July 21, 2017

Tuesday Open Thread: Black Women in the Legal Academy

A leading voice for social justice, Michelle Alexander is a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate, and legal scholar who currently holds a joint appointment at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University.

Prior to joining the Kirwan Institute and the Moritz College of Law, Professor Alexander was an Associate Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, where she directed the Civil Rights Clinics. Under her leadership, law students participated in major civil rights cases and learned how litigation can be used as a tool to achieve social change.

Professor Alexander peels back the curtain on systemic racism in the American prison system in the pivotal New York Times best-seller The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. The book is considered one of the top  books of 2010 and won the NAACP Image Award for “outstanding literary work of non-fiction.”

In it, she argues that systemic racial discrimination in the United States has resumed following the Civil Rights Movement’s gains; the resumption is embedded in the US War on Drugs and other governmental policies and is having devastating social consequences. She considers the scope and impact of this current law enforcement, legal and penal activity to be comparable with that of the Jim Crow laws of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Professor Alexander is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Vanderbilt University.  Following law school, she was a law clerk for Justice Harry Blackmun at the U. S. Supreme Court.  She served for several years as director of the Racial Justice Project at the ACLU of Northern California, which spearheaded a national campaign against racial profiling by law enforcement.  She has litigated numerous class action discrimination cases and worked on criminal justice reform issues. .

Michelle Alexander married Carter Mitchell Stewart in 2002. Currently, Stewart serves as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio. In addition to his regular duties, he now serves on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, a group of 16 U.S. Attorneys appointed by Attorney General Holder who regularly meet in Washington, DC to provide advice and counsel to the Attorney General on a variety of policy, personnel, and budget issues.

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      writes the man who admitted to voting for George W. Bush..

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    Today is the 13th Birthday for First Daughter Natasha ‘Sasha’ Obama.

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    Rihanna, Chris Martin go on friendly dinner date

    Dinner for two! Rihanna and Chris Martin got dinner together on Sunday, June 8.

    Rihanna, who looked more covered up than usual in a black long sleeve blouse and black skinny pants, joined the Coldplay frontman at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif.

    According to X17online, the duo arrived separately around 9 p.m. and enjoyed each other’s company for two hours sitting at a corner table at the Italian hotspot where Rihanna is a regular

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s estranged husband kept his look casual, donning a T-shirt and jeans.


  • rikyrah

    Halle Berry reaches settlement on child support

    Monday, June 9, 2014, 1:02pm (PDT)

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge has approved a settlement between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend over child support payments for their 6-year-old daughter.

    The agreement approved by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on May 30 calls for Berry to pay ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month or nearly $200,000 a year to support their daughter. The Oscar-winning actress will also pay for their daughter’s tuition, but the former couple will split health care expenses.

    The order also calls for Berry to pay her ex-boyfriend a retroactive payment of $115,000 and $300,000 to his attorneys to cover the costs of their custody dispute.


    • Alma98

      So much I could say but I’ll keep scrolling lol.

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        Why does she have to pay him? Do she not have primary custody?

        • Alma98

          I thought she had custody too.

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  • rikyrah
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      Happy Birthday Sasha!

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    Tampa News@TampaAllNewsFollow

    Dem donor John Morgan blasts ‘irrelevant…irritant’ DNC chair Debbie … – http://MiamiHerald.com (blog) http://bit.ly/1kg2ErX

    11:20 PM – 9 Jun 2014

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    President Barack Obama at Starbucks!

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      LOL The ss guy says stop stop stay where you’re at, the lady in the black top with the white purse is pissed about it.

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  • rikyrah


    Dems in 2014: Incessant talking about whether HRC w/run is a distraction. We have only a few months left to GOTV, give PBO a Dem Congress.

    1:35 AM – 10 Jun 2014

  • rikyrah

    George Will: Focus On Rape Has Made ‘Victimhood A Coveted Status’

    Caitlin MacNeal – June 9, 2014, 11:34 AM EDT

    George Will on Friday became the latest conservative pundit to attempt to debunk sexual assault statistics, arguing that universities’ efforts to address campus rape have made “victimhood a coveted status.”

    In a column for the Washington Post, Will argues that universities are basing their definition of sexual assault on a “Washington” education, which is leading to inflated statistics.

    “They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (‘micro-aggressions,’ often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate,” he wrote.

    Will offers an anecdote from a student at Swarthmore College, in which a woman reported a rape after a former sexual partner wouldn’t take no for an answer. Will implies that because the incident occurred “with a guy with whom she’d been hooking up for three months,” she wasn’t sexually assaulted.

    “I just kind of laid there and didn’t do anything — I had already said no. I was just tired and wanted to go to bed. I let him finish. I pulled my panties back on and went to sleep,” the woman wrote about the encounter.

    “Six weeks later, the woman reported that she had been raped,” Will wrote about the Swarthmore student. “Now the Obama administration is riding to the rescue of ‘sexual assault’ victims. It vows to excavate equities from the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults.”


    • Kennymack1971

      Retire George. Right now.

    • Miranda

      Their hatred for PBO should be studied by the CDC.

      • nellcote

        and Homeland Security.

    • MsKitty

      There are things I could say in terms of ill will befalling him or a female loved one to bring it home, but I won’t.

      • TresL

        I know. These people are so despicable they make you want to wish for something terrible to befall them even though you know you shouldn’t.

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    • creolechild

      Interesting, or should I say, typical that the Clintonistas don’t show PBO the respect due to a sitting president with the shade that’s being thrown his way. She’s entitled to her opinion but it doesn’t give the impression that Hillary has gravitas, only that she is petty, egotistical and entitled. Question: if she was truly Oval Office material why hasn’t she shared her vision of how she would govern and solve the problems we’re facing? I haven’t read not one interview where she delves into policy. Why is that? All the glowing articles, pithy comments about PBO, and so-called “zingers” about members of the GOP can’t disguise the fact that she’s not ready for prime time–she wasn’t then and she isn’t now. Furthermore, she’s attempting to shape the campaign narrative and shield herself from criticism by dredging up the sexism she experienced. Well, if you can’t handle it…don’t run! Like I said yesterday, Miss Ann on steroids, as evidenced by this exchange.

      [….] She clearly has thought a great deal about the missteps that led her to lose the 2008 Democratic contest to Barack Obama, and particularly the aura of inevitability that surrounded and stilted her campaign. She suggested that she had just assumed that Americans knew her and never
      explicitly said, “I don’t take anything for granted. I have to earn your support.”

      If she decided to run in 2016, she said, she would work as “an underdog or any newcomer.” At the same time, she noted the “double standard” that she faced in 2008 and that she said still exists for women in the public eye, offering as an example the constant obsession with her clothes and her hair.[….]

      Read more: http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/politicsnow/la-pn-clinton-says-she-would-run-as-underdog-2016-20140609-story.html

      H/T Maeve Reston

      • MsKitty

        I think the silver lining in all of this is these “revelations,” comments, and Hillary’s demeanor (Miss Ann on steroids…love it) will refresh peoples memories of what went down in 2008 and start giving her the side eye again.

        • TresL

          ITA! The more you see and hear that witch, the more you hate her.

      • rikyrah

        folks need to keep on telling the truth.
        tell it all.

  • Miranda

    I’ve noticed a few times on local news how a reporter will obviously be a ….let’s just say not a fan of PBO and his administration, to the point where a right wing talking point will slip into a story. This morning right before the break, saw this reporter promo the next segment with these words “The economy is still down, the recession still going strong..so why are people getting larger car loans? We’ll find out how they’re doing it next.”


    • AxelFoley

      An icebergslim got the nerve to tell me that PBO and his Administration are always failing to get ahead of the media, even when I pointed out that she fuckin’ KNOWS how our media is with this President.

    • jziglar

      You can make the case that the economy is not exactly where we want it to be, but you can’t say that we are still in a recession. If we were we would have more job losses than gains, and negative growth.
      It will be amazing to see how all of these Obama haters deal with the loss of “boogeyman” Obama in 2017.

      • AxelFoley

        Obama haters on the right AND left.

  • Miranda

    The media continues to force feed a narrative on the Bergdahl swap, running with every right wing talking point as their lead stories and framing it to fit their agenda. Its really repulsive.
    Obama takes hit in new polls over Bergdahl
    By Justin Sink June 10, 2014, 08:37 am

    Americans believe the U.S. paid too high a price in the deal that brought home Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, and largely disapprove of the Obama administration’s handling of the swap, according to a pair of new polls.

    Some 45 percent of those surveyed in a CBS News poll say they disapprove of the detainee swap, with 37 percent backing the move. A sizable 18 percent remain undecided on the issue.

    Those findings are largely echoed by a USA Today / Pew Research poll, which found 43 percent of Americans believe Obama should not have made the trade, with just 34 percent calling it the right thing to do.

    But a significant majority — 72 percent — say President Obama should have informed Congress before approving the deal. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have expressed outrage that the president ignored a legal requirement demanding that Congress is informed 30 days before the transfer of any detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The president freed five Taliban prisoners in captivity there in exchange for Bergdahl.

    A majority of those surveyed also think Obama paid too high a price for his release. Of those surveyed, 56 percent say Obama gave up too much while 28 percent said the terms were reasonable. That includes nearly two-thirds — 65 percent — of veterans who said the price was too high.

    Veterans in the USA Today survey were also among the most likely to express anger with Bergdahl himself, who is accused of abandoning his post in Afghanistan before his capture by the Taliban. Some 33 percent said they were angry with Bergdahl, while just 6 percent said they sympathized with him.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/208767-obama-takes-hit-in-new-polls-over-bergdahl#ixzz34F9iEEBW

    • MsKitty

      It’s to the point now where I don’t even pay it any mind. Look at how much has been thrown at PBO (BTW when was the last time any of these folks have talked about Benghazi?), and yet his overall approval has hovered around 50. I think even the most non-political people have gotten hip to the media’s game (except those who watch Fox News, of course).

    • creolechild

      Too bad Gallup and other polls doesn’t inform the general public that the sample range used in polls are usually anywhere from 100, 600, or 1,000 people and is not a definitive indicator of Americans’ views on any given subject. Polls are simply snapshots of the views held by those who were interviewed…

      And notice what they put at the bottom of the article:

      Despite the public largely disapproving of the president’s handling of the Bergdahl swap, the trade does not seem to have negatively impacted the president’s overall approval rating. A Gallup survey released on Monday found the president’s numbers unchanged over the past month.

    • nellcote

      Speaking of polls. In the local to the Bergdahls Idaho paper, there is a poll that asks “Do you support the trade made to secure the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?”

      Please take a minute and vote. It’s currently showing 85% NO. I know it doesn’t mean anything but it’s just so sad that it’s in their local paper .


      • Alma98

        Those are rwnj’s taking over the poll.

        • nellcote

          Oh I know, but it only takes a couple of clicks to fight back. Like I said, it makes me sad that this is their local paper.

  • Miranda

    Somebody tell this dude he neva gonna be President.
    Christie touring country, reviving 2016 prospects
    Associated Press

    Chris Christie is plunging into what amounts to a cross-country revival tour, looking to recover from a clumsy political scandal and reclaim his place as a promising Republican presidential prospect.

    In one recent week, it was on-the-ground politics in Tennessee and New Mexico. This week, after a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, the New Jersey governor returns to the late night comedy circuit with an appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show.” Then he’ll stop by Mitt Romney’s Utah summit, a private event for donors and GOP establishment leaders, and the week after that he heads to Washington to court Christian conservatives at a national gathering of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

    All the while, he’s raising a record-setting amount of money for other Republicans, and bolstering his political network in all the right places — Iowa and New Hampshire, in particular.

    “As the president’s record continues to get worse, as the Democratic Party brand continues to get worse across the country, this momentum’s going to build,” Christie said recently. “I’ve been looking forward to this year for quite some time.”

    more here: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/christie-back-work-building-2016-coalition-24062039

    • rikyrah

      IT’s sorta funny now.
      Not even funny sad.
      just funny.

    • MsKitty

      He thinks because the wheels of justice are turning slowly that we’ve all forgotten about Bridgegate, so he’s free to start stumping.

      Meanwhile DOJ is in the background quietly taking notes and talking to witnesses…

    • jziglar

      LOL ! What momentum ? He has no chance at the winning the presidency. Also his party isn’t going to win the senate, and I bet that they will lose again in 2016.

  • Miranda

    Shouldn’t he be arrested? I know he’s only confessing cuz he got caught out there hoing and now wanna tell it since the GOP kicking him to the curb, but isn’t this illegal?
    McAllister admits to casting vote for money
    3:21 pm, Fri Jun 6, 2014.
    By Zach Parker zach@ouachitacitizen.com

    Congressman Vance McAllister admitted Thursday to voting against legislation in the U.S. House anticipating he would get a political contribution for his vote.A Republican from Swartz, McAllister spoke about the matter as an example of how “money controls Washington” and how work on Capitol Hill is a “steady cycle of voting for fundraising and money instead of voting for what is right.”

    McAllister made the remarks during a Northeast Chapter of Louisiana CPAs gathering at the University of Louisiana-Monroe’s Alumni Center.

    McAllister said he voted “no” on legislation related to the Bureau of Land Management though he did not identify the bill. McAllister said a colleague on the House floor told him that he would receive a $1,200 contribution from Heritage Foundation if he voted against the bill. He would not name his colleague since he “did not want to put their business out on the street.”

    more here: http://www.hannapub.com/ouachitacitizen/news/local_state_headlines/article_8a017c20-ed41-11e3-b622-0017a43b2370.html

    • Alma98

      Yes he should, they investigate PBO at every turn but turn a blind eye at this. smh

  • GreenLadyHere


    ————-☺VERSATILE: — a joint appointment at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and
    Ethnicity and the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University.

    – – – – – –☺She MENTORS -[-GIVING BACK:] -Under her leadership, law students participated in major civil rights
    cases and learned how litigation can be used as a tool to achieve social

    ———– -☺Part of a DYNAMIC DUO: – In addition to his regular duties, he now serves on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, a group of 16 U.S. Attorneys appointed by Attorney General Holder. . Woo! Hoo!

    — —☻ENJOY♥ –http://healthy-smoothies.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/breakfast-smoothie.jpg

    – – ——B BLESSED♥ – – -:>)
    – – – –☺ROCK the VOTE: —http://www.she-genius.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/animated-gif-voter.gif

    – – – – – –☺”RISE annnd SHINE” – -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCVb1YAPpp8 — -2 a BEAUTIFUL DAY♥ :>)

    • Alma98

      Morning GLH! Have a great day!
      Blessings to you and yours.

  • Miranda

    in today’s “DUH!” news:


    This part tickles me:

    That doesn’t mean Fox News is at fault for their viewers’ ignorance. It’s impossible to determine causality from this survey. Fox News may attract extremely conservative viewers or it may make conservative viewers more extreme. It’s likely a combination of the two. “It is not possible from this data to offer a precise solution to the chicken-and-egg question — whether the more important fact is that those with very conservative views are already attracted to Fox or whether Fox turns its viewers into conservatives,” the authors write. “What is clear is that conservative are drawn to Fox, and that Fox may, in turn, reinforce and perhaps harden conservative views.”

  • jds09

    Good Morning POU Fam!

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      Good Tuesday MornTin’ jds09. —***BIG –Cali- -HUG** :>)

      B BLESSED 2-day. :>)

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      Morning, jds!

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      Morning jds!

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    – – – —♥http://f1.pepst.com/c/DD724C/716208/ssc3/home/059/hottysxyalyanna/albums/happy_birthday_heart_.gif_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0.gif

    – – —

    Happy 13th Birthday, Sasha Obama! Look Back at the First Daughter’s Style Evolution – – – –

    – — — –Today, we are wishing Sasha Obama, the youngest member of the presidential family, a very happy birthday!
    The first daughter is ringing in an important year: She turns the
    big 1-3.
    We’ve watched Sasha grow up alongside older sister, Malia, eversince Mom and Dad, Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, arrived on the national political scene and we’ve witnessed the birthday girl transition from pretty florals to an edgier, chilled-out look (we’re obsessed with her metallic lace-up oxfords!).

    THERE IS MORE —:>)

    – — —B BLESSED♥ on –Your —“SPECIAL DAY”♥ – -:>)
    — —– —☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYJPIZ-C-9c

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2♥ — -LOL — -Sooo — -I went lookin’ 4 a GIF on “POLL Watchin'” –annnd got THIS: — -http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view3/20140325/5006678/pole-dancing-chicken-2-o.gif -I’ll try –again. :>)


    — – —Voters go to the polls on Tuesday in Arkansas, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia. Tea Party challenges to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) are the marquee contests, and no federal races are on the ballot in North Dakota or the Arkansas runoffs.

    Here’s a rundown of what to watch on Election Day:
    THERE IS MORE – — –WATCHIN’ – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2♥ — –AG Eric Holder – – —

    – – –Tribal leaders welcome Holder’s voting access plan– – –

    — — – – Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday his office will consult with tribes across the country to develop ways to increase voting access for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

    Holder said the goal is to require state and local election officials to place at least one polling site in a location chosen by tribal governments in parts of the nation that include tribal lands. Barriers to voting, he said, include English-only ballots and inaccessible polling places.

    In Alaska, for example, the village of Kasigluk is separated into two parts by a river with no bridge. On election day, people on one side have just a few hours to vote before a ballot machine is taken by boat to the other side. Several other Alaska villages have been designated as permanent absentee voting areas, which is something allowed by regulation, according to Gail Fenumiai, director of the state Division of Elections.

    – -THANK U —4 addressin’ another case of —VOTER SUPPRESSION. – – –B BLESSED. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – -☺ ‏@JonathanJewel[THANK U♥]

    #FACT: If Obama was white then @nbcnews would be cheering #Bergdahl release. Proof: They championed GW Bush’s Iraq war lie.

    — – -TWEET —Da Mighty —TRUTH!! —

    – – –STAND STRONG —MR.PRESIDENT – – -We –R With U♥ :>)

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    – —☺@TheObamaDiary[THANK U♥]

    10:45 EDT: The President signs H.R. 3080 and H.R. 1726

    – – — -THANK U –SIR♥ :>)

  • creolechild

    Hundreds Disenfranchised By America’s Worst Voter ID Law

    [….] Arkansas is one of a smaller number of states that also insists that absentee voters prove their identity. Its law requires that the absentee ballot be sent in with a photocopy of a valid photo identification or “a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.”[….] If a ballot is rejected for lack of valid ID, it lacks any option for the voter to have his or her vote counted.[….]

    At the urging of Secretary of State Mark Martin (R), the Arkansas
    Board of Election Commissioners attempted to fix this omission by
    regulation, allowing the same period for rejected absentee voters to
    prove their identity. But the Pulaski County Board of Elections
    Commissioners objected to this as outside of the board’s legal purview — and both Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (D) and the state Supreme Court agreed.[….]

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/06/09/3445559/arkansas-voter-id-absentee/

    H/T Josh Israel

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2♥ — –MR. PRESIDENT♥- — -21st CENTURY — — -Woo! Hoo! :>)

    — –Announcing the President’s First-Ever Tumblr Q&A

    ——-We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday, June 10, at 4:00pm ET President Obama will take to Tumblr to answer your questions about education, college affordability, and reducing student loan debt.

    Getting a higher education is the single-most important investment students can make in their own futures. At the same time, it’s never been more expensive. That’s why since taking office, the President has made historic investments to make college more affordable –
    and it’s why he’s inviting you to join a conversation about the issue.
    Starting today, you can submit questions for the President at ObamaIRL.tumblr.com.

    – — -HIS —Operative WORD – — –AFFORDABLE — –
    THANK U SIR♥ :>)

  • Miranda

    From Las Vegas to Georgia, the NRA Has Created a Monster

    The past month’s mass-shooting death toll is the logical conclusion of the gun group’s leaders’ deluded approach to our safety.

    It’s been quite a month for the National Rifle Association: Massacres atuniversities, in restaurants, and at retail stores from South Carolina to Las Vegas. Gun nuts porting assault weapons to dinner from Chili’s to Chipotle. The leaders of the take-no-prisoners gun-rights organization have been witness to the logical outgrowth of its policies and rhetoric. Much as the GOP helped create the lunatic-fringe Tea Party within its midst, the NRA chieftains have helped birth a beast whose black heart now beats strongly among its most radical adherents.

    The NRA’s officials purposefully pipeline propaganda to the most loony-tunes among us. They’ve told these gun cultists that they had best arm themselves with as many weapons and as lethal weaponry as they can get their hands on, because either a black president or a black helicopter will be hunting them down shortly. Simultaneously, they’ve used every electoral and lobbying tactic to best enable these unstable individuals to have access to the weaponry of war from which they and their arms-dealer cronies so handsomely profit.

    more here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/09/from-las-vegas-to-georgia-the-nra-has-created-a-monster.html

    • rikyrah

      and these mofos are NOT mentally ill.

      • creolechild

        Thank you. Domestic terrorists…the elephant in the room that Americans are trying their best to ignore.

      • MsKitty

        Still waiting to hear them referred to as such on any news program.

      • Kennymack1971

        Keep saying that because that is what they are.

      • AxelFoley

        This. Here.

  • Miranda

    _____________________________________I’ll put mySELF in the bad lounge for laughing at this..the caption is sending me straight to hell.


    • creolechild

      SMDH…he doing too much.

    • *FTFO*

    • AxelFoley

      I just can’t…

  • creolechild

    Google Adds Graffiti to Its Art Portfolio

    There’s a portrait of an anonymous Chinese man chiseled into a wall in Shanghai, a colorful mural in Atlanta and black-and-white photographs of eyes that the French artist JR affixed to the houses of a hillside favela in Rio de Janeiro. These are among the images of more than 4,000 works included in a vast new online gallery of street art that Google is unveiling here on Tuesday.[….]

    Using images provided by cultural organizations worldwide, some of which were captured with Google’s Street View camera technology, it includes street art from around the globe, including work that no longer exists, like the 5Pointz murals in Long Island City, Queens, or the walls of the Tour Paris 13 tower in France.[….]

    Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/10/arts/design/google-adds-graffiti-to-its-art-portfolio.html?hp

    H/T Rachel Donadio

    • Alma98

      Over the years graffiti has become art because white kids started doing it. Before when kids of color did it it was unsightly and a crime.

      • rikyrah

        telling the truth

  • Miranda

    Good Lord Drew Rosenhaus is slimy. Everybody knows he’s bout the slimiest sports agent out there and that’s saying something.


    Court Filing: Drew Rosenhaus Bribed DeSean Jackson

  • creolechild

    Justice Department Urges U.S. Sentencing Commission to Make Certain Individuals Incarcerated for Drug Offenses Retroactively Eligible for Reduced Sentences

    [….] The Commission—which sets the guidelines for sentences imposed on federal criminal defendants—approved a proposal in April to lower, by two levels, the base offense associated with various drug quantities involved in drug trafficking crimes. Next month, the Commission will vote on whether the change, which is estimated to reduce the average sentence by 23 months, should be applied retroactively to individuals who are already in prison.

    The department is proposing that the Commission make the revised guidelines retroactive for individuals who lack significant criminal histories and whose offenses did not include aggravating factors, such as the possession of a dangerous weapon or the
    use of violence.[….]

    Read more: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2014/June/14-ag-619.html

    H/T U.S. Department of Justice

  • MsKitty

    Keep talking Hillary, keep talking…

    Hillary Clinton Keeps Obama Close While Citing Policy Gap

    In her latest memoir, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton distances herself from President Barack Obama on foreign policy while characterizing their personal relationship as close.

    It’s an early indication of how Clinton would have to run her campaign for the White House, keeping Obama close to win over his most ardent supporters and donors who were cool to her in 2008, while finding ways to separate herself from an Obama foreign policy often criticized as too timid by Republicans.

    “I wouldn’t always agree with the president,” Clinton writes in “Hard Choices,” which is due to be released today by Simon & Schuster. “But he and I developed a strong professional relationship and, over time, forged the personal friendship he had predicted and that I came to value deeply.”

    In other words, Obama’s likable enough — even if he’s not always right.

    While aligning with the president on domestic issues, Clinton details the separation between her own hawkish views and decisions Obama made on a range of foreign policy issues, including Israeli settlements, arming Syrian rebels and apologizing for a drone strike that killed Pakistani soldiers.

    In 2009, Clinton and George Mitchell, the former Senate Majority Leader and Obama’s Special Envoy to the Middle East, disagreed when the president decided Israel should freeze settlement construction as a confidence-building measure to lay the groundwork to restart direct peace talks.

    The president had reached that conclusion at the urging of then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, a former civilian volunteer in the Israeli Defense Forces who argued for a tough stance on settlements.

    “That spring I delivered the President’s message as forcefully as I could, then tried to contain the consequences when both sides reacted badly,” Clinton writes.

    Israel initially refused to extend a moratorium on new construction, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama became embroiled in a public standoff that has shadowed U.S.- Israeli relations ever since. Once the 10-month settlement freeze expired in September 2010, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wouldn’t engage in talks until the freeze was restored — all of which were complications Clinton says that she and Mitchell feared would come to pass.

    “In retrospect, our early hard line on settlements didn’t work,” Clinton writes.

    Vice President Joe Biden was visiting Israel in March 2010 when Israel announced plans for 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, the contested city that Israelis had refused to make part of the freeze.

    Obama and Emanuel “were furious,” Clinton writes and assigned her with telling Netanyahu that the move was seen as a personal insult. “I didn’t enjoy playing the bad cop,” Clinton writes, distancing herself from the content of the message even as she describes relaying it, “but it was part of the job.”


    • rikyrah

      uh huh
      uh huh

    • Kennymack1971

      “keeping Obama close to win over his most ardent supporters and donors who were cool to her in 2008”

      This strategy ain’t gonna work Clintonites. The Obama coalition already sees through your BS. But keep trying it….just keep trying it.

      • itgurl_29

        Their dumb behinds seem to see support as “big donors” and not actual voters. If she thinks winning over Obama donors like David Geffen or Tom Hanks is all she needs to do, she’s even dumber than she looks.

        • creolechild

          What really makes me mad is the subtle character assassination she’s doing on PBO by saying she was asked to attack Palin. The candidate who always insisted that his political opponent (McCain) not be booed at his compaign events, gave one the benefit of the doubt by calling him a family man that he had serious policy differences with (Romney), and made it known that anyone on his team who attacked Snowball Snookie’s child would be fired. Matter of fact, I can’t even recall PBO’s campaign ever acknowledging Palin. Now, think about that…

          This is some bullshit and she needs to be called on it!

          ETA: So we’re now to believe based on Hillary’s word that PBO’s actions were all for show. Have a damn seat, Hillary! Funny you weren’t concerned about attacking women when you were trying to protect Bubba’s reputation.

          • itgurl_29

            Absolutely. The woman is vile.

          • nellcote

            fired early on in the campaign because she made an off-the-cuff comment about Hillary?

            “Hillary is a monster”–Samantha Power

          • creolechild

            Thank you, nellcote. I edited it because I couldn’t remember her name.

          • TyrenM

            I’ve been #TeamSamantha ever since that!

          • Daltex82

            Samantha was right.

          • TresL

            I was so happy that PBO still kept her around because she told the straight up truth about that woman.

          • Hillary accusing PBO’s camp of wanting to attack Palin and sexism against her is a straight up racist dog whistle. She’s trying to paint him as attacking WHITE women. This also let’s us know that she was behind, or at least co-signed, her allies falsely accusing PBO of sexism since he took office.

          • creolechild

            Unh hun…keeping on digging that hole Hillary. Can one of POU’s twitter warriors tweet PBO’s response to Bill Burton’s statement, which incidentally wasn’t an attack, it was the truth.

            [….] Obama’s campaign reacted to the Palin pick in August 2008 with a statement arguing the Alaska governor was too inexperienced to be vice president. “John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in that statement.

            Barack Obama quickly distanced himself from the statement, telling reporters later in the day that it was a “hair-trigger” response that did not reflect his sentiments. Obama said he felt Palin was “a compelling person” and her selection was a hit against the glass ceiling that limits women’s advancement.

            Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/whitehouse/clinton-declined-obama-08-request-to-attack-palin/2014/06/10/808fc4e2-f095-11e3-85d2-cda8aebfefe0_story.html

            H/T AP

      • Tunisia

        No, it’s not going to work. Her dumb ass has made things worse by releasing this book. She has no idea how to play the game, which is why she lost the first time.

        • AxelFoley

          Please let there be another Dem who comes in and knocks her ass out of the primaries. Preferably another POC.

      • AxelFoley

        Thank you. Candidate and then President Obama asked to help out in paying off her failed campaign, but I couldn’t do it. Had enough of the Clintons to last a lifetime.

    • jds09

      Note to the Clinton Camp: TRIANGULATION IS DEAD! Just stop it, please just stop it.

      Also…the first female president cannot be a Hawk, no right thinking mother would seek war for her children. As yes, HRC, you would be the “mother of the country”, you would need to hold your power differently. You can still be strong, strong moms don’t start fights, they don’t put gasoline on existing ones, but they sure as hell will FINISH one if her kids are fucked with.

      The first female candidate that runs on…”don’t start none and there won’t be none” on defense will have my vote.

      • creolechild

        I wonder who told her this was a good idea. Don’t matter though…she gonna learn.

        • jds09

          Is Mark Penn still around? The stuff I’ve been reading lately gives some hints to her next move. Penn and Bill are gonna take the fall for her poor choices in 2008, and the new HRC has now truly, really truly, “found her voice.” I’m calling it now.

          • creolechild

            According to teh google, he’s employed by Microsoft as their chief strategy officer. [*snort*]

          • nellcote


    • Daltex82

      Her fall is going to be epic!

    • BarbinAtlSouth

      Did it ever occur to this idiot that her problem with the policy was obvious to Nut n Yahoo and he knew President Obama didn’t have the support of his diplomats? He could make a whole bunch of moves and not care about consequences because the SoS was stabbing the CiC in the back.


  • Miranda

    Watch The Anti-Redskins Commercial That Will Run During The NBA Finals

    Proud To Be
    By The National Congress of American Indians

    • goldenstar

      Hallelujah!!!! Amen!!!! I need this to go viral.

    • nellcote

      Wow! What a beautiful ad, even without the tagline.

    • Alma98

      This is just beautiful! Too bad some idiots in the comments will never get it or understand it.

    • I love it!

    • AxelFoley


    • PBomb

      Very Powerful.

  • Alma98

    Morning peeps.

    • rikyrah

      Good Morning, Alma.
      It’s Tuesday…sigh

      • Alma98

        Good morning rikyrah.

  • creolechild

    Poor Hill, you’re “clarifying” statements already? Well, it’s not like that other time when you claimed that you, and Chelsea, had to run for your lives due to gun fire. So there’s that. LOL! Grifters R Us…

    When Did Hillary Clinton Stop Being ‘Dead Broke’?

    [….] It’s possible to pinpoint exactly when the American public stopped believing the Clintons needed financial help. It was the first week in July 2001. Why then? Because that’s when the Clinton Legal Expense Trust—the fundraising vehicle established to help pay their legal bills—shut down. As it happens, I used to work next door to the one-man office of the Clinton Legal Expense Trust, which was located above a magic shop in a seedy downtown Washington building, and I got to know the proprietor. (I wrote about it here.)

    By July 2001, the trust had raised precisely $8,760,620.19 for the
    Clintons. But with the news that the Clintons had bought homes in
    Chappaqua and Washington, the checks stopped coming and the trust closed up shop.[….]

    Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-06-10/when-did-hillary-clinton-stop-being-dead-broke#r=lr-sr

    H/T Joshua Green

    • Kennymack1971

      This is going to be a hot mess. But Democrats seem to think this is the best we can do so…SMH

      • MsKitty

        I just hope it hasn’t scared off other potential candidates. Then again, based on his tweets Martin O’Malley looks like somebody who’s gearing up behind the scenes; and considering how ride-or-die Uncle Joe is he might get pissed off enough to run against Hillary on general principle.

  • Alma98

    Ok this here is crazy.

    XINXIANG CITY, China (WITI) — Two people were killed and three were
    injured after a woman dropped her cellphone into a sewage pit in China.

    According to the South China Morning Post, the tragedy unfolded after a woman dropped her new phone into an “open pit” toilet.


  • Miranda

    Obama Was So Moved by The Normal Heart, He Called the Director
    by Kia Makarechi
    10:12 AM, JUNE 10 2014

    Add this to President Barack Obama’s extensive list of pop-culture preferences: the commander-in-chief phoned Ryan Murphy to praise the new HBO adaptation of The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer’s play about the AIDS crisis in New York City.

    Obama also met Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal—more on that in a moment.

    According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, Obama told Murphy he was moved by the adaptation, and asked how it came together. “The whole movie is about Larry trying to get the attention of Washington and 30 years later, to get a call from the president is a full-circle moment,” Murphy said when confirming the call to Deadline.

    more here: http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2014/06/obama-the-normal-heart-ryan-murphy-scandal?mbid=social_twitter

    • itgurl_29

      The Normal Heart was really really good. I think I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times now. Way better than And the Band Played On, which was more about the science and quest to claim credit for discovering the virus, as opposed to focusing on actual people living with AIDS. Plus, 20 years later, And the Band Played On comes off really cheesy cause there are just too many celebrity guests appearances.

      • Miranda

        I really liked And The Band Played On when it was first aired. I haven’t watched The Normal Heart yet, but will this weekend.

      • nellcote

        I only read the book of And the Band Played On and it’s really compelling. It reads like a political murder mystery, half scientific rush to understand what was going on and half fierce anger at the Raygun admininstration and their calousness towards the situation.

  • Alma98

    Another shooting being reported at a highschool in Oregon, madness.

    • rikyrah


  • Alma98

    H/T Wonkette WTH! is wrong with people!

    State: Seattle doctor sent nude ‘selfies,’ ‘sexted’ during surgery
    By KOMO staff Published: Jun 9, 2014 at 6:17 PM PDT
    Last Updated: Jun 10, 2014 at 7:38 AM PDT

    SEATTLE — A Seattle doctor’s license has been suspended as he faces accusations of sending nude “selfies” to a patient and “sexting” during surgeries.

    According to the Washington State Department of
    Health, anesthesiologist Arthur Zilberstein “compromised patient safety due to his preoccupation with sexual matters while he was on hospital duty between at least April and August 2013.”

    The state Medical
    Quality Assurance Commission says Zilberstein repeatedly sent sexually explicit text messages during surgeries in which he was the responsible anesthesiologist. During one August 6 surgery, Zilberstein exchanged 45 sexually-related messages, according to the commission.

    commission also accuses him of improperly accessing images of patients for “sexual gratification,” as well as having sexual encounters while at work. He also sent out a photo of himself wearing hospital scrubs with his genitals exposed, the commission alleges.


    • rikyrah

      are you kidding me?

      • Alma98

        This really creeps me out rikyrah.
        Count me as one those people who are paranoid about stuff like this.

        • rikyrah

          me too. you are completely defenseless in an operating room.

    • TyrenM

      Damn. Just damn. Doc, put the weed down.

  • lamh36

    “@TomLevenson: Another day, another school shooting: http://t.co/MAJyh67GD1 Shooter is said to be dead. We need to take back our country from the NRA, GOP.”

  • JB20005

    Melissa Chan of Al Jazeera discovers that she had previously interviewed Las Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller at the Bundy Ranch.

    Posts photos of him having breakfast with the Bundy family.


    • Alma98

      I saw that JB, she also said he was sane and no different from the rest of the gun humpers at Bundy Ranch. Now they’re making assumptions about his mental well being. The guy was not mentally ill. I’m tired of the GOP, NRA and the media scapegoating the mentally ill. They were fucking domestic terrorists end of story.

      • rikyrah


  • Miranda

    If HBCUs were presented with a check for all the federal money that was denied these institutions due to racism and the segregationists in Congress for the better part of the 20th century, the schools would be overflowing with funds.
    Koch Brothers’ UNCF Gift Is Worst Symptom of HBCU Financial Crisis
    BY JL CARTER SR • JUNE 9, 2014

    Of all the timeless HBCU adages, the ‘we do more with less’ is perhaps the most accurate, most destructive descriptor of the culture. $25 million will be viewed as a windfall to 37 HBCUs; meanwhile, Huntington Bank in Ohio invested five times that in The Ohio State University for scholarships and community development around the institution.

    So what makes us angrier? $25 million from conservative business owners who fix elections, suppress voters and shape policies which negatively impact million of Black folks nationwide? Or the fact that our schools can’t afford to tell the Koch brothers’ where to shove it?


    • Did you peep that little dig about part of the Koch money supposedly covering the Parent PLUS changes? They’re not slick.

      Has there ever been an investigation on how HBCU administrators are handling finances?

      • Miranda

        Yes I saw them trying to be slick with that, and I’m sure we will hear all about how the Kochs are saving black kids because the Obama administration won’t let their already debt ridden parents stack up more loans..SMH

        IMO, the biggest problem with HBCU finances isn’t the administrators as much as its been a legacy of underfunding which was purposefully done by federal and state governments against black colleges for over a century. Schools have sued for equity in funding vs the predominately white colleges and universities in their respective states but that isn’t nearly enough, not even close and some of those suits are still ongoing. And $25 million for ALL the HBCUs is not even that much to sacrifice your soul for when you consider, as this article actually pointed out, the gazillions in funds other institutions get from corporations and foundations. Ohio State getting $100 million from a bank vs. $25 mil from the Koch Bros for all UNCF colleges…..ok….SMH If the Koch Bros were handing over $400 million I might say “well alright, take it”…but $25 mil?? Tom Joyner has raised that much in the last 2 years by his damn self.

        • IMO, the biggest problem with HBCU finances isn’t the administrators as much as its been a legacy of underfunding which was purposefully done by federal and state governments against black colleges for over a century. Schools have sued for equity in funding vs the predominately white colleges and universities in their respective states but that
          isn’t nearly enough, not even close and some of those suits are still ongoing.

          What’s interesting is that the RoRos, George Currys, CBC never talk about this! It’s always noun, verb, Parent PLUS loan changes.

          • Miranda

            Folks like RoRo and George Curry are the worst thing ever happened to black media. Hell, I just did a post on how historically, all these federal programs like the GI Bill and segregationists in Congress straight up denied black colleges the same funds – no different than how they denied black kids equitable funding in public education. Vivian Malone didn’t want to go to the University of Alabama just cuz…there WAS no library science program at the black colleges in the state and George Wallace wasn’t about to spare one dime from the Univ of Alabama for such a program to be created at a black school. I can’t stand the sorry ass black media for not calling this shit out because the legacy of underfunding is why they think its ok to kiss Koch ass for nickels today.

          • rikyrah

            not George Curry too!
            he thinks it’s ok to take Koch money?
            not Mr. Soul Patrol!

          • I don’t know what his opinion is on taking the Koch money.

        • Town

          I remember back in my college days….

          George Allen was the governor then. He ordered all the colleges to undergo “restructuring”, after which the state would dole out money.

          My school (90% white) got $100 million dollars for construction & beautification. Virginia State and the other black schools got CUT.

          We didn’t need money for beautification. VSU & em needed money to OPERATE.

          Anyone with half a brain cell would give this Koch donation the side eye.

    • nellcote

      It’s not the money involved, it’s the strings attached. Is it constructive to the AA community to create more black conservatives?

      • Alma98

        It really pisses me off that they’re taking money from people known to everything possible to keep poc from voting. And also are actively seeking to shutdown public schools. I believe like everyone else here money changed hands.

  • rikyrah

    Republicans take photo ID laws beyond voting

    06/06/14 02:52 PM—Updated 06/06/14 03:12 PM
    By Zachary Roth

    For Republicans, requiring photo ID isn’t just for voting anymore. They like the concept so much they’re now expanding it to cover government benefits that low-income Americans rely on.

    In a growing number of states, and even in Washington, the GOP, citing fraud, is pushing laws that could deny needed benefits to those who are struggling, simply because they lack ID.

    Studies suggest around 11% of Americans—including one in four African-Americans—don’t have a photo ID. Among those who receive government benefits, that number is almost certainly higher.

    North Carolina’s GOP-controlled legislature—which last year passed a voter ID requirement as part of the nation’s most restrictive voting law— advanced a bill Thursday that would make recipients of jobless benefits also show a photo ID. It’s expected to pass next week.

    Since March, people getting unemployment insurance in the Tar Heel State have been required to come into a state job center to meet with a job placement counselor within four weeks of getting aid. At that meeting, they’ve also had to show photo ID. Now lawmakers are set to make the ID requirement official.

    Helping lead the push for the law is Thom Tillis, the Speaker of the North Carolina House, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, a Democrat, in a race that could determine control of the Chamber this fall. Tillis also was a key backer of the state’s voter ID measure.

    Imposing an ID requirement is just the latest stage in North Carolina’s effort to restrict jobless benefits. Last summer, the state cut off unemployment insurance for nearly 70,000 people, knowingly rejecting over $700 million in federal money that was meant to be used to extend benefits. Thanks to that rejection, another 100,000 lost benefits at the start of this year.


  • Miranda

    Oh I see….a black man with a stick is intimidating voters but a white man with a gun, well that might be ok.
    Alabama Debating Guns in Polling Places
    By: The Associated Press

    Montgomery, Ala. Alabama officials have mere weeks to sort out whether gun-toting voters should be allowed in polling places under a new state law.

    Differing interpretations of the new law became a problem in Tuesday’s primary after men showed up with guns in at least two precincts near Birmingham. Also, an east Alabama county first banned guns from polling places only to change the policy.

    A law enforcement leader in Shelby County says someone needs to sort out the confusion before the runoff election on July 15. Two armed voters tried to cast ballots there.

    But neither the secretary of state’s office nor the attorney general’s office is commenting publicly on whether armed voters should be allowed. A meeting on the issue is expected to be scheduled in Montgomery.


    • rikyrah

      We need the Nat Turner Gun Club to show up at some polling places.

      • nellcote

        That’s more or less what got Raygun to sign off on gun control laws in CA.

    • Alma98

      They’re trying to ease back into jimcrow one step at a time.
      But tell me in what world is this not intimidation, cowardly scumbags.

  • rikyrah

    The difference between shooters …

    My 16 year old daughter just told me the following

    When a black person shoots 6 people, he’s called a thug.
    When a brown person shoots 6 people, he’s called a terrorist.
    When a white person shoots 6 people, because he can’t get laid, he’s called a misunderstood teenager with mental issues.


  • creolechild

    POU called it…

    Feinstein: It’s Time To Move On From Bergdahl Prisoner Swap
    [….] “I think we need to put an end to all of this now. I think enough is
    enough. I think the Senate has had a hearing and the House has had a hearing,” she told reporters after the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the prisoner swap, according to The Hill. “Everybody has heard what they need to hear.”[….]

    Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/feinstein-move-on-bergdahl

    H/T Caitlin MacNeal

    • nellcote

      I think she intentional leaked in ’12 to blow up the deal and doesn’t want that investigated.

      • creolechild

        In the comment section, it was noted that she was being dragged on social media for stating that PBO broke the law and some of her constituents didn’t take what she said too kindly and were bombarding her office with calls and letters.

        • jds09

          Go, Cali Go!

        • Daltex82

          Hi five to those constituents who called her out.

          • TyrenM

            Let her know!

          • Aquagranny911

            I blasted her, email, phone & fax!

          • Aquagranny911

            You don’t have to be a constituent. She’s a Dem, I’m a Dem. I gave it to her on that basis
            plus I have a lot of extended Fam in CA.

        • Aquagranny911

          I read she has big issues with PBO over privitization of USPS. Her hubby stands to make mega $$$$$$$$$$$$ over the sale of postal property.

    • AxelFoley

      Oh now you want to move on.

    • Joy

      Uh huh.

  • MsKitty

    I think this screen capture really says it all (take in the top and bottom banners)

    • Miranda

      Well…just a shooting frenzy huh? Yeah Murika!


  • Alma98

    A commenter posted this at LGF, and I believe he’s lying.


    KENNEWICK, Wash. — The father of one of the cop killers in Las Vegas
    told KIRO 7 on Monday that two months ago his son “kinda set me up for knowing something was going to happen.”

    Tod Miller called his son, Jerad Miller, “very strong-hearted on
    things.” “When he believes in something he goes all out for it.”

    Tod Miller said his son had supported President Barack Obama’s election, then became disillusioned with what he considered “big government.” In the conversation this spring, Miller said his son told him “when it happens make sure everybody knows that I am a patriot and a revolutionary and I fight for the Second Amendment, fighting against tyranny.” Miller said his son became concerned the federal government would repeal the Second Amendment, and would approach police officers to ask them what they would do if they were ordered to confiscate weapons.

    Another commenter had this to say which I read else where.

    kirkspencer Jun 10, 2014 11:00:33am

    re: #11 Pie-onist Overlord


    I just can’t even.

    I’m calling bs on part of his claim. Miller’s facebook page was full of “I didn’t vote for Obama” comments.

    • AxelFoley

      Tod Miller said his son had supported President Barack Obama’s election, then became disillusioned with what he considered “big government.”


      How very Snowden-like…

      • Alma98


    • TresL

      Bullshit. Government has shrunk under PBO.

    • Worldwatcher7

      Hi POU. I don’t believe this shite for one millisecond. Even if it was true (which it ain’t) it wouldn’t be a justification for becoming a cold-blooded murderer and domestic terrorist.

    • rikyrah


    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Lyin bastard. He knows this shit don’t look good, so he is doin what Jim Hoft and co are trying to do, pin it on us.

      • Alma98


    • Town

      So, you’re a white supremacist but you were a big supporter of Obama?


    • TresL

      Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers were coached by GOP strategists. I wouldn’t doubt if the same happened here.

    • Aquagranny911

      Domestic terrorist. That is all I have to say about that…

  • Alma98

    OMFG! You see if we women would stop fucking outside of marriage there wouldn’t be violence against women. THey needs to be ridiculed for this tripe.

    The dramatic social media response to the UC-Santa Barbara shooting, captured by the hashtag #YesAllWomen,
    underlined an important and unpleasant truth: across the United States,millions of girls and women have been abused, assaulted, or raped by men, and even more females fear that they will be subject to such an attack. As Sarah Kliff wrote in Vox: a “national survey of American women found that a slight majority (51.9 percent) reported experiencing physical violence at some point in their life.”

    This social media outpouring makes it clear that some men pose
    a real threat to the physical and psychic welfare of women and girls.
    But obscured in the public conversation about the violence against women is the fact that some other men are more likely to protect
    women, directly and indirectly, from the threat of male violence:
    married biological fathers. The bottom line is this: Married women are notably saferthan their unmarried peers, and girls raised in a home with their married father are markedly less likely to be abused or assaulted than children living without their own father.


    • Married women are notably safer than their unmarried peers…


      One in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.

      Women experience more than 4 million physical assaults and rapes because of their partners, and men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults.

      Women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men

      Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.

      Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.

      Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.

      Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.


      • Alma98

        Thank you!

      • Town

        Hmm, a classmate of mine (and her family) was murdered by her HUSBAND.

        A few months later, another classmate (I didn’t know her) was murdered in front of her children by her HUSBAND.

        A coworker just left her job and is hiding out with her daughter at her parents’ house because her HUSBAND kicked her ass.

        But they were married and not slutty sluts using birth control so they were “safe”.

        • MsKitty

          I guess I shouldn’t mention that 20 years ago one of the beauticians at the salon I went to at the time was stabbed to death by her estranged husband in front of a couple of dozen customers…including my sister. Yep, marriage is like a safety shield or something.

        • Aquagranny911

          A good friend of mine & her mother were killed by her “HUSBAND” too but at least he didn’t shoot the kiddos, as well.

    • Miranda

      “The bottom line is this: Married women are notably saferthan their unmarried peers”

      Tell that to the siblings and friends of the wives killed along with their children at the hands of their husbands just last week alone.

      • Alma98


        • rikyrah

          they just wanna ‘ slut shame’, instead of telling men that they need to get their shyt together and that they don’t have the rights to invade women’s lives.
          Women have the right to control their own lives.

      • jds09

        I worked at a DV organization, and a young black woman (who was getting her ass kicked periodically) told me once, “I don’t want to send him to jail, I just want it to stop.” Black women are in the very unsafe place…between a rock and a hard place.

        • Aquagranny911

          You know it! I did some of that work too. Women of color were not treated with the same protections by LEOs, courts and sometimes the very agencies purported to protect women from DV.

    • Aquagranny911

      Big heaps of Bull figging Caca! Bite the big cactus & suck it down!

  • rikyrah

    Cantor: Critics of House transportation plan spread ‘misinformation’

    By Keith Laing – 06/06/14 01:29 PM EDT

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Friday accused critics of spreading “misinformation,” as he defended a controversial GOP plan to use cuts at the Postal Service to pay for a transportation bill.

    Republican leaders in the House last week announced plans to use about $15 billion they said could be saved from ending Saturday letter deliveries by the Post Office to pay for at least one year’s worth of transportation projects.

    Advocates for both the Postal Service and increased transportation funding have objected to the plan because they argue that the two separate funding issues should not be combined.


    Transportation and postal advocates have accused House Republicans of taking a shortsighted approach that will not fix the larger problems at either the Post Office or in federal transportation funding.

    The primary author of the Senate’s transportation legislation, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), called the House plan “unworkable.”

    Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/transportation/208499-cantor-defends-house-gop-plan-use-postal-cuts-to-pay-for-transportation#ixzz34GJk27Ps

    • nellcote

      leave the Post Office alone!

      • rikyrah

        tell me about it!

    • TresL

      Cantor: Critics of House transportation plan spread ‘misinformation’

      Is that the pot calling the kettle black? Everything that comes out of the GOP is misinformation.

  • Peep this…

    Koch grants to higher education — typically linked to free enterprise economics — have also been controversial. At Florida State University, some faculty members questioned whether Koch associates were given too much academic influence in return for a grant. A faculty review found numerous instances in which the language in the agreement left the university vulnerable to “undue outside influence.”

    …The agreement between the UNCF and the Koch organizations specifies that, for the scholarships, “an advisory board consisting of two UNCF representatives, two Koch representatives, and one faculty member from an existing school will be created to review scholarship applications and select recipients.


    • Alma98

      uh huh They’re trying to control who gets what and churn out new young black libertarians. In other words they’re trying to create more self hating black folks.

    • Alma98

      AHHHH the comments!!! It’s obvious these people are being paid to post comments.

      • jds09

        Especially, the “compassionate conservatism” line, that was just a weee bit over the top, IMO. lol

      • Aquagranny911

        I wish someone would pay me to post caca. I would have a fun time trolling some sites. You know I call it just like I see it.

    • rikyrah

      keep on digging.
      keep on exposing.

    • jds09

      What?! A $5,000 scholarship that shows impact??? And a workshop?! I was expecting some full-ride scholarships. This smells of UNCF taking something off the top to keep their organization going.

    • Miranda

      SMH….this is what its come too…..prostitution for scholarships.