April 23, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Thread

Bethune Cookman College's Marching Band pays tribute to President Obama during their halftime performance at the 2008 Florida Classic: … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: HBCU Football Classics Week

Good Morning Obots! Today's featured HBCU Classic: The Capital City Classic Jackson State Universty vs Alcorn State University The 2011 Capital City Classic marks the 19th Anniversary of Mississippi's most attended, colorful sporting event. … [Read more...]

Monday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

Aunt Esther Refuses To Go Quietly Into That Dark Night News: Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who's been critical this year of President Obama's response to the high unemployment within the black community, … [Read more...]

Race and Racism — Why Joan Walsh and White Liberals Don’t Get It

(Hat Tip: POU commenter and Twitter fam Trose) In response to Joan "Miss Ann" Walsh's "Are white liberals abandoning the president?" PUMA bitchassness op-ed, a Salon commenter by the name of "Jcwtts1" broke it down like a fraction on why white … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: HBCU Football Classics Week

Good Morning Obots! I'm bringing back a favorite 'theme' week - HBCU football classics! Each year this time, there are Saturday's filled with parades, pageantry, rivalries and of course.........THE BANDS. This week we look at some of the well … [Read more...]

POU Comments Of The Week!

For the week September 18 - September 24 So Professional Left, Firebaggers, Sole Patrol, Coonerati, Frustrati, and the like....be advised that the Obots WILL clap back on your lying, despicable, trolling ass. You might have more microphones, but … [Read more...]

NFL Picks and Open Thread – Week 3

Week 3 is here! Ok, fine if you get your picks in before game time I guess they'll count! If not, everyone gets a "bye" week - one week that gets thrown out (your worst week). So fear not!  HOU @ NO NYG @ PHI JAC @ CAR NE @ BUF … [Read more...]