November 20, 2017

Tuesday Open Thread: Early African American Basketball


We continue our series on Early African American Basketball





 Harlem, NY

The Rens

By John Smallwood, from NBA Encyclopedia

The New York Rens began as the Spartan Braves of Brooklyn, then became the Spartan Five and finally in 1923 emerged as the Renaissance, named after the famed Renaissance Ballroom on 138th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. The Rens, as they were commonly called, were one of the most-watched traveling teams of the barnstorming era. Fans would fill auditoriums to root against them, often insult them and sometimes spit on them.

When the games were finished, their postgame meal often was eaten on the team’s bus because many dining establishments refused to serve them. All because they were African- Americans.

Many claimed that they were the best basketball team of their day. But they were hardly America’s darlings.

Robert J. Douglas

Robert J. Douglas

Founded by Robert J. Douglas, who is now referred to as the father of black basketball, the Rens were the first full-salaried black professional basketball team, and games against them became sure money-makers. Contests with the Rens were so lucrative that their archrivals — the all-white Original Celtics — refused to join the American Basketball League in 1925, in part because the league did not invite the black club to join.

By the time the Rens had reached their prime in the early 1930s, the Celtics were on the decline, but their games were still drawing close to 15,000 fans in the Midwest and allowed promoters to put a premium on tickets for games in New York. The Celtics and Rens also staged the first game between whites and blacks in the South, and it was the Celtics who ended the Rens’ 88-game winning streak in 1933. It was the Celtics’ only victory in eight meetings with the Rens that year.

The Rens were led during their peak years by 6-4 Charles “Tarzan” Cooper, whom many called the best center of his day. Cooper and 6-5 “Wee” Willie Smith dominated the inside, while the 5-7 Clarence “Fats” Jenkins, called the “fastest man in basketball,” orchestrated a devastating fast break. The outside shooting threats were Bill Yancey and Eyre “Bruiser” Saitch, with John Holt and James “Pappy” Ricks coming off the bench.

During their barnstorming days, the Rens often would play two or three games a day. Douglas took care of his players, paying them $800 to $1,000 a month. Considering that bread was a nickel a loaf and an apartment was $60 a month, those were remarkable salaries.

The Rens had a road secretary, Eric Illidge, who carried a tabulator and personally counted fans because the team was usually paid a percentage of the gate. Illidge also carried a gun, although he never had occasion to use it.

“Eric would tell guys not to come out on the court until he had the money,” Smith said. “It was the only way we could survive.”

Not surprisingly, in a still segregated America, fans often presented a threat for the Rens. During a game in Akron, Ohio, Smith got into a skirmish with a player and the crowd became so incensed that fans attacked the Rens. The Rens gathered in a circle and fought off the mob until someone turned out the lights in the building and ended the brawl. The Rens were given a police escort out of town.

On-court incidents were rare, however. Honey Russell, a respected pro who played frequently against the Rens, once said they were “one of the cleanest teams I ever played against. They just played basketball.”

The Rens posted a 112-7 record in 1939 and became the first all-black professional team to win a world title in any sport when they defeated the Oshkosh All-Stars of the National Basketball League in the World Pro Tournament in Chicago. [They won again in 1943, when the Rens entered the tournament as the Washington Bears.]

In 1948 the Rens became the Dayton Rens and joined the NBL as a replacement for the Detroit Vagabond Kings, an all-white team. Still owned by Douglas, the Rens played their last game against the Denver Nuggets on March 21, 1949 in Rockford, Illinois. Their lifetime record was 2,588-529.

To those who marveled at the Rens’ success amidst so much adversity, Illidge simply said, “We would not let anyone — deny us our right to make a living.”

Post Script

In 1946 East Coast arena owners began to form the Basketball Association of America (BAA), the forerunner of the National Basketball Association. Joe Lapchick, the Original Celtics center who had a long relationship with the Rens as a respected opponent, personally pleaded with the BAA team owners to include the Rens in the new league. The owners did not accept the Rens, apparently figuring that the world was not ready for an all-Black team in the otherwise all-White league.

New York Rens, 1925

New York Rens, 1925

(SOURCE: Hoopedia)

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    — – — -GOOD MORNTIN’ POU FAM♥ —-THE STATE of the UNION 2013! – —

    – — State of the Union 2013: President Obama’s Speech is Just the Beginning – —

    ——-With Tuesday’s State of the Union address only 39 hours away (9:00 p.m. ET), we’re putting the final touches on a week that’s jam-packed with opportunities to respond to the speech, get answers to your questions and join an online video-chat with the President.

    In addition to some things that have been really popular for past “SOTU” Addresses, we’ve got some exciting new features to introduce. Here’s the rundown:

    When the President addresses the nation, the White House will provide something you can’t find anywhere else: an enhanced version of the speech that offers charts, facts and other info as the President speaks (check out last year’s here). You can watch live on, through the White House mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad, and also on the official White House presences on YouTube, Google+, Hulu, Facebook, and Ustream. And if you’d like, you can embed the stream on your own site.

    The President’s speech is just the beginning; the White House is thrilled to introduce a new tool called Citizen Response that lets you highlight a passage from the State of the Union Address, tell the President how you’re connected to that issue and then share that specific part with your friends.

    Citizen Response isn’t the only thing that will launch when the President finishes speaking. As soon as the speech ends, we’ll kick off a discussion about what President Obama said and answer your questions. More than 2,000 people from around the country applied for their chance to join this special #WHSocial in person, and 100 White House followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ representing more than 20 states and from as far as California and Texas have been invited to watch the speech live from the White House and participate in a panel discussion. The panel will be broadcast immediately after the speech on, and you can ask your questions using #WHChat or posting to our Google+ page.

    There’s a lot happening on Tuesday, but it’s only the beginning.


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    The Rens posted a 112-7 record in 1939 and became the first all-black professional team to win a world title in any sport when they defeated the Oshkosh All-Stars of the National Basketball League in the World Pro Tournament in Chicago.


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      White people don’t want to see it.

      • Gc

        White people loved the Globetrotters because they did the humor thing and were unthreatening. I would rather see a the AA BB movie because of its historical angle than its white counterpart, because I find BB boring. I do, however, appreciate any vehicle which helps to equalize the money and playing fields between races.

    • OK? Imma need Spike Lee to get on it.

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    — —-☻Participate in the SOTU – — Lookin FORWARD – –> :>)

    — – ☻1934 – Billiam “Bill” Felton Russell born
    Birthday of William Felton Russell, better known as “Bill” Russel, he was player-coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team in 1968 and 1969. Russell was born in Monroe, Louisiana.
    – – –WHAT a LEGACY! – –:>)

    – – 2 FIRSTS!! – —

    – – — —☻The Celtics and Rens also staged the first game between whites and blacks in the South, and it was the Celtics who ended the Rens’ 88-game winning streak in 1933. It was the Celtics’ only victory in eight meetings with the Rens that year.

    – – —- – -☻The Rens posted a 112-7 record in 1939 and became the first all-black professional team to win a world title in any sport – when they defeated the Oshkosh All-Stars of the National Basketball League in the World Pro Tournament in Chicago. —–Woo! Hoo! – —
    – – – — —THANK U Sepia! :>) – – –

    – – –ENJOY YOUR TREAT — -[Brrrr. . .:>)]- -PRAYIN’ 4 PEOPLE AFFECTED by “NEMO”. AMEN.

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      Tying it into last week’s series, Bill Russell’s family’s story is part of The Warmth of Other Suns.

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          I saw that later. I heard him speak when I was college and found him very inspirational and wise. He said that games aren’t lost in the last 2 minutes but how you played in all of the preceding minutes.

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    Sepia – — – –MR. PRESIDENT CONDEMNS – -“Korea’s NUCLEAR TESTING” — – –

    – – – –Obama calls North Korea nuclear test a threat to U.S. – –

    — — – –President Obama calls for swift and credible action; China and Russia also condemn the test.
    President Obama on Tuesday called North Korea’s third successful nuclear test a “highly provocative act” that “undermines regional stability” and threatens action by the international community.

    He said North Korea’s nuclear program constitutes “a threat to U.S. national security.”

    The White House released the statement early Tuesday after North Korea detonated a miniaturized nuclear device at a northeastern test site, state media said, defying U.N. Security Council orders to shut down atomic activity or face more sanctions and international isolation.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also condemned the test, saying it was “deplorable that Pyongyang defied the strong and unequivocal call from the international community to refrain from any further provocative measures.”

    South Korea called an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council for 9 a. m. EST Tuesday. – —

    – –Watchin’. . . .

  • Alfred Fiandaca, Designer for Women in Politics and the Arts, Dies at 72

    Alfred Fiandaca, an American fashion designer whose clients included Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Lady Bird Johnson and, notably during the 2012 presidential campaign, Ann Romney, died on Saturday in West Palm Beach, Fla. He was 72.

    The cause was a cerebral hemorrhage, said his daughter, Michelle Fiandaca.



    He also tried to throw shade at FLOTUS last year:

    “And yet he pulled no punches in assessing the opposition. “The thing I keep pushing is to not wear a different outfit for every occasion; it’s frivolous,” Mr. Fiandaca said, referring to Mrs. Obama and her revolving closet of designer outfits. “It’s about investment dressing,” he said. “You make something clean, perfect, simple with beautiful fabric and nice lines and you wear it forever. And it might be a little bit more expensive than J. Crew or whatever but it doesn’t fall apart.”

    …In the spirit of the Nixonian “respectable Republican cloth coat,” he highlighted the provenance of his designs. “All my clothes are made in America, whereas the current first lady may buy labels that are American but they’re made somewhere else,” he said.”

    • Town

      All Romney’s clothes might be made in America but their money is chillin’ offshore.

    • itgurl_29

      I’m LMAO at these elitist designers who’ve been showing their ass since FLOTUS has stepped on the scene. Just like certain white liberals and the sole patrol, they’ve been exposed. The fact of the matter is, their clothes are not all that. As a clotheshorse, this is what I know to be true. Unless you are wearing an actual couture ensemble, your clothes were made in a factory and put together by machines. It doesn’t matter if its an Oscar de le Renta dress or a Forever 21 dress. It was assembled in a factory. Now, quality-wise, you can most certainly tell the difference btwn a blazer from Forver21/Gap/Limited and Oscar’s/Donna Karan, etc. But you know what? You can’t tell when it’s a blazer from J.Crew or Banana Republic vs. Oscar. Mid-priced brands and ready to wear designer brands are pretty much of the same quality. So wearing a skirt from J. Crew fits the same as a skirt from Gucci.

      They’re just mad because FLOTUS has exposed them. When you buy designer, you’re really just paying for the name. And once you hit mid-priced brands like J.Crew, Banana Republic, or Johnnie Boden, the quality does not change until you get to couture.

      So this dude, may he RIP, is just talking a bunch of nonsense about non-designer clothes “falling apart”.

      FLOTUS exposed their hustle. Get that little black dress for $250 dollars at J. Crew. Because it will look as good and last as long as the Burberry little black dress for $1250. Don’t spend that extra $1000 just for a name.

      • conlakappa

        Nancy, wife of St. Ronnie, was notorious for not wearing the same outfit twice yet this First Lady repurposes her outfits and she can be called frivolous?

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    Sepia – — Sooo – –LOOKIN’ FORWARD – — — > — –

    – — –Could the next Pope be a black man? The case for an African

    – —– Now that Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation to poor health—becoming the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years—there is speculation as to who could replace him. Some even suggest that a younger, dynamic pontiff from Africa, Latin America or some other area of the developing world could be waiting in the wings.

    Some believe the next pope will and should come from Africa. But why an African pope?

    — -THIS- — >[NEW 2 me]-It would not be the first time, but it has been a very long time since the world has seen a pontiff from Africa. There were three African popes throughout history, according to the National Black Catholic Congress—Pope St. Victor I (circa 186-198 A.D.), Pope St. Miltiades (311-14), and Pope St. Gelasius (492-496). – —
    – – – -SNIP – – –

    – –Meanwhile, the future of the church lies in the so-called Third World, including Africa and Latin America. -One hundred seventy-six million Africans are Catholic, a third of Christians in Africa. And Latin America is home to 42 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. Although only 25 percent of Catholics are European, half of the cardinals come from Europe. Africa and Asia are supplying the rest of the world with its priests.
    THERE IS MORE. – –

    — Watchin’. . . . .

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      The next pope will be another crusty white man like Benedict.

      • conlakappa

        Indeed. An African was supposed to be named the last time, given that the continent is the last bastion of strict construction Church dogma.

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    Sepia : HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 — -BILL RUSSEL: – –1934 – Billiam “Bill” Felton Russell born
    Birthday of William Felton Russell, better known as “Bill” Russel, he was player-coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team in 1968 and 1969. Russell was born in Monroe, Louisiana.-

    — —Bill Russell Highlights — —

    THANK U 4 your BASKETBALL LEGACY!! :>) – – –

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      That’s Morgan Freeman. I know this because George Steppinallinit told me so.

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    Sepia – — –Sooo LOOKIN’ FORWARD – —> —:>) – -Hmmm. . on soma these

    – — 6 Facts You Must Know Before Watching Obama’s State Of The Union Address – –

    – —- –Before President Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address this evening, here are six things you should know about the nation’s most pressing issues:

    1. We don’t have a spending problem. Republicans love to claim that government spending is out of control and is holding back the economy. But under President Obama, government spending has grown at its slowest pace since the Eisenhower administration. According to the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office, the nation’s deficits have shrunk by trillions of dollars, and the debt is close to being stabilized as a percentage of the economy. In fact, spending cuts are holding back the economic recovery — what’s needed isn’t more austerity but a plan to create jobs. In fact, the deficit reduction achieved since 2011 has still overwhelmingly favored spending cuts to tax increases, meaning that any budget deal going forward should include new revenue in order to be truly balanced.

    2. A path to citizenship will lead to economic growth. Obama will repeat calls for comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, a position that has strong backing from a majority of Americans, including 59 percent of Republicans. While a common conservative myth characterizes immigrants as “takers,” immigrants are essential to strengthening the economy and are no more likely to participate in social programs than the native-born. Legalizing undocumented immigrants would raise the nation’s gross domestic product by $1.5 trillion in the next decade, raise wages for everyone, and lead to between $4.5 and $5.4 billion in increased tax revenue. Conservatives’ answer to immigration reform, which omits earned citizenship, would create “a permanent underclass of workers.”
    THERE R MORE. ——–

    – -[Gotta “bounce” early. :>) MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’U –IN MY ♥] —

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    ‘Suicide Conservatives’
    By Charles Blow

    There used to be a political truism: Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line.
    That’s no longer true. Not in this moment. Democrats have learned to fall in love and fall in line. Republicans are just falling apart.

    Last week, the opening salvos were launched in a very public and very nasty civil war between establishment Republicans and Tea Party supporters when it was reported that Karl Rove was backing a new group, the Conservative Victory Project, to counter the Tea Party’s selection of loopy congressional candidates who lose in general elections.

    The Tea Party was having none of it. It sees Rove’s group as a brazen attack on the Tea Party movement, which it is. Rove sees winning as a practical matter. The Tea Party counts victory in layers of philosophical purity.

    more here

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    For the occasional “putting things into perspective” mindset (click on images for quick facts)…

    “The Scale of the Universe”

  • Miranda

    WaPo Poll: GOP Backs Path To Citizenship — Unless Obama’s Name Is Attached

    A Washington Post poll released Tuesday showed enormous support among Republicans for a path to citizenship for undocumented workers in the country — that is, unless President Barack Obama is associated with the measure.

    Seventy percent of those surveyed, including 60 percent of Republicans, said they favor a path to citizenship. But GOP support for the measure took a steep drop when the measure was linked with Obama.

    With the President’s name included in the question, only 39 percent of Republicans said they support a path to citizenship. Overall support slipped to 59 percent with Obama’s name included.

    • rikyrah

      Obama Derangement Syndrome

      • Gc

        I first heard that expression on DK, and I get it, I truly do. But I dislike criticisms that have a precious factor, like clever wordplay, when we are really talking about racism and HATE. Just MO. It is hatred toward anything involving Obama, ie, Blacks, especially successful, powerful, charismatic Blacks.

  • Miranda

    Meet Mama Hills, the founder of Mama Hill’s Help, an after-school organization that provides tutoring and a safe haven for some of Los Angeles’ most underserved students.

  • Rodney Bennett was named the first black president of a predominantly white university in Mississippi..

    • Miranda


    • Daltex82

      Way to go Mr. Bennett!

    • Well alright now! Congrats Mr. Bennett!

      Didn’t USM crown their first Black homecoming queen last year?

      • conlakappa

        That was reported here earlier and the only reason I remember is because that school was hit by the tornado yesterday. Donkeys and/or pigs might have flown!

      • Miranda

        That was Ole Miss (Univ of MS).

  • No. He. Did. Not.

    Dana Bash ‏@DanaBashCNN
    A quote for the ages. When asked about a path to citizenship on immigration @speakerboehner responded “how about a little foreplay first”

    • qosine

      No, no, no, no . . . he really said this?

    • MsKitty

      Kinda gives a whole new perspective on what made FLOTUS give him the SEOD at the inauguration. Uh-huh.

      • Daltex82

        I was thinking the same thing Ms.K

    • Miranda

      Is he drunk this early in the morning??

  • ACTION ALERT! Please call Secret Service at 202-406-5708 and Homeland Security at 202-282-8000 and tell them Ted Nugent should not be allowed to attend the SOTU!

    • crazycanuck

      I hope they get a million calls, this is just insane.

    • QOakaJP

      I’ve seen a lot of people try to laugh this invite off as another clownish GOP move, but really, it is an insult on multiple levels, not to mention a passive threat in itself.

      • It is. Nugent THREATENED the President of the United States and has called for people to decapitate members of Congress. That’s a BFD! But most don’t care because they want to see a spectacle. They want to be entertained, but this ain’t a game.

        And I’m so disgusted that Democrats are silent about this. The Dixie Chicks career was ruined for just saying they were ashamed Bush II was from their home state, but folks are kee-keeing when Nugent threatens PBO?

        • GreenLadyHere

          Sepia- –YES!- –IT IS!!- – –

          – – – –Threatening the President of the United States– —

          —— –Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.[1] It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”. The United States Secret Service investigates suspected violations of this law and monitors those who have a history of threatening the President.

          Because the offense consists of pure speech, the courts have issued rulings attempting to balance the government’s interest in protecting the President with free speech rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. According to Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures, “Hundreds of celebrity howlers threaten the President of the United States every year, sometimes because they disagree with his policies, but more often just because he is the President.”[2]– – –

          NOW WILL – – -SOMEBODY – —- USE! —- THIS!!- – – GEESH!!- — —

      • rikyrah

        there’s nothing passive about the thread

        • BoomerGal

          You mean, threat?

    • Freder421

      Sepia Ted Nugent is a coward, I am not worrying about Ted having the balls to make a scene at the SOTU. He will sit there and be as quiet as a church mouse. I bet you 5 cyber cookies that he will not make a sound.

      If he has anything to say after the SOTU speech is over, will it mean anything. No, just more hot air.

      I think the joke will be how is he dressed for the SOTU speech and if he washed his ass or not. I am looking to forward to seeing that clown at the SOTU.

      • This isn’t solely about Ted Nugent. This is about allowing people to blatantly disrespect THIS president. This man publicly threatened PBO and he’s rewarded with an invite to the SOTU and everyone’s A-OK with that? The complacency about this is sending a message that you can threaten PBO without consequences or repercussions and THAT worries me.

        • crazycanuck


        • gc

          This is the Obama action EVER I cannot support.

          • Gc

            Scatch that. I assumed Obama had final say on the list. and he was doing his enlightened turn. That may not be true.

            Now I am enraged.

      • conlakappa

        I’m laying odds he will wear that Confederate flag shirt of his and get into a tussle with the Sergeant at Arms when he refuses to remove his hat.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia- – – –DONE!!!-— -NAME one OTHER PRESIDENT who was THREATENED annnnd da B**TURD was covered UNDER the – – -FIRST AMENDMENT- – -soooo CONVENIENTLY!!??- – —

      IMMA look 4 additional information!!- —

      Thank U Sepia. :>)- —

    • BoomerGal

      If Nugent is allowed to attend then Rev. Wright should be allowed to attend (but of course our President was forced to disassociate himself from Rev. Wright. Anything they want to do, however, is still ok).

  • rikyrah

    Rove on Judd: ‘We are making fun of her’

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:21 AM EST

    Last week, apropos of nothing, Karl Rove’s operation, American Crossroads, rolled out an attack video targeting actor Ashley Judd. Rove, fearing Judd may run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in 2014, apparently isn’t done

    “We are making fun of her,” Rove told Fox News. “She is way far out on the left wing of the Democratic Party, which is not very far out left in Kentucky.”

    “She’s going to get to know that she’s not going to be able to wait until the screenwriters from California and producers make her look good and prepare the ads and give her lots of lines to memorize so that she can handle these things,” Rove said.

    Soon after, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) added, “When I heard Ashley Judd might run for office I thought maybe it was Parliament since she lives in Scotland half the year.” The Republican senator added, “Ashley Judd’s a famous actress. She’s an attractive woman, presents herself well and from what I understand is articulate. But the thing is, she doesn’t really represent Kentucky.”

    At this point, I have no idea if Judd intends to seek elected office or whether she’d fare well as a candidate if she ran. But when was the last time Republicans freaked out at this level about an inexperienced candidate Democrat in a “red” state more than 20 months before an election cycle?

    • crazycanuck

      They scared

    • Daltex82

      In the end I don’t think Ms. Judd will enter the race, but it sure is nice to see them running scared. They say they are not afraid of her yet they are running attack ads and throwing shade sounds like the action of folks not to sure of an easy victory.

      • goldenstar

        Absolutely. She should keep up the appearances so they can spend more money to run even more ads. Keep them busy.

    • Miranda

      She’s an attractive woman, presents herself well and from what I understand is articulate. But the thing is, she doesn’t really represent Kentucky.”

      He said it…not me.

      • Don’t cha just love out the Repubs are shooting themselves in the foot? We don’t have to do anything. Just give ’em space and opportunity and watch them implode.

      • BoomerGal

        That’s true! She does not represent toothless confederate trash.

      • nellcote

        That reminded me of Biden’s “he’s clean and articulate”. I wonder if that was intentional.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia——Humph!- — “WHYCOME” we NOT SURPRIZED???- — -geesh!! –

    – — –NRA Convention Helps Distribute Literature Calling For Secession And Civil War– –

    – – —-At a state conference this past weekend, the NRA helped distribute a newspaper that called for Wisconsin secession and a new civil war.

    The article, which appeared in a Wisconsin-based conservative publication called “The Reality News”, was among the literature being distributed at the NRA’s Wisconsin State Convention on February 9th.

    In “What Would Davy Crockett Say?”, author Karl P. Koenigs calls for liberating “our home country of Wisconsin.” If that doesn’t work, Koenigs advocates “a combo Civil/Re-Revolutionary War” to “restore the Rule of OUR Laws on our elected, non-elected and wannabe elected Republican and Democrat Federal servants through the refreshment of the Tree of Liberty by its natural manure.” The last part is a reference to the Thomas Jefferson quote that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    – — —STR8 – –RACIST — -B**TURDS!!- —

    – – – -COMMENT:- —Alex O’connor
    The NRA is a terrorist organization. Membership in the NRA is membership in a terrorist organization.

    ——-NOW- —THIS is WHERE those- – -DRONEZ R NEEDED!! -HAH!- —

    • nellcote

      The NRA is a terrorist organization. Membership in the NRA is membership in a terrorist organization.

  • Miranda


    McConnell To Obama: No ‘Left-Wing’ Proposals At SOTU

    Speaking on the floor the morning of the State of the Union, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called on President Obama not to offer any “left-wing” proposals.

    From McConnell’s remarks Tuesday:

    “Tonight, we’ll welcome the President to the Capitol to deliver his State of the Union address.

    “As I mentioned yesterday, Republicans will be listening with great interest to see where the President plans to take the country over the coming year. Some media outlets are already reporting that we’ll be subjected to another litany of left-wing proposals, with plenty of red meat for the President’s base. I hope not. The campaign is over, and the fact is, if the President plans to accomplish anything good for the country in the coming months, he’s going to have to go through a Republican-controlled House.

    “So this morning I’d like to humbly suggest once again that it’s time for the President to reach out to Congress, including Republicans, and make divided government work. That’s how he’ll actually address the issues Americans are most concerned about right now. It’s the only way.

  • Miranda

    Josh Barro ‏@jbarro
    Tonight Republicans will use the hashtag #NotSerious. I’m proud of them. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    ROFLMAO…they are truly idiots. OMG…that’s the hashtag they went with? That’s the clever ding ya came up with GOP?? LMAO Folks already having fun with it on twitter.

    • goldenstar

      You sure he’s not pulling our collective leg?

  • rikyrah

    With the Voting Rights Act hanging in the balance

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:33 AM EST

    Almost exactly a year ago, Josh Gerstein noted, “In a political system where even the most trivial issues trigger partisan rancor, the Voting Rights Act has stood for several decades as a rare point of bipartisan consensus. Until now.”

    The timing of the right’s campaign against the VRA is important to understand in context.


    Indeed, the fact that aggressive Republican challenges to the Voting Rights Act have occurred over the last two years is not a coincidence — GOP policymakers nationwide launched an ambitious “war on voting,” deliberately creating longer voting lines, closing early-voting windows, addressing imaginary voter fraud through punitive voter-ID laws, restricting voter-registration drives, and overseeing an anti-voting campaign unlike anything seen in the United States since the days of Jim Crow.

    And that was before the 2012 elections. Since then, Republicans have picked up where they left off, expanding these efforts and even considering a scheme to rig the system through which presidential electoral votes are allocated.

    In other words, there’s a larger effort underway, the elements are not unrelated. Republicans believe they’ll lose if they compete on a level playing field … so they restrict voting rights … which is illegal in several states under the Voting Rights Act … so they target the VRA for elimination.

    Melber’s piece details the history of the law and the players gearing up behind the scenes to destroy it, and it’s well worth your time. The larger takeaway is obvious: more so than at any point in recent memory, the Voting Rights Act is needed, and the Republican campaign to crush the law deserves to be a national scandal.

  • Miranda

    There’s talk that the next pope might be Black officially making the Vatican “the mall white people used to go to”

    • BoomerGal

      And only the white Catholics in Amurka will leave the church in droves. The people in this country are SO predictable.

  • Alma98

    Good morning everyone.

  • Miranda

    Mississippi will get health care–despite Tea Party governor’s best efforts

    “Make no mistake,” Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant declared last week upon hearing that the feds would reject his state’s plan to create its own clearinghouse for health insurance. “The federal government will control all exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act.”

    Never mind that the feds have now cleared 17 states to run their own exchanges under Obamacare, and that Mississippi is the first state to get a rejection. The deeper irony is that Bryant actively undercut his own state’s bid for autonomy.

    more here

    • conlakappa

      He declared a state of emergency the second the tornado touched down. I guess he’s a particular ho when it comes to streams of federal funds. /eyeroll

  • PBomb

    Okay, this has to be performance art. How can someone actually believe this…

    Daylight Comes, Our Heaven Turned to Hell
    By mistermix February 12th, 2013

    I realize that female anatomy is usually an area of low understanding for the average male, especially the right-wing male, but goddam:

    Swanson: I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.

    That’s Kevin Swanson, a radio host whose co-host Dave Buehner holds the Burkean traditionalist view that feminists are “family-destroying whores”.

    I wonder how Kevin dreamed up this theory. Did he misread the Wikipedia entry for fibroids? Did he feel something rattling around during his last (probably furtive and certainly brief) attempt at coitus? Of the universe of lies that one could tell about birth control, how does someone come up with a lie that fucking strange?

    • Miranda

      Did he feel something rattling around during his last (probably furtive and certainly brief) attempt at coitus?


      • conlakappa

        and likely solo…

    • Alma98

      You just have to shake your head at the stupid.

    • Jesus be a Biology 101 class.

    • eclecticbrotha

      Beefcake Jesus wept.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Kevin Swanson reports that Rosey Palm and her five skinny sisters have not complained to him, so he da Man!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – —- -THIS –is “WHYCOME”- – -WE — HAFTA- — SPEAK /CALL OUT!!

    – – —The Most Threatened President in History– —


    President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched Secret Service. He is the most threatened President in history.

    Since the President took office in 2008, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400% cent. Some threats to the President have been publicized, including the well known alleged plot by white supremacists in Tennessee to rob a gun store, shoot 88 black people, decapitate another 14 and then assassinate the first black president in American history.

    Most however, are kept under wraps because the Secret Service fears that revealing details of them would only increase the number of copycat attempts.

    According to the U.S. Secret Service agents, their goal is to immediately respond to any direct threat against the president, the first family, the vice president, or visiting heads of state. Agents are then responsible for determining the credibility of the threat.

    Each time there is a threat, the Secret Service consults with the Protective Intelligence Division in Washington, D.C., to decide how far an investigation is going to go. If a federal arrest takes place, it will lead to the most serious or extreme of the end results.

    – – – – -SNIP- —
    – –Recent national events are a stark reminder that the Secret Service has to take these threats of death or violence seriously. While the Secret Service says they take every threat against the president seriously, not all will end in arrest. Threats will come our way from high school students, even junior high school students in the way of prank type calls. There are threats on Twitter and on Facebook and other social sites that allow such comments, but they have to look at them all. People need to know that any type of threat against the president is a violation of federal law.

    THERE IS MORE!!- —-


    P.S. WE ain’t —POST RACIAL!!—geesh!!

    • conlakappa

      Sadly, I guess that’s what the GOP meant when they said “jobs creators,” more Secret Service agents.

    • nellcote

      I’m not feeling better that the agency doesn’t have anyone in charge. Hopefully it doesn’t require senate confirmation.

  • conlakappa

    Another great series. Now the Rens I had heard of.

  • crazycanuck

    Is this the idiot who use to post here? It was retweeted my ChuckD

    Have we sold our soul by turning a blind eye to Obama’s drones.. Dick Cheney praises Obama’s drone policy— Davey D (@mrdaveyd) February 12, 2013

    • He’s never posted here but we’ve talking about him and his Sole Patrol azz.

    • Ebogan63

      No 1 Curr about drones.

      • Admiral_Komack

        …but yet they drone on…

    • The alternative is to send in troops which means in effect the collateral damage will increase dramatically. There’s no such thing as a clean war.

      • Miranda

        You can’t tell these idiots that. They simply do not get it.

  • rikyrah

    In sequester politics, it’s something vs. nothing

    By Steve Benen

    Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:44 AM EST

    Some of the basics of the sequester are not in dispute. We know, for example, that both Democrats and Republicans believe the automatic sequestration cuts would do real harm to the country. We also know that these cuts, approved as a tactic to bring both sides to the negotiating table, will happen in just 16 days unless there’s a compromise.

    And that’s pretty much where the areas of agreement end.

    A closer look at the details of the Republican position reveals a series of problems. GOP officials argue that the sequester is President Obama’s fault, but that isn’t true. They argue that the White House hasn’t offered a sequester alternative, and that isn’t true. They’ve said the Senate’s Democratic majority isn’t offering an alternative, and that isn’t true.

    But my personal favorite is the notion that House Republicans have offered a sequester alternative, which is comically untrue. Brian Beutler reported an amazing quote yesterday from House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) office.

  • rikyrah

    Indiana students, left and right, oppose bill to block them from voting

    By Laura Conaway
    Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:06 PM EST

    All last year, the Indiana University College Republicans worked. In the first few months of the year, the College Republicans raised money and recruited volunteers so they’d be ready for phone-banking (at right) and door-knocking ahead of November’s general election. Though Mitt Romney lost, Indiana went red, and the Indiana University Republicans — “the best party on campus” — went back to work. On Monday, they welcomed state Treasurer Richard Mourdock for a talk about the state of the Republican Party.

    Now the College Republicans have something new to work on: Stopping a Republican state lawmakers’ bill that would block anyone paying out-of-state tuition from voting where they live for school. From the Indiana Daily Student:

  • rikyrah

    Why the GOP opposes ideas it supports

    By Steve Benen

    Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:26 PM EST

    We’ve seen the dynamic play out enough times that it’s no longer a coincidence — Republicans will propose an idea; President Obama will endorse the GOP idea; and Republicans will announce their opposition to their own proposal. It’s happened on everything from immigration to health care, energy policy to taxes, deficit reduction to public safety.

    As Jamelle Bouie noted today, it’s not just Republican policymakers who change their mind about policies they used to support

    Today’s poll from the Washington Post and Capital Insight shows something interesting: When Obama lends his name to proposals on immigration, climate change or the war in Afghanistan, support drops.

    Without Obama’s name, 78 percent of Democrats, 60 percent of Republicans, and 70 percent of independents support a path to citizenship as part of comprehensive immigration. But when you associate that proposal with the president, support drops to 75 percent of Democrats, 61 percent of independents, and just 39 percent of Republicans — a 21 point decline. Likewise, without Obama’s name, 65 percent of Democrats, 32 percent of Republicans, and 51 percent of independents support measures to address climate change. With his name attached, Democratic and independent support increases — to 71 percent and 55 percent, respectively — but Republican support dips even further, to 24 percent.

  • rikyrah

    College Credit 101

    Feb 12 2013 @ 9:21am

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is initiating an inquiry into the relationship between colleges, banks and debit card companies. One of the more egregious examples:

    Preloaded debit cards have caught on in recent years as a method of giving college students access to federal grants and loans for living expenses. While they have come under scrutiny for high fees, they are a way to give money to students without using paper checks, and do not require a bank account. Critics say students would be better off opening a bank account than relying on preloaded cards. Higher One has dominated the debit card market for years, and has come in for much of the criticism for swipe fees, ATM fees and other charges that can chip away at students’ financial aid. As the cards have grown more popular, other banks, including Sallie Mae, have entered the market place.

  • I heard about this on the Joe Madison show this morning. And this is exactly why teachers should not be armed…

    Teacher suspended after pouring pencil shavings in student’s mouth, report says

    (CBS) ARLINGTON, Texas – An eighth grade teacher at Boles Jr. High School in Arlington, Texas was suspended after allegedly pouring pencil shavings into a student’s mouth, CBS DFW reports.

    “I was sitting in class with my head tilted back and opening my mouth,” Marquis Jay, 13, said of the January 2013 incident. “[The] teacher came over and poured the pencil shavings in my mouth.”

    The eighth grader says he immediately spit it out and was taken to the nurse’s office where he washed his mouth out and called his mother, the station reports.

    According to Marquis, the teacher responsible was not assigned to his class. She had stopped by to help his teacher, CBS DFW says.


    • Miranda

      This teacher needs to be put under a mental evaluation. …Because he or she MUST be crazy.

      • Gc

        and sadistic

    • Alma98

      I hope they charge this person with assault.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – — — —FACT CHECK!!!– HAH!!- — — Da “ENEMY”- — seems 2 IGNORE ’em!!- —

    – – – –Do We Have a Spending Problem? – –

    – — – –According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), the federal government is projected to spend less money in the next decade on non-defense discretionary programs than at any point since at least 1962. This is a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

    Two-fifths of the $1.5 trillion in savings from cutting and capping funding for discretionary programs comes from defense, while the other three-fifths comes from reductions in domestic and international programs. These reductions will shrink non-defense discretionary spending to its lowest level on record as a share of GDP, with data going back to 1962.
    – — -SNIP — –

    While you can argue about the correct budget for defense, it makes no sense to say Obama is spending too much unless you are willing to say that Bush was spending too much, as well.
    – — – SNIP- —

    So, the GOP can keep saying that we have a spending problem, but we have a much more clear-cut and inarguable revenue problem. And if you ask people what spending they want to cut, they do not say that we ought to ravage people’s retirement security.

    Overall, it’s simply misleading to argue that our budget woes are a result of too much spending. And, to the degree that it has some truth, the people don’t agree with the Republicans’ solutions.—– –
    THERE R MORE- – –FACTS!!- – -HAH!- – –

    – — -COMMENT:– But, but, but………Obama’s giving away fancy cell phones to all his poor black friends!!!
    Unfortunately, that is the level of our discourse.
    Thank you, once again, for laying out the reality of our “spending problem”. It is worthy of sharing with everyone we know.
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

    by MikeInOhio

    • MsKitty

      When I clicked on Alan Aleman’s pic I had to do a double take because he’s a dead ringer for one of my cousins.

    • goldenstar

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!! Each chair has a photo and bio of the person sitting there. Wowie Zowie.

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere


    – —February 12: This Day in Black History– –


    – —☻1903: Todd Duncan, the first African American singer to perform in the New York City Opera was born on this day in Danville, KY. He passed away in 1998 at age 95.
    – — ☻1907: Roberta Martin was a gospel singer, composer, pianist, arranger, choral organizer and help launch the careers of many other gospel artists through her group “The Roberta Martin Singers.” She was born on this day in Helena, AR. She passed away in 1969
    — –☻1961: ‘Shop Around’ by the Miracles became Motown’s first million selling single on this day.
    – – –☻1966: Stevie Wonder reached #1 for five weeks and #3 Pop charts with ‘Uptight, Everything is Alright’ on this day. (AP)
    — —☻2010: More than 80 artists gathered to record the remake of “We Are The World”. Janet Jackson laid down her version of Michael Jackson’s part and the song was premiered at the opening of the Winter Olympics on this day.

    – — —“Shop Around” TRUE STEREO MIX Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1960) – —

    – — —Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Everything’s Alright) Live (1965) – —