October 20, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Meet Tasia Ann Thomas

I gotta admit, her take on “I Will Always Love You” gave me chills. She definitely has a great voice! Watch the video and share your thoughts!

From MassLive:

After her athletic career was sidelined by a diagnosis of scoliosis, 19-year-old Tasia Ann Thomas turned to another talent – her voice.

Thomas put her pipes to work, creating a mashup video of 2012’s biggest pop hits. Listen as she segues effortlessly through fun.’s “Some Nights,” Jessie J’s “Domino,” Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake,” Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” Maroon 5’s “Payphone,” Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and even PSY’s “Gangnam Style” – with a snippet of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

In five days, the video hit 2 million views, Thomas told KTLA, drawing international attention. It’s currently at nearly 2.25 million views.

A competitive athlete, Thomas had been living in Oahu and heading toward a promising track career. After the diagnosis, Thomas moved to Los Angeles to try to pursue her musical dreams, even living out of her car at one point.

  • Alma98

    Great voice you go girl!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda/POU FAM♥ – – -***BIG HUG*** :>)

    – – – -O!M!WORD! – – – -WHAT a TALENT!! —:>) – —

  • Miranda


    FAU prof stirs controversy by disputing Newtown massacre

    A communication professor known for conspiracy theories has stirred controversy at Florida Atlantic University with claims that last month’s Newtown, Conn., school shootings did not happen as reported — or may not have happened at all.

    Moreover, James Tracy asserts in radio interviews and on his memoryholeblog.com. that trained “crisis actors” may have been employed by the Obama administration in an effort to shape public opinion in favor of the event’s true purpose: gun control.

    “As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers, there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends,” writes Tracy, a tenured associate professor of media history at FAU and a former union leader.

    more here

    • Alma98

      This idiot shouldn’t be teaching he’s certifiable.

    • MsKitty

      I dare him to say that to the face of any of the parents that lost their child.

    • GN

      Sounds like he’s seeking attention and is part of the cohort looking to push (or eliminate) the boundaries of moral conduct regardless of the fact that we live in a society in which we depend on one another to not be fucking crazy. What an asshole.

      • Miranda

        is part of the cohort looking to push (or eliminate) the boundaries of moral conduct THIS.

        • nellcote

          I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees this. Sometimes I feel like an old lady shouting at the kids to get off my lawn when I find their (grownup adults who should know better) conduct just appalling.

          • Miranda

            Lately I have begun to embrace my inner “get off my lawn” maturity. LOL

    • gc


    • nellcote

      He seems to be ginning up a “controversy” out of the really really fucked up msm coverage. I remember how that day the media was reporting any old unconfirmed rumour. Instead of calling out the media he seems to be looking for some sort of coverup of something that I don’t want to read anymore to find out. It’s bad enough that he’s a tenured prof but reading the comments, he’s got followers.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -YET da DANG RE-THUCKERS R STUCK on – – STOOPID annnnd – the–“SPENDING CUTS meme” – – –

    – —Since 2011, Three-Quarters Of Deficit Reduction Has Been Via Spending Cuts – –

    – — — Since passage of the deal to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff,” Congressional Republicans have attempted to portray it as the “last word” on taxes going forward. “The tax issue is behind us,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

    Democrats, meanwhile, have said that any forthcoming budget deal should be composed of equal parts revenue and spending cuts. But even doing that would mean the bulk of deficit reduction will have been achieved through spending cuts, because, as the Center for American Progress’ Michael Linden and Michael Ettlinger show, three-quarters of deficit reduction since 2011 has been due to spending cuts:

    Since the start of fiscal year 2011, President Barack Obama has signed into law approximately $2.4 trillion of deficit reduction for the years 2013 through 2022. Nearly three-quarters of that deficit reduction is in the form of spending cuts, while the remaining one-quarter comes from revenue increases.As a result of that deficit reduction, the projected rise in debt levels from today through 2022 has decreased by nearly 10 full percentage points of gross domestic product. In fact, under today’s policies, debt levels in 2022—as a share of GDP—will be only slightly higher than they are expected to be by the end of next year.

    – – – – — SNIP – – –

    – – – When McConnell tried to claim on ABC’s This Week that revenue was off the table, anchor George Stephanopoulos wasn’t having it. And the numbers show he was exactly right.

    – – – — -HAH! – – —THEY will JUS’ NOT LET FACTS – – – -get in the way of

    – —– -THEIR – – -DERANGED – – -RACIST – – – -STOOPIDITY!!! – —

  • Alma98
    • goldenstar

      We are so blessed that PBO chose VP Biden and these two really really respect each other with love and laughter.

      • Alma98

        They look like they enjoy each others company.

      • nellcote

        I like the way PBO is setting Biden up for a run in 16 if he chooses to. He’ll have a good record of executive accomplishment (different skillset from congressional accomplishment) from this administration.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GOLDenstar. – — – -***fist bump*** :>)

        – —A TRIBUTE 2 – – -MR. PRESIDENT annnd MR. Vice President :>) – –

        – — a FINE –COLLEGIAL –PAIR – – – -:>) – – –

    • I hope PBO and JoeChainz are reading POU in this pic: http://barackobamalaughingwithjoebiden.tumblr.com/image/40019887762

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -Woo! Hoo! – – -Gon B a DIVERSE –INAUGURAL. – – :>) – –

    – – Eva Longoria to host Latino inaugural salute to Obama – –

    – – — Following an election when Latinos showed their growing political influence, a coalition of groups is coordinating a gathering of top Latino entertainers at the Kennedy Center in a series of events ahead of President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

    Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Mario Lopez, Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno are among a group of prominent performers who will gather Sunday, Jan. 20 for “Latino Inaugural 2013: In Performance at the Kennedy Center.” Details of the tribute performance were announced Tuesday.

    Longoria, a co-chair of Obama’s inauguration festivities, is hosting the event. Additional performers will include Jose Feliciano, Melanie Griffith, New York City’s Ballet Hispanico, Coro de Ninos de San Juan (the San Juan Children’s Choir) and others.

    In a statement, the former “Desperate Housewives” star said the inaugural events will foster more Latino engagement in Washington.

    —- – –SE SE PUEDE! – -:>) – – –

    Coro de Niños de San Juan – – –[VOICES of ANGELS :>)]

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -AHA — -THIS is the BACK STORY – – –

    — –Tsar Nicholas says:

    Odd that LaTourette didn’t mind the Republican label when he ran for and then won his seat in Congress for the better part of two consecutive decades. Back then being a Republican was OK for him. But now that he’s on K Street, running a PAC in addition to lobbying, and trolling for dollars, well, I think it’s pretty clear how to connect those obvious dots. The other irony about this announcement, which probably will be lost on LaTourette and of course upon the chattering classes, is that LaTourette somehow managed over nearly 20 years in the House, spanned by three presidents, to post a lifetime ACU rating of around 70. I suspect most moderates and “center-right Democrats,” whatever those are, assuming they even exist, would find that that’s a pretty f’n conservative voting record for a putative “centrist.” Go figure.

    – – —Moderate Republican Group Drops “Republican” From Name – —

    — – – –A group identified with the moderate wing of the GOP, and now headed by former Ohio Congressman Steve LaTourette, has taken steps to distance itself from the GOP:

    The Republican Main Street Partnership, a Washington-based group that has promoted moderate GOP lawmakers and policies, will remove the word “Republican” from its title and welcome center-right Democrats in 2013, Yahoo News has learned.

    The organization’s board of directors voted Tuesday morning to scrap party identification from its title and be known simply as “The Main Street Partnership.” The group’s new president, former Ohio Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette, told Yahoo News that he plans to begin conversations with Blue Dog Democrats and centrist groups in the coming months.

    – – –ENUFF!! – —DEY STILL have that SPECIAL RE-THUCKERS’ TRAIT: – –

    — – —LYIN’. . . – – –

    [Gotta “bounce” 4 a “bit”. C U Soon. – –MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’ U – -IN MY♥ -]

  • gc

    Thank you for the article about Tasia. I have a young FB friend with scoliosis who is also a courageous young woman. I sent her the link.

    • crazycanuck

      Usain Bolt also has scoliosis.

      • Miranda

        The fastest man on the planet?!??! Wow, I did not know that!

        • crazycanuck

          Yes, IIRC he was born with it.

      • BarbinAtlSouth

        As did James Blake (isn’t he originally from CT?).

    • GreenLadyHere

      Gc. —-my daughter “Michelle” has “scoliosis”. – – -She was BLESSED 2 have the talent 2 go 2 a STATE track conference. [high school] She PLACED 1st in the 200m race. — —
      Humbly – – -we report that THAT was her FIRST year in track which was in her JUNIOR YEAR. :>)

      She was also a – – -“FLYER” — cheerleader 4 — -4 years. :>) – -WHEW LAWD! – –I held my breath erry time she –“FLEW”. LOL

      Sadly, she could NOT continue in college. The disorder had taken its toll on her body. :)> BUT – – -we enjoyed her time. :>)

      Good 2 C U Gc. ***HUGS*** :>)

  • nellcote

    teevee alert tonite (PBS)…

    The Abolitionists: American Experience

    Episode: Part One: 1820s-1838
    PREMIERENEW Five activists take an interest in outlawing slavery, although increasing violence raises doubts about the efficacy of the abolitionist movement.


    Episode: The Education of Michelle Rhee
    NEW During her three-year tenure as chancellor of Washington, D.C., public schools, Michelle Rhee battled with the teachers’ union and handled a cheating scandal within the district.

    • What is the real deal about Michelle Rhee? I’ve noticed that some folks do NOT like her.

      • nellcote

        Just being superficial here but she’s totally into busting the teacher’s union and she’s a huge proponent of standardized testing. Basically she wants to privatize public schools. Her claim to fame is her tenure as DC school superintendant where it turns out her highly touted test scores where a fraud. Frontline usually does a decent job of investigative reporting, I’ll be interested to see what they come up with.

        • Thanks, ya’ll. I’ll have to check out the Frontline special.

          I’m not well-versed in the whole charter school thing, but my spidey senses tell me that something ain’t right about it.

          • trose1

            On some radio program I heard the man who did the reporting speak abt the woman. It sounds like this is a must see. I guess she fired a principle on camera. She called a film crew to make sure the firing was documented by the film crew. I think I will watch or DVR for this scene.

          • nellcote

            She’s real big on self promotion.

          • GN

            Yikes. I can definitely see why she’d be so disliked in that case.

          • isonprize

            I’m not well-versed in the whole charter school thing, but my spidey senses tell me that something ain’t right about it.

            Your spidey senses are correct, Sepia. In a nutshell, charter operators take public money for what amounts to a private school that doesn’t have to have certified teachers or standard curriculum.

            Many claim to provide a better education, but years of study are showing that most privide the same education, and often, worse than the ‘regular’ public schools that they were meant to replace.

            In addition, unions are not used, for teachers, bus drivers, etc. siting ‘cost control’ yet, when parents have complained about substandard services, their children have been ‘counseled out’ or summarily sent back to ‘regular’ public schools.

            Don’t even get me started about how they ‘don’t’ educate children with special education needs.

            Also, charter costs have some magic accounting formulas. e.g. in Phila, the District may pay for building maintenance and transportation, so, on paper, the charter looks as if it is saving money. There have also been charters that have mismanaged $$ such that their directors are now serving prison time.

            One was even running a night club. (Yes, you read that right. Gettin’ it in at the schoolhouse!)

            My question was always “Why is there so much money floating around to be embezzled??”

          • BarbinAtlSouth

            All that, I totally agree – in regard to private charters. There are two good public school charters near me – both are part of the county school system & have the same accountability – and the students do really well. Seriously, they do really well.

            Downside? If the students don’t do well – they’re outta there. The question I’m looking to answer is if they will let the student come back via the lottery (that’s how you get in) the following year or any year thereafter.

          • isonprize

            Barbara. I grant you that there are ‘good’ charters. So, then my question is — Why not replicate what that ‘good charter’ school is doing for ‘regular public’ schools.

            The key is, public schools are supposed to take EVERYBODY! You can’t just kick out kids because they don’t ‘do well.’

            If it’s a serious discipline issue, or a special need that can’t be met, that’s totally different.

            But “she didn’t do well” is NOT a reason to kick a child out of what is supposed to be a PUBLIC SCHOOL.

          • BarbinAtlSouth

            I hear you and I thought the same thing (that was my child that got the boot) but the requirement is you maintain a 70 in at least 5 classes. Not hard to do, is it? My child has to learn everything the hard way (and yeah, trust that I know that I have some culpability in this as well).

            Bottom line, I get that they want kids that want to be there.

          • A night club??? Lawd!

            Barb – Ah, so there are private charter schools and public charter schools?

            There’s a lot to be said about charters. I’d love to explore this topic in a separate thread.

          • isonprize

            Sepia, here are a few links. I purposely DIDN’T include any re: Philadelphia so y’all can see it’s a nationwide issue.




            Just a (cynical) reminder: Follow the money trail. I’ll just mention the Walton Family Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for starters…

          • A night club??? Lawd!

            Barb – Ah, so there are private charter schools and public charter schools?

            There’s a lot to be said about charters. I’d love to explore this topic in a separate thread.

      • Miranda

        LOL, as my Grandmama would say “I just dont like her kind”…but her anti-teacher’s union stance is enough for me to give her the stank eye.

      • rikyrah

        she was in the classroom for 3 frigging years, and got to become head of a major school system. on top of that, it was the way she went about it in DC that rubbed folks the wrong way.

        I’m glad her snake ass is being exposed on Frontline

        • Worldwatcher7

          Amen times a million. I think Michelle Rhee is a crook who has fooled a lot of liberals and ruined a lot of kids’ lives.

          Sorry about this Salon link, but the post is good.
          And this one by Charles Pierce is even better.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -LOOK what was on my screen when I returned: – – –

    — – –President Obama’s 2013 – 2017 Cabinet – –

    The tradition of the Cabinet dates back to the beginnings of the Presidency itself. Established in Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, the Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.

    The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General.

    The 15 Secretaries from the executive departments are appointed by the President, and they must be confirmed by a majority vote (51 votes) of the Senate. They cannot be a member of Congress or hold any other elected office. Cabinet appointments are for the duration of the administration, but the President may dismiss any member at any time, without approval of the Senate. In addition, they are expected to resign when a new President takes office.

    Over the next few days President Obama will be nominating his choices to fill the vacancies for his 2013-2016 Cabinet.

    — -Luvin’ THIS – – -“SOCIAL STUDIES” – -REVIEW. :>)

    [Nellcote: U spoke of recommendin’ that — “SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK” B placed at the White House. :>) – -Looks like your wish was heard. :>)] —

    • nellcote

      I wonder how much it would cost to send a copy to every member of congress AND more importantly the DC media. LOL

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL nellcote: – –Go H”igh tech”: —e-mail; twitter; facebook, etc. – –:>) – —

        BUT – – -SOME -wil- l ignore it – –‘CAUSE – – -they hafta C “THAT – -[BLAH} –ONE”. –
        –LOL – – -They’ll B – –MAD –4-EVA!! LOL – —

  • The EmoProgs must be orgasmic right now…

    Judge reduces Bradley Manning’s possible sentence

    FORT MEADE, Md. A military judge on Tuesday reduced the potential sentence for an Army private accused of sending reams of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website.

    Col. Denise Lind made the ruling during a pretrial hearing at Fort Meade for Pfc. Bradley Manning.

    Lind found that Manning suffered illegal pretrial punishment during nine months in a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va. She awarded a total of 112 days off any prison sentence Manning gets if he is convicted.

    Manning was confined to a windowless cell 23 hours a day, sometimes with no clothing. Brig officials say it was to keep him from hurting himself or others.

    The judge said that Manning’s confinement was “more rigorous than necessary.” She added that the conditions “became excessive in relation to legitimate government interests.”

    Manning faces 22 charges, including aiding the enemy, which carries a maximum of life behind bars. His trial begins March 6.

    MORE: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57562837/judge-reduces-bradley-mannings-possible-sentence/?tag=socsh

    • nellcote

      That seems fair. He was treated horribly but that doesn’t cancel out that he committed crimes against the country.

      • Ebogan63

        Given the fact that he admitted he was gonna kill himself the guards were right in denying him clothing. It ain’t like he was in Soledad prison.

      • GN

        Emos, led by GG and Baby Jane, claimed that Manning was tortured and that turned out to be their usual bullshit and hyperbole. Not doubting the judge’s fairness, but I don’t find Manning that sympathetic. Many 100% innocent people faced far worse conditions and ill-treatment in jail.

        • nellcote

          I don’t find Manning sympathetic at all. But I can’t excuse ill treatment by jailers no matter where they are.

          • GN

            I hear you, and I don’t excuse it either. But I don’t trust the reporting about this story because of the previous claims of “torture” which were shown to be without any merit whatsoever.

          • I thought his father said he wasn’t bring mistreated?

    • rikyrah

      LOOK. he was in the military. he knew the rules. he broke the rules. fuck him.

      • Tafr

        Manning thought he was special. I hear the unicorn left claim that he broke those rules out of principle. I call bull shit on that.

        You know this may make me a cold bitch but I could care less about the way he is treated. We will never know the damage he has done, how many lives he put in danger or worse. Then you have to ask yourself why would he do that? From what I read he was pissed about don’t ask don’t tell and his lover broke up with him. You know that really rubs me the wrong way considering what our men and women have gone through fighting these wars. People have had their families torn apart, they come home with limbs gone, mentally broken.

        Manning was never fit for the uniform. Too bad his stupid ass did not realize that before he took the oath. Oh well he knows now.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Bradley Manning is a traitor.
      Fuck him.

  • Dis gon’ be good!

    Eric Deggans ‏@Deggans
    Oprah Winfrey gets “no-holds barred” interview with Lance Armstrong about doping and more, airing Jan. 17 on OWN; one of her biggest gets

    • Miranda

      Oh snaaaaaaap….that’s a grand slam for O! Wow, that’s a “y’all musta forgot who I AM” interview snag!

    • nellcote

      I guess we’ll see what Armstrong has to say for himself. I’m not feeling very trusting in Oprah these days.

      • Why do you say that?

    • Admiral_Komack

      Why do I get the feeling that the interview will take place outside…in a softball field?

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – —A BLACK HISTORY MOMENT – – -:>) – —

    – — Boston’s first black police officer honored by the city for breaking barriers in 1878 — –

    – – – —Sergeant Horatio J. Homer broke barriers by becoming the first African-American police officer in Boston’s history in 1878, but over the decades his legacy was largely forgotten. While serving on the force for more than 40 years, Homer made efforts that led to five additional black men becoming officers. He died in 1923 at the age of 75 after living what the Boston Globe has described as a life filled with varied activities including music, politics, and a fondness for poetry.

    Yet this pioneering Renaissance man was laid to rest in a grave that remained unmarked until 2010, when a Boston police archivist and current department officer uncovered a record referring to “the first colored officer.” This finding kindled a new interest in Homer’s life.

    That year, the Boston police department and city officials publicly honored Homer’s life and marked his grave at the Evergreen Cemetery in Brighton. Unearthing Homer’s history also reconnected his descendants to his legacy, which had fallen out of the annals of the Homer family lore.
    – – – — SNIP – —

    – —In addition to having his grave marked in 2010, this past Saturday Horatio J. Homer’s acts were further commemorated. The community room in the Dudley Square station in the Roxbury section of Boston was dedicated to the sergeant with a plaque with a small ceremony attended by Lillian and Maria. Homer’s granddaughters also received a citation from Governor Deval Patrick’s office. – – – -[THANK U – – -GOV. DEVAL PATRICK. :>)]

    – – —Sergeant Horatio J. Homer – – –


  • Just like we predicted. The media is trying to get Black folks up in arms about diversity in the WH:

    rolandsmartin ‏@rolandsmartin
    Fam, in five minutes I’ll be on @ErinBurnett @OutFrontCNN talking diversity in the Obama Administration cabinet. Time to #bringthefunk

    • Miranda

      NOW and all of the rest of the professional “feminists” didn’t come to Amb. Rice’s defense. As always, all we got is US.

      • isonprize

        As always, all we got is US.

        You got that right!! Anybody remember lawyer and Professor Lani Guinier? (yes, she had that Star Wars, Princess Leia hairdo…) NONE of the white feminist organizations had her back. NOT ONE! when Pres. Clinton nominated her to be Assistant(!) Attorney General for Civil Rights.

        This is only one of the reasons why I don’t identify myself as a “feminist.” Those organizations exist solely for white women.

        • GreenLadyHere

          isonprize — — – -THIS — ->This is only one of the reasons why I don’t identify myself as a “feminist.” Those organizations exist solely for white women.

          – –***fist bump*** – – –
          – — When THEY FIRST – – -“DROVE UP” – – –it was OBVIOUS – –2 me — that WE were NOT FULLY INCLUDED. – – —

          – – –I usta attend a few meetings – 2 check ’em out annnd they di-ent sound like me. — Man-bashin’; bra burnin’ – – -“such as ” – – -LOL – – -like they were –IN BONDAGE! – –Yet –some dem di-ent hafta WORK!!
          –I DID!! —
          -My attendance was – — -SHORT-LIVED. :>) —

          Sooo -THIS NEW WAVE of – -WOMEN -vs -MEN –THEY can -MISS ME -with THIS ——-also. –

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – –Soo – – -“Mr. ASCOT” – — came through —THIS time. Good on him. :>)

      – – –I have – –ONE THOUGHT about – -NOW!

      – – —-***trynta keep calm*** – — -WHERE WERE THEY WHEN–OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY WAS UNDER ATTACK???—-

      – — –BELOW– —SEE – — –LEVEL.– –***tsk***

      IMMA STOP. :>) – – —

    • Town

      Women of color are not women. Only white women are women.

  • Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game season premieres tonight!


    • rikyrah


    • nellcote

      and another guilty pleasure “Justified” is starting up again tonite.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – –LOL – – -SPEAK TRUTH!! – –LOL – –

    – –Extra Bonus Quote of the Day – –

    – —“Unfortunately when the Republican party needs to be a big tent party it seems to me we are doing everything we can to become a pup tent party.”

    — Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R), quoted by WTVR-TV. – – – -LOL – —

    —Soooo – – -THIS explains – – -da TWITT annnnnd – – -“HIS ISSUE”. LOL

  • GreenLadyHere
  • lamh36

    Gonna be a busy couple of days for me, but 3 MORE DAYS AND BACK TO LOUZ-I-ANNA!!!!!

    Yeah boy!!!!

  • lamh36
  • Miranda

    SMH….he’s released on bond and told not to play on the internet unless a parent supervises…really…oh and it gets better…he has a black BFF according to this article! Ain’t that a blip? SMH….but let this have been Ahmad….

    Alabama White Supremacist Charged For Plot To Blow Up Black Classmates [VIDEO]

    A 17-year-old Alabama high school student, Derek Shrout, who was arrested last week for allegedly plotting to kill 6 Black students by blowing them up with homemade grenades, has been released on $75,000 bond, reports the Ledger-Enquirer.

    Shrout, known at Russell County High School as a self-proclaimed, White supremacist, was arrested last week after a teacher turned a misplaced notebook over to authorities where he had written that the bombs were “a step or two away from being ready to explode,” said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor.

    “The first thing I wanted to know was if you did exactly what he wrote, would it blow up,” said Taylor. “And everybody that I’ve consulted with has said that it would absolutely blow up exactly the way he wrote it.”

    more here

    • Admiral_Komack

      …and if something is blown up and people are killed while Mr. Shrout is out on bail…why, we had no idea this would happen…

      • rikyrah

        uh huh

      • rikyrah

        uh huh

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – –Lookin’ — -FORWARD – – – -> :>) – – –

    – — –From Montgomery to Memphis – –

    – – —Out next week: King: A Filmed Record… From Montgomery to Memphis. – –Must B a different presentation format; ’cause this is on erry year. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – –LOL – -Been LAFFIN at this –ALL DAY – – -LOL – –

    – —Congress Less Popular Than Cockroaches, Traffic Jams,. . . .

    – – – –CHART – – -LOL – – –

    • nellcote

      and head lice!!!

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – – –I KNOW – -HUH!? — – BWAHAHA! – —

        U spoke about sendin’ THEM – –the PBO SITE. – —

        I HOPE that THEY C – – – -THIS!! – LOL —

        –It’s MADE erry publication/TV station. LOL – — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -THIS PHOOL!!! — —WE FOUND OUT!! – – – — -geesh!!! — –

    – — Florida Governor Inflates Cost Of Medicaid Expansion By 2,500% To Avoid Implementing Obamacare – —

    – – –Internal email messages uncovered by Health News Florida reveal that Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) is knowingly citing inaccurate cost estimates to justify his refusal to expand Florida’s Medicaid program. Though the governor’s office is fully aware that the numbers are wrong, Scott continues to use them anyway, the documents show.

    – Florida, which has one of the highest rates of uninsurance in the nation, could extend health coverage to about one million low-income residents by accepting Obamacare’s optional Medicaid expansion. But the governor — an ardent Obamacare opponent — has repeatedly said that expanding Medicaid would just be too expensive, claiming it would cost the state $26 billion over the next 10 years.

    As Health News Florida reports, however, that figure from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is inflated because it doesn’t take into account the full amount that the federal government will reimburse states for choosing to expand Medicaid. A more accurate analysis found that expansion would cost the state around $1 billion:

    But those numbers are based on a flawed report, state budget analysts say. A series of e-mails obtained by Health News Florida shows the analysts warned Scott’s office the numbers were wrong weeks ago, but he is still using them. […]


    —–C’MON–KARMA!! – – —

    • isonprize

      These are basically some hateful bastards. What kind of person wants other people to suffer when that person has what the people need? And the means by which to give it to them?

      That’s just lowdown, mean and hateful.

      C’mon Karma indeed!

      • GreenLadyHere

        ***fist bump*** – – – – – isonprize. – –

        — Annnd they LIVE with themselves!!! – – – -geesh!!! — –

        Who HATCHED THESE – – – Sssssssssnakes!??? – – –

        Annnnd – – –we ALWAYS FIND OUT the NEFARIOUS DEEDS that they did!! – – –

        THEY hafta B STOPPED!! – – -STOPPED! – – -I tell U!! geesh!! — – –UN-FLIPPIN’ – -BELIEVABLE!!!! — –

    • GN

      Isn’t this dude a known healthcare grifter and crook? Just behaving true to form; glad his foolishness was caught.

      • rikyrah

        straight up criminal

    • MsKitty

      When somebody is digging a hole for themselves sometimes the best thing you can do is hand them an extra shovel.

    • BarbinAtlSouth

      You mean the Dominican Republican frequent guest… with loads of viagra?

    • isonprize

      He STILL has advertisers?? Seriously…

    • GN

      The Guardian published an article with several people arguing that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation. While it was definitely not an outright endorsement of child molestation, but it contained several very disturbing opinions about this topic. It was the article that alluded to pedophilia as another orientation next to heterosexuality and homosexuality. So how is anyone surprised that the far right would take it and run with it? I’m a liberal, and I’m not excusing dumb shit like that. Not saying that anyone else here is, but the root of the issue isn’t Limbaugh’s usual foolishness, it was The Guardian living down to his stereotypes.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — -LOL – — – WHEW LAWD!! – -Is it 2 L8 at night 2 post this?? – –LOL – –

    — – –‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ Guy Makes Shocking Revelation On O’Reilly: ‘I’m A Former Stripper’ – – –

    – – – –Jimmy McMillan, onetime New York gubernatorial candidate on the platform that the “Rent Is Too Damn High,” made an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night and had a shocking revelation to share: “I’m a former stripper.”

    McMillan and host Bill O’Reilly were discussing the recent news that many welfare recipients have been withdrawing funds from strip clubs. “Why would you go in a strip club when there are ATMs everywhere?” O’Reilly asked.

    McMillan responded that the fees were lower at certain ATM machines, which could be an inducement for people to seek them out. O’Reilly was incredulous: “Do you think, really, seriously, do you think somebody is going to walk into a strip club because just because they want to get their welfare benefits and walk out?”

    “Well, I’m a former stripper,” McMillan revealed, shocking the primetime host.


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -Sista -Joy-Ann – -Been ona ROLL: – –

    – – ☻–Joy Reid ‏@TheReidReport
    Now I’m watching Dick Armey sputter around like a broken toy on @hardball. We no longer have a serious conservative movement in the U.S.

    – –☻ —Joy Reid ‏@TheReidReport
    @howdyMO I don’t think for a second he was acting. And I get emails from lunatics just like him every time I write about gun control. [RE: Alex Jones]

    — ☻Joy Reid ‏@TheReidReport
    @lsalander13 I shudder to think there are women and/or children living with that person and his arsenal. Not to mention the neighbors.

    – – ☻ –Joy Reid ‏@TheReidReport
    The fact that a nut like that has more than 50 guns in his house is disturbing beyond belief.

    – – – -More L8R. :>) – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -WOW&1/2!!! – – — THIS is a REVELATION – – -RE: SCOLIOSIS –

    – –Famous People with Scoliosis – –

    – – – — Approximately 4 out of every 100 people have some form of scoliosis. The most common form of scoliosis is idiopathic scoliosis, which occurs in approximately 2% the population. So it’s not surprising to learn that there are many famous people with scoliosis.

    We tend to place celebrities on pedestals and at times it can be easy to forget they are people just like us with flaws and personal hurdles to overcome. Here is a list of famous people, celebrities, stars, actors, athletes and even some historical figures with scoliosis.- – –SNIP —Many of these stars with scoliosis have achieved greatness despite having scoliosis and the challenging symptoms of scoliosis. There are stories about the complications of surgery, the torture of bracing, memories of adolescent insecurities and the benefits of exercise.– –

    — –Famous People with Scoliosis
    1. Alexandra Marinescu – Romanian Olympic Gymnast
    2. Ashley Argota – Actress & Musician
    3. Ayesha Jones – Model
    4. Brooke Lyons – Actress
    5. Carmen Lynch – Comedian
    6. Chanelle Johnson – Australian dancer
    7. Chloe Sevigny – Actress
    8. Catherine Oxenburg – Actress/Model
    9. Daryl Hannah – Actress
    10. Dudley Hart – Golf Player
    11. Elettra Wiedemann – Daughter of Isabella Rosselini
    12. Elizabeth Taylor – Actress
    13. General Douglas MacArthur
    14. Giacomo Leopardi – Italian poet
    15. Gillian McKeith – Food Guru
    16. Isabella Rossellini – Actress
    17. James Blake – Tennis Pro
    18. Janet Evans – Olympic Swimmer
    – – -SNIP – –
    50. Stacy Lewis – Golfer
    51. Tutankahman – Egyptian Pharaoh
    52. Usain Bolt – Olympic runner
    53. Yo-Yo Ma – Cellist
    54. Vanessa Williams – Actress/ Singer
    55. Zsa Zsa Padilla – Filipino Actress/ Singer
    – – —

  • GreenLadyHere


    — – – -CONTINUE 2 PRAY 4: — MR. PRESIDENT/VPJoe- -the ECONOMY/Da PEOPLE; –the SANDY STORM VICTIMS; – – -Families in Newtown; — -military/families; – – –EACH OTHER♥ – -AMEN. – — –

    – – – – –KE NA LE MODISA. —My fAV.♥ – – –
    — —The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want
    His name is Jehova, the living
    God He leads me to cool waters

    – —UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT. ♥ :>)— —
    -B BLESSED ♥– – –

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