September 25, 2017

Tuesday Open Thread: African American Pioneers in Broadcast News

Good morning Obots!

Today’s broadcast news pioneer is Ms. Charlayne Hunter-Gault.

Hunter-Gault was born in Due West, S.C., and made civil rights history as the first African-American woman to enter the University of Georgia, where she received a B.A. in journalism in 1962. She also attended Wayne State University. Her book In My Place, a memoir about her experiences at the University of Georgia, was published in 1992.

After winning a Russell Sage Fellowship to Washington University, Hunter-Gault edited for Trans-Action Magazine. In 1963 she became a reporter at The New Yorker, where she wrote for the “Talk of the Town” section.She went on to work as an investigative reporter and anchorwoman on the local evening news for WRC-TV from 1967 to 1968. She then joined the New York Times as a metropolitan reporter specializing in coverage of the urban African-American community. She won several awards during her ten years there, including the National Urban Coalition Award for Distinguished Urban Reporting and The New York Times ‘ Publisher’s Award. She has also been published in The New York Times Magazine, Saturday Review, The New York Times Book Review, Essence, and Vogue.

Hunter-Gault was the chief national correspondent for The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS from 1983 to 1997. She had joined the MacNeil/Lehrer Report in 1978 as a correspondent. In 1989, she was also the correspondent for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions’ five-part series, “Learning in America.” During her tenure at The NewsHour, she won two Emmys and a Peabody for excellence in broadcast journalism for her work on the series “Apartheid’s People.” She has also received the 1986 Journalist of the Year Award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

Charlayne Hunter-Gault recently left her post as CNN’s Johannesburg bureau chief and correspondent, which she had held since 1999, to pursue independent projects. Before joining CNN, she worked from Johannesburg as the chief correspondent in Africa for NPR from 1997 to 1999.

(Source: NPR)

  • Kennymack1971

    Good Morning POU! Loving this week’s series.

  • Admiral_Komack

    Typo on second sentence of post.
    I think it’s “Charlayne Hunter-Gault”.

    • Corrected. Thanks!

      • Admiral_Komack

        You’re welcome.

  • Admiral_Komack

    WWDC 2012: Maps and other apps that Apple just overshadowed

    By Hayley Tsukayama, Tuesday, June 12, 7:24 AM

    Did you feel that? That was Apple blowing in with a torrent of new features for iOS 6 — and knocking down a few apps along the way.

    With the addition of maps, offline reading, shared photo streams and the Passbook, Apple is adding features that are already present in many of its apps.

    Maps, of course, are the most prominent example of this. It’s the company’s way of encouraging its most faithful users to ask, “Google who?” when plotting routes from now on.

    Apple’s in-house Maps app adds a lot of features that have had iPhone users eyeing Android with envy — most notably, turn-by-turn navigation. Now, of course, Siri will also be able to help you with navigation, as well as letting you know what’s nearby with information from Yelp. As with Google Maps, Apple’s program will also show you traffic, update construction and other alerts in real-time and display 3D models of cities. Apple’s Maps may not kill off Google Maps for iOS altogether, but the integration will be hard to beat.

    • Miranda

      They making it real hard for players and stalkers!

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • rikyrah

    Morning, Everyone.

    I realized last night that after I got offline, that I had forgotten, in our discussion about Travis blaming the President for ‘ not bringing along Black politicians’, that I had missed another new-fangled Kneegrow, Kendrick Meek.

    I could rant all day on the wrong and disrespect shown Kendrick Meek by the PL, but I digress.

    Kendrick Meek was the Democratic Party’s Nominee for the Senate from the State of Florida.

    The PL pretended like Meek would be the first Democrat to lose a statewide race in Florida.

    They pretended like Kendrick Meek was appointed the Democratic Nominee instead of putting together his campaign from scratch throughout the state. It’s not like Meek woke up 1 month ago and said, ‘I’m the Democratic Nominee for Senate.’

    No, he went through a year long( if not more) process, building everything from scratch.


    But, Kendrick Meek did the hard work. He did all the legwork. He shook the hands. He went to meet the people, and, it is not his fault that no other Florida Democrats, outside of that shady creep who ran against him at the last minutes was the only one who would run. Meek won the nomination WITHOUT crapping on his base (cough:::Artur Davis, Adrian Fenty:::cough).

    Meek won his right to win, and yes, to lose, the election.

    Meek ran in a bad year for Democrats, but guess what?

    1. He didn’t run away from being a Democrat
    2. He didn’t run away from the President, unlike that bitchass Dem Nominee for Governor Sink, who wouldn’t even appear with the President when he came to Florida in 2010.

    What burns me up, to this day, was their willingness to throw over Meek for the amoral oil slick that was Charlie Crist. I’ve been voting since I was 18, been following politics since I was 12, I have NEVER seen a WHITE party nominee be asked to drop out for someone who a) wasn’t part of the party, and b) who hadn’t even given a public pledge that they would caucus with said party. Yet, they didn’t think twice about that for Kendrick Meek.

    And, WHO, did they get to ask Kendrick to step aside?

    It wasn’t the President.

    It was Travis’ boy, Bill Clinton.

    So, yes, Kendrick lost. Like a whole lot of other Democrats in 2010, but guess what, unlike the rest of the New-fangled Kneegrows, he still has the respect and support of the ACTUAL Democratic Party base, because he built his campaign still showing them RESPECT.

    And, for all of Travis’ complaints, of all the new-fangled Kneegrows, Kendrick is the one that the Obama Administration found a position for in his Administration.

    • Daltex82

      This along with your comments in yesterday’s thread on this subject was so spot on.

  • rikyrah

    Poll: 49 Percent Believe GOP Stalling Economic Recovery In Order To Beat Obama

    Nearly half of voters believe that Republicans are deliberately hamstringing efforts to resuscitate the economy in order to bolster their chances of defeating President Barack Obama, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

    The latest survey from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), conducted in conjunction with Daily Kos and SEIU, shows that 49 percent of registered voters nationwide think Republicans are “intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy” to ensure Obama’s defeat in November. Half of all independents surveyed feel the same way.

    The results are sure to embolden Democrats, who have long maintained that Republicans are actively rooting for economic failure to undermine Obama politically.

    • Miranda

      Exactly what do the other half believe? That if only PBO would dutifully go out on the WH front lawn and yell “Toby” the GOP wouldn’t act like such jackasses?

      • Daltex82

        Exactly what do the other half believe?e

        That it’s ok if you screw me over. Foreclose on my house, send my job overseas, fire my wife the teacher, screw over my brother the fireman and my uncle the cop, make health insurance virtually unaffordable and raise my taxes so that the rich guy can keep more of his money; I am more than willing to bend over and hand you the electric cattle prod as long as you get that “boy” out of my White House!

  • Miranda

    I despise the media I really do. Read this trash from Wapo:

    The interviews offered Obama a chance to move past his clumsy performance at a news conference Friday, when he asserted that “the private sector is doing fine.” Republicans have seized on the remark as evidence that the president is out of touch with the nation’s economic woes.

    That’s straight reporting these days huh?

    • Miranda

      Look at this idiot’s timeline:!/DavidNakamura

      And this is what passes for “journalism” these days?

      • He sounds more like a college frat boy than a journalist. In fact, that’s exactly how most of today’s journalists come across.

        • caribbeanobserver

          We Da Media do way better. Go us!

    • Farrod

      Miranda, there was an oldies station (106.7) that I liked to listen to from time to time as an escape from Atlanta’s otherwise predictable radio fare (‘cept for WCLK, of course!)

      The station is now NEWS, 24/7.


      • Miranda

        YEP!!!!! I noticed they changed to all news too. Hmmmm indeed!

        Did you happen to listen to any of WAOK this morning? Allison Samuels was the guest. I only heard a little bit of it, I tuned in just as Jihad (does this dude work? He calls every single day every show!) was going on about something or another LOL, but Allison had a good response. I know it was about the infamous “black agenda”. LOL

        • Farrod

          No Miranda, some mornings I just can’t take her (Dr. Lorraine). Feels like she’s just creating foolishness to talk about…

    • caribbeanobserver

      Clumsy?? The only thing clumsy is the msm reportings and their clumsy thinkings and word salads! Clumsy,my foot!

  • GreenLadyHere

    REAL QUICK: – – -LET the AD WARS – – CONTINUE!- – – – -Gooo – – – -MR. PRESIDENT! – – – –

    – – – – –Obama campaign hits Romney over Mass. state debt in new TV ad — –

    – — – – –President Obama’s campaign released a new TV ad on Tuesday titled “No. 1,” warning prospective voters that Massachusetts under former Gov. Mitt Romney was first in state debt but “fell to 47th in job creation.”

    “When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts was No. 1,” says the narrator in the video. “No. 1 in state debt at $18 billion in debt, more debt per person than any other state in the country. At the same time Massachusetts fell to 47th in job creation, one of the worst economic records in the country.”

    The ad, which builds on a series of Web videos blasting “Romney Economics,” concludes: “It didn’t work then. It won’t work now.”

    The ads direct voters to the campaign’s website,

    According to the campaign, the ad will air in the key battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

    – – – –GOTV! 2012!!- – – -FIRED UP 2 – – -MOVE FORWARD!! :>) – – –

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – –Of his many speaking engagements – – CNN has his 3:45 and 7:45 speeches in their live streaming schedule.

    – – –ENJOY YOUR — -ENERGY DRANK! :>) — —

    B BLESSED annnd – – -FIRED UP!!- – – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

  • Miranda

    Oh so 7 out of 10 want the ACA repealed but 85% like the elimination of the pre-existing condition clauses and 70% believe children should be able to be covered under their parents until 26…but they want it repealed? And why should we believe this poll with a contradiction like that? Could it be in how the poll question is asked – and somehow that led to 70% of people saying they don’t like something that they turn around and say they DO LIKE?

    UnitedHealth, Humana, Aetna pledge to keep parts of Obama’s health care law, regardless of Supreme Court

    A CBS News/New York Times poll released last week reveals that nearly seven in 10 Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn either all or President Obama’s health care law or strike down just the individual mandate.
    While a plurality of Americans want the health care law to be overturned, a CBS News/ New York Times Poll conducted in March illustrated the popularity of some of the provisions that UnitedHealthcare is keeping in place: Nearly seven in ten supported children under 26 staying on their parents’ health plan. Additionally, 85 percent said insurance companies should cover people with pre-existing conditions.

    • edp4bho

      CBS just revealed its own lying ass with this one. 2 plus 2 makes 4. Unless they polled schizoids, the poll makes absolutely no sense at all.

    • UnitedHealth, Humana, Aetna are not going to let anything stop them from gaining access to 32 million new customers.

    • Town

      (white) People don’t like being told what to do. I’ve chuckled to myself plenty of times listening to people in the office rail against Obamacare and how he’s taking away their freedoms, while complaining the insurance company won’t pay for some procedure for their child because of pre-existing conditions.

      Basically, if white Republicans had proposed Obamacare (which actually they did LOL) (white) Americans would openly LOVE themselves some WhitePeopleCare.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 06/12/2012
    The Morning Plum: The Romney mythology
    By Greg Sargent

    For some time now, Mitt Romney has been claiming that if Obamacare is not repealed, government will ultimately “control” or “reach” half the economy. The assertion has been completely debunked. Romney cheerfully continues to make it, anyway.

    Today the Post’s Glenn Kessler offers a definitive takedown of the assertion. Read the whole thing, but this is key to the absurdity of it:

    In essence, Romney has taken a debatable assertion — that government “consumes” 37 percent of the economy — and then hyped it with a nonsensical non sequitur — that the health care law extends the “reach” of government to 50 percent of the economy.
    Clearly the Romney campaign does not want to abandon this claim, despite the poor reviews it has received from various experts. But it makes little sense and is frankly a bit foolish — especially for a candidate whose signature legislative achievement as Massachusetts governor was to enact a health care law that at the state level included insurance exchanges, Medicaid expansion, an individual mandate and other provisions that he now claims extends the “reach” of government.
    Romney should drop this line from his speeches.
    He won’t, of course. And that’s because this claim is of a piece with a much larger falsehood, a narrative that’s central to Romney’s campaign: That Obama is attempting a radical transformation of our free enterprise system into something no longer recognizably American — and that this is what’s holding the recovery back.

    That falsehood has taken many forms, whether it’s Romney’s insistence that Obama favors “equal outcomes,” that Obama wants a society in which everyone gets the “same rewards,” his assertion that we are on the verge of ceasing to be a “free enterprise society,” or the latest claim, that Obamacare means that government will “reach” half the economy, whatever that even means.

    In this mythology, government is solely to blame for the economic crisis; roll it back, and the recovery, released from Obama-bondage, will roar foward. That’s why Romney tells us that firing 145,000 government workers will put Americans back to work. And yet, Romney’s narrative is the inverse of the truth. Government jobs have declined, and that’s proven a key drag on the recovery. Some economists believe Romney’s vow of more austerity would make the crisis still worse.

    Romney’s political strategy may work. Perhaps the experience of the last three years has (understandably) left swing voters so disillusioned with government and the failure to fix the economy quickly enough that they’ll be receptive to any alternative explanation of what’s gone wrong and how to fix it, without paying close attention to the details.

    The true nature of the relationship between government and the economic crisis should be central to the presidential campaign. In the wake of Obama’s gaffe about the private sector “doing fine” in relation to the public sector, and in the wake of Romney’s subsequent claim that we don’t need any more cops, firefighters or teachers, we really need more serious scrutiny of the core questions that this presidential race is about

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – –HOW EXCITIN’ 2 C that Ms CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT – -is STILL ACTIVE in the – -“STRUGGLE”! :>)

    I so remember this – –FIRST – –first African-American woman to enter the University of Georgia, where she received a B.A. in journalism in 1962.– — How BRAVE was she? :>)

    THANK U 4 THIS SERIES!!- – –“WE DA MEDIA[co]” – – -in so many ways. :>)

    – – – –GOOD 2 C U—ALEXANDER2!. HAVE A-WONDERFUL DAY. :>)– – —

  • rikyrah

    Political AnimalBlog
    June 12, 2012 8:58 AM

    No Substitute For ObamaCare

    By Ed Kilgore

    In terms of the real lives of many people, it’s good news that a few of the improvements enacted in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 will be maintained by private health insurers no matter what the Supreme Court does later this month. It’s particularly helpful that UnitedHealthcare, Humana and Aetna are promising to continue covering key preventive care measures without copayments.

    But the really big reforms just ain’t happening without something very like ACA, as Jonathan Cohn reminds us:

    [T]he really big changes in health care are the ones that come in 2014. That’s when the law makes it possible for anybody, at any age, to get insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions. That’s when the law makes it possible for people making up to four times the poverty line, or about $90,000 a year for a family of four, to get subsidies if they buy coverage on their own. That’s when the law makes it possible for anybody making less than 133 percent of the poverty line, or around $30,000 a year for a family of four, to enroll in Medicaid. That’s when the law establishes a minimum set of benefits that all plans must eventually cover.
    These changes will mean financial security and access to health care, not just for the 25 to 30 million people slated to get coverage but for many others with inadequate coverage. But these changes will only happen if the law stays in place, because insurers can’t provide them on their own.

    Politically, of course, the private insurer actions mean that an invalidation of ACA by the Supreme Court would create less of an immediate shock, less of a backlash, and less pressure on Republicans to tell us what they would do (their plans range from “nada” to “market-based reforms” that would make the status quo ante look like paradise) if they gain control of Congress and the White House this November. We’d drift into 2013 with many Americans really having little or no idea what had been taken away from them, and what sort of health care dystopia they may soon face.

  • gc

    Open Letter to Mitt Romney

    Dear Ex-Lousy-Governor Romney,
    I understand you believe there are too many teachers. I am just a sub, but I wanted to share with you that I was unable to study your rationale. I was in the classroom with 24 six year olds, two with severe autism, two aides, who will probably be considered expendable and out of work next year, papers to correct, lesson plans to assimilate and phone calls from the crisis team because one of my students had self injured on the bus. And he is not one of the children with autism.

    I’ll catch up one of these days. Your southern neighbor, GC

    • Town

      Dear GC,

      My good friend Newt Gingrich has a job-study program for those special young people in your school that will take them out of the school and assign them to real life duties that will teach them the value of work. It’s called the “Educational Sanitation & Beautification Program,” where they will clean the school for 20 cents a day in exchange for their education. Perhaps you’d like to join the program yourself and learn the value of working for your money instead of begging taxpayers to finance your lifestyle?

      Oh well. Ta-ta. The car elevator repairman is here and Ann is too busy dancing with horses to attend to them.


      Mitt Romney

      • gc

        Brilliant, Town!

      • Ebogan63

        Break it down, Town!

      • GreenLadyHere

        GOOD TUESDAY MRNTIN’ – -Town. ***BIG HUH*** :>)

        LOL. – – – -WHYCOME U gotta B – -soooo — ON POINT!??

        – – –“ESBP” – – – -has BENEFITS 4 the students annnd teachers. – –BWAHAHA!! – – –

        — –A+ – —4 your BRAIN annnd HUMOR! :>) – —

        Good 2 C U – – Town!! :>)

      • rikyrah


        you are hilarous

      • Worldwatcher7

        This should be inducted into the internet comments hall of fame.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good Tuesday Morntin’ – gc. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      THIS is BRILLIANT!! – – -:>) – – –I pray 4 U/students –daily. :>)

      THANK U 4 your teachin’ service. :>) Good 2 C U. :>)

      • gc

        Can you imagine Romney in a classroom? The chalkboard would be more animated.

    • isonprize

      May God bless you, gc. I am so glad people like you work with our children. I have a son with special needs, everyday I pray that, in addition to educating him, someone will watch out for him, take care of him, be sure that he is safe.

      How teachers became the “bad guys” in Myth R-money’s equation is BEYOND ME!!!

      OH yeah, thanks for noting that it isn’t always the kids with autism that are the challenges. I hope that the child with self-injurious behaviors gets the needed help.

      • gc

        Blessings back to you excellent-handle-friend 🙂

        I am not a teacher by education. I was a SocialWorker/Rehab Counselor. I started subbing for the flexibity when my son was young, a million years ago, and stayed with it. Because of my background, Spec Ed was a good fit, but I do both. My fondness for these kids is visceral. I wish you luck with your challenges. We have such wonderful paras and aids, who are NEVER given the renumeration or respect they deserve! I worked as a SE para for a year – very demanding work, and very needed. They are going fullbore mainstream in my town, but won’t cough up the money for the additional classroom help. I hope things are better where you are.

        • isonprize

          Nope, unfortunately not. It’s a disgrace. Philadelphia is the home to excellent universities. But the public schools? WHEEEWWWWW!!! There are a few good ones, great even!!! But the School District of Philadelphia is poorly funded. Plus with Gov. Cut it Corbett at the state helm, it ain’t getting any better any time soon. He’s all for private charter companies.

          Parents who have kids with special needs have to band together. Get knowledgeable about the Indiv. with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and know that their children are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) The parents have to get that support in the IEP, then make the schools do it, even if they have to sue them.

          I know, I know, folks don’t have the money or the time. But TRUST, these Rethuglican bastards (and unfortunately some greedy, unethical Democrats too!!) are working double time to dismantle public education and give all the money to private firms. The charter school models are NOT fiscally sustainable. They will run out of $$ soon too!!

          Public education is the ONLY education that “our kids” are entitled to. Private schools are private for a reason. They can admit whoever they want to, and they can kick out whoever they want to

  • rikyrah

    Polling the sabotage question
    By Steve Benen – Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:16 AM EDT.

    To varying degrees, the question of whether congressional Republicans are hurting the economy on purpose has been bandied about for a couple of years now, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) bringing it back to the fore last week. But what do voters think?

    There aren’t many polls on this, but there’s some evidence to suggest much of the public finds the “sabotage question” argument credible.

    Nearly half of voters believe that Republicans are deliberately hamstringing efforts to resuscitate the economy in order to bolster their chances of defeating President Barack Obama, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

    The latest survey from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), conducted in conjunction with Daily Kos and SEIU, shows that 49 percent of registered voters nationwide think Republicans are “intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy” to ensure Obama’s defeat in November. Half of all independents surveyed feel the same way.

    more here

  • edp4bho

    Good morning POU. Off from work today, errands to run. Just wanted to check in to keep in touch. Great series. Makes me sad to remember what was in journalism. Keeping my TV off ! Good day !

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2- – – – -‘CAUSE – – -it’s POSITIVE- —:>) – —

    – – —Obama up 6 points in Pennsylvania, poll finds – —

    – —- – –A new poll finds President Obama maintaining his lead over rival Mitt Romney in the key state of Pennsylvania.

    Obama has the support of 46 percent of Pennsylvania voters to Romney’s 40 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

    The results, though, show a slight slip for Obama from a 47-to-39 percent edge in the same survey taken in early May.

    Obama is holding his lead over Romney thanks to strong support among female and independent voters.

    Women back the president 51 to 36 percent, while independents break for Obama 43 percent to 35.

    — –Readin’ on – –tell me HOW anyone can believe that teh WILLARD would B effective in the area of the economy?? –

    47/50 in JOB DEVELOPMENT!! – –WHA’?? – – – – —–It’s that – – -MELANIN that COLORS their NEGATIVE OPINION!! – – -THAT! – -IS! – – -ALL! – -geesh!!

  • GreenLadyHere


    – — –Sandusky Arrives for 2nd Day of Sex Abuse Trial – — – —

    – – – – –A day after hearing graphic details of alleged sexual encounters between former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and a then-teenage boy, the jury in his high-profile child sex-abuse case is expected to hear from another accuser.

    Testimony was resuming Tuesday morning, and the accuser identified in a scathing grand jury report as Victim 1 could take the stand.

    The earliest of Sandusky’s alleged victims testified on the trial’s opening day, telling jurors the former assistant to longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno sent him “creepy love letters” and made him sign contracts that would pay him money for spending time together.

    The man identified in court documents as Victim 4 testified that he began showering with Sandusky in 1997 and what started out as “soap battles” quickly escalated to sexual contact, including oral sex.

    The alleged victim also testified about gifts, trips and access to the Penn State football team he received to buy his silence.

    Sandusky faces 52 criminal counts related to the alleged assaults of 10 boys during a 15-year period. Authorities alleged Sandusky abused boys at his home and inside the football team’s on-campus facilities among other places.

    Prayin’ 4 the victims. – – —

    • rikyrah

      how he got BAIL never made sense to me. his ass should be under the jail, and have been subjected to General Population.

  • GreenLadyHere


    — – —Democratic groups join forces to fight right – – –

    – — –Faced with overwhelming financial firepower on the right, Democratic-aligned super PACs and advocacy groups are increasingly joining forces in a collaborative effort to bolster President Barack Obama and a select number of House and Senate candidates for the 2012 general election.

    From newly formed super PACs to unions, environmentalists and women’s groups, Democratic-aligned organizations are forming short-term partnerships to advance their most immediate goals — whether that means rallying behind a chosen candidate or gunning for a shared Republican enemy.

    There’s been cooperation in past cycles between outside groups on both the left and right. Operatives involved in these organizations’ 2012 efforts say there’s a new level of intensity this time, and fresh urgency for liberal advocacy groups trying to protect their interests against a Republican air war that could total $1 billion.

    So for the heavily outgunned collection of allies attempting to keep Obama in the White House, there’s some strength in numbers.

    – – – -FIRED UP!- – – -GOTV -2012!!- – – -MOVIN’ – – –FORWARD – – – –

  • U.S. Employers Plan to Add Jobs in Third Quarter, Manpower Says
    By Lorraine Woellert – Jun 12, 2012 12:01 AM ET

    Employers in the U.S. said they planned to boost hiring in the third quarter, a survey showed.

    Manpower Inc. (MAN)’s employment index for the period from July through September climbed to 11 percent, the highest reading in four years, from 10 percent in the second quarter, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, staffing company reported. The measure was at 8 percent a year earlier.

    For the first time since 2008, employers held positive outlooks on hiring in consecutive quarters in all four regions of the country and in all industries. The figures may ease concern that the job market is faltering after Labor Department data showed employment rose in May at the slowest pace in a year.


    • Miranda

      Chuck Todd and company will ignore this.

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – – —“WE DA MEDIA[co]” TIME: – – -SHARING GOOD NEWS – –:>) – – – –

    – – –If Obama is Bad for Business Why Are Foreign Investors Flocking To The United States? – —

    – — –Hold up, wait a minute. This can not be true. President Obama is bad for business! Why would foreign investors be coming to the United States to invest.

    According to CNN Money,

    “The State Department expects to issue over 6,000 “investor visas” in the current fiscal year, which would be an all-time record. Other countries, meanwhile, are following the U.S.’s lead, keen to spur growth in lean economic times.”

    – –So as the other party is telling average Americans how terrible President Obama is doing, foreign investors see opportunity in America. They see America is on track for tremendous growth.

    This actually goes in line with what I wrote for my website USAprogressive, “Does Obama deserve a second term?” In this article I pointed to 4 economic facts that have occurred under Obama’s watch.

    First, the Dow Jones has increased 85% from 2009-2012, the S&P 500 has increased 98% since Obama took office, and corporate profits after taxes have increased 68% since President Obama took his oath. Now finally, Obama has turned this economy around from losing 750,000 jobs a month in the first quarter of 2009, to averaging growth of 150,000 jobs per month.

    His popularity annnd SUPPORT durin’ his visits 2 other countries — -is PROVEN by THESE RESULTS!!- –:>)

    — – -MR.- “INTERNATIONAL” –PRESIDENT!! —Woo! Hoo! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – –The WAR AGAINST- – – -the –“Stand Your Ground” LAW CONTINUES- – – – –

    – – —Florida task force begins reviewing controversial ‘stand your ground’ self-defense law – – –

    – – —The chair of a task force charged with reviewing Florida’s “stand your ground” law says there are no plans to meet privately with the parents of a teen who was killed in February by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

    On Tuesday, Trayvon Martin’s parents planned to lead a rally outside the meeting of the Citizen Safety and Protection task force. Later they will present a petition with more than 300,000 signatures asking for the reform or repeal of the law.

    But Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll says the meeting isn’t about Martin’s specific case.

    Carroll says Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton will be able to share their views during public testimony in the afternoon.

    – – — JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. – – — RIHEP- – –T.M. — —

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – -Oooo-Kaaaay> – – – -I’ll chime in on this.[BUT- – – -I’ve been trynta ignore it..] – – —

    – — – –911 Call From Creflo Dollar Home Released [AUDIO] – – –

    – – —The Fayette County police department has released the 911 call in the Creflo Dollar “simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children” case. In the recording, his 15-year-old daughter calmly states that she’s “scared and [doesn’t] know what to do,” reports

    “It was not the first time it’s happened,” said Lauren Dollar. She also reiterated that statement in the police report.

    Lauren also stated that he “punched” and “choked” her during the incident. Her sister, Alexandria, 19, confirmed her version of events in an initial report. When asked to write down her statement, however, she changed her words. Deputies assert it was “due to her parents being outside with her while she was writing it.” In the incident report, deputies claim that once she was separated from her father and mother, Taffi Dollar, she again confirmed her sister’s statements. (Read entire police report here.)

    – – -IMHO – -The – -TRUTH- – is somewhere in the MIDDLE. – – –

    Her voice was quite calm durin’ the 911 call. — -She SAID that she had no injuries.. . . .

    WHYCOME Mrs. Taffi —has no statement? Hmmmm. . .

    Watchin’. . . . .

    • Town

      Taffi ain’t trying to get beat down too.

      • GreenLadyHere

        town – – -LOL. – – -BU – -bu – -BUT – – – She’s his — -HELP-MATE as THEY – –FLEECE – – – -errrrr – – –FEED – – -the FLOCK!! :>)

        The PLOT –THICKENS. LOL – – –

      • Admiral_Komack

        “I wasn’t trying to choke her…I was helping her put on her necklace.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2– —- — -Awwww- – – -“UNCLE JOE” – –will SPEAK 2 THEIR SCHOOL’s GRADUATION[Sasha/Malia] :>) – – – –Woo! Hoo! – – – –

    – – —Joe Biden headlines Sidwell Friends graduation – —

    – – —If the 2012 graduates of Sidwell Friends School were hoping for a presidential commencement address, they’ll have to settle for the next best thing.

    Vice President Joe Biden will be delivering the keynote address at a graduation ceremony Tuesday at the private Washington D.C. Quaker school attended by first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama.

    Biden has grandchildren that attend Sidwell. When Chelsea Clinton graduated from the school in 1997, her father President Bill Clinton delivered the commencement address.

    Malia and Sasha still have a few years to go until graduation from the upper school — Sasha is 13 and Malia celebrated her eleventh birthday on Sunday.

    Read more about: Joe Biden, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama

    • MsKitty

      Throwing shade on Crazy Uncle Joe AND mixing up Malia and Sasha’s ages. Keep up the good work, Politico.

      • isonprize

        MSKitty, don’t you mean GOPolitico? LOLOLOL

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – —–HAH! – – -It’s almost like a “DAY of SILENCE” – – – -from the White House. LOL

    C how QUIET the RE-THUGS/RIGHT LEANING MEDIA – – R! – – – -LOL- —
    – -IMHO – – -THEY only get their – –“SINGLE AGENDA ELECTION ITEM” – —from MR. PRESIDENT.geesh! – – – –

    Let’s C what happens when his gives his FIRST address 2-day. LOL.

  • Oprah is really desperate for ratings.

    Oprah Winfrey interviews Kardashian-Jenner clan Sunday

    ASSOCIATED PRESS June 11, 2012 4:36PM

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Oprah Winfrey talks to eight, count ‘em, eight Kardashian-Jenner family members in an interview set to air on Winfrey’s cable channel, OWN.

    Winfrey talked to Kris and Bruce Jenner and their combined offspring at their Hidden Hills, Calif., home. Also on hand were Khloe Kardashian’s husband, Lamar Odom, and Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, OWN said Monday.

    The interview will air 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” It will be followed at 9 p.m. EDT with the second part of Winfrey’s interview with rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

    • Miranda

      Look for Beyonce and baby to be on very soon.

      • Worldwatcher7

        Little Blue Ivy’s utterances will make a lot more sense than anything the Kardashians say.

        • DAMN!

        • Town

          Blue Ivy’s utterances will make a lot more sense than what her momma says.

    • danadevin74

      I gave up on Oprah when she let people bully her into treating Palin like she was some kind of dignitary.

      • caribbeanobserver

        I gave up on Oprah weht she became frivolous with the lack of substance.

    • Admiral_Komack

      I hope Oprah has seats big enough.

  • rikyrah

    Fed Says U.S. Wealth Fell 38.8% in 2007-2010 on Housing
    By Jeff Kearns – 2012-06-12T04:01:02Z

    The financial crisis wiped out 18 years of gains for the median U.S. household net worth, with a 38.8 percent plunge from 2007 to 2010 that was led by the collapse in home prices, a Federal Reserve study showed.

    Median net worth declined to $77,300 in 2010, the lowest since 1992, from $126,400 in 2007, the Fed said in its Survey of Consumer Finances. Mean net worth fell 14.7 percent to a nine- year low of $498,800 from $584,600, the central bank said yesterday in Washington. Almost every demographic group experienced losses, which may hurt retirement prospects for middle-income families, Fed economists said in the report.

    “The impact has been a massive destruction of wealth all across the board,” said Lance Roberts, who oversees $500 million as chief executive officer of Streettalk Advisors LLC in Houston. “What you see is an economy that’s really very, very stressed for the bottom 60 to 70 percent of the population that’s struggling just to make ends meet.”

    The declines in household wealth in the course of the longest and deepest recession since the Great Depression have held back the consumer spending that makes up about 70 percent of the economy. Fed policy makers led by Chairman Ben S. Bernanke meet next week to consider whether the central bank needs to add to its record stimulus after employment grew at the slowest pace in a year in May.

  • rikyrah

    MONDAY, JUN 11, 2012 01:11 PM CDT

    Romney’s long assault on firefighters

    Mitt Romney has a long history of attacking firefighters and their unions, going back to his days in Massachusetts


    Mitt Romney came under fire this weekend from Democrats after he suggested that we shouldn’t hire more firefighters. Then top Romney surrogate John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire, doubled down on Romney’s firefighter comments today, telling MSNBC they were not a “gaffe.” This is hardly the first time the presumed GOP nominee has tangled with firefighters.

    In fact, he has a long, bitter history with them. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney often ended up sparring with firefighters and their unions. He proposed stripping collective bargaining rights for firefighters and police officers in a city that needed a state bailout, and cut funding to a fire station to be built on the site where six firemen died. He also proposed tripling the state police budget to deal with homeland security concerns in the years after 9/11, but didn’t offer a dime for firefighters, angering many at the time.

    In 2004, when the city of Springfield was facing bankruptcy, Romney proposed a $52 million bailout package that included suspending collective bargaining and civil service benefits for the city’s unions, including public safety officers. “He hates us,” Robert McCarthy, the president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, told the Associated Press at the time. “Unions are what made this state what it is,” he said, but Romney “won’t even talk to us.”

    Romney spokesperson Nicole St. Peter defended the suspension of union benefits, telling the AP that the “control board” the governor appointed to oversee the city’s finances “needs maximum flexibility to restore Springfield’s financial footing.” The Democratic-controlled state Legislature eventually overrode Romney and preserved the bargaining rights, though the control board remained controversial in the city.

    • isonprize

      I seriously hope that nothing ever happens to any of Myth R-money’s properties. I’m thinkin’ there would some serious “slow walkin’ ” if an emergency call came in from one of his 4 (or is it 6?) houses…

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – -FIRST – –“SPELLCHECK” – –HomIcide: – – —


    – – — Study: Stand Your Ground Laws Increase Homocide – —

    – – —Additional legal protections for self-defense killings — including the controversial “stand your ground” laws (the subject of new a U.S. Civil Rights Commission Inquiry) — do not deter crime, according to a new study from Texas A&M University examining laws that “widen the scope for the justified use of deadly force in self-defense.” In fact, according to the study’s authors, the laws do the opposite, increasing the chances of murder or manslaughter “by lowering the expected costs associated with using lethal force,” according to the study. “[W]e find the laws increase murder and manslaughter by a statistically significant 7 to 9 percent, which translates into an additional 500 to 700 homicides per year nationally across the states that adopted” such laws, the authors wrote, noting that those could be cases “driven by the escalation of violence in situations that otherwise would not have ended in serious injury for either party.”

    – – –KARMA is – -on da MOVE!! – — -HAH! – — – –


    • isonprize

      GLH, I caught the “HOMOcide” too. A few folks did! tee hee.

      I’m so cynical about media reports these days, even a typo is suspect…. LOLOL

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY isonprize ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        LOL. – — -I KNOW – — HUH! :>) – — -WHEW LAWD!!

        Gotta B able 2 trust soma dem. I’m trynta “hang on” 2 TP. :>)- – —

        Good 2 C U –isonprize. :>)

  • Justice Department to Monitor Elections in South Carolina

    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department announced today that it will monitor primary elections on June 12, 2012, in Fairfield and Williamsburg Counties in South Carolina to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Voting Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the election process on the basis of race, color or membership in a minority language group.

    Under the Voting Rights Act, the Justice Department is authorized to ask the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to send federal observers to jurisdictions that are certified by the attorney general or by a federal court order. Federal observers will be assigned to monitor polling place activities in Williamsburg County based on the attorney general’s certification. The observers will watch and record activities during voting hours at polling locations in these counties, and a Civil Rights Division attorney will coordinate the federal activities and maintain contact with local election officials.

    In addition, Justice Department personnel will monitor polling place activities in Fairfield County. A Civil Rights Division attorney will coordinate federal activities and maintain contact with local election officials.


  • Miranda

    The Clintonistas out in full force – partnering up with BuzzFeed to get their bitchassness on for the day.

    here’s the title – I wont even link to the crap
    Clintonites Hit The Panic Button For Obama

    • Ebogan63

      FUCK THEM!!!!

      • MsKitty

        …with a rusty chainsaw

        • isonprize

          Plus, they still tryin’ to pay off Hill’s campaign debt. I signed up to stay aware of ol’ girl and I STILL get emails asking for $$.

          I think she’s doing a terrific job as SoS, but I will never EVER give one red cent, one thin dime, NOT ONE PESO, EURO, DRACHMA, DINAR for her debts.

          • danadevin74

            Well Carville and nem are her crew
            they need to get together and pay it for her

    • Dear Carville, Greenberg, Penn, and Schoen,

      A Black man beat you. Deal with it.


      President Barack H. Obama

    • Daltex82

      Loosely translated to mean:

      “President Obama will win and my punk ass will never see the inside of the White House again”

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – — –LOL. – – WAY-ELL – – -Guess THEY slept in. LOL – –BUT – – –without much 2 discuss [as provided by MR. PRESIDENT.]– – -THEY resurrect – – -OBAMACARE!! LOL – – —

    – – -INVERT the – -ETCH-A-SKETCH!! – – –

    – — – –Romney Confirms He Will Deny Insurance To Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions If Obamacare Is Struck Down – – –

    – — –Mitt Romney confirmed on Tuesday that he would allow insurers to deny coverage to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare later this month. During a speech at Con-Air Industries in Orlando, Florida, the former Massachusetts governor said that Americans who have not been “continuously insured” would not be protected from discrimination if they suffer from pre-existing conditions:

    ROMNEY: So let’s say someone has been continuously insured and they develop a serious condition. And let’s say they lose their jobs or they change jobs or they move and go to a different place, I don’t want them to be denied insurance because they have some pre-existing conditions. So we’re going to have to make sure that the law that we replace Obamacare with, ensures that people who have a pre-existing condition, who have been insured in the past, are able to get insurance in the future so they don’t have to worry about that condition keeping them from getting the kind of health care they deserve.

    Watch it:

    – – -HUH?????? – – –He BEGINS – – -with his PLAN NOT 2 COVER those who have NOT BEEN CONTINUOUSLY INSURED – – – –


    He is an – – -IL-LOGICAL – – – -STOOPID – EVIL/VILE – — RACIST – – -WHO doesn’t care 4 — -PEOPLE!!! – – – –

    – — –TELL HIM – -ANTOINE!! – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – -HAH! — The TRUTH – – – -3 WYT men were CONVICTED 4 KILLING A BLAH MAN – – – -on his watch!!– – —

    – – –Jasper police chief fired, performance criticized — —-

    – – – THIS – – – –>The first black police chief of an East Texas town made infamous for a 1998 hate crime dragging death has been fired over poor job performance. – – – –

    The Jasper City Council on Monday night dismissed Chief Rodney Pearson, who was hired last year.

    KFDM-TV reports council members questioned Pearson about how much vacation he’s taken and other leadership issues.

    The — -REALZ!! – – –>Pearson later said his dismissal was “racism at its finest.” — – –

    May elections put new members on the Jasper City Council, replacing some elected officials who backed Pearson.

    – – –Annnnnd – –THIS – – – – – ->Three white men were convicted of the June 1998 slaying of James Byrd Jr. One was executed last year, another faces lethal injection and the third is serving life in prison.

    – – – -WE KNOW – – -Chief Pearson. :>) – -BUT — – GOOD ON U – —4 doin’ YOUR JOB!! :>)


    Annnd – –KARMA – — WILL VISIT the RACISTS!! – – – – HAH!!

  • gc

    Just caught Pastor Haynes on TPV (home sick today)
    I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obama’s biobased purchase plan sees personal care products eligible for Federal procurement

    President Obama’s plan to increase the purchase of biobased products to create jobs and drive innovation has led to a list of products, including skin care, being suggested for preferred Federal procurement.

  • Miranda


    Obama on GOP’s campaign: “You can pretty much put their campaign on a tweet and have some characters to spare.”

    • Ebogan63

      PBO’S got jokes! LMBAO!!

  • rikyrah

    Romney still stumbling on teachers, first responders
    By Steve Benen – Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:38 AM EDT.

    Four days after Mitt Romney endorsed layoffs of school teachers, police officers, and firefighters, the Republican and his campaign are struggling to keep their story straight.

    The first sign of trouble came over the weekend, when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) distanced himself from Romney’s argument. The second stumble came yesterday when one Romney surrogate doubled down on the candidate’s argument, only to be contradicted a few hours later by a different surrogate who said Romney had been taken out of context.

    This morning, Romney visited with “Fox & Friends” to try to put things right.

    For those who can’t watch clips online, here’s what the former governor said, when asked about cutting teachers and first responders.

    “Well, that’s a very strange accusation. Of course, teachers and firemen and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states. The federal government doesn’t pay for teachers, firefighters or policemen. So obviously that’s completely absurd.

    “[Obama’s] got a new idea, though, and that is to have another stimulus and to have the federal government send money to try and bail out cities and states. It didn’t work the first time. It certainly wouldn’t work the second time.”

    I have a sinking suspicion that Romney believes voters aren’t terribly bright.


  • rikyrah

    Ladies, Pay Attention
    by BooMan
    Tue Jun 12th, 2012 at 10:37:18 AM EST

    A new scientific study has discovered that men who have “traditional” marriages (i.e., their wife does not work) have negative attitudes about women in the workplace, don’t like organizations with female leaders, think organizations with lots of women are inefficient, and tend not to promote qualified women to positions of greater responsibility. And they largely do this unconsciously. In other words, they don’t necessarily articulate the above views, or even rationalize them. Many consider themselves as very woman-friendly. They often feel that they are protecting women by not putting them in high pressure situations.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with ‘traditional’ marriage. I don’t like their definition, but whatever. If you’re fortunate enough to make enough money that your spouse doesn’t have to work and can stay home with the kids, that’s great. But it’s interesting that men in those scenarios take certain prejudices into the workplace and that those prejudices are detrimental to the interests of working women.

    This may explain why Mitt Romney needs to ask his wife what women care about instead of learning that for himself. His wife has never worked a day in her life (and, no, I will not apologize for saying that). So, what does Romney think when he goes to work?

    The studies showed that personal views and the domestic architecture of male leaders’ private lives helped shape women’s professional opportunities. This held true in both surveys and lab experiments, including one that tested whether candidates with identical backgrounds, but different names — Drew versus Diane — should receive a spot in a sought-after, company-sponsored MBA program. According to the research, men in traditional marriages gave Diane “significantly poor evaluations” compared to Drew. It seems that husbands with wives working at home imprinted that ideal onto women in the office.

    Michelle Obama had a very successful career before she had to shut it down to be First Lady. Jill Biden has been teaching courses at a community college even though she is the Second Lady. What do you want to bet that Romney picks a man for his running mate who has a stay-at-home wife?

  • rikyrah

    June 12, 2012 10:58 AM

    Rick Scott, Cartoon Villain
    By Ed Kilgore

    I realize that everyone’s understanding of political good guys and bad guys is almost totally determined by ideology, partisan affiliation, and so forth, but some pols just beg to become cartoon villains to their opponents. Florida Gov. Rick Scott comes to mind right away.

    There is no “voter fraud” problem in Florida so far as anyone can tell. Most of the hijinks involving Florida elections in the recent past have emanated from Scott’s own party. Local election supervisors, many of them Republicans, have been leery of Scott’s recent effort to “purge” voter rolls to get rid of people with those funny surnames who might be noncitizens. The Justice Department has warned him to back off. But still, he is obsessively pursuing his purge, now suing the Department of Homeland Security to gain access to a database that may or may not be useful in detecting noncitizens.

    Maybe some Florida reader can explain Scott to me. As I vaguely recall from 2010, Scott, a man who became filthy rich running a for-profit hospital chain and managed to avoid personal liability for said chain’s gigantic Medicare fraud bust which led to his firing, won the Republican gubernatorial nomination by posing as a Tea Party zealot and spending a gazillion dollars to beat a dim party hack. He narrowly won the general election by spending the rest of his gazillions and riding the largest GOP wave since maybe 1946. He’s been increasingly unpopular from practically the moment he was elected, but that has had little effect on his behavior.

    Is he some sort of Scourge of God sent to punish Floridians for their sins? I dunno. But the wiggy SOB seems determined to find some way to throw his state’s electoral votes to Romney this November come hell or high water, and unlike his famous 2000 predecessor in this ambition, he’s not even related to the candidate.

  • rikyrah

    June 12, 2012 12:35 PM

    Romney’s Educational Tax Raid

    By Ed Kilgore

    I was remiss in not writing earlier about Mitt Romney’s big K-12 education initiative, which basically just involves taking all the existing federal money spent for this purpose and tossing it out there as a hand grenade designed for the destruction of public schools.

    While the Obama administration has committed itself (to its own political peril) to the standards-and-accountability movement aimed at using federal dollars to leverage measurable improvements in low-performing public schools—a movement once championed by Republicans—Romney is moving in the opposite direction, proposing to turn over all those highly conditional taxpayer dollars to parents for use however and wherever they want, with zero accountability for results other than via abstract market forces. The primary beneficiaries, of course, will be private schools that will pocket public subsidies and do whatever they choose.

    I know a lot of people, on the Left as well as the Right—think of “school choice” as a unitary philosophy, and consider the sharp distinctions drawn by Obama and many other Democrats between charter public schools and private schools as fairly meaningless. To them Romney is just going the logical next step beyond current law.

    But the whole idea of charter schools is that they contract with public authorities to educate all students free of charge and be held accountable for specific levels of student achievement. Voucher systems like that proposed by Romney would eliminate any and all specific expectations. Both approaches are often considered threats to traditional public schools. But while public school choice is intended to challenge “traditional” schools to compete on a level playing field, voucher systems simply move the money elsewhere and abolish the “playing field” and most of the rules. It is a prescription for the destruction of the very idea of public education, other than as a mechanism for subsidizing private education.

    Were Romney’s proposal to be implemented, it would place the power and the resources of the federal government against every state and local effort to improve public schools other than by their virtual abolition. Before long you’d doubtless see tax revolts against spending any tax dollars on education at any level; after all, why should any jurisdiction bother to tax itself simply to subsidize the private decisions of individual families to secure a service that is no longer viewed as public in nature?

    Romney’s proposal is, of course, catnip to the Christian Right, which tends to view public schools as secularist reeducation camps designed to brainwash good God-fearing kids into accepting gay people and non-Christian religions and all sorts of nefarious modernism. Why not divert those tax dollars to the local Church of the Final Thunder Academy, free of those scary people of color, or better yet, to parents themselves for home-schooling? Next time you hear someone say Romney is a non-ideological technocrat who should be given a chance to see if he can somehow tune up the economy via those skills he deployed at Bain Capital, direct them to Romney’s education plan and ask how “moderate” it looks.

  • rikyrah

    House GOP threatens Holder with contempt
    By Steve Benen – Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:00 AM EDT.

    For weeks, House Republican leaders were reluctant to push a political fight against Attorney General Eric Holder too far, but as of this week, it looks like House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is calling the shots.

    To briefly recap, Issa wants more information about the “Fast and Furious” controversy. Holder and the Justice Department have said they’ve already made over 7,600 pages of documents available, and continue to provide more, but are cautious about the public release of materials that could undermine ongoing criminal cases. (This is a position endorsed by a Reagan-era Office of Legal Counsel memo.)

    Yesterday, the seriousness of the dispute intensified a bit.

    House Republicans on Monday signaled that they would take the first step toward citing Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. with contempt of Congress if he does not turn over more Justice Department documents related to the botched gun trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious.

    Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House oversight committee, announced on Monday that the committee would meet on June 20 to vote on whether to recommend that the full House hold Mr. Holder in contempt.

    Though House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) have generally been quiet about Issa’s tantrum, yesterday they both expressed their support for Issa’s position.

    So, what happens if Issa follows through on his threats and successfully pushes a contempt measure? This has the potential to get a little … messy.


    As we discussed in May, Issa is trying to act quickly — presumably to maximize the election impact — but even if House Republicans seriously pursue this, the mess “would take years to sort out.”

  • rikyrah

    Undecided voter?

    this video is for you.

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – – -WE CALLED IT!!- – – –THEY KNEW!! – – – -THEY KNEW!!- –DANG-IT!!- – – annnd ALL THOSE – – -B**TURDS!!!!- — –

    – – —New Report: Penn State Officials Thought It Was ‘Humane’ Not to Report Sandusky – — –

    – – —It’s sort of hard to believe that folks could have behaved even more poorly in the events surrounding the coverup of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse and assault of children he met through his Second Mile charity. But as his trial is underway, it appears my beliefs have been confounded: Pennsylvania’s attorney general is now suggesting that former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz kept a file on Sandusky, and that in emails between him and former Penn State president Graham Spanier suggest that university officials thought it would be more “humane” not to report Sandusky than to report him. The full report from a local CBS station is here:

    – – – -SNIP- – – –

    The idea that Sandusky deserved consideration more than the victims’ families deserved justice or that the community deserved a chance to have him go through a fair trial is humane only in a system that values the powerful over the powerless, or the few among the many. Even if your values are so distorted as to put concern for Sandusky before other considerations, wouldn’t the humane thing to do to be to separate him from his capacity to do harm to others, and if he’s mentally ill, to get him treated? Someone who concludes that not reporting Sandusky is the humane things to do seems to lack the moral credentials to effectively administer a large organization,




    – – – -O! M!–G!— – – –I’m – —I’m – – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – —Mr. MARTIN BASHIR- – – -MY HERO! :>) – – —

    CONSISTENTLY goin – -IN ON – – -teh WILLARD!!.- – –[-LIES! — -IL-LOGIC]-—LOL.