November 20, 2017

Tuesday Open Thread: African-American Violinists

Good Morning Obots!

We continue to look at virtuoso’s of the violin. Today’s genre: Gospel

When Obed Shelton was seven years old, his father gave him a toy violin for Christmas.  Obed showed such in interest, that soon he was learning on a real violin in grade school in Cleveland, Ohio.  His teachers noticed that he liked to play more than just the notes that were written. He played through High School, and studied violin at Ohio University.

While there, he helped organize a Gospel Choir.  And at their first concert, he arranged a solo violin interpretation of “Amazing Grace”, which would become his signature song  (although he earned a degree in Broadcast Communications , and began a career as a News Reporter in Northeast Ohio). He began using his high school nickname “Obie” when he reported.

He may be known in the Cleveland area as much for his music making as for his reporting. He directed gospel choirs in Cleveland, writing and producing songs for Rev. Bill Sawyer, for the Ty-Scott record label in Indianapolis.

In May of 1998, he released his first violin solo recording “In Hymn”.  He arranged and produced all the songs. He decided to use his given name “Obed” on the recording, because his father had named him after Obed in the biblical book of Ruth.  And his father had started him on the violin.  In November of 2004, He released his second solo recording “What a Friend”, again producing and arranging all the songs.

He has been a featured artist with Bishop T.D. Jakes.  He’s soloed with the Akron Symphony Orchestra, playing his own arrangement of Amazing Grace. He’s also soloed with the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra playing his own orchestral arrangement of Precious Lord . He was a guest artist, and guest M.C. with Dr. Bobby Jones, at the June 2000 Gospel Celebration in Chicago, and was a guest artist of the 1999 season of Cleveland Trinity Cathedral’s “brown bag” lunch concert series.

 Eric L. Taylor

For many people, the image of a violinist is an eccentric individual standing erect, playing a classical piece by one of the great composers, void of emotion. There is, however, one that dispels those stereotypes and presents the violin as it has never been heard before – someone that appeals to all audiences, young and seasoned. He is Eric L. Taylor, and the word “exceptional” is an understatement.

Eric was born in Newport News, Virginia, to Elder Ernest and Missionary Patricia Taylor in 1970. He attended Newport News Public Schools and Virginia Commonwealth University, where he played viola and cello. Eric’s talent on the violin, however, is a God-given gift, and to date he has not had any formal instruction on violin.The musician claims he’s never had a lesson in his life. “It came to me,” he said in a soft voice. “I always call it a gift. And I give God credit for it.”

Eric has opened for such respected gospel names as Kirk Franklin and the Family, Fred Hammond and Ron Winans.

  • GN

    Fail tour marches on (for such a rich guy, he sure runs a GHETTO campaign):

    Romney aide loses cool, curses at press in Poland

    Warsaw, Poland (CNN) – The traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney lost his cool and cursed at reporters who attempted to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate in a public plaza near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw Tuesday.

    CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!

    Gorka: “Show some respect”

    NYT: “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question…”

    Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

    Moments later, Gorka told Jonathan Martin, a reporter for Politico, to “shove it.” About a half-hour later, the aide called reporters to apologize.

    • And still, the U.S. media has yet to report on how Romney is treating them. If PBO’s people acted like this, it would be all over the news!

      Meanwhile, Gibbs fought for the U.S. press to have access to PBO when he traveled overseas:

      • GN

        Yup; a commenter at TOD emphasized that Romney only took 3 questions from them for the entire tour. Why they would shill in light of this level of disrespect is beyond me. I know they want a horse race, but this is just ridiculous.

    • rikyrah

      this is hilarious

    • Miranda

      Mitt’s entire campaign staff walking round butt nekkid – getting all sunburned and still the press won’t call them out.

    • creolechild

      Apologies for the double post, GN.

      • GN

        No worries whatsoever! This is the type of news which needs to be reported multiple multiple times.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good Tuesday MornTin’ GN. **BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – —YA MEAN—LIKE THIS?? LOL– – —

      – — –We told him:- — –You Talk Too Much – – -LOL

      I’m luvin’ it! LOL

      Good 2 C U GN. :>)

  • GN

    Mitt Romney now criticised by China

    Mitt Romney, whose trip abroad to boost his foreign policy credentials has been riddled with gaffes and setbacks, has now been criticised by China over his Jerusalem comments.

    A commentary by the official Xinhua News Agency said Mr Romney’s statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel could worsen an already tense Middle East situation.

    He’s just not liked and respected. Romney bombed with close allies; how would he perform during difficult confrontations and negotiations with countries like China? They’d have him and his amateur hour advisors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Kennymack1971

      This guy is worse than George W Bush. He would completely destroy the work POTUS has done repairing our image abroad. The other world leaders just seem to be saying ” Oh GTFOH America you’re seriously thinking about replacing President Obama with this guy?”

      • GN

        He’s an awful politician, just terrible. This tour has made our country look foolish indeed.

    • rikyrah

      when China speaks up to punk you….you done fucked up

      • isonprize

        THIS, this right here…

    • Town

      CHINA TRANSLATION: 美利堅請不要不選這個傻瓜!


  • MonieTalks

    Si se puede!

    Castro to be keynote speaker at Democratic convention
    By Josh Baugh

    Mayor Julián Castro will make history in September when he presents the keynote address on the opening night of 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

    Castro will become the first Latino to be a keynote speaker at a Democratic national convention, according to the Obama for America campaign and the Democratic National Convention Committee. The groups announced early Tuesday that Castro would speak on Sept. 4, following first lady Michelle Obama.

    Though Castro has traveled internationally on behalf of the Obama administration and held speaking roles at political events across the country, he will be introduced on a national stage at the convention, easily becoming the most high-profile event of Castro’s political career.

    Read more:

    • Luis Gutierrez weeps.

      • rikyrah


      • rikyrah

        So does Cory Booker.

        hee hee hee

        • itgurl_29

          Corey only has himself to blame for that. I’m sure he was in the running before he made that nauseating comment. Pun intended.

      • MonieTalks

        hehehe. Luis is dried up like the majority of his CBC counterparts. It is past time for new blood and positive up and comers from our Brown brothers and sisters.

        Excellent choice. Castro is Latino…youngest mayor in country…..didn’t someone say they wouldn’t be surprised if TX turned blue?

    • JojoRaze

      I’m so excited about this that the DNC is giving Julian Castro his Obama 2004 moment. Castro is a great choice–new blood, young mayor, representing the demographic changes going on in TX and the US.

    • itgurl_29

      Just like Obama, his last name alone will drive the RWNJs insane. I love it.

      And I’ve read he’s a good speaker. So if he can come close to doing what President Obama did in ’04, he’s going to kill Marco Rubio’s career just like PBO killed Harold Ford’s career.

      • rikyrah

        he’s going to kill Marco Rubio’s career just like PBO killed Harold Ford’s career.


    • GreenLadyHere

      GOOD TUESDAY MORNTIN’ MonieTalks> **BIG HUG*** :>)

      THIS IS HUGE!- :>)- —–Can some VOTES B counted- —from the Hispanic/Latino community?- — – -YES! WE! CAN!!- – -Count ’em! :>)


    • Aquagranny911

      This is real exciting news. Castro is a good speaker & charming. He has a twin brother which I think is interesting. This is a good choice & a big nod to the Latino community.

  • MonieTalks

    Mitt Romney’s foreign trip didn’t go well. Does it matter?

    Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney later today wraps up his foreign tour, a trip that drew a series of negative headlines and has left many Republicans wondering what exactly the GOP presidential nominee was hoping to accomplish.

    The assessments of the trip, which saw Romney visit London, Israel and Poland over the past week, ranged from scathing to resigned among the Republican professional political class.

    “I find this entire trip borderline lunacy,” said one senior Republican strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly. “Why on earth is he seeking to improve his foreign policy cred when there will not be a single vote cast on that subject?”

    Ed Rogers, a longtime Republican operative, was more measured, but acknowledged that the trip was something short of a unqualified success.

    “Romney abroad is the same as Romney at home,” said Rogers. “His performance is uneven at times, but overall, pretty good.” Added Rogers: “Let’s face it, Romney can’t win, but Obama can lose.”

    read more:

    • Mornin’ Monie & POU!

      Chris Cillizza needs to stop trying to spin for Romney. If Mittens had done well, he would singing a different tune.

    • GN

      Wow. Just, wow. Romney said that for this trip, his foreign policy credentials would be on display. How is the incompetence shown on this trip, particularly the remarks about Palestinian culture, insignificant?

    • danadevin74

      It does Matter
      If it was POTUS over there showing his azz it would matter
      And how many articles did we get on FLOTUS touching the queen?
      Even when they found out the Queen touched her first
      They still made a big deal out of it

      • vulcan_girl

        When candidate Obama went to Europe, nary an ass was shown, but all we heard for weeks was “Who does he think he is? He’s not the president!”

    • Daltex82

      It matters! I swear their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      One of the Rethuglican’s main knocks on then Sen. Obama in 2008 was his lack of Foreign Policy experience. “He lacked experience and would not be able to represent America on a International stage” they said and then he went overseas….well we all know how successful that trip was! They were hoping for the same with the Robot, didn’t turnout so well huh boys!

      LOL, yep this trip was suppose to show how “Presidential” Robotney could be on an International stage instead it only solidified his “dipstick” persona, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving soul.

  • MonieTalks

    Mitt Romney’s Possible VP Picks Not Releasing Tax Returns
    by Miranda Green

    Mitt Romney gets plenty of grief for refusing to release more of his tax returns, but his potential running mates are proving just as tight-fisted.

    Of the five VP picks considered most likely, Sen. Marco Rubio is the only one who has disclosed multiple tax returns. During his 2010 Senate run, Rubio released nine years of data from 2000 to 2009. But the move was short-lived; the pages can no longer be found on his campaign website and now only exist in the annals of newspaper articles and blog posts.

    Bobby Jindal released his 2006 tax return in 2007, during his successful run for Louisiana governor. The others believed to be on Romney’s so-called short list—Sen. Rob Portman, Rep. Paul Ryan, and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty—have all refused to go public with their tax returns. Their offices either declined to comment or did not respond to requests.

    read more:

    • Town

      Why should they, if he won’t?

      ETA: It doesn’t matter if Rubio or Jindal don’t release their returns because they won’t be the nominee. The nominee will be Paul Ryan. Pawlenty can sit down (again).

      • MonieTalks


        I just posted an article on the twisting and turning the Rethugs are doing to support the “others” (Jindal and Rubio)…we haven’t heard them like this since they wanted to change the Constitution for Schwarzenegger.

        BTW, Town, I drove up to DC this past weekend and I think it was on the I-295 N junction that I saw a homemade yellow billboard sign off to the side with a photo of PBO with the caption “got fooled?” I took a double take because his photo looked doctored… it looked like they either morphed his photo with Bush or made his face look like that of a monkey or something.

        Do you know which billboard I’m talking about? Any word on who was responsible? If I had the time I would parked on the side of the interstate and ripped that shit up. LOL

        • Town

          Did you see an electronic sign about a road being closed near there? If so I know what sign you’re talking about b/c I live 5 minutes from there. But there are a TON of tea party signs in Richmond, all over the place, on every major road. They tried to put one up in the black neighborhood and that got promptly vandalized, lol.

          There are a LOT of people with Tea Party license plates up here, too:

          • MonieTalks

            I haven’t see any signs like that in mainstream Hampton Roads, I think there would be a riot unless you live way out…but I have seen at least 3 different cars with the Gasden Flag license plate in the past week.

            Just this morning on the base I stared down this lady with a “I’ll keep my guns, money, and religion, you can keep the change” bumper sticker. I’ll never understand all the civilians who work on bases everyday and have anti-government and anti-Obama stickers…uhmmm fucktards you have a nerve!

            There is actually a guy who lives not too far from where I live..a straight hoarder out of an A&E show, looks stankin like a mug and has the nerve to have a Gasden flag on his truck and some planted in his yard. I feel like taking a pic and creating a facebook page: This is Tea Party: White and Trashy.

          • Town

            LOL! Like I said, there are Tea Party signs EVERYWHERE in Richmond, and I don’t particularly live way out. There are at least 10 of those yellow signs within a 5 minute driving radius of where I live. Businesses fly the Gadsen Flag outside of their businesses up here…remember Richmond WAS the Capital of the Confederacy and those people are still around.

            At least you weren’t driving south on 95 and see the Confederate flag flapping on the right hand side of the road and the RICHMOND CITY LIMITS sign right afterwards. LOL I had to see that mess every day!

      • Admiral_Komack

        Eddie Muenster?
        Joe Biden will have a field day.

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • Miranda

    ABC News put out the compilation disc of Romney’s megafail tour:

  • MonieTalks

    Former Bachmann aide sues campaign alleging theft

    DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa campaign aide for former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann sued the Minnesota congresswoman and her senior campaign aides on Monday, alleging an official stole a private email list and that she was blamed for its use.

    The lawsuit filed by Barb Heki claims that Bachmann’s Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson, took the list from Heki’s private computer to promote Bachmann’s candidacy among Christian home-school advocates before the Iowa caucuses. Heki was hired to coordinate home-school supporters for Bachmann’s Iowa campaign.

  • MonieTalks

    Is the gas industry buying academics?
    Authors of pro-fracking studies are coming under fire for their cozy relationships with the fossil fuel industry

    Last week the University of Texas provost announced he would re-examine a report by a UT professor that said fracking was safe for groundwater after the revelation that the professor pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Texas natural gas developer. It’s the latest fusillade in the ongoing battle over the basic facts of fracking in America.

    Texans aren’t the only ones having their fracking conversations shaped by industry-funded research. Ohioans got their first taste last week of the latest public-relations campaign by the energy policy wing of the US Chamber of Commerce. It’s called “Shale Works for US,” and it aims to spend millions on advertising and public events to sell Ohioans on the idea that fracking is a surefire way to yank the state out of recession.

    read more:

  • Miranda

    Yesterday I was reading through the comments and saw where Alex posted part of the transcript of Mitt’s speech in Israel and I have a question about this part of the speech:

    One, I recognize the hand of providence in selecting this place. I’m told in a Sunday school class I attended— I think my son Tagg was teaching the class. He’s not here. I look around to see. Of course he’s not here. He was in London.


    “I look around to see.”

    Ummm, did he mistakenly read that right off the teleprompter? I believe he was just supposed to literally look around and not SAY “I look around to see.”

    • Daltex82

      He’s done this before, I think it may have been during that mess of a speech he gave at the NAACP conference. I believe after finishing a sentence he said “end of quote”. I’m telling you IMHO I think this guy is either a numbskull, has some mental issues or has the “onset” of something whatever it is I don’t think he should be running this country.

  • rikyrah

    Never let ’em see you sweat
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:00 AM EDT.

    As it turns out, Mitt Romney’s trip abroad can get worse.
    Romney is traveling with a large contingent of American journalists as part of his trip abroad, but so far he’s largely ignored them — he’s fielded exactly three questions from reporters during his week-long trip.

    Given the relative silence, the media has no choice but to ask questions of Romney whenever he’s within earshot. For example, today Romney was walking away from Pilsudski Square in Warsaw, Poland, and as he approached his car, journalists asked questions that the candidate chose to ignore. But the fact that questions were even being asked was apparently enough to enrage Romney’s traveling press secretary


    It’s hard not to marvel at the combination of Gorka’s sentences. If it’s a Holy site and people should show some respect, why did he tell reporters, “Kiss my ass”?

    Now, the point isn’t that Team Romney is wrong to snap at media professionals; reporters are adults and they can take it. The larger point is that the Romney campaign, with increasing frequency, is losing its composure.

  • MonieTalks

    Blogger who outed ‘Witness 9′ in George Zimmerman case unmasked
    by Joy-Ann Reid

    The blogger who revealed the name, address, and photos of a cousin of George Zimmerman, the man charged with killing Trayvon Martin, has carefully guarded his own privacy. Known on the Internet only as “Sundance Cracker,” the anonymous blogger has posted potentially embarrassing personal information about several figures in the Martin case — people who fellow posters at “Cracker’s” website derisively call “Trayvonites.” The punishment for supporting Martin’s family, or for opposing Zimmerman, who has developed a following on some conservative blogs, is often to have intimate details, including photos, posted to the site.

    ….A new website, posted anonymously on July 20th, claims that “Sundance Cracker’s” real name is Mark Ivor Bradman, a 46-year-old from Florida. The person who created the site, calling him or herself only “dagmarcleftjaw” — an apparent reference to a character on the HBO series Game of Thrones, said of Bradman: “The blogger who disclosed the identity of the person (a possible victim of sexual abuse) listed as Witness #9 in various court documents associated with the State of Florida’s investigation of Trayvon Martin’s shooting works as a store manager at a Publix Supermarket in the vicinity of Cape Coral, FL His name is Mark Bradman (aka Mark Ivor Bradman and Mark I. Bradman). He is 46, has an unhealthy obsession with George Zimmerman, and is overcome with racial paranoia.”

    read more:

    • Miranda


    • Turnabout is fair play.

  • Miranda

    Iran’s president mocks Romney visit to Israel

    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is calling a visit to Israel by U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney as “kissing the foot” of the Jewish state to boost his bid for the White House.

    Ahmadinejad did not specifically name Romney, but his comments were an unmistakable jab at the Republican contender’s stop this week in Israel. Romney strongly backed Israel’s drive to stop Iran from possibly seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran denies the claims.

    Ahmadinejad questioned why Romney would make “concessions to get some pennies for (his) campaign?”

    Ahmadinejad made the comments during a speech Tuesday broadcast on state TV.

    Read more here:

    • Town

      He meant to say “kissing the ass of the Jewish state” but wanted to keep it clean.

  • MonieTalks

    Republicans seek chance to unseat House Democrat in Georgia
    By David Beasley

    ATLANTA | Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:51am EDT

    (Reuters) – Four Georgia Republicans vie on Tuesday for the chance to challenge U.S. Representative John Barrow, the last white Democrat in Congress from the Deep South, in the general election this fall.

    …Barrow is an anomaly these days in Congress. White Democratic congressmen have been vanishing from the political landscape in U.S. southern states as conservative white voters increasingly switch their allegiance to the Republican party, Bullock said.

    read more:

  • creolechild

    Good morning POU! Romney Aide Curses At Press in Poland

    A Romney spokesperson cursed at the traveling press corps in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday when the press tried to ask questions of the presumptive Republican nominee, reports CNN. After chatting with the mayor of Warsaw, reporters shouted questions at Mitt Romney while he made his way to his car. Traveling press secretary Rick Gorka became angered at questions about “mishaps” on the trip and rebuked the press.

    Here’s the transcript, from CNN:

    H/T Pema Levy

  • creolechild

    PA Mayor Reaches Settlement With Unions To Pay Back Public Workers’ Wages

    After Scranton, PA Mayor Chris Doherty (D) reduced the pay of hundreds of his city’s public workers — including firefighters, police officers, and other safety workers — to minimum wage earlier this month, three unions challenged the cuts in federal court. In a deal reached today, the mayor has agreed to pay back the wages that the city owes to its public workers. In addition to restoring employees’ wages, Doherty will also award them with interest for the backlogged salaries, Reuters reports:

    Read more:

    H/T Tara Culp-Ressler

  • creolechild

    Words fail me…hahahahahahahahahaha Okay, I’ve pulled myself together now.

    Hacker replaces The Daily Caller’s ads with hardcore pornography

    Unidentified hackers on Monday replaced The Daily Caller’s advertisements with hardcore pornography, according to Fishbowl DC.

    The conservative publication said that someone gained unauthorized access to the service they used to display the ads, allowing them to switch The Daily Caller’s normal ads with ads for pornographic websites. One of the ads offered “free lifetime hardcore” to The Daily Caller’s readers. The ads have been restored to their previous state.

    Read more:

    H/T Eric W. Dolan

    • Miranda

      That wasn’t a hacker…Tucker just hit a wrong button when he was in his office…all alone.

      • crazycanuck

        LOL, Miranda, shame on you. I expected better lmao.

      • SHADE!

  • rikyrah

    about that article from yesterday.

    annvic said this in the comments to this story:

    it’s a possibility that the first enslaved African is the ancestor of the first Black President of the United States of America.

    I can’t even put into words how this makes me feel.

    I had to think about for awhile, and there are a number of things that strike me.

    1. I don’t want hear nothing about this President ‘ not being vetted’. He, and his entire family, have been under the microscope, studied like lab rats, since the moment he won the Iowa caucus. Why else all these books about them, and the ‘ research’ into the First Lady’s ancestry, which revealed, DUH – that Michelle Obama had White folks in her family tree too…like this is a shock to any Black person in America.

    2. I wrote in 2008, when certain folks were feeling so good about Barack Obama, and there was a straign of ‘ well, he doesn’t REALLY have the Black experience, because he’s not connected to all that ‘ BAD STUFF ‘ (you know, slavery, Jim Crow, etc) – looking at you, Chris Matthews who actually said it..I got more than a little chuckle about the revelation, when they first began to investigate the President’s lineage, that, he was indeed, attached to all the ‘ BAD STUFF’ – including the original birth defect of America (thank you Condi Rice) – SLAVERY..through his WHITE SLAVE-OWNING ANCESTORS. Yeah, that’s part of all that ‘ Bad Stuff’. I thought they were gonna leave it alone- researching the President’s ancestry- when their journey brought them to the SLAVE MASTER’S DOOR. I should have known better.
    which brings us to

    3. the mere possibility that Barack Obama could be a descendent of one of the first SLAVES IN AMERICA, and that he got that through his WHITE MATERNAL LINE just makes me LMAO. For a country who pretends that the rainbow of shades of Black America in this country happened by magic, instead of the miscegenation that happened, pretty much a nanosecond after the landing of that first slave ship, this would be wicked to the nth degree indeed.

    There’s nowhere to go….nowhere to hide where the truth about America, and the stain of that original sin that was codified in the founding documents of this country. I’ve long thought that the President’s mother and grandparents never got their due for their obvious good parenting of the President was two fold: a) they want to label his mother a ‘race traitor’, and b) if they had done such a good job raising him, what’s he doing married to Michelle?

    That the ‘ White’ mother some cling to as to what made Barack Obama ‘ different’ – like Black folks in America haven’t known someone Black in their lives with White relatives – that SHE had African Ancestry – it just cracks me up. That Ann Dunham – ‘ race traitor’ – was a descendent of the original American ‘ race traitors’, and that all that looks ‘ WHITE’ might not be ‘WHITE’ – which is upsetting to a whole lotta folks in this country.

    Many have said that the election of Barack Obama as President exposed so much of America’s underbelly, which is why he upsets so many corners of this country.

    The racists in this country have to have a sad about this story, because all roads with the first Black President lead BACK TO AFRICA – the Black and White parts.


  • creolechild

    Penn State Loses First Player Since NCAA Child-Abuse Sanctions

    Pennsylvania State University lost its first football player to another school since the program was hit with sanctions that include a four-year bowl ban.

    Tim Buckley, who was a redshirt freshman safety at Penn State last season, transferred to North Carolina State. He attended high school in Raleigh, North Carolina, where North Carolina State is located.

    Read more:

    H/T Erik Matuszewski

  • creolechild

    Wall Street Journal And AEI Throw The Tea Party And GOP Under The Economic Bus

    Remember when President Obama said the private sector is doing fine, and all the conservatives and Republicans poked at that comment? Well, now even two major conservative publications are saying the same thing!

    Read more:

    H/T Ray Medeiros

  • rikyrah

    ‘Stepping up and standing up’
    By Steve Benen – Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:35 AM EDT.

    After Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and a handful of right-wing colleagues launched an anti-Muslim witch hunt, there’s been a debate about the impropriety of the crusade, but it’s been largely an intra-party discussion. The dispute hasn’t been between Democrats and Republicans, but rather, between Republicans and other Republicans.

    That changed a bit yesterday. Of particular interest to Bachmann and her cohorts is Huma Abedin, a Muslim American and a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, as Ali Gharib noted, Clinton obliquely referenced the controversy during remarks at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    Though the Secretary of State did not specifically reference the right-wing conspiracy theorists, there could be no doubt what she was referencing when she said, “Leaders have to be active in stepping in and sending messages about protecting the diversity within their countries…. We did see some of that in our own country. We saw Republicans stepping up and standing up against the kind of assaults that really have no place in our politics.”

  • creolechild

    I think this is a good idea (except for the” no butter” part)! I hope he’s able to expand as time progresses.

    Mike Roberts, former president and CEO of McDonald’s, understands how fast food works. He just doesn’t think you should eat it. That’s why Roberts co-founded Lyfe Kitchen, a restaurant that aims to do healthy food on a fast-food scale.

    Lyfe Kitchen’s name is cheesy: Lyfe stands for Love Your Food Everyday…. But it does not have cheesy cuisine; the food is made with “no butter, no cream, no white sugar, no white flour, no high-fructose corn syrup, no GMOs, no trans fats, no additives,” Wired reports. And Roberts wants to open 500 to 1,000 outposts of the restaurant across the country in the next several years.

    Read more:

    H/T Sarah Laskow

    • Miranda

      Wow, that’s an ambitious endeavor. I can’t wait to try it out.

    • Town

      I need my butter /pauladeen

    • I really like this idea! However, looking at their menu, they need to cut down on the sodium:

  • GreenLadyHere
  • creolechild

    Top elections official steps down

    A top official involved in Florida’s contentious push to identify and remove potentially ineligible voters is stepping down just two weeks before the Aug. 14 primary. Division of Elections Director Gisela Salas is leaving her job this week to take a position closer to her home in Ocala, Secretary of State Ken Detzner announced Monday in an email to county election supervisors.

    Salas, who earns $90,000 a year, was hired in May 2011 to oversee the office that does everything from approve certain types of election machines to issuing opinions on how to interpret election law. But Salas was also deeply involved in the effort by the state to identify non-U.S. citizens on the voter rolls.

    Read more:

  • MonieTalks

    DISCLAIMER: This is a link to a RWNJ site, but the content of this article is so ironic. More proof that the GOP are nothing more than hypocritical shit-stirrers.

    Are Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal Natural-born Citizens?

    ….Florida Senator Marco Rubio (pictured, left) and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (right) are very popular and have a significant number of admirers in the ranks of the GOP. Both men are considered Tea Party-approved choices and are widely regarded as “conservatives” and “populists,” thus good matches for the more buttoned-down establishment-type image held by Mitt Romney.

    …Bret Baier of Fox News, for example, reports having received e-mails from many concerned about the status of Rubio and Jindal. In a blog, Baier writes:

    The Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born citizen,” but does not define the term. That job is left to federal law, in 8 U.S. Code, Section 1401. All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father’s nationality.

    more here

    • Town

      The Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born citizen,” but does not define the term. That job is left to federal law, in 8 U.S. Code, Section 1401. All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father’s nationality.

      By their own definition, Barack Obama is a US citizen, since she lived in the US at least 2 of those years after age 14.

      2) I don’t believe anywhere in the Constitution it says anything about the age of the mother.

    • Sounds like Rubio and Jindal are getting their “wake up calls”.

  • creolechild

    CHART: How State And Local Budget Cuts Are Holding Back GDP Growth

    As ThinkProgress has noted on numerous occasions, the nation’s unemployment rate would be a full point lower were it not for budget cuts that have forced hundreds of thousands of public workers to lose their jobs. The last three years, in fact, were the worst on record for public employment.


    Budget cuts have actually knocked several tenths of a percentage point off of national GDP in each of the last two years and in the first half of 2012, as this chart shows:

    Read more:

    H/T Pat Garofalo

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM: – —Speakin’ of – – -EPIC FAILS- – -teh WILLARD is SUPPORTIN’ MR. PRESIDENT –on “FOREIGN SOIL.”- – -LOL – —

    – — –Romney Praises Israel’s Universal Health Care System, Which Includes Individual Mandate– – —

    – — –Throughout his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney has been running away from the individual insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act — even though a mandate is a cornerstone of the former Massachusetts governor’s health care reform law. “If I’m President of the United States, we’re gonna get rid of Obamacare and return, under our constitution, the 10th Amendment, the responsibility and care of health care to the people in the states,” Romney said during a GOP presidential debate.

    – – THIS — -But during his trip to Israel, Romney inadvertently praised the individual requirement and universal health care. “[F]or an American abroad, you can’t get much closer to the ideals and convictions of my own country than you do in Israel,” he said. And according to The New York Times, Romney spoke favorably about the fact that health care makes up a much smaller amount of Israel’s gross domestic product compared to the United States:
    – — –SNIP —
    We have to find ways — not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to fund and manage our health care costs.”


    LOL.. That’s IT! :>) —-HERE’s YER SIGN- — -WILLARD!!– —LOL.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – — WILLARD’s OLYMPICS – – -2012– —

    – —-Annnd the WINNER IS- – —- MR. PRESIDENT!! Woo! Hoo!–

  • Miranda

    US consumers more confident in the economy in July

    NEW YORK – U.S. consumer confidence rose in July after four months of declines, as a brighter outlook for short-term hiring offset longer-term worries about the economy.

    The Conference Board says its Consumer Confidence Index increased to 65.9, from 62.7 in June. That’s the highest reading since April and better than the reading of 62 that economists had forecast.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM:- — SHUT YO MOUF!– – –

    – – –Romney Aide Tells Reporters To Stop Asking Questions: ‘Kiss My Ass’– – –

    – – — –A Mitt Romney spokesman told reporters to “kiss my ass” when they tried to ask the candidate questions about his trip abroad on Tuesday.

    Seemingly without irony, traveling press secretary Rick Gorka told reporters to “show some respect” and to “shove it” because they were trying to get Romney to answer questions about his numerous gaffes abroad while at the Polish tomb of the unknown.

    >Reporters have had virtually no access to the candidate during his three-country tour. When they frustratedly told Gorka “we haven’t had another chance to ask him questions.” Gorka responded, “kiss my ass.” CNN has the video:

    —- -WAY-ELL!- – -LOL

  • Miranda

    Romney: I “did not speak about” Palestinian culture

    (CBS News) Under fire from Palestinian leaders for recent comments suggesting that Israel’s economic success is borne out of its “culture,” Mitt Romney on Tuesday attempted to clarify his remarks, telling Fox News in an interview that he had not talked about “the Palestinian culture or the decisions made in their economy.”

    “I’m not speaking about it, did not speak about the Palestinian culture,” Romney told Fox’s Carl Cameron, taped before the candidate’s departure from Poland. “That’s an interesting topic that perhaps could deserve scholarly analysis but I actually didn’t address that. I certainly don’t intend to address that during my campaign. Instead I will point out that the choices a society makes have a profound impact on the economy and the vitality of that society.”

    more here;contentBody

    “choices”……….and he manages to make it worse. now that takes real talent.

    • It’s not the crime…it’s the cover up.

      Doesn’t this fool realize that errbody has seen the transcript of his speech?

      • MsKitty

        No. Just like he doesn’t realize that any his speeches are just a click away on YouTube or numerous news sites. In Willard’s world if he said something didn’t happen, then by golly it didn’t happen.

        Something kinda pathological about that mentality.

      • GN

        “But what I had said was…” Please.

      • Gc

        No, he deleted them retroactively.

        He keeps going like this and the fine line betwen him and my old clients will disappear. NOT kidding.

    • rikyrah

      DUDE…they have you on video…saying it…

      when will he get the technology is NOT his friend.

      • Aquagranny911

        Robme is so inept but so is his team. Also he is going to have to come out of Fox “Mittness Protection Program some time & his words ain’t going away.

        • TyrenM

          So is his team…
          As stated here often, just collecting checks.

          • Aquagranny911

            It’s a sweet gig with no quality control.

      • GN

        He’s been doing this all along though–trying to have it both ways by talking out of both sides of his mouth. That “correction” is typical Mittens. The only question is when is the press going to really call this guy out.

    • GN

      Is he serious? He invoked Palestinians in a direct comparison of the relative financial status of the two countries. He then stated that Israel’s “culture” produced the better status. How can that statement not be saying by implication that Palestinian culture is lacking?

      He is a freaking weasel.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – — Obama campaign launches mobile app—–

    ——-Obama for America? There’s an app for that.

    President Obama’s Chicago-based reelection campaign launched a new app for iPhone Tuesday designed to give volunteers and voters a customized set of organizing tools and voter information, according to a preview shared with POLITICO. Campaign officials say an Android version is in the works and will be released soon.

    “The campaign’s strength has always come from the millions of grassroots supporters who are organizing in their communities and talking to their neighbors about President Obama every day,” said deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter. “That’s why we designed our new app to help break down the distinction between online and offline organizing, giving every supporter the same opportunities to get involved that they would find in a field office.”

    The new app will allow voters to find local events, report potential voter fraud, find nearby houses to canvass and donate directly to the campaign. More significantly, with the Obama campaign deeply concerned about a raft of new voter ID laws in a handful of states, the app gives voters detailed, targeted information on registration deadlines and new voting requirements.

    It’s the next phase in online organizing technology. Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign showcased the power of the Internet for grassroots mobilization, while the 2008 campaign saw Obama and others successfully use the Internet for fundraising.

    – – – –MOVE- – – FORWARD!! – –:>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – –2008: 22% of Early Voters Were Black, Rep. Corrine Brown Sues Florida– — –

    — – –New Florida Voting Laws Attract Lawsuit. “There is absolutely no explanation for restricting early voting other than intentional voter suppression, said Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL). Brown has filed a federal lawsuit to stop changes is Florida’s early voting law.

    In the 2008 elections, African Americans cast 22% percent of the total early vote, even though Blacks are just 13% of Florida’s registered voters. More Blacks vote during the early voting period than on election-day or via absentee ballot combined according to University of Florida Political Science Professor Dr. Daniel Smith.

    – – —SNIP- – –

    Blacks accounted for roughly 34% of votes cast on the Sunday before the election in 2008. The Republican controlled legislature in Florida shortened the number of early voting days from from 15 to 10 and and eliminated Sunday voting before the election. They also granted power to county supervisors to control the number of hours the polls are open.

    “It seems that Governor Scott simply does not want people to vote. We should be making it easier for people to get to the polls, not harder,” Brown said.

    “Early voting has worked extremely well for all Floridians and especially for African American voters,” said Brown adding, “More than any other racial or ethnic group, African Americans have come to rely on early voting,” she added.

    — – –BEST WISHES- – – –

  • Miranda

    Need to get away? Jennifer Carroll needs to call Southwest Airlines

    Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s brother-in-law arrested in pharmacist oxycontin sting

    Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s rough month continues. First, she apologized for offending lesbians regarding a criminal case involving her former aide. And now her brother-in-law has been arrested in a drug bust.

    Read more here:

    • rikyrah

      she’s always been shady. no shock here.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY miranda ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      Addendum: Annnnd while she is THERE- -She will CONTINUE her “APOLOGY TOUR”. LOL

      Betcha the RE-THUGS– -“REGRET”–votin’ 4 THIS BLAH person.

      She’s an embarrassment 2 their – — HIGH STANDARDs of “FAMILY VALUES!” —-LOL. — J/K :>)

      Have a good day. :>)

  • What did John Harwood say on Rachel’s show last night?

    John Harwood ‏@JohnJHarwood
    Reassuring about NBC fam: Twitter-vitriol from left after appearing on @maddow @msnbc balances Twit-vit from right after @larry_kudlow @CNBC

  • itgurl_29

    Ok, POU peeps. So what’s the tea on Hachiko over at TOD? Is she a scam artist or what? Because she tried to fund raise for herself last night and Chips deleted her comment. Now Hachiko’s back today and apologizing. There were rumors on twitter that she was shady.

    So what’s the tea?

    • danadevin74

      I figured something might be going on with her
      She has asked for money several times and people from TOD were sending it to her.

      • itgurl_29

        I hate to feel suspicious about people in that situation because it could be any of us. But to have to come around more than once and ask for some money? Um, no.

        • danadevin74

          Yes anyone of us could be in that kind of situation.
          But i think she just conned them

          • GN

            I don’t think she’s a con. But stopping people from repeatedly asking a site for $$ is a good idea on chipstick’s part.

          • Gc

            So glad I saw this. It never occurred to me anything was up, BUT I just got an email from her “out of the blue.” I had helped her as well, but so many times she didn’t respond to me, and now here is an e wanting to catch up. This is unfortunate.

            But I thank you all for writing about it, I would not have known, just that something seemed odd.

            She reported that she was very ill, had no health insurance, was evicted, could not live with her brother because of family tension. TODers DID set her up with a new home and some funds. There are some other too gossipy things for my taste to post about.

            I wish her well, but…. You remember That creep Buddy Drama ? Used to panhandle online, as did Cheesewiz, but I will never believe she is like them. I DID have faith in Tricia and her animal causes.

            Thx, guys.

            To Mitt: It’s Tel Aviv, schmuck.

          • Aquagranny911

            I think Tricia is OK. She does have some serious health issues along with recurring depression. She & Joey did get it together & have their own apartment last I heard. She now has a cat of her own again.

            She still posts animal diaries at BPI Campus. Don’t know about DK because I don’t go there. I think she’s one of the good guys, messed up but good. There is no denying her devotion to cats & all animals.

            The other two you mentioned, barfola!

          • Gc


          • GN

            lol, yes I remember all of those so-called “buddhist” creeps at that site who somehow managed to be involved in more drama than Y&R. I just didn’t and don’t think that marabel (that was her handle) was one of that band of lunatics. She just struck me as someone who was down on her luck and having a tough time; I truly don’t think she’s was trying to con anyone even if the continuing solicitations are inappropriate at this point.

        • danadevin74

          Well i think some will be sending her more money
          she’s already using the im leaving line
          and some are begging her to stay

    • Bri

      I remember when she announced that she became homeless, and the people over there raised a lot of money for her. I didn’t know she kept asking them for money.

    • edp4bho

      Morning POU. Itgurl, I’ve had my suspicions about her all along. I actually donated a tiny sum to her first “eventful” move from NY, but I was in thick with TOD and didn’t want to seem alien. I will forever on out trust my first instincts. Hah, she got booted.

      • GN

        I actually gave her money too a few years ago–I liked her a lot when we were all at dkos and when she replied to an email describing a tough situation, I gave her a few dollars. I’d like to think that it’s not exactly a scam, but someone who needs to stop tapping into online communities. I wonder why she doesn’t temp–she’s overqualified, but NY has a thriving temp market and is a good place to start.

        • dannie22

          I think she moved to Maine. Her comment said she made a horrible mistake moving there. I dont know if shes a grifter. Sounds like she just made some errors in judgement. I personally dont like her. She made a comment to me on twitter i didnt like. The comment came after i sent a couple bucks to help her move so maybe not being grateful is her problem

    • Miranda

      Sounds like a scam to me.

    • dannie22

      i thought she got a job?

    • Aquagranny911

      I’ve had my suspicions about her for a long time. I’m glad Chips shut her down. TOD is not the place for personal fund raising. If she is a grifter she has taken advantage of kindhearted, generous souls, some who dug deep to help her out.

  • Alexander2

    San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is a great choice to give the keynote speech at the convention. Here he is having fun with Charles Barkley during the NCAA basketball final four held in San Antonio.

    • Oh, and he snatches wigs, too! Me likes!

      • Gc

        Quid pro quo 🙂 You didn’t get the Yiddish. I have no idea what “snatching wigs” means????

        • Alexander2

          From the urban dictionary:

          Snatching wigs:

          To humiliate someone. Likely derives from female fights, where women would grab at each others hair.

          Example: That girl would not take no shit. She was snatching wigs and taking names.

    • GreenLadyHere


      — — -WOW&1/2!!- — -He is sooo PERSONABLE!– :>) Betcha he annd MR. PRESIDENT would have “BIG TIME FUN” on da – -COURT!! LOL.

      – – -My Sista-from-San Antonio is BESIDE herself!!- :>)- –Givin’ – -BIG THUMBS UP!! LOL

      — She FULLY ENDORSES HIM.!! Woo! Hoo!- —

      This occasion MAY jus’ PROPEL him 2 BIGGER HEIGHTS on the POLITICAL STAGE—jus’ like – —MR. PRESIDENT. :>)

      Sooo WISHIN’ HIM- —ALL the BEST!! :>)- —

      THANK U 4 brangin’ THIS. :>) —He’s soo REPRESENTIN’- -:>)

      – -GOOD 2 C U- – ALEXANDER2. Have a WONDERFUL day. :>)

  • Miranda


    London Olympics 2012: Twitter ‘alerted NBC to British journalist’s critical tweets’

    Twitter employees alerted NBC staff to a British journalist’s tweets and showed them how to file a complaint against him, the television network has revealed.

    more here

    • Worldwatcher7

      What a punk ass move. Now they’re demanding that he apologize before his account is reinstated.

  • crazycanuck

    In case you guys didn’t know, Canadians won a bronze in diving. Yeah, and we won another today

    • Aquagranny911

      Congrats Canada! I saw that on Univision. They covered the diving in their Olympic Highlights.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good Morntin’ crazycanuck. ***BIG –CONGRATULATIONS- – HUG** :>)

      —- GR8 WINs! :>) — –Loook at-choo! :>) CONTINUED – — BEST WISHES.- –:>)

      Good 2 C U. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM– —In addition 2 raisin’ – -BIG BUCK$- -MR. PRESIDENT was SIGNIN’ THIS piece of LEGISLATION- – –

    – – — –Strengthening Tribal Communities Through the HEARTH Act– – –

    — – — President Obama understands that by allowing greater tribal control over tribal assets, we encourage economic growth, promote community development in Indian Country, and support tribal self-determination. That’s why this Administration is committed to strengthening tribal communities by improving tribal governments’ capacity for controlling their own futures.

    Earlier today, President Obama demonstrated the latest step in this commitment by signing into law the Helping Expedite and Advance Responsible Tribal Homeownership (HEARTH) Act. This legislation allows tribes to lease restricted lands for residential, business, public, religious, educational, or recreational purposes without the approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

    The HEARTH Act promotes greater tribal self-determination and will help create jobs in Indian Country. Under the Act, federally recognized tribes can develop and implement their own regulations governing certain leasing on Indian lands. Upon Secretarial approval of these tribal regulations, tribes will have the authority to process land leases without Bureau of Indian Affairs approval. This new authority has the potential to significantly reduce the time it takes to approve leases for homes and small businesses in Indian Country. By allowing tribes to more quickly and easily lease their lands, the bill promotes investment in tribal communities and more broadly facilitates economic development.

    THANK U – – -MR. PRESIDENT- – -4 ALL PEOPLE. :>)

    • Aquagranny911

      This is a BFD, especially here in the Southwest.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM- — ***Clutches cheap pearls- –say it isn’t so***- – -LOL- –

    – —Republican Candidate In Arizona Accused Of Voter Fraud– – –

    – – — While Republicans trying to justify voter suppression bills continue to struggle to find any actual cases of voter fraud, once again a Republican politician may be the exception that proves the rule.

    While voter fraud is exceedingly rare — a person is more likely to be hit by lightning than to commit it — then-Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R-IN) was convicted of it earlier this year. Now, a candidate for Pinal County Supervisor in Arizona has dropped out amid questions about who cast ballots on behalf of his long-deceased girlfriend.

    The Arizona Republic reports:

    A Pinal County supervisor candidate has withdrawn from the race in the wake of voter-fraud allegations involving a former companion who, records show, has continued to vote by absentee ballot in the five years since her death. John Enright, 66, had been seeking the Republican nomination for county supervisor of District 5, an area that includes Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. …
    – – – SNIP– —

    But if Enright was indeed casting ballots in his late girlfriend’s name, he would be guilty of what the Pinal County Recorder called “an absolute act of fraudulent voting” — and a Class 6 felony.

    – –HAH!- -WATCHIN’ – –THIS- – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM- — 2-day is DAY 98. BUT on DAY 97- – – -THIS WILL B “ACA SIGNIFICANT”- – — –

    – — – Eight More Ways Women Will Benefit Under Obamacare Starting Tomorrow

    —- When eight Obamacare regulations go into effect tomorrow, 47 million women will benefit from the guaranteed coverage of preventive services — including contraception coverage — without co-pays. The new rules will require most insurance plans to begin including the services at no additional cost at the next renewal date that falls on or after August 1, according to a news release from the Department of Health and Human Services.

    The Center for American Progress graphic breaks down what will be covered and how women will benefit:
    THERE IS MORE– —- – -GR8 GRAPHICS!!- – –Woo! Hoo!


  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU! I am enjoying this series on violinists. My son took violin lessons through his school but just about the time you could stand to listen to him play, he gave it up for soccer!

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –GOOD MORNTIN’ miranda- –WITH THANKS. :>)– —

    – —-THIS- ->He decided to use his given name “Obed” on the recording, because his father had named him after Obed in the biblical book of Ruth. And his father had started him on the violin.

    HOW PROPHETIC was his father- – – THAT he stayed in thhe GOSPEL- – -in such a UNIQUE WAY. :>) BLESS him. :>)

    — –His MUSIC- —-sooo INSPIRATIONAL :>)- -***tears*** :>)

    Learnin’ sooo much annd ENJOYIN’ TREMENDOUSLY. :>)

    Bless U miranda. :>) Have a good day. :>)–Lookin’- – FORWARD!! :>)

  • I am loving this series! POU fam is the shizznit!!

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