U Lord 4 giving HIM the STRENGTH 2 go through this TRAGEDY♥
    ‘I wish my dad was here’: Brave 11 year old faces man who killed his police officer father in DUI crash

    — —A brave 11-year-old came face to face with the man who killed his father in court in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday.

    ‘I wish my dad was here,’ Christian Polk told the packed courtroom. ‘I think about what Andres Muños-Muños did every day.’

    Muños-Muños, 23, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to intoxication manslaughter in the crash that killed off-duty Sgt. Dwayne Polk, 47, in May.
    THERE IS MORE —- –

    – —He is soo BLESSED with a STRONG family.♥

    —–RIHEP♥– -☺http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa23/holymusic55/Holidays%20and%20Special%20Occasions/Sympathy/rest_in_peace.gif

    — – – ——CONDOLENCES 2 ALL♥ –AMEN♥http://comments16.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/28.gif

  • creolechild

    POU…I hope that he’s ok.

    Attorney General Holder hospitalized

    Attorney General Eric Holder was taken to an area hospital Thursday after reporting faintness and shortness of breath. Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said Holder, 63, began experiencing the symptoms during a regular senior staff meeting at the department.

    “As a precaution, the attorney general was taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center to undergo further evaluation,” Fallon said. “He is currently resting comfortably and in good condition. He is alert and conversing with his doctors.”

    Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/02/27/attorney-general-holder-hospitalized/5863067/

    H/T Kevin Johnson

    • Alma98

      WOW! I hope he’ll be ok and I wish him well.

    • Daltex82

      Get well soon sir, get well soon.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good MornTin’ creolechild :>) — -***BIG HUG*** :>)

      — –Ohhh — -Sooo PRAYING 4 HIM/Family♥ —
      – – – —-☺http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k14/Stapuftkid/Prayers/SendingHealingPrayers.png AMEN♥

      Good 2 C U creolechild :>) —-B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ – –

      • creolechild

        Hi dahlin’ and it’s good to see you to. Hugs are coming your way. Be safe.

        • GreenLadyHere

          LOL – —***THANK U —HUGS*** :>)

    • Aquagranny911

      PRAYERS TO ALL THE SANTOS! We need you AG holder, get well soon!

    • Oh wow! Wishing AG Holder a speedy recovery.

    • qosine

      AG Holder has been working so (probably too)
      hard for Justice. Get well soon, AG Holder.

    • jziglar

      Hopefully everything is alright.

    • MsKitty

      Hope it’s nothing too serious.

  • creolechild

    I just scrolled through Twitter and David Scott doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Case in point: his claim that the “blue slip” was created four years ago.[insert eye-roll]

    Blues for the Judiciary

    [….]But first what is this mysterious blue slip? Think of it as a hall pass that a nominee has to get from his or her home state Senators. No prospective judge can visit the Judiciary Committee for a hearing without the slip. It’s an almost century-old process used by chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Committee to solicit the advice of the two Senators from a judicial nominee’s state. It applies to district and circuit court judges, since circuit court seats are allocated among the states in a circuit. (It is also used for U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshalls).[….]

    Read more: http://www.brennancenter.org/blog/blues-judiciary

    H/T Victoria Bassetti

    • jziglar

      These people lie about everything because they’re jealous and obsessed when it comes to the Obama’s. Like I said below what are these people going to do when Obama leaves office ? Are they going to harass him and his family while out of office.

      • Kennymack1971

        Blacker Than Thou Inc, which includes a lot of CBC and their groupies in AA media have never forgiven the Obamas for not hooking them up. Just like the MSM they’re mad and bitter b/c the AA has nothing but love and respect for POTUS and FLOTUS and there’s not a damn thing they can do except nitpick and bitch on the sidelines. We’ll see this again later today when the President launches My Brothers Keeper and all the Blacker Than Thou Inc thinkpieces start rolling out. A whole lot of folks are going to be lost when this First Family leaves office.

      • goldenstar

        Are you sure that he’s just not that intellectually inclined?

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB♥ — –WOW&1/2. :>) — – GR8 — -PROGRAM :>) —
    – – —Robin Roberts to speak at MLB Beacon Awards Luncheon honoring Maya Angelou — :>)
    – – — —Robin Roberts will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 MLB Beacon Awards Luncheon honoring Maya Angelou.

    Major League Baseball announced Thursday that the “Good Morning America” anchor will speak at the May 30 event in Houston before the annual Civil Rights Game. The Houston Astros will host the Baltimore Orioles.

    Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and football legend Jim Brown also will be honored.

    Grammy-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari and rising singer Aloe Blacc, known for the hits “Wake Me Up” and “The Man,” will perform.

    The MLB Beacon Awards Luncheon is among the events surrounding the Civil Rights Game that pay tribute to people who fight for equal rights.


    — -Sooo happy that SHE♥ is recovering so well. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    — — Insurers: Medicare Advantage cuts cost seniors $900 per year Woo! Hoo! – –

    — -☺http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Barack-Obama-Clapping-in-Front-of-American-Flags.gif —THANK U SIR♥

    • qosine

      Wait, wait, GreenLady! The insurers are mad cause
      those 11% cuts to their subsidy and those dollars
      were moved over into Obamacare. They’re mad
      so using the

      • GreenLadyHere

        – -☺http://i926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/thalatinoking1/SmileyBowDown.gif
        Good MornTin’ La Qosine♥ — -**BIG HUG*** :>)
        [Sorry 2B slow] :>)

        SOMEbodys R MAD ’cause their PROFITS R being CUT.– -IMHO. :>)
        Good 2 C U. :>) B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥

  • creolechild

    In August?!!! Drip, drip, drip…

    Christie Pals Joked About Causing ‘Traffic Problems’ At Home Of N.J. Rabbi

    Close allies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) had all kinds of “traffic problems” on their minds in August. Documents released Thursday show that key players in the George Washington Bridge scandal joked about causing “traffic problems” in front of the house of a New Jersey rabbi. “He has officially pissed me off,” former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey executive David Wildstein texted on Aug. 19, minutes after sending a photograph of the rabbi.

    “Clearly,” Christie Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly wrote back.
    “We cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we?”

    “Flight to Tel Aviv all mysteriously delayed,” Wildstein responded.

    “Perfect,” Kelly wrote back.[….]

    Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/christie-rabbi-joke

    H/T Eric Lach

  • aleth

    Dancing away to Zahara, having a great day. I hope you all are too!!!

  • creolechild

    Former Okla. Jail Superintendents Convicted of Excessive Force Against Inmates

    Today, a federal jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in Muskogee, Okla., convicted Raymond A. Barnes, 43, and Christopher A. Brown, 32, the former jail superintendent and assistant jail superintendent, respectively, of the Muskogee County Jail on multiple counts of civil rights offenses related to allegations of excessive force on inmates at MCJ on or between August 2009 and May 2011.

    Brown was also convicted of making material false statements to the FBI. Both Barnes and Brown were found guilty of conspiring to violate the rights of inmates housed at MCJ by assaulting inmates themselves or by directing other jailers employed by MCJ to do so.[….] The defendants face a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years for each of the civil rights convictions. Brown faces a statutory maximum penalty of five years for making material false statements to the FBI.[….]

    Read more: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2014/February/14-crt-204.html

    H/T U.S. Department of Justice

    • goldenstar


      The defendants face a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years for each of the civil rights convictions. Brown faces a statutory maximum penalty of five years for making material false statements to the FBI.

  • creolechild

    Should have asked somebody because the DOJ is not playing with y’all…

    Civilian Navy Employee Charged With Stealing More Than $360,000 in Housing Benefits

    [….] Steven William Ashton, 41, was charged in a seven-count indictment returned by a grand jury in the Southern District of Iowa on Feb. 19, 2014. He is charged with theft of government funds for obtaining more than $360,000 in housing benefits, called Living Quarters Assistance (LQA), to which he was not entitled. He is also charged with presenting a falsified lease and making false statements in an effort to justify those benefits when confronted by a federal agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).[…]

    Ashton was arrested on the Navy base in Italy and flown to Norfolk for his initial appearance. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 4, 2014 in the Southern District of Iowa.

    Read more: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2014/February/14-crm-202.html

    H/T U.S. Department of Justice

    • Aquagranny911

      GO DOJ! LQA is meant for military who can’t be housed on base & government employees stationed or moved to an area where housing is higher than “the national average.” The housing & relocation people do their best to help transfers find suitable, affordable housing but funds are available to supplement for those who need it.

      Suck the cactus, Ashton, you stole funds from others who may have needed it. ♥ NCIS!

    • goldenstar

      OY. This guy is a true grifter. Actually has a family business doing what the government would do. They busted him because he forged signatures on a bunch of documents. Creepy.

  • creolechild

    Here’s a good reason to put down your phone

    We reach for our phones throughout the day to send texts and
    tweets, read emails, check the weather and perform a multitude of other tasks.[….]So what would it take for you to ignore your cellphone? UNICEF hopes the promise of clean water for a needy child will be the trick.As part of a new initiative from its Tap Project, sponsors will donate a dollar for every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone — enough to provide a day’s worth of water to a child.

    [….] To participate, go to UnicefTapProject.org on your phone’s Web browser and follow the instructions.When your phone is steady, click to start the clock. If you accidentally nudge your phone — or pick it up to reply to a text message — you have a 10-second window to set it back down to keep the ticker running.

    Read more: http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/gadgets-electronics/stories/heres-a-good-reason-to-put-down-your-phone

    H/T Laura Moss

    • Aquagranny911

      WooHoo! I’m going to do this & be making lots of clean water for the children!

    • EpiphanySweet

      I am gonna give this a try since it’s for a good cause.

  • Miranda

    With friends like these…………………………and notice how the media always uses the word “fix” instead of “amend”…and here these punk Dems use “broken”. Can’t stand these cowards.
    Dems pressure Reid to hold O-Care votes
    By Alexander Bolton – 02/27/14 06:00 AM EST

    Centrist Democratic senators are pressuring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to bring legislation fixing ObamaCare to the floor.

    The lawmakers say their leadership has been too reluctant to bring healthcare fixes up for votes.

    “You got to move forward and get to the working parts and make sure you’re working toward fixing the parts that are broken if you can. If you can’t, repeal them,” said Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who is backing several bills to change the healthcare law, including one offered by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) that would let people keep health plans that fail to meet the requirements of ObamaCare for as long as they like.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/199389-centrist-democrats-seek-votes-on-obamacare-fixes#ixzz2uY5vQCHg

    • aleth

      Reid better ignore them!!! Enough already.

      Manchin and Landrieu suck. Yes they are the best we can get but they shouldn’t get to dictate anything. Now that Ocare is going strong is not the time.

      Why would you want people to keep plans that fall below Ocare standards? Why are they democrats at all?

    • goldenstar

      I don’t think of Manchin nor Landrieu as centrist. They’re chicken and Democrats.

      • conlakappa

        If one looked up Blue Dog, one should find a pixeled picture of either/both of these people. I’ll take political opportunism for $600, Alex!

  • Miranda

    LOLOL….mouth busy writing checks that the ass can’t cash.

    Boehner Says GOP Will Lead But Backs Away from Votes

    Speaker John Boehner attacked President Obama for intending to “pack it in for the year” and said Republicans would, by contrast, demonstrate leadership by presenting an alternative vision to the country, The Hill reports.

    Said Boehner: “We’ll lead and our members will not shy away from advancing better solutions for the American people.”

    “But when pressed on whether the House would actually hold votes on major legislation in 2014, the Speaker quickly backed away, and wouldn’t commit to anything more than continued ‘conversations’ in the coming month.”


    • Aquagranny911

      ROTFLMAO! Bonehead, just go prop your foot on a bar stool.

      • conlakappa

        You mean from the floor, right?

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – – Pharrell hits No. 1 with ‘Happy’ ahead of the Oscars— -:>)
    – – – –Calling Pharrell’s current state “happy” might be an understatement.
    The producer-rapper-singer’s tune “Happy” is nominated for best
    original song at Sunday’s Oscars. Days ahead, the upbeat anthem has climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    Pharrell says in an interview Wednesday he’s “ever so grateful” and “it’s pretty crazy.”

    The 40-year-old adds: “It’s really awesome and I’m still shocked.”

    “Happy” is from the “Despicable Me 2″ soundtrack and will appear on Pharrell’s new album, “GIRL,” out Monday.

    The hitmaker says he’s prepping for his performance Sunday, and he “just intends to have fun with it.”

    THERE IS MORE – — – -Woo! Hoo!

    – – -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM

    — – -WE R —–4U♥ :>)

    • conlakappa

      Great movie and a fun, infectious song! Heard it this morning on Steve Harvey’s show. He said folks just don’t understand how the song makes him feel!

      • GreenLadyHere

        conlakappa —***BIG fist bump*** — -YES. —Infectious. :>) – –
        — –It does –LIGHTEN the spirits. :>)

      • Aquagranny911

        Despicable Me 2 is the BEST! Grandkiddos & I loved it even more than the first one!

        • conlakappa

          When hubby and I first met, he really wasn’t into animated movies. He’s come to appreciate them over the years and loves Despicable Me, 1 and 2. I think he’ll wind up watching them as much as he watches Godfather 1 and 2! Those are also the movies in which we can tolerate Steve Carrell. He seems like a nice, unassuming man but his movies don’t really appeal to me.

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

    • GreenLadyHere

      Miranda♥ —-ON MY WAY- – – ->:>)https://gcps.desire2learn.com/d2l/lor/viewer/viewFile.d2lfile/6605/6595/native_american_woman_riding_horse_hg_clr.gif

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB♥ – -Just saw THIS:- – –

    – -☺@NerdyWonka
    Attorney General Eric Holder has been released from the hospital and is now resting comfortably at home. PRAISES♥

    – – -☺http://www.zwani.com/graphics/get_well/images/feelbetter.gif

    — -☺http://images.hellokids.com/_uploads/_tiny_galerie/20090311/bouque-flowers-source_ca1.gif

    BLESS U SIR♥ :>)