October 23, 2017

Tuesday Evening Thread: ICYMI Videos

Martin Bashir and Panel discuss the imbecile known as Neil Munro and the cowardly Williard


 Hey…how did we miss this from May 26, 2012? Those Williams men go all in!

  • Fast And Furious: Issa Says Holder Contempt Vote Still On

    Ryan J. Reilly June 19, 2012, 6:14 PM 459

    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said late Tuesday that, barring the unexpected, he would not delay a vote scheduled for Wednesday morning on a resolution finding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

    “The only offer they made involved us ending our investigation,” Issa said in a statement. “At this point, we simply do not have the documents we have repeatedly said we need to justify the postponement of a contempt vote in committee.”

    Issa said he still hoped DOJ would reconsider its decision but said he wasn’t optimistic that would happen.

    Holder met with Issa Tuesday afternoon to try to settle a dispute about documents related to the House Oversight Committee’s Fast and Furious investigation. The committee is scheduled to vote on a resolution finding Holder in contempt of Congress at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

    MORE: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/06/fast_and_furious_issa_says_holder_contempt_vote_st.php

    • nathkatun7

      Issa is a racist criminal. This country is really in trouble. This Idiot criminal has no business being in charge of a major Congressional committee.

      • caribbeanobserver

        Like so many of them, unfortunately. America and the Grand Old Party is being exposed daily.

        • nathkatun7

          Indeed! Except for the fact that the U.S. media arecomplicit in protecting these corrupt people.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY nathkatun7. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        ***STR8 fist bump*** – -CORRUPT 2 da MAX!!! – –

        Don’t let me hafta SHARE his wiki. LOL.

        Nevamind. I will. :>)

        Good 2 C U nathkatun7. :>)

        • nathkatun7

          BIg Hug GLH! Issa is as corrupt as they come. He really should have served time for some of his criminal activities that made him a multi-millionaire.

          • GreenLadyHere

            nathkatun7 – —

            Ooooo-Kaaaay — – -I’ll – – -“SHARE”: – – -LOL —

            – – Liberal group files ethics complaint against Darrell Issa – –

            – – –A liberal advocacy organization filed an ethics complaint on Tuesday against Rep. Darrell Issa, claiming the California Republican and chair of the House Oversight Committee has “repeatedly — and impermissibly — used his public position to promote his private financial interests.”
            THERE IS MUCH MORE.

            Annnd it usta B in his wiki, NOW he has put it in this footnote. – – -geesh.

            Annnd he’s STILL walkin’ the streets annnd our halls of JUSTICE. humph!!

          • nathkatun7

            Thanks GLH for sharing this. I live in San Diego, CA and I am very familiar with Issa’s corruption. May be the Justice Department was looking into some of his corrupt practices and that’s why he is going all gangsta against AG Holder.

          • GreenLadyHere

            ***RIVERSIDE COUNTY*** :>)

            THAT seems righteous. :>)

    • Miranda

      I believe the question has been asked on twitter….where are the big mouths of the CBC?? Where is Maxine Waters, Cleaver, Rangel, etc?? These kneegrows awful quiet right now.

      • AxelFoley


      • GreenLadyHere

        miranda – – – –ELECTION TIME!?- – -I believe that Mr. Rangel has some opposition. – – –

        • conlakappa

          From Mona Sutphen’s husband, I believe.

          • GreenLadyHere

            conlakappa – — -FOUND THIS:

            – –Clyde Williams, a politically connected African-American who’s making his first run for public office at age 50 and is regarded as an underdog against Rangel, raised $118,109 during the same period and has more than $284,600 total in contributions. Longtime New York state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, who’s seeking to become the first Dominican-American elected to Congress and is viewed as Rangel’s main threat, raised $62,055 in total contributions from January to March.

            Have no knowledge of them. BUT he needsta –“STEP DOWN” annnd – MENTOR the winnner. [IMHO].

            We’ll C. . . .

      • nathkatun7

        Go ahead and tell it, Miranda! The silence of Black politicians, Black pundits and Black public intellectuals, is quite revealing

      • Admiral_Komack

        …they are still involved in establishing that dragnet to recover some slippers to unleash…excuse me, reports indicate they are attempting to contact Inspector Clouseau…

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – – -NOT 2 worry. – — – -AG Holder may really have enough “stuff on that piece of — –“ELEPHANT EXCREMENT” – – – -2 assist in his prosecution. – – –

      — —C’MON – – –KARMA!! — —

  • lamh35

    personally, I think the original report was correct Rubio ain’t being vetting in any real way. Romney’s just trying to save face because the campaign staff all but confirmed that Rubio isn’t being vetted and that pissed Rubio supporters off.

    What’s sad is that this sure doesn’t make Rubio look any better. It’s like having his mommy call in to school to say her son deserves to be on the dean’s list

    • Exactly! If the original report wasn’t true, why did Romney wait until this evening to debunk it? C’mon son!

    • nathkatun7

      lamh35, I totally agree with you. I don’t know what’s worse for Willard, the liar, Romney. The fact that the campaign staff told the truth for once and angered Rubio supporters, or the fact that Romney is lying again to contain the damage with “pissed Rubio supporters…”

    • Miranda


    • rikyrah

      I’m gonna say this again: Marco Rubio is nothing but a grifter, who thinks he’s a better grifter than he is. Rubio’s fake DREAM ACT was nothing but a damn fake. THERE WAS NO BILL that he was going to introduce. It was nothing but bullshyt to:

      1. make him look more respectable in the eyes of the Latino community so that he could pimp that respect to the GOP
      2. give Willard ‘cover’, so that he could try and erase all that racist ass bullshyt he said about immigration during the primary season.

      that is it.

      HOW do I know it was nothing but a fake?

      a) where is ONE DEMOCRAT coming forward saying ‘ yeah, I was wworking with Rubio on his DREAM ACT PROPOSAL.’ as far as I can tell, NOBODY HAS SHOWED UP saying this.
      b) WHY wouldn’t he push his DREAM ACT bill NOW? I’ve said it before, what the President is only valid up until January 20, 2013. If Willard is elected, it could end at 12:01 pm THAT DAY. SO, why not submit it to become LAW OF THE LAND?

      Because, that would mean that Rubio’s ass would actually have to get GOP votes……and, there are NO GOP VOTES FOR THIS.

      Rubio was more honest, when his ass said that the DREAM ACT and /immigration ‘ didn’t involve him’, which is why it wasn’t even a section on his WEBSITE even a month ago.

      This was all a smokescreen, and the President took that smokescreen and blew it all the way up, exposing the frauds and forcing them to either support what he did, or piss off Latinos even more.

      Rubio is a scam artist, who just ran out of his scam. Now, he’ll actually have to do some work in order to gain some respect in the general Latino community, and if he can’t offer Willard cover with Latinos, he has nothing Willard wants.

      • Aquagranny911

        NAILED IT!!!

      • Camille


      • Admiral_Komack

        “a) where is ONE DEMOCRAT coming forward saying ‘ yeah, I was wworking with Rubio on his DREAM ACT PROPOSAL.’ as far as I can tell, NOBODY HAS SHOWED UP saying this.”

        Ummm…did any REPUBLICANS come foward to butress the fact that the Dream Act was something that they were working on with Anchor Baby (hee, hee, oh hellHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)?

  • My response to the videos:


    • Miranda

      Now how come fiyah commentary like that can’t be the norm? Too much truth telling!

    • AxelFoley


  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –MR. PRESIDENT WILL B ON – –NOW!!! – – –

  • lamh35

    but does he have the cojones to say this on FauxNews?

    Opinion: Issa’s monstrous witch hunt
    By Juan Williams – 05/14/12 05:00 AM ET

    • Miranda

      I doubt it.

    • nathkatun7

      So far I see no evidence that he does. But then again, after the way Newt Gingrich humiliated him, may be Juan is beginning to realize the limits of being a black person wearing a white mask.

      • conlakappa

        Juan allegedly was serially stank in the work place, saying inappropriate things to female co-workers. I should think that anyone who wants to keep him shut up and in his place has a sizable dossier on him as a motivator.

        • Camille

          The GOP is notorious for hand-picking the very worst ,very mediocre, extremely flawed, character-challenged and easy to blackmail and thus control and manipulate, black mouthpieces.

          They understand the use of money and access to prime time as effective control tools for seriously mediocre narcissists like Juan, Don Lemon, Roland, April, Tara, Tavis, Boyce and the whole sad cast of embarrassingly ridiculous excuses for black “journalists” out there.

          It’s like a conspiracy.

          The corporate media owners deliberately elevate the lowest and shoddiest and most pathetic black “journalists” exactly because they can be controlled with the dangled carrots.

        • nathkatun7

          That must explain why he can’t seem to be able to break away from their grip no matter how much they humiliate him.

      • danadevin74

        Not only Newt
        A few nights ago Michelle Malkin had him looking like a fool She really made him look pitiful
        I think he was a little surprised by it

        • nathkatun7

          Poor Juan Williams. He must not have known how expendable he is. I suppose the same could be said of Michelle Malkin. No matter how much she tries to wear the right wing white mask, she is still a Fillipino.

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL nathkatun7 – – – -***shakin HER head – -VIGOROUSLY -*** — –Noooooo – – —

            I’M WYT!! – – -I’M – -WYT!! LOL

          • MsKitty

            The self-hate is strong off of her. In a way it’s sad. Still think she’s a harpy though.

      • Admiral_Komack

        That is right.
        I forgot Leroy punked him, I believe, BEFORE he (Leroy) punked John King.

  • Miranda

    Folks….our media:

    Sam Stein ‏@samsteinhp
    Obama: “With respect to Mr. Romney’s advisers, i suggest you go talk to Mr. Romney about his advisers.” — not sure what that wld accomplish

    • Aquagranny911

      PBO told the dizzy biscuit who asked the initial question that there was “only one President at a time & that our politics stopped at our shores” & that she should talk to Romney’s advisers if she wanted to know what Romney thought.

      Our media sucks rocks!!!

      • caribbeanobserver

        The American empty and shallow media is a total embarassment, especially when PBO is overseas. I shudder to think what the other heads of state think when they listen in.

      • Camille

        I was so happy when President Obama very coolly fried that betty boop of a hack.

    • caribbeanobserver

      Sam Stein, I had hoped you were more intelligent than this. You mean, you don’t comprehend the slap-down! Poor Sammy.

    • MsKitty

      Woosh! Sailed right over his head.

    • Camille

      The twerps aren’t even making any more pretense of what they are really all about.

      It’s the full blown unmasking of the silly hate-filled, petty, narcissistic, racist juveniles who had previously tried to bolster their still non-existent bona fides by declaring themselves “progressives”:

      Sam Stein, Ezra Klein, Chris Cilliza, Michael Scherer, Chris Hayes, David Sirota.

      These pieces of shit are in for a world of hurt once their services are no longer required.

    • Admiral_Komack

      The MainStream Media:

      “Ahem…you do know we ain’t about shit…you do know that…LOOK! It’s Lindsay Lohan! Gotta go!”

  • Aquagranny911

    OMG! “Mittness Protection Program” I’m LMAO!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -FOUND THIS SCOTUS RULING – —

    – – – –US Owes Native Americans Millions: Supreme Court – —

    – – – –The US owes Native American tribes big after underpaying them for public services between 1994 and 2001, the Supreme Court has ruled. The decision could mean millions of dollars for Navajo and other tribes. Federal law says the US must reimburse Native Americans for the cost of running programs such as education, security, and environmental protection, the BBC reports. But the feds paid only 77% to 92% of those costs during the period in question.

    – -“The government was obligated to pay the tribes’ contract support costs in full,” the court held, adding that the tribes aren’t responsible for congressional spending ceilings that prevented full payments.

    – — -Sooo – — -A form of INDENTURED SERVITUDE [SLAVERY] was

    STILL goin’ on ???- – -WAY-ELL! – — WATCH the HATAS – —


    • Aquagranny911

      “BWAHAHA!” INDEED! I have so got to share this!

      While Sis & I were busy campaigning for Ron Barber we ran into this young Native guy who told us he didn’t care about US politics because Native lands were Sovereign Nations & it didn’t matter what happened in the rest of the country.

      I told his little punk ass (sorry) that if Repugnants took over, they would mine his land for every mineral, piece of coal & drop of oil they could find & then they would sell what was left on ebay to the highest bidder & there would not be a damn thing he could do about it! Then I talked about all the good things our Prez has done for Native Peoples.

      Some other people were standing around listening to the conversation & we registered some voters for November!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Aquagranny911 – – – -LOL – –

        – – –Then I talked about all the good things our Prez has done for Native Peoples. – – –

        -U did a – – –WE DA MEDIA[co] – – –on him!! – – -GOOD! – -ON! U! – – -:>)


        Voters GOTTA – – – –RIDE – –or – -LITERALLY – – -DIE!!

        They betta KNOW!! – -HAH!! – —

        • Aquagranny911

          Fist Bump! Yes, “WE DA MEDIA!” I’ve been thinking of putting one of those old portable TV screens over my head. Maybe people would pay more attention!

      • isonprize

        AG, you are one bad granny!! Love, love, LOVE YOU!!!!

        • Aquagranny911

          I’m assuming that “bad” is actually good, lol. I try Kiddo, I do try!

      • Admiral_Komack

        After you ran it down, what did the Native guy say?

        • Aquagranny911

          Sorry, I didn’t see this question last night. As I said above “little punk ass.” Actually he was not rude. Native children are raised to be respectful to elders. He was unconvinced & sneered a bit even though he admitted going to school on a Pell grant.

          I did advise him to do a little more research on the concept of “Sovereign Nations” & the USA.

          One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that here in the West, you may own the land but someone else entirely may own the mineral rights. This is where things can get quite thorny.

          • Admiral_Komack

            So he sneered, eh?

            Well, he’ll just love Willard.

  • rikyrah

    Putin cracks me up. He’s nothing but a gangsta…a KGB-trained gangsta.

    And, he doesn’t upset our POTUS one bit.

    • Miranda

      Oh damn……….the Russian ships turned back cuz their insurance policies got yanked. LMAO – now that is HILARIOUS! PBO called Cameron and told him to tell Lloyd’s that it’d be a real shame if the New York or California Insurance Commissioner’s started auditing their US Operations – LOL – no company letting their ship go into a war zone without catastrophic coverage! this is too funny.

      • Admiral_Komack

        President Obama:

        “Those are some pretty submarines; be a damn share if anything happended to them, just sayin’.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – –[Apologies iff a dup]- – — —The 911 Call –[Re: Rodney King] –

    – – —Listen to the Rodney King 911 Call

    – – – – –The emotional Rodney King 911 call by his fiancee Cynthia Kelley has been released.

    When asked to identify who she’s calling about, Cynthia Kelley tells the operator, “He’s Rodney King. The guy that got beat by the police.”

    – – – –[Did it PLAY 4 U.? – –Mine di-ent.] ????

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – – -SHOOT! – – –AG HOLDER had enuff on issa — -2 say – –“CUFF HIM DANO” — – -afta they shook hands – – – -LOL.

    – — –Holder and Issa meet on Operation Fast and Furious – —

    – – —Attorney General Eric Holder wants a House panel to drop plans to try to hold him in contempt of Congress, and the panel’s chairman wants more Justice Department documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious, a flawed gun-smuggling probe in Arizona.

    Holder and Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, scheduled a private face-to-face meeting in the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday in an effort to resolve their dispute over the investigation of Fast and Furious by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Issa chairs. The committee was scheduled to vote Wednesday on a contempt citation against the attorney general for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents.

    Holder has said he is prepared to turn over material detailing how the department arrived at the conclusion that federal agents engaged in a risky tactic called gun-walking. It resulted in hundreds of weapons purchased at gun shops in Arizona ending up in Mexico, many of them at crime scenes. Initially, the department denied that gun-walking had taken place.

    – – -SNIP- –

    In addition to Holder and Issa, the participants in the meeting will be Deputy Attorney General James Cole; Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.; Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on Issa’s committee.

    AG HOLDER: – – – -“I ain’t SCURRED of U! – — PUNK! “- —

    Now — -Waitin’ 4 RESULTS. :>)

    • Admiral_Komack

      Issa: “I got nuthin'”

      Holder: “You got THAT right!”

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – – – -Admiral – – – -***fist bump**** – – –TRUTH. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -[Apologies iff a dup] – — I’ve been MIA –so – –

    -DID – – – -teh – – -PHLIP-PHLOP PHOOL – – – – -INVERT the ETCH-A-SKETCH – — annnd the VETTING –is ON?? – —

    — – –Romney says Rubio is being vetted for VP slot – – – – -[BUT ONLY HE KNOWS???]

    By Michael Finnegan

    June 19, 2012, 4:13 p.m.

    HOLLAND, Mich. — In a rare breach of his secretive process for selecting a running mate, Mitt Romney confirmed Tuesday that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was under serious consideration, denying a news report to the contrary.

    “Marco Rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process,” Romney told reporters outside an ice cream shop in this town on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

    On Tuesday morning, ABC News quoted unnamed Republican sources saying that Rubio was “not being vetted by Mitt Romney’s vice presidential search team.”
    THERE IS MORE. – – —-***shakin’ my head – –vigorously*** LOL

    What shall we do? – — -WAIT 4 NEWS @ – -11??- — LOL.

    • Admiral_Komack

      HOLLAND, Mich. — “In a rare breach of his secretive process for selecting a running mate, Mitt Romney confirmed Tuesday that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was under serious consideration, denying a news report to the contrary.”

      TRANSLATION: “I want the Latino vote; that’s the only way I’m going to beat that nig (GONG!).

      A Ronmey spokesman reported that Governor Romney stated that the sheriff was near.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Admiral –LOL. ***BIG HUG*** :>)- – –

        Ooooooo – -SHUT YO MOUF! — – LOL :>)

        YA KNOW — -teh WILLARD ‘s gon have a BAD CASE of da VAPORS: First: The NEGRESS – – -Tara Walls; BUT NOW he hasta consider – -a — Hispanic. LOL.

        Good 2 C U Admiral. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — –FOCUS on our – -FIT – – -FUN – –FIRST LADY: – – –

    – – – –PHOTOS: Michelle Obama exercises 06/19/2012 – –

    – – – #1. – –Jump around

    First lady Michelle Obama does push ups with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (third from right) as they participate in youth activities raising awareness for HIV prevention at Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa on June 23, 2011.

    — – -WE LOVE U – -FIRST LADY.♥ WE R PROUD of U . :>) – — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — A FIRST!! –HE WAS ELECTED! – – -HALLELUJAH!!

    – – – –Southern Baptists elect 1st black president – –

    – – – –The Southern Baptist Convention voted Tuesday to elect its first African-American president in one of its biggest steps yet to reconcile the 167-year-old denomination’s racial past and appeal to a more diverse group of believers.

    The Rev. Fred Luter Jr. was unopposed in being elected by thousands of enthusiastic delegates on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in his hometown of New Orleans.

    Pastor David Crosby of First Baptist New Orleans nominated Luter, calling him a “fire-breathing, miracle-working pastor” who “would likely be a candidate for sainthood if he were Catholic.”

    Crosby recalled how Luter built the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church from a tiny congregation to a megachurch of nearly 8,000 before the buildings were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Members of Luter’s mostly black church came to worship at Crosby’s mostly white church, and the pastors worked together for 2 ½ years as Luter rebuilt Franklin Avenue. Today, with a Sunday attendance of 5,000, Luter’s church is once again the largest Southern Baptist church for attendance in the state.

    – – —CONGRATULATIONS!! – – -B BLESSED! :>) – — – – –

  • Alma98

    It’s 9:40pm here and it’s still hot as hell, 86 degrees. I feel for people without ac.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Awwww – — -Alma98 – – –WILL THESE HELP!? – – -LOL.

      • Alma98

        HAHAHAHA! Thanks GLH.

        • GreenLadyHere

          Alma98- – LOL – – -My pleasure. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —HERE it is. :>) He spoke about MR. PRESIDENT annnd

    teh –PHIP-PHLOP PHOOL – — at the VERY END! :>)

    – – — –Harry Belafonte sings his song – –

    – – – – –HBO’s new documentary, “Sing Your Song,” takes a closer look at the life of singer and activist Harry Belafonte. The King of Calypso talks with Brooke about the documentary, the civil rights movement, and his thoughts on why the racism we experience today is “far more subliminal and far more hidden” than it was the past. – – –

    • conlakappa

      Oh, Harry, one of the favorite “he doesn’t like the President so the President must suck!!!” black nonfriends and heros to the emoprogs.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY conlakappa. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        I promise —I didn’t 4-get annn haven’t even posted his songs. BUT – –2-day I watched him say s few “positive” -statements —AT the VERY END about MR. PRESIDENT – –so I’m sharin’ –JUS’ –THIS TIME. :>) —

        Under the HEADING: – – – -HARRY —IZZT U?? — — :>)

        BUT – – -I’m eyein’ –the “BAD CHAIR.” – – — -LOL.

        Good 2 C U — -conlakappa. :>)

      • Camille

        History will surely judge many of these corrupt and egocentric former civil rights “leaders” very harshly.

        When they weren’t actively sabotaging the campaign and subsequent election of the first black President in exchange for fat loot to endorse the campaign of his challenger;

        They were too petty, too busy, too envious and too vindictive to secure the massive gains made at the height of the movement-

        Standing on the sidelines sulking, throwing tantrums and fire bombs at President Obama alongside the worst of them, while racist America brazenly eviscerated years of hard-won civil rights and daily demeaning and degrading the duly elected black President.

  • Camille

    Candy Crowley and CNN have scrubbed the internet of every trace of Crowley and George W. Bush holding hands traipsing through the White House in what was supposed to be his exit and final interview as president in December 2008.

    And we are supposed to take this pathetic lump of a GOP shill seriously and somehow credible!




  • GreenLadyHere


    —– –President Obama issues Juneteenth proclamation – – –

    — – – –President Barack Obama on Tuesday issued a proclamation commemorating Juneteenth, the annual remembrance of the formal end of slavery in the American south.

    Marked as an official holiday in some 42 states, June 19th is celebrated primarily by African-Americans. It marks the date in 1865 when — two and a half years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation (on September 22, 1862, to go into effect in January 1863) — and two months after the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Union General Gordon Granger marched into Galveston, Texas with 2,000 troops and announced General Order #3, which read:

    The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer.” – –

    President Obama’s proclamation read: – — –

    On this day in 1865, two years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, word finally reached the people of Galveston, Texas that the Civil War was over. All enslaved men, women and children were now free.

    Though it would take decades of struggle and collective effort before African Americans were granted equal treatment and protection under the law, Juneteenth is recognized by Americans everywhere as a symbolic milestone in our journey toward a more perfect union.

    With the recent ground breaking of the first Smithsonian Museum dedicated to African American History and Culture, and the dedication of a monument to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the National Mall, this Juneteenth offers another opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation. And it’s also a chance to recommit ourselves to the ongoing work of guaranteeing liberty and equal rights for all Americans.

    One of 48 original copies of the Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Lincoln, is set to go on auction later this month and is expected to fetch up to $2.4 million.

    For more on the Juneteenth tradition, click here.

    – – – –THANK U – –MR. PRESIDENT – – -B BLESSED. :>) – – –

  • Admiral_Komack

    Long-grumbling Alaska volcano has explosive ash burst

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – A remote Aleutian volcano that has been restless for the past year rumbled to life on Tuesday, shooting a thin cloud of ash several miles into the sky, which could pose a slight hazard to aircraft, Alaska scientists said.

    Cleveland Volcano, a 5,676-foot (1,730 meter) peak on an uninhabited island 940 miles southwest of Anchorage, had an explosive eruption at about 2:05 p.m. local time, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported.

    A pilot flying in the area estimated that the ash cloud rose to 35,000 feet above sea level, reported the observatory, which is a joint federal-state organization that monitors Alaska’s numerous active volcanoes.

    However, satellite imagery shows only a weak ash signal, suggesting a thin cloud that dissipated quickly, said Stephanie Prejean, a U.S. Geological Survey seismologist at the observatory in Anchorage

    “It was just one explosion, which was very typical of the thing Cleveland has been doing in the last year,” Prejean said. It is possible that the cloud rose to less than 35,000 feet, as the height was just one pilot’s estimate, she said.

    Pilots have been advised of potential risks from Cleveland, which might explode again, Prejean said. “It could do that any time,” she said.

    Cleveland has been in an off-and-on eruptive phase since last summer. The volcano has at times oozed lava out of its summit crater, punctuated by occasional small explosions, none of which had created clouds reaching above 20,000 feet until Tuesday.

    Although Cleveland is one of the most active of Alaska’s scores of volcanoes, there is no on-site seismic monitoring equipment. The Alaska Volcano Observatory must rely on satellite imagery, records of lightning strikes, witness reports and other evidence to determine if an eruption has taken place, Prejean said.


    -Yo, you Alaskan teabaggers!

    If there is an eruption, don’t ask for Federal monies; you don’t want to contribute to the deficit, do you?


    Get up off that ash and pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

  • GreenLadyHere

    – — G’NIGHT POU FAM. :>) MAY U HAVE – -BLESSED SWEET DREAMS. ! – -♥ – -♥ :>) – –

    – – – —- — UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT –♥ :>) – – – – –