July 26, 2017

Wednesday Afternoon Thread: Pardon Me, Mr. President!

This is how you pardon a turkey:

This way, not so much:

  • Malia was like, “Nah, chill son”. LOL!

    • Miranda

      LOL, she was SO not about to touch that bird! “I dont care if the whole wide world watching…I AINT TOUCHING THAT THANG!”

      • rikyrah

        BWA HA HA HA HA

      • isonprize

        LOVE her. Sasha is just too cool.

  • Miranda

    PBO’s remarks are great!

    WASHINGTON — Fresh off a four-day trip to Asia, President Barack Obama pardoned the National Thanksgiving Turkey Wednesday, taking a shot at his former Republican opponent and cracking jokes about his reelection.

    “They say that life is all about second chances and this November I can’t agree more,” Obama said.

    “So in the spirit of the season I have one more gift to give,” Obama joked in apparent reference to Mitt Romney’s claim after the election that Obama won by giving “gifts” to minority groups, Obama said he was going to pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey, named Cobbler, and his stand-in, Gobbler.

    “The American people have spoken, and these birds are moving forward,” he added.


    • I so enjoy PBO’s presidential shade! LOL!

    • sagittarius

      “So in the spirit of the season I have one more gift to give,” Obama joked

      POTUS stays playing the dozens.

      • rikyrah

        BWA HA HA HA HA HA

        Man, I love it when he puts in the shiv.

      • isonprize

        Y’all caught that? I caught that! LOLOLOL

    • MsKitty

      My President got jokes.

    • GreenLadyHere

      LOL miranda — –Ona – -my FAVs – – –“The American people have spoken, and these birds are moving forward,” he added.


      – – – – – -***TEARS*** annnnd – — ***SMILES * *** — –

      I am soooo HAPPY that HE IS OUR PRESIDENT!! – -Woo! Hoo! –

  • Barbara Walters shaded the hail outta Gov. Krispy Kreme today:

    Walters: “You know…I interviewed Gov. Christie, who’s one of our ‘Most Fascinating People’..”

    Elisabitch Hasselbeck: “What is Gov. Christie doing for Thanksgiving?”

    Walters: “Unfortunately, I think he’s eating.”

    • Miranda

      _______________________________damn Babs.

    • jds09

      That’s just wrong.

    • MsKitty


  • WH to Boehner: “There ain’t no future in your frontin'”

    The White House and congressional Democrats are balking at the idea, floated by House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday, that changes to the president’s signature health care law should be on the table during lame-duck talks over taxes and the deficit.

    An administration official told The Huffington Post that the president would oppose involving the Affordable Care Act in the negotiations taking place to stave off the so-called “fiscal cliff.” A top Senate Democratic aide called the idea “absolutely” a non-starter.

    “And they know that, so its counterproductive to even offer it,” the aide add.


    • Miranda

      Does Boehner know how bad Cantor working to stab him in the back right now? Who told Boehner to try this mess? Nobody but Cantor.

      • OK! Boehner better sober up and recognize that PBO is not his enemy…Cantor is.

  • CBS whines because the WH won’t give them pics of the Benghazi attacks so they can use to help the GOP continue to politicize the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the three men who were killed.

    White House declines to release images from night of Benghazi attacks
    By Sharyl Attkisson /
    CBS News/ November 21, 2012, 11:49 AM

    The White House Photo Office has declined CBS News requests to release images taken of US officials during the Sept. 11 Benghazi attacks.

    CBS News first requested the images on Oct. 31. In the past, the White House has released photos showing US officials during national security incidents. A half dozen images related to the mission that captured and killed Osama bin Laden were given to the public last year. One depicts President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and members of the national security team gathered in the Situation Room on May 1, 2011.

    A White House official referred our request regarding the Benghazi attacks to the White House Photo Office. On Nov. 1, an official there indicated she would process our request quickly, but then did not respond further. Finally, this week, the White House Photo Office told CBS News it would not release any images without approval of Josh Earnest in the White House Press Office. Earnest did not respond to our telephone calls and emails.

    MORE: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57553090/white-house-declines-to-release-images-from-night-of-benghazi-attacks/

    • Miranda

      Yeah, CBS only wants to create a political snuff film for the GOP – not happening.

    • nellcote

      In other CBS news, ex-Fox WH reporter Major Garrett is now the chief CBS WH reporter. Teh foxification of the msm continues.

  • PBomb

    This is too awesome to ignore… I know we all are not fans of Firedoglake, but this is a great read

    You’ll Get Pie Delivered From The Sky When The Pizza Employee Dies

    Many of you may remember way back in the summer of ’12, when the CEO of deep-fried diabetes factory Chick-fil-A came out against homo marriage (thereby conceding a shitload of wedding catering business to Arbys) and intolerant libtards were all, “We’re totally going to boycott your greasy slabs of chicken genocide which we never ate in the first place because meat is murder”. This, in turn, enraged conservative Christians and Fox TV viewers causing those who were ambulatory or whose hoverounds had fully charged batteries to stage a Chick-fil-A gorge-in where they all showed up on one special day to shovel massive mounds of artery-clogging fried foods into their gaping maws to show the world that they would rather die than have something gay shoved down their throats. The end result was a massive turnout causing gay homosexuals to became as scarce as GOP Senators who have served in the military, by which I mean John McCain, or if you want both: Lindsey Graham.

    But wait, there’s more…

    During the run-up to President Gift Giving African’s latest stolen election, chemical face-peel victim and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, the very Italian sounding John Schnatter, said that he hate-hate-hated Obamacare, and that the idea of having to provide healthcare benefits to his stupid employees made him sicker than most of his employees, particularly the ones who supply him with one of Papa John’s freshest ingredients (hint: it’s mucus, such as found on the popular Papa John’s Linguiça & Lunger Deep Petri Dish Artisanal Pizza). Schnatter said he would have to raise the price of his pizzas a whole 14 cents because of the socialism, although actually it’s only about five cents, but that doesn’t make it any less communist. Also Schnatter said he would cut his employees hours so they wouldn’t qualify for benefits but mainly because he is a dick. Now liberals are once again threatening a boycott and conservatives are once again coming to the rescue with #IStandWithPapaJohn’s day which happens to be this Friday following Thanksgiving, which makes perfect sense because it is the one day when all of America stands there looking in the refrigerator saying, to no one in particular, “There’s nothing to eat”.

    Read more here: http://tbogg.firedoglake.com/2012/11/20/youll-get-pie-delivered-from-the-sky-when-the-pizza-employee-dies/

    The comments are hilarious.

    • nellcote

      tbogg is a worthy read @ firedoglake. He frequently goes up against the emoprogs on the rest of the site. This is a classic:

      “Let me see if I can explain it this way:

      Every year in Happy Gumdrop Fairy-Tale Land all of the sprites and elves and woodland creatures gather together to pick the Rainbow Sunshine Queen. Everyone is there: the Lollipop Guild, the Star-Twinkle Toddlers, the Sparkly Unicorns, the Cookie Baking Apple-cheeked Grandmothers, the Fluffy Bunny Bund, the Rumbly-Tumbly Pupperoos, the Snowflake Princesses, the Baby Duckies All-In-A-Row, the Laughing Babies, and the Dykes on Bikes. They have a big picnic with cupcakes and gumdrops and pudding pops, stopping only to cast their votes by throwing Magic Wishing Rocks into the Well of Laughter, Comity, and Good Intentions. Afterward they spend the rest of the night dancing and singing and waving glow sticks until dawn when they tumble sleepy-eyed into beds made of the purest and whitest goose down where they dream of angels and clouds of spun sugar.

      You don’t live there.

      Grow the fuck up.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternoon miranda/POU FAM♥ — –***BIG HUG*** :>)

    – —LOL – — -MR> PRESIDENT had — ***BIG TIME FUN” –Again. – —as – –

    – —PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES – – –4 da SECOND TIME!! – –Woo! Hoo! —–


    -☻ – —-Good grief Palin is a dim bulb

    BETCHA she thought that she hadta – –PARDON HERSELF — -da TRUE TURKEY!!~ – – -LOL

    ***shakin’ my head*** @ – –HER STOOPDITY. LOL

  • Miranda

    This is a beautiful bird

    he would look real awesome on a wheat bun with honey mustard, tomato and lettuce too. (sorry)

    • MsKitty

      Don’t forget the bacon. It’s all about the club sandwich.

    • edp4bho

      Real cold, Miranda !

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —THIS – – -CEASE FIRE – -seems 2 B – -REAL: —

    – – —Gaza ceasefire takes effect [Israel and Hamas agree to truce after eight days of attacks in which 162 Palestinians and five Israelis are killed.]

    – — A ceasefire has gone into effect in and around the Gaza Strip, after Israel and Hamas agreed to cease hostilities.

    The Egyptian foreign minister announced the a ceasefire agreement hours before it took hold at 19:00 GMT on Wednesday.

    Mohamed Kamel Amr thanked all parties involved in brokering the truce as he made the announcement in a joint news conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

    Under the ceasefire terms, Israel was to stop all aggression against the Gaza Strip from land, sea and air, including cross-border incursions and targeted killings.

    Palestinian factions were to cease all aggression from Gaza towards Israel, including rocket fire and attacks on the border.

    Twenty-four hours after the ceasefire takes effect, Israel will also be committed to opening of all border crossings and ease restrictions on movements of people and goods in and out of the enclave.

    – – -SNIP- —-

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – thanked the US – and Egypt for helping to broker the deal.

    THANK U – – -MR. PRESIDENT – –SOS Hilary Clinton. :>)

  • sagittarius

    I want to post a correction on this thread for a comment I made regarding the vacant IL 2nd Congressional District seat. I have also posted a correction at the bottom of the original comment.

    Correction: the IL governor does not appoint a replacement for a vacant US Rep seat. The position remains vacant until someone wins in a special election.

    • rikyrah

      thanks, sag.

    • rikyrah


      if Todd Stroger does run, I will give him serious consideration.

      I’ll ALWAYS think he got a raw deal.

      • sagittarius

        I agree – and I think this is the sentiment of a lot black folk, particularly since we ain’t feeling Miss Toni. Todd had one of the few balanced budgets in IL.

        • rikyrah

          SO not feeling Miss Toni. that sales tax bullshyt was just that. it was less than a frigging penny, and her ass went along with it like it was the worst thing in the world.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – I’m ONLY postin’ THIS ’cause I wanna B in da room when —

    MR. PRESIDENT sees THIS – – RACIST – – B**TURD!! — –

    – – —Rep. Gowdy to Obama: ‘You come here and testify’ – —

    — – -Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) issued a challenge to President Barack Obama Wednesday, telling the president that if he was actually looking to defined U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over the administration’s handling of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, he should come to Congress and testify himself.

    “Instead of talking up for Susan Rice, I’ll make a deal with the president. You come in her place and answer questions,” Gowdy said during an appearance on Fox News.

    – – –I’ll MAKE A DEAL –WITH U – RACIST!!- – —BRANG – -IT!!! — –SAAAAAA-LAP!!

    ***mumble. . . . mumble—WHO HE THANK HE TALKIN’ 2?? – – -mumble – – -mumble . . . .He wasn’t BORN wif dat much NERVE!! –SHOOT!***

    • MsKitty

      “Instead of talking up for Susan Rice, I’ll make a deal with the president. You come in her place and answer questions, boy

      There. Fixed. (You know that’s what he really wanted to say)

      • rikyrah

        muthafucka, please.

        ain’t nobody playing with you.

        testify your own damn self

        • conlakappa

          He should speak with Tagg about what happens when you try to talk smack about the President in a challenge. You know, assuming Tagg has recovered from his “say what again” moment after Debate III, aka I ripped your daddy’s ass out of the frame and am now quite ready for you.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY MsKitty. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – -***fist bump*** —

        – –OF COURSE THAT was WHAT he was sayin’!! – – – – –

        THAT was the LOUDEST -“dog whistle” – –we have heard recently!! — Annnnnd ifff I was a bettin’ woman —I would BET that he was sayin’ – – –“NINJA!!”

        ‘CAUSE we KNOW that he uses IT –FREQUENTLY!! – – –

        THIS is NOT OVA.!! – –Guess he di-ent learn – – —

        – — –THIS! – –LOL – —

        Good 2 C U – -MsKitty. – –HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — – – -Here’s another – -FUNNY: – – -LOL – – – –

    – – –Barack… I Prefer Mr. President – –LOL—

  • rikyrah

    November 21, 2012
    The fiscal choke

    On “The Last Word” last night, guest host Ezra Klein was entering a euphoric state of optimism within a rapture of jubilation atop clouds nine, ten and eleven as he rattled off, from a NY Times story, the names of several Republican lawmakers–Peter King, Saxby Chambliss, Tom Coburn, John McCain, Lindsey Graham–who are defying Grover Mephistopheles’s demands and going, or so it seems, all Faustian with the Dems.

    Guest Robert Reich responded: I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’m with Reich on this one.

    Dark and contemptible as he is, Mephistopheles is at least a man of his final word. Contemporary Republicans, on the other hand, shift and slither as they say one seemingly conclusive thing but mean another, or another when they mean one. Sen. Graham, for instance, “said that … closing tax loopholes and eliminating deductions have to be considered, ‘even though that may technically violate the pledge.'” This sounds GOP-unorthodox; real renegade stuff, right? Not really. It still rejects the single most prominent position on which President Obama won decisive reelection: a hike in the top marginal tax rate. And keep in mind–as Lindsey surely does–that the SC senator is looking at being tea-party primaried in 2014. Courage has its pragmatic limits.


  • rikyrah

    The pros and the pros of a Rice nomination

    Time magazine’s Jay Newton-Small itemizes the pros and cons of President Obama’s nominating choice of Susan Rice, now that “White House officials are whispering to the New York Times and other news outlets that Rice is currently Obama’s favorite to fill the top cabinet slot” of secretary of state.

    The “pro” items are unexceptional, including Rice’s youthful zeal, Obama’s admiration for her, her popularity among Democrats and her political kryptonite qualities for sane (yeah, I know) Republicans.

    Among the cons of Rice-as-nominee: Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have already embarrassed themselves with extravagantly goofy filibuster threats; more than one GOP House committee is planning on making McCain-Graham-like asses of themselves with HUAC-like hearings on Benghazi; Rice might be “too blunt” for the job; and, “as Obama noted in his press conference, the people re-elected him to work with the other side, not get mired in partisan fights,” which would delight political junkies like us to absolutely no end.

    Wait, those are the cons?


    • GN

      Love pmcarpenter. His blog was such an oasis.

      • sagittarius

        Hi, gn!

        Why the past tense?

        • GN

          Only past tense because I was thinking of the blogs that were there through thick and thin for these last years; he’s so wonderful past and PRESENT. Was just expressing appreciation for what he did in terms of slapping down fauxgressives when it less popular.

  • sagittarius

    Even though Jesse Jackson, Jr. is as messy as his father and brought this scandal on himself, he did not ask for bi-polar disorder or depression. From the accounts I’m hearing/reading, he is in bad shape. I will pray for his continued recovery.

    • rikyrah

      I agree with you on this, sag.

    • dannie22

      i agree Sag! i wish Jesse jr well

    • edp4bho

      Another one to keep in prayer. So sad.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda/POU FAM♥ – – – – -Gotta “hit da road” 4 a “bit”. – -:>)

    – – –C U on da other side. – – -Annnnd YES – — -“GHETTO GURRRRLLL” – – -will B in da car. – —PRAY 4 me. LOL – — –


    • sagittarius

      And to you, GLH! Safe travels!

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving GLH. Have a safe trip.

    • Happy Thanksgiving, GLH! Be safe!

    • dannie22

      Happy Thanksgiving GLH!

    • GN

      Happiest of holidays to you, GLH!

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving GLH be safe and enjoy your family.

    • edp4bho

      Best wishes and stay safe, GLH.

    • TyrenM

      Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels.

    • TyrenM

      Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels.

  • trose1

    The so called liberal media cable channel, MSNBC is going to do something about that image.
    Did I miss all of this pro Obama coverage?
    There is no liberal media.
    MSNBC Looks To Battle Pro-Obama Reputation During Second Term
    Over at the Huffington Post, media reporter Michael Calderone reports that MSNBC President Phil Griffin seeks to combat the network’s growing reputation as not just being “progressive,” but being openly “pro-Obama.”

    Many believe the network’s “pro-Obama” reputation has, thus far, been warranted: A recent Pew study found that during the final week of the 2012 election campaign, MSNBC ran zero negative stories about President Obama; and not a single positive story about Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

    • Riiiight. Like MSNBC doesn’t have right-leaning coverage from 6am to 4pm. We all know Morning Joke — which is nothing but Fox & Friends but with a better set and clothing — sets the talking points for the day.

      PlanetPOV breaks down how MSNBC isn’t the liberal version of Fox News that they’re making it out to be: http://planetpov.com/2012/06/11/breaking-down-msnbc/

      • trose1

        He mentioned Glen Greenwald at the very end. LMBAO. I guess he is programming for MSNBC now.

      • Miranda

        I just read that Calderone piece. SMH….he used all the emoprog talking points, right in order. They really are consistent with the bs.

    • jds09

      Let’s see what happens to their ratings. It won’t end well for MSNBC.

    • Miranda

      I would like to know exactly what constitutes a “negative” or “positive” story. If the content is factual, its not a news networks obligation to do a fluff piece on how Romney once gave milk to a shelter 20 years ago for a full 10 minute segment just because the network ran a segment on how he stood up at a banquet and insulted half the electorate 6 months ago.Faux News runs stories on PBO that are patently false in content but somehow there is a comparison with a completely truthful segment on Romney on MSNBC just because the truth is that Romney is an ass?

    • Kennymack1971

      This is some old work the refs bullshit. This is an attempt to turn MSNBC into a network more like CNN which gives credence to the ‘both sides’ talking points. If they do it their ratings will tank too.

    • GN

      If they’d like to see their ratings in the toilet, be my guest. I’d actually be pleased if they openly took a FoxLite, “fair and balanced” turn. So long as the Rev Al’s show is intact, I could care less.

  • Miranda

    GOP Senators Attack Obama, Praise Egyptian President In Statement On Gaza CeasefireSecretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Prime Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr today announced a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, ending eight days of violence that resulted in nearly 150 dead and more wounded. President Obama dispatched Clinton to the region yesterday and the nation’s top diplomat traveled to Jerusalem and Cairo today to help facilitate the deal.

    But in a statement on the Gaza ceasefire today, Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) — one day after intelligence officials debunked their attacks on the Obama administration over Benghazi — didn’t have any kind words for the president and his team. In fact, the new “Three Amigos” attacked Obama, saying there needs to be “smarter American leadership” in the Middle East.

    Yet the three Republicans did have praise for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi: more here: http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/11/21/1230351/gop-senators-attack-obama-praise-egyptian-president-gaza/?mobile=nc

    • So, they put foreign leaders above their own president. The Three Stooges need to sit their treasonous asses down and STFU.

      • GN

        GOP=party before country.

  • Alma98

    Once again I happy Thanks giving to you all. My feet are killing me I’ve been on them since 9:00am and I’m still not finished. My daughter’s friend from NC is coming for the holiday. I need a nice chilled glass of wine in the tub ahhhh, maybe tomorrow.

    • GN

      Sounds lovely—happy holidays, Alma! I love your comments and here’s to many more.

      • Alma98

        Happy Thanksgiving GN and I love your comments, you are one of the most knowledgeable posters here. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • sagittarius

      Happy Thanksgiving, Alma!

  • Miranda

    Nida Khan ‏@NidaKhanNY
    Susan Rice speaks on #Benghazi … Says she made clear info was preliminary & everyone gave best info available at the time

    • And check this out:

      She (Rice) said she respected Republican Sen. John McCain, who has been critical of her, but says “some of the statements he’s made about me have been unfounded, but I look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him.”


      • Miranda

        Who U Finna Try!Who U Finna Try!I Bet It Ain’t Me!

      • GN

        McCranky don’t want none of that. In my opinion, she has nothing to explain, especially to people who kissed Condi Rice’s behind AFTER the explosive “no WMDs” information became known for certain. Again, I applaud Ambassador Rice’s poise, grace, and dignity. So proud of her!!

        • isonprize

          Again, I applaud Ambassador Rice’s poise, grace, and dignity. So proud of her!!

          I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement. However, I still think Susan Rice would cut a bitch. SERIOUSLY.

      • nellcote

        the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him.”
        when she’s finally nominated for SoS.

  • TyrenM

    Hey POU,
    Before we all disappear into food and family, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey Day or whatever you wish to call it.

    CC, my “crack” at you on Canadian Thanksgiving Day was not to throw shit in the game or down you at all. I value and respect your opinions. I don’t think you’re a crazy canuck at all. GLH and others brought me back to being thankful for whats important to us all. It was merely a thought to us all to remember how this day we celebrate came to be, our place in it and to challenge ourselves going forward.

    Now, I await serious (over)eating. (You’ll like this) Watching the Dallas (“America’s Team, State that wants to Secede, etc.) Cowboys play the Washington (U.S. Capital, Home of Black Heisman winning QB, etc.) Redskins. Cowboys v. Redskins.

    Let me quit. Enjoy your holidays all.

    • crazycanuck

      Hey Happy Thanksgiving. I wish I could have a second one lol. I don’t even remember what you said. What was that again? lol.

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving TyrenM enjoy.

    • sagittarius

      Happy Thanksgiving, TyrenM!

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY TyrenM. ***BIG HUG*** :>)


      THANK U♥ —4 your KIND WORDS.- -:>) –ENJOY your day. :>)

  • trose1

    Phil Griffen was silent when Pew reported the negative coverage MSM was giving PBO. Romney was being treated like a King by MSM.
    Unbelievable the bs MSNBC is trying to pull. This was in April of this year.
    Pew: Liberal Media Not So Hot On Obama in 2012
    The Liberal Media has consistently given more positive coverage to likely Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney compared to President Barack Obama, according to a new survey of media coverage from the Pew Research Center’s Excellence in Journalism Project.

    • morphus

      Wonder where are they going with this alleged post election ‘self-assessment’? Simultaneously, as Pew’s post-mortem reads ‘Not so Hot Coverage of Obama in 2012′ over at Huffo MSNBC is trying to shake its ”Pro-Obama’ Label’ and promises to do better next term.

      Pew and HuffPo post election assessments fails to weigh MediaMatters’ extensive coverage on GOP/Robme’s “paid” embed advisors posing as reporters or political analysts across the full spectrum of media in 2012.

      And, in the midst of all this self-inspection how the heck did they miss reports of messaging guru, political analyst and Republican strategist, Frank Luntz’s, joining NBC and MSNBC’s sudden need to become “less” Pro-Obama?

  • crazycanuck

    I’m watching gidget on youtube. Moondoggie is the bomb lol

  • Soccermom91

    Peeking in to say that I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!! You guys are such a part of my life! I sometimes think I should change my name to ‘I’m here everyday, but never comment’! I just wanted to take the time to say that I am thankful for POU! I wish all of you the best…also, since I don’t comment often, I want to finally chime in and say WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GN

      Thanks for delurking, and happy holiday to you too!!

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving soccermom to you and yours.

    • sagittarius

      Happy Thanksgiving, Soccermom 91

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving Soccermom91

    • Miranda

      Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!

    • TyrenM

      Yes WE did! Happy Thanksgiving Soccermom.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Soccermom91. —***runnin’ 2 give U a — -***BIG HUG*** :>)

      — -***fist bump**** – — —YES! –WE! — -DID!! – – –

      – — – –HAPPY THANKSGIVING –2 U♥/YOURS – – —

      Soo good 2 C U. :>)- — –B BLESSED! :>)- –

  • Miranda

    OK, my sister just had me watch the last 15 minutes of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special…LMAO…this is some version I haven’t seen! A truly white-washing of history with this one! Damn…..this was about as historically accurate as The Great Pumpkin is real! LOLOL

    • GN

      Seriously; Charlie Brown is the absolute business but historical accuracy that cartoon is NOT.

      • Miranda

        I don’t ever remember seeing that version at the end of how “Thanksgiving” came to be…LOL, maybe I just haven’t watched this one in a long time or something.

    • rikyrah

      I thought it was hysterical…and oh, so Charlie Brown-ish

    • QOakaJP

      I was never a big fan of their Thanksgiving or Easter specials. It’s all about The Great Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Christmas. =)

  • Miranda

    Thanksgiving with the Obama familyPresident Obama pardoned one turkey on Wednesday morning, but other birds weren’t so lucky. Later that day, the president and his wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and mother-in-law Marian Robinson helped serve an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Capitol Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C. Members of the Oregon State men’s basketball team joined the Obamas at the food bank. Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson, is the team’s coach.more here: http://tv.msnbc.com/2012/11/21/thanksgiving-with-the-obama-family/

  • crazycanuck

    ‘Cause when the Gidget goes Hawaiian
    She goes Hawaiian all the way’

    Shut up, yes I’m now watching Gidget goes Hawaiian.

    Happy Thanksgving everyone.

    PS Sarah Palin is strange lol

    • JojoRaze

      Don’t be embarrassed. Gidget, Tammy and Heidi was my jam when I was a youngun. I swore my black pigtailed self was Gidget and Tammy. I even had Heidi curls for year. If I could catch those flicks now, I would watch. MoonDoggie was gorgeous.

      • rikyrah

        raising my hand….

        saw all those movies…

  • Miranda

    Dems win all of the final races – if it hadn’t been for all of the re-drawn districts, Pelosi would be the Speaker again.http://www.presstv.ir/usdetail/273405.html

    • rikyrah

      yep, thanks those of you who didn’t turn out in 2010

  • crazycanuck

    This is a very good question. I have a friend who is an Indian jew, she doesn’t have very nice things to say about Isreals treatment of black jews.
    Black Canseco ‏@BlackCanseco
    Dear @Netanyahu When will Israeli gov stop kicking out Ethiopian/African Hebrews because they too Black for your liking?

    • Alma98

      This has bothered me too, it’s sad that they are doing to others what was done to them.

    • Ebogan63

      This issue has bothered me for a long time.

  • crazycanuck

    Switching to phone,which is code for I’ll be asleep in 15 minutes lol.

  • dannie22

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

    • rikyrah

      Happy Thanksgiving, dannie and Everyone 🙂

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving dannie!

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving Dannie!

  • QOakaJP

    Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Cute video (the one w/the prez, that is). Meanwhile, this dude:

    It’s obvs a harmless, trivial thing, but can’t shake the feeling that there’s something creepy about the turkey pardon that won’t age well

    (._. )

    After 50 yrs, *now* people are demanding the end of the turkey pardon. Silly? Yes. “Creepy?” I don’t see it.

    • crazycanuck

      It’s suddenly ‘creepy’ because this President is continuing the tradition.

    • rikyrah

      do I have to say it…

      never saw this kind of concern for the turkey when a WHITE MAN was President.

      • MsKitty

        These folks are well and truly becoming parodies of themselves.

  • GreenLadyHere

    HEEY POU FAM♥- —My family & I arrived. :>)- –We R lettin’ someone else cook this year. :>)- — -It the ONLY time. :>) I promise. LOL- – –

    WAY-ELL- — -“GHETTO GUURRRRLLL”_ – – -was in RARE- – -NEVAMIND – —

    USUAL form. _ -LOL- -I’ll share 2-morrow. :>) LOL- —

    I should B exhausted. :>) BUT- – -not yet. :>)- – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — -We’ve seen VIDEOS – – -annnd Here R “OFFICIAL PICC”- – – – from the – -WHITE HOUSE. :>) – – –ENJOY – -:>)

    – – —President Barack Obama’s Trip To Asia– –

    – —#1.- – -Workers prepare for an arrival ceremony to welcome President Barack Obama at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 18, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) – —


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -Wonder iff da RE-THUCKERS believe in DROUGHTS???- — —

    THIS is sooo SAD- — –

    – – –How The Worst Drought In Half A Century Is Causing Millions To Go Hungry– —

    – – – –More than 17 million of America’s food insecure households could go hungry this Thanksgiving, and they might have a harder time finding a warm meal, as food banks that distribute to food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters rely on ever thinning supplies.

    The shortage is a result of a severe, lingering drought that has depleted midwest crops, sending prices higher for food staples like meat, vegetables, and fruit. According to Reuters, the higher food prices have meant the U.S. government buys fewer commodities, purchases originally intended to support agriculture prices and reduce surpluses. The unintended result means government donations to food banks, a major source of their inventory, have fallen by more than half:

    Government commodity purchases through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) fell by more than half to $352.5 million for the fiscal year ended September 30, from $723.7 million three years earlier, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. […]

    – – – -COMMENT:- – –zimzones
    This is just the beginning.
    Extreme weather events, coupled with conservatives chanting less spending, will erode resources to the needy further than even imagined.
    When fresh water fetches a premium price, which is inevitable, we could see drastic changes in human behavior and government rationing.
    I agree totally with Seth…stop the wars and feed the poor!

    –PRECISELY what MR. PRESIDENT is –DOING!!- – -DESPITE the cries of STOOPID- –WAR-MONGERIN’- – – -RE-THUGS — -***cough –McAncient –anem –cough***- – –

    Annnnnd NOW – – can we MENTION the CORRELATION- – -between —

    – – —☻DROUGHT☻JOBLESSness– – –

    Durin’ the past 4 years — -da HATAS- – -trydta simply- – BLAME MR. PRESIDENT 4 the JOBLESS RATE – – -with NO EVIDENCE!!- – -geesh

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – — — LOL — — 1 MO’ — –

    – – —ELECTION RESULTS – — – — LOL

  • GreenLadyHere

    – miranda ——- Ooooo-Kaaaay. LAST 1. LOL — –

    – — — From “BIG BIRD”. -LOL– –

  • GreenLadyHere