September 25, 2017

Tuesday Open Thread: African American WhizKids

Good Morning Fam!

Today’s sensational teen is Stephen Stafford II.

As a 13-year-old, Lithonia, GA resident Stephen Stafford II can usually be found sitting in front of the television playing video games or playing his drum set. But Stafford is no typical 13-year old – he’s a college student. The triple-major child prodigy is becoming a sensation at Morehouse College.

“I’ve never taught a student as young as Stephen, and it’s been amazing,” said computer science professor Sonya Dennis. “He’s motivating other students to do better and makes them want to step up their game.”

“When I saw how much knowledge Stephen has at such a young age, I wondered what I had been doing with my life,” laughed third-year student, Eric Crawford. A psychology major and computer science minor, Crawford wanted to step up his game so much that he got Stephen to tutor him. “Even though I’m older, Stephen is like a mentor and my elder in computer science,” said Crawford.

“Eric’s a really fun person to be around, and we have a good time together,” said Stafford.

Crawford added, “Stephen has a lot of patience with me. I got a 95 in the class because of Stephen.”

Even at age 11 when Stafford started at Morehouse, he got the highest score in his pre-calculus class. “He breezes through whatever I throw at him. If it’s an hour lab, he can do it in 20 or 30 minutes,” said Dennis.

Stafford said he isn’t nervous about studying with students much older than himself. “I just do what I always did. I show up, I do the work, and I go home,” he said.

When talking to Stafford, it’s easy to forget his age. But his age shows when he’s playing video games or even at dinner, where he eats while also trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Still, Stafford finds it hard to relate to teens his age. “I relate better to Eric…most kids my age don’t know when to stop playing around and when to be serious,” he said.

Stafford’s mother, Michelle Brown-Stafford, home-schooled both her children (Stephen has an older sister also in college) and believes that parental involvement is essential for students to excel. But when she realized her son was starting to teach her instead of being taught, she knew he needed to be in a college environment.

“It was surreal because on one hand he’s talking about technical things I didn’t even understand, and on the other hand he was asking me to come watch Sponge Bob with him. So it was bittersweet to let him go.”

Brown-Stafford wondered if there were other parents who shared her experiences with a gifted child, so she helped found a support group:

And the Morehouse family has become a support group for Stafford, personifying the African proverb about it taking a village to raise a child. Stafford is too young to stay on campus, so his mother picks him up and drops him off each day. The students protect him and make a point not to curse or discuss certain mature issues around him, according to his mother and Stafford. Even the staff of Jazzman’s Café, where Stafford tutors Crawford, helps nurture Stephen into becoming a “Morehouse Renaissance Man”–well-spoken, well-dressed, well-read, well-traveled, and well-balanced. The cafe’s general Manager, Darren Page, added an unofficial principle: well-fed. “A Morehouse Man cannot study on an empty stomach,” said Page. So whenever Stafford comes to Jazzman’s, Page gives up his own employee meal for the 13-year-old.

It seems that everyone wants to be a part of helping Stafford graduate in 2012, and go on to Morehouse School of Medicine. And because of a Georgia law that requires a student to be 16 to graduate high school, he’ll be getting his high school diploma the same year he receives his college degrees in math, computer science and pre-med.

“Kids will live up to your expectations. But I ultimately want Stephen to be happy,” said Stephen Stafford Sr. Brown-Stafford added, “I want him to be well-rounded and still connect with kids his own age, so we put him in DeKalb County’s 4-H Club and other programs.” She added that she’s thankful to the Morehouse family for embracing her son.

“I want to see what Stephen becomes 10 years from now,” said Crawford. Page added, “I want to be at his graduation. And then I want to walk by and touch the [campus] statue of Dr. Martin Luther King and recognize I had a role in [Stephen] walking in Martin Luther King’s footsteps.” And how fitting, since Dr. King entered Morehouse at age 15.

Here’s Stephen explaining Vectors…which I don’t even know what that is, but for you mathematically astute folks, Enjoy!

  • Mornin’ POU!

    Racist Incidents Stun Campus and Halt Classes at Oberlin

    OBERLIN, Ohio — Oberlin College, known as much for ardent liberalism as for academic excellence, canceled classes on Monday and convened a “day of solidarity” after the latest in a monthlong string of what it called hate-related incidents and vandalism.

    … In the last month, racist, anti-Semitic and antigay messages have been left around campus, a jarring incongruity in a place with the liberal political leanings and traditions of Oberlin, a school of 2,800 students in Ohio, about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland. Guides to colleges routinely list it as among the most progressive, activist and gay-friendly schools in the country.

    The incidents included slurs written on Black History Month posters, drawings of swastikas and the message “Whites Only” scrawled above a water fountain. After midnight on Sunday, someone reported seeing a person dressed in a white robe and hood near the Afrikan Heritage House. Mr. Krislov and three deans announced the sighting in a community-wide e-mail early Monday morning.

    …Founded in 1833, Oberlin was one of the first colleges in the nation to educate women and men together, and one of the first to admit black students. Before the Civil War, it was an abolitionist hotbed and an important stop on the Underground Railroad.


    List of other incidents:

  • Mornin’ POU!

    Racist Incidents Stun Campus and Halt Classes at Oberlin

    OBERLIN, Ohio — Oberlin College, known as much for ardent liberalism as for academic excellence, canceled classes on Monday and convened a “day of solidarity” after the latest in a monthlong string of what it called hate-related incidents and vandalism.

    … In the last month, racist, anti-Semitic and antigay messages have been left around campus, a jarring incongruity in a place with the liberal political leanings and traditions of Oberlin, a school of 2,800 students in Ohio, about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland. Guides to colleges routinely list it as among the most progressive, activist and gay-friendly schools in the country.

    The incidents included slurs written on Black History Month posters, drawings of swastikas and the message “Whites Only” scrawled above a water fountain. After midnight on Sunday, someone reported seeing a person dressed in a white robe and hood near the Afrikan Heritage House. Mr. Krislov and three deans announced the sighting in a community-wide e-mail early Monday morning.

    …Founded in 1833, Oberlin was one of the first colleges in the nation to educate women and men together, and one of the first to admit black students. Before the Civil War, it was an abolitionist hotbed and an important stop on the Underground Railroad.


    List of other incidents:

  • GOOD.

    VIDEO: Anti-GMO petitioner arrested at White House trying to deliver a petition to Michelle Obama

  • rikyrah

    makes me smile reading about these wonderful Black youth.

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • Tucker Carlson needs to quit while he’s behind…

    Daily Caller: WaPo got wrong hooker
    3/5/13 8:30 AM EST

    …”The Washington Post mistook one prostitute for another Monday in a report that initially seemed to debunk a November 2012 Daily Caller exposé of New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez,” DC editor David Martosko wrote. “While the Post said it had an affidavit from a woman in the Dominican Republic admitting she fabricated claims Menendez paid her for sex, that woman was not one of the two prostitutes TheDC interviewed for a Nov. 1 report.”

    Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson also tweeted Monday night that “WaPo might have saved itself the embarrassment if they’d bothered to call us before running their stupid piece.” In her original report, the Post’s Carol Leonnig claims to have reached out to the DC by both phone and email for comment. But Carlson says time stamps show she emailed him at least 30 minutes after posting her story. (The Post did not immediately respond to a request for comment from POLITICO regarding a response to the DC’s claims.)

    In a statement released on Tuesday morning, The DC said it stood by its story and again claimed the Post had not reached out for comment.


    • Miranda

      He won’t quit until he is thoroughly and painfully embarrassed publicly. I think he enjoys it.

      • Admiral_Komack

        He’s just pissed that he hasn’t got laid.

    • rikyrah

      when you have to put into a sentence


      you are losing.

      • conlakappa

        Hmmm, it could be worse: you got the wrong dead hooker.

  • Malia and pals hit Chelsea
    Last Updated: 12:09 AM, March 5, 2013
    Posted: 12:03 AM, March 5, 2013

    The sight of First Daughter Malia Obama at a dinner this weekend with her friends prompted one spy to describe the meal as a “young girl’s social power club gathering.” On Saturday night, President Obama’s elder daughter, 14, was spotted at giant Chelsea restaurant Buddakan with eight of her friends, including a daughter of New York Giants chairman Steve Tisch.


    • Miranda

      Right wingers begin illogical irrational shrieking in 5…4…3…2…

    • Worldwatcher7

      I hope no rabid Clintonistas misinterpret that title. I can hear it now, “Oh no, Hillary’s daughter has been attacked by a gang of Chicago thugs!”

      • isonprize

        you wrong for that, but you know you’re right!! LOLOL

      • JojoRaze

        No lie, I thought Malia and her friends had said somethig about Chelsea from the title and I live in nyc. I don’t believe this story, though, for two reasons: It’s in the NY Post and no teen says hip nowadays.

        • jziglar

          The trip to Chelsea was probably true since the first daughters have traveled around before but I doubt they heard their conversation.

    • Town

      Why is Malia not at Church’s Fried Chicken? Who she think she is, eating in Chelsea?

    • Elie

      IMHO she’s too young at 14 for this type of exposure which is sorta inevitable hanging out with some of these NY socialite kids on such excursions. I’m hopeful that this is a one-off thing. We all admire the Obamas for keeping their girls grounded and wisely resisting the lure.

  • isonprize

    What a great series.

    While most kids may not be Stephen Stafford, they are definitely capable of much more than we ask of them academically.

    Take geometry as an example. We teach young children their shapes. Circles, squares triangles. Why stop there? In basic language, we could easily teach the properties of lengths, areas, and volumes.

    A child can learn that a circle is flat and has an area. (How big is that circle?)

    But that same child can learn that a ball is similar to a circle, but it takes up space (volume). A softball has more volume than a marble.

    Don’t get me started on how we DON’T educate our children! Then add “special education” to the mix, and I’ma have to go off!!

    • Worldwatcher7

      One trillion likes. Please tell me that you are planning a series of math videos for children.


    New York Post Columnist Alleges White House Aide Called Reporter ‘C*nt’
    by Tommy Christopher | 12:12 pm, March 4th, 2013

    …Over the weekend, New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan lit another flickering can of Sterno under the story by mixing several mild on-the-record claims with one completely unsourced “bombshell”:

    Finally, this week, reporters are pushing back. Even Jonathan Alter — who frequently appears on the Obama-friendly MSNBC — came forward to say he, too, had been treated horribly by the administration for writing something they didn’t like.

    “There is a kind of threatening tone that, from time to time — not all the time — comes out of these guys,” Alter said this week. During the 2008 campaign swing through Berlin, Alter said that future White House press secretary Robert Gibbs disinvited him from a dinner between Obama and the press corps over it.

    “I was told ‘Don’t come,’ in a fairly abusive e-mail,” he said. “[It] made what Gene Sperling wrote [to Woodward] look like patty-cake.”

    …But then, Callahan takes the premise over the shark with this unsourced tidbit:

    “I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.” He complained and was told the matter would be investigated: “They were hemming and hawing, saying, ‘We’ll look into it.’ Nothing happened.”

    …Update: Robert Gibbs says he doesn’t recall the Alter email. “I have no memory of it – I had a running dispute in late Spring with Newsweek and editors that resulted in me pulling them out of some events – not sure if it was related to that or not,” Gibbs told me via email. What was the dispute with Newsweek over? “I thought they were overly fixated on their belief that Obama couldn’t win working class voters.”


    Shame on Jonathan Alter for helping to push the media’s narrative that PBO is Suge Knight and the WH is Death Row Records.

    • Miranda

      “I thought they were overly fixated on their belief that Obama couldn’t win working class voters.”

      I wish I could hug Gibbs for dissing Newsweek over that.

    • TresL

      If true, she shouldn’t be offended because just last week I was told the use of the word was no big deal and just an exercise of free speech. So, move along; nothing to see here.

      • isonprize

        My thoughts exactly.

        Being called a cunt is no big deal, right? RIGHT???

    • jziglar

      The MSM is pathetic. They carry water for the GOP and then expect good treatment from the Obama administration. Fuck the WHPC !

      • The media accuses PBO of being “thin-skinned” but they’re the ones whining about criticism coming from the WH.

    • QOakaJP

      Funny how this story comes out as people are publicly pushing back against sex-based insults to our women and girls. Almost as if to say, ” oh, ‘Obama voters’ think calling Quvenzhané Wallis the c-word is bad? Check out what ‘his’ people call US!”

      Am I reading too much into it?

      • Tafr

        Thank You! I thought it was odd as well QOakaJP they are not fooling anyone with that shit. So they call PBO sexist for not hiring enough white women yet this reporter sat on an email with the Obama staff calling her a cunt. They are full of shit and no you are not reading too much into this. They really think we are stupid.

      • Ebogan63


      • conlakappa

        No, you’re not. And if this grown-assed woman was maligned in that way by the White House or any other house, we’d have heard about it.

    • aleth

      Well Cunt is a great word per the feminist movement… so move on nothing to see…

    • GN

      These fucking narcissists! The fourth estate is the #1 reason that this country is struggling rather than riding out a pure golden age ushered in by the most effective POTUS of this generation. From furthering lies to launch war on Iraq to their covering for Mendacious Mitt and to now even flat-out lying to create some bullshit hype “bullying” narrative—this is absolutely disgusting. Self-important narcissists with paper thin skins and egos the size of Valhalla. National disgrace.

      • isonprize



        (memories of high school English Lit class…)

    • aleth

      I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.” He complained and was told the matter would be investigated: “They were hemming and hawing, saying, ‘We’ll look into it.’ Nothing happened


      These WHPC would have reported this shit if it were true.. it will be election 2012 expose.

      WHPC are full of shit.. .NO ONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE OR PUPLIC RESPECTS YOU… RELEASE THE EMAILS if they exist. Stay lying.

      Woodward was exposed so they are all running for cover. Alter— NO MORE OBAMA EXCLUSIVES for you no matter what you do. Complain all you want.

      • Admiral_Komack

        “I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.”

        -Interesting that there are no names.
        “I had a young reporter (…)”: What was her name?
        “(…) they were trying to bully her.”: Who’s “they”?

      • isonprize

        RELEASE THE EMAILS if they exist.



        • AxelFoley

          BANG, right there!

      • AxelFoley

        Thank you! If insulted them in e-mails, release them muhfuckas. Release them!

        Yeah, you can’t, because the shit don’t exist.

        I WISH someone would call them out on this. But, that would require people doing their jobs.

    • Town

      So how come this email never surfaced during either campaign?

      • Admiral_Komack

        White House Press Corpse:

        “Because…because…shut up, that’s why!”

    • Kennymack1971

      They can get the entire fuck outta here with that bullshit. I’m supposed to believe that a press corps that by David Gregorys own admission doesn’t like the President or his administration would sit on a story about someone from the WH calling a reporter a c**t? Sheeeeit. This is all about the media being butthurt that this President the BLACK President doesn’t kowtow to them and kiss their asses. Fuck each and every last one of them.

  • rikyrah

    A tale of two falsehoods
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 8:33 AM EST.

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan and House Speaker John Boehner both recently appeared on Sunday shows, made claims that were not true, and got caught. But it’s worth pausing to appreciate how the two responded to the ensuing controversy.

    Duncan, about a week ago, told CBS that “as many as 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs” as a consequence of the sequestration cuts. He added, “There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can’t come back this fall.”

    This was fact-checked and proven to be incorrect. When pressed for an explanation, Duncan acknowledged that he’d made a mistake, apologized, and set the record straight.

    Seven days later, Boehner told NBC, “[T]here’s no plan from Senate Democrats or the White House to replace the sequester.” This, too, was fact-checked and also proven to be incorrect. Asked for an explanation, Boehner acknowledged that he’d made a mistake, apologized, and set the record straight.

    No, I’m just kidding. Boehner’s office actually doubled-down on the lie, saying the falsehood is true if Republicans are allowed to change the meaning of basic words.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – -☻JUST Sooo PROUD of YOUNG –GIFTED annnd -BLACK – — Stephen Stafford II – – -Wooo! Hoo! —The triple-major child prodigy is becoming a sensation at Morehouse College. — -SUCH an INSPIRATION.
    — -THANK U 4 THIS SERIES miranda. :>) – –

    — -☻ENJOY YOUR TREAT. :>) [Brrr. .] :>) -B BLESSED 2-DAY

  • rikyrah

    More Than Gimmicks: How Obama’s Tech Tools Are Shifting the Debate

    // Critics deride the White House’s fondness for platforms like Google Plus and web petitions, but they’re proving potent tools for surfacing issues the media would otherwise ignore.

    Just 10 days after a petition supporting cell phone unlocking posted to the White House’s We the People site surpassed the 100,000-signature mark that triggers an official response, the Obama Administration today replied, saying, “The White House agrees with the 114,000 of you who believe that consumers should be able to unlock their cell phones without risking criminal or other penalties.” (The technologists organizing around the petition had offered an incentive: They’d jailbreak one phone for anyone who’d contribute a signature.) The response is signed by R. David Edelman, a senior White House adviser on Internet policy who is just a half-dozen years removed from his senior year at Yale. A pro-unlocking policy, said the statement, is “common sense, crucial for protecting consumer choice, and important for ensuring we continue to have the vibrant, competitive wireless market that delivers innovative products and solid service to meet consumers’ needs.” //

    • GN

      Absolutely revolutionary.

      • conlakappa

        With the basic common sense of meeting people where they are. Stay stuck to the past, reporters with your dead-tree editions.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — -GR8 ECONOMIC NEWS :>) – – –

    Dow to Open Within Reach of Record High

    – – — – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 14,127 yesterday, just 37 points short of its highest-ever close of 14,164, which was set in 2007. Stock index futures at 7 a.m. EST indicate that the Dow may open 0.21% higher this morning, leaving it within touching distance of a new closing record. The S&P 500 is also expected to open up by 0.21% today, although it remains well below its all-time high of 1,576.

    — -Annnd it DID OPEN 2-DAY at its HIGHEST — –14,222 –Woo! Hoo! — -SMILE — -MR. PRESIDENT. :>)

    –[Gotta “bounce” early. MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’ U – -IN MY♥] — –

    • Guns3000

      When the Dow is in the toilet they blame Obama but I don’t hear them when the Dow is at all time highs.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Guns3000. ***BIG HUG** :>)- —

        – ——***fist bump*** – — -:>)

        – — –The Sound of Silence – – -OF COURSE!!- – -geesh!

        – — -Good 2 C U Guns3000. :>)

  • isonprize

    We are ON IT in Philadelphia.

    The state-run 5 member School Reform Commission (SRC) is talking about closing 25+ schools in Philadelphia. Mostly in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, NONE in the Northeast neighborhood of Philadelphia, the ‘whitest’ neighborhood in the city. The original list was 40+ schools.

    There seems to be a mysterious formula for how schools make (or don’t make) the list, though speculation is rampant about which charter school operators and near-by universities have ‘dibs’ on which schools. Real estate developers are rumored to have ‘eyes’ on valuable property in neighborhoods being gentrified.

    While parents recognize that there are schools in disrepair with bad reputations for both academics and violence, the closing plans don’t propose anything better for the students whose schools are being closed.

    Parent and SRC member Sylvia Simms takes Dr. Hite, the Superintendent of Schools, and others on a walk through her neighborhood. The route would be a new one for children from a school on the close list; just shy of the 1.5 miles necessary for yellow school bus transportation.

    A look at a scary walk by students
    To explore worries on getting to a new school if Peirce is shut, Hite and others walked the route.

    We are NOT going down without a fight!!

    • MsKitty

      Y’all go and do the damn thing. It seems like the Superintendent and Mayor Nutter thought they could sleep on the parents and let these closures go through easy peasy. They are messing with the wrong ones.

      • isonprize

        Ms Kitty, I’m sure you know that this happening in big city after big city, especially in states with Republican governors.

        Somehow, the suburbs don’t seem to have these issues (yet…) I wonder why?? HHHhhhmmmmm….

        Plenty of folks are answering the call, but there are plenty more who REALLY need to wake up and stop voting against their own self-interests.

        ETA: Oh, and you really don’t want me to get started on Mayor Nutter. Who RAN on SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

    • rikyrah

      keep on fighting.

      this is such bullshyt.

      you all know it.

      expose these mofos

  • rikyrah

    Jeb Bush causes quite a stir

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 8:00 AM EST

    We talked yesterday about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and his decision to drop his support for a pathway to citizenship in immigration reform, despite having pushed the opposite line for years. The Republican’s shift has caused quite a stir, especially among reform proponents who now feel betrayed by a man they had considered a key ally.

    But there’s one group of folks who seem even more outraged: Mitt Romney’s campaign team.

    The revelations angered top advisors to Mitt Romney, who felt that Bush went out of his way to make statements during the campaign that undermined the former Republican presidential candidate’s campaign by seeming to urge a softer approach to immigration.
    “Where the hell was this Jeb Bush during the campaign?” said one advisor. “He spent all this time criticizing Romney and it turns out he has basically the same position. So he wants people to go back to their country and apply for citizenship? Well, that’s self deportation. We got creamed for talking about that. And now Jeb is saying the same thing.

    • Guns3000

      He is bring attention for his new book.

      • conlakappa

        Jeb 2016: the stank of my brother is almost gone!

        • AxelFoley


          I think Jeb thinks a little Febreze is gonna cover the funk of his brother’s reign of terror.

          Shit ain’t happenin’, brah!

  • qosine

    This is just a wonderful series!

  • rikyrah

    When the ‘candidate of the people’ shtick doesn’t work

    By Steve Benen
    Mon Mar 4, 2013 3:40 PM EST.

    Campaigning is already well underway in Massachusetts, which will hold its Senate special election primaries next month, before the June 25 general election. With this in mind, there was a Republican straw poll held over the weekend, which state Rep. Dan Winslow won.

    There was, however, a question about the event’s location: Republicans gathered at a yacht club in the state’s Northeast corner.

    Winslow … said he thought the event sent the wrong message.

    “They gave us three minutes to speak today; three minutes is longer than I ever wanted to spend in a yacht club,” Winslow said. “I am not a tea and crumpets Republican.”


    Winslow’s professed enmity toward yacht clubs is apparently newly found: as recently as 2011, the candidate disclosed that he served on the board of directors for the Pamet Harbor Yacht & Tennis Club.

    • conlakappa

      Duh, there are yachts and there are yacht-yachts, he says while adjusting his monocle and cigarette holder, ascot slightly askew…

  • Miranda

    Put me down for Team Kendrick Lamar!

    Challenging The Status Quo: Rapper Kendrick Lamar Requests Dark-Skinned Video Model [VIDEO]

    While rappers Lil Wayne and Wale have played their part in reinforcing the cultural stereotype that only Black women with lighter complexions are desirable, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar purposely challenged that norm by rejected a female lead with lighter skin in favor of darker-skinned model, Brittany Sky, reports Black Enterprise.

    “We had another girl for the lead but I had an idea where I just wanted a little bit of a darker tone [girl] in the video,“ Kendrick tells Miss Info. “It’s almost like a color blind industry where there’s only one type of appeal to the camera.“
    “I give [Brittany] the credit, too, for just being there, and being a natural, genuine young lady. She wasn’t all in the open, trying to jump in [front] of the camera. She was cool, just chilling. I always kept in the back of my mind like ‘you don’t ever see this tone of a woman in videos. ‘” Kendrick says, “No disrespect, I love all women, period. But at the same time, I still feels like it needs that balance.“

    In a Twitter discussion with Miss Info, he clarified that he wasn’t trying to engage in the ‘Light Skin vs. Dark Skin’ debate, but standing up for equality:
    Kendrick Lamar✔ @kendricklamar
    Not Light “Vs” Dark tho. More about “BALANCE”..Givn every shade of woman life, not jus what da industry thinks is “Hott” 4 camera. @missinfo

    more here:

    • Town

      Why should Kendrick Lamar have to defend choosing a model that’s the same complexion he is?

    • AxelFoley

      Word up. Every shade of women are beautiful. Every shade of black women are beautiful.

  • rikyrah

    john miller @deaconmill

    Dow hits all time high. Blame Obama chants being heard from the Right. Obama’s a failure as a socialist chants being heard from the left.

    3:12 PM – 05 Mar 13

  • rikyrah

    Conservative media keeps stumbling, falling
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 10:10 AM EST.

    Just a few days before Election Day 2012, The Daily Caller, a far-right outlet created by Tucker Carlson, ran with an exclusive scoop: Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), running for re-election, had allegedly paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic. Other conservative media outlets immediately pounced on the story, finding it entirely credible.

    Even at the time, there was ample room for skepticism, not just because of the convenient timing of the report or the sketchy reputation of Carlson’s outlet, but because, as Mariah Blake noted, the “controversy” appeared to be based on non-existent evidence.

    Late yesterday, the allegations completely unraveled.

    An escort who appeared on a video claiming that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) paid her for sex has told Dominican authorities that she was instead paid to make up the claims and has never met or seen the senator, according to court documents and two people briefed on her claim.

    The woman said a local lawyer had approached her and a fellow escort and asked them to help frame Menendez and a top donor, Salomon Melgen, according to affidavits obtained by The Washington Post.

  • rikyrah

    Congressional Lies are Propagated by the Media

    Boehner Lies

    Boehner lies. When he says, “the House has already passed two budgets”…he’s lying. A new Congressional session began in January and this session, the House has not met its Constitutional obligation. When he whines that the Senate hasn’t passed a budget…he’s lying. The Constitution directs that appropriation bills “must” originate in the House. When Boehner says the sequester was the President’s idea…he’s lying. After negotiations, he said he got 98% of what he wanted, so it’s 98% his. When Boehner says the President has no plan…he’s lying. The plan is posted right on the White Boehner lies. What’s worse is the media and pundits repeat the same narrative or fail to push back when he just flat-out lies to the public.

    They should know, the House and Senate must agree on a budget to fund the government. When they cannot, both chambers sign off on continuing resolutions that provide funding for existing federal programs at current, reduced, or expanded levels. This scenario has persisted for 14 years. In fact, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, in the past 26 years, Congress has passed a budget only three times, in 1989, 1995 and 1997. So why all the hype about budgetary failure and expired deadlines? Because they know the public doesn’t know, so they tell us whatever narrative advances their argument and the media helps.

    The Deficit Lie

  • rikyrah

    Republican goal to balance budget could mean deep cuts to health programs

    By Lori Montgomery,

    Published: March 4

    Anxiety is rising among House Republicans about a strategy of appeasement toward fiscal hard-liners that could require them to embrace not only the sequester but also sharp new cuts to federal health and retirement programs.

    Letting the sequester hit was just the first step in a pact forged in January between conservative leaders and Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) to keep the government open and the nation out of default. Now comes step 2: adopting a budget plan that would wipe out deficits entirely by 2023.

    The strategy runs counter to warnings from prominent Republicans such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal against becoming “the party of austerity.” Just as GOP lawmakers are tacitly endorsing sequester cuts to the Pentagon, long a sacred cow, they fear the balanced-budget goal will force them to abandon a campaign pledge not to reduce Medicare benefits for those who are now 55 and older.

    “I know a number of people who have real concerns about where this is going,” said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), who said Medicare cuts targeting people as old as 58 are under discussion.

    “One of the last presidents to balance the budget was Herbert Hoover,” King added darkly, referring to the penny-pinching Republican blamed for deepening the Great Depression.

  • Admiral_Komack

    Despite the tremendous risk, African American women marched for suffrage, too
    By Michelle Bernard, Published: MARCH 03, 11:47 PM ET

    One hundred years ago this month, 5,000 women marched on Washington.

    The Women’s Suffrage Parade, organized by activist Alice Paul in support of a constitutional amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote, took place one day before Woodrow Wilson became the 28th president of the United States.

    On March 3, 1913, protesters were pushed, shoved, tripped, spat upon and injured and the police “didn’t hold the mobs back.”

    Mary Walton described what these women faced:

    “The violence erupted minutes after the parade began. The crowd broke through steel cables and spilled into the street. Men, many of them drunk, spit at the marchers and grabbed their clothing, hurled insults and lighted cigarettes, snatched banners and tried to climb floats. Police did little to keep order. Observed one of Paul’s supporters, ‘I did not know men could be such fiends.’ ”

    • Miranda

      So, despite the fact that the right to vote was no less important to black women than it was to black men and white women, African American women were told to march at the back of the parade with a black procession.

      Same shit, different day.

      • Admiral_Komack


      • jds09

        When I worked at a white, liberal, feminist organization they did NOT want to talk about THIS. You want to make a Becky tear up or go into deep denial bring up this subject.

      • AxelFoley


        Not surprising, tho. The more things change…

  • Miranda

    Bill Cosby Slams Republicans Who Sat Through SOTU: As Bad As Civil Rights-Era Segregationists

    One of the key issues currently being decided by the Supreme Court is whether or not racism has ended sufficiently to gut the Voting Rights Act, or as conservative hero Justice Antonin Scalia calls it, “racial entitlement.”

    On Monday morning’s Starting Point on CNN, legendary comic actor Bill Cosby illustrated the question beautifully when Republican former Congressman Connie Mack (R-FL) expressed surprise at long-ago racism, and Cosby pointed out that things aren’t that different today.

    more here:

    • I’m so glad Mr. Cosby put Connie Mack in his place. But it goes to show you how white people ignore and dismiss our struggles against their racist system.

  • Miranda

    Folks losing their damn minds

    Florida woman brandishes gun at Walmart staff over rejected $1 coupon

    Police arrested a 61-year-old Florida woman for allegedly pointing a gun at Walmart employees, threatening them after the store refused to honor her coupon for $1 off of a purchase and later attacking authorities.

    The Smoking Gun reported on Monday that Mary Frances Alday was arrested on March 1 and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count apiece of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence stemming from a confrontation in which she allegedly took a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber gun out of her car and pointing it at the staff saying, “I have something for y’all.”

    more here

    • Irony.

    • Town

      The only thing that stops a bad cashier rejecting your coupon is a good guy with a gun.

    • jds09

      Her freedums were being trampled upon. I assume she was white cause there was no picture in the article.

    • dannie22

      i guess she really needed that dollar off. or she been watching too many clint eastwood movies

    • Aquagranny911

      JEEZE LOWEEZ!!! One more reason to avoid Walmart!

  • Miranda

    Zimmerman Stuns Court, Waives Right to ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearing in Trayvon Martin Case

    George Zimmerman’s attorneys stunned court observers Tuesday when they waived their client’s right to a “Stand Your Ground” hearing slated for April that might have led to a dismissal of the charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin a year ago.

    However, the defense lawyers didn’t say whether they would waive the immunity hearing outright. They left open the possibility for that hearing to be rolled into Zimmerman’s second degree murder trial. Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch captain in his Florida subdivision, shot and killed the teen, who was visiting a house in the area.

    The move allows the defense more time to prepare for the trial this summer, but also raises the stakes.

    more here:–abc-news-topstories.html

    • GN

      He does not have a Stand Your Ground defense, he never did. He is the cold-blooded murderer of an unarmed, defenseless teen. The national media is f-ing sick carrying water for this depraved bum.

      • Aquagranny911

        Gracias! You said it for me. This scumbucket is going DOWN!

  • isonprize

    POU family,

    Here’s a petition that I can work with!! It’s a little wordy, but you get the point.

    To make it ILLEGAL for companies or businesses to discriminate against POTENTIAL NEW HIRES with Bad Credit

    Today we are finding out more and more people are unable to find work because of bad credit and its especially hitting those who have been out of work for year or longer. I have read horror stories of people who are were qualified for the job, went in for the interview, got hired and then was informed that because of their credit, they were immediately terminated. That is not fair and it is the reason why so many people like myself are unable to find a job. We as a society should give people who have been down on their luck another chance especially if they were unable to pay their bills due to circumstances beyond their control.

    • QOakaJP

      I’ll sign! I think it’s disturbing that the economic system that was set up for failure and guilty of so much abuse, especially against those who could least afford it, would not punish those same victims by denying them the chance to get out of that hole with employment. And the cycle continues.

    • Ebogan63

      Glad to see this go national, we have a law here in OR forbidding this sort of practice

    • Aquagranny911

      I’ll sign! This is a horrible practice which should never have been legal anywhere.

    • Guns3000

      I’m a bit conflicted on this. Some jobs I think credit history is useful in determining the judgement and character of a person. I don’t think it should be system where employers look at credit scores and summarily dismiss candidates. There should be careful examination on why their credit report looks the way it does. For example, do you have a terrible credit score because an ex-spouse left you with a mortgage you couldn’t afford on your own or because you spent extravagantly on credit cards without any intention of paying the bill.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda: – — –Woo! Hoo! —SPEAKIN’ of – -the ACADEMICALLY — TALENTED- — :>) – – –

    – — –Hacking the Science of Black Nerds – — –

    – – —–Ahead of SXSW this week, the women behind Blerdology talk hacking, technology and embracing your inner geek.
    Kat Calvin and Amanda Spann are proud to host what they call “giant geek parties.” Black nerds — or blerds as they call themselves — are now the cool kids.
    – — -Calvin and Spann run Blerdology: The Science of Black Nerds, formerly known as #BlackGirlsHack, an organization that celebrates and enhances the Black tech community.
    They hope to provide a safe space for people of color who are interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and who may not feel like they fit in the often white world of technology.

    “I feel like STEM is the new Black,” says Kat Calvin, 29, founder of Blerdology. “There are a lot more blerds/Black techies/people who are in the Black tech and the STEM community out there than people think.”
    Blerdology hosted its first hackathon in Atlanta in November. Fifty Black coders and developers created mobile apps and competed to win the hackathon championship. Ama Marfo, whose team created a website for her Airfordable company, was declared the winner. A successful startup investor was in attendance and said he has plans to invest in her company.

    “It’s a really amazing thing to actually help someone put the pieces together and build something that may become the next high growth company in this country,” says Amanda Spann, 26, PR coordinator for Blerdology.


    ——- –November 23, 2009
    President Obama Launches “Educate to Innovate” Campaign for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (Stem) Education
    – – -Woo! Hoo!!

    • isonprize

      Okay, I love the focus on Blacks in STEM, but I’m tired, tired, TIRED!! of “______________(fill in the blank) is the new black.” Stop it. PLEASE stop.

      Black is black is black. STILL black. Was black, am black, will be black.

      Nothing replaces being black. NOTHING.

  • This might not end well…

    Charlie Kaye ‏@CharlieKayeCBS
    CBS’s Carter Yang confirms the TSA will allow air passengers to carry some previously banned items, like small pocket knives, on flights.

    • Miranda

      Oh….this WON’T end well.

    • conlakappa

      In a flying world where we have people slapping babies and flight attendants cussing out passengers, no, no good can come from this.

      • Aquagranny911

        I don’t know…carrying a small pocket knife is sort of a guy thing, at least from my generation. Hubby howled like a wounded ape when airport people tried to confiscate the pocket knife his abuelo gave him for his eighth birthday. This was shortly after all the paranoia started & Hubby had absentmindedly added the knife to his pocket contents & then put all that male pocket stuff in their little bucket. He’s lucky he didn’t get arrested, imo!

        We missed our flight because he refused to give it up & had to wait for my niece to drive to the airport & take charge of this so precious item. He still whines about not being able to carry his “precious” whenever we fly.

        I do have mixed feelings on this issue. Being a somewhat frequent flyer from AZ to CO. I do resent the indignities foisted on us in the name of SAFETY.

        • conlakappa

          And men of that generation might be sensible. I used to carry a small knife while traveling overseas, it was for impromptu picnics. I just don’t trust the short on temper and short on time.

    • isonprize

      What is WRONG with people???

      Keep banning the pocket knives.


      (…hidden racism…)

      • Aquagranny911

        I hear you! The bag I take when I fly is the same one I lug around when I have the grandkiddos. So, I have to chunk out the hand sanitizer, lotion, chap sticks, neosporin, sun screen, juice boxes etc before I can get on the plane.

        I really resent not being able to bring a bottle of water from home, especially when the airport gouges people at 3 to 4 dollars for a bottle of water. I bring an empty bottle and fill it at a water fountain when I can.

        Making everyone remove their shoes & tromp around on filthy carpet makes me gag.

      • Miranda


  • rikyrah

    Cornyn’s secret sources
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 10:48 AM EST.

    A few years ago, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) told voters she’d heard about immigrants who were responsible for “beheadings” in the Arizona desert, a claim that the governor apparently made up out of whole cloth. The Republican later conceded, “That was an error, if I said that.”

    The moral of the story was obvious: don’t make stuff up about border crimes; the claims are too easy to check. It’s a lesson Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) didn’t learn.

    • Aquagranny911

      Hah! That “beheadings” caca was enough to get her elected even though she is more ignorant than Palin & bombed in the one debate she would agree to.

      The estupidos here love that gory stuff. It re-enforces their bigotry.

      • conlakappa

        The right wingers are big into snuff, as a concept and as a visual expression. Death is the ultimate turn-on.

  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU!

    It’s a great day! Daughter walked over 30 feet this morning, using a walker but still a big deal. We are so pleased!

    Miranda, I emailed a link to this diary about young Mr Stafford II to my oldest grandson. He tends to be lazy in his schoolwork & needs some encouragement, lol!

    • qosine

      How wonderful, AG!

    • isonprize

      YAY!!!! Nice and easy does it!!

      30 feet!! inch by inch, step by step!!

    • Alma98

      That’s great AG! As our VP would say IABFD!

    • rikyrah

      wonderful, AG.

      God brings the blessings.

    • Admiral_Komack

      I wish your daughter continued success.

    • MsKitty

      Great news!

    • vulcan_girl

      Great news!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Aquagranny911♥.- —THANK the LORD!!- — PRAYERS ANSWERED.- –:>)– – –

      BLESS ALL as U continue 2 B- – -on the MEND!! – – -AMEN.:>)- —

      —***BIG HUGS*** :>)- – –

    • Miranda


      And so glad to hear about your daughter’s continued recovery!!

    • MonieTalks

      Wonderful AG!

    • AxelFoley


    • That’s great news, AG!!

    • dannie22

      thats tremendous progress!!

    • sagittarius

      Great news!

    • Worldwatcher7

      So thankful for this AWESOME news.

  • Alma98

    Coming in from snow blowing, good afternoon everyone.

    • goldenstar

      I just did a baseline shovel so it’s not too much when I do another round in 2 hours.

      • Alma98

        LOL! I love our single stage blower it’s fast and blows snow far. I got so carried away I did three neighbors front sidewalk. lol

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — –WOW&1/2- — She a – –“DANCIN’ MACHINE- — -WATCH HER – – -GET DOWN.- –:>) – –

    – —Meet Terra, the Six-Year-Old Champion Breakdancer [VIDEO]– –

    – — If you watch only one breakdancing video today, let it be this one of 6-year-old Bgirl Terra vanquishing the competition at Chelles Battle Pro 2013′s “Baby Battle.” Good luck picking your jaw up off the floor afterwards.– –

    – — -Hope she doesn’t GROW UP 2 fast. :>)- —

    • isonprize

      The announcer is speaking French? I wonder where this was held.

      The young boy is actually pretty good, but that babygirl got skills!!

    • Alma98

      Go head baby girl!

  • rikyrah

    Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?
    Ari Berman February 5, 2013 | This article appeared in the February 25, 2013 edition of The Nation


    Attorney General Eric Holder has called Section 5 the “keystone of our voting rights,” and the Justice Department and voting rights groups have argued that it is an essential tool for dismantling barriers to the ballot box. “The record compiled by Congress demonstrates that, without the continuation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 protections, racial and language minority citizens will be deprived of the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, or will have their votes diluted, undermining the significant gains made by minorities in the last forty years,” Congress stated in reauthorizing the act in 2006. The disappearance of Section 5 would be a devastating setback for voting rights—akin to the way the Citizens United decision eviscerated campaign finance regulation—and would greenlight the kind of voter suppression attempts that proved so unpopular in 2012.

    Overturning Section 5 is in many respects the most important battle in the GOP’s war on voting. As Holder noted in a recent speech, there have been more lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Section 5 over the past two years than during the previous four decades. Section 5 is in the gravest danger at a moment in contemporary history when it’s needed the most.

    Read on

  • rikyrah

    McConnell condemns Obama for thinking like McConnell
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 12:51 PM EST.

    Around 2 a.m. on Election Night, President Obama delivered a stirring victory speech in Chicago, and one of the very first things he did after leaving the stage was call House Democratic leaders Steve Israel and Nancy Pelosi. Why? Because Obama wanted to stress his interest in the 2014 midterms.

    It wasn’t a fleeting moment. The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the president is heavily focused on taking a direct, hands-on role in helping elect a Democratic House majority in 2014. The article noted, “This approach marks a significant shift in the way Obama has worked with a divided Congress. He has compromised and badgered, but rarely — and never so early — campaigned to change its composition.”

    Putting aside the electoral conditions — Steve Kornacki makes a persuasive case that the numbers probably aren’t there for Democrats — Obama’s ambitions are understandable. The clock is ticking on his presidency, and meaningful progress on his top priorities is extremely difficult so long as radicalized congressional Republicans dominate the House of Representatives.

    It’s difficult, in other words, to blame Obama for focusing his attention on the last election cycle of his presidency. Then again, some Republicans don’t find it difficult at all.

  • rikyrah

    Taking welfare drug tests to the national level

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 11:40 AM EST

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) idea of mandating drug tests for welfare applicants failed miserably. Only about 2% of applicants tested positive, and Florida lost money when it was forced to reimburse everyone else for the cost of the drug test, plus pay for staff and administrative costs for the drug-testing program. Making matters worse, the courts rejected the law, forcing its demise.

    And yet, at least one member of Congress hopes to take the failed Florida policy to the national level.

    Rep. Stephen Fincher’s (R-Tenn.) bill would require states to randomly test 20 percent of people receiving benefits from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, which spends roughly $16 billion per year supporting poverty-stricken parents with monthly checks averaging $392.

    “Currently the federal government enables drug abusers a safety-net by allowing them to participate in the TANF program,” Fincher said in a statement. “Instead of having to make the hard-choice between drugs and other essential needs, abusers are able to rely on their monthly check to help them pay their bills.”

    The Republican congressman realizes his idea, if implemented, would be legally problematic, so he intends to remedy these concerns by requiring welfare beneficiaries to sign “a waiver of constitutional rights” with respect to drug testing. (Note to Rep. Fincher: Americans who are legally entitled to a public benefit cannot be forced to waive their constitutional rights in order to receive the benefit. Just FYI.)

    • Aquagranny911

      When can we start drug testing Congress? Other government employees get random drug tests. Why not Congress. Just asking…

      • Admiral_Komack

        Twelfth Of Never.

        • Aquagranny911


  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Oh, how I wish Tucker Carlson would sing this about the hooker story.

    • Miranda


  • dannie22

    these posts about the young child prodigies is so inspiring.

  • rikyrah

    Sequestration And How The ‘Liberal Media’ Keep Blaming Obama For Republican Behavior

    By ERIC BOEHLERT Media Matters


    Here’s what the prism looks like, and here’s what it’s looked like for the last four years: Blame Obama for Republican obstinacy. (Or, as a backup: Both sides are to blame!)

    And remember, most of the pundits currently taking misguided aim at Obama on sequestration are part of the supposedly “liberal media” cabal, the one that conservatives insist protect Obama at any cost.
    So, because Obama, who just won an electoral landslide re-election, wasn’t willing to concede to Republicans everything they wanted, the sequester impasse was reached and $85 billion worth of across-the-board spending cuts went into effect. From those facts, too many pundits have rushed in to blame Obama. Why him? Because he hasn’t been able to change Republican behavior. He wasn’t able to get them to agree to a bipartisan solution.

    Question: If you’re an obstructionist Republican and the press blames Obama for your actions, why would you ever change your obstructionist ways? Answer: You wouldn’t. And they haven’t.

  • rikyrah

    The domestic policy the GOP wants to spend money on

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Mar 5, 2013 2:26 PM EST

    Congressional Republicans have made it rather clear that they’re eager, almost desperate, to slash public investments. For political reasons, they’re often reluctant to say which investments they want to cut, but if it’s a domestic priority, chances are, GOP lawmakers believe it’s currently receiving too much money.

    As it turns out, there is an exception.

    Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.) on Monday called for the creation of a new federal grant program that would spend half a billion dollars to educate teenagers about why they should not have sex before marriage.

    In a speech on the House floor, Hultgren cited a Centers for Disease Control report from mid-February that said young adults account for 50 percent of all sexually transmitted disease infections.

    According to Hultgren, for every dollar that goes to “risk-avoidance” education (i.e., abstinence education), $16 goes to “contraceptive-centered education.”

    • Aquagranny911

      Hola Teens!

      “I am your sex educator for today. Just say NO to sex with each other! It’s okay to masturbate until the goatfiggers pass a law against that. Enjoy yourselves while you can!”

  • rikyrah
    • Whoa at that “Rope” pic. I wasn’t expecting that. Damn. *smh*

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • goldenstar

    WOW. I did not realize that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. entered Morehouse College at age 15. Wow.

  • Admiral_Komack

    Well, it’s PETA fund-raising time!

    Michael Vick spotted at PetSmart attending dog-training classes

    Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a little of free time on his hands before he begins his quarterback competition with Nick Foles, so what better way to use your time wisely then to sign your family and yourself up for some dog-training classes?