July 20, 2017

Sunday Open Thread: African-American Photographers

Good Morning Obots! This week I'll be featuring the works and biographies of African-American Photographers. Today we look at some very touching and beautiful photos reflecting the spiritual life of our communities. Watch the trailer for … [Read more...]

Pragmatic Obots Test Chat

Hey Obots!Please try out the chat below. Many of you are familiar with the Meebo Chats that have been used for previous live chats, but unfortunately Meebo is getting out of the chatting business. Chatroll is another service that I'm testing out and … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning Obots! Hope everyone on the east coast is safe and out of the path of mean Aunt Irene. Now........In case there was any confusion.....We're gonna keep rising to the top! … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread

The Fantastic Four This week, in Libya, thousands of people celebrated carrying posters of  The Fantastic Four: Obama, Rice, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. All four played a leading role in supporting the … [Read more...]

Welcome Home

  Welcome! Come on in! Get comfy! We are back! Better and stronger than ever. Oh, you thought we were gone for good? PUH-LEEZE! It would take a lot more than just cutting the mic to make us shut up and go away. Our lungs are just too powerful. Now … [Read more...]

Updated: MLK Tribute Rally Live Chat has been postponed

The rally has been postponed. … [Read more...]

President Obama on Libya

President Barack Obama delivers a statement to the press on the situation in Libya. … [Read more...]