September 26, 2017

Wednesday Afternoon Thread: That’s What Christmas Means To Me

Wait….I just realized I hear this song on darn near 50% of the commercials for retailers during this season!

  • conlakappa

    I realized that too, Miranda! I had no idea of the title of the song but when reading Stevie’s name thought… ooooooh.

  • Alma98

    I love this song but my favorite Stevie Christmas song is this one.

  • rikyrah

    Self-Destructive Attitude

    by BooMan
    Wed Dec 19th, 2012 at 10:12:13 AM EST

    I want to thank Dana Milbank for writing his column in defense of Chuck Hagel. I don’t want Chuck Hagel to be our next Secretary of Defense, but that’s not the point. We need people, and particularly Jewish-Americans, to come to the defense of those who support Israel but are sometimes very critical of their policies. I think it is a big mistake for AIPAC or the ADL or neo-conservatives to throw the anti-Semitism label at people who have never shown any anti-Jewish animus. I’ve had right-wing blogs accuse me of anti-Semitism because of criticisms I’ve made of Israel’s policies, and it doesn’t make me more of a supporter of Israel. I shrug that stuff off, but not without a certain degree of irritation and impatience.
    Let’s be frank for a moment. It isn’t easy to be a supporter of Israel. It may be easy for those who seek high office in the United States, but that’s about where the comfort zone ends. Israel has been losing legitimacy in the eyes of the world for decades now. It simply isn’t possible to defend their expansion of the settlements, and that makes it harder to defend everything else they do.

    In my opinion, as Israel pursues its own self-defense they too often do damage to their own self-interest. I have opposed their policies as much for the harm they do to Israelis as the Palestinians. When people make this argument, they should not be called anti-Semitic. It’s misguided both because it is wrong and unfair, and because it pushes allies away.

    If Chuck Hagel isn’t pro-Israel enough to be Secretary of Defense, then a lot of people are going to feel like maybe they don’t feel like being pro-Israel anymore.

    • conlakappa

      Just got a note from Jon Soltz, the head of Vote Vets, an Iraq War veteran and Jewish American. There is a petition against this nonsense.

  • rikyrah

    Conservatives target Hagel before nomination
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:55 AM EST

    It’s not yet official, but former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) is believed to be President Obama’s top choice to become the Secretary of Defense in a second term. One might expect most of the pushback to come from the left — Democratic presidents, the argument goes, shouldn’t keep nominating Republicans to head the Pentagon.

    And yet, the loudest complaints about Obama possibly nominating a conservative Republican are coming from the right. Republican Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins, emboldened after smearing Susan Rice for no reason, have said he’s been occasionally critical of Israel and insufficiently aggressive in his posture towards Iran. The Weekly Standard and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal have taken related shots.

    The Washington Post editorial board, which tends to be consistently conservative on foreign policy, also criticized Hagel today, in part because he supports cutting the Pentagon’s budget, which he sees as “bloated.”

    • TyrenM.

      Proceed. I wanna know who is Plan Aa.

    • TyrenM

      Don’t we have any other Black Generals Left of Colin Powell? Just asking.

      • Camille

        You can’t have a former military officer in charge of Defense.

  • Miranda

    Wow…what a difference an election can make huh? LOL

    Grover Norquist signs off on Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ tax proposal

    WASHINGTON — Grover Norquist, the keeper of anti-tax conservatism, gave his blessing Wednesday to House Speaker John A. Boehner’s plan to increase taxes on those earning more than $1 million a year.

    Norquist’s change of heart is a substantial shift for the president of Americans for Tax Reform, who for more than 25 years has been the enforcer of no-new-taxes purity in the Republican Party.

    “Republicans supporting this bill are this week affirming to their constituents in writing that this bill — the sole purpose of which is to prevent tax increases — is consistent with the pledge they made to them,” Norquist’s organization said in a statement. “In ATR’s analysis, it is extremely difficult — if not impossible — to fault these Republicans’ assertion.”

    “ATR will not consider a vote for this measure a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” the group wrote.,0,4358721.story

  • rikyrah

    Why the next four years might be more of the same

    Posted by Jamelle Bouie on December 19, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Rather than come to some agreement with the administration, House Republicans have switched to a unilateral plan to deal with the fiscal cliff: Bush-era tax rates would remain for all income under $1 million.

    The White House has now announced that Obama would veto any such measure, and the House GOP’s “plan B” isn’t going anywhere. But it signifies something larger about what to expect in Obama’s second term: That none of the incentives have changed for Republicans, meaning they still have no reason to cooperate with the President. In other words: The next four years may be largely the same as the last four.

    The GOP’s current behavior is out of sync with the public’s priorities, as expressed in the election, where solid majorities reelected President Obama and sent more Democrats to the Senate. But that likely won’t matter to Republicans, because the odds are good that in the end they won’t incur public discontent for failing to cooperate. As the latest ABC News/Washington Post survey shows, there’s a strong disconnect between how Americans view the president, and how they view the question of whether he has a mandate to carry out his agenda.

  • rikyrah

    A shift in posture, a sense of ‘weakness’
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:57 AM EST.

    Soon after the elections, still riding high from an electoral mandate and improved poll numbers, President Obama entered fiscal talks with congressional Republicans with the appropriate posture. He starting drawing lines in the sand, making unambiguous demands, and presented an offer that Democrats actually liked — without preemptive concessions.

    But as talks progressed, the president felt the need to change his posture and show some flexibility. House Speaker John Boehner made a concession over the weekend, and so Obama responded with some compromises of his own.

    The fact that Republicans found Obama’s concessions inadequate is not surprising. But Ezra Klein highlights a more important takeaway from yesterday’s machinations.

    There are also some who think that Boehner — and, more to the point, Boehner’s House members — increasingly see weakness in the White House’s negotiating position.

    A few weeks ago, the Obama administration was firm that they wouldn’t budge on tax rates for income above $250,000 and that they wouldn’t budge on the debt ceiling. They’ve since budged on both. Republicans increasingly think the White House will concede more now, and that if they don’t concede more now they’ll definitely give Republicans a better deal if threatened with debt default. Whether or not that’s true, it pulls Republicans — and Boehner — to the right, as it makes it harder for Boehner to argue for a compromise now.

  • Miranda


    Yeah…..because men are made of steel like Super Man and the bullets would have bounced right off their chests!!

  • rikyrah

    here’s your punch in the gut for today.

    Jack Pinto’s (one of the Newton victims) best friend wrote him a note.

    • Tafr

      Bless his little heart my god. Those poor babies and their parents have so much healing ahead of them. No child should be in the middle of a war zone which is basically what they witnessed.

      One of my good friends came back from Iraq suffering from Post traumatic stress. She is a grown woman struggling with some awful stuff. I cannot imagine what that would be life for a child. We got to keep these children in our prayers.

  • Miranda

    So the press conference was entertaining huh?

    Nerdy Wonka‏@NerdyWonka
    Pres. Obama has verbally smacked down Ed Henry, Chuck Todd, and now Jake Tapper. Who’s next? #PleaseProceed

  • rikyrah

    seems as if Tapper was disrespectful towards POTUS at the press conference.

    • rikyrah

      December 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm

      I just got off the phone with the assistant to Ms. Sprouls who is the political director for ABC news and Tapper’s boss. I told her he should be fired for what he just pulled at the presser. I urge everyone to do the same. Her phone number is 202-222-7200 or email her at I am so pissed right now I can’t even see straight! We need to get this prick removed from covering this POTUS for the next 4 years. Take action NOW!

      • More info…

        Robin Sproul is the VP & Washington Bureau Chief of ABC News
        (202) 222-7200
        Fax: (202) 222-7684 (News)

        Here’s Tapper’s contact info: (202) 222-7777 E-mail:
        Fax: (202) 222-7684 (News)

        • dannie22


        • Aquagranny911

          Thanks! I love faxing!

        • Alma98

          Sent an e-mail and passed the info on to my mom & sis.

        • dannie22

          my email to robin sproul came back. did any1 else have that problem?

        • GreenLadyHere

          Sepia – – -DID IT! :>) I ADMIT!! LOL —

      • jds09


      • dannie22

        sent my email

      • Aquagranny911

        Done! Tapper is scum!

      • Camille

        How do we know that Ms Sprouls isn’t actually encouraging this hostile behavior?

        They all eat and drink from the same dog bowl in D.C. and they are united in their envy of our President and a determination to take him down.

        There’s no way Ms Sprouls has no idea about Jake tapper and yet he’s stayed on as White House correspondent and his hostility and direct attacks on President Obama have only gotten more brazen and unhinged.

        • Town

          I would almost guarantee Jake Tapper was cheering that heckler guy on when he heckled Obama during a news conference.

          • aleth

            There is something off about him.. alot of these white males in the press. The envy and hate is just disgusting.

            They never have balls to say anything to anyone that looks like them. Just amazing to watch. The lack of class and professionalism. Everyone wants to be a star in the age of Obama

          • Admiral_Komack

            “Did you see how I told off that nig(GONG)?”

      • dannie22

        ok i just watched it. and jake can go straight to hell!

    • Camille

      Jake Tapper is ALWAYS disrespectful of President Obama.

    • GN

      He’s a low-key wingnut. The far right loves Jake Tapper. Thin-skinned POS.

  • Miranda

    I dont care what y’all say…I know when PBO answered this clown he said the last word under his breath……… “I’ve been President of the United States…..bitch”

    During a press conference in the White House on Wednesday to announce a commission which will recommend measures to be taken to avoid future massacres like what happened in Newtown, President Barack Obama was cornered by ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jake Tapper regarding his newfound sense of urgency in addressing gun violence. “Where’ve you been,” Tapper asked. “I’ve been President of the United States,” Obama replied.

    “It seems to a lot of observers that you made the political calculation in 2008, in your first term, and in 2012 not to talk about gun violence,” Tapper said. “This is not the first incidence of horrific gun violence of your four years. Where’ve you been?”

    “Here’s where I’ve been, Jake. I’ve been President of the United States,” Obama replied. He said he had to respond to the economic crisis, saving the automotive industry and ending two foreign wars. “I don’t think I’ve been on vacation,” he added.

    • OK???

      But look at his reason for asking the question:

      Asked what prompted the sharp inquiry, Tapper responded via e-mail:

      With vivid memories of having covered Columbine, I thought it was worth pressing him on the point. It felt like a question that parents of victims of all the gun violence from Inauguration Day 2009 until the day before Sandy Hook, and all the terrified parents out there, would want to better understand.


      • Miranda

        Is this jackass kidding with that bullshit?

        • jds09

          Tapper’s question was an editorial with a leading question at the end. Fuck him and the ABC news horse he rode in on.

      • aleth

        Why did he not ask that question in 2004, hell 2000-2008? Where was he when the assault weapons ban expired…

        Just trying to deflect from the fact who committed the crime looked like him. The whole point is to shift away from Adam and explain it all away

        • Town

          I asked on Twitter (he has BEEN blocked me) and he responded he didn’t press the other presidents then because he wasn’t WH reporter then.

          • conlakappa

            Cute. Then the way to preface the question would be to say addressing mass shootings is something he has wanted to ask all presidents but didn’t have the forum.

          • Admiral_Komack

            In other words, a bitch-ass reply.

          • Camille

            So why didn’t he write about it as a general interest story for whatever news media he was working for at the time.

            He didn’t have to be assigned to the White House to address national tragedies.

        • AxelFoley

          Thank you. Muhfuckas like that bitch Tapper always act like shit started poppin’ off after PBO got sworn in.

          Fuck YOU been, Tapper, you sumamabitch?

      • trose1

        Why did he feel the need to clarify his question? What an A hole.

    • trose1

      Jake or Jack Tapper has me blocked on twitter, not sure why????
      Anyway I can still tweet ABC news or whoever can get tweets and ask they fire his nasty arse.

  • Miranda

    Sam Donaldson arrested on drunk driving charges
    By Courtney Hazlett, NBC News

    Veteran news anchor Sam Donaldson was arrested for DUI earlier this month in Delaware, police confirm.

    On Dec. 1, at 7:56 pm, Donaldson was stopped by a police officer in Lewes, Del., for a traffic violation.
    An investigation revealed that Donaldson had been drinking alcohol, and Donaldson was given a field sobriety test and arrested. Donaldson was later released, pending his appearance in court.

    Donaldson, 78, is retired from full-time work with ABC, but still contributes to shows on the network.

    • Town

      I didn’t even know he was still alive!

      • AxelFoley

        *spits out drink*

        • Admiral_Komack

          “Too late, sir; pull over.”
          “License and registration, please.”

      • trose1

        u wrong LOL

    • Dang!

    • GreenLadyHere

      miranda — – -WHA’?? – –NO DESIGNATED DRIVER? – — – -LOL – –:>)

  • Camille

    May I just say that I don’t think I could take 4 years of John Kerry as Sec. of State.

    Susan Rice would have been terrific in that role, but most importantly, she would have actively pursued and implemented President Obama’s robust 21st century foreign policy vision.

    I hope something happens to cause President Obama to revisit the solid option of Susan Rice as Sec. of State. It’s time to move on from the stale old guard of American politics and policy.


    Am I the only one who sensed a stifled chuckle whenever Martin Bashir had to refer to Hillary Clinton’s “concussion”. Lol.

  • creolechild

    THIS is an example of what I was talking about earlier today. That’s all I have to say…

    Pelosi: ‘I’m Not Thrilled’ With Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal — But It’s Not A Benefit Cut

    At a Wednesday press briefing at the Capitol, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi acknowledged she’s disappointed with aspects of President Obama’s latest fiscal cliff proposal, and has encouraged her members to speak out against it, to prevent further concessions. But she defended Obama from critics on the left who’ve pointed out that his proposal includes a Social Security benefit cut.

    “I’ve said to the members, ‘express yourselves,’” Pelosi said. “Speak out against — because I’m not thrilled with the President’s proposal. It’s what it is in order to save the day. But that doesn’t mean that we all identify with every aspect of it. So they go forth with my blessing.”[….]

    Read more:—-but-its-not-a-benefit-cut.php?ref=fpb

    H/T Brian Beutler

    • Admiral_Komack

      The Democratic Party:
      We’re a crack shot…at shooting ourselves in the foot.

  • Aquagranny911

    POU Family…

    Feliz Navidad a todos….Merry Christmas to all of you & I share one of my favs…

    We leave tomorrow for Colorado & our Christmas celebration. You may pray for us if you wish since we travel with my brother in his newest toy, a motor home he spent his retirement savings on. He promises that even if we get stranded in snow we “are good for at least two days.” I suppose after that we eat each other ala Doner Pass.

    My heart, many HUGS & ♥ to all for a wonderful Christmas with family & friends. Travel safe, love, laugh, dance & sing!

    • AxelFoley

      Be safe, AG, y Feliz Navidad a tu también.

    • creolechild

      Enjoy your time with your family, sweetie pie. Have a safe trip there and back and “try” to stay out of trouble! (:

    • Camille

      Journey mercies AG and have a safe and wonderful time with your loved ones!
      Merry Christmas.

    • qosine

      Have a great Christmas in Colorado with your family, AG! Motor homes are fun:)

    • MsKitty

      Have a wonderful Christmas AG!

    • Alma98

      Merry Christmas AG to you and your family, I don’t envy you riding in a motor home I still get motion sickness. Happy & safe travel.

    • vulcan_girl

      Safe journey and happy holidays to you all!

      (Maybe you should pack some extra snacks just in case?)

      • Admiral_Komack

        Nahh, the Bad Lounge is fully stocked…oops, sorry, my bad…

    • Admiral_Komack

      Happy Holidays to you and yours…from the Bad Lounge.

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – -Ohhhh – –Admiral. – –LOL – – –

        — – – I’ll tryta INTERCEDE 4 U —with SANTA —sooo — that U —WON’T GET THIS. – – -LOL – –

        BUT – — I cain’t promise. LOL – –

    • Town

      Have a safe trip!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Aqugranny911.♥ —- ***BIG HUG** :>)

      — – –PLEASE TAKE THESE — -2 SHARE.– –

      – –Dios te bendiga! – — –Via con dios – -***HUGS 2 ALL♥**


  • creolechild

    Committee vote clears way for abortion care coverage for servicewomen

    For the first time on Tuesday, a bipartisan conference committee agreed to include an amendment providing abortion coverage for military rape survivors in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).[….] The bipartisan conference committee added the measure to the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2013 because it had not originally been included in the House’s version of the bill.

    This vote is one of the last steps for including the provision in the final bill, which is likely to be passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by the president.[….] Under current law, the Department of Defense is only allowed to pay for abortions if the life of the mother is threatened.

    Read more:

    H/T David Edwards

  • Camille

    When is Andrea Mitchell going to be formally named official spokesperson for Hillary Clinton?

    • Rhoda

      She is one of those who KNEW Clinton was lying about being fired on in Bosnia,was on that flight, and said BOO until Sinbad came forward.

      LOL. I still crack up over that story.

      Meanwhile, the MSM thinks they can will this Hillary’s way as they did Mitt. Good luck, especially if another woman like Liz Warren or a Latino runs too. Lot of people IMO waiting in the cut to take on Hillary, first in line being Gov. Cumo in New York. With the video of her bald face lies, her mis-management of State (policy comes out of the WH and is not developed in the building), and the Republican machine coming for her and I doubt she’ll even TRY to run.

      No. She’ll try. The Clintons want to be restored to power atop the Democratic party.

    • TyrenM

      Andrea: Hillary ain’t saying shit before January. Maybe.

  • Gc

    Back to school tomorrow. I’ve been dealing with a lot, so work was back burner. And then with the horrors here, I’m anxious about returning “Will you keep us safe, Mrs, C? Did those chidren feel anything?”
    And one comment I am sure has gotten adequate exposure here, but I feel a desire to put in in writing. The shootings would not be framed as a Tragic Massacre of the Innocents if it were a Black school. The pain I feel about these little people from Newtown coexits with the shame that pains me over the ratcheting down of the heartbreak if the school were in an urban neighborhood..

    All my best to you and yours this holiday season. And from the NON Christ is Our Savior contingent, broochas!

    • crazycanuck

      How are you going to handle the questions GC? That is going to be very tough.

    • Rhoda

      Good luck and God bless you, I can’t imagine facing those kids. I feel you about the black schools; this society has changed a lot. But it’s not near enough. Best to you and yours, stay safe.

    • Camille

      Take GC, you teachers are the true heroes in the story of civilized societies.

    • Alma98

      Happy holidays to you and yours gc. I know you’ve had a rough time lately, hopefully things will be better for everyone come the new year. Take care of yourself and try not to worry. As to what to say to the kids just be honest and speak from your heart.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Re: urban setting.
      I’m glad you mentioned it, amongst others, ’cause you know the lame stream media won’t.

      I wish you and yours Happy Holidays.
      I am preparing to having a BBQ Xmas, ‘ cause I know I’m getting lots of coal.

    • MsKitty

      Happy Holidays GC. Take care of yourself.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Dear Gc. – -**BIG – –ENCOURAGING – HUG*** —

      —- I am soooooo PROUD of U 4 -PERSEVERING. :>) — –

      – –GO with the COURAGE – –OF the ONCE –COWARDLY LION. :>) – –

      —— The STUDENTS – –NEED U♥- – –GO! — -DO! — U!♥ :>) – –

      – – -THANK U 4 the –HOLIDAY WISHES. :>) – —

  • Rhoda

    Evening, POU.

    I can not believe Jake Tapper. Thanks for the info on how to make our voices heard. You know, this crystallized for me the problem I’m having since the leaks over Chained CPI started. I have no problem with people pushing their opinions, objecting, demanding, or the like because we are in a democracy; I have a problem with the way it’s done for THIS President. The disrespect on the left outrages me; because these people expect me to support this party when they treat THIS President to a different standard and they refuse to acknowledge what is happening. Why is POTUS called weak, stupid, doesn’t know how to negotiate, the only hard thing he did was beat the Clintons etc etc?

    Bill Clinton essentially became a Rockfeller Republican WHILE in office and was re-elected and shamed his party. He is idolized. He isn’t called weak or stupid for having a clear sex addiction; nope. He’s just a guy.He isn’t called out for NAFTA, he isn’t called out for destroying Glass-Stegall, he isn’t called out for pumping up a bubble economy, he isn’t called out for DOMA or DADT, he’s called out for diddly squat.

    But POTUS, apparently Jake Tapper had to go all the way back to Columbine to make his excuses. POTUS is to blame for all the problems other Presidents’ didn’t correct.

    Fuck that.

    This party is going to have to earn my vote. I am changing my registration come 2016. We’ll see who comes out of the primaries and if I’m willing to support them or I sit this one out.

    • Camille


    • conlakappa

      Do you have the write-in option on your ballot? Not voting when we have only had the right for less than 50 years still seems not right.

    • Jeremy

      I think sitting out is a bad idea. Look bush got elected because people sat out. We need to be part of the process to change things.

    • TyrenM

      I’m with you all the way to “sit this one out.” Let’s be about getting someone we can support.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Rhoda. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      — — – —-“HOOD HAIKU” — —

      – — – – — — —Jake da — –TAPPER
      — – – – —— – – Is a piece of CRAP(PER)!!
      – – — – – – – -IMMA -do MORE that a SAAAAA-LAPPER!! —


  • Alma98


    • aleth

      It is lol. Nice work by those students ..looked real

  • Camille

    Thank you Barney Frank for finally calling bullshit on Michael Bloomberg’s phony act of caring citizen against gun violence!

    Everyone in the media has been hailing the phony mayor like he was this bold and courageous voice in the midst of other cowardly politicians, when he has been exactly part of the problem and an active sponsor of the very people who gave us the lax gun laws and the home bred terror that our country now faces.

    • conlakappa

      Seems like Barney will be telling what-for until he walks out of the building.

  • Ya’ll knew it was coming: #TapperQuestions

    • Miranda

      Between Chuck Todd, Ed Henry and Jake Tapper…I don’t know who has been clowned the most via the hashtags.

      • conlakappa

        I’m sure all three have counted, just to make sure he was not the leader. It’s like golf with the low score and all.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – —I’m SURE that U were WAITIN’ 4 THIS. LOL – –

    -☻ — 6 GEESE A-LAYING. :>) -[6 MORE DAYS! :>)] – – —

    – ☻- –SOULFUL — HALLELUJAH!! :>) – —

    – -☻ —O Come All Ye Faithful-Kirk Franklin and the Family Christmas – -:>)

    ENJOY. :>)


  • GreenLadyHere

    – -POU FAM♥ — – CONTINUIN’ OUR PRAYERS :>) – – — —-:>) — –

    – – –Nelson Mandela spends 12th day in South African hospital – – -[REST WELL♥] —

    – — –Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela is spending a twelfth day in a South African hospital after being diagnosed with a lung infection and undergoing gallstone surgery.

    South Africa’s government has said the 94-year-old Mandela was admitted Dec. 8 to a hospital in the country’s capital, Pretoria. Officials said Mandela underwent an endoscopic surgery to remove gallstones Saturday after doctors treated him for a recurrent lung infection.

    On Tuesday, President Jacob Zuma said in a statement that Mandela required “extraordinary care” due to his age and could spend several more days in the hospital recovering.

    – – – –Soweto Gospel Choir Blessed in Concert: Seteng Sediba – –

    — — There is a well of blood that saves your soul
    There is a pool of blood Next to the altar It’s got the healing power of life
    They say Amen Halleluja The trinity in the altar, the father, son and the holy spirit
    The sinners whose lives are doomed Their sins are washed away by the blood And they live with happiness and forgiveness
    — AMEN

    – -B BLESSED♥- –Dear Madiba.♥ – – –

  • rikyrah


    General Patraeus was playing footsie with the neo-cons.


    • Admiral_Komack

      I hope he had his shots.

    • Camille

      Much more than footsie Rikyrah; he was having a full blown love affair. And just like his mistress, this was also clandestine because he knew he was wrong.

      But I was never in doubt that he was a neocon. A sly, slimy, dubious neocon.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – – -There could B MORE – –BUT – – –GOOD NEWS 2 THESE 22! :>) – – –

    – – –Meet 22 People Exonerated in 2012 – –

    – – —For the fourth year in a row, the Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions as well as making substantive reforms to the criminal-justice system, has released an annual report of people who were exonerated this year after spending time behind bars for crimes they did not commit.

    This year’s roundup includes 22 people — 13 of whom are black — who, combined, served more than 279 years because of problems like eyewitness misidentification, faulty forensics and false confessions before they were freed. The Innocence Project says that nearly half of its cases involved innocence proved by new developments in DNA technology.

    Just a few examples:

    Faulty hair analysis contributed to the wrongful conviction of Willie Grimes in North Carolina who served 24 years for a rape he didn’t commit. In response to exonerations in two other cases where FBI analysts provided faulty hair analysis, the FBI announced that it would undertake a widespread review of cases involving hair analysis …

    David Lee Gavitt, who served more than 25 years in Michigan prisons for the arson murder of his wife and two daughters, was exonerated after prosecutors agreed to vacate his conviction because it was based on outdated arson science …

    — – -Sooo HAPPY 4 THEM. :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -[Apologies iff a dup] – –SAD GOSPEL NEWS – –

    – – – –We Remember: Gospel Great Inez Andrews Succumbs – –

    – – – –*Today, the life’s journey ended for another Caravan.

    Inez Andrews, the sprawling soprano from the legendary Caravans has passed away.

    Gospel Music Critic Bob Marovich reports that Ms. Andrews died today after a long bought with illness. She was 83 years old.

    Andrews’ distinct voice is instantly recognized as the lead vocalist on one of the group’s most popular classics, “Mary Don’t You Weep.” She was also the leader of the Andrewettes and recorded the song “Lord, Don’t Move My

    Andrews was expected to receive the Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones Legends Award at the 2013 Stellar Awards Ceremony in January.


    — -CONDOLENCES 2 FAMILY/FRIENDS/FANS – – –***raises hand*** — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -ANNOUNCING —MR. PRESIDENT: – -:>) – —

    — —Diplomatic Corps Holiday Reception — –

    — – –President Obama delivers remarks at the Diplomatic Corps Holiday Reception at the State Department. — –

    – – –YES! — -I like his “TIE”. – – -:>) —OH. — -Annnd his remarks. LOL — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – – -WOW&1/2!! — – -GUN BUYBACKS – –INCREASIN’ DAILY –

    – – —1,137 guns were turned in during a buyback program, Dec. 18, 2012

    – — –Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson shows a double barrel shotgun to Camden Mayor Dana Redd and Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, Tuesday, Dec. 18., 2012. A total of 1,137 guns were turned in for cash during a state-sponsored gun buyback program for Camden County residents last Friday and Saturday. (Staff Photo by Tim Hawk/South Jersey Times) – –

    – — – -Annnd — -THIS is ONLY the beginnin’. :>) Woo! Hoo! :>) – —

  • Ebogan63

    The Puzzle of Black Republicans
    Published: December 18, 2012

    WHEN Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina announced on Monday that she would name Representative Tim Scott to the Senate, it seemed like another milestone for African-Americans. Mr. Scott will replace Senator Jim DeMint, who is leaving to run Heritage Foundation. He will be the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction; the first black Republican senator since 1979, when Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts retired; and, indeed, only the seventh African-American ever to serve in the chamber.

    But this “first black” rhetoric tends to interpret African-American political successes — including that of President Obama — as part of a morality play that dramatizes “how far we have come.” It obscures the fact that modern black Republicans have been more tokens than signs of progress.

    The cheerleading over racial symbolism plays to the Republicans’ desperate need to woo (or at least appear to woo) minority voters, who favored Mr. Obama over Mitt Romney by huge margins. Mrs. Haley — a daughter of Sikh immigrants from Punjab, India — is the first female and first nonwhite governor of South Carolina, the home to white supremacists like John C. Calhoun, Preston S. Brooks, Ben Tillman and Strom Thurmond.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Ebogan63. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

      THEY THINK that THEY have PLAYED da – —DIVERSITY CARD!! HAH! – – – – –

      Annnd Scott needsta AX: – – – -“Alan Keyes, – – –Herman CAIN(‘t) – – – -da “BOY-of-Steele? – – -anem – – – –

      – — -WHA’ HAPPENS 2 BLAH male – -RE-THUCKERS!! – – –LOL – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -KUDOS!- — -MR. PRESIDENT! :>)- –THAT WAS a

    COMPREHENSIVE piece of LEGISLATION! – – — Woo. Hoo! – –

    – – –Affordable Care Act fills need in mental health care – – —

    — —Like millions of Americans, we have struggled with addiction. Fortunately, we were able to access the treatment and recovery services necessary to get well. But for many people facing addiction or mental health issues without the necessary insurance coverage, such lifesaving services have been out of reach.

    The Affordable Care Act changes that. A provision that passed with unanimous support requires that starting in 2014, health insurance plans cover mental health and addiction services as part of the essential benefits.

    As a result of these historic changes, approximately 68 million Americans will have access to lifesaving mental health and addiction treatment services. -Furthermore, these services, which have been misunderstood and marginalized for so long, will finally be fully integrated as part of a comprehensive approach to health care. That is, if the law is implemented as intended.
    THERE IS MORE. – – – — — BRILLIANT!! :>)

    – – –THANK U 4 YOUR – –COMPREHENSIVE – -THINKING!! :>) – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – —LOL – – -THEEEEN – – -Don’t VOTE 4 her in 2016! LOL – — —

    – – –Republicans Accuse Hilary Clinton of Lying About Concussion – – –

    – — —Hilary Clinton was scheduled to go overseas for a week to visit North Africa and the Middle East, but the Associated Press reported on December 10th that she had been laid low by a stomach virus. The AP reported that “Clinton’s deputy, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, will take her place in Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.”

    Philippe Reines, Clinton’s spokesperson, said simply, “Since she’s still under the weather, we’ll be staying put this week instead of heading to North Africa and the Middle East as originally planned.”

    – — -SNIP – – –

    – – -RA’ CHERE: — >Jim Treacher, writing for the Daily Caller, asked Tuesday, “Where’s Hilary Clinton’s medical report?” He says, ” We’re told she collapsed and hit her head and got a concussion, and that’s why she can’t testify about Benghazi this week. And we’re supposed to just take her word for it. ” – – -LOL! – – – –
    HERE IS MORE. – — -LOL – – —

    – – -AS IFFF somebody – — -CARED!! LOL – —

    • crazycanuck

      Where is Mittens tax returns. We are still waiting.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ – – -U KNOW my – –***side-eye**** on POLLS – – -BUT — –THIS is somewhat POSITIVE – – -:>) — –

    – – –CNN Poll: Majority dissatisfied but don’t think administration misled on Benghazi attack – —

    – —- A slight majority of Americans are giving the White House low marks for how it has handled the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to a new national survey.

    But a CNN/ORC International poll released Wednesday also indicates that a more solid majority of the public doesn’t believe the Obama administration intentionally tried to mislead Americans on the September attack that left the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead.

    Only four in ten Americans believe that the inaccurate statements by administration officials in the days following the Benghazi attack were intended to deliberately mislead the public with 56% saying those statements reflected what the Obama administration believed at the time had occurred in Libya.
    THERE IS MORE – – – — -Seeeee – – –WE KNOW 2!! :>) — –

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